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vNext II Rainmeter Suite

:bulletblue: Win 8 build 7898 Watermarks
:bulletblue: Win 8 Metro Logon inspired Clock
:bulletblue: Hard Drive Indicators (5 skins for 5 Disks)
:bulletblue: System Indicators (CPU, RAM, SWAP)
:bulletblue: Network Indicators (Upload, Download with Total count)
:bulletblue: Recycle Bin
:bulletblue: Win7-Style Tray Icon by =lordalpha1

Changes (Compared to VNext 1):
:bulletgreen:Added Aero blur inside circles
:bulletgreen:Added activity graph inside circles
:bulletgreen:Circles are wider now
:bulletgreen:Click inside HDD circle open disc
:bulletgreen:Click inside CPU, RAM, SWAP circle open task manager
:bulletgreen:Little changed text placement
:bulletgreen:Added Bin

Updates and Fixes
:bulletblack: (22.07.11) Fixed blur in CPU Circle
:bulletblack: (22.07.11) Added smaller clock
:bulletblack: (02.08.11) Added 12 hour clock (wihout seconds)
:bulletblack: (11.08.11) Again fixed blur in CPU Circle (I uploaded non fixed with 12 hour clock update by mistake)

Wallpaper on screen: Grassy Sunset by ~landscapepic

If you like it or download it, please :+fav:

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This project is no longer actively developed.

Okay so here are 147 icons, inspired from the stock app launcher in Android 4 ICS.


-Games, Media, Internet, Tools, Other, Net, Travel, Default, Softbank, Sports


Barcode Scanner, Battery ,Browser, Calculator, Camera/Camera alternative ,Contacts, Dropbox ,Earth,Facebook ,Es File Manager, Flashlight ,File manager (generic), Gmail, Google Music,Mail (generic) ,Google Maps,Android Market ,Mobo Player ,NSTools,Phone Dialler ,Player Pro, Root Explorer ,Settings,Messages ,Sound Recorder, Tasker, Titanium Backup, Twitter, Youtube, Dice Player, Downloads, WhatsApp, People, Clock, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail, Skype, tTorrent, Rom Manager, SoundHound, Shazam, Superuser, Unified Remote, SMS Backup and Restore, Voodoo Control, Firefox, Feedly, Navigation, Quickoffice, Play Store, Ringtone Maker, Zedge, Box, Talk, Slacker, Calendar, Camera(new), DSPManager, Fing Tools, Search, SIM Toolkit, Dev Tools, Aedict, Dictionary, Notes, Igo, Launcher icon, nova launcher, news &weather, settings2, terminal, movies, navigon, quicksettings, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Quickpic, Wi-Fi File Explorer, Tapatalk, Google Reader, Lastpass, Betbud, Splashtop Remote, Update Me, Boid, Remade RootExplorer and Stopwatch,, Quadrant, Antutu, Xda App, Voice Dialer, Viber, Converter, Screencast, Calculator2, Twicca, Instagram, ProxyDroid, AdAway, G+, Voodoo v2, SuperSU, Airdroid, ZipSIgner 2, Lucky Patcher, Google Drive, Trillian, Waze, Line, Pandora, Gplus Mesenger, MyfileExplorer,, MyBackupRoot, S2E, Market Enabler, ClockSync, Wi-FI Analizer, Google Goggles, Dolphin Browser, Wikipedia, Mapfactor Navigator, Places, Groundhog Usenet Reader, K-9 Mail, Google Translate, GPS Status & Toolbox, Navit, OSMTracker, Foursquare, Google Voice, Wallbase, Apollo Music Player (CM9)


Aldiko book reader, Help, Sd Maid, 2do, LCD density Modder


I added Apex Launcher theme support, so if you want the icons in your app drawer all you have to do is download, install the apk below and change the theme in Apex launcher to "Apex METRO Icons".
Keep in mind that not all the icons in the pack have been added. It's a tedious job and I lack the time to update all the icons at once.

Apex Metro Icons v1.4

If you have any other icons that you would like, like my work or have anything else to say leave a comment.

Add me to you deviantWatch to be notified when I add new icons.

If you liked the icons there and would like to help me out there is a donate link below. Any amount is appreciated:


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subject: *Vera-Chimera

Since the shot was so well liked. Here's a wallpaper version of it. Enjoy :)

If you enjoy my work please like my Facebook page: Beethy Photography
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Requested by :iconredbluteam:
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Subject: MoonFoxUltima 

A new wallpaper for you guys to enjoy! 

You can buy this print here:
If you enjoy my work please check out my Facebook page: Beethy Photography

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Miss Brooklynn

Many thanks to Miss Celeste for background help with this shoot.

Fine Art Glamor.


Rikk DarkMoon DarkMoonPhotography aka 19.5
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My next wallpaper :)

Based on my drawing:
Please rate and leave comment :)

Follow me on :facebook: :facebook:

And also check my channel on youtube :film: :film:
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 Saotome Otome (Feeling Loved)  Guide Here  Guide Please Read  Shizuku (Happy-go-lucky girl) 

 Hibi DokeiPlease (Onegai)  Aoki Lapis (Excited) 

:iconjerikuto: Guide How to use 

Step #1: Click the white space in the comment box or reply button first in order for the "Add Media" to show up.

Step #2: Click "Add Media"

Step #3: Go to the right side (where the media section pops up) and click any emoticons you want.

Step #4: Search "Luka Girl"or  "Vocaloid Girl V1" for shortcut quick list. You can also search it using the title or if you want, my username for random emoticons and they will be there. Click your choice and enjoy~

Optional for Anime: Use acronyms that were included in the description, then character's name.

To use them in for chat room, copy the thumb and paste it there 

Here's a guide for chat room:

  (・v・)ノChat Room Guide (Click here)(・w・)ゞ 

Note: Since there's a limit of 20-24 in the emoticon search, I will include another batch with V 1, V 2, V 3, and so forth so that you can search them all Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

   Arrow Right to Left    No "Add Media" Issue     Arrow Left to Right 

I don't really know what's causing the problem but according to dA Help Desk, this problem may be caused by extensions or add-ons from your browser. Take a look at the link which ones are causing issues, thank you~

(┌・。・)┌ Click here for the Extension and Programs Related Problems \(^ω^\)

Use Google Chrome if you want a browser that is always updated~

[ミク ルカ ボーカロイド]

Bunny Emoji-28 (Waving) [V2] :iconsaysplz: Thank you  :iconsays2plz:Panda Emoji-02 (Cute Waving) [V1] 

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Miss Passion

Rikk DarkMoon DarkMoonPhotography DarkMoonPhoto aka 19.5
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