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These are some images from Isayama's new Shingeki Guidebook:

Here are the translated birthdays:

Hanji - 5th September
Annie - 22th March
Reiner - 1st August
Bertholdt - 30th December
Marco - 16th June
Jean - 7th April
Armin - 3rd November
Mikasa - 10th February
Eren - 30th March
Ymir - 17th February
Christa - 15 January
Sasha - 26th July
Connie - 2nd May
Levi -25th December
Erwin -14th October

I also reblogged some info on the birthdays here:

More info on zodiac signs in relation to the Snk Characters by Niuniente

So, who's closest to your birthday?

Mine's Sasha : )
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If you have 10 min to spare, you can get to know me in this intimate interview for the upcoming (hopefully) documentary "Cosplay Boom".

Todd has this innate way to ask questions that make you open up to him. I am so grateful for the opportunity to just talk and be myself. Todd is trying to make a documentary series on Cosplay full of these types of interviews, so please consider backing the "Cosplay Boom" kickstarter to help make this happen!…

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Best deviations of the week

Zhen ji - Dynasty  Warriors 6 by maocosplayCamus - Uta no Prince Sama by PriSuicunDate A Live Season 2 : Tohka Yatogami  cosplay 3 by yukigodblessSaber Nero: Burst of celebrity by SeranaideHinata Shouyou by LauzLanilleVrnfest 2014 Cosplay Show by SekainI would do anything for you, Yukki! by Zero-HyugaMarch into battle ... for the last time ... by DiyrikoFinal Fantasy VIII: ready for a fight by ErikDeslerMerida by daguerreoty-peBatgirl TV series by MaDeath90Captain Harlock by Faeryx13Magi: Titus heir Of Empire by GeshaPetrovichChristmas time, soon by HadviChristmas is coming~ by JustawaykittyRyuko and Satsuki cosplay from kill la kill by AsakuraYumiChanWe're going to fight by LauzLanilleSlayers. Kill la kill by MarinaReIkOAshura - The only journey is the One within by vaxzoneFinal Fantasy VIII girls: Rinoa and Selphie by ElenaLeetahFinal Fantasy XIII: Look at Gran Pulse!.. by ElenaLeetahSakizo. Pumpkin Pie by AgnessBlanvradicaShining Hearts - A Distinct Need of Ice Cream by faramonLina Inverse by MarinaReIkOI-No Redux by elitecosplayEmily - corpse bride by Dknight1919:thumb499872514:

pictures chosen by :iconprisuicun:
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Journal Entry: Mon May 13, 2013, 9:23 PM
Hobbyist Digital Artist


I have to say sorry ahead of time. Some parts of this are REALLY outta sync, and I tried my hardest to get them as close as possible to the point they need to be. I would like to thank everyone who allowed me to use their UTAU, so thanks guys. You all have some really amazing UTAU and it was a pleasure to work with them all. Now it's time for my break.

Utau used!! (ignore the star)
1.Yozane Iimo :star:
2.Yokune Vina :star:
3.Alexei Lidell :star:
4.Starshooter :star:
5.ROOK :star:
6.Misora Haru :star:
7. Rei Takara(Serenity Append):star:
8. Izumi Kia :star:
9. Una O' Hara:star:
10. Delta Atto (Falsetto Append):star:
11. CODY:star:
12. Hideko:star:
13. Arisa
14. Tsuki
15. Keira Yumene:star:
16. Lloyd Ryune
17. Atatakai Tamiko
18. Fukuon Doku :star:
19. Nagoyaka Yukea :star:
20. Aelis (Solid):star:
21. Akira Aida:star:
22. Yokune Vina(young):star:
23. Jun Hiroshi 
25. TreiPo SinGa
26. Kasumi Neito
27. Iris
28. Yuri V.M.S02:star:
29. Tatsuo Gekidone :star:
30. Amaine Yokina :star:
31. Masami Suisen 
32. Kazuaki Chiya 
33. Ai 
34. Hekine (Cherish Append) 
35. Utakawa Rina 
36. Utakawa Shun
37. Aria
38. Kiba
39. Caroline Joy
40. Rayna Kimball
41. Meggi
42. Trina
43. Kit Kyoku 
44. Lulu Onsei
45. Neon Rushi 
46. Arito Toria 
47. Chou Fen
48. Chou Fai 
49. Gini Shadow 
50. Fushi Murasaki
51. NARA 
52. Haru Shonta (Akuma Append) 
53. Hajime Shiranui 
54. MARI 
55. Mink 
56. Sonia 
57. Ichigawa Yumi 
58. Kanashimi Kurumi 
59. Misa Misaki 
60. Ikari Kurumi 
61. Wakana Ame 
62. Atsui Hono 
63. Hitoshi
64. Ichigo Otomezauta 
65. Yuzu
66. Thalia
67. Shay MaE

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Icon Commissions - Open

Tue Jan 28, 2014, 4:44 AM

For now xD
A lot of people seem to be wanting icons -Which I'm very glad everyone likes them!-

I've raised the price, there's just too many people asking for them I feel a little overworked xD. 

150:points: for an icon like this:

Icon Com: Mikabellaa by KitturrPayment: Be-Trix by KitturrContest Prize: dnomaiid by KitturrIcon Com: Cowicorn 2/5 by Kitturr

Comment here or send a note!
No limited spots right now, but if I start getting too many I'll close them again.

Thanks for reading!

Skin by *firstfear
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Earthbottle By Sunarii-d7vucpn by machomilkFirebottle By Sunarii-d7vuh85 by machomilkLovebottl By Sunarii-d7vuh8p by machomilkSunbottle By Sunarii-d7vu8lo by machomilkShadowbottle By Sunarii-d7vuh8v by machomilkWaterbottle By Sunarii-d7vu8lh by machomilk

Poi by machomilk

Edit : working on species ref :'V

Earthbottle By Sunarii-d7vucpn by machomilk Poitan
are human type potion/poison pot, basically they can't fight because they are made only for healing of buffing purpose just like any normal potions. Poitan has their potion liquid inside their ears or body.
They have large variety of ears and tails ! ( artist freedom )
as long as they have potion on their ears / tails (rares+) they're a good to go to battlefield !

Firebottle By Sunarii-d7vuh85 by machomilk Ears and Body :
Type by machomilk
Common - potion/poison in their Animal ears
uncommon - Extra pot on their body
Rare - potion/poison in their Tails
Extra rare - potion/poison in their Wings

Lovebottl By Sunarii-d7vuh8p by machomilk Size :
Poitan size is as big as Human head
Mini poitan size is half of poitan original size, easier to carry, cheaper, but less time use

Shadowbottle By Sunarii-d7vuh8v by machomilk Poitan maximum use :
Mini poitan : 6 time use
Common - 10 time use
Rare - 15 time use
Extra rare - 25 time use
Extra rare - 15 time use and Regen skill
Once their reusable are all used you can refill them in Medical center or make your own potion with Refill skill using Herbs around hunting ground

Waterbottle By Sunarii-d7vu8lh by machomilk others (poitans symbol) :

. Poitans has different symbol to represent their usability, either its on their clothes or their body (tattoo)
. there is a small chance where one type will use another type's symbol, but its mostly impossible
. The symbols must be somewhere on their body as tattoo, and their clothes as anything

  • HP poitans are mostly have ❤ heart symbol (Heals health power)
  • Poison poitans : Skull symbol, Hazard symbol (Damage per second on enemy)
  • Mana poitans : + or o symbol (Heals mana power)
  • HP Mana poitans : Cross symbol (Heals both health and mana power)
  • Galaxy poitans : Star symbol (Drain enemy health and mana power and transfers it to the user)
  • Buff poitans : attack (sword) defense (shield) aspd (wings) critical (lightning) Recovery (water) Halucination (flower)
  • Debuff poitans has reversed version of Buff poitans
  • Antidote poitans : Halo symbol (Cancels debuff)
  • more coming soon
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  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Skillet - The Last Night
■ Song: magnet
■ Lyrics/Composer/Arranger: 流星 P (Ryuusei-P)
■ Translation: Tetrominon
■ Vocal: 初音ミク & 巡音ルカ (Hatsune Miku & Merurine Luka)
■ Illustration: Yunomi

■ With Romaji and English lyrics


kabosoi higa kokoro no hashini tomoru
itsuno manika moehirogaru netsujou
watashino chou fukisokuni tobimawari
anatano teni rinpun wo tsuketa

karamiau yubi hodoite kuchibiru kara shitaeto
yurusarenai kotonaraba naosara moeagaruno

dakiyosete hoshii tashikamete hoshii
machigai nado naindato omowasete
Kiss wo shite nurikaete hoshii
miwakuno tokini yoishire oborete itaino

sokubaku shite motto hitsuyouto shite
itoshiinara shuuchakuwo misetsukete
"okashii" noga tamaranaku sukini naru
ikeru tokomade ikeba iiyo

mayoikonda kokoro nara kantanni tokete yuku
yasashisa nante kanjiru himanado nai kuraini

kurikaeshitano wa ano yume janakute
magiremo nai genjitsuno watashitachi
furetekara modorenaito shiru sorede iino...
dareyorimo taisetsuna anata

yoakega kuruto fuande naite shimau watashini
"daijoubu" to sasayaita anatamo naite itano?

dakiyosete hoshii tashikamete hoshii
machigai nado naindato omowasete
Kiss wo shite nurikaete hoshii
miwakuno tokini yoishire oboretai

hikiyosete Magnet no youni
tatoe itsuka hanaretemo meguriau
fureteite modorenakute ii
sorede iino dareyorimo taisetsuna anata


A slender flame burns at the edge of my heart
Without warning, it spreads into a burning passion
My butterfly, flitting around it chaotically
Scales dropping into your hand

I am wrapped around your finger from the lips to the tongue
Even if this is something that cannot be allowed the flames jump higher still

I want to embrace you, I want you to tell me
That you don't think this is a mistake
I want you to kiss me, I want you to remake me
I want to drown in this moment of captivation

Every moment, it's harder to restrain myself
If this is love, I want to wear it on my sleeve
The "strange feeling" turns into an unbearable longing
I would follow you to the end of forever

If my heart goes astray I will be easily relieved
as if we had no time to feel tender each other

That dream has never come again
There is no chance in our reality
If we touch, I know we can never go back and that's just fine...
You are everything in the world to me

Anxiety arrives with the dawn to find me still crying
When you whispered "it's all right" did I hear tears in your voice, too?

I want to embrace you, I want you to tell me
That you don't think this is a mistake
I want you to kiss me, I want you to remake me
I want to drown in this moment of captivation

I am drawn to you like a magnet
Even if I left, we would find each other again
I've touched you, I can never go back and that's just fine.
You are everything in the world to me

lyrics are not made by me. i can't read japanese

awesome artists:
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  • Mood: Cheerful
I made this VCV aliaser, it'll take VCV strings that are blank (aka end with .wav=,,,,,) and alias them.
Other strings get recopied as they were.
I didn't test it that much.


(probably won't work right if there's nothing separating the names of sounds but you can try)

If there are problems you are welcome to say so.
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Design contest! *OPEN* Prizes too! Come see!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 12, 2013, 2:28 PM

Hello! I wanted to update with a journal to match my halloween-decked out page! So here we go! ^___^ 

ANNND I'm having a competition!~~

Pumpkin Divider by PhoebeRosePumpkin Divider by PhoebeRosePumpkin Divider by PhoebeRose


Its gonna be simple. I just want you to design an outfit for Hatake-hime.
Before, she was young, I felt like she was my younger essence, but now that I am in my twenties, I want her to be more adult like myself. 

She will be still silly and cute.

The fact is, I dont want her to be a maid anymore, I'd like her to be a sage<! (Just like my username.) I've grown out of the maid stage for her (been three years, time for new) So lets say shes learning how to heal and spell cast. I'm totally going into fantasy here.

NOTE: You dont have to be an EXCELLENT artist for this ^^ anyone can enter as long as its a drawing and its COLOURED! Try your best!

[ Prizes for the Winner ] 

(I dont think many will enter QuQ so I will only list one winner for now sorry oTL)

:pumpkin: 3 Month Membership
:pumpkin: 300 :points:
:pumpkin: 1 Icon similar to mine \QuQ/ ~~
:pumpkin: Feature 3 pieces of work for a month on my page!

Pumpkin Divider - Free by etNoirPumpkin Divider - Free by etNoir


:pumpkin: She is part cat.

:pumpkin: Her hair is BARELY shoulder length and spikes down and outward

:pumpkin: In the photo you do not have to draw her tail!

:pumpkin: Please stick with her light purple/bluey colour as a base but feel free to use any other colour to decorate her outfit! Black, pink, white, etc., go for it!

:pumpkin: I'd LIKE her new outfit to show skin somewhere! That would REALLY make me want to choose a winner! Shes a frisky kitten! I'd appreciate if you drew her frisky! LOL xD

:pumpkin: I'd like if contestants draw an outfit thats moderately creative! It does not have to be complicated, but I will not chose if its too simple! <3 (her outfit is already too simple buh!)

Different References ]

One I uploaded long ago as a card I made for a friend in June >> Click Here! 

Hatake!! by Kiki-Myaki

Pumpkin Patch Avatar + SPECIAL! by Hatty-hime

Hatake Spritesheet by Hatty-hime



I hope those are okay refences! 
Thanks so much for thinking about entering!  QuQ/

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Kazumi Design Contest [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Fri May 31, 2013, 9:56 PM

yes, me too oops
screams a lot stash writer ruins my journals!!

EDIT: Contest ends tomorrow!!
Thank you to everyone who entered! I will begin commenting on all of your entries soon and reveal her design (and the results) on her birthday (August 17th!) ;^;
Edit 2 : lol no I haven't even come close to picking the winners but I just decided to comment on all the entries beforehand! ;^;; Uwah, thank you for all the amazing entries! It will be a tough choice >^<

Hello, hello! I'm currently out of creative juices (busy, lazy, being a pand) so I'm going to jump onto this apparent bandwagon and hold a design contest too!!


I advise that you read the DA version if you want to enter. The short version is more so you can get the idea and see if you want to enter or not. There might be a few important details in the DA version that I will not be held responsible for if they do not comply with your intentions!

WHAT I plan to record Kazumi a strong VCV bank over the summer! I've been trying to doodle some designs but they're frankly not where I want it to be, heh. So! I'd like a design for Kazumi's strong bank, the end. Except not because I'm pand and there are details!!

Here's her regular design (mainly for hair reference and attitude I suppose?) : .:UTAU:. Kazumi Update by PandaLolii

*I am going to take parts of designs. By entering the contest, you are agreeing that you are okay with me editing the design including colours, general shape, and whatnot. I will be honest! I'm 99% likely to only take apart of even the first place design because I know Kazumi the best and will have to make adjustments. It's nothing against you; I'm sure I'll love all your designs! I'm, hah! which is very picky. ; x ;

For inspiration perhaps, here are recordings that I made waaaay back to test how a strong voice would sound!…

WHO (description)
Kazumi!! I probably think of her now as a big-sister to Koemi .. (only because it's forced so she kinda shows tsundere affection! She pretends it's just a chore to watch out for her but she really does care about her loved ones.)

- Most often, she's a pessimistic, cynical, condescending who expresses herself like she's better than the rest. Kazumi doesn't mean to, she's just kinda blunt. And doesn't have much tolerance. (oops she's still acting conceited!!)

-Deep down, she still wants to care for people. She's just out of practice and a little bit of a wimp to express her feelings! (too tsun aiyee, you should be hime.)

-More or less, she's calm and reserved and tries to behave very maturely! Though I can't say that she doesn't get ticked off easily!

Here are faces (but not really because I can't trust anything I do at like 1 in the morning)

She is crazy for modern fashion, please keep that in mind!

The contest ends July 31st (I'm not picky at all about timezones.)
I cannot give extensions because I do intend for her bank to be released on her birthday (August 17th) and I need time to make a final design, concept art, and what not.

I don't know when I'll be posting the results because I'll be doodling out designs a lot. ; x ;

Here are some guidelines and rules!! Please follow,..I know it's boring. ; x ;

Colours When in doubt, follow her old colour scheme! Don't let that restrict you at all. As someone interested in fashion, Kazumi ought to have other clothes and styles, hah! Please consider her personality though.

Details to Consider
Her hair is blue. Her eyes are black/blue/silver/okay there is not set colour, go with it hah!

- Her hair length doesn't matter too much, but it's probably safer to keep it at least mid-length (granted, I do plan to edit designs so do whatever!)

- This also means that you can change her hairstyle. In fact, I encourage it!

- She does have the side bangs covering her eye thing going on though. U w U

- Kazumi's scarf (or a thing that covers her neck fashionably) has been carried throughout, so it's safe to say that it would help if you added one. Do not let that limit your creativity! You never know...Kazumi may not wear a scarf one day.../slapped

- She also is CRAZY about boots! It's apart of who she is. I can guarantee that adding boots will help.

- If you're stuck, I will admit that I have a personal love but buckles ; x ; But if you have another idea, please follow it~ Kazumi shouldn't always be all boots and buckles //slapped

Modern fashion I can tell you now, using typical crypton-like things will really deter me. Kazumi isn't just for singing, she has a little more character than that! So, no need for headphones or music devices. She cares about looking posh, not about having tacky belts with triangles! Feel free to Google some fashion trends.

Does my art make a difference?/What is the minimal requirements for an entry?
-I'm looking at the design and how it fits my style and Kazumi's personality. That's it really.
-It doesn't have to be full-out art but I do require a minimum of a sketch that is fairly clean. There must be colours but base colours are fine.
-Must be a fullbody to show all the details you design.
-Do not use bases/other people's work

I'm frankly lenient about most details, but if you have any concerns, please ask!

*You can enter as many entries as you'd like but you may get only one prize

1st A choice of a UST, art by me, or 150 pts
Fullbody art from :icondeiyanoko:
Coloured sketch/doodle from :iconsuzuaki:
Fullbody sketch from :iconchilichizu:
:new: Pixel icon from:iconcheesegrab:

2nd A choice of the remaining two that the first place winner did not pick
Thigh-up character art from :icondeiyanoko:
Halfbody sketch from :iconchilichizu:
:new: Sketch from:iconcheesegrab:

3rd The remaining prize
Headshot from :icondeiyanoko:
Headshot sketch from :iconchilichizu:
:new: Sketch from:iconcheesegrab:

:new: hey I'm giving everyone who enters a llama (even if you don't like them; of course you can tell me not to if you want!) BECAUSE I'M SUPER TIMID AND WANT EVERYONE TO GET //SOMETHING// AT LEAST ;;;;


*If there are 3 designs, there will be only one grand prize winner (first place's prize.) If there are 5 or more, there will be the three "winners."

:new: If there are ten or more entries, I'll hold a raffle for a sketch from me or something too ; v ; //wish I could give you all prizes ahh

If you'd like to donate a prize, please let me know~! ; u ; I didn't think Kazumi was worth the effort to give crazy prizes for, but I would appreciate any donated prizes~ > V <

Most likely, all three will have even just a small part of their design incorporated into Kazumi's final design. If I do use parts that are not from the winning designs, I will give 10-50pts or a sketch to the user (depending on how much I use!)

UST Conditions
Yes, I do understand that I accept UST requests! This is essentially a guaranteed UST request (because  you may have or may have not noticed that I do not complete most of what is requested!) The only exception is difficulty of the song (big choruses, lots of tracks that overlap in the song etc.) I will use a fan-karaoke no problem! If the UST already exists, I'll make my own version! There has to be lyrics (copy-paste if it's hiragana or kanji.) Other than this, I'm much more open to the UST request than I normally am! This is fair, right right?


:new: Thank you, :iconelectrorobo: for letting me know about the missing detail!
You can submit your entries through Tumblr submissions, DA notes, commenting on my page or contest entry journals, or message me on YT! Honestly...if you can link it/send it (in a form that I can link onto the entries journal), I don't care how you send it. xD;

Good luck and thank you for your time!! (really!! THIS WAS LONG OOPS)

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