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Decision by Shabazik

Throught her mask, the woman yawned. She had never liked having to serve in the night shifts of the Temple of the Demoness Ardat, because while in the day the marble and stone construction was an excelent place to escape from the heath of the desert of Al-Karn, in the night, the temperature droped, and she thought longingly of her pallet.

The young acolyte paused, before she continued pacing alongside the tall and dark columns.

A light breeze blew through the columns of the temple's outer court, rustling through the skirt of the novice of Ardat. She hoped the Priestess could do their own laundry. Or be less messy when doing the sacrifices! That way, she wouldn't need each time to go doing these menial duties. She was a novice of the cult of Ardat! She should at least be luring strangers to get lost in the roads of the desert, kidnapping children for the service -or sacrifice- of Ardat, pressing locals into making donations and other exactions to the temple. Not bringing their clean laundry to some priests who doesn't know how to not end bathed in blood each ceremony!

She reached one edge of the main temple and was about to turn, when she glimpsed something amiss.

"Wha...?" she was saying, seeing three servants of the Demoness Ardat, when she was abruptly cut in as someone suddendly clamped over the girl's mouth...

Bassed much in a story by Achast The TempleKath yawned. The young acolyte paused in her rounds to wipe away the tears her yawning had brought to the corners of her round, hazel eyes. Fighting back exhaustion, she resumed softly murmuring the prayers for the goddess' protection and continued pacing alongside the marble columns that held up the roof and formed the outer boundary of the main temple. She held out in front of her a small silver lantern, lit earlier that day by a spark from the holy flame inside the temple sanctuary.
As she chanted, stifling another yawn, Kath thought longingly of her pallet in the novice's dormitory, going cold yet again. By tradition, each night, a trio of acolytes patrolled the edge of the Temple of the Radiant Lady, circling the outer courts fifteen times, invoking the goddess' protection to guard against the evil spirits of the night.
This responsibility was shared amongst all of the novices, but, it seemed to Kath at least, she ended up with the duty far more than the other girls, because Siste

for the cultist hood, I bassed it in something I once see in dA long ago, can't find it for now :P

Demon cultists by Shabazik
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Are you a woman? between 15-35 years old? Do you want adventures? An exciting experience? To have real comrades? And be part of the New world order?

Join now to LILAC!

Fight side by side by your comrades and the Glorious Purple Vixen! See the world! Manipulate weapons! sports! Modern equipment! Exciting new experiences! Excelent medical service! Unequaled dental plan! Join now!

Purple Vixen want YOU

LILAC is recruiting volunteers from all over the world, and the multiverse of deviantArt! You Original Characters are bored of only doing pin-ups? Enrole now! The Purple Vixen Needs YOU!

A commission I did in March for :iconfiskloring:, but due some problems I needed to do some heavy changes in the lineart before colouring it, reason why it take me more time than expected.

LILAC, The Purple Vixen henchwomen and Purple Vixen are from :icondangerfan:
Camila Castaņo and Khni Kyi are my characters, henchwomen of dAminions Shabazik.

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"LILAC Purple Vixen Henchgirl Molly, reporting for duty!"

Organization: LILAC
Minion: Purple Vixen Henchwoman
Creator: :icondangerfan:~dangerfan

Alessandra Burke, better known as the Purple Vixen, has no superpowers, although she considers her brilliant mind to be more powerful than any other weapon. She is quite wealthy, between her inheritance and funds she acquires through a host of illegal activities. As she develops new inventions and technological capabilities, she seeks to use them against the superheroines who have constantly thwarted her villainous designs. One must say, however, that she has been singularly unsuccessful in the long run.

LILAC is her organization: a private army of henchwomen, who serve her nefarious designs. Their uniform -of "vixdex", material developed by Purple Vixen- is purple, with the V of their mistress.

Alternate version of this drawing:

showing ~dangerfan Purple Vixen Henchwomen. I will scrap it later.
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Joining the Dance School by Shabazik

The door of the car was slammed, the driver turning to the backseat with a smile.

"Hi Amber! Saffron!" she said

"Hi aunt Moira!" the twins, each sit by a side of their cousin, answered at the same time.

"How was the dance school?" asked then Moira, as they put on their seat belts.

"Very fun!" they said, smiling.

Just wanted to draw Saffron and Amber... and I was thinking, they do look somehow similar to Molly... so why not to make them cousins? XD

The question would be if from mother or father side!

Amber and Saffron are from :iconko-corral:. I plan on colouring this.

Double Trouble by ShabazikNinja Infiltration 03 by ShabazikNinja Infiltration 04 by ShabazikCrimson Delmos by Shabazik
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It was quite a peaceful beach, with an emerald sea, sandy beaches and a clear sky.

As well, there where beautiful women, but it wasn't something he wasn't going to say with his girlfriend by the side!

His girlfriend, behind her sunglasses, smiled to him.

The couple passed a group of young women, playing beach volleyball, sunbathing or bathing in the sea, enjoying their vacations... or so they thought.

As they passed, quickly the beach volleyball team leaved the game, and the other sunbathing girls incorporated...

One of them called then back to their base.

"The objective Tauri have been detected. She is unarmed, and acompanied by a young male. Should we proceed?" she talk to the small radio in her ear...

"Proceed with the ambush" said control.

Looking at each other, the operatives nodded to each other, before advancing in silence against codename Tauri...

Some dA minions in vacation. Supposedly! :O!

Camila Castaņo -who began her career as a ~ArayaSouren dancer in the dAmultiverse-, Ral Ko-Cor -Rali for friends, originally a Helreign Warrior of the Empire of Helzig of *KO-Corral- and Khin Kyi -who first work as a Purple Vixen Henchwoman for *dangerfan, preparing a covert ambush...

Because of lazyness, instead of drawing a background myself, I used one I had already used before. I get that one from a google search of images under the keywords beach+anime. One of the first I found was this one , from one of these pages of supposed "free wallpapers". But in my experience, they just use any image without licenses or autorization :P

So aside from that page that claims is "for free use", I don't know from where it comes or the original author. If somebody knows, please tell me to give the proper credits.

Help there? :3?

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"See you latter mom".

"So are you going to school?"

"I'm going to study with some friends" she answered. Her mother looked at her with a smile, knowing the true.

"See your later then honey. Take care!"

"I will!"

Will colour this later, sometime when there is time.

EDIT 29.06.2013 Coloured! Now: who can suggest some names for "cute henchie" and her mother?! :happybounce:
Possible names:
1.- Molly and Moira
2.- Melissa and Catherine
3.- Henchie and Mhenchie
4.- Melissa and Sonia

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You are coming with us... by ShabazikBeach fight with Agent Grey by ShabazikBeach Fight Final by Shabazik

"Excuse me mister..."

"Uh? Oh! Hi girl! Sorry, I was distracted!" he said, as he turned, seeing a teen girl. He was distracted looking how his girfriend and her co-workers to take care of the knocked out girls, taking them away.

"Do you know what happened?" the girl asked, looking curious as well to the scene.

"I really don't know" he said. "One moment I was taking a hike at the beach with my girlfdriend, and the next there is hughe fight between a lot of ladies in swimsuits and my girlfriend. No idea what happened, but sure as hell I would want to know it as well!"

"Oh! So that blonde lady with eyeglasses is your girlfriend?"

"Yes she is" he said, smiling. "So? Can I help you in something?"

"Yes mister... have you seen my mother?"

"your mother?"

"We look very alike... she have glasses? and a red swimsuit?"

", no really, but I wasn't paying much attention. I was a bit distracted" he said.

"Oh, it's good that you haven't seen her. Specially as I'm working as a decoy so you don't see her ambushing you with a sedative in the needle" the girl said with a smile, but saying these words just as her mother injected Agent Grey's boyfriend, making him flat on the ground.

"Quickly! help me and let's go!" she said to her daughter, as she picked up the arms of the knocked out guy. They needed to be quick, before Agent Grey returned. While the rest of the strike teams attacked Agent Grey, they where to keep surveillance, seeing how their comrades failed in achieving the objective of kidnapping objective Tauri.But to not return emptyhanded, they decided to take as an hostage Agent Grey's boyfriend...


Will colour this later, but I think I will need to do a couple of changes to the lineart, as there are some problems in anatomy, sizes of heads and so on XO

Interrogation by Shabazik
EDIT Coloured!

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Frustrated by ShabazikYou made her cry by ShabazikSHADO Guard by ShabazikDefinitively I don't like studying by Shabazik

"Problems with heroes, agents and mercenaries? Acussed of being member of an illegal organization, or minion of a supervillain? then Mrs. Henchmann is your solution! Call now!"

And idea after somebody commented if Molly wanted to be evil and win, she should study laws and become a lawyer. XD

But it sort of works, I think? I mean, after being a henchwoman and then a bountyhunter, surely she get enough money as well to pay law school!

I mean, she can't always be henching, or be in such dangerous lines of work as a bountyhunter as well, I guess?

only a random idea, thought.
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Commissioned by :icondangerfan:

Purple Vixen, front and center, backed by just six of her henchgirls, all in a V formation. The rule was that no two henchgirls could have the same face or hair, so it was a bit of a challenge to make each of them look unique.

One idea I had while drawing this about the two in the back is that the one with the curly blonde hair is name "Muffy," and nobody talks about her (either because she threatens them not to, or they'd rather not think about it), and the one with the brown hair specializes in interrogations due to her apparent apathy. Don't expect any of this to become canon, though.
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Cheerleader by Shabazik

In the lounge of the Dance school, there where waiting about a dozen of girls who had just joined the institution. Some looked around, a bit apprehensive, while others chit chatted without worries.

One of the dance teachers told them to please proceed to the locker rooms, to change into their dancing school uniforms, before proceeding to assign them to the different classes.

As they put on their gears, several dancers of the school arrived, each one taking a couple of the new students, to show them the facilities, and assign them to their instructors.

“Whoa! This Really is a big dance school!” said, impressed, the shortest of the three girls that where following one of the brunette dancers of the school.

“That’s why I choose it!” said other. “Being this big, surely is awesome!!! And I will soo become like Barbie Ballet Princess!!!”

“You want to dance ballet?” asked the shortest girl

“I’m going to be the best ballerina princess EVER!” said the other with a smile.

“Hey! Attention to what I’m saying!” nagged them the older girl serving them as a guide in the installations of the Arayasouren Dance School. “Is very important!! We take very seriously security here, so you need to hear where you girls aren’t allowed to be!”

“Why?” asked the Barbie-princess-ballerina-wannabe.

The guide rolled her eyes. “Just know you aren’t authorized in these areas of the building.

“Why?” she asked again, curious.

“Because these are the rules” said with a cold tone the guide. “Now, that was the facility. Which of you is who, to give you who will be your teachers in the dance school?


The Barbie-princess-ballerina-wannabe raised her hand, smiling. “I am!” she said. “And I’m going to be the best ballet dancer ever!!”

“You are going to the class of Mrs. Maria then. Prudence?”

Shy, the shortest girl with the pink backpack answered.

“I am Prudence”

“…mmmhh…. You accepted the high cut leotard? You will go then with Instructor Anna. Molly?”

“Hi!” said the last of the three girls, who had been quite silent for the time being, rather nervous.

“You are Molly? Then you will come to Mrs. Instructor Yushenka.”

After that, the three girls where walked to their respective classes:

Candice joined Mrs. Maria classes, where an old lady with a gentle smile was teaching the basic ballet exercises to a large class of girls of around her age.

“Bye Molly! Bye Prudence!” she said, before leaving for her class: She will become a princess ballerina!!

Prudence class was some rooms away, where was Instructor Anna.

“That’s instructor Anna?!” Prudence whispered scared to Molly. “She looks like an army sergeant!!”

“COME HERE RIGHT NOW!” Instructor Anna yelled to Prudence, who was staying at the door.

“Yes ma’am!” she quickly said, hurrying inside.

As the door closed, Molly and the guide went to the next floor of the complex, passing two security checkpoints, some surveillance cameras and a door with a complex, modern looking lock, opened with a card the guide had with her.

“Molly Henchmann, eh?” finally said the Brunette to Molly.


“Daughter of Moira Henchmann?”


“So you come here with several recommendations! But don’t expect that this is going to make things easier to you. IT’S THAT CLEAR?”

“Yes it is!” said Molly.

“I’m a senior student, you know”

“Yes ma’am!” Molly said nervously, when they finally reached the class of Mrs. Instructor Yuschenka. There, the leotard clad students, under the careful look of their instructor, where practicing hand-to-hand combat.

“Your class” said the brunette to Molly with a smile.

And so, Molly begin her formal trainings in the Way of the Minion!!

The Dance School originally is from ArayaSouren. However, there are some elements of “free interpretation”, such as that serves as a secret recruiting and training camp for operatives to some terrorist organizations: However, to keep the facade, there are some actual dance classes, and normal dancers there!


The idea that if a girl accepts the high cut leotard she may be a possible, future recruit, was from a comment of larqven long ago. XD

Next on Molly
See you later! by Shabazik

Some more Dance School:
Reporting to duty : Dance School by ShabazikDance School Sentries by ShabazikDancer Bystander by ShabazikNinja Infiltration 06 by Shabazik
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