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Well, its time for do a random across Deviant Art. This new feature is thought for use it while you surf DA normally. In any moment you can pin the RDB (Random Deviant Box) and go to a random deviant. At first, the random list was made with people in my DeviantWatch and people who watched me, but this list is open for EVERYBODY

In fact, my point is include automatically all of you who comment this work :)

Help this box to grow! I will update it every months :thumbsup:
Take a look of Surfing DA with RDB
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ATTENTION: please, click on it to start. Thanks.
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I'm doing some boring stuff atm, so I had to make a quick mentalDetour and do this little experiment to relax my mind...
The options took more time than the gearDrawingEngine itself, but what took the MOST time was me playing with it! :lmao:
It's almost hypnotic... maybe I should make a screenSaver version...

Press and hold your mouse to choose the position+size of the new adjacent gear... use SHIFT and CTRL(Mac:OPTION) keys for additional actions...
-> SHIFT - creates a coaxial gear
-> CTRL - creates a pulley system (pressing space with CTRL allows you to move the pulley)

For undo, pres "u".

Tip: to increase the speed of the gears, make a small one, then hold down SHIFT and make a bigger coaxial gear (it will have the same angle speed as the little one but greater circumference - hence more teeth...)
You can repeat this several times to increase the speed ;)

Trip. ;)

This work is not in the public domain. This work is copyright Djordje Ungar (=ArtBIT) 2006. All rights reserved.
You may not use and/or reproduce my artwork in any way without my explicit and written permission.
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:bulletpurple: The audio is of me reciting my poem, "Universe":

For as long as the sun shines upon the earth,
This orb that turns slowly beneath my feet,
How many suns will set 'til I gaze upon your face.

For as long as it continues to give birth
To the seasons, to renew while death retreats,
How many seasons will die 'til the sight of you makes my heart race.

For as long as the moon reflects its phases within me,
Stirring my passions by its eternal ebb and flow,
How many moons will fade 'til I reach thee.

For as long as it takes until I know,
The universe has no boundaries and no center,
Its darkness hides answers I shall never find.

For the love I have has no beginning,
No end to leave behind, no way to enter
Where the universe has no boundaries and no center.


:bulletblue: 02/12/08: A Daily Deviation!

:bulletorange: 05/18/09: featured [link]

:bulletpurple: 06/09/09: featured [link]

:bulletyellow: This is a first for me, and a collaboration with :iconargitoth:

:bulletgreen: Green musical box image by ~zarry

:bulletblack: Music is Elan Hickler. You may not distribute or use in any profit or non-profit works/media without permission.
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This was done for my final 2D animation class at school.
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Hi guys, I need your help! This is an incomplete project that I'm working on for one of my Multimedia Design units (I'll take it down later). It's meant to be an interactive narrative/informational project for late primary to early highschool kids. We're meant to introduce the 'space' of a person or character (rather like the SBS "My Space is an Amazing Space" project: [link] ).

As part of one of my theory courses, I need to do a quick survey to get some feedback on this project. It'd really help me if you could answer a few questions.

This is what I need:

How old are you?
Did you have any problems navigating around the project?
Did you learn anything, or find the project interesting?
Did you like the visuals (drawings, animation etc)?

Problems I'm aware of:
-Sound is incomplete
-Sound goes out of synch on some computers
-The only section working in the 'memory' section is Brain Facts.
-There's no way to view the intro animation again.

Thanks guys! I've had more than enough responses now, you've been really helpful!
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Yep, Rose gave the chips back, and I instantly got inspiration from a country song of mine: The Auctioneer by Leroy Van Dyke. As a result: this came into being. The timing at parts may be a little off at times, but gimme a break. He talks so fast I couldn't catch the exact moment he says each word.

  • I cannot draw ppl, which explains the limbless cast

  • The Loading bar may or may not work, so if it isn't moving, don't worry. Just wait.

  • 56k Modem or faster reccomended. Anything slower and the buffering is terrable

Dang, now what am I supposed to do?
Any Suggestions?
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"How To" flash piece that explains in detail how to create a protest banner from start to finish. Download this to your system/puter for future use.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Many thanks to Taeradun for this extremely useful work. Any other "How To's" are appreciated.

Editor (scart)
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This is my entry for a flash TimeTrial. A competition everyone can enter and of which the purpose is to animate a flash movie based on a certain theme within a set timeframe. The theme for this TimeTrial was to make a flash in which the weather/environment would play a great part.

It was supposed to be a quick side project, messing around a bit with only the mouse and line tool but it turned into one of my personal favorite flash movies. The idea behind it is of an alien having a one day vacation in New York City, enjoying its architecture, art and nightlife. Since i study architecture and NYC has so many famous landmarks, i thought it would be cool to let the city itself play the main character in the movie as opposed to one dynamic person or the citizens. I tried to draw everything in basic shapes, but with enough detail to recognise some of it at the same time. Im very content with the result! I am not gonna tell my personal interpretation about NYC and the tourist, because i rather love to hear yours unbiased.
Everything is mouse drawn and more than 90% made with the line tool, except for the citizens, which were drawn with the pen tool.

The music is by an artist named Crud, used with permission. You can find and use more of his songs here, so if you like the soundtrack, definately check out his stuff. [link]

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Rough Korra again, some guys will come into the screen to get kicked .
She doesn't know yet how to air bend and it makes less FX to draw
arrows and AZE

If anybody who knows how to code in flash want the file to try to do something more interactive , i will give the file .
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