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I am finally done with my Fiat submission. I have been working on this day and night. This is all digitally painted with my imagination.

What do I envision inside the 500L Fiat? A wonderful family going on a trip to Florida that they will never forget! The father envisions a day on the beach with wild waves to ride and a fun sunny day with his family. The mother envisions a trip to the big city with shopping galore and fun times with her family on a lovely sunset evening. The child envisions a fun day at the zoo and aquarium, filled with all kinds of animals. Then the family at the end of the day may witness a firework show, possibly at the amusement park or elsewhere! I just envision pure happiness and love when I made this, and I really hope you all enjoy it! I hope I get into the semifinals so that I can really share the larger piece with all the finer details.

By the way on the side windows, there are silhouettes of the family enjoying what they envision as a fun day in Florida. In the child's picture there are many silhouettes of different animals as well. Good luck to everyone!
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Another of my submissions for - Fiat's - More Imagination Contest


Featuring a new kawaii series - cute Tiki hybrids that are a fusion of Japanese-inspired wood grains, Miami urban-style colors, and geometric-based Polynesian-art-style humanoids!

These eight elemental totems make for a festive mood: "All Eyes On You" Art Basel, Miami experience. A contemporary approach to retro & classic theme with the twist of Miami! They also showcase several of Miami's unique and important floral and fauna; of the assortment, a couple of the kawaii Tiki totems highlight an endangered butterfly ( the Schaus Swallowtail ), bringing to light real natural design education in a fantasy context:

Call them protectors, fun facilitators, mysterious elemental resonators or art propagators. People will stop and stare and they will stare right back- dynamic and imaginatively interactive.

Also the "Kawaii Mother Nature Clock" in the center ties in the mood of the moment, grounding you in the Art Basel, Miami Time Zone.

I am taking intricate structure to the virtual realm.

It is about understanding color and its relativity, combing together as balance that is an organized, highly intense experience for a demonstration of no limitation and ambition.

As a designer specializing in the vector-based environment, in any piece that I create, I try not to limit its possibilities, to harness pure inspiration and to deliver via patience and sheer discipline for the visual solution and originality.

These eight mastered vector art graphics / High-Def designs come together in a macro, rainbow-colored order and have been painstakingly arranged to the fit the Fiat's featured full perspective.

The images are balanced to evenly feature the Tiki totems attributes. Also, the design is formatted via the large template first and is now super-imposed onto the small submission template.


Created and designed by Valentina of Kawaii Universe
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Had a hard time fitting the images into the template.
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A sticker design for the "More FIAT, More Imagination" contest.
The background should be half-transparent, when the image itself has solid colors.

Guess, that aggresive shark teeth will look awesome!

The second uploaded artwork:…
The third uploaded artwork:…

UPD: Reuploaded with minor quality fixes.
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Commission work. Hope you like it 


Model: MariaAmanda…
Photographer: Helle Gry
Background: At-Stock…
Branches: zememz…

The rest painted by me


The work contained in my gallery is copyrighted ©2009-2014 Andrea Garcí­a. All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

Check my new website: 

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Would you keep your fish tank looking empty? Then don't keep this car looking empty... Look good in it.

I've always considered a car like a fish tank. We become the beautiful fishes the minute the doors have all been closed and the engine has started up. The feeling of being safe and sound and the staring out of the glassed windows during our journeys.

Note: Some people must be wondering that the passenger side of the car looks odd. You're right. The angle of the template makes it look odd, but won't be when standing in reality at a correct angle. Also, I've told myself many times and I'll say it again, "this is the most lamest thing I've ever done" (lol).
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you come to me
with scars on your wrists
swearing this will
be the last night
feeling like this

everybodies watching you now
when the fear
is all consuming
it's all you can do
i dare you

you've so much more
to live for
you don't have to
die this way
it's all i can do
i dare you

run to me
i'll hold you
in my arms
i'm not strong enough
to take care
of myself
but i could hold the world
up for you
to crawl under
i dare you
trust me
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I have an idea that we are all used to be a kids and grow up by experiences. So I did an image with kid inside the car, she enjoys her journey with full of joys and happiness. She will be grow up through the journeys. And the world is full of color and imagine with the cars.
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