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This came out way far better than I thought it would, I was so tired while working on the coloring for this last night I wasn't even thinking. And I do seem to do my best work when I don't overthink things and just .. do them.

I've been experimenting alot with brush settings in Photoshop and how they can work with my tablet. I've also been focusing on color alot more if you couldn't tell.

Anyway, odd motivation for this piece. The biggest was: it's mostly for fun. I've been hankering to draw Azrael in a costume like this and a sketch I did came out so good I had to do a final. I'm going to explain the rest in bullet points cause it's easier:

:bulletpurple: I figured Azrael probably wore a different outfit when he was the practicing Angel of Death/Destroying Angel. This isn't final, however. Either way its kind of dumb to think he's worn the same thing for several thousand years :slow:

:bulletpurple: I've seen several paintings of the Angel of Death wearing robes of this color scheme.

:bulletpurple: I've been thinking alot about changing Azrael's sword, making it smaller/thinner. This too is not final. In fact this sword I drew here is kinda crappy.

:bulletpurple: You can see the face styles for the angels changing here. Overall I've been putting more detail into the nose/lip areas of my characters, but the angels are going even more to the realistic side than characters from other worlds/stories. Which is fine by me.

I haven't had alot of finished art lately because I've been sketching like crazy, defining the faces of the angels and actually doodling out older characters of mine and improving on their designs. I'll upload sketches on my website in time.

:bulletpurple: That fire came out friggin' awesome.

:bulletpurple: Azrael is missing his scar because this would be him before the war in Heaven.

:bulletpurple: It sucks that the hand I actually drew well is mostly hidden by the flames.

:bulletpurple: To get the shadows and highlights on Az's face right I referenced several pictures of faces lit from below, and also set an Obitsu drawing doll over a lamp to shine light on it's face (better for tones as the heads are rubbery and flesh-colored, as opposed to the glossy and grey Art S. Buck models which I also own/use)

Despite the refreshed computer having no MP3s I did manage to get myself some mood music going for this piece, luckily I have plenty of good CDs to rip. Alot of E Nomine and Modest Mouse went into this (odd combonation, eh?). Some Cowboy Bebop music too :lol:


Lineart: Traditional India Ink on Bristol Board
Color: Photoshop CS, Wacom Intous2
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This is for 's tibia comic. These are a few of her characters, from the far left is Mystic Angel, Korenna, Andaricent (bled), Innocence and Mystic Starr.
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The finished product of my previous art, fully colored!
Hope :iconlinkrlz: likes it tho.

Character is his own. Entering his contest on category of sexy/petrification. Wish me luck!
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Bree Hodge was a very protective woman, especially of her family's image, and she would do anything to sustain a lifestyle where she could go out, put on a smile and say 'Extra servings, anyone?'. But, once again, that lifestyle was being threatened again by a 17 year-old boy named Jake Barker. You see, he had evidence - photographs that could ruin Bree's social stature in Wisteria Lane.

Bree blamed no one but herself. If she hadn't abandon Andrew, none of these would ever happen. When Andrew was on the streets, he had to resort to prostitution in order to get some money, and some of his customers were the creme de la creme of Fairview's upper class. People like Dr Greg Vernon - once voted the best veterinarian by Cat Fancy magazine - and Marshall Shores, the tupperware king.

How is Jake connected with all of this? Well, Jake was a freelance investigator and he was hired by Dr Vernon's wife to trail him. Dr Vernon met Andrew, they slept together and Jake took some photographs of their illicit affair. After staking out for a few days, Jake noticed that Andrew's clients were mainly wealthy men and he thought he could blackmail them one day if he was ever in a desperate need of an income. A year later, that time had come and he'd made a terrible mistake of blackmailing Bree first.

When Bree offered Jake to come for lunch at her house, he thought that she wanted to pay him in exchange for the photographs. Yes, he had lunch there and yes, Bree added some sleeping pills in her famous marble cheesecake, and not long after, Jake was knocked out cold on the sofa. Across from him, Bree sipped her champagne and then, dragged the boy into the garage.

When Jake woke up, he found himself in a rather precarious situation. He blinked his eyes a couple of times but he couldn't see anything other than the rough layers of a blue cloth. When he tried to shout, he could only gave soft muffles. He felt his his hands tied tightly behind his back and he could feel the rough texture of the ropes strewn across his chest, arms and legs. He could tell he was only wearing his Billabong underwear as most of his skin were exposed to the cold surroundings. Bound to a chair, gagged and blindfolded in his underwear, Jake felt scared and helpless. Maybe working in Mr Schavo's pizzeria wasn't that bad after all.

Jake tried to loosen the bonds around his hands but his arms were tied to the chair, making it hard to be flexible. Not only that the ropes around his hands were tied to his legs. So, if he moved his hands up, he would be pulling his legs back. He could feel the ropes being tied around his chest and abs as he shifted his body forward a bit. Thick, green ropes were wrapped around his whole body, from the thighs to the ankles, restricting his movement even more.

But the worse part would be the harness. His upper thighs, directly below his hip, were tied to the chair and they were very tight, making it rather torturous for Jake to sit down comfortably on the wooden chair. He wanted to close the space between his thighs but it was impossible to do so.

'I see you've woken up, Jake. I hope you like the cake.' Jake heard the familiar voice of his captor and grumbled softly. 'Tell me where are those photographs and I'll let you off. I've taken the liberty of ironing your clothes while you're asleep just now so you won't look like some disheveled yob when you leave my house. So, tell me where they are?' Bree demanded strictly.

Jake gave a sign of defiance by trying to swear at her. 'You leave me no choice, Jake,' Bree said after her third attempt. 'Bring it on lady,' Jake thought, wondering what this middle-age housewife with stick-straight red hair was going to do to him. Then, Jake felt something like a feather tickling his nose and he jerked his head to the right, but it followed him. Then, there was another tickling sensation, this time from his left ear, and he bowed his head down, but the tickling continued. His body was twitching uncontrollably and he protested for Bree to stop. Bree, then, turned her attention to his abdomen, and slided the feathers gently up and down across his torso. Jake breathed in and out heavily as he tried to endure the tickling.

After a few minutes, Bree stopped and asked Jake the same question again but Jake was unmoved by her attempts to make him talk. 'Is that the best you can do?' he dared.

Bree, who looked calm and composed, put away her feather and stared at her perfectly manicured fingernails. She didn't want to ruin them but she had no choice. She placed her hands on Jake's ribs and began to tickle him with no mercy. Jake laughed like a mad man, but it was muffled by the gag. His whole body squirmed to and fro, but Bree's handywork made it difficult for him to avoid her tickling fingers. He tried pushing the chair back with his feet but to no avail. As Bree moved her fingers from his thighs to his armpits, Jake could only twist and wiggle under his ropes. With his blindfold on, Jake couldn't keep track of Bree's fingers.

After 20 agonizing minutes, Bree finally stopped. Jake slumped back against his chair and breathed in deeply with his head bowed down. 'Now, you are going to tell me where those photographs are or else, you'll be here the whole day - with me,' Bree threatened.

Jake nodded his head. He was defeated. Bree removed the gag and Jake told her it was in his digital camera at home. 'Well, I hope you've learned your lesson young man,' Bree said. As she was about to remove the blindfold, Bree's daughter, Danielle suddenly walked in. 'Mom, what the hell are you doing? Why is there a boy tied up in the garage?!' Danielle said shockingly. She had heard some noise coming from the garage and went in to investigate, only to find her mother torturing a young good-looking boy. 'Hey, I recognize this guy. He dumped me a few months back.'

'Danielle! Help me! Your mom is crazy. She put me to sleep, tied me up and tried to tickle me to death!' Jake shouted, hoping that Danielle would rescue him. Danielle looked at her mother with an evil grin. 'Oh, is that so?'

'Well, I guess I leave you two kids alone,' Bree exclaimed gleefully, and handed to Danielle some feathers.

'No!Wai-' Before Jake could finish his sentence, his mouth was gagged yet again and he groaned in despair. Danielle looked at her perfectly manicured fingernails, and said to her ex-boyfriend with a rather malicious tone, 'It's payback time, Jake.'
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Sorry it took so long but it's done guys :]
Five free sketches for some cool peeps.

From left to right:
Top Row: *1nky's Kezzo ~Stekadarr's Lorie Joos *Ekuneshiel's Kezzie (cool coincidence, huh?)
Bottom Row: ~docpye's Dr. Pye and ~ketsuo's Kaji

Thanks for being so patient guys...I was trying things out with solids, just for kicks.
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Do you know ?
She makes the BEST Sonic fanarts EVER.
She's the first person I've ever seen drawing in that style. And I just HAD to try it too....
Well, this is the result.

The left one is Osa (or better: ME!!!), as a ringtailed lemur (also know as a katta), and the right one is ~A2-Yuki (or Edina...XD). as a mouse.

The design is (c) by me, but the style itself belongs

EDIT: Nope, the (c) is by Sega. Stupid me. :)
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XD ..... I was bored so ... there was a notebook.... there was a black marker.... and there was a Rammstein Cd O_o .... and that's what came has a result of the mixing @_@ ... well =.o

first of all.... THEIR NOT HAVING SEX! O. .... no... not yet XD ... it's a little child.. [duh] been hugged for her inner demon :3 ... that inner self that we have... and talk to us on the nigth ** .... or at 3am =D! [ ............... ] also... both are crying BLOOD xD .... is not oil o. ... or petrol O_o ... .... even if that sounds nice >XD ... but... well o.o ...

only used a bit of photoshop for cotrast and the font =.o ....

hope you like it :3
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From my little EXPERIMENT today. I wanted to have something to upload today, on DA's birthday, since so many people are advocating not uploading anything at all, or only yellow things. So I just wanted to stick it to them and celebrate art ^_^ cause thats what I do.

So I stayed up all night and tried to see how many illustrations I could get done by 7:00 pm. I only got two done, but they're extremely different from each other and a little odd. :XD: All and all a good experiment.

Don't read too much into this one, its more of a "for the hell of it" pic. I've been having an urge to draw Azrael as a modernized yet more conventional/cliche Angel of Death. So thats where this is, but its nothing like I originally planned. It's much more solemn and beautiful. He also looks good in a hoodie.

I knew I wanted it to be mostly brown (since Az is a pretty monochromatic guy), so I brushed in brown across the lineart before coloring anything else. I actually ended up doing that a second time after an experiment with white and sepia ink failed and I needed to wash out the mess. I ended up with that kickass background texture because of it (Though I hadda color his hoodie, hair and skin and stuff again). The falling leaves were added in on a whim and I'm glad I did it. Autumn is the season of death, afterall.

You will probably never see Az with that scythe again, as I said this is a "for the hell of it" pic :XD: . I like how the transparent wings come out. I'm extremely happy to have white ink again. Can you tell?

India Ink on Watercolor Paper
White Ink
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This image pooped to my mind one day when I was doing the dishes, Its wierd how whenever Im cleaning dishes i get Ideas and stuff like that =p
This pic is not finished yet, but I will eventually finish it. :) hope you guys like it.

done in paper, scaned end CG'd it with Open Canvas 1.1

a Punxter Original (c)
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pan and windy vs lava god.
they aren't doing so hot.
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