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It is complete, at last! :happybounce: This is my entry for the Fiat contest and I sincerely hope you like it. :) I have worked on it for a month, 2-5 hours every day except for the 6 days I spent in Italy doing research. That is to say, this is the drawing I worked on longer than anything else, ever, in my life. Therefore, I'm very proud of it. The style is inspired by my idea of what Italy must look like, which was confirmed when I actually got there (it turned out to look EXACTLY the same as I thought it would!) You can see the influence of several beautiful Italian cities here, especially Venice, Florence, Padova, Sorrento and Rome.
Now you ask how I got the idea. Well, the answer is this: I love Fiat 500. It is a tiny car designed to roam the tiny streets of Italy and look stylish while doing so. Its design corresponds to the retro-looking Italian architecture and fits in perfectly. Fiat 500L is, on the other hand, a big version of the Fiat 500, which can, therefore, carry Italy in its boot. This idea came to me the morning after the contest was anounced so I set off to work immediately. I drew the whole perspective on a printed template which I then scanned and coloured on my tablet. The colouring took me longest, but I think I have learned a great deal from the whole experience. I have found Italy very inspiring and it actually encouraged me to consider studying architecture. :)
If this was to be put on an actual car (and that would be the dream of my dreams' dreams!), the car should be of some nice colour, preferably sky-blue, but yellow and orange would do, too. ;p
Again, I really hope you like it, and may you all have a great week! :heart:
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Design a Halloween Character Contest!!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 14, 2013, 7:01 AM

Hello everyone!pikachu Rup cheeks plz 
Hallowe'en is creeping closer! Do you have any plans for the spookiest night of the year? We have the perfect deal for you!!

Design a Hallowe'en Character Contest!!

For this contest your task is to design a character based on one of the following Hallowe'en Creatures or Elements!

#Team Witches! witch by burari

What's a hallowe'en night without a witch brewing potions to absorb the life of innocent children? Conjuring up evil spells to steal your soul! Flying across the moon in their brooms?
If you decide to support #Team Witches you have to design a Witch enjoying the hallowe'en night!

#Team Ghosts

ghost girl by chuwenjie

During Hallowe'en night the ghosts of the departed return to this world to scare the living and spread the fear amongst the little ones! If you support #Team Ghosts your entry must contain a character design of a Ghost!

#Team Pumpkins

The Pumpkin King by RadoJavor

Without doubt, my favourite part of Hallowe'en are the Pumpkin patches and the Pumpkin headed scarecrows spookily smiling in the corn fields... If you decide to hail the Pumpkin King from the #Team Pumpkins, your task is to showcase your designing skills by creating a character based on Pumpkins!


  • #Team Witches First Prize: 1 Year Premium Membership
  • #Team Ghosts First Prize: 1 Year Premium Membership
  • #Team Pumpkins First Prize: 1 Year Premium Membership
  • Candy King | Queen Prize: 666:points: (Judge's Fav entry from the non-winning entries)


:icondamaged927: :icongwendolyn12: and :iconrydi1689:


  • Characters must be FULL BODY and can include a background but that's not compulsory. 
  • Entries must abide by deviantART's Terms of Service.
  • Entries must be drawn in MANGA AND ANIME style.
  • Any media: digital, traditional, mixed media...
  • Fan Art is NOT elligible to enter.
  • You can only enter once per category, but you can only win with one entry.

Deadline: November 11th 12 am PST


Journal Layout by lockjavv
Join in the fun!!!
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Amount this group donated so far: 1980 Points (with more to come....)

Fan Art Contest "Shingeki No Kyojin" This will be our first "Fan art contest" here at Otaku University i know you guys been asking for it for a long time now so i hope this will please ya. You'll have to make fan art of the hottest on going anime "Shingeki No Kyojin", you're free to use either traditional or digital media you can even mix them if you like. The deadline is till October 30, so you guys got about two weeks on you to finish your entry and upload it. Remeber to mark your artwork with "Otaku University Contest" or else it might be removed! I wish everyone good luck and if you got any questions feel free to ask below in the comments.

Secret Project Comming soon stay tuned....

Artworks By Our Godly Founders
My will by Br0ps Checkered Fritilaries by Mireielle Aya Brea : escape from Ub. by LadyxZero Aya Brea : bloody black. by LadyxZero
New Adoptable Folder For only 10 points per character you'll be able to add your adopts to this folder, see it as the merchanting corner of Otaku University where you can buy and sell your creations to the other members of the group.

Otaku University Mascot About two months ago i requested Mireielle to make a mascot for our group, she accepted the challange and today we'll reveal it for the first time to you.  Here you can see the results… we still havn't figured out any names for them so if you got any suggestions please comment below. Please cheack out Mireielle's gallery it's filled with so many beautiful artworks and her creative style makes her one of a kind on here on deviantArt.

Looking For New Staff Members Yeashhhhh we want to expand out support team once again and we're looking for three helpful/positive... people to join us. If you're intrested please send us a note and write a little bit about yourself also why you want to be a staff of Otaku University.

Amazing Artworks By Our Smexi Contributors
Stella: I am the Night by AgentPummel Beatrix- The priestress of Eternity(lv2) by KenshjnPark Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan by JxbP Lightning Cosplay - Get ready for fight by cyberlight
Art Contest(Banner) Winners Our banner contest have just reached its end, and we have finally decided two banners that we'll be using in the group first one is… by our Co-founder Mireielle and the other one… which was made by the same guy that made our official logo "Princebardon" congratz to you guys you'll be rewarded 100 points each.

Members of the month(August) Our first "Members of the month" *drum rolls* goes to.... "Usagipyon19", :"Tsubakgirl101" and "Ramwoc87" congratz you guys!

Otaku University Logo Version 2 by princebardon
Founders & Staff Of Otaku University

:iconominako: :iconbr0ps: :iconmireielle: :iconladyxzero: :icongoodkittynyanchan: :iconkittymennie::iconprimexanth: :iconramwoc87:

Get Fast Points #1: by mentioning Otaku University in your journal using text and our icon, when you're done comment below with the link to the journal and we'll reward you with 2 points + Llama from Otaku University.

Get Fast Points #2: for each of your friend that join Otaku University. Comment below with their name/names and we'll send you 1 point for each person.

Get Fast Points #3: by sending us your suggestions on how we can improve Otaku University, for each idea of yours that will come to use we'll reward you 25 points.

Get Fast Points #4: Try and catch our daily Kiribans, there will be a kiriban after every 500 page views starting from 95,000, good luck guys!
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just submitting my design for fiat
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Had a hard time fitting the images into the template.
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My entry for More FIAT More Imagination.

This is a transparent like sticker idea. Every grey part is actual car windows.
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My entry for the More FIAT - More Imagination contest.
Decided to make it looks like it would look like if it was mine, spraypainted on the back, and full of spraypaint,
getting a bigger car, it's to have more paint in it, no ?!
Now fingers crossed, it could be an awesome opportunity to start living doing my art.

And many others street art...
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My entry into FIAT's contest; A good car can handle any terrain and any it urban or rural...From my limited knowledge of Miami, although it is one of America's greatest urban cities, it's known for its cleanliness and pro-nature outlook...despite being positioned in the wake of previous and potential hurricanes.

I made four separate final pieces for my windows (full pieces in links below) ;
- Clean Calm City (windows 1 and 4) -…
- Vortex (window 2) -…
- City vs Nature (Main/Rear window 3) -…
- Cataclysm (Window 5) -…

I produced them all with a series of physical mark making, followed by digital effects to combine them.

My main aim was to produce a busy design, that if made physically, the audience would have to peer at, and view in parts...too close and it becomes just the marks, too far and it loses focus, like a city itself...

-You can try and overview it, but in the end you only see a few parts of it.
But then again wouldn't it be so much easier in an awesome car hmmm? *coughs FIAT*


-I have a nasty feeling I'm going to have to reupload and produce a new version...the conversion between the incredibly large window template to the tiny submission template is not easy...the shapes aren't exact either ^^; But meh~
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~Baby, you're just space
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