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Waking up at 4 in the morning to get ready for this shoot and changing into most of my costume by the side of the road was totally worth it . The forest is so beautiful at this time of day, and I feel I miss the sunrise far too often.
Oh who am I kidding. I love sleeping in.

:iconlux-laterna: - Link (Legend of Zelda - Original Version)

Photography and Editing by Kezia Nathe
Costume made, designed and worn by Me

More of Link:
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I had an AMAZING time in Sweden with *CaptainImaginary and ~Cecelin0. Stockholm is somewhere I just never thought I'd go, so the experience was definitely sweet. Charlie and I also were able to do a couple photoshoots including this one!! 
By the time I had got to London, the Official Doctor Who tumblr had actually featured our cosplays for Wholloween! Pretty surreal. Never thought I'd see the day, even if it was just a derp photo (-->…

There are more photos of us, and me Here (… ) and Here (… ) -- we also shot a little video! (>…
I also wore my Dalek again at London Comic Expo and got to meet some fabulous people.

:iconlux-laterna: The Dalek
:iconcaptainimaginary: The Tardis

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ah f*** it. I'm posting this on here.
I'm going to Europe in 2 weeks!!!! Cosplaying with *FahrSindram and *CaptainImaginary and getting to hang out with other amazing people overseas.

I'll be bringing a few cosplays, and Tony will be one of them. Pretty darn stoked and half!!!
I'll be posting vids and pics of my journey on both my tumblr, and new fb page! -> , so stay tuned!!
Also because a bunch of people have been asking me, I'll also be doing a beard/ facial hair video tutorial while I'm over there :)

There is a photo set of more pictures of this make-up test here ->…

:iconlux-laterna: aka me, as Tony Stark
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Cosplay: :iconnewbiehare: as Link and :iconanother-rose: as Zelda (The legend of Zelda -Skyward Sword)
Photo and Edit: :iconfraudoku:
Taken at Bremen, Germany.


I really enjoyed Skyward Sword. It's most likely my favourite Zelda ever, even better than OoT. Haha.
So I had to finally cosplay as Zelda with Resa as Link.
Link is such a jerk but I like how they really are a couple in SS.
I really love the photos Doku took of us. At Connichi I looked like shit and I was really upset because I put my heart into this costume. But she took great photos of us the week after the con. ♥
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Well hey all! I'm back from Europe!!!
I had the pleasure of cosplaying with some epic people, but that's a long story of adventures.
I brought Steve to Berlin to cosplay with *FahrSindram and here he is :)
I'm still unhappy with the stars, but this is actually my last time I will wear Steve. It's been a pleasure cosplaying him, but it's time to move on to conquer other challenges.
However, Captain America will continue to remain my hero. As always.

:iconlux-laterna: Captain America
:iconblue-cage: Photographer
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Thought I'd upload a couple more shots of me as Cap! The right is a little more close up for people who had some questions.

:iconlux-laterna: Captain America (Original Design)
:iconweatherstone: Photographer of Wondrous Talent

Also, here's a fun photo-set of some more photos of my Cap and Bucky -> [link]

[ Worn at Fan Expo 2013, Vancouver BC. Made and designed by me ]

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I love this shot of my original Navi (from Zelda: Ocarina of Time) cosplay taken at PAX Prime 2013 - why? Cause you can actually SEE THE LIGHTS IN MY SKIRT! This was my first time ever working with lights and I chose fiber optics (cause they're low heat and I felt like I could spread them out better for an all over glow). They work... they just aren't very bright... but you can actually see them in this photo! =D

Taken by Invader Boom

Be sure to check out my page for more photos and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of my cosplay!
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:iconrei-suzuki: - Link
:icontheeyeprojects: - Photographer

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

More photos:

Legend of Zelda - Protector by Rei-Suzuki We need a beast right now... by Tri-Heart Legend of Zelda - The Beast Hero by Rei-Suzuki Legend of Zelda - On guard by Rei-Suzuki

Gaming Link Photoshoot:

The Hero of Game by Rei-Suzuki Gaming Link by Tri-Heart What a difficult puzzle! by Rei-Suzuki

:bulletred: IMPORTANT! READ:

Since many people want to know about the costume or acessories, there are some general questions I already answered here below:

Hair or wig?
- It's a wig

Where did you get it?
- Many years ago in my hometown (Manaus - Brazil) in a costume/carnaval store. It was a very special deal! Back then I didn't know how to buy things via internet.

How did you make your sword and shield? Are they heavy?
They are very light and fragile, so I keep taking good care and maintance. The shield is made basically of paperboard, glue, paint and love. Sword's base is wood.

Where did you buy your elf ears?
I made it by myself using latex.

How did you make the chainmail?
This… and… might help you better than me (:

That's it! Please leave some comment. n_n Thank you!

Please, visit also my page on FACEBOOK
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So far my favorite picture of my original Navi (from Zelda: Ocarina of Time) cosplay from PAX Prime 2013

Taken by my friend Brittanie Boe - she grabbed a nearby Link cosplayer (I believe his name was Alex?) and we got "stuck" posing together for a bit!

Be sure to check out more images of my cosplays as well as some behind the scenes shots on my model page:
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Hasta que terminé este dibujo XD, la verdad últimamente he estado haciendo los fondos primero y luego pinto los personajes :S porque luego no me puedo imaginar las luces ni lo cargado que deben estar pintado los personajes XDDD. :S Traté de hacer un efecto de reflejo en el agua XD o "intento de agua" XDD, todos los efectos de brillo lo hice con una acuarela blanca, esta vez no use el lápiz sino que una acuarela en pastita XD y un pincel :P

Como se darán cuenta agregue un detalle de la familia real a la bufanda que esta usando Link, 9-9 se preguntaran de donde la habría sacado XD, y mi respuesta es... 9-9 seguro alguien que esta "muy" cerca se la regalo jajaja XP.

Ya ahora dejándome de tonterías, quiero dejar claro que este trabajo es un premio que le debía a "Zelinktotal99", este premio lo repartí en los dos últimos capítulos del fic "UN HEREDERO PARA HYRULE" a la primera persona que comento en esos dos capis, y en el que sigue volveré a regalar a la primera persona que comente ^^ un dibujo o un fic ;) a elección del ganador.

Boceto:… (aquí deje un link de la base que use para los personajes)
Base personajes: :iconanimelife4ever:
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