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just submitting my design for fiat
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A sticker design for the "More FIAT, More Imagination" contest.
The background should be half-transparent, when the image itself has solid colors.

Guess, that aggresive shark teeth will look awesome!

The second uploaded artwork:…
The third uploaded artwork:…

UPD: Reuploaded with minor quality fixes.
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My Submission represents both the Geographical Location of Miami itself as well at the Persistent Artistic Presence that exudes from this wonderful city.

Inside of a FIATģ 500L rockin' out at Art Basel, Miami, you can expect there to be
Loads of Laughter, Loud Vibrant Music, Positive Vibes, Artistic Eyes, and a tons of Miami Swag!
I really wanted capture the "Essence" and "Vibe" of the city and present it in an Art Basel way!

I also wrote a lil Poem inspired by the competition's theme...

Crazy Crews and Rockin'Tunes
Peaceful Vibes... Artistic Eyes...
Kick out Hate,
Just keep the Laughs
Join celebrate this day we have
Lets Taste the Waves...
Let's Drink the Sun...
F for Fiat...
For Endless Fun!

Hopefully when people look at this piece they instantly fall into a good mood, appreciate the little details, and just smile for no good reason.... :)

Thank you for all your wonderful Comments XD
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This is my entry for the Fiat contest "More FIAT More Imagination"
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- Any concert, music festival can be successfully promoted with this great flyer template. The whole flyer is designed to be modern, and thatís why it uses modern fonts and colors.

- This flyer template is 4 by 3 in (4.25 in by 3.12 in with bleeds) and is ready for print, because itís in CMYK at 300 dpi. The psd file can be edited in Adobe Photoshop, and to be able to change the text.

- You will get the download links for the fonts used in the design. The fonts can be downloaded for free.
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Full editable PSD template. Changing the images and the texts is made very easy

More details

Comments disabled by owner.
I use PS CS 6 and my main idea it was to create something like a shadow a mini scene of a story
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Inspired by this poem :

Dressed in a sundress
Under the pouring rain
She twirled around
Raising her hands to the air
Droplets fell onto her hair

Bare footed as she started dancing
Letting her hair free
She's the girl in the rain
The water numbed all her pain

Her grieve hidden behind a mask
She lifted her eyes to the sky
And started to dance
Throwing away all her sorrow
She started to smile again
She's the girl in the rain

Nobody knows who she was
No one knows where she came from
All they knew she was silent
Like the wind in everyone's hair

Soaked, wet and cold
Ignored, rejected and unappreciated
Like the roses in her hands
Wilted and dead
She let the rain fall onto her head
She's the girl in the rain

Everything was different
After she left
All they could remember
Time and time again
Silent from all her pain
She was the girl in the rain
(© D.M)

Mech pencils and 6B on bristol vellum.
Not too happy about the drops on her face think i overdid it a bit :)

Feel free to comment/critique or give tips. I would surely appreciate it. :D
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My entry for the FIAT imagination contest *because of the size to view the full image need to click it twice*

The concept for the design was to create a unique and interesting illustration that was synonymous with the image of FIAT. I wanted to create something youthful and energetic with a sense of freedom. But I also really wanted to pay homage to FIAT as well. Accompanying the two characters and "cat" are a host of FIAT automobiles from the modern iconic 500, 500 cabrio and 500L, also the performance oriented Abarth, even the less common FIAT Panda. I also illustrated vehicles from the company's history like the classic 500 (my personal favorite) created in 1957 and the FIAT 600 Multipla created in 1956 to the FIAT 126 introduced in 1972. The "festival" is held in mid air above a city with buildings with red tile roofing reminiscent of the architecture of Northern Italy the home country of FIAT.

This was a pretty challenging project, and I really enjoyed it. Very grateful to FIAT and Deviantart for the opportunity. ^_^
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This is my entry for :iconjurgendoe: =JurgenDoes contest -->[link]

At last, finally finished it, and just in time !!
I Started this about 3 weeks ago, and have been working
on it every chance I got in the last 3 weeks.
Hopefully it looks like it was worth all that time and effort !
I have really enjoyed this opportunity to draw Charlize,
she is one of my fav actresses, and I have wanted to draw her for a long time.

It looks as though this competition has brought the
best out in many other artists as there are some brilliant
works that have been submitted.

I used Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencils
(black and cold grey 1-6) on Strathmore Bristol smooth

Many thanks for looking, and check out all the other
competition entries !!
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