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Similar Deviations

remake of this [link]

147-CERESTROS (Cerestas-Atroz)
-Drake pokemon
-"This snake like dragon wanders the roads and its mostly mistaken with a serpent. It uses the blade like scales in the tip of its tail for hunting and defense"

148-ANFABRO (Amphetere-Macabro)
-Semi-Dragon pokemon
-"This serpentin-like pokemon has developed a pair of wings which allow it to glide and fly for short periods, letting it to make lairs in the sides of mountains and high caves. It has a very powerful bite and the sharp plade in its tail can cut trough armour"

149-WYVRUSKO (Wyvern-Brusco-Oscuro)
-Dragoon pokemon
-"This dragon-like pokemon posses some of the longest wings among, as well as one of the longest tails. His powerful jaws are said to crush helmets and the sharp blade of its tail is said to be able to cut down a knight with all and his horse"

and so here is the awaited remake of my wyvern line, now...less wyvern-esque... now they are all based in medieval dragon-like monsters, all of them present in ancient heraldric

well, hope you like it
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And here is my contribution to the anouncement of own megafake hibrid evolution

Fisrt, a remake of my firs pokemon fusions, who you can find here… and here…

and then, my new megaevolution

???-GHOLU (Ghoul misspeled)
-Ghoul Pokemon

--Max Happines at night--

???-LUGUBRIO (Lugubrious)
-Ghoul Pokemon

--Not specified procces yet--

-Ghoul Pokemon
-Ability: Poltergeist-Everytime a ghost move lands on the opponent, lugubrio's speed rises

Theres not much to say, just hope you like it
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Remake of my gargoyle line

original here [link]

246-GARGAROYLE (Garganta-Gargoyle)
-Gurgling pokemon
-"This pokemo stores water in their long necks, gurgling it to make al kind of noices. This pokemon can be seen resting on the top of buildings."

247-CATEDROYLE (Cathedral-Gargoyle)
-Grotesque Pokemon
-"This pokemon are amazing climbers who made their nest on the top of buildings. Theri rock hard mane it a natural shield against frontal attacks."

248-NOTREDOYLE (Notre Dame-Gargoyle)
-Gargantuan pokemon
-"This pokemon makes their nest on the top of high buldings. This pokemon is nocturnal, and most part of the day, they can be seen sleeping montionless in the edge of tall buidlings."

Well, hope you like it
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Second remake of my last starters


-Marine Iguana Pokemon
-"This pokemon makes his home in the rocky shores of saouthern seas, where surprisingly it can endure low temperatures. As time goes by, the fin on its back has covered in a think layer of ice, which keeps him constantly cool"

394-GALACIAL (Galapagos-Glacial)
-Ice Iguana Pokemon
-"Its head, hard as rock, can break trough the tick layers of ice that form over the waters where this pokemon lives. This pokemon can move easily on both water and land, even going to warmer zones, thanks to its ice covered fins which keep him under a low temperature"

395-ZUBZILLA (Zubzero-Godzilla)
-Cold Lizard Pokemon
-"This agresive hunter can go to the deepest and coldest areas of the sea to catch a prey, using its darker scales to camouflage. Its back is covered by a sharp ridge of ice spines, whis this pokemon can even throw from its tail as a way to hunt or fight with other ZUBZILLAs"


Well, again based in marine iguanas, but instead of being tropical, they are ice type, just to give them somethins diferent

well, hope you like it and see ya soom
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and the mistery line was...this!...a fakemon based on the Cordyceps Fungi!!!

???-ZOMBIGNON (zombie-champignon)
-Parasite Pokemon
-"This pokemon is said to be a natural spirit who needs a body to fully grow. This pokemon can take a bug host to become a greater life form"

={Evolves at lv. 30, depending wich bug pokemon you have beside him in your pary}=

???-GAVELOUT (Gavel-Lout)
-Hammer Pokemon
-Ability: Bug Armor*
-"Its body is heavy and strong and its horn work like a Battering ram. This mindless brute can destroy a house with one single strike*

???-SOLDRONE (Soldier-Drone)
-Cannon Pokemon
-Ability: Bug Armor*
-"Its body is covered in hard metal plates who can witstand a dynamite charge. This pokemon can shoot acidic projectiles from its tail*

???-SCARAGOON (Scarab-Goon)
-Scissor Pokemon
-Ability: Bug Armor*
-"Using powerful wings, this pokemon can lift its heavy body at high speeds- Its pair of pincers can cut a wrecking ball in half.*

*Bug Armor: The user bug-type moves get a power up

And some were very close, this is the final truth

I know parasect is somehow based on this idea, but I really dont care

welp, not much to say, hope you like it
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This one started as a comission wich I kinda never finished, but in the end I liked the new design, its kinda old so that why it looks diferent from the last ones I has been submitting

originals here [link]

401-WOLFARAN (Wolf-Araņa{Spider in spanish})
-Furry Bug Pokemon
-"This pokemon furry body keeps it warm under harsh cold enviroments. They live in large packs which tend to rest together to keep all themselves even warmer"

402-LICARALA (Lycan-Tarantula)
-Howling Pokemon
-"This ferocius pokemon work in large packs, always hunting in groups. Their multiple eyes help them see in the snowy forests, filtering all the light reflected by the snow"

???-WIDOWOLF (Black Widow-Wolf)
-Cold Sting Pokemon
-"This dangerous beasts live alone, only looking for a partner during mating seasons. Their slick, almost furless body has changed in order to make them quicker and silent. This pokemon can attack without making a single noise"

well, Im going to school, see ya later and hope you like it
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I just felt the need to do this, this is the remake of my Fake pokemon fusion Drarmagido which I made once for a contest held by :iconlunascythedragon:. [link] now with new design and name

???-DRAMAGEDON (Dragon-Armaggedon)
-Ultimate Dragon Pokemon
-"This fearsome creature has been genetically engineered for ultimate power, retaining the best qualities from its source Pokemons, like a strong armored body, an aerodynamic design and great fire power, humankind is lucky this pokemon doesnt exist in the wild."

I'll see if I get this pokemon as part of my region, just for fun.

Hope you like it
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Last remake of my last 3 starsters

orginal here (god, they where horrible) [link]

390-QAULIN (Qilin-Au/Gold's symbol)
-Yellow dragon pokemon
-"This pokemon is considered a gift from the gods. In ancient times owning one was a sign of good fortune"

391-QUOLIN (Qilin-Huo/Fire in chinese)
-Sacred Beast Pokemon
-"This pokemon was said to have miraculous powers, only the gods had used before"

392-QUAILONG (Qilin-Huan Long)
-Sacred Dragon Pokemon
-"People used to beleive this pokemon was created by the gods, so thats why it could wield their powers. In ancient times, only the greatest kings could posses one"

Before anthing, this line can learn sacred fire, that what all the "power of the gods" thing comes from (after all only Ho-oh can use it, and its a god)

As I said, Im ashamed of the original ones, hope this ones are better in anyway

Hope you like it
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This was a request by my dear friend :icondandrade:

Since she has an spoink OC and I have a houndoom OC, which are dating (which you probably have already seen), she wanted to know how would a fusion between thos two pokemon would look like...and so this is it

???-BOKORI (Bokor-Peccary)
-Spellcasting pokemon

--evolves at lvl 30--

???-SAMERUSA (Samedi-Babirusa)
-Witchdoctor pokemon

They are based in voodoo and black magic, I wanted to make a pokemon with details from both the pokemons but working as a new one

And with this in mind, I will soon open pokemon fusions comissions

hope you like it
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Remake of my third grass starter line [link]

-Viper pokemon
-"This little pokemon is tell to born from the desertic tree's bark. They are made to live in very hot zones, running always very fast to avoid getin burned by the hot sand.

-Serpent pokemon
-"This pokemon avoid sunlight, only coming out its lair to gain enough heat to keep itself moving. This pokemon uses his tongue in many ways, but mostly to strangle its preys.

-Nightmare pokemon
-"The legend says this pokemons appears in people's nightmares, and seeing one after dreaming with it is an omen of bad luck. This pokemon's tongue is as strong as his arms, and can stretch enough to wrap and constrict its opponent.


The whole design is based in an alebrije, if you wanna know what it is, you can check it here [link]

but the overall designs, colors and names come from many other things

CHALEBRA comes from Chupacabras, Alebrije and the mexican word Culebra, which means viper or snake, the design is supposed to resemble some despictions of the chupacabras, and the color pattern is supposed to resemble a coral snake or coralillo as we know it in mexico

CORALEBRA comes from Coral, Alebrije and Culebra, but the general design is based again in the chupacabras and a stronger coral snake coloration, with more horrible features as being dark type now, as the skull teeth like markins around the mouth.

CHAMULEBRA come from Chamuco, a Mexican name for the Devil, Alebrije and Culebra, and this time, the design is based in a common mexican representation of the devil, with the horns and the most prominent detail of having a goat leg and a rooster leg, as you can see here [link] , also, the coral coloration is darker than before and the longer body makes the resemblance stronger

The tittle comes from a popular mexican child's song

well, I like this a lot and hope you like it too
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