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The rain passed and summer
turned bluish
as one
You trembled faintly
in front of me
Without saying a thing

To my withering friend
What are you thinking about?
How do you convey love
with those speechless leaves?

CN: Zoey Rinoa [link]
CN: Carina Goo [link]
CN: 鳳淮 (Yuki Hakura)


zoey rinoa, carina \O/

many thx to cosers. and Brian Lim for asking me to skw/translate CHINESE. but end up all i do is slack and hang around n STEAL PEEKTURE.

GAI IS AWESOME too. And MANY MANY MANY ♥ to Alison Ang, Benjamin Poh Ruixing, Alvin Choi, Wind Whisper, Jas Minn and Devilbat Lau.
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*Waving my hands. It's only graceful, right? *

Sheryl Nome : :iconthebakasaru:
Photographer : :iconrescend:
Colour Edit : :iconrescend:
Photographer Assistant : :iconxeno-photography:
Make Up : :iconkanasaiii:
Helpers : :iconblacklashjo: :iconnaokunn: :iconkanasaiii: :iconlennethxvii:
Costume by : :iconthebakasaru:
Mask thanks : :iconitchy-hands:
Illustration : [link]

Old picture is old~ In the midst of my exams now so I am digging out old photos to post~ This shoot marks the first time I had a shoot for Sheryl and with :iconkanasaiii: magical make up power, I looked very different~

Still grateful for photographer and helpers for helping me so much on this shoot. For helping a VERY clueless me~ :heart: :heart:

Also, uploading this for A Whole New World contest~ I think the mood of the photo suits the theme~ =D

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:iconsaeru: :bulletpurple: Notes from ~saeru =

This contest stole my life for several days. At least one day was spent on fashion research, at least one day spent conceptualizing, at least one day spent on the actual drawing of the initial references, one day inking the references, and so on and so forth. I wanted to make sure that every step of the way was well thought-out, that each character had some motivation and a reason for their style, that the background actually existed somewhere in Shibuya, and that I actually bothered to draw a background. *chuckles*

I collected over one hundred images of various men and women walking around Shibuya, as well as clips from Japanese fashion magazines and items for purchase at stores physically located in the Square. I learned perhaps more than I wanted to know about Onii-kei and its gyaru-o predecessor, including the four types of men's fashion that seemed to be prominent (look out for those HARD style guys. They glare a lot.) I also learned about wonderful brand titles like 'Blutenblatt.'

Perhaps the most concise picture for illustrating how unique some of this fashion can be is found here:
Whether you want to be a pirate, a pimp, a Jamaican, a cowboy, a Hell's Angel, (or all five) there is a place for you. ^.^

This is sort of the culmination of all the research. I took care of all the drawing/inking and conceptualizing, U-E took care of coordinating colors and putting them down over my ink. It is a complete diversion from what we normally do (and it was far from easy,) but I think we both learned a heck of a lot about character and scene design.

Check out the other pieces, too!

:iconu-e: :bulletpurple: Notes from ~U-E =

It seems that Saeru does like the full scene version, so here it is.
Last one.

All related parts:
:star: Above characters on alternate backdrop = [[link] :star:
:star: All 4 character (digital) concepts = [link] :star:
:star: Character rendering process work = [link] :star:
:star: Above background scene solo = [link] :star:
:star: Background creation process work = [link] :star:

:bulletgreen: Media =
...for CHARACTERS = watercolor pencils, Tombow markers, Micron & Prismacolor pens
...for BACKGROUND = pencil + Micron pens for original, Photoshop CS2 for coloring & texture
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I allways wanted to see India, it is a big source of inspiration for me. :-)

facebook - [link]

portfolio- [link]
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Leaving Wonderland for the first time, young Alice could never have imagined how quickly she would forget her new friends... or how different that world would be when she returned.


This is... two things lol. It's a cosplay, and it's a photo-manipulation. When I use elements of other people's work I take copyright stuff seriously - credit where credit is due is important, so:
Here is the list of what belongs to whom:

*The White Rabbit in this photo is me, wearing a costume I conceptualized, designed and made.
*The original base photo of White Rabbit was taken by =Floatyman at the Regent Theatre, Brisbane, and post-processed by me using Photoshop.
*Cheshire Cat's face belongs to whoever it is that owns the rights to the character designs and graphics from the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland.
*The Alice in this picture is a doll I own, and the photo it came from was taken by me, the same goes for the picture corners.
*All effects in the image were done by me in Photoshop, without the use of any non-standard brushes.

End of boring list <3
Hope you like the picture.
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Me as Megurine Luka (just be friends)

Photo by awesome :iconzonule:

Cosplay is selfmade.

More Vocaloid: [link]
More Luka:
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A turbo racing version of Dodge Dart, running along the seashore in the rythem of dawn.

All done with Sai, PS for after effect.
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Cosplay is combined operations)))
Photo by Oleg Kugaev
magic helpers - Panda and Margarita :heart:

me as Jane Judith Jocelyn (manga ver., chapter 50)
Costume by me
Wig-styling by :iconashitaro:
Neckless and accessories by :iconlleye: and :iconashitaro:
Flowers by Kira and me

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A young Lara entry.
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Vincent: "That was my sin, and this... This is my punishment."

Dirge of Cerberus themed
This was taken recently by Henry [link]
Myself as Vincent Valentine
:iconmidgiee: as Yuffie Kisaragi (leg featured!)

The location was actually at the Old Melbourne Goal! It was empty when we shot so we were lucky. But it was freezing!

Props and costumes were made in the process of a couple of weeks and if you want more information message me!

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