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Otra: [link]

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second entry to entry for Wacom contest "Bring Your Vision to Life: Good vs. Evil"

What i had in mind in this piece is how as humans we can differentiate and make certain lives and souls more previous and valuable than others, in various aspects we stigmatize, offense and give more worth to a life than the other, i interpreted this by our valuing to certain animals lives like pets while legitimize the killing of other souls.
This mostly occurs with nothing other than good intentions and motives of providing, nurturing and caring.

Or you can see the piece as a simple Cat vs fish situation :giggle:
poor fishies i know ):

First Entry:[link]

watercolors, colored inks, white paint and colored pencils
Wood texture is added by photoshop CS3

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Canon A-1
Ilford Delta 400 film
20 seconds at f8
stacked polarizing filters
overcast day
70 years of not being used
and a tripod.
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The portfolio page consists of two sections (the tabs are located in the upper right):

Biography & Contact Information

When the portfolio page is loaded, both sections would be loaded at once, so switching between them would not require any additional load time.

About the Showcase tab:
The arrows protruding from the thumbnail strip and information strip could be clicked to HIDE each panel. The image in the center would then automatically resize to fill the space. There is a little slideshow bubble just above the large image that would allow images to auto-transition with fade effects. It could be paused at any time.

If you have writing in your gallery, then the thumbnails would show the title of the work, and the larger image area would reveal the entire piece, with a scrollbar if needed. I designed this mainly with images in mind, however.

About the Biography & Contact Info Section:
You could choose any two images to place on this page.

You could title your portfolio whatever you want. I would have put my entire last name, but I want to stay safe!
You could also choose which tab would appear first.

A big plus for this design:
The contents would be fairly resizable so that the entire portfolio could fit on most screens without the viewer ever having to scroll down in their browser.

About the image:
The image above is slightly smaller than the actual size of the design.

slight-of-eye took the photo I'm using in the Biography tab.

Thank you Sirielle for all your help!
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A Singer/Songwriter from LA, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, tunes his guitar to his harmonica. He took the stage following a rap performance.

Taken at the "Party for Peace" rally in Union Square on 21 September 2006.

Nikon D80
50mm F/1.8 @ F/2
ISO 200

I used aperture priority because the lighting was changing rapidly. It was about 6:45pm, the last half hour of sunset, and I wanted to pay attention to what I was shooting, not on the ever-changing shutter speed.

I kept the aperture almost wide open because the background was noisy and I needed the image to feel more claustrophobic in order to show his concentration/isolation. However, I couldn't shoot wide at 1.8 because his guitar was facing away from the lens and would have become blurry towards the head. You can already see that the tip is not as sharp as the body.

I used Photoshop CS2's "Calculations," picked the Red and Gray channels, then Overlay as my blending mode at 75% opacity. Overlay allows me to keep the darkest blacks and the brightest whites, delivering an overall "saturated" appearence.
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Photojournalism > Concerts and Musicians
at the Nova Rock festival 2009

article: [link] (german)

Nova Rock '09:
The crowd I: [link]
the crowd II: [link]
the crowd III: [link]
the crowd IV: [link]
Sonic Syndicate: [link]
Caliban: [link]
Faith No More: [link]
Lacuna Coil: [link]
Dredg: [link]
Monster Magnet: [link]
Static X: [link]
Sevendust: [link]
Slipknot: [link]
Slipknot II: [link]
Disturbed backstage: [link]
Metallica I: [link]
Dimmu Borgir I: [link]
Dimmu Borgir II: [link]
Chickenfoot: [link]
Enjoying music: [link]
Killswitch Engage: [link]
Guano Apes: [link]
Machine Head: [link]

more music: [link]

Copyright by Patrick Wally 2009
No use of any kind is allowed without written permission.
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"A distant land, bathed in deception, cut off from civilization, lies in the depths of the Mountains of Oran. The residents live their lives in total oblivion of the world outside their own, the only one they've ever known. Their unenlightened society is in slow motion while the world has moved on without them. Their ignorance is chained to them only by the leaders of this distant region, whose sole purpose is to keep the aspersion alive. They need to keep the secret from peasants to protect their ever innocent society tucked away from the outside world. This calumniation will not hold long, as a new guest is seen from the untouched shores of the island, getting closer and closer...." written by me

This piece means a lot to me because it is my favorite of all my works.=) Many hours have been spent working on the smallest of details on this piece and I believe that it has paid off. This is my submission for the Exotika Digital Scenery Contest so I hope you like it and appreciate the amount of work that I have put into it for your pleasure as well as mine. =)


Render> Terragen
Original Render time> 23 mins. 16 secs.
Original Render without ps7> [link]
Post Processing> Photoshop 7
Post Process time> 4 weeks
Layers> 153


Hope you like!=)

Comments and :+fav: appreciated
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At last, it's finished! I made some minor corrections, and I added a distant city beyond the mountains. This is the largest, most detailed and time consuming piece I've done until now, and I'm quite proud:D! In full size you will see only the 1/5th of the original size (which is 3600x3600).
All the models are created by me from scratch in 3ds max, except for the weapons, which are the free sci-fi firearms of Daz3D. The scene was renderded in 3ds max
and the background mountains & sky were created and rendered with Bryce. The final compositing and post process was done in Photoshop.

Here you can see a large closeup of the full resolution image: >>> [link]
Here you can see a clean version of the cyborg model: >>> [link]

Below are the full stats:

Name: Nick Deligaris
Location: Athens, Greece
Occupation: Graphic Designer

Products Used: Daz3D's free Sci-Fi Firearms, Bryce 5, 3ds max 6, Photoshop CS


Time to complete the cyborg: 10 days
Time to complete the bike: 5 days
Time to complete the rest of the scene: 5 days
Time to complete the compositing and post work: 5 days
Time to render the scene (P4 2.53Ghz, 1Gb RAM): 12 hours
Time to render the bg: 2 min
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Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands
Good news will work its way to all them plans
We both got fired on exactly the same day
Well we'll float on good news is on the way

~ Modest Mouse, "Float On"

Parking lot near Lake Cadillac filled with one big puddle. :)
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So after getting much helpful critique and looking over the image some more I went about reworking it, this was the outcome, I saw the new star trek movie and that actually helped a lot with revising the lighting a bit and adding more distinct lens flares haha.

So basically its a big alien ship firing onto a planet and making a huge shock wave that disintegrates most things in its path like poor hospital ships evacuating the planet bellow, it also erases the planets surface turning it into a desolate ball of rock. The idea is that the aliens go around and "save" planets from the civilisations living on them, they decide if the race is exploiting its resources and harming the planet by doing so then if they are they wipe the slate clean and let the planet start a new. Kind of a more violent version of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

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