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Similar Deviations
A series commissioned by the wonderful =NeipyPien for her nouveau-art project :D

The cloth actually is a curtain, sorry for the low budget lol


Can I get the Full Version of this Stock? (18 pictures)

Puis-je avoir la Version Complète de ce Stock? (18 images)
    OUI, et c'est gratuit! Pour obtenir les photos;
    Veuillez lire le journal Full Version Stock Rules. (La version française est en dessous de l'anglaise.)

It's stock pictures I did for the fun, I do not want critiques for them. But if you like them, please tell me. Thanks :)

Others from the series

Model ---------) me *LaLunatique
Suggested by --) =NeipyPien
Photo by me... and a timer xD
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