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Here come the Katsucon photos! This is the only picture I've gotten back so far, so I just HAD to upload it! I can't wait until I get some more, seeing as I brought almost all new costumes to Katsucon~

Wheatley ended up being the most popular costume I brought that weekend. I guess having glowing props really help a costume, ahah! Plus anytime a child is excited to see me, the costume gets eight million times better. I can't count how many times I stopped to let a little kid play with my Portal gun.

The bowtie was modified from a Wheatley Keychain and if you have one of those you know that thing is BRIGHT!

Series: Portal 2



Photographer.............................................Photo by Andy of OTL Productions [link]

Photo taken at: Katsucon.
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Photographer and Editor: EnchantedCupcake.
Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica as BlackRoseMikage.

Comments, feedback, and favorites are very much appreciated.

Tumblr | Twitter | Photography Facebook | | Cosplay Facebook |Flickr
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"We shouldn't be able to see that on such a foggy night..."

"Oh wait! That's just Tinkerbell...

Wait Tinkerbell?!"

Just a small preview of our Pixie Hollow group before I leave for ACEN!

I'm such a tease, I know! (You can't even see our faces!)

Tinkerbell - Pixie Hollow




Wings by ~FaeryAzarelle

Photo taken at: C2E2 2012.
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Sailor Mars: MitchalVerley 
Photo by: Stary-dragonlover 

I've always wanted to cosplay one of the Sailor Scouts! 
I honestly thought I was going to end up cosplaying Jupiter, as she was my childhood fav, however, after re-watching the anime and learning Mars and I have the exact same birth day, I knew that she was the one for me, haha! 

Did this shoot at 10pm at Surrey Central // City hall... 
Definitely not the best///safest idea... 
All the crazies were out... At least they all thought I was full female,,, soooo.... 

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Working on a speedpaint video <3 
Trying to finish what I have left of commissions as well ; v; 
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I made changes to this deviation so check it out [link] . This mat didn't come out exactly how I imagined and I was going to do a completely different mat for the competition. When I did a little bit of reading on disintegration I figured I would give it a try and this is the result I came up with. I can definitely say that I took a different approach to making this mat compared to my other mats.... But anyway I just got my first batch of blank mats so I will be printing the mats I have uploaded on here soon. Please send me some feedback and let me know if there is anything I should change or improve on. Thank you =)

copyright Konami and Arc System Works.

If you want a mat printed send me an email for the rates:
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Haruka Nanase: Jake 
Makoto Tachibana: MitchalVerley 
Photo: Jessie 
Both costumes made by: MitchalVerley 

Even though we didn't show up to the convention until 4 in the afternoon I had a ton of fun wearing these costumes! 
We had Kri-Blade cosplaying Rin with us as well! 
It was too funny how many people would stop us and ask for photos, then when we would all pose they would be like "oh I just wanted a photo of him" *points at jake* 
Literally 7/10 people. Oh well, can't really blame them! 

Costume construction notes:: 


-Dark green undershirt:
Sleeveless low cut crop top, used an L t shirt as a pattern. 

-Light green dress: 
I used an XXL T-shirt as a pattern for this. 
I wanted it to be super big so that it would have a pleated look at the bottom from having the wrap be fitted over top of it 
pulling it together! 
2 sleeves one shorter, were sewn together and then sewn to the main dress. 

-Cream wrap: 
This was probably the hardest part of the costume! 
I was originally basing this off the costume for the ED outfit for Makoto but after I made it 
and put it on I realized it didn't really look right? 
So I went searching for official art of this outfit and low and behold there was a TON of full body art and I realized I was doing everything all wrong so I scrapped what I had and started over. 

The wrap itself is kind of a giant rectangle x2, a front and a back. 
I lined it with red matte satin and then sewed on all the different trims. 
The triangled trims were all hand painted by myself and Kri-Blade 

When you put this on your body it will go on like a diamond, you'll sew the front and back corners together that will sit on your hips and then another stitch on the opposite corner that will go across the wrap diagonally that will create the "sleeve."
This probably makes no sense because I'm really bad at explaining these kinds of things... If anyone reading is planning on making this costume feel free to note me and I can send you some drawings I did that will help a lot more then this! 


-Black shirt: 
T shirt that we took in to be super tight, added grey trim and rolled up the sleeves. 

-Blue neck wrap: 
Sewed a super wide cylinder thing that we folded down and glued in place to give more dimension and glued in the longer part under the cylinder. 

-White shoulder wrap: 
sewed a giant tube that I then ironed flat and wrapped around him until the shape was good! 
Held in place with double sided tape! 

made out of worbla, heated and fitted to his arm. 

-Armoured belt:
Made out of worbla, did all the details in worbla as well. 

Made Jake lay down on black fabric and cut out a giant triangleish shape. 
his waist being the top of the triangle, cut a little half moon at the bottom of the triangle, sewed the sides and added elastic to the waist band and two foot holes! 

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so i started on bastion. two hours later i needed a break (i have fallen off the platform so many times i think i exceeded the dynamic narration for that action), so i made this doodle of kog'maw on an old shirt. was gonna be cho'gath cos he's king of nomming but i love koggie more. direct fabric ink without pencilling sketch so it was really fast (since the pose is copied directly from the splash art)! took less than an hour.

i was thinking of having a pair of monarch wings at the back of the tee too, when the front is dried! monarch kog'maw! ^_^ alis grave nil - nothing is heavy to those who have wings.

league of legends is free! if you're in southeast asia, download the game here~~ [link]

here's me with my shirt
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Sasuke: MitchalVerley 
Naruto: twinfools 

The end of an Era! 
As soon as I read this chapter I knew that I wanted to recreate this scene. 
HUGE thank you to my mom for giving up her whole day and driving us up to Squamish to do this shoot! 

Sasuke costume and arm nubs by yours truly! 
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