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Similar Deviations
Cosplay in 2013
1. Emily the strange
2. Miku Hatsune. Vocaloid
3. Nibutani Shinka. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 
4. Rin Toshaka. Fate zero
5. Kagami Hiiragi. Lucky star
6. Tomoyo Sakagami. Clannad
7. Mikuru Asahina. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
8. Alice in the wonderland
9. Lenore. Little cute dead girl Lenore
10. Lisara Restoll. Dakara Boku ha H ga dekinai
11. Rin Toshaka. Fate-stay night
12. Yuno Gasai. Mira NIkki
13. Sailor Jupiter. Sailor moon
14. Neko. K
15. Makoto sawatari. Kanon
16. Asuka Langley. Neon Genesis Evangelion 
17. Asuka Langley. Neon Genesis Evangelion
18. Milia Rage. GGx
19. Original
20. Hakaze. Blast of Tempest
21. Asuka Langley. Neon Genesis Evangelion
22. Tsuruya. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
23. Shirube Asube. from Girls' Work.
24. Nana
25. Frog. Original
26. Inori Yuzuriha. Guilty Crown
27. Inori Yuzuriha. Guilty Crown
28. Miku Hatsune. Vocaloid
29. Miku Hatsune. Vocaloid
30. Holo. Wolf and Spice
31. Mami Tomoe. Madoka Magika
32. Mine Riko. Hidan no Aria
33.  Rin Toshaka. Fate zero
34. Panty. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
35. Primula. Shuffle!
36. Lisara Restoll. Dakara Boku ha H ga dekinai

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Cosplay in 2013
1. Alisa. Everlasting summer
2. Lena. Everlasting summer
3. Slavia. Everlasting summer
4. Miku. Everlasting summer
5. Izumi Akadzawa. Another
6. Rena. Higurashi
7.Naruko. Naruto
8. Naruto
9. Kagami. Lucky star
10. Kamiki Izumo. Ao no Exorcist
11. Miku Hatsune. Project  Diva
12. Original elf
13. Tsyruya. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
14. Haruhi. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
15. Riko Aida. Kuroko no Basket
16. Marie Rose. DOA
17. Terra Branford. Final Fantazy
18. Makoto Kino. Sailor moon
19. Asuka Langley. Evangelion
20. Asuka Langley. Evangelion
21. Asuka Langley. Evangelion
22. Asuka Langley. Evangelion
23. Asuka Langley. Evangelion
24. Misa Amane. Death note
25. Misa Amane. Death note
26. Inori. Guilty Crown
27. Honta Tohry. Frut Basket
28. Sayaka Miki. Mahou Shoujo Madoka
29. Kyoko Sakura. Mahou Shoujo Madoka
30. Homura Akemi. Mahou Shoujo Madoka
31. Madoka Kaname. Mahou Shoujo Madoka
32. Yui. K-on!
33. Mugi. K-on!
34.  Original fish
35. Chiana. Farscape
36. Naruko. Naruto
37. Chikane Himemiya. Kannazuki no Miko
38. Asuna. Sword art online
39. original elf
40.  Karuta Roromiya. Inu x Boku ss
41. Yuno Gasai. Mirai Nikki
42. Stocking. Panty and Stocking
43.Panty.  Panty and Stocking
44. Vigro. fairy tail
45. Original Halloween
46. Original 
47. Original
48. Miku Hatsune. Project Diva
49. Matsurika. Maria Holic
50. Maria. Maria Holic
51. Kiriko. Oreimoto
52. Dorothy. The wizard of Oz
53. Taiga Aisaki. Toradora
54. Toshaka Rin. Fate/stay nigth
55. Utena. Revoluthionary girl Utena
56. Suigintou. Rozen Maiden

My Id 2010 by KawaielliMy cosplay works in 2011 year by KawaielliMy cosplay in 2012 by KawaielliMy cosplay in 2013 year by Kawaielli

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It took me a while to upload but qui this, these are all finished cosplays 2014 was opened in March but gave me more time to do the photos although already finished; I decided to put my favorite photo of everyone thinking that is vertical while the whole cosplay but the background is appreciated and that the photo was also already uploaded to DA (minus the black dress Lucy I do not accord xD upload it follows that promise I will raise that ;P) in the end these have been chosen for the collage:

Ushio in the illusionary world from Clannad
Lucy bandages from Elfen Lied
Mashiro from Tayutama Kiss On My Deity
Ashley from Luminous Arc 3
Nagisa from Clannad
Asuna fairy from Sword Art Online
Tomoyo from Clannad
Yuno black dress from Mirai Nikki
Neko from K Project
C.C artbook red dress from Code Geass
Lucy black dres from Elfen Lied
Inner Moka from Rosario To Vampire
Sakura from Sakura Card Captor
Outher Moka from Rosario To Vampire
Tenshi from Angel Beats
Serah from Final Fantasy XIII

He tardado un poco en subirla pero a qui esta, estos son todos los cosplays acabados de 2014, abrían sido 3 mas pero no me dio tiempo a hacer las fotos aunque ya están acabados; he decidido poner mi foto preferida de cada uno pensando en que este en vertical y a la vez que se aprecie el cosplay entero mas el fondo y que la foto ademas estuviera ya subida al DA (menos la del vestido negro de Lucy que no me acorde de subirla xD la siguiente que suba prometo que sera esa ;P ) al final estas han sido las elegidas para el collage:

Ushio en el mundo de ilusion de Clannad
Lucy vendas de Elfen Lied
Mashiro de Tayutama Kiss On My Deity
Ashley de Luminous Arc 3
Nagisa de Clannad
Asuna hada de Sword Art Online
Tomoyo de Clannad
Yuno vestido negro de Mirai Nikki
Neko de K Project
C.C vestido rojo del artbook de Code Geass
Lucy vestido negro de Elfen Lied
Moka pelo plateado de Rosario To Vampire
Sakura de Sakura Card Captor
Moka pelo rosa de Rosario To Vampire
Tenshi de Angel Beats
Serah de Final Fantasy XIII

Star! Credits:
Bullet; Pink cosplayer,costume and stilyst by :iconlucy-dark-dreams:
Bullet; Pink photos by LightNewWorld


 If you like my cosplays follow me in my accounts:
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              Police ATENTION Police                                                           
     :redalert: ¡PLEASE DO NOT COPY!:redalert: 
If you use this image for something you
can do but please put the credts or links  

some imges of cosplays photo: Gallery 

Cosplay Sword Art Online Asuna 1 by Lucy-Dark-DreamsCosplay Sakura Card Captor Sakura 3 by Lucy-Dark-Dreamscosplay elfen lied lucy 1 by Lucy-Dark-DreamsCosplay Final Fantasy Xiii Serah 2 by Lucy-Dark-DreamsCosplay Rosario To Vampire Moka 5 by Lucy-Dark-Dreamscosplay code geass C.C 1 by Lucy-Dark-Dreams
Please respect the work of others, if you do not like or understand this hobby not insult or offensive things currents simply going long! Because you do not like what they do to you is do not do to others No, I disagree!
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13 June 2010, Streetfest
Version: Young
:iconkarakuri-nin: - Monkey D. Luffy (Windmill Village)
:icond-a-i-k-o-n: - Portgas D. Ace (10yrs ago, Grey Terminal)

camwhore shot
Raw and unedited ;D
Toilet lighting FTW! >D
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Anime: One Piece
Character: Sanji
Model: :iconsanjl:
Photographer: :iconsakiko-seihikaru:
retouched: ::iconsanjl::
Location: Connichi'11
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Nico Robin by me
One piece film Z
Toguchi 2013
Photo by :iconmadcrecha:
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Yup! Isn't that right you show something about yourself in your ID-picture?
I choosed this one as my ID-pic because it reminds me about one of the best days I've ever had
and also it shows that I love How to train your Dragon-movie, which is (surprisely) my favourite movie number 1! XDD
Right now I can say I've seen HTTYD 33 times and I've cried every single time in that movie. :''3 ♥ It's the first movie that really made me cry because of happiness and cuteness and it's also first movie which soundtracks I started to love right from first time I heard them. It's also only movie I've watched that many times. XD
For me Hiccup is one of the dearest character ever, seriously. I love to cosplay him, always have loved. :3 I love him as character, not because he's "hot" or anything. I love his personality and facial expressions and his brave mind and that how wild and free he is. ^^
He've teached me a lot things about life. The whole movie have teached a lot things about life and friendships. AWWW MAN! Maybe I'll shut my mouth now XDD

Photo: Nuka-Uka
Editing&Hiccup-cosplay: Me~! :iconhiccupsmileplz:
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I finally got to do a real Christmas version of Panty with the prettiest Stocking in the world~ dorky selfies are a must. <3
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My Ace cosplay :)
I did it for this video:…
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Being a One Piece fan is.......

(c) original One Piece art and characters belong to Eiichro Oda
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