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You sit there shaking; emotionally frozen.
You check the time on your watch, despite knowing it already.

The ever-present numbness, the cold feeling which clutches at your soul;
That is what you feel upon the dawn of the lie.

To know its nature, to know its being;
To have it spill upon your awareness.

What words would surmise such a bitter feeling:
Betrayal, grief? 
Perhaps the use of dejection, pain and sorrow?
All of which might be considered appropriate, given the circumstances...

Absent-minded, you reach for a pack of cigarettes,
Forgetting that you kicked the habit a few years back.
You thumb the screen of your ever-present smartphone,
Scrolling, blanked-faced, as though trying to retrieve an old-memory.



An abyssal feeling of utter emptiness...

Bitter will not suffice for the taste upon my tongue,
But it is the closest approximation to the scar upon my heart.
There are days when you discover things that leave you furious. It is never a pleasant feeling. Yet, what can we do to exercise such thoughts except write? Or perhaps partake in some other activity to numb the mind...

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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Some days I find myself staggering from this hovel;
To stand with shaking legs upon the window ledge.
I look down at the tiny world below, wind rushing before me;
And I wonder if I'll be able to fly tonight...

The caress of the wind, so gentle upon my skin.
One step, one leap and I'd dip myself into the eye of the storm.

But just before my courage sends me;
Just before I take the final plunge.
I find myself looking back, at the world I'd leave behind...

Stacks of paper and a pot of ink,
Reams of stories too precious to burn.
Ideas and fears both rolled into one;
And pages of poetry left undone...

It always leaves me smiling...

For these were the treasures so close to my heart.
They are the wealth of my mind; my soul, my art.

And I could never ever leave them be,
Where another might burn them, without thinking of me...

"Apologies father, I cannot join you yet:
For in this world, a treasure still exists.
A treasure that was made, just for me..."
Want to listen to the audio reading of the poem? ---> Click here:


T'night we have a commission by :icontngapch: - She's an incredible artist who's been around for about 4 years and really you should check her out if you haven't already.

The subject commissioned was about treasure and how one man's treasure is another's trash. I wanted to take that idea a step beyond and include an entire story behind it, because I felt there was more to the idea emotionally and I hope this piece satisfies.

If you too would like yer own poem or flash fiction commissioned. Check out my journal! There are plenty of special offers on at this time :3

:iconpointcommissionsask: - The orders are waiting :3

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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She scatters the seeds with her tiny hands.

And pictures the sunset in a distant land.

She dreams of places, where she'd be free.

With clouds as far as the eyes could see.

And there she'd dance to the song of the rain,

While I would watch from my window pane.

With a smile befitting such a lovely girl;

The daughter I lost, to a cruel world...

Happy Birthday Raine...Happy birthday to you.

Based on this picture by Laya:
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What Are You To Me?:

I have walked in this world,
And they have told me of kings.
Of brave rulers who make the tough choices,
Men of example and outstanding character.

But it was then that they said,
What is a king to a God?
What is a mere mortal to a higher power,
One who holds our fate in his hands?

They said he was benevolent and kind,
Wrathful and jealous, magnanimous and selfish alike.
He was the perfect ideal, embodying all things
And we were made in his image...

It was then that I was laughed at,
By he who asked this question:
What is a God, to a non-believer?
One who lives by the truth he sees...

He is the man who acts as per his morals.
He lives through his eyes and is judged by his fellows.
He submits to no higher being, not a one does he fear;
Comfortable with his own conscience...

But all three, I beg; I ask ye this:

For what is a king to a God,
A God to a non-believer,
And all three of them in comparison,
To the madman who watches the world burn...

"I think it makes a pretty fire, don't you?"

-Chen Yuan Wen, 19th July 2013
I have a bit of business to attend to tonight, so my co-captain shall post this on my behalf. As you can see I don't even have time to use my piratey accent, the shock of it all I swear.

In any case, I am always finding discussion on the interwebs about why you should not believe, or why you should believe and though I hold my tongue (since the discussion would go nowhere), I figured I should offer a third opinion.

In truth, nothing would matter to the man that accepts his madness. He understands he might burn in the flames for a thousand years or more. He understands that belief is foolish in some circumstances. Most of all however, he simply doesn't give a damn.

The energy spent thinking and promoting such things, could be directed to more immediate pursuits. There are people dying in the streets and you see fit to bother with trivialities?

I believe that this man would much rather carve the ancient runes in his flesh and bring forth an infernal plague of demons. True, he would herald the destruction of the world; yet, after centuries of bickering, you would all have at least one reason to stand together.

It would be us against them and after your bones have been crunched and your home shattered. The bodies of thousands littering the debris that surrounds you. Would you see another human as being defined by his colour, ideal or flag; or might you actually see him as a welcome comrade in arms. A fellow human to die at your side.

Heroes, at the end of the day, are meaningless, for it take a villain to give them a true place in history.

*Clears throat* Okay sooooo like...who wants to help me wake an ancient God that MAY or may not be sleeping under the earth. We create some broodmothers, make some darkspawn, get into blood's all good right? :3

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:

P.S. Sorry, I can never be serious for too long, without some comedy I think we'd all just walk around lookin' like we had a stick in our ass xD.
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I have searched the very depths of my being,
Seeking the essence of the void...

To understand its nature,
To become a part of nothing...

For where else can we be free of turmoil,
Where else can a beaten soul go to rest?
If not in the comforting embrace of eternal oblivion?


Such is what I seek, away from the noise that burns at my ears.
Away from the many voices that drill into my mind.

For these are not the whispers of psychosis,
Nor the delusions of a twisted psyche.
Instead they are the whispers that are heard all around us;
The whispers of the every-man.

He who desires the body of another.
He who desires the fat of his wallet.
He who cares only for self-satisfaction
And He who wishes to stand above all.

Voices, voices, noisy voices...

Eternally spitting their foul words into me.
Even in the realm of fantasy I can no longer escape!
For they are here, and I read their words scrawled across the walls of my sanctuary...


Come to me,
I hear it calling.
Come into the embrace of the void...
Know peace, know serenity,
Know escape from that which binds you.

And in hope I follow...
Drifting to the edge of the bridge.
Leaping eagerly beyond the borders of madness;
And plunging slowly, deep, into the bottom of my soundless tomb.

Ah, beneath the rippling surface of the water;
My empty eyes gazing upon the brightness of the sun.
At last I've found it, in the depths of solitude:
The sweet serenity of my soul.

Want to hear the audio of this poem (read by me), click the link! -

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This here is a commission for :iconoreochema: - She's quite an incredible writer and she is NOT a cookie. I repeat, she is not a cookie. Please verify this fact for yourself by viewing her deviant art. She has quite an interesting method of writing; spinning tales and poetry from trigger phrases. I myself have never worked in that fashion but it was interesting to do it this once. Again I repeat that you should check her out and of course she is not a cookie :3

As for the poem, the phrase that she asked me to use was 'Sweet Serenity of My Soul'. Upon hearing that I immediately tried to do a happy or motivational piece, because naturally that's what you think about when you hear that phrase. It ended in miserable failure. Then I remembered, silly Chen, you're a DARK writer for a reason. And so, in the fashion of Netto Hikari (from the Anime Rockman.EXE which is totally awesome shut up please!), I stood with my legs a shoulder width apart. Raised my hand above my head and said: "Dark Chippu, Slotto-IN!" and with that I used a darker tone to write this piece.

I wanted to convey mostly the fact that there is a lot of negativity in the world and while I and some other prefer to deal with it head on (some through heroics, others like me through outright villainy), some prefer to just shut the world out and withdraw from it. This piece is about them because when you feel like you're drowning...the quietest place is at the bottom of the sea. "The sweet serenity of silence".

If you too would like your own commission done, feel free to use the order form in the journal :3 (the journal also tells you what I offer)

:iconpointcommissionsask: - Get your own awesome piece of lit. done today ^^

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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Looking To The Sky:

Sweet yearning from the depths of my soul.

Blessed is my mind that drinks of this knowledge.

Though stubborn at first, rejecting its hand.

I have learned to accept it as my only salvation.

From the streets which have long been my home.

I look to the skies and the clouds above.

Through my skills I shall rise, so I may catch the stars.

Even if the journey might be as heavy as stone.

-Chen Yuan Wen, 16th September 2013, posted by Co-Captain Hayes
:iconanandalyons: 5 mins of wisdom from the Captain. :iconohyoucasplz: He's flying home tomorrow, wish him luck and of course, let him know what you think of this~ :icondesucheeksplz:
-Co-Captain Hayes
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You know what it's like,
When your feet touch the bottom.

You wish you were like others,
But you know that you can never be.

The glam and the glitz,
The sound of a thousand people cheering you on.

That's not for you, 
That's never going to be for you!

But you know what,
You've got something else inside of you.

You've got something else,
That no one who sits on a lofty throne could ever have.

And that's pain...

You're in pain, because you know this is bitter.
You're in pain, because you've been denied something better.

But you take that dose of bitterness 
And you swallow it like it's god-damn medicine!

Because the king expects you the crumble,
The king expects you to lie down and surrender.

So play dead if you have to,
But when you rise again...

Make sure you tear out their god-damn throat!

Here's the start of my creative rush, expect more soon!

It's been awhile, I've decided to start a creative rush (since my recording equipment is still out of commission).

In the mean-time, why not follow me on facebook :3 I'll entertain you when I can o3o


-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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I wonder how many days I spent dreaming,
Of all the things I could never say.
And just when I'd written it all in a letter.
You showed up smiling in front me.

And all of a sudden, the letter didn't matter anymore... (^_^)
What can I say, some days are simply sweet and a little touch of romance can always brighten it up ;3

(On a side note...what th' bloody hell happened t' me darkness, one second I was angry and the next I was all romancy *shudders* I need t' kill more braincells with rum I think)

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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Are We Not Free?:

Ye say that nothin' changes;
That all we're tryin' t' do is fer naught.
Ye say that nothing's wrong,
That we should be acceptin' of our fate.

But why should we simply accept things as they are?

Are we no' a free people?
Are we no' allowed t' speak our minds?

Every man, every woman in this land,
Has the freedom t' choose their own path.
If our ideals must beg us differ,
Then that too is a part of the change that grips us.

What exactly do ye have t' fear?
If yer stoic in ye ideal that nothin' will ever change.
Why not simply ignore us;
A passin' flight o' fancy that we are...

Yet still ye try, ye attempt t' change our minds.
Ye pacify us with the notion of acceptance,
Highlightin' the fact that the world is fine.
Ye say that this is the way that things should be!

That m'friend, is yer personal freedom;
I'll not impinge upon it, fer it be yours.
I only ask, if ye could kindly mind,
Not to treat us, like we're bleedin' blind...

-Chen Yuan Wen, 18th July 2013
If you enjoyed this piece, don't ferget t' click th' fave button eh?


Aye maties,

Scottish accents are always th' best fer this sort of speech-makin'. Anyway, a lot of people like t' always say 'this is fine' or 'that is fine', 'just accept it'.

Well clearly if it was satisfyin' everybody there wouldn't be dissent. The thing is, does it really matter if someone doesn't agree? If they don't, they don't. That's their choice. Ye'll feel all sorts of emotions about it, but at the end of the day, if ye really believe in somethin' stand fer it. Attemptin' t' change a point of view is like bringing down a wall with a tiny stone. Sometimes ye hit the right spot but more often than not ye fail.

Course, yer free t' try endlessly if that's what satisfies ye; just remember that the other guy has the right t' right the same.

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:

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Amongst the raindrops, pattering upon my silvered skin.
I wait in silence, though you never speak.

Once you would have chided me,
Screaming that it was cold!
Demanding with slaps and shrieks that I shelter you;
Always until the rain had stopped.

It makes me wonder if I have failed a command,
Or perhaps if you've finally cast me aside...

I made so many mistakes,
I was always doing wrong.
It wouldn't surprise me if you had me replaced!

Yet logic alone denies the thought,
For you are still here - simply silent.

You've been lying there for days, my dearest master,
It is beginning to make me swell with fear...

I've called your name so many times,
But perhaps the maggots have eaten your ears...

They drop from your nostrils and crawl from your mouth,
I squash them, quickly, if they ever approach...

I have thought about removing them and cleaning them away,
But I'm afraid that I would damage you, if ever I tried...

You are so fragile my master, like a thin sheet of glass,
I hugged you once and you were injured for days...

It made me sad, but that's alright;
Next time I promise I'll do better!

I won't act on my own; I'll wait like you said!
I'll stand here and stay guard, until you speak.
I'm sure that you'll shout and give me orders again,
Though I don't know how long I'll be waiting...

But master, dear master,
 If I could make a selfish request.

When you awaken, please, would you oil me?
The rain has been getting so heavy these days.
And my arms are finding it difficult to move...

Master...Dear master...I miss you...

Arrr maties, t'night we have a commission for :iconheartlessmicrophone: - She's an artist from Canada and has some pretty nice pieces in her gallery.

She asked me to write a poem about a robot being tortured by its creator, but when I worked on it I felt that torture straight up wasn't exactly what this piece should be about. I wanted to give a more submissive angle, a tinge of bitter sweetness and this was the answer. (i.e. I made it more on the emotional side)

Anywho, I hope ye all enjoyed this little commission and if yer ever interested in gettin' poetry or flash fiction written by a pirate. Then feel free t' hire me:

:iconpointcommissionsask: - Always lookin' fer more work I am ;3

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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