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Love, Laughter, Insanity
Laughing Jack X Reader
Chapter 2
A.N.: Chapter 2 everybody! I'm surprised how many people have actually already liked chapter 1! XD OK so yeah, IN THE LAST CHAPTER: (F/n) gets taken with her grandma to a new state! How will Jack take this? Not kindly. XD OK well before I bore you all let's just get to the chapter! Also I'm beginning to take CP requests again so tell me if you have a request! cx
You, Sam, Terra: (Now) 18
(Now known as) Laughing Jack: No idea! XD
10 years have passed, 10 years since (F/n) had last been in (h/t). 10 years since she's talked to her parents, to her friends apart from Sam and Terra, to Jack... He had been her imaginary friend yet when she left he hadn't followed. She had asked Sam and Terra about it but they mainly found it strange how they and all the other children and even some few adults could see him. (F/n) had to admit, it was a bit peculiar but she just simply set it aside. Now 18 (F/n) was living in her own apartment which wasn't the most pleasant but it was a roof over her head at least. Living in (new town) hadn't been the best way to spend those 10 years but the people were friendly so that was good. She'd even made some friends. Yet even now she wondered where Jack had gone....

The ring of her cell phone resting in her jacket pocket snatches her out of her thoughts and she pulls the cellular device out, looking at caller I.D. before answering with a smile on her lips.

"Hey Sam." She says to the female on the other line and hears a sigh of relief.

"Good, I caught you on your break!" Sam says a bit excitedly and (F/n) blinks, realizing where she was. She was sitting outside on one of chairs that sat before a table with an umbrella in front of Monter Cafe, her job. Looking in through the front windows at the clock on the wall (F/n) sees it's 1:23, meaning her break would be over in about 7 minutes. A cough causes her to pay attention once more to the woman on the other line.

"Oh yeah, well I've got a few minutes, what's up?" (F/n) starts the conversation, curious on why Sam had called her.

"Not much but me and Ter got some great news!" The female squeals, causing (F/n) to pull the phone slightly from her ear in sake of her ear drum. Setting it back she cocks a brow even if her friend couldn't see it.

"What is it?" She asks, suspicion hesitant. It wasn't she didn't trust the two it's just... OK she didn't fully trust them but judging by how ecstatic Sam was being it must be something good.

"Me and Terra are on our way to (new town) right now!"

(F/n), in the midst of taking a sip of the soda she'd bought, spits it back out, (e/c) widening at the news.

"What?!" The (h/l), (h/c) haired female exclaims a bit loudly, gaining some strange looks from the folks that passed her. She gulps and listens as Sam begins to speak again.

"Yeah! We're almost there, we're taking you back to (h/t) with us for a few days!"

Another spit take.

"But Sam, I have a job! I just can't leave so suddenly! Plus who's going to take care of my house while I'm gone?"

A sigh is heard on the other line.

"We've got it all planned out, OK? Plus Terra already called your boss so he knows about you going on vacation."

"Wait wha-!"

"Oh, gotta go, we're almost to the cafe!"

After that sentence all (F/n) heard was an irritating ring but she was frozen to the spot. Shaking her head and sighing the female lifts her hand to her forehead rubbing it.

"What do I get myself into?"


"I can't believe you two are dragging me along for this!" A (h/c) woman yells while sitting in an SUV, her arms folded as she pouted like a five year old. Her two friends in the front seats only laugh at her, each gaining a poison filled glare.

"Calm down (F/n), it's not that bad. Plus we can show you our apartment. So sit down and relax." Sam giggles looking back with her forest green hues at the angry person. (F/n) sighs, shaking her head and peers out the window at the signs they all passed on the freeway, drifting off into her thoughts. She wonders what has happened here since she had left. Remembering what happened to John and Carol she shivers, hoping there weren't anymore bad things. Her mind soon trails to a black shadow. It was tall with what looked like long, lanky arms and suspenders with feathers upon its shoulders. She wonders who it is as it slowly begins to turn. Just as a cone nose showed so did one of it eyes. They were soulless, the iris' faded into a ghostly white and the pupils sinister. A black lipped smile was carved on its white face, sharp teeth gleaming dangerously at her. Its eye stayed on (F/n) as its scary grin widens at her.

"(F/n)..." It calls, voice sounding like a males and only a whisper. (F/n) stares fearfully, wondering who this stranger was. Or why he looked so... familiar.

"(F/n)..." His voice increases in loudness and she blinks, the image slowly fading.


(F/n) jumps, eyes shooting open as she breathes heavily, looking at her two friends who were both standing at the now open back door next to her, brows cocked in concern. (F/n) blinks at them, not even realizing she had drifted off asleep, then scratches her head sheepishly.

"What is it?" She asks the red head and brunette.

"We're, uh, here." Terra answers, turning cautiously away as if afraid something would happen if she wasn't watching, and heads to the trunk to open it and help grab (F/n)'s bags. Sam stayed put though, worry etched onto her face as her green eyes watch (F/n) closely.

"You OK?" She asks the (h/c) woman who was climbing out of the car. (F/n) peers back at her, nodding halfheartedly. She really wasn't sure what she had just seen. Sam notices the iffy attitude (F/n) was making so she just sets a hand on the (h/c) haired females shoulder, a slightly comforting smile on her face. (F/n) smiles small back and shrugs.

Turning away from Sam the two look at Terra as she carries (F/n) (f/c) suitcase up to the house before them. Wait...

(F/n) drops her mouth slightly and her eyes widen at the all to familiar building before her. Her old house, it was her old house. Confusion taking over (F/n) looks over to Sam for answers. The red head shrugs, chuckling nervously with a sheepish grin.

"Me and Terra though maybe you'd feel better in your old house. Plus we don't have room, something we didn't think through." She answers, turning and leading the other woman inside. As they enter (F/n)'s eyes widen even more. Everything was, well, the same. The living room, the kitchen, the hallway, everything. Terra, who had just entered with a second bag, sets it down then smirks at (F/n)'s gawking stare.

"We, uh, cleaned it up for ya. Didn't need you sleeping in a mess did we?"

All that gained her was a concerned look and lowered eyebrows from the (e/c) eyed female.

"What mess?" (F/n) asks, wondering what Terra was talking about. Come to think of it.. where were her parents...?

Sam and Terra blink owlishly at their companion, shocked.

"You mean... you, you don't know?" Sam asks and only gains a shake of the head. Seeing the still shocked looks which quickly turned to sorrowful as the other two looked at each other  caused a sickening feeling to begin to grow in the pit of (F/n)'s stomach as she faced the two. Their eyes return to her as Sam shuffles her feet, looking down while Terra spoke.

"(F/n), I think you should sit down."


"They what?!" (F/n) screams, horror resting on her (s/c) face. Sam still stares down at her feet as the three friends all sat on the couch in the blue wallpaper clad living room. Terra scratches the back of her head, not sure how to tell (F/n) everything.

"The killer, that murdered John and Carol, they, well, got your parents (F/n)." Sam mumbles. (F/n) stares at the wall, processing the information as tears slowly form in her eyes. How could no one have ever told her? Why hadn't anyone? She was their child, she should have known!

"It happened after you left." Terra says, voice blank and (F/n) turns hesitantly to her, beginning to shake.

"R-really?" She stutters, sniffing as tears begin to slowly roll one by one down her cheeks. The other two both nod, neither looking at her for fear of tearing up as well.

"It's happened to everyone (F/n)." Sam whispers, shaking her head and causing (F/n) to now look at her.


Sam nods and (F/n) understands immediately. All of her childhood friends... Bursting finally into sobs (F/n) weeps, pulling up her legs while wrapping her arms around them and crying into her knees. Sam and Terra both look to their friend, each hugging her, the two crying silently with their childhood friend.


Two hours had passed since Sam and Terra had left and now it was about 9:16. (F/n) had slowly made it up the stairs and looked down the hall. Everything was still the same. Walking forward (F/n) stops before her old room. Breathing in deeply she grips the knob and turns. The door squeaked from the years that had passed as (F/n) steps in. Everything was like the rest of the house. The same. Sitting on the edge of her bed (F/n) stares at the purple wall ahead of her, eyes glossy from her crying earlier and blank with no real emotion. Sighing deeply she lays back onto the bed, her legs still hanging off and shuts her eyes, hoping peaceful sleep could maybe take over.

As wanted (F/n) had drifted into her dreams but about 3 hours later jumps startled at the sound of banging. She jumps off the bed onto her feet and looks to the door, the loud noises seeming to be downstairs. Quickly she scurries out of the room and trots down the stairs, her eyes widening as a gasp leaves her lips once she reaches the last step. The woman freezes in her tracks, shock feeling her as she sees both her suitcase and duffel bag were unzipped and all of their belongings thrown carelessly around.

"What the hell...?" (F/n) whispers, slowly walking over to the jumbles of clothing and other necessities while peeking around and behind her for the culprit. Bending down the woman begins to clean everything up, re-folding clothes and setting everything in neatly.

The 18 year old jumps back onto her bare feet and shoots her eyes up the stairs as the sound of scratching was heard. Furrowing her brows (F/n) hesitantly begins to make her way up, afraid to know what could be causing all this. Once at her door the female tightens her eyes and takes in deep breaths before re-opening the orbs and bursting in, hoping to at least startle the culprit. But no one was there. (F/n)'s eyes narrow even more as they search the room. Nothing had even been moved and she's sure she would have caught the person before they got the chance to hide in the closet or under the bed. Looking around she steps in more and searches for what had been scratched so loudly. Her heart stops.

Stopping at the wall straight across from her bed were scratches on her wall. It was writing and (F/n) makes out what it reads.

'Why are you in her house?' Was what was etched into the purple wall and (F/n) feels her heart skip a beat.

"Wh-who's here? Who left this?" She calls, eyes frantically looking for a hint of movement. Complete silence and stillness. Looking back at the words (F/n) gulped, unsure of what it meant or who or what left it.

'Maybe Sam or Terra would know. I'll ask tomorrow.' With that (F/n) turns cautiously to her old bed and walks up to it, crawling under the blankets. Seeing as she had grown she was a bit bigger in height than what was meant for the bed but it was comfortable so she couldn't complain. As the woman shuts her eyes and slowly falls into slumber a shadow creeps up to the bed, peering down her. A menacing smile grows on their face as they examine the person. With a dark chuckle they mumble,"Goodnight my lollipop."
So yeah, this IS CRAAAAP! Or at least I think so. This was to rushed I think! Well I am sick so my brain isn't working right so SO sorry for any rushiness or errors. v.v So yeah, comments and favorites are greatly appreciated! ^w^
When (F/n) was a child she had what she thought was just an imaginary friend. Except everyone saw him. Once (F/n) is taken with her grandmother at the age of 8 to another state away from her friends and family, Jack soon begins to change. And now (F/n), 10 years later, must go back and face her old best friend. But as they say:The unexpected always surprise us.

Second verse, same as the first!

I do not own :iconlaughingjackplz:, he belongs to :iconsnuffbomb:!
I also do not own the preview pic, it belongs to :icongiokoneko:!
:iconlaughingjackplz: will eventually own you! XD

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Love, Laughter, Insanity
Laughing Jack X Reader
Chapter 3
A.N.: So now we're to chapter 3! I'm just warning you all a LOT of shit is gonna go down in the story! XD IN THE LAST CHAPTER: (F/n) had returned to her hometown with her two best friends Sam and Terra to find out more than two people have died, including her own parents. And as she moves into her old house something causes a bump in the night but what could it be? To the story!
"I'm telling you guys, something weird happened last night." (F/n) tells the other females who at the moment were examining the markings on her wall in her bedroom. Terra had her hands on her hips while Sam's arms were folded as they examined the mysterious writing created by an unknown source. Turning they look to (F/n).

"So something first threw your luggage around then scratched into your wall?" Sam asks and (F/n) nods, seeing it sounded odd despite the evidence being in front of them. Terra 'hm's while scratching her chin. (F/n) watches them then looks back at the scratches, trying to figure out what was going on. An idea of who left it popped into her head but she pushed it aside. Jack wouldn't do this, he wasn't like that. Was he...?

"I have no idea what could have caused this..." Sam mumbles looking to Terra. Terra shrugs and the two both turn back to the female in question. (F/n) furrows her brows, stumped.

"So neither of you know what or who could have left this?"

Terra and Sam both shake their heads and walk over sitting next to the other woman. (F/n) sighs, setting her head in her hands.

"OK well thanks for coming over you guys." (F/n) tells them, relifting her head and smiling at them. The two both smile back and Terra playfully punches the (h/c) haired female.

"Well we have been your best friends since we were little."

A loud scratching causes them all to jump and look towards the wall to their right. More writing was being clawed into the wall and the three watch with wide eyes. Once it was done they all gasped as they see what was written. 'LIAR!!'.

"L-Liar?" Sam stutters, beginning  to shake. Terra gulps and (F/n) grows a worried expression.

"Well guess our invisible 'friend' has more signs for us. Well guess it's time for a plan!" Terra cheers, jumping to her feet and lifting a fist into the air. The other two both give unbelieving looks at her as their mouths hang open.

"What are you talking about now Terra?" Sam asks and Terra smirks at them both.

"Let's head downstairs, I'll tell you down there."
"So you two have both your things?" (F/n) asks her two friends as she lets them into the house. The two both had bags full of items like clothes, toothbrushes, and other things needed to stay the night. All three had made a plan for Sam and Terra to stay to see if anything happens. The trio head into the living room and settle onto the couch.

"Yep, got everything needed for tonight." Terra answers and Sam nods in agreement. (F/n) smiles at them, happy they were staying.

"Cool so who wants to watch T.V.?"
Hours passed and the three had fallen asleep on the couch with the television still playing. It was midnight with the moonlight shining into the window and lighting up the dark room. A dark shadow looms in the corner, his pale, white eyes watching the three intensly, a demonic smirk stretched across his black lips. His sharp teeth glisten in the light from outside. Inching over to them he looms above them, chuckling darkly as he reaches his lanky arms out and around them.

"Time to take care of the problem for good."
(F/n) begins to waken, sighing as she feels herself lying on hard ground. Furrowing her brows she lifts her eyelids to see where she was. Sitting up she looks around, seeing she was lying on a dirt ground. Looking at her surroundings she notices she's in what looks to be a circus tent. A poke on her shoulder causes her attention to go to her left. Sam and Terra were beside her, fearful looks placed upon their faces.

"Guys, where-"

"(F/n), we need to get out of here, now!"

"None of you are goin' anywhere."

All of them turn quickly to look at where the dark, creepy voice came from. A dark shadow with white eyes stares at them, causing them all to back away in fear. Before they could get any farther long black and white striped arms stretch out and wrap around their legs, pulling them closer. They all begin to shake, Sam and Terra worse than (F/n).

"Who a-are you?" (F/n) stutters, glaring at the mysterious male. A chuckle was heard and they see the 'person' shake his head.

"Sad you don't remember me (F/n). I thought WE used to be best friends."

(F/n) furrows her brows, the voice sounding ultimately familiar and she mumbles,"Wait, is it..."

Another dark chuckle and the mysterious male comes into the light. They all widen their eyes at the all to familiar black, gray, and white clown as he smirks devilishly at them. Sam and Terra gulp and stare in ultimate fear while (F/n) just watches in disbelief before getting to her feet and her jaw drops. Her old best friend.

OK I am SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT!!!! DX I swear I will try to update faster but I just broke my nose and I have to catch up in school so I'm not sure when I'll be able to update next. :c I am probably going to update chapter 4 for this, chapter 11 for my Jeff X Reader, chapter 9 for my Kage X Reader, and I'm not sure but I'll try to do chapter 4 for my Eyeless Jack X Reader! So yeah, look for them guys! :D
When (F/n) was a child she had what she thought was just an imaginary friend. Except everyone saw him. Once (F/n) is taken with her grandmother at the age of 8 to another state away from her friends and family, Jack soon begins to change. And now (F/n), 10 years later, must go back and face her old best friend. But as they say:The unexpected always surprise us.

Third chapter!!

I do not own :iconlaughingjackplz:, he belongs to :iconsnuffbomb:!
I also do not own the preview pic, it belongs to :icongiokoneko:!
:iconlaughingjackplz: will eventually own you! XD

Fourth chapter:To be soon!
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   Hello! Sooooooooooooooooo,  I have read Laughing Jack x Reader fanfiction on here and I thought, ‘I should make my own!’ So, after a couple days of pondering and deciding, here is my story, Eclipse! Enjoy!

Readers P.O.V.

I yawned and slowly fluttered my tired (e/c) eyes open, a few strands of my (h/c) hair covering my right eye. I stretched out, releasing the tension in my muscles. A smile appeared on my face as I slowly saw up, grabbing my (f/c) teddy bear that Jack gave me yesterday as a birthday present. Yep, yesterday was my seventh birthday!

Heh, maybe I should introduce Jack. Jack is my best friend in the whole wide world! He is always laughing, hinting his name, Laughing Jack. I like to call him Jack, though, not Laughing Jack or LJ.

Jack is really my ONLY friend, to tell you the truth.

Let’s see, what else can I tell you? Oh yeah! Jack and I have known each other for about four years yesterday. He told me four years ago that it made him sad that I had no friends, so he became my best friend!

My mommy and daddy don’t like me going outside and playing with other kids. We live in a bad part of town where a lot of people get hurt and or killed. Mommy says that I needed to stay inside as much as possible so I would be safe from all the bad people outside.
But Jack takes me outside sometimes when it’s darker. I feel safe when I’m with him, like I’m not in any type of danger what so ever.

There is one problem, though.

Jack doesn't like my daddy. He knows about the ‘tough love’ that daddy shows me. Whenever Jack sees a bruise or cut, he is not very happy. Neither is mommy, but most of the time mommy gets it worse. Jack has been acting strange lately, though. I shrugged off the thought and closed my eyes, smiling. I whispered Jack’s name in my mind gently.
Jack comes every day to tell me ‘Good morning!’ in his cheeky voice with the same trademark smile. His rainbow-colored clothes make him a very interesting guy and interesting to look at.

“Good morning, (f/n)! Up earlier than usual?” I opened my eyes and saw a tuff of red hair falling down from the upside-down clown, his usual smile planted on his rose cheeks. I laughed and poked his rainbow-colored nose.

“Yeah, mommy is making breakfast this morning.” Jack smiled and rubbed his fingers through the rat’s nest, also known as my hair. I giggled and grabbed his hand, holding it close to me. “Guess what today is!”

Jack hummed and glanced into my eyes, rubbing his chin in a quizzical manner. I tilted my head a little bit to the right, hugging his hand closer.
“Let’s see. Yesterday was your birthday, so it isn’t your birthday. It’s not a holiday either…” I let go of his hand and threw mine into the air.

“It’s the family reunion day at the park! All my cousins will be there and I get to see and play with th-“I stopped when I noticed Jack’s right eye slightly twitch, his blue eyes flickering a hint of white. I put my hands down and whimpered. Jack gasped and shook his head violently.

“I am so sorry, (f/n), I did not mean to do that. I apologize.”  I smirked and rubbed his hand.

“It’s fine, Jack. No need to get upset.” Jack sighed and smiled back at me, putting a strand of hair behind my ear. He tilted his head to the right a little, staring into my (e/c) eyes. His small smirk grew.

“You have the gentlest eyes I have ever seen. Not a hint of anger or hate anywhere.” I smiled and stared into his blue orbs.

“You have pretty eyes, too. They are always so shiny and full of life! It’s like looking into…mirrors. I can see myself staring back. ” Jack playfully gasped and put the back of his hand to his forehead and blushed.

“Oh, why thank you! I have never received such a glorious compliment before!” He fainted into my arms and I laughed, holding his head in my arms. We both began to laugh before there was a knock at my door. Jack shot up and stared wide-eyed at the door.

“You can come in!” Mommy opened the door, smiling. Her (whatever you desire) hair was pulled up in a high messy bun, a strand of hair falling on each side of her face. She wore a light pink apron with spots of dried up flour placed here and there.

“Morning baby girl!” I jumped off of the bed and ran over to give her a hug. She ruffled my hair and chuckled. I glanced over at Jack to see him staring intently at us. I gave him a small smile.

“Is breakfast done yet?” Mommy nodded and pushed me towards the kitchen with a flour-coated hand. I turned back for a second and waved at Jack. I noticed that through those couple of seconds, he became tense and his blue eyes got lighter, almost turning white. He sighed and took a deep breath, opening them to their regular blue color. “I’ll be back in a few, Jack!” Jack smiled and gave a playful salute and fell back onto my bed, closing his eyes.

“Come on, (f/n), let’s go eat. Jack will be here when you return.” Jack turned to face my mom as his name was mentioned. He scanned over her before sighing and closing his eyes again.

As I walked down the hallway, I couldn’t help but think of Jack. He seemed…off today. Usually he is calm and collected. When mommy showed up, though, he seemed to tense up. When I mentioned the family reunion, he began to glare and his eyes almost turned white. It is not normally like him to behave this way. Maybe something bad happened to him earlier and he is not in his full-blown Jack mood. I don’t blame him, though. Everyone has bad days, it’s what makes us human.

Well, Jack isn’t human, but point proven.

My Grandma Fran always told me whenever I felt like nothing for doing something wrong, that nobody is perfect. I smiled at the memories. Admitting that we are imperfect is what makes up perfect. Everyone has flaws.

 I stepped into the kitchen to find daddy smoking a cigarette and reading the newspaper, slowly flipping through the pages. He never really reads it, he mainly reads the comics and solves the puzzles. Every so often, something catches his attention.

He peeked over his paper and watched me sit down and dig into my pancakes, a cold glass of fresh milk sitting next to it. He blew a cloud of smoke and put it out in the ashtray, setting his paper down. He got up and grabbed a glass from the cupboard, pouring himself a glass of orange juice. He licked the hairs on his mustache where the juice soaked in. He groaned and glanced at mommy.

“Is she still believing that Jack is real?” Mommy nodded and continued to butter her toast. I placed my fork down and sighed, getting ready for what was about to come.
“(f/n), when in the hell is this imaginary friend thing going to end? You are seven years old for Christ’s sake.” I rubbed my right foot over the left one, staring at a broken tile under the table.

“Jack is real, daddy. I wish there was a way to prove it to you, but he is real.” Daddy groaned and shook his head, heading upstairs to their room.

“Yeah, and I’m the damn Tooth Fairy. You better grow out of this ridiculous stage real quick young lady. Oh, while we are at the reunion, no talking, ‘playing’, or even mentioning of Jack. I better not hear the name Jack at this reunion. Am I clear?” I bit my lower lip and tears began to form in the corners of my eyes. I sniffed and slowly shook my head.

“Yes, sir.” Daddy laughed and patted the stair railings.

“Good girl.” He proceeded up the steps and I continued to stare at the floor until I heard his door small shut. I let the tears fall down my cheeks and I pushed the pancakes away. Mommy walked over to me and kissed my forehead, rubbing my forearm.

“Ignore what your father said. If Jack wants to come, then he can come. You are a young child, live like a child, baby.” I smiled and leaned into my mother’s tummy. She rubbed a hand through my hair and patted my shoulder. “Are you done eating?” I nodded. “You need to go get ready, then. I am going to do your hair, so don’t mess with

I ran for the shower and turned the water on.

I stepped into the shower and turned on the shower radio shower to my favorite station. A familiar tune rang through the speaker. Funhouse by P!nk began to play. It’s one of my favorite songs!

I dance around this empty house
Tear us down. Throw you out.
Screaming down the halls
Spinning all around and now we fall

I hummed along with the song and poured shampoo into my hand.

Pictures framing up the past
Your taunting smirk behind the glass
This museum full of ash
Once a tickle, now a rash

I thought I heard a crash come from my room, but I shrugged it off. Probably just my imagination.

This used to be a funhouse

Laughing Jack clutched his head and hissed, an animal-like growl escaping from him. His pupils were dilated. His now white irises were trembling violently. He fell onto his knees and began to laugh. He bit his lower lip and gripped his head.

"Take all you want, but I won't cause her any harm!" 

But now it’s full of evil clowns
It’s time to start the countdown
I’m gonna burn it down, down, down
I’m gonna burn it down
9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, fun

I shut off the shower as I knew I heard something break in my room. I jumped out of the shower and wrapped my purple robe around me, rushing towards my room. I opened the door to see Jack cleaning up a glass horse that rested on my dresser. He gasped and snapped his head up towards me, his eyes fearful.

“(F/n), I am so sorry! I-I just…” I walked over to the broken horse. That horse was the one my grandma gave to me before she died. I sighed and stared down at the broken figure and the panicked clown.

“It’s fine.” He shook his head and continued to clean up the horse pieces.
“No, it’s not. I am going to make this up to you. I promise.” I smiled and leaned down towards him.

“An M&M’s chocolate bar and we will forget this ever happened.” He smiled and pulled out the candy bar and handed it to me.

“I always carry one around, I know they are your favorite.” He began to place the glass horse into the waste basket until I stopped him. I grabbed the broken legs and neck of the horse and smiled up at him.

“We don’t have to throw this away! I can always superglue it back together.”
“But, it will still have the cracks.”

“I don’t care, the cracks will make it more special to me. I will be able to see it in a different light than what it normally is. Same horse, but different view.” Jack smiled down at me and blinked.

“Always a Positive Penny, aren’t you?”

“More like Positive (F/n), since my name is not Penny (or is it!?).” Jack laughed and took the horse from my hands, placing it gently back on the dresser.

I stared at him.

He stared at me.

We stared at each other for a while.

“(F/n), what are we doing?”

“I don’t know what you are doing, but I need to get dressed.” Jack jumped back and smiled nervously.

“Oh, of course. Just call me back when you’re done.” I nodded and watched him disappear in a puff of rainbow smoke.

I smiled and threw my robe to the ground. I froze and glanced around, feeling eyes on me. I whimpered and glanced around nervously. I knew it wasn’t Jack, he would NEVER do that. NEVER.

I picked up my robe and wrapped it back around me, running into my closet and deciding to dress in there.  I glanced around my room and shut the door swiftly behind me, my breaths slightly hitched.

Glancing at my aroma of clothes, my eyes stopped on a red summer dress. I snatched it from the hanger and put it on, slipping on my red sandals to match it. I smiled at my apparel and stepped out of my closet. I no longer felt eyes on me and I called Jack’s name in my mind.

I began to worry as Jack didn’t show up. It never took him this long! Maybe he was doing something. I shrugged and took off for downstairs to find mommy and daddy ready and packing some food.  Daddy grabbed the keys and went to start the car. We heard him curse loudly and the door to the car slammed. Daddy shot through the door, pure annoyance on his face.

“The damn car won’t start. I don’t understand, it was working fine earlier.” Mommy sighed and grabbed a rubber band. She began to braid my hair while watching daddy pace back and forth from the car and back. There was no hope for the car.

“Honey, we could always call a taxi.”

“And spend money doing so?”

“We have no other alternatives. Besides walking, and I am not walking on those streets with (f/n).” Daddy sighed and grabbed the phone book from the kitchen counter, flipping to a taxi add.

About 10 minutes later, a taxi pulled up and honked. Daddy sighed and grabbed me on his arms so mommy could get the food. Mommy locked the door behind her and we got into the taxi.

We arrived back home, exhausted. I played a lot with my cousins while the adults talked and drank some. Throughout the day, I didn’t hear a thing from Jack. I frowned and glanced at the ground. I hope I didn’t do anything to make him mad.

Daddy turned on the TV and the news reporters were covering a murder. Who has the nerve to kill someone else?

“Earlier this afternoon, the body of 69-year-old James Herfon was found brutally slaughtered in his small home in Franklin County. He was found with deep gash marks all over his body and his face cut so horribly he was not recognized until police identified him by his driver’s license. Herfon was also found with a snapped neck. Police have to clues yet to who committed this crime, but there are a few suspects.
Police also searched through Hefron’s computer for any evidence only to discover he was an avid watcher of child pornography. A very regurgitating piece of evidence found indeed.
That is all we have on the story so far. Check back in tomorrow to find out more on this murder.”

Daddy blinked at the screen and turned to mommy, his eyes slightly wide. Mommy’s mouth slight hung open, her expression was shocked, just like daddies.

“He lived across the street from us,” mommy whispered, glancing out the window to see the police tape across the yard. It was dark when we got back home, so we must not have seen it. Mommy glared and clenched her fists. “And now there is a killer roaming around.”

I slowly stood up and walked into my room, saying my good-nights. I yawned and closed my door behind me. A flash of rainbow coursed passed me and Jack sat on my bed, frowning.
“(f/n), I am so sorry that I didn’t show up when you called me. I had something to take care of.” I noticed red on his outfit. He must have been painting. I smiled at him, which seemed to calm him down since he smiled back.

“It’s not a problem. I understand that you have things to do.” I grabbed my pj’s and changed in my closet again. Once clothed, I sat next to Jack and hugged him. He hugged me back, pulling me in close and tightening his grip on me. “No matter who I meet, Jack, you will always be my best friend. Never think twice about it.” Jack laughed and ruffled my hair, letting me go. He smiled down at me.
“I never will. Well, I have to head back now.” I laid down on my bed and pulled the covers over me.

“Will you ever take me where you live?” Jack stared at me, his lower lip quivering.

“Not right now, there are some… renovations…. going on. It is quite dangerous right now.” I nodded my head and yawned and gave Jack a tired smile.

“Okay. Good night, Jack.” Jack gave a small wave and smiled.

“Good night, (f/n), don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

I woke up to the sound of men shouting and glass breaking. I shot out of bed and opened my door, my heart racing. I heard daddy and mommy shouting violently. There were loud crashes and screams. I almost screamed when I heard multiple gun shots ring through the house. I gasped and went downstairs to see if mommy and daddy were okay. I stopped at the edge of the stairs as the repugnant aroma of blood hit me like a truck. I covered my hand with my mouth as I glanced to my right, my (e/c) eyes growing wide.  

Tears began to weld up and I stared wide-eyed at of my parents, blood coating themselves and the area around them. Daddy was laid up against the wall, two bullet holes through his head and one through his neck. His crimson blood was poring prefusley down his face and neck and staining his white dress shirt. I glanced over at Mommy who laid out sprawled on the floor, her body still twitching slightly. She moaned in pain and I saw her lift her head a couple inches off the ground. Blood ran from in between her pink lips and down her chin. Two men in black were standing over my mommy, smiling down at her. One man laughed deeply and kicked her side viciously, sending her crashing into the table.

The man leaned down and ran his fingers over her side, a sickening grin growing along with his dark features. “You see, Marley, this is what happens when you decided to turn your back on us. We promised you good things, but you still declined. Not the smartest move you ever made.” Mommy groaned and sat up on her elbow, glaring at the men.

"You are just the puppets of your cowardly puppet master. Was he too chicken-shit to come and finish the job himself? Guess he is more of a coward that I thought." The tallest man leaned down to her, putting the gun to her head. 

"If you hadn't been the coward, then none of this would have happened." 

"You two speak of cowardice? I had no such thing. I would rather die than to be a slave to your master and his master than to  go against what I believe. He has ruined me enough as it is, I don't need to deal with his or her shit, I've had enough. But be sure to tell them that their due pay will  reach them one day or another. The fate has already been sealed. 'He' will eventually be broken by his own hand one way or the other. Redemption for his poor soul. And with that, he shall break the bonds that his master hold on him forever. It will be then that he can truly be at peace." The man with the gun to her head scoffed, smirking. Yet his dark almond eyes were filled with child-like glee as he slowly brought back the trigger.

"He and his master sends their regards. Just kidding, they don't give a damn about you anymore. Worthless..." and with that, he pulled the trigger. I watched with wide eyes as her entire body went limp, blood splattering from her head onto the floor. Every muscle fiber in my body went numb as the image of what just happened replayed in my head over and over again like a broken record that never seemed to cease. That was it. My parents were dead. Just like that. 

I felt anger surge up in me like never before. I grabbed a broken piece of glass from a nearby vase, screaming with a fresh pool of tears filled with agony and pure hatred. I ran towards the man who shot Mommy and shoved the glass piece into his chest, sending blood to fall down his chest like Niagara Falls. He screamed and fell over, grabbing his bleeding chest. “You little bitch!” The man pulled out his gun and I froze, backing up.

I screamed for Jack in my mind.  No sooner had I said his name, he was standing in front of me, his blue eyes wide and scared. 

“What is going o-“I felt the bullet pierce through my chest as soon as the deafening boom of the gun barrel went of. I saw blood fly out of my mouth and I fell back, tripping over the rug and falling onto my tummy. The pain I was feeling was unbearable! It felt like a thousand bee stings on my chest. I gagged and tried to move, but to no avail.

Through blurry vision, I saw Jack violently twitch, his red hair turning a deep ebony. His rainbow outfit began to fade, turning black and white. But before I passed out, I noticed his blue eyes turn a cold, deadly snow white. 
Sup peeps :iconmotherofgodplz:
So, since I am a fan of LJ and the LJ x reader stories, I decided to make one! I hope you enjoy it :) All images by   :iconmorablackbird:

Rated PG-13 due to inappropriate language, excessive violence, more violence, ideological sensitive material involving blood and guts, even more violence, alcohol, and mild sexual themes. 

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You heard the sounds of a horrific lullaby go off in your head, playing over and over. Laughter echoed into your thoughts, it sounded so familiar. You open your eyes and found yourself in an abandon carnival, everything was faded and monochrome. It looked like you didn't even belong here, you started to look around and found children singing. It was the song that you remembered from long remembered it gave you a migraine.

You looked at the children again, your eyes widened. You started to back away in horror, your breathing stopped. The children were heavily deformed, some limbs missing, black blood spilled from many places, and their laughter...was more of a demonic wail than a child's laughter. You kept backing away from the children until you bumped into something, you felt your breathing returned back to you slowly.

Laughter diffrent from the children was heard right behind you, you didn't want to turn around. Long arms wrapped around you, giving a familair warmth you felt long ago...You heard deep breathing by your ear. It started to nuzzle your neck and bite you, no matter how much you wanted to get away from this...thing, you couldn't.

It was as if your body was paraylyzed, an invisible force that had a tight grip on you. You started to stuggle, it started to lick your cheek. Using your peripheral vision you saw the things face. Black hair, pale face, long black-and-white striped nose, but what really caught you was his eyes. black eyes with white irises, you felt heat rise in your cheeks.

He whispere in your seductivly,"Mine." And with that everything faded to black, and everything went silent, until you woke up. Confusion filled you, your dream...did you even dream? Usually when you dream you always remember it, but this time you didn't have a dream.

You brushed it off and got ready for school; failing to realize a black-and-white picute on your bed. It was you and a man holding hands in a romantic manner, it was the same man in your dream. It was taken a few years already left for school.
The picture of the man faded but, a shadow loomed in your room...waiting for your return.
You and LJ sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...uh, Hi.
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You heard the teacher drone about math or some shit, you really didn't care at the moment. You began to drown into your thoughts, only the colors of monochrome filled your head. Suddenly, you were pulled from your thoughts, everything was pitch black, huh...that's not good you thought nervously. You heard some sarcastic voice in the back of your mind, Really? No shit...Look at you, you having a small agruement with yourself.

Back into the realm of look around, nothing. You started to feel sweat lick against your skin, something was beggining to arouse you...Woah, woah woah! This is happening to fast! What the hell is going on here?! you screamed in your mind. "What's happening here is, that I haven't actually made you mine." the voice said seductivly. It was soothing and deep, it made you shiver. "W-who's there?" you cursed yourself for stuttering. You looked around to find the voice, but you only saw darkness. "Oh, don't be frighten dear. You'll understand soon enough. Just-"


You shook from your small blackout, you rubbed your eyes. You yawned tiredly and stretched, "W-what happened?" you said tiredly. Letting a yawn escape your lips again. You looked when a shadow blocked the light at your desk, you stared nervously into the teacher's eyes. You sensed the anger aura flowing from him. "What happened Miss Name, is that you will be serving detention after school today! If you were uninterested in this class then why didn't you leave? "

You felt sweat drip down, "Ugh, Why would I leave your class? You are delightful teacher, Mr.Night" you said

He kept glaring at you, "If you think that I'm Mr. Delighteful then you would be delightful to stay after school." he said with a evil smile. he then frown the next second,"Now out of my sight, before your late, Miss name." he hissed. You scrambled your things and left immiedatly, oh why did you take (least favorite/hated) class? Oh, yeah, you remembered. Your parents forced you into the class since you were failing another. Not my fault I missed an important test! I was sick for crying outloud! And Ms. DragonFlame wouldn't let me make it up! Not only does she has a weird last name, but she is the least favorite in your favorite teacher list.

You sighed when you reached your last class, this class you could atleast tolerate more than any other hated class. You looked at the window, to see the cloud shift position. This was more interesting than watching a video about some idiot learning a lesson about something she did or whatever. You turned your attention back to the screen, you realized that the day had actually gone faster than you originally thought. Himm, maybe luck is on my side, and maybe I don't have to serve that thought with a bit of hope. "If that is what you really want, that i can grant it to you." a voice whispered into your ears. As if it was a reflex, you immidiatly turned around to see who the owner of the voice was.

A small whiplash was what you earned, you then realized that no one sat behind you. Then who was- you shook your head, this was enough paranoid weirdness for today. Maybe I'm losing it? When the final bell rang, you grabbed your stuff and headed to Mr. Night's room.You found him stacking some graded papers through the door's window, when you pushed to door opened it let out a small groan. He looked up at you, confused. "Miss Name? What are you doing here?"

Did he really forget my detention? "I told you, I will grant your wishes. But I forgot to metion that I need a small token of appreciation for what I've done." the voiced whispered. What? You realized that you standing like an idiot in front of the door, you blushed in embarrasment. "Uhh...sorry, Mr.Night! I forgot what I wanted to ask you!" He gave you a small glare, he got up from the desk and stood in front of you. "Well instead of wasting my time, why don't you waste yours?"

And with that, he slammed the door in your face to continue grading his papers. You fumed, but you felt small happines. You were happy that you didn't have detention. Once you headed to the front door, away from the crowd. You stepped into a puddle, you glared at the -now- grey sky. You muttered some curses to yourself, you nealr tripped over everything, even your own  feet. Once you reached to your house, you were soaking wet. You opened the door and softly mutter a 'I'm home.' to yourself.

You knew your parents weren't home, they were always busy with what they wanted instead of caring for you. You felt a small tear fall, you rubbed it away. What was the use of crying if it was no help at all? Now all you wanted to do was collaspe on your soft cozy warm bed and rest. Today was not only weird but exhausting as well. Once you ope you bedroom door, with a small creak you were welcomed with the hypnotic voice,"Welcome home."
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Finally, your own place, your own furniture, your own car. You'd been longing this for such a time that you thought nothing could go wrong now.

Upon unloading your belongings into your pre-used house, you heard a loud crackle under your foot.
Glass? A trail of glass, actually...
you followed it to the back door, which was open.

"Hello?" You surveyed the back yard, upon doing this, you noticed to adolescents scurrying off, shattering beer bottles and silly stringing your yard.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, Bitch!" The two kids got away. You tried to not let it get to you. (So much for nothing going wrong, though.)
Besides, you left the back door unlocked, you were practically asking for some jerks to come in. You cleaned up the glass, and this time, locked the back door.

That night, you managed to unpack the majority of your things. But not in peace. You kept hearing laughter. It must've been from those damned kids. if they persisted, you'd waste no more time, and alert the police.

But it was a hard thing to prove, after all, you had already cleaned up the mess, and the laughs...they seemed to be near you...As though they were inside your own head.  You dismissed your absurd thought as nothing more than anxiety and the fear of being on your own for the first time in your life.

You rested your body in your own bed, placed your hand on your own pillow, and, quite pleased, closed your eyes. You started to drift into sleep, your lips curling into a smile. Purely and for once in your life, content.

But it came again. The laughing. Sharp, painful, stinging, even...The laughs seemed to literally pierce your ears. You jolted from the bed, running to the bathroom.
Just as you expected, your ears were bleeding. What the hell was going on?

You cleaned your ears and looked up some causes for bleeding ear and hearing odd noises: Ruptured Eardrum, Ear Infection, Blood Pressure, Menieres  Syndrome...
Okay, It could just be an infection. You'd be okay. You cleaned up the blood and headed back to the bed.

But now you couldn't sleep. You needed to admit it, you were scared. But you honestly didn't even know of what...You eventually dozed off, waking up to all your kitchen chairs setting in your room, and your clothes strewn across the wall, being held up with tacks, which you had left in an unopened box.

"W-What...?" Had you done this in some sort of odd fit in your sleep? You began to clean your room, but you noticed that as soon as you would move something, it would move itself right back to where it had been.

"That is enough!! I'm so sick of this!" You threw your fist through a wall. But it wasn't your fist at all...It was a body. A body just crashed through your wall. But where was the visible body? There was nothing there.

"H-hello?" You knew it was absolutely ridiculous to be talking to this invisible...thing, but you felt like you had to.

"Caught me, huh? e-heheheh." Rising upward, like static, a tall, lanky body began to appear. Black and white stripes, fur, a ringed-cone nose, ragged hair and black-singed eyes. What was he? Some sort of horror-movie clown?

"What are you..." Stepping backwards, you felt your heart begin to race.

"Why does that matter?" He picked himself up from the ground and approached you. His abnormally long fingers reaching for your trembling lips. "Shhhh." His pale face cracked into a smile. "Don't be afraid." He gave out that laugh you'd been hearing. Your eyes grew wide, your thoughts running rapidly. What was he about to do to you? What even...was he? Was he responsible for those children?
Request from my wife, :iconinnocenzo: it's no good but I TRIED
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"Welcome home." It was the only thing you heard before falling to the floor. You heard your own voice echo in your ears...Damnit.... Meeting with darkness once again, you felt...cold. You glance around, your body was completely still. "W-what? Not this shit again." you mutter to yourself,"I'm tired of playing these weird games for today!" A cold breeze hit your back. "Aw, you don't want to play any games? I remember how you always begged me to play games with you when you were smaller. It was a long time since I played with you~." it spoke softly in your ear, it gave you chills. What or who was this guy? From what you can tell from the pointers he's been giving you, it wanted you. This made you blush a bit.

"Mmm~ I can feel your heat even from this distance.~" it said breaking into your thoughts. This made you even blush even more, how can you think when he keeps breaking into your  thoughts!? "You don't. You only react, for my pleasure." "What?" He let out a laugh ,"You'll understand soon, my sweet." Your body began to feel heavier and heavier. The darkness was slowly turning into color, you felt something breathing on you. Wait. Breathing? You open your eyes immiedietly and saw...him. The clown-mime person inside your dream. He's...he's real? Your breathing stopped, you started to shake. His large hands began to stoke your cheek, you were still. His eyes  were so mesmerising, it felt as if you were in a trance. He leaned closer, his lips a few inches apart, "I've been waiting for this for a long time."  He leaned in closer, his breath danced on your lips. You shut your eyes, your body was heating up by the seconds, then finally your lips connected together. The sweet burning sensation finally drowned out your thoughts.

After a few moments of the pleasurable sensation, it faded suddenly and you opened your eyes. You were on your bed, you tried to recollect your thoughts. Came home...opened my room's door...and...and..passed out on my bed..? Something felt missing, but you really didn't care. What you cared about was getting your work done. You disn't want to get yelled at again by Mr. Night. His yelling made anyone's ears bleed and made children cry. This made you laugh, after a few more laughs you worked on your project, You were having a bit of a problem, so you decided to lay back. You'll return to it soon enough, you got up from your comfy bed and went down stairs to watch some T.V. It was better doing homework, then again anything is better than doing homework. Creak! Creak! You heard the stairs creak with each step you took, it was annoying, but you didn't bother to get someone to fx it. Searching for the remote, you channeled surfed for something entertaining to watch.

Cartoons, Old dramas, the learning channel, it was endless. You practically watched everything, even if the show said it was new, it was predictable. You released a sigh, some things didn't seem original..oh well. Creak! Creak! You turned your head, you swore you heard the stairs creak. Your losing it, hearing voices, hearing turned off the T.V. yeah..maybe too much T.V. is a bad thing. You tossed the remote aside, you looked at what the time was, seven-fifteen. You felt something cold brush against your thighs, it was as if something was holding you close. You shook your head,"Nope! Nope. Just to much T.V. Yep, that's it, too much." You were in a case of a bit of fear,but it quickly resided into denial. You knew what it was, just didn't wasnt to believe nor interact with it. The air felt suffocatingly cold, you hugged yourself and headed upstairs towards your room. What luck. It slammed itself shut in your face, crap.

"Ha ha..."

You whipped your head to see where that laugh was coming from. Your eyes widened when the color faded from half of the room, you walked closer to the colorless room. You shivered, a cold wind brushed by again. You hugged yourself tightly, a let out a shivering sigh. It became so cold that you saw your breath,"Ha....hahaha!" You were being taunted. But, it wasn't the same laugh from it was diffrent but familiar. Squeak! Squeak! What? It wasn't the creaking from the stairs but something else, it sounded more like shriek though. How long did it took to reach the other side of the room?! It felt like you were walking a track rather than this, you stopped. Looking at your surroundings you noticed everything changed.

In front of you landed a monochrome photo, of you and of him.
sorry it took a bit...
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Falling For My Stalker
Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter One
A.N.:OK well I was asked by a friend to start another Jeff X Reader story since I've been so slow updating the other one and I started this one a little while back so why not?! OK well yeah this, as you see, is a chapter story! Yeah, yeah, I know, I've got to many stories unfinished but my brain keeps making more ideas! DX So this will start out as more of a Jeff V.S. Reader type thing then slip into X Reader! cx OK well let's go! :D
(F/n), Sam, Terra,: 13 in this chapter
Jeff: 14 in this chapter
"Hey (F/n), what are you doing this weekend?"

(F/n) shook her head, coming out of her thoughts, and looked to her friend. Sam and Terra were staring at her, smiles on their faces and (F/n) sits up and shrugs.

"I don't know. Sit at home I guess. My parents are going on a trip for their anneversary so I'll be alone." She answers, looking to the time. The clock of her last period classroom read 2:45. 5 more minutes before class ended. Looking back Sam and Terra were giving worried looks and the (h/c) female cocks an eyebrow.


"You mean you haven't heard about that killer that's been seen?"

(F/n) freezes. She had indeed heard about the murderer seen in their small town of (hometown), (state). She knew the risk she was taking but after losing her uncle and grandmother to car crashes last week she honestly didn't have him on her mind. So she simply nodded unenthusiasticly.

"You aren't scared that he might attack you?" Sam asks, surprised at how calm (F/n) was being. (F/n) shrugs once more.

"No, why should I?"

Sam and Terra look at each other, shock covering their peach faces before they looked back at the other 13 year old female.

"Dude, he's been killing people in your neighborhood!" Terra exclaims and (F/n)'s eyes widen and she freezes. 'H-he has?'

"How many?" (F/n) asks, intrested now.

"He killed the Johnsons, the Lopez's, and the Fosters!" Sam answers, mouth gaping. (F/n) thinks a moment. They were all neighbors surrounding her house, the Johnsons behind her, the Lopez's to the right, and Fosters to the left. That left the Mason's across the street. Then her. Blinking she jumps as the bell sounds for school to end. Looking at her friends she stands with them. Terra was putting her stuff away while Sam watched (F/n).

"Are you sure you don't want to come sleep at our houses? I'm OK with it and you could stay while your parents are gone." (F/n) stares at her backpack before her. It would be safer that way. Nodding she follows Sam out of the classroom heading to her best friends house with Terra.


The girls all sat together on Sam's bed, giggling and telling jokes. None of them worried much on what was going on, to lost in their childish minds to need to. Yawning they all stayed up an hour more then slipped into sleep. That night (F/n) tossed in her sleep, the nightmare she was having causing discomfort and fear for her.

The next morning (F/n) awoke startled to Sam and Terra both shaking her, fear clouding their young faces. (F/n) wonders what was going on, fearing the worst.

"(F/n)! Get up quick! Something happened at your house!" Jumping fully awake (F/n) stares bewildered at the two. Her house? What the hell are these two talking about?! Pointing (F/n) followed their fingers to look at Sam's T.V. in her room. The news station was on and her house was on the screen but her face paled seeing the damages done. Her front room window was broken completely and on the front part of her house, in what looked to be written with blood, were the words 'Hide and seek isn't a game we should play'. (F/n) shudders, wondering who could have done such things. The news reporter returns to the screen and begins to speak.

"It seems it all happened last night, as what looks to be the murders of the neighbors across the street, Andrew, Stephanie, and Mable Mason. Found with smiles carved into their faces, their eyelids burnt off, and their insides ripped and hung on their walls. A gruesome sight which makes one wonder how this serial killer who has been causing such gruesome scenes was possibly targeting the broken in house last," The man explains,"Luckily no one was home but the damages inside aren't pretty as more writing has been found along the walls of what appears to be a child's bedroom. More info on the case will be told tonight at 9."

The television was clicked off and Sam and Terra both turn to their friend, worry plastered on their faces. (F/n) just stares with no expression, completely blank. A poke on her arm causes her to look at Sam who holds concern now.

"You wanna head over and see how it all looks?" The red-head asks and (F/n) thinks before nodding. The three then stand, getting their jackets on and leaving, heading on their way to (F/n)'s house.
Reaching the estate the three girls head inside, the police gone across the street studying the murders. Getting in through the front door the three gape at the mess. The coffee table was knocked over, the television laying with a broken screen on the ground. Pictures were strewn everywhere, some even ripped up. Heading up the stairs (F/n) leads to her bedroom, hesitant to see the inside. Finally gaining the courage she breathes out the breath she was holding and turns the knob, heading in. All three gasp at the inside. Her bed was ripped all over, the blanket torn. Her dresser was knocked over and all her clothes and the drawers thrown all over the floor. Her closet was open and some of the belongings from inside were drugged out as well. Writing rested on the wall above her bed and on the wall across from it, the words above the bed reading 'Still hiding?' and on the other wall read 'I will find you '. The three 13 year olds stared in shock, shaking and wondering who would do it.

"This is a bit..."


"Yeah, scary."

(F/n) stayed silent, unable to speak as her throat stayed dry. What was going to happen when her parents got home? That made her worry even more.


The (h/c) haired female jumps and turns her attention to Sam.


"Let's get back to my house OK?"

(F/n) stays still a moment before nodding and following her two best friends out and back to Sam's house.
"What do you think is going on Sam? (F/n) is being stalked!"

"I think it's more than being stalked, Terra."

"Fine, hunted by a murderer!"

"Can you guys shut up before you freak me out even more?"

Both Sam and Terra go quiet and look to (F/n), going quiet at their friends request. (F/n) had her eyes shut, looking to be thinking.

"Sorry (F/n). So what are you going to do now?" Sam asks, a worried expression crawling onto her face. Terra furrows her brows and looks at Sam.

"Can't she stay here? I mean she already has everything she needs and most of her stuff got ripped up."

Sam glares at Terra, the brunette not helping the situation, before saying,"I'll ask my mom. I mean what is going to happen when her parents come back."

"I don't know. I guess I'll just wait til they do and see what happens." (F/n) answers the red head, finally opening her (e/c) orbs and looking at them. Sam nods then stands and heads towards her door.

"I'll go ask my mom and explain what's going on."

Leaving Terra and (F/n) in her room Terra looks at the window, the hours that had flown by since they visited the house now leaving them at dawn. A thoughtfilled look was what rested on her features and (F/n) cocks a brow at her.

"What's up Ter?" The (h/c) girl asks the other. Terra blinks and looks to (F/n), clueless.

"Huh? Oh just thinking."

"About?" (F/n) asks like a curious child.

Terra doesn't answer, just furrows her brows and looks back at the window and (F/n) slowly figures out and looks to the door where Sam comes back into the room.

"My mom said you can stay as long as you need." The red haired 13 year old smiles, shutting her door and walking over to the other two.
Night reached across the sky and it now rested at 10 o'clock sharp. The three females all sat on Sam's bed, watching Spongebob on Netflix to keep them from worrying. All three slowly drifted into sleep, Terra on the ground now passed out, Sam leaning her head on (F/n)'s shoulder, and (F/n) just barely drifting into slumber. A noise like a door opening catches her attention as she opens her sagging eyes and peers at Sam's bedroom door. The noise seemed to come from downstairs and (F/n)'s curiousity hits her. Turning to Sam she shakes her.

"Sam, wake up."

Sam slowly opens her green orbs, looking at (F/n).

"Ah, (F/n), what is it?" Sam yawns.

"Someone's opening a door downstairs." (F/n) whispers sharply and Sam looks towards her door, listening then widens her eyes as she hears it too.

"That's my backdoor." She quietly gasps getting off the bed and ready to run out of her room and downstairs. (F/n) stops her though, pointing at Terra.

"Hold up, let's get Terra first."

After waking Terra, who they learned to be a very deep sleeper, the trio headed downstairs, their hearts beating eraticly as they reach the last step. Turning they freeze, all stopped breathing as a shadowed figure exits the kitchen slowly, looking to be holding a knife. The three stand like statues, fear beating into them. The figure turns towards them then freezes as well. Finally getting her feeling back Terra is first to react as she pushes the other two to get their attention before bolting up the stairs. (F/n) and Sam follow suit but as they reach the top step (F/n) feels a hand grip roughly around her ankle and she falls, grunting as she hits the carpeted floor. Sam and Terra both scream her name and (F/n) is flipped over onto her back. The girl stares up fearfully at the shadow who know sat on her, holding her down as he lifts his knife above his head and grips her jaw with his free hand. As (F/n) feels tears well up in her eyes she hears a chuckle come from her attacker.

"Found you."
I'm so damn proud of this! I'm not being sarcastic either, I'm literally happy!! cx So yeah, this takes place a year after what happened to Jeff if you can't tell! I'm already starting chapter two so let's hope I'm better at updating this than I am the rest of my stories! XD Comment and favorite if you liked! I love comments so please add one! cx
New Jeff story! I hope you guys all like! cx

I DO NOT OWN JEFF NOR THE PIC! :iconpervyjeffthekilerplz: owns you!

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Chapter 1
 You were babysitting your little brother for the weekend while your parents were on a second honeymoon. You see your little brother in the living room playing videogames. But he was playing in multiplayer, the other control was next to him. "Kenny... were you waiting for me to play with you?"- you wondered.  He looked at you like he had seen a ghost and kept quiet for a minute. "No, (y/n). I'm playing with Laughing Jack, my new friend." You smiled at your brother. "Alright, well, Dinner's ready. Wash your hands, Kenny" "Can Laughing Jack can have dinner with us?"- he asked very happy. You stopped for a moment. "Well... Laughing Jack is your friend, right? So to let him know my hospitality and know that I'm the best sister you have. How about he stay with us for the weekend?" "Really?! You really mean it?" "But of course! Now, this'll be our little secret. Pinky promise?" "Pinky promise" "Alright! Wash your hands. You too, Laughing Jack"- you said as you went to the kitchen.
  When you were prearing the table, you began to feel a pressure against you like somebody was hugging you. "All done!"- Kenny yelled entering to the dining room. "Oh, shi-shoot! SHOOT!"-you  gasped. "Are you ok?" "Y-yeah! I'm alright. Eat your dinner" "You're not eating?"- Kenny wondered. " Um.. I'm not hungry right now. I'll eat later"-you smiled at him. "Laughing Jack said that your cooking is better than mommy's" "Well, I learn some by watching tv"- you said with a weak laughter. "And he said that you're very pretty too" "Um... tell him that he is very sweet of him"- you blushed.
     By the time you tucked Kenny to sleep, you were talking with  your mom on the phone. "So, how's everything going over there?"- she asked. "It's ok, mom. Kenny's asleep right now. Um... hey, mom?" "Yeah, sweetie?" "Kenny have been mentioning abiut Laughing Jack" "Oh, yeah! I forgot about that! Laughing Jack is Kenny's imaginary friend. It's normal for kids at his age "- your mom explained. "Alright, mom, I gotta go. Just enjoy your honeymoon with dad" "Sure, (y/n). G'night" "Night"
~(y/n)'s P.o.V~
  Mom explained me about 'Laughing Jack'. I already understood about that. But... I'm still shaking since what happened earlier, preparing the table. Feeling a pressure against me... I couldn't move! I didn't know who  or what was doing it. I went upstairs and checked on Kenny. He was still asleep. I decided to take a nice, relaxing shower to calm my nerves down. "(y/n)..." I turn around but nothing was there.  I calmed myself down and took my shower.  Once I got out, I went to my room... jumped over my bed and fell asleep... just hoping that everything what happened today was just in my head
~Laughing Jack's P.o.V~
   Kenny introduces me to his older sister, (y/n) And well... pretty? She's the most beautiful person I've ever seen. When I saw her preparing the table, I hugged her. But, I separated from her now that my buddy, Kenny, was enterinring to the dining room. And now, I'm in her room... watching her sleep. She was just too beatiful. Her (h/l), (h/c) hair was shining with the moon's light. I sat down on the side of her bed and kept looking at her.  "I wish I could see me"- I thought. She wakes up and gasped. Her (e/c) eyes were widely open. She was awestruck. "W-who are you?"-she said nervously. I smiled- "Laughing Jack at your service" "No! No! No! You can't be Laughing Jack. You're not real! You are just an imagination of my 5-year-old little brother!" She was freaking out, tears were bursting out and flowed over her beautiful face. I didn't know what to do. So, I began to kiss her.
~(y/n)'s P.o.V~
 I see this guy in my room. He was tall and by the way he was standind he looked like he was boneless. Long, lanky arms with feathers on his shoulders... Ghost white skin... Swirly coned nose...  Long, black hair... Black lipped smile and sharp teeth. He was wearing baggy pants with stripped socks; just like his arms! Had these claws... as his fingers. But what scared me most was his eyes... they were piercing, ghostly white eyes. "Can't move!!"- I thought. And when he said that he's Laughing Jack, I started to freak the hell out of me. Then, ot of nowhere, he begun to kiss me. I felt his warm lips against mine. And, then, I passed out and I heard his voice dissappearing saying- "Sleep, my beautiful (y/n)"
Laughing Jack had always liked to hear you sing. Well, you were very good at it, after all (or so he insisted) and for him to have a private concert was almost all he needed from you to stay happy. Of course, he had to have you, your smiles and laughter, your heart before he could truly be happy, but the singing was always the best part. After he'd finally got his nerve to take your virginity, you had pet his hair and hummed to him softly as he dozed off. The feelings were probably bad to have, but he decided he liked the weakness you were to him.

However, though Jack saw your smiles, he didn't see your tears. Somehow, even with your small group of friends, a loving family, and most of the things you wanted, depression held you in its unforgiving grip. Maybe it was because of all the deaths you've seen in your family or friends. Perhaps the fact anyone you ever trusted, loved had gone, minus Jack? The world was so cruel, Laughing Jack your only escape. You sometimes tried to tell him in song how you felt, but he never liked them or listened. He'd hear the lyrics and insist you sing something happier. You couldn't help but comply, just to see his smile.

After a while, though, you began to give up. Under your long sleeves, scars began to appear, carefully hidden. You cried when Jack wasn't nearby and yet didn't tell him. He didn't suspect a thing when you insisted to him that he take your favorite plush toy and book when he had to leave one night. It was for the best, you reasoned.

Tonight was going to be your last night. You dressed up in a pretty black dress, many bracelets on your wrists to distract attention from the still red marks. Small black heels were put on and as a final touch, a small white tiara Laughing Jack had given you for your birthday last year.Make-up had been lightly done, your eyes a shadowy grey and lips carefully done into white/black stripes. (Something you had perfected for Jack's sake.)You looked at your reflection, her sad, (e/c) gaze staring at you, into you. Quickly pulling your (h/l), (h/c) hair into a simple style, you trotted out the door in a hurry to catch your ride.

At the small restaurant you'd be singing at, a stage had been set up. It seemed a lot of people were here tonight, but they didn't matter right now. After all, soon they'd be nothing but a useless memory... Gently reminding yourself that, you stepped up onto the stage and one by one, all eyes circled onto you. Far in the corner, you could see Laughing Jack, all fancy for once. A small smile slipped onto your lips and a song began to play.

"He stumbled into faith and thought,
"God, this is all there is."
The pictures in his mind arose
And began to breathe
And all the gods and all the worlds
Began colliding on a backdrop of blue

Blue lips, blue veins

Your voice carried through the room, and people stopped their talking to listen, maybe whispering a thing or two to a tablemate or another party.

"He took a step but then felt tired
He said, "I'll rest a little while"
But when he tried to walk again
He wasn't a child
And all the people hurried fast, real fast
And no one ever smiled

Blue lips, blue veins
Blue, the color of our planet
From far, far away
Blue lips, blue veins
Blue, the color of our planet
From far, far away

You saw Laughing Jack frown, most likely displeased with your song of choice. Throughout the rest of the song, your eyes were on his, sad and pleading for him to understand. From the way he stared back, he still had no idea... Your eyes pulled away from his and across the room, he became worried.

The song soon ended, and with a quiet, polite, "Thank you" you were gone. Many people stood up to clap at your performance, leaving Jack to get stuck behind. Not wanting you to be hurt, he looked around the streets for hours before finally deciding you must have gone home safely after all and teleported there. The sight that greeted him was unexpected and painful.

You lay on your bed, flopped to the left side like you had simply crashed. However, the blood flowing thickly from your wrist onto the bedsheets and dripped on the ground told the real story, the one he refused to believe. Tears threatened his sight, but no. This was nothing but a silly dream. (Name) had become such a prankster!

He picked her up and took her back to his carnival home, fixed up her injury and make-up, and lay her on his bed, cuddling up beside her cooling body. "It's alright now, my sweet little doll..." he crooned, stroking your pale cheek with his long black fingers. "We can stay here and be happy forever, isn't that nice?" When you did not smile, he used his two index fingers to drag the corners of your mouth into a smile.

Only then, with the light gone in your (e/c) eyes and a smile being forced onto your lips by his own hands, did he cry, clutching your body to his like a child who had lost his teddy bear.
I was going to update My Possession, My Love (aka Jeff the Killer x Reader), but then I realized I'm on my dad's computer and I don't know if his can open up Pages documents (which is how it is saved). So, here's a filler x Reader for you guys. Might be really bad because I'm going to have no spellcheck or proofreader to help me...

Also, I apologize for any OOC in Jack. If he is, I think it's because I'm in a torturing kind of mood. Obviously, because you're dead! |D (Shit, it just occured to me... Should I trigger tag?)

Laughing Jack is NOT MINE
You are belong to you c:
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