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Resources featureHi, folks!
I thought I might share what I find interesting and useful in terms of resources here on dA.
Here are a few of my picks:
Graphic resources:
Sundry Brushes 8 by Xantipa2-Stock20 Thai Patterns - part 2 by mu3iOttoman Photoshop Pattern Set by noor-maryam127-12monthsOFwinter-ORIGAMI07 by 12monthsOFwinterCircle brushes 5 by Xantipa2-StockE-S Mushrooms by Elevit-StockSundry Brushes 4 by Xantipa2-StockHouse Pattern by stephilloHDR Tools by forfieCrack Effect Brushes by funerals0ngSTOCK PNG fantasy boat by MaureenOlder:thumb33346218:Burned Texture by firesign24-7:thumb30166040:Grass brushes for Photoshop by calthyechildClassic Orb for Photoshop by SneakyTomatofloral png pk by SublimeArtDusTBandW-noise by nitch-stock:thumb34674385:
Fractal resources:
BCs Mobius Jungle Scripts by Fractal-ResourcesCurlScope Apophysis Scripts by parrotdolphinGlynnia2 by guagapunyaimelMap to UGR Converter+Compiler by datagramboarders2 by Xyrus-02MH 16 Varied Gradients by MothersHeartThe Aposhack Plugin Pack by phoenixkeyblackCalypso Script by cothe25 Incendia v1.2 DMAP Textures by hallv5140 FRPs for Fractal Explorer by mario837Apo Gradients to FE Palettes by Pharmagiciandc_perlin Apophysis Plugin by slobo777Jayce Cruel's Gnarl Formula by JayceCruelWinter's Best Of Grad Pack by NatalieKelseyDmaps All Over the Place by DeirdreReynoldsBC and BDs-Gnarls-eReSaW Style by bpclarkeAll Countryflags Gradientpack by ReFa1Gradient pk 6 for Apophysis by NinthTabooThe Lost Variations by MichaelFaberThe Angle Pack by MichaelFaberBC-BDs Splits Glynnia Foci Scripts by bpclarke
Flood it -Tutorial- by kuschelirmel-stockAdvanced skin cleaning by AeonOfTime:t
Resources feature3 years ago in Personal More Like This