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I went rare sprites, I know, back hand is not equal to the original, to wonder ... why it says ''6ONIC''?, In fact the box was ripped and was so when giving ripie captures the selection of the characters ... 

Me salieron raros los sprites,Lo se,la mano de atras no es igual a la original,se preguntaran...¿por que dice ''6ONIC''?,de hecho el cuadro fue ripeado y asi estaba cuando la ripie dandole captura a la seleccion de los personajes...
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No this is not a revamp,
but a re-challange on making this thing and making it better.
I did like the last one but there where things in there I wanted to change for the better.
Hope you like it since its in png.

Oh btw this would probably be the last thing I post in a while since i'm going through another depression phase...don't ask why.

Slick the hedgehog © :iconslickthehedgehog:
Don't use,claim as your own,steal,recolor,etc.
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Give credit, don't recolor and all that stuff. :la:
update: I changed the hands. c:
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Might Just make a Sonic Boom Section for my sprite dump..Also
Zombie Maria for no RasinSonic La 
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On the left its the landing pose of the end of the trailer of the game.
Middle, ditto but the arm is missing
Right is the cover art pose.
All made by scratch
After finishing it, feels like something I missing.. an error. oh well. Worth a shot!
Time Taken: 3 Hours, 23 Minutes
Lost World looks promising, i'll get the 3ds version first since I don't have a Wii U Yet. T_T

Most Difficult: The Hands
Medium: The Head and Size
Most Easiest: Everything Else



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October 10 - Made couple of changes on some of Hypon's sprites. And I've also added jump to fall, based on to Lucario's

September 25 - New Improved Combo attack has replaced over old combo attack.

September 19 - New Idle stance has replaced over old idle stance.

June 12- Thanks to :iconfirenamedbob:, Aura Storm has been added, it will be edited alittle more. Other sprites... And! A Super Smash Flash 2 style Pixel Art!! It took me hours to finish!

May 14 Updates- Good Future and Present Timeline reactions has been added. As well as a dash sprite.

May 9th Updates- Few new sprites has been added. Those being Hypon's hurt sprite which I try to base them off of Lucario's from Brawl. His lose sprite has been edited. And since he Time Travels, I thought it be a cool idea of giving Hypon reactions to the time line he's in. Only Past and Bad Future has been added... So next update will have Good Future and Present time line reactions.

April 4th Updates- Some new sprites such as Lucario style Victory pose and brought Dialga summon back to the new sheet

Here's some new sprite I was talking about last year! Hypon's sprites in an action of using Aura attacks similar to Lucario :iconlucarioplz:

The sheet hasn't fully got all it's credits. But if you want it's fully credit, refer back to Hypon the Mixhog v0.9 sheet.

Feel free to use and DO NOT STEAL!

Gris "Hypon" Bradley :iconhyper-sonicx:
Dialga (c) Nintendo and Game Freak
Ren 'Foxx' Ramos for ripping Sonic Advance sprites
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It is incomplete. When I feel like it, I'll update more. I don't know who made the Shadow pose into Sonic, but give credit to me for making most of these poses into my own, Daniel Sydney for the Sonic Advance Run poses, and SEGA for the Sonic Battle sprites, Sonic Advance sprites, and Sonic himself.
-Backhand Knuckle Slap
-Backhand Cut *Fixed*
-Running Warp
-Chaos Zero Throw *Fixed*
-Streak Kick Combo
-Shadow Energize *Fixed*
-Sonic Unleashed Rape Face
-Fire Tornado
-Spin Kick on Land
-Running Elbow Tackle
-Double Kickflip
-Sonic Advance Sonic Battle Pose
-Super Sonic Advance Sonic Battle Pose
-Ssbb Running Elbow Tackle
-Sonic RPG Eps 1 Pose
-Tanner Winning Pose
-Shadow Backwards Kick With Combo
-Paul Winning Pose
-Sonic Adventure/DX Pose
-Handstand Kicking
-Sonic Adventure Pose
-Sonic Battle Classic Sonic Style Jog
-Shadow-to-Sonic Perfect Shoes
-Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Advance Run
-Sonic New Jump and Fall
-Crossed Arms-and-Legs
-SA-Like Run
-Sonic Shadow Orb Attack
-Shadowfang's Custom Run
-Backhand Knuckle Orb Slap
-Sonic The Fighters Battle Start Pose
-Sonic The Fighters Victory Pose
-Sonic Heroes Cover Pose
-Running Warp Reversed (Forgot to make this one from the start ^^;)
-Sonic Advance Run Push
-Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Advance Run First Attempt
-Air Fist Slam
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please give credit because dat's a LOT of work
credit to :iconhomingmissile333: for final sprites of S rank and other people
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Attempting to  capture the Brawl (or 4 version) of the Sonic Air back Kick Attack :D
Most of poses are custom (Except for the Sonic Heads)

If your going to use it in any way. At least let me know that you credit me.

Credit to SEGA for the Sonic Sprites


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A day like today makes 23 years ago,in 1991,was born the Blue Hedgehog called Sonic the Hedgehog Blue was rival company Nintendo for a while,Happy Birthday 23,Sonic The Hedgehog!

Un dia como hoy,hace 23 Años atras,en 1991,nacio el Erizo Azul llamado Sonic,el Erizo Azul que fue rival de la compañia Nintendo durante un tiempo,Feliz Cumpleaños 23,Sonic The Hedgehog!
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