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This is a restored and remastered edition of 'Hi Honey'.

I recut this from the original footage... although sadly i lost some of the original stuff so i've had to take elements from one of the 2nd Generation Copies of the film itself and then enhance those elements.

If you like this or hate this... please let me know and leave a comment. :)
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One of the 7 tracks from my album This Binary Universe. 1.168 This album was screened in surround sound in theaters across the country. I also took it out on tour with DA and Thomas Dolby! If you haven't seen/heard it why not?!
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When Albert Einstein dies, his devoted assistant, Dr. Horatio Pettincourt, steals the brain of the famed physicist. Hoping to uncover the secrets of the universe, Pettincourt learns to face his own fears, conquer the quandaries of time & space and discovers the magic of his own vision.

Einstein's Playground was my graduate thesis from USC film school. The film took nearly two years to complete. It has screened in over 40 film festivals in the US and overseas and was featured in the New York Times.
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I have been approached by bunch of cool guys from the dA staff (makepictures , madizzlee and LauraTex) to see if I was inspired by the new logo.... and here you go! 

Made in 2 hours by my 11 years old and myself, hand-held, made of 117 images (without leaf blower, because a leaf blower is such a horrible thing).

My previous "Stop Motion":  
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The Sound clip is from "RUDY" for the 11 second club.

I started this 2 Days Ago, and got it as far as I could. Going to put this in before the deadline, and hopefully, I'll be above the half way mark in the voting :)

I don't do humor that often, so I hope this hits its mark.
I haven't done real lip syncing to sound before.
You can see through the wall every now and again cause it worked better that way to me than taking it out.
Hope you guys enjoy :D

I got some good advice from the animators I work with I wish I could have done more still ^_^
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The Little Christmas Tree--a cautionary tale.

Written by Chandler Evans
Illustrated by Alfie Ebojo (new to dA!!) [link]
Narration by David Waterman

Executive Producer - Dave Kurtz

Music CC by Percy Faith and Mannheim Steamroll

Special thanks to: Clinton Evans, Deanne Oi and Chandos Erwin
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Inspired by spaghetti westerns...two French girls decide to look for adventure in the Wild West. Traveling light, they pack just the essentials, lingerie, champagne, large caliber weapons, you know the story.

In the first video from Southern Backtones new "La Vie En Noir" CD. The Southern Backtones provide the score to a little film we like to call "Slumber Party."

A beautifully dark, indie rock adventure that we hope you enjoy.

Starring: The Southern Backtones
Introducing: Emilie Dejonckheere and Rebecca Bertot
Guest Appearances by: Johnny Falstaff, Skepticynic, Dan Workman, Nikola Augsberger and Steve Christensen.

Film Production: Zenfilm
Produced by: Merideth Melville
Unit Production Manager: Jarrod Gullett
Director of Photography:
First AD: Tracy Jemison
First AC: Justin DeGuire
Gaffer: Rolf Eberlein
Key: David Zenteno
Best: Mike Turrin
PA: Francisco "Cole" Calza V
Editorial: W. Ross Wells, Scott Marett, Hank Schyma
2nd Unit Director: Hank Schyma

Filmed in and around Langtry "Law West of the Pecos" Texas and at SugarHill Recording Studios in Houston.
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2 bears and a rabbit rob a bank...
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This deviantART Logo Treatment was created by `neither-field
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Here you go! You people have been waiting for this for a while, hopefully you won't be disappointed. This is my very first stop-motion film, my third animated short overall... I'm quite pleased with the result, although the making was a complete nightmare from beginning to end (camera and Stanislav's nose breaking---it shows if you pay attention, but it's not that obvious, thankfully)...

Shot with a digital camera over the course of only one day, assembled in Crater CTP for the timing, and then edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. The sound was mostly taken from my school's free sound banks, except for a couple which were recorded in foley (the coat, the hands, the paper...). I paid the rights for the music.

I hope you like!

28 scenes
3 months of pre-production
17 hours of shooting
1 take per scene
1 broken camera

Festivals and Awards:
Screened at the Mel Hoppenheim Film Festival 2008
Screened at the WILD CARD Animation Screening
Screened at the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival 2008
Screened at the San Diego International Children's Film Festival 2008
Screened at the CHINH India Kids Film Festival 2008
Screened at the FLIK Festival 2008
Screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival 2008
Finalist in the TELETOON Animation Scholarship Award Competition 2008 (Continuing Education category)
Screened at the Washougal International Film Festival 2008
Screened at the World Film Festival 2008
Will be screened at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2008
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