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These are two of my characters based on Apollo and Artemis (ancient Greek deities). The God is named Kaoru and the Goddess is Kaori. They more or less share the same properties as their respective deities, but personality-wise, they are like day and night :D

Just to clarify, one is male and the other is female! I hope you can tell which is which. I tried to make it obvious, but it was hard because I'm hiding most of their bodies.

This is one of the images I used for my free fliers at conventions.

Materials are black ink and white acrylic paint. I don't remember what kind of paper I used. It may have been the thick paper used for comic book page layouts...

You can also buy prints at my etsy shop if you like it: [link]
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Just some Sailor Moon fanart that I made sitting around at a con. The colors are kind of dull because I was using my chalk pastel pencils.

Drawn from memory, so there's no reference link. (Yes, apparently I have memorized Naoko-sensei's characters...yikes.)
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Anders gets a chance to visit Ser Pounce-a-lot in Amaranthine! Aww... Also, he remembered to shave!

This is a trade for Faynore over at MangaBullet. I will post a link to her trade here when it is finished :D

* ~ * ~ *

I usually don't draw fanart, but I've been doing trades for practice, and I told my trader I'd draw Anders. I used a photo reference of a dude holding a cat, which was actually a great find since it was exactly the pose I wanted him in. Woo!

Despite the reference, this was SOOO HARD and I think it's because I was trying to do realistic and stylized art at the same time. It ended up looking kind of like Mucha's style...which I guess I'm ok with. But I think his head is too big. I seem to do that a lot.

And all of the mistakes in his outfit happened because I was using my actual game for costume reference, and couldn't see certain parts until after I'd immortalized them in ink...woohoo! Except for his capelet thing, I have no idea what's up with that.

I'm considering buying those sepia Copic liners I've been wanting just so I can add his stubble. At least I know I'll have a use for them, now!
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It's :iconhcomet:'s OC Eva with my OC Nadie for her contest.

You probably don't remember Nadie, but she's in a few deviations with Spyrill because they're in the same story.

It was so much fun to make :D I should draw roriitas more often. I dressed Eva in Juliette et Justine-inspired stuff and Nadie in uh...a mix of gothic lolita brands. Her shirt is from Lapin Agill I think.

July 25, '13 I added in a background, but it came out much worse than I anticipated. Is it better without anything?
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This is my submission to ~Nahemii's contest [link]. The objective was to draw her OC in a magical girl outfit.

I saw a picture in which she had black platform shoes and I went OBVIOUSLY THOSE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ROCKING HORSE BALLERINAS :dummy: [link]

It went downhill from there :iconrainbowtearplz: needs moar race

Apparently Lolita bows + white chrysanthemums and sakura blossoms = ready for Christmas :iconrainbowtearplz::iconrainbowtearplz: Or am I the only one who thinks she looks like she's in her holiday best?

I tried to stick to the Asian theme since her weapon is a fan. I hope my drawing inspires ~Nahemii to create her perfect battle uniform :D
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I screwed this up so many times that by the time I got to the shadows and highlights, I went "F this" and just started drawing without a plan. More talented artists can probably tell. I was pretty bummed too since I worked so hard on the line art. PLUS!!! my colorless blender ran out (you can probably tell where).

First, OMG HER SKIN...note to self, Fruit Pink is NOT a normal skin tone. My attempt to salvage it seems to have made it passable, though. She's just gotten a tan, that's all...

This is the third picture I've made with my Copics, so that's why I kept going with it--it was a learning experience. Other things I learned:

1. Always start with the shade you think is too light :x
2. You can blend with !other colors! not just the colorless blender.
3. White acrylic over red marker = NO
4. But you CAN draw in pencil over marker and erase it without fading the color.

So WTF is Sailor Ice Cream Scoopers you ask? It's some RPG that my friends and I created but never played when we were 14 or something...hell I don't know, that's like 10+ years ago. YES HER HENSHIN WAND IS AN ICE CREAM SCOOPER. But I don't know why she still has it since she's already transformed.

Oh and if anyone wants to know, the background at the top is not marker, but chalk pastel.

And yes, I know that I apparently forgot how to draw hands. :noes:
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The Adventures Of Generic-Office-Worker-Man! :D

It must be fun to work in an office....

Idea by :iconwhitespyvictory: <- go check 'em out! :D

[link] <- Previous

[link] <- Next
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Another Sailor moon Upload!
I like to draw this characters, they're so bright.
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:iconpewplz: Theme! :iconpewplz:

1st theme
:bulletgreen:Dreams. As you know not propel tend to be a bit more creative while experiencing a dream. It's due to the multiple memories, thoughts, and needs of a brain. All in one place.
Nevertheless this theme is Dreams I want you to be as creative as possible and create something someone would see in a dream, or better yet, write down your dreams!

2nd Theme
:bulletpink: For most the dream thing could be hard or might even be to much to Handel, well here's the theme for you guys! It's simple: Just draw one of the following OCs by myself Slime-Frog

Pandeer: Pandeer by Silent-Koi
Jinxx Jinxx by Silent-Koi:bigthumb368253191:
Mina Contest - Mina by Marinko-Ring:bigthumb342068205:
Allen Young and bored -commission- by Chat-Mot (the one on the right)
Zelena :bigthumb376118791:
Arrow ref for Arrow by Slime-Frog
Zencray :bigthumb378265771:

First theme!
First place- 200:points:
And one drawing by me

And a head drawing by me

Second theme!

First place-70:points:
And a drawing by me

Second- 60:points:
And a head drawing by me


•If you use a base, please mess around with it and do more to the picture.

•If to enter you must fav this journal

•I you enter you must advertise my co test (pleassssee<333)

•The art must be your own

•Contest ends July 21st

•I must have a min. of 10 contestants.
Or this contest will be closed.

:iconthebipolardollmaker: done
:iconinvaderzeel: Done
:iconinvadermas: done
:iconbannabutt-angel-14: done
You can go to my favourites and Contest to to the entries. 

BECAUSE LACK OF ENTRIES AND contestants. So uh. Sorry I you entered and wasted your time on it :/
I'll be happy to sketch you something of you read this and comment.
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NOTE 5/4/2012: Finally uploaded a new photo! It's slightly better than the last one...

Here's another piece I made in '03. It's one of my favorites, so I've always wondered what it might look like if I redid it since I've improved my skill (I think).

It's named after a Malice Mizer song that roughly means "music of the night beneath the moon". I wasn't able to use Japanese characters in the title.

Materials: Ink, charcoal, black and white conte
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