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Need I say more?

...I think I will.

This is for the 'Love is...' Vexel contest, for which I used the 'What Love is Made of' palette. [link] ...I feel like someone out of OTOMEN saying that.... Anyway, I've never done a vexel before, and I've never entered a contest, so I thought it would be fun to do both! I'm very clumsy with the tools, though, and I don't know if I did it right or not, but I do hope so.

Anyway, the adorable pikachu I got from here: [link]

And the picture of the DS: [link]

Accidentally submitted the original without it being in the contest...wonder what I should do with it...hmmm...

Now with palette swap! [link]
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Ahahaha, designing this stuff is so fun! Another design for the cute monster contest, and I have to say, I much prefer this one to the other. In any case, if you like it please vote! Thank you so much!

edit: changed the DA on the back, and improved the lineart, and removed extraneous shirt. Also, yum.
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I came up with this when I was doing case 2 or 3, but in light of the final case it feels oddly...appropriate. 

If you haven't played it yet, these guys are from Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. Definitely check it out.
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This may be the laziest piece I've ever done, but I really wanted to do this palette as well! This was the one I wanted to do initially, but the pink one was easier to visualize and to figure out what colours went where. Even though this made me somewhat nauseous as after I put the orange and blue together, I still like how happy the colours are. An Andy Warhol type thing using the different palettes for this contest almost seems tempting, now...

And considering the palette is called '1000 Lovely Dreamers' it's more appropriate for a sleeping pikachu, right? [link]

pikachu stock from: [link]

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Basically done because of [link]

I don't know what to say.
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Entry 1 of 3 out of my planned submissions for the DeviantWEAR contest to create a cute monster! I know it's just a fish, but look at that mouth. And if you look at his tail-end in a certain way, it looks like a chicken.

If you like this, please click "I'd Wear This!" to vote, located just below the "Add to Favourites" option!

Much love,
Cait Sith
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Okay, I don't...I don't even...I just...

On the original app I asked myself, "What the hell is wrong with me?" Now I ask myself again, but without the irony.

I decided I'd suck it up and fix Havelock. Yeah.


:bulletgreen: Ganymede's the leader, probably because he's the adult of the group, but only in body. If you were to describe him in a word it'd probably be 'jerk.' If it were two, it would be 'irritable jerk.' His past isn't sunshine and daisies, but the only emotion he's capable of is irritation anyway, so he very rarely pines.

The reason there's a crack in his egg is not because he was dropped--though people like to think so. The egg was always cracked, due to him being impatient to get out even before birth. Though he was born in Whispering Peaks, he didn't grow up there. A few days after hatching, he declared it was too goddamn cold and left. His parents probably didn't try to stop him.

:bulletblue: Havelock is Ganymede's adopted son of sorts. He rarely talks or expresses any visible emotion, but can be quite sullen and lonely if left to himself. Though a boy, he's rather dainty, but at the same time can take a punch like a champ. Like his surrogate father, he can be incredibly stubborn when he wants to be, which is not infrequently.

I like to think that he hatched somewhere warm.

Completed Missions
M5 (writing): [link]

Written app: [link]
Gijinka: [link]

Rescuer's App: [link]
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Cameos: If you're really interested, feel free to use my team for cameos whenever you want. Notes or comments would be appreciated though because I'd like to see them.

,|\0/| ========================== Naomi
( o o ) Age: Young Adult (About 26 in human yrs)
,/u u\ Likes: Stargazing, technology, stories, incense, shiny things, books
,\_ _/ Dislikes: Immorality, complete darkness, evenings

- An oddball from some undesignated area and strategic leader of the team. With the ability to remain calm in danger and a steadfast mindset to stick to her goals, she makes an excellent explorer. Unfortunately, fate hasn't been so straightforward to her in the past few years and has handicapped her in more ways than one. There's many a time she prefers to be alone. Nevertheless, when the job calls, she continues to puts on a brave face and do her best. Naomi is friendly to every one that returns it to her, but shies away from partaking in idle chitchat.

,()M() ========================== DaVinci
( ^-^) Age: Young Adult (About 25 in human yrs)
/ | | | \ Likes: Food, pranks, parties, laughter, adventure, physics
\ U U / Dislikes: Messing up things, reality, pokemon that try to kill him, vegetables

- Reckless but optimistic, clueless but joyful, and the life of a party. DaVinci's enjoys the carefree life with as much fun and little hardship as possible. Often the one to be found pulling pranks and making others laugh, he likes most everybody, even if they don't like him. On the downside, he doesn't appear to be all too bright, bombarding others with nicknames, common sense questions, and general incompetence. Still... it is strangely coincidental that most of his blunders tend to work in his favor near the end.


Also, check out these other awesome teams:

The Idealists
Tea Tanks


So many things to fix but eh. XD
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Application for #PMD-Explorers

Feel free to use my team in a cameo. Let me know if you do! <333


Name: Aya
Species: Cyndaquil
Gender: Female
Nature: Gentle
Trait: Often lost in thought
Move set: Attract, Ember, Dig, Smokescreen

Accessory: Red scarf, luring cap (kept at home), tattered neckerchief
Special Characteristic: Extra tufts of fur on either side of face

About Aya: The planner on Team Vahalla, she often takes the leading role on missions. She's typically seen as an older sister figure. Whenever Raggs starts to run wild, Aya will use Attract to try and calm him down.

Aya enjoys listening to folktales and learning about mysterious items on her free time, a habit she picked up from her father who is a traveling linguist. She also enjoys drinking tea and even got Raggs to enjoy tea time. Her favorite teas often contain a mixture of varying berries. Despite her love for berry teas, she avoids drinking beverages containing Persim berries due to an unfortunate affliction that causes her to get a bit tipsy.

After the events of their fifth mission, Aya keeps a remnant of Ragg's old neckerchief tied around her right wrist to remind herself of the events that occurred. While her relationship with Raggs has not changed, she is more aware of how fleeting life is and vows to cherish the time she has with her partner.


Name: Raggs
Species: Dragonair
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Trait: Proud of its power
Move set: Thunder Wave, Aqua Jet, Outrage, Ice Beam

Accessory: Red neckerchief, cloudy cape
Special Characteristic: Heterochromia (right purple, left red) and scars around the neck (usually hidden by his neckerchief)

About Raggs: Formerly a Dratini, Raggs strived to become a powerful dragon in order to protect Aya and ultimately himself. He is the offensive power on the team, but he tends to lose touch with reality and runs rampant. Despite his wild nature, he really is a good pokemon at heart.

The dragon pokemon was adopted into his partner’s family many years ago after he was found by Aya’s father. Raggs has few memories of his life before meeting Aya, but he vaguely recalls living in a jungle like place. He’s very grateful to Aya and her family and would do anything to protect them.

Despite regaining consciousness, Raggs was out of commission for over a month after the Sorbet incident. Through rehabilitation and treatments he regained the use of most of his body, but ultimately lost some sensation of touch and possessed weakened muscles. The Dragonair also has a few lingering scars. The most visible ones stretch across his neck, which usually get covered under his newly obtained neckerchief.

Strangely, Aya noticed that the occasional foreboding air around Raggs was gone and his eyes had lost a certain "edge" to them. She also noted how Raggs' regrown feathers were softer then before. While she has no way to confirm or deny this, the Cyndaquil has the feeling that her partner seemingly lost his " berserker" side. Whether this is simply temporary or not has yet to be seen.


Name: Tea
Species: Shellos (East)
Gender: Male
Nature: Quirky
Trait: Highly curious
Move set: Protect, Ice Beam, Clear Smog, Water Pulse

Accessory: Red bandana, Bonemerang
Special Characteristic: Lack of yellow rings around eyes and he's oddly a very flexible fellow

About Tea: Making his first debut during the planting celebration, the odd Shellos seems to be very interested in Team Valhalla and has been appearing around them. After Raggs was dragged into the past, the Shellos has offered to help Aya in a variety of tasks and jobs. The two have grown fond of each other since then. However, the odd pokemon only says "tee" and "tee hee". Communication has been difficult, but Aya is slowly understanding the Shellos' odd language. She gave him the name Tea based on his speech and her favorite drink. While there is a lot she still doesn't know about her new companion, Aya has noticed that Tea seems to be much more flexible then a normal Shellos ought to be. She has yet to figure out how this is possible for him.


Inventory Checklist:

M1: Accessory Voucher - Used for Raggs' Cloudy Cape (M4)
E1: N/A

M2: Accessory Voucher - Used for Aya's Luring Cap (E4)
E2: Evolution Scroll - Used for Raggs' evolution (M3)

M3: Accessory Voucher - Used for Raggs' new Neckerchief (M6)
E3: Evolution Scroll - Used to recruit Tea (M8)

M4: Accessory Voucher - Used to get extra storage space at Kanga's Storage
E4: Evolution Scroll

M5: Accessory Voucher - Used for Bandages (Jan '13 Task)
E5: N/A

M6: Accessory Voucher - Used for Melodic Scarf (E7)
E6.1: Evolution Scroll (Kanga's Storage)
E6.2: Evolution Scroll (Kanga's Storage)

M7 (Present): Accessory Voucher
M7 (Past): Accessory Voucher
E7: Evolution Scroll (Kanga's Storage)


Mission Log:
Arc 1

Arc 2:
Mission 6
Event 6.1 + 6.2
Mission 7
Event 7

2013 Tasks


Cameo and Collabs:
(If I've forgotten one on accident, please let me know!)

Team Havoc's M2: [link]
BHTB's M6: [link]
Enkindle's Past M7: [link]
Camellia's Present M7: [link]
Cheese And Bread Crumbs' E7: [link]
Team Daydream's E7: [link]
Night Flash's E7: [link]
Team Short Stacks + Purrstigious' E7: [link]
Team Goldberry's Jan '13 Task: [link]


Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and its respective parties
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For :iconpmd-explorers: !!! ARC 2!

EDIT: Yes, I've decided to get rid of Piper/Romani. Because she just... wasn't... clicking with the rest of the team. Does anyone want her? I dunno. SO ITS BACK TO MY TWO BOYS. :heart:


:bulletorange:Idealism: The act or practice of envisioning things in an ideal form; to aim for perfection and/or goodness.
:bulletorange: Orange is the team color!
:bulletorange: When I first created concept art for the Idealists, Klaus was a riolu and Booklyn was a Elekid.
:bulletorange: Originally, Romani was intended to be a blitzle.
:bulletorange: The name of the team was Klaus' idea.

Mission Log / Timeline

Mission 2: Started! First Page
(Note: No voucher will be received for this Mission.)

Mission 3: Completed! First Page

Event 3: Completed! First Page
Event 3 Bonus: First Part

Brooklyn's (retardedly drawn) Evolution: Completed! First and only Page

Event 4: Completed! First Page Starring The Little Toy Soldiers

Mission 5: Completed! First Page Starring Team Sea Breeze
Mission 5 Bonus: First Part

Mission 7: Started! First Part


Canon Cameo Appearances

Mission 4: Zerokii's If only I had a Dream

Bonus Art

Outdated New Members

Names in the Stars

Brook and Ni in MS paint

Brook and his Lady Gijinka

Klaus' Heart Chart

Secrets Project

Brook's Family Tree

The most recent Gijinkas


Brooklyn :iconwatertypeplz:
Abilities: Torrent / Sheer Force
Hardy / Stubborn
Items: Scarf (made plaid with M5 Voucher)

"... Um.... Hi?"

Hardy: Brooklyn tries to be as strong as he can; this croconaw can take quite a hit before he goes down and is an adaptable, intelligent, and tactical fighter.
Stubborn: Known to hold long-lasting grudges, Brooklyn sometimes feels his way is the right and only way...even when it isn't.

Brief Personality:
Reserved | Loyal | Down to Earth | Moral | Passive | Quiet | "Big Boned" | Mature (for the most part)

Notes: (will be updated as the story continues....)

:bulletblue: Brooklyn will not take insults from bullies. ESCPECIALLY if you mention him being "fat". Look out if you do...
:bulletred: Brooklyn met Tide in the escape tunnels during mission 5. She claims to be Klaus' mother and told Brooklyn that she lost sight of Klaus during the fight with Sorbet. Currently, Brooklyn has been taking care of the emotionally worn out individual, not realizing that he has helped Tide once before.... (*coughEvent3cough*)

For more revealed bullets, head to the Arc 1 App! [link]

Klaus :iconnormaltypeplz:
Abilities: Pickup / Technician / Unerve
Hasty / Quick to Flee
Items: Scarf, Messager bag (Mission 3)

"Hey, you don't mind if I take that do you?...."

Hasty: He tends to jump to conclusions and is quick to correct himself or apologize to superiors.
Quick to Flee: Klaus tends to run away if he feels threatened and, since he isn't the best fighter, this is most of the time. If he has backup, he's a little less likely to flee.

Brief Personality:
Jumpy | Funny | Cheerful | Charismatic | Submissive | Dreamer

Notes: (will be updated as the story continues....)

:bulletpurple: Klaus and his father have mysteriously disappeared after the events of mission 5...
:bulletyellow: Klaus, in the events following Mission 5, has awaken to a fellow Meowth claim he is his uncle. Klaus, who can barely remember his own name, cannot confirm or deny it, although the pair have similar marks.

For more revealed bullets, head to the Arc 1 App! [link]


This is my first and my main team.

Ask any of the teams' members a question! Visit the Taoians Tumblr page!

The Realists
Team Golden Years
Team Cold Front

Art (c) Whospeakspizza
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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