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manipulation from one of the Reza Abedini .
u can buy his book "New Visual Culture of Modern Iran" here:


review his book here: [link]

REZA ABEDINI’S PRESENTATION about contemporary Persian typography at the AGI conference in Helsinki in 2003, made clear to those in attendance that the subject merited a book. Iran underwent many changes in the wake of the 1979 Revolution. The sources of creative influence in Iran expanded as a result of the uprising, and the passing of time has incorporated those changes into the country’s cultural fabric in ways that may surprise most Westerners. New Visual Culture of Modern Iran colorfully showcases some of the most innovative and impressive work from illustrators, graphic designers and photographers living and working in Iran today. As Abedini writes in his introduction: “This book . . . will give you an insight into the real Iran, other than what the BBC or CNN news would give you!”

Iranians DA
& New Visual Culture of Modern Iran.
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A very simple CSS journal template.

-Download to open the file-

Only header, footer and css itself are included.

Other things such as HTML header, buttons or link lists are not included. But if you want to create them, just go ahead ;)

Images are hosted already. But if you want to use your own storage, then don't forget to change the image links, of course =P

By the way: CSS features are available for dA subscribers only.

Lorem Ipsum Generator available here

*update*: license parameters
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deviantMISSION Member:


feel free to use this stamp in your journal or shout box.


Important Note:

Please add all :+fav: favorites at members original deviation: [link]

This member has requested advanced critique from the ~Christians-QI-Team

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Well After a lot of hours of work, I finally finished Devious Canadians. I spent a lot of my time on this project and I am glad to be finished. This is my tribute to my fellow Canadians, they read from left to right... Blame Canada!

adras, agtronic, airtistaries, al-b, alchemism, ally, altermind, anazei, andimspent, angelofdeath, anonymous, anon-y-mouse, anti-self, anya, artikstudio, artjoe, attitude2k, auraqel, blackhearted, boardinlex, bob-loblaw, boum, brazensix, bruisedapple, castaway, chaosboy, chaoticparadox, chargen, chewie, chobit, cleanup, collincancer, comatose-rose, connythebadger, cooper, corporatewhore, cottser, crappyart, crashdown, cryptorchild, cythraul, darkday, dark-illusion, deker, derogate, desekt, devious, digifox, diversify, doomit, dragonchilde, dr-d, drewbrand, drewdacosta, ecstasia, emaleth, endregan, enjeru, eucinpyos, exor, faction, fae13, fearn, five, freshiegeek, giest, gizm0, glasswillow, golucky, gomen, gundamzz, harmony, heemaz, hesitation, hipster, hueby, hyrax, idunno, igloo, imaginaryboy, incno, infiltrated, iridium, isacg, jazriot, jibrille, jobias, joydrop, j-tec, karnjerrylow, kase9, keifer, kina, king-of-spoons, kixxy, klar, knappster, krayzeegurl, kryptor, ladygekko, ladyvenom, lane, linkubus17eh, lisasaarloos, lockheart7ca, lolilempika, luvmegabyte, manyk, maverick101, mental, meru, mister-e, mister-evil, mizz-messed-up, mr-eckted, mytoxicity, n0deal, nakedturtle, namaste, nanoshock, naveed, ndarkwind, nemish, neomonkey, nicewood, nogarap, nyrie, olya, onedarkangel, openthegate, pantopicon, patryck, pdaoust, pfoj, pickle, pickledpiggies, plaidmittens, plushie-girl, pmp2kbam, poetrymachine, radiances, ralasterphecy, ramdom, realize, sakura, sasso, saxyroxy, scottmartin, scruball, senorrandom, -shanimal-, shasma, silentmute, sindex, sirmorphix, smelv1n, somk, soyo, spane, spittle, squarepush, stanleymitchell, starvingartist, strepsil, superkev, superstar69, szattam, tearanite, teknoledge, terrance, thejips, thepoch, thinkdan, titanium200, tmpst24myst, toshiro, twistedfire, verion, vlda, warpedminds, wheels, whit3y, wicked-eve, witnessmoon, woozster, wwfgirl, x-setsuna-x.

If for some reason you are not on this collage but are indeed Canadian than you must have ignored my forum post and the previous version... nevertheless feel free to contact me, if I feel there were a significant amount of missed Canadians, I'll update it... :O (Eek) Hope ya like it... take care :O (Eek) Blame Canada!
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It basically is a game table with a projector on the inside that bounces an image off a mirror and onto a frosted Plexi-Glass table surface which acts essentially like a 3ft x 3ft. computer monitor. The projector gets the image from my laptop which uses a software called D20Pro. D20Pro is a Virtual TableTop that is generally used by people who want to play a vareity of Paper-and-Pencil RPG's via the internet. Nice little piece of software. ( I personally use D20Pro just for projecting Battlemaps onto the game table.

I also use a software called Blue Soleil which allows my laptop to recognize a Wii-Mote that acts like a signal reciever for an infra-Red pen. the infra-red pen acts like a mouse after I use Smartboard. Smartboard is a software that allows the game tables monitor surface to be mapped out in a manipulatable area where the infra-red pen can be used.

It sounds difficult but its really quite easy. (This coming from a guy who is somewhat computer literate.)

You can get most of these softwares for free but I suggest paying for them so you get all the needed updates and the softwares are wayyyy easier to use in thier non-demo form.
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Let's do a little reading first, shall we?





With all that aside, I will mention that today is the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

You'll hear alot of wapanese and people whining and bitching about how horrible it was and how so many were killed. But it's not anywhere near as horrible as to what happened in Nanking and not nearly as many died.

The Japanese have done unforgivably cruel things and have taken enjoyment from them, and I for one do not care how long ago it happened. They still refuse to apologize and refuse to admit that it happened the way it did... Some deny it even happened at -all-. (Despite, you know, proof. Dumb Japs.)

But this atrocity is horribly overlooked. Everyone focuses more on Germany crimes. But Germany fesses up to it. German soldiers didn't all like what they had to do. Infact the Nazis who were IN Nanking were HORRIFIED. There's an account of only two Jap soldiers who admit what happened.

So few care about the fact fetuses were torn from their mother and raped infront of them. That they raped these womens with spears and other things. That they forced family members to rape each other and make other family members watch. That they would cut the testicles off men and make them eat them. And why? Because the japs give us all the nice shiny electronics we have.

So yes many Japs died on this day so many years ago.. and I say it isn't enough. Not until every single last one of them is dead. They're not people, not humans. They're souless monsters who shouldn't be allowed to walk this planet. Japan got a part of what they deserved, but no where near enough.

I probably should block comments. Infact I shouldn't have posted half the things I said, and this will probably get reported (even though the picture itself isnt offense) and probably get banned.

But I don't care if I'm flamed or banned. I really don't give a shit if this is taken down. I'll post it back up again, with these exact words until they -do- ban me.

Why? Because I really don't give a fuck anymore. Not about anything. And yes, if you're wondering. I have gone off the deep fucking end. And some of you may say I'm a horrible person for saying all those things... But I haven't hurt anybody, I just speak the truth. But all those fucking Japs hurt people, didn't they?

And here's a little known fact. I know some of you have been going "waaah waaah you're not acting like youreself you used to love japan." And saying things like "Oh we tried to tell you before"

But before I loved Japan, guess what. I hated the fucking Japs. I don't remember why but I remember I hated them. I just came to my senses. And as for "Oh we tried to tell you" You wanted me to find out and lose what little faith in humanity I had left? To ruin my good time? What good fucking friends you were. I hope you all die and burn in hell.
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At ~Anto-tono's request.

I'm such a whore.
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i just wanted to make a refreshment for my userpage. so here is my new devID.
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:star: VERSION 3.00, 20th JUNE 2008 :spotlight-right: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :spotlight-left:

:bulletgreen: DeviantLink is now Firefox 3 compatible!!
:bulletgreen: optimised: now 15% smaller than before (86KB vs 101KB)
:bulletgreen: a lot of internal restructuring
:bulletgreen: removed explicit support for firefox 1.0 and flock 0.5. minimum versions are now 1.5 and 0.7 respectively.
:bulletpurple: one known bug with FF3 - cannot change the toolbar-toggle keyboard shortcut in the prefs panel. this will be addressed shortly in a point release

:star: VERSION 2.90, 19th MAY 2008
:bulletgreen: trivial update removing explicit FF3 support until i can guarantee it... (give it about 2-3 weeks before i have this sorted out now that the RC1 build is officially available...)

:star: VERSION 2.89, 8th DECEMBER 2007 :bulletgreen: internal compatibility updates for upcoming release of Firefox3 (all references to the deprecated event.preventBubble() method updated with equivalent calls to event.stopPropagation(); backwards compatibility with earlier versions is unaffected... should now work nicely with the latest nightly builds!)

:star: VERSION 2.88, 1st NOVEMBER 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed the "cannot DeviantLink off selected text" bug -- again! (sorry jen!) ;P

:star: VERSION 2.87, 30th OCTOBER 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed 'Manage Gallery' link in 'My Account' submenu
:bulletpurple: removed Critique Pref links as they are now handled in 'Manage Gallery'
:bulletgreen: added explicit compatibility support for Netscape 9

:star: VERSION 2.86, 27th OCTOBER 2007
:bulletgreen: now compatible with the very latest firefox 3 alpha releases that require cryptographically signed extension updates [link]

:star: VERSION 2.85, 23rd OCTOBER 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed a bug in the toolbar menu's "scraps" link
:bulletpurple: fixed a bug in wallpaper previews where you'd get way too many menu entries
:bulletpurple: updated wallpaper preview parsing to account for a small change in DA's code

:star: VERSION 2.80-2.83, 8th-10th SEPT 2007
:bulletgreen: polished up the "My Prints" toolbar menu; one extra menu entry, and a fix for the broken "Storefront" link. (i've finally uploaded images into my own prints account!!)
:bulletpurple: loads of under-the-hood changes, fully sandboxing FF overlays from Mozilla overlays; this is necessary groundwork for supporting toolbar customisation in the next release...
:bulletpurple: think i fixed a seamonkey issue, but need that confirmed...
:bulletpurple: fixed the dynamic wallpapers preview feed
:bulletpurple: 2.82 fixes a "disappearing toolbar" issue that was in 2.80/2.81 -- grab it quickly if you have either of those versions!
:bulletpurple: 2.83 fixes the reintroduced "cannot DeviantLink off selected text" bug

:star: VERSION 2.75, 10th JULY 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed "scraps" link on the toolbar; was fine in contextmenu (thx ~calibius)
:bulletpurple: reinstated "selected-text" DeviantLink functionality; FF2 broke it (thx $ewm)

:star: VERSION 2.73, 5th APRIL 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed "competitions" link on the "DA" menu (now lives in 'culture' subcategory). a reworking of this part of the toolbar/menu is planned once i find and move into a new apartment now that i have moved to Tokyo!

:star: VERSION 2.72, 5th APRIL 2007
:bulletgreen: added "Canvas Print Templates" to the "Prints & Product Templates" submenu

:star: VERSION 2.71, 2nd APRIL 2007
:bulletpurple: parsing fix for dynamic wallpaper menu when the "title" attribute is not available...
:bulletgreen: added "Print Submission Agreement" to the "Submit" menu

:star: VERSION 2.70, 2nd APRIL 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed - the dynamic wallpaper menu!! DA still doesn't have a decent feed for this so i'm reduced to parsing html. which is irritating but, hey, it works... ;P
:bulletgreen: improvements to tab title rewriting, especially on shop pages
:bulletgreen: new entries/graphics on the "Buy Art" menu, now renamed "DA Shop"
:bulletgreen: updated my address if you want to send a postcard to say thanks!
:bulletgreen: all fixes/updates/new graphics only added 2-3Kb to the file size
:bulletgreen: added "DeviantLink Changelog" to the "Help" menu

:star: VERSION 2.66, 25th MARCH 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed - can now add deviants to devwatch from anywhere on the site, not just on their userpage (fix yesterday was incomplete)
:bulletgreen: updated a few icons for a more DAv5 look: notably Chat, Forum, and Browse on the toolbar, Add to Favourites, Forum, Store on the context menu.
:bulletgreen: further bugfixes to come shortly; i have some catching up to do!

:star: VERSION 2.65, 24th MARCH 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed - couldn't add deviants to devwatch (DA changed the way this is done)
:bulletpurple: fixed - couldn't donate subscriptions to deviants (DA changed the way this is done)
:bulletpurple: fixed - dynamic news menu! got totally fed up waiting for DA to provide an RSS feed so i've created my own [link] and integrated it with DeviantLink
:bulletgreen: minor improvement to deviantname parsing from certain document elements
:bulletgreen: more bugfixes to come shortly!

:star: VERSION 2.63, 3rd DECEMBER 2006
:bulletgreen: deviantlink contextmenu finally works with literature previews!! :D
:bulletgreen: simplified the "submit" toolbar menu so it better integrates with the new submission process. this may be re-extended once i've had a bit of a think to see how easy/useful that would be. opinions welcome!

:star: VERSION 2.62, 1st DECEMBER 2006
:bulletpurple: bugfix for username wizard!
:bulletpurple: bugfix for tab titles!

:star: VERSION 2.61, 25th NOVEMBER 2006
:bulletgreen: in the new larger wallpaper previews, a few of the images were not being generated at the higher resolution, they were simply being stretched. this is now fixed, all preview images are now natively loaded at the correct resolution.
:bulletgreen: small improvements to wallpaper preview layout
:bulletgreen: tweaked XBL bindings so DOM inspector shows bound elements with custom names
:bulletgreen: compatibility tentatively extended to FireFox 3.0 alpha (trunk/nightly)
:bulletgreen: restrict keyboard shortcut range to exclude CRTL+SHIFT+[0-9] as these are actually already FF2 shortcuts for jumping to the tab at that index

:star: VERSION 2.60, 19th NOVEMBER 2006
:bulletgreen: larger dynamic wallpaper previews, showing more details
:bulletgreen: non-parsed unicode such as "#9827;" cleanly stripped from rss journal titles
:bulletpurple: fix for the "two pages load instead of one" bug (confirmed by $ewm!)
:bulletpurple: fixed the context/toolbar links to gallery scraps (again, argh...)
:bulletpurple: hidden menuitems now correctly take up ZERO space instead of using 1 pixel
(this was a firefox bug with the "collapsed" state. now using display:none instead)

:star: VERSION 2.53, 2.54, 12th NOVEMBER 2006
:bulletgreen: added keyboard shortcut to show/hide the main DeviantLink toolbar. default is "CTRL+SHIFT+Q", but this can be changed to any other available "CTRL+SHIFT" A-Z combination through the preferences panel. v2.54 fixes a minor internal bug in v2.53 and extends the available shortcuts to include the range "CTRL+SHIFT" 0-9 (shortcut feature request from ~RedFlames)

:star: VERSION 2.52, 25th OCTOBER 2006
:bulletpurple: whoops, in yesterday's update i missed one line of code, which caused the "DA" tab titles to run out of control across non-deviantart domains! fixed! :D (thx to *IceCrystal for quickly drawing my attention to this oversight)

:star: VERSION 2.51, 24th OCTOBER 2006
:bulletpurple: enhanced/fixed consistency of tab title improvements (thx =rotane)
:bulletgreen: re-enabled "Browse Daily Deviations" (thx `imperfect, was in your elevenses journal!)
:bulletgreen: the four icons in the toolbar "My Account" menu now also show in the corresponding positions of the "Manage My Account" submenu within the menubar's drop-down DeviantART entry

:star: VERSION 2.50, 24th SEPTEMBER 2006 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
:bulletgreen: the DeviantLink toolbar can now be repositioned from the prefs panel
:bulletgreen: CTRL+ALT+ENTER deviantname completion in addressbar (firefox/flock only)
:bulletgreen: DeviantART-specific tabbed browsing improvements for page tab titles
:bulletgreen: Toolbar "Help", "Browse", and "Submit" menus have all been extended
:bulletgreen: Emoticon and shoutbox windows can be opened in a new tab by middle-clicking
:bulletgreen: Improved the preference panel with better usability and visual feedback
:bulletgreen: Rich tooltips for the preference panel's miscellaneous options
:bulletgreen: Code improvements: less redundancy, better performance, use of XBL
:bulletgreen: Automatic menu and toolbar layout improvements for lower-resolution screens
:bulletgreen: Uninstaller code that can remove DeviantLink's saved prefs on uninstall
:bulletgreen: Improved some toolbar spacing issues under Flock and Netscape 8
:bulletgreen: Anticipating DA5: added contextmenu "Party" integration
:bulletgreen: Compatibility extended to Firefox 2.0 ("Bon Echo")
:bulletgreen: Updated the journal rss icon as per feedicons: [link]
:bulletgreen: No flicker when DeviantLink contextmenu first shows
:bulletgreen: Visual improvements for dialogs on MacOS X

:bulletpurple: if you like deviantlink, then use the "random deviation" feature a lot! :)
:bulletblue: pageviews and statistics menuitems will not work with deviants
that choose "hide statistics" in their profile settings

compatibility extended to all of the following browsers!
:bulletgreen: firefox 1.5, 2.0, 3.0a
:bulletgreen: mozilla 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 beta
:bulletgreen: netscape 8.0, 8.1, 9.0
:bulletgreen: seamonkey 1.0, 1.1
:bulletgreen: flock 0.7, 1.0

:star: FEATURES :party:
:bulletgreen: integrated toolbar with access to 140 DA locations and tools!
:bulletgreen: dynamic integration with DA news/wallpaper/journal rss/xml feeds
:bulletgreen: instant access to all parts of a deviant's pages - gallery, journal, etc
:bulletgreen: works on selected text, links, avatars, & deviations (full-view & thumb)
:bulletgreen: entirely user-configurable through easy-to-use preferences panel
:bulletgreen: right-click add selected deviant to your friends list or send a note
:bulletgreen: open pages in current tab, new tab, background tab, or new window
:bulletgreen: shortens and clarifies DA tab titles to enhance tabbed browsing
:bulletgreen: deviantname auto-completion in address bar with CTRL-ALT-ENTER

a few people had funny issues downloading this from DA, so here are some clear pointers. when you click "download deviation", you should be asked if you want to save the file "DeviantLink_Browser_Extension_by_ayembee.xpi" or "". if this doesn't happen, you can also right click on the download link and choose to "Save Target As". save the file as "deviantlink.xpi". if you got ".zip", rename to ".xpi", open the file in your browser (File / Open File), and it will then install itself - restart and you're done! (also, if all else fails, dragging and dropping the downloaded extension file onto the browser application seems to be very reliable)

feedback & feature requests always appreciated!

you might also like to take a look at my other firefox extensions:
[link] DeviantEmoteBar v1.26
[link] DeviantCopyPaste v2.90

~ayembee :painter:

:earth: PLANNED FOR v3.0+
:bulletgreen: DeviantLink toolbar customisation!
:bulletgreen: feature freeze for translation! no major features currently planned beyond v3.0

:earth: MAYBE
:bulletgreen: chat manager so you can have an integrated list of dAmn chatroom favourites
:bulletgreen: if DA's RSS feeds ever get sorted out i might do some work involving those
:bulletpurple: note:: all translators get a credit next to their flag in the translation tab! :D
:bulletblue: [translation keeps slipping as i have been adding new features... sorry!!]
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In regard to recent turn of events I show my supprt for jark, who is fighting for the community along with matteo, against $spyed's corporate ideals.
Some deviants have been acting physical and using verbal threats towards some staff members of dA. So I thought its about time I did this.

Point 1 is a bit extreme, it depends on your way of supporting I suppose, though I wont encourage anyone to do it (even though I have opted to do it myself).

This is for $jark. Keep up the good fight for daddy deviant, the Yellow Alien (aka Scott Jarkoff) :w00t:

Remember that what we're fighting for here is for the community against corporate ideals, and not each other. Understand the issue here and get to know about it before you protest or give support. If you wish to know more about the uproar here at dA visit this [link] or visit `bookdiva's, jark's, `onestar's, matteo's, $liquisoft's, `justthorne's or $spyed's journal(s).
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