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Trying to break myself out from this art drag. agghhhhh So I'm drawing something else.

So, Aiden. I was thinking when he got the hell out of his home world to take the IWR leader position, he would have traveled to a lot of places, alone, because back then, the only people in his division was 1) Aiden and 2) Fish. Fishes are alright but they are sucky diplomats. I imagine Aiden would have just gone to places to recruit people, doing his job and all. It wasn't below him, and judging from the member count of IWR, he was pretty good at it. I'm lucky that RL suited his character. ;v;

Here is one such place. Just a random place. ....i don't like this style. Too concept art. I need to find a balance. ajsdfkljsdkfl *tries something else*

Sorry i haven't been online at all...and being all mopey. *picks self off floor* ><
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Here is the with fish:
11-17 Iwrgate With-fish by mintyfreshmangos
Here is one without:
11-17 Iwrgate by mintyfreshmangos

Anyways, this is for %The-Accession-Epoch 's upcoming RP Missions. the-accession-epoch.deviantart…

 This gate allows them to travel to other worlds and stuff. 

The other side of the gate has a steep drop off down to the ground, which is like....I don't know, like a mile away. If you walk through it unactivated, that is were you will land~ uvu

Hope you guys are doing well. ;v; *hugs you all*
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Aiden doing a last walk through of his world before he left.

There was fish here but then I took them out. Sorry fish.
I always struggle with Aiden's outfit, or rather his world's fashion. Since gravity powers are a species trait, everyone has this ethereal, light feeling to their clothing, it a mixture of skin tight wear, flowy material and heavy fabric. It's kinda strange, and I don't want it to look like that standard fantasy kinda style either. I can't quite pin it down.

This picture was based off a stock image I saw....I can't seem to find it anymore tho. ><

Anyways I need to jam home how. ;v; See you peepppss~
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I admit. I have this habit of picking characters that are completely different from my personality, making them so hard for me to RP.

There are just so many RP decisions that I regret with Aiden because I'm still learning how to play him. Soooo many times in which I'm like OH SHIT CAN I JUST...TAKE ALL OF THAT BACK PLZ aagghhhhhhhh. It makes me hesitant to RP with him more until I can figure him out, but I figure him out mainly through RP. I feel like he is there, but I'm just not a very good voice box for him.


On another note, Aiden is also totally off his game in RP I think I can justify any ooc replies. I don't really want to but...ok. ;v;

Before, his hair was all floaty but I felt it was appropriate for it to be down for this one. ;v;

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Opps a bit late, I admit. ;v;

You know, in every sketch a day I ever drew there is a point in which I stand back and look at what I'm drawing and go 'omg, this looks horrible, what the hell am I doing, I should just quit now.' The hardest thing in the world to do is to just ignore that voice and keep on drawing, because I know that in the end, it will work out ok, and you gain so much more by not giving up. I guess this applies to life too, huh? ;v;


I run the Inter-world Relationships division! You get your very own flying fish if you join my side! XD
But you should check out the other divisions too, for reaalls. ;v;

And here is Aiden! He doesn't really have much to do but work and pour over books late at night alone. It's not like he has family anymore. ;v;
It doesn't help that his flying salmon, Bessie, is always bugging him to play. In his world, salmon is considered a cattling animal, like cows. Aiden tells her every day that he only keeps her around in case he gets hungry. Bessie, who also has the intelligence of a cow, doesn't understand him at all. uvu
Aiden would never eat Bessie tho. ;v; NEVERRR.

The topmost floor of the IWR's HQ is made out of matte frosted glass so one could see shapes of fishies flying under them. The place is lit by these lantern that react to voice and body heat. You can tell them to turn off if you like darkness, but otherwise they would just follow people who produce body heat around like glowing puppies.

I hope you have all been doing well. ;v; I have been AFK for a while to work on AE opening stuff! Still have some work to do! uvu
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Wooooww I can't believe I'm making a NPC. I'm really not good at this character making thing. I don't think I made a new new character in like years. *is boring* ;v; Well anyways. Allie. I already RPed with her so I guess this makes it legit. It's also the middle of the night. Why am I up.


Name: Alouette "Allie" Clark

Age: 17 years old

Sex: Female

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs

Division: A servant of IWR, not a member however.

Species: Human

World: Her family came from another world but little is know about it by Allie. She was told by her older brother that her parents didn't make it. As far as Allie is concerned, N'O is the only home she knows.

Story: Allie was raised by her older brother, Jay, until he was mysteriously killed when Allie was 14. Jay had worked as a courier for IWR and because of this, Allie was very familiar with the IWR HQ, their rules, motive and ideas.

Allie is a huge fan of IWR.

She knows all the members my heart. She has posters of Saanvi and Leena on her bedroom wall. She desperately wants to be a member of the division.

But at every turn, Aiden had deny her entry. Aiden had never full explained why but after rejection number 23, she settled with being a maid at the HQ instead. It didn't dilute her dreams, but it's what she can do...for now.

+Hard working, a trait that she took from his brother.
+Kind, caring, bright and happy. Very few things get her down.
+Committed and devoted, which at times may be harmful. Allie has a hard time knowing when to give up.

-Clumsy when it comes to physically labor. Balancing wine bottles on a silver platter is not her thing, no.
-Easily over enthusiastic, which at times can affect her judgment.
-Over trusting and quick to believe, rather gullible at times and easy to trick.
-Nervous around higher ups, more so with IWR members than anything, an small inferiority complex...this was something that she developed upon being rejected by Aiden for the past few years.

Abilities/weapon: Allie has a radiant energy around her, that is stronger when she feels certain emotions like fear and anger. Her energy tends to attract demons, creatures, etc, and those things tend to want to consume her for that energy. She is not aware  Aiden knows this and tries to keep her in N'O, where she is the safest. Because of this and many other reasons, Aiden can never allow her to became a member of IWR.

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So IWR peeps already seen this but yeah~

We have this event happening in AE in which there is a public and open interview for Aiden's 2nd and 3rd in command position.
Annndd here is the scene. XD

The person in the middle being interviewed is ~Bell-Cat's character, Saanvi. uvu

Now I need to get home. I should have left like an hour ago. ;v;
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IS STILL OPEN FOR NEW MEMBERS! OvO You have a few days to get your app in! Go go go!

This is the open court yard for IWR's hq. OvO At least, it's part of it. The courtyard is right in the middle of the main floating island thing, and all hallways connect to it. SO....there we go. ;v;
The HQ is climate controlled so it's not freezing up there all the time. XD

There is something off with this pic, but I can't figure out what....;v;

Also, as a note, I'm gonna be away on the 1st and 2nd, so no sketch a day then. ;v; I don't want to be away, but I have too. I'm meeting with clients about my designs so yeah. *wiggles around nervously*
Wish me luck, guys! ;v;
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It was rockin'~ But mostly work. XD

I haven't been doing sketch-a-day lately...mostly because of the power outage and comic-con. >< *smacks self* Agghh. Nuuu. Gotta draw minty. ajkfshfdjkhfsjkd

Also, I hate drawing apps. Agggh. They never turn out right. Likee eevvaahhhh. ;v;
N a m e: Eaves
A g e: ???
G e n d e r: Female
H e i g h t: 5’10”
W e i g h t: Like a bird
D i v i s i o n: Mercs
S p e c i e s: Fae
Faes are extremely pale creatures with unnatural beauty. The are very in-tune with natural elements and able to communicate with them.

W o r l d: Ek’toanl
A world of beauty, cities built into forests, most of them hidden by illusions to outside eyes.
The planet is ruled by many clans, each having their own king and queen, with Eaves’ clan being the most powerful and largest of the world.

P e r s o n a l i t y: Cold, aloof and haughty, Eaves has all the breeding of high royalty. Nothing surprises or frightens her, nothing catches her off guard. She rarely smiles or laughs and us competently serious about pretty much anything. She has zero sense of humor and does not comprehend the concept of sarcasm. However she is incredibly efficient at work that invokes her hands, such as writing and piano playing.

A b i l i t i e s / w e a p o n:
Glamour: Like all her people, Eaves has the power of limited illusions. She can change her appearance at will or become invisible. However, she can only sustain her glamour for around an hour.
Tongues: Eaves gift of tongues enables her to speak in any language at will. Because of this, she can talk to the elements and persuade them to take action.
Wind: A rarity in fae but the dominant trait of her family, Eaves has complete control of the air and wind. She usually uses it to keep her hair off the floor. uvu
Longbow: A really really long bow. She uses it to shoot normal arrows and air arrows.

Name: ‘Eaves’ is not Eaves’ real name. She has a true name, like all faes, that she keeps hidden. Those who use her real name can command her to do anything they best to keep that underwraps, eh?

E x t r a: Though she has a reflection, cameras are unable to capture images of her.
She keeps her wings mostly hidden and rarely uses them.

Eaves was IWR 2nd-in-command. When she left, she blew up Aiden's office. And kept her flying fish. She and Aiden don't talk much anymore.
Eaves' fish is a marlin.…

And no she's not gonna dress like her app all the time, man that is impractical. XD

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