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Sun Sep 29, 2013, 9:32 PM

Hi everyone! 

Oh, I miss spending more days here :T

So, I hope you all are having a great time :heart:
I'm here to share with you my youtube account! :D
As so many followers on my page wanted a video I made it :blush:

It's not a big deal but I think you may check it out!

One big hug for the ones who subscribe :heart: 

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There's no words. Only emotions and tears. At least from my side.
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is time for a new Contest

Ends on October 26 

what must you do.

Draw one or more of my OC´s here



bubbles by TaSaMaBi


Kitty by TaSaMaBi


bunny by TaSaMaBi


Katty by TaSaMaBi


Shana by TaSaMaBi


Flower by TaSaMaBi Flower Halfbody by TaSaMaBi


Rose by TaSaMaBi


Dragona by TaSaMaBi Dragona Halfbody by TaSaMaBi


Tasa by TaSaMaBi

maggie Maggie by TaSaMaBi


Anisa my new OC Anisa by TaSaMaBi

Sirena Sirena by TaSaMaBi

Anabell Easter  3 by TaSaMaBi


justy by TaSaMaBi

Chess by TaSaMaBi

Luvis by TaSaMaBi
Thorsten by TaSaMaBi
Kuma by TaSaMaBi

Jack by TaSaMaBi

Calvin by TaSaMaBi


please not Sketches, Oulines, must finish and colored

must draw or made by yourself

you can draw so many to you like, theres not limit

You can draw so many of my OC´s on one paper, to you like, too

Have fun

I Accept

All Style (Chibi, Headshots, Anime, Realistic, Comic, Disney)

MLP, Furrys, Animals, SonicStyle
You can draw them in Akira Toriyama, in Eiichiro Oda, in Arina Tanemura in Ghibli or in other Style, too
Digital and Traditional
Soft Yaoi and Yuri I mean more Shonen Ai or Shojo Ai than Yaoi or Yuri (two boy or two girl kiss)

Couples BoyxGirl

I don´t accept

Sketches, Drawing must be finish and colored
Sex by Yaoi, Yuri or Couples


1. Place

2000 Points or 20 USD by paypal

24 month Premium Member Ship p>

8 Chibis Drawings

5 Headshots

a Chibi Request by :iconcaramellcookie:

a Request by :iconsilencechantecho: Reference here 

Maru too cute? (re-upload) by SilenceChantEcho


Happy birthday Sabishy (re-upload) by SilenceChantEcho

a Colored Fullbody by :iconamaranthadopts:

a Request by :iconmaskedpeach:

a Chibi by :iconfishylake:

a quick sketch by :iconxxforgotten:

Feature on my profil

a Watch

10 Comments and 20 Faves

- Full body [black and white]
- Waist-up [black and white]
- Chibi [blue pen]
- Chibi [black and white] by  :iconnadeshikofan:

2. place

12 month Premium Member Ship or 500 Points

4 Chibi Drawings

2 Headshots

a Chibi Request by :iconakane--chi:

a Chibi Request by :iconsilencechantecho: 

a Colored Halfbody sketch by :iconamaranthadopts:

a Request by :iconmaskedpeach:

a Chibi by :iconfishylake:

a free Request form :iconxpeppermintyx:

a Watch

6 Comments and 12 Faves

Waist-up [black and white]
- Chibi [blue pen]
- Chibi [black and white]
by  :iconnadeshikofan:

3. place

20 Points

2 Chibi Drawings

1 Headshot

a Chibi Request by :iconakane--chi:

a Halfbody Sketch by :iconamaranthadopts:

a Request by :iconmaskedpeach:

a Chibi by :iconfishylake:

4 Comments and  8 Faves
 - Waist-up [black and white]

- Messy Waist-up [black and white]
- Chibi [black and white]
1 month Premium Member Ship by :iconservampsleepyash:

EXtras Prizes

best Chibi Drawing
best Anime Drawing
best Realistic Drawing
best Comic Drawing
best Mangaka Style Drawing
best none Human Drawing
best Yaoi 
best Yuri
best Couple

and for all other member a free Chibi Request

that sounds a bit daft, but I would like to make the best pictures of course with the consent of the artist a calendar for 2015. Which I then for about 5.00 - 10.00 euros. Participating in the Contest is there for nothing then. Would be really super nice if really many, many talented artist would join in, others are also welcome and because I need more points please ask me for a commission, will not join the contest with and maybe is yes then one of you the winner of my planned 24 month premium ship + 2000 points, which unfortunately I can not list because I just been missing these points. Sorry.

Entrys here
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Another snippet from my Frozen x Final Fantasy XIII idea.

X     X     X

"It’s hot." Diana flopped onto the couch and then slid off it to lie on the floor.

"Stop complaining." Averia waved one hand tiredly at her sister. It was the middle of summer and their air conditioning had broken down. Their Aunt Vanille had come over to try and fix it, but all she had done was void the warranty after turning it into a killer robot. 

"But it is hot." Anna joined Diana on the floor. "I think my brain is melting."

"It isn’t that bad." Elsa shrugged and continued reading her book on Cocoon’s history. 

"Wait…" Vanille sat up from her position on the floor. After subduing the air condition turned killer robot, Fang and Lightning had "suggested" she stay home and watch the kids while they went out to buy a new one. "Why aren’t you hot?"

All the kids perked up.

"Yeah…" Diana eyed Elsa suspiciously. "Are you hiding ice cream?"

"No." Elsa held Diana’s gaze, knowing full well that anything else would be considered an admission of guilt. "I am not hiding ice cream."

"But then -"

"It’s her magic!" Anna leapt to her feet. "Your magic must be keeping you cool, Elsa." She ran over to her sister and threw her arms around her. "I can’t believe we didn’t think of it earlier. Please, please, please, use your magic to make it cooler! I think we’ll die if you don’t."

"Yeah." Diana flopped about like a guppy. "We’ll die."

"But… but what if I damage the house?"

Vanille shrugged. “If anyone asks, you can say that I gave you permission.” Averia stared. “Look, kiddo, your parents already want to strangle me, so it can’t get much worse. Besides, I can always use you lot as human shields.” She gestured at Elsa. “Give it a try.”

Elsa nodded slowly. “Okay… here I go.”

Fang and Lightning came back an hour later…

"Hey, guys, guess who got a new air conditioner…" Fang trailed off and then laughed. "I guess we don’t need one after all."

A cool breeze was blowing through the entire house courtesy of Elsa. Little ripples of magic filled the air as the others formed a circle around her, basking in the chill she radiated.

"Look, mommy!" Diana pointed at Elsa. "She’s way better than an air conditioner!"

Averia sighed and pulled Diana into a headlock. “Don’t compare Elsa to an air conditioner. She’s part of the family now.”

"I know she is, but she can be an air conditioner and part of our family just like Chirpy is a chocobo and a part of our family." That was Diana-logic at its finest.

Anna giggled and snuggled up to Elsa. It was like sitting right next to a fan. “You are pretty handy to have around, Elsa.” 

Elsa beamed. It was so nice to be around people who actually liked her magic instead of fearing it. And it was even nicer to be considered part of a family, even if it could be a weird one at times. She’d never even seen a killer robot until today.

Vanille got to her feet and stretched. “So… about that new air conditioner… do you want me to help you set it up?”

Lightning glared. “No.” 

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Perv Alert

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 16, 2013, 10:55 PM
  • Listening to: Waves crashing
Nope! itīs not a joke!! Ž_Ž


Their is the certain user in DA known as "Jannetcresbgp", this user goes around commenting on random deviations saying:

"Nice! Check this out: [link]"

Along with a link. And I warn you, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK! It'll take you to a pornography website that may contain harmful viruses that could kill your computer. PLEASE SPREAD THIS AROUND DEVIANTART SO THAT THE MODS CAN FIND OUT AND BAN THE USER!

Journal design by Simmemann
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You guys ready?

I still need to contact Lyndez about some stuff and how we'll go about this, but think of this as a suggestion thread for now. More information regarding the 2013 event will come up in pieces as we figure it out. :3 Until then, sit still, and let us know what you want!
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*Works a tic in my jaw*

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 10, 2014, 4:25 PM

*Rolls up sleeves*
Alright, this is one of the HUNDREDS of reasons why I left the "otherkin community".

Just because you're a "big bad < insert critter here >" does NOT make it appropriate in ANY WAY to be violent.
I don't give two fucks or a shit if you are a wolf or a dragon or a fucking louse. You do NOT get to hurt anyone or act inappropriately ("growling", "howling", etc.) in public and use "I'm a therian/otherkin" as an excuse.
No, you did NOT "mental shift" at your school, which is why you beat someone up. First of all, I don't even believe 90% of the people who claim such things. Secondly, YOU ARE 100% ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. IF YOU HURT SOMEONE OR GROWLED OR WHATEVER, IT'S BECAUSE ***YOU*** DID IT.
Being a therian or an otherkin does NOT mean you are part beast like a werewolf. Blaming inexcusable and inappropriate behaviour on "mental shifting" is absolutely disgusting, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself! Being "non-human" (because you ARE human, whether you like it or not - and you are therefore tied to following human rules (you are NOT above the law!)) does NOT warrant for such behaviour!

I cannot believe anyone would think anyone is going to take them seriously when they're claiming that they "might lose control" and "bite/attack/spit fire/whatever" someone. That doesn't make you cool, bad-ass, or even slightly intimidating. It makes you a liar. And if you ever actually act on such claims, it makes you a fucking asshole lunatic who needs to be locked up away from society.
Sorry, but just as rapists are not brainless animals who cannot control themselves, you are not an uncontrollable bad-ass invincible beast because you're a therian/otherkin.
Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, kiddies.

  • Mood: Rant
  • Watching: the hubbie playing Saints Row 3
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Twitter  I'm eating bacon.
Facebook I like bacon.
Linkedin Icon I have skills that include eating bacon.
deviantART This is were I eat my bacon.
Yahoo Buzz IconWatch me eat my bacon.
Instagram Icon Here's a vintage photo of my bacon.
Pinterest Icon Here's a recipe with bacon.
Google Plus Icon I work for Google and eat bacon.
Music I listen to music about bacon.

Also, Yo mama so ugly, Weeping Angels run from HER.
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DeviantART is proud to announce a new partnership with 3D web publishing service, Sketchfab!

Sketchfab, a leading platform to publish, share, and embed interactive 3D content, allows you to bring your 3D artwork to life in real-time without a plugin.

Fella by AlphaPrimeSaviour

Read Sketchfab's announcement

Integrate 3D Models Into Your Journals

Deviants can now embed 3D models into deviantART Journals using Sketchfab embeds.  DeviantART is always aiming to make content on the site more engaging and interactive, and this integration benefits both creators and those who enjoy browsing incredible content.

Sketchfab is not just for the creators; the platform is helping to unlock incredible 3D content, while creating a new form of online media that anyone can browse and enjoy.

3D artists often share the models behind their final renderings or the progress work on their designs. Using our integration with Sketchfab, artists can now create Journals so that their audience can really see the 3D work that goes into their deviations.

How It Works

To embed your Sketchfab creations into a Journal, create a free Sketchfab account and upload a 3D model in one of Sketchfab's 27 supported formats. After you've finished uploading, simply copy and paste the embed code into your Journal.

Learn more about uploading to Sketchfab 


Canabalt Diorama by adambromell

Futuristic Ghetto Building by DennisH2010

Lego Guy Alien6 by chaitanyak

Honda NSX Concept 2013/14 by AlphaPrimeSaviour (Check out AlphaPrimeSaviour's Sketchfab compilation)

Show us how you're using it!

If you share your 3D creations using our Sketchfab integration, leave a link in the comments, share it in the Sketchfab-3D Group, or tweet it to Sketchfab and deviantART using the #dA3D hashtag.

With the large 3D community on deviantART, we feel that deviants will really benefit from seeing 3D work in a whole new way on deviantART.

This is just the start. More integrations are on the way!

DeviantART is proud to announce a new partnership with Sketchfab, a leading platform to publish, share, and embed interactive 3D content. Sketchfab allows you to bring your 3D artwork to life in real-time without a plugin, and now this functionality is available in your Journals.
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