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[[EDIT]] 06.11.14
Instead of "Keychains" I changed them into buttons due to some complications with the materials I needed to make them. "OTL
I was planning to sell these as keychains for AN but the arrival of the straps came in late for the merchandise list deadline. //shot
I didn't want these to go to waste so my friend suggested me that I should make them into buttons instead.. / A \;;
And so here it is! //crying... gomen. OTL

Free! Chibi Buttons will be available at my Storenvy! .... soon.... very soon... //dead

I just changed the 'Button/Keychains" into 'Keychains".
I'll probably make a different design for the buttons.
Also, might do bookmarks for this along with some of my favourite series & characters~ ^ v ^;
I'm still debating on it... //shot

This is a preview of the Free! Iwatobi Swim Club(aka 'Swimming anime') Chibis~
I'm still debating to make these into buttons or keychains..... I can't decided!help..?OTL //shot
Uuuuu, choices..... TT v TT

Please, enjoy~ - u -


P.S: I'm still designing the buttons, desu.... ; x ;
So you guys are basically seeing these smexy chibis I drew~ //erks xP

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club©Kōji Ōji
Art by Rintanu2013

Tools used:
Bamboo Wacom Tablet, Paint Tool Sai, & Photoshop
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Yet another cover for
Once they update It will edit this file.

Im a MakoHaru shipper to be honest but I was requested to draw a cover with RinHaru XD
Well I find them cute too but more as BFF's! XD Anyway hope You will like it!
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Thanks a lot for the well wishes on my wall today~ <3
I will try to write a thank you journal later or tomorrow if I have time.

This is a new button series I made of the new swimming anime: Free!
I will be selling these at the anime convention: Otakuthon and Online Worldwide

If you're interested, please go HERE for more information on how to order! :dance:

Have a great summer everyone! It's so hot here, I wish there was a pool nearby~ =w="

Copyright Info
All material in my gallery may not be reproduced, copied or edited.

Artwork/Design AyumiNazu on Deviantart
Free! characters Kyoto Animation

Commission Information | Facebook | Tumblr | FAQ

Check out other pin designs I'm selling:
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Working on Con stock again. Saw free a week ago and decided the world needed some sexy shirtless men~! I was stuck between doing chibis or torsos...guess which one won? I wanted to put their names on the buttons..but..I felt that would take away from the eyecandy? I like them!
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:target: You can get this shirt here:

I finally have a photo wearing it! The shot was inspired by the game, Slender. As a point of reference, this is a men’s grey shirt in small. The girls’ tees have the hands up higher, for good reason. Hahah!

Erving (who took this shot) calls this "Harry Potter in Slender Forest" Hahah, I didn't realize there was a resemblance! Those are just my regular clothes and prescription glasses!

It's awesome for giving random people a little scare as you go about your daily activities. Would also probably make for great presents for your horror-enthusiast friends! (Just realized it's November already, whaaaat)

Other shirt designs currently available on the above store link:

Follow: :facebook: Facebook | :twitter: @skybluedays | Tumblr | Society6 | art blog
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Here’s the first of my series of Free! shirts! First off, the character shirts. This one’s for Haruka.

Available as shirts, prints, and iPhone/iPad cases over at my RedBubble!…

And check out the other Free! shirts I designed here!…
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Some of you might have seen this coming — well here it is now! :lol:

:icontuxessories: The Tuxessories Adventurers Collection!
See the new designs at :pointr:

We've been planning out these Adventure Time-inspired necklaces since early in the year, but to be able to make them the way we wanted, we were required a bit of experimentation. It took a while, but I'm happy we finally got these out! :D

:new: Another photo from this set:

Fionna — I.C.
Princess Bubblegum — Kat :iconmoonlightflight:
Lumpy Space Princess — Charmie :iconyaoiangel14:
Marshall Lee — Jin (me) :iconbehindinfinity:

Photos and art direction by me, except for the shot of me which was by my friends. :) More pictures to come soon!

Other related works:
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sdgsjkdgds why did i take so long on this omg each of em only take like 15-30 mins to actally complete and ive been sitting and letting time pass but between doing em so it seems like it took forever //chokes
i just had to do neko vers and yes i know their ties arnt all red im just lazy :3c

10/25 buttons designs completed

They are going to be 1.5" buttons.
These will be available in my storenvy after Otakon!

*Please do not trace, redistribute, or copy. Thank you!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rin, Haruka, Nagisa, Matoko, Gou and Rei (c) Free! kyoani
Art (c) :iconkokotensho:

Paint tool SAI, Photoshop CS5
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:rose: Available at our online shop :rose:

This ornately framed pendant is made of mirror finish acrylic. It reflects as perfectly as glass mirrors do, even though it is made of lightweight acrylic. The edges glow when the light hits it right. On the center of the mirror surface is a delicate inscription of a phrase that Alice had exclaimed "Curiouser and curiouser" The sleek silver-toned chain is accented by two authentic freshwater pearls.

This pendant is not as fragile as glass but should still be handled with particular love and care.

Pendant dimensions:
1.5 x 2 inches

Chain length:
28 inches

Prices are in USD
We only accept Paypal transactions
Shipping is $2 in the Philippines and $6 everywhere else

Only at:
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Buttons version >u>
available at,1,Przypinki,F…
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