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Wheee! A thousand watchers! Thanks, you guys. Now, since I'd rather not just do a random giveaway for this momentous event, I'm going to have a contest. You'll actually have to do some work, you suckers! Bwahahahaha!

:bulletpurple: THE PRIZE: A filly plush of your choice WITH cutie marks OR one (ONE) accessory
     QUALIFIERS: You can't upgrade to a full size pony. If you wish to pay for additional accessories, they will be considered. Unless you wish to pay extra, the prize only covers decently simple fillies (what I mean is no Royal Fillies). Rainbow Dash is okay. OCs are okay. Colts are okay, too. The filly will be made with my standard 10 inch pattern in minky.

:bulletyellow: THE CATCH: You have to pay shipping. Sorry! ($15 within NA, $20 elsewhere)

:bulletred: THE CONTEST:  You must draw an inanimate object as a pony.

:bulletwhite: Your submission has to be recognizable as a pony.
:bulletblack: Cop-outs like 'He has a toaster as his cutie mark, so he's a Toaster Pony' will not do well in the judging process. You have to actually incorporate the idea of the inanimate object into your pony design somehow.
:bulletwhite: Your submission must be drawn for this contest.
:bulletblack: One submission per person.
:bulletwhite: There are lots of ideas to choose from! Be inventive! For the purposes of this contest, some things that 'move' will be considered inanimate objects, including plants, vehicles and other such mechanisms, celestial bodies, and your mom.
:bulletblack: Unless I get a TON of submissions, I'll just judge them myself based on creativity. Drawing skill is not a particular deciding factor.
:bulletwhite: Submissions must be SFW.
:bulletblack: Traditional art, scanned hand-drawn art, digital art, plushed submissions, macaroni art, and pretty much any other medium is acceptable. As long as I can actually see what it's supposed to be.
:bulletwhite: You have to be watching me.

Submissions will be accepted from the moment this is posted until September 5th at 9:00am PST. To submit to this contest, link me your submission in the comments below!


1. :iconartistic-bliss: :bulletblue: Mustang for contest by Artistic-Bliss

2. :iconsophie-the-great13: :bulletpink: MLP Contest Entry by Sophie-The-Great13

3. :iconoback-barama: :bulletwhite: :thumb322398337:

4. :iconavahlyn: :bulletpink: Toilet Roll pony :3 by Avahlyn

5. :iconducttoast: :bulletred: The Exciting Adventures of Ottopony! by DuctToast

6. :iconrevenantswrath: :bulletpurple:

7. :icontreez123: :bulletyellow: Pancakes by treez123

8. :iconsupahninjakitty: :bulletred: Postal Pony by SupahNinjaKitty

9. :iconayearie: :bulletblue: Bath Plug by Ayearie

10. :icon01xander: :bulletpurple: square filly rairty by 01xander

11. :iconpikawolf18: :bulletgreen: Christmas Tree Pony! by PikaWolf18

12. :iconairidesi: :bulletwhite: Pixar Pony by Airidesi

13. :iconxxshino-tenshixx: :bulletred: Contest Entry 4 FireFlyTwinkleToes by xXShino-TenshiXx

14. :iconcurious-case-of-cas: :bulletorange: :thumb322623466:

15. :iconthe-cowboy-smuggler: :bulletyellow: :thumb322617333:

16. :iconincarnation982: :bulletwhite: Backpack Pony by incarnation982

17. :icondarkearthdragon: :bulletred: Soda Pop Girl by DarkEarthDragon

18. :icons0uleclipse: :bulletyellow: Candle Light by S0ulEclipse

19. :iconcyborgninja42: :bulletgreen:

20. :icondarkvinke: :bulletblue: Background pony by darkvinke

21. :iconvarleit: :bulletwhite: Apple Pod by Varleit

22. :icondracoamericanus: :bulletred: The Bernina Pony by DracoAmericanus

23. :iconserendipityducky: :bulletwhite: Subwoofer/Bass Wave pony by SerendipityDucky

24. :iconquila111: :bulletgreen: Adoptable Seven [CLOSED] by quila111

25. :iconneeko48: :bulletorange: Takashi Pony by Neeko48

26. :iconkittycutie11: :bulletblack: Fan Pony by kittycutie11

27. :iconcorruptedfiles: :bulletwhite: Crumpled Paper Pony by CorruptedFiles

28. :iconavianvnaiva: :bulletpink: Bath Time by AvianVnaivA

29. :iconpheonixxfoxx: :bulletyellow: Derpy's Stud Muffin by PheonixxFoxx

30. :icontothe-moon: :bulletblue:

31. :iconwhiteheather: :bulletred: Sewing Machine Pony by WhiteHeather

32. :iconriaayo: :bulletblack: My Little PC by Riaayo

33. :iconthurinus: :bulletred: Kalashnikova by thurinus

34. :iconakili-amethyst: :bulletwhite: Mr and Mrs Shaker by Akili-Amethyst

35. :iconmegankuli: :bulletpurple: :thumb324001287:

36. :iconblueacrylicfox: :bulletred: contest entry, Stopsign pony by BlueAcrylicFox

37. :iconpirateninjaassassin1: :bulletwhite:

38. :icon14dreamer: :bulletyellow: Fun with Play-Doh by 14Dreamer

39. :icondragonwolfrooke: :bulletred: I Am the Words :: Page Turner by DragonwolfRooke

40. :iconsaphraira: :bulletwhite: Contest entry photo by saphraira

41. :iconashurall: :bulletblack: Contest entry! by ashurall

42. :iconnazegoreng: :bulletblue: :thumb324239441:

43. :iconmylittlenickarette: :bulletyellow: :thumb324251853:

44. :iconhatsunera: :bulletpink: My Little Nintendo SIXty Four: Gaming is Magic by Hatsunera

45. :iconesuka: :bulletblue: A Leaf On The Wind by Esuka

46. :iconbonnie037: :bulletred: Contest Submission by Bonnie037

47. :iconglacierk: :bulletgreen: :thumb324922918:

48. :iconokapifeathers: :bulletblack: :thumb325004378:

49. :iconakaelin: :bulletorange: lump of coal by Akaelin

50. :iconmottsthedreamer: :bulletblack: :thumb325215074:

51. :iconcorralfur: :bulletwhite: Letter Pony by Corralfur

52. :iconfauxydingo92: :bulletpurple: Inanimate Object Pony by FauxyDingo92

53. :iconprivatepatty: :bulletwhite: Ms. Coffee by PrivatePatty

54. :iconiraecoal: :bulletorange: Yeah Toast by IraeCoal

55. :icontehfuzzyguy: :bulletred: Fireflytwinkletoes' MLP Contest Entry: Jack Trade by TehFUZZYguy

56. :iconsquishyelephant: :bulletblue: Printer Pony by Squishyelephant

57. :iconrosesandthorns: :bulletyellow: MLP:FIM Contest Entry by RosesAndThorns

58. :iconstariearth: :bulletred: Daruma OC Pony by stariearth

59. :iconyorkchop: :bulletpink: coral by yorkchop

60. :iconmoonlightcrafts: :bulletblack: Gaming is magic. by MoonlightCrafts

61. :iconneitheram: :bulletred: Cassette by Neitheram

62. :iconxdecemberxlovex: :bulletpink: Giftwrap OC - contest entry/new OC by xdecemberxlovex

63: :iconshadowshay: :bulletyellow: Sketch by ShadowShay

64. :iconreflera: :bulletpurple: ribbon poni by reflera

65. :iconoshiiryuu: :bulletwhite: Yarn'n'Button's The Ragdoll Pony by OshiiRyuu

66. :iconnsomniotic: :bulletyellow: Mine Cart Pony! by Nsomniotic

67. :iconwintersin: :bulletgreen: GM - A BoardGame Pony by WinterSin

68. :iconspectralpony: :bulletpink: Contest Entry - Donut Pony by SpectralPony

69. :iconharetrinity: :bulletblue: Air Freshener pony by HareTrinity

70. :iconphyllah: :bulletyellow: :thumb325474990:

71. :iconshiny-pebble: :bulletwhite: .: Herbal Ponies :. by shiny-pebble

72. :iconinurantchan: :bulletblack: Hoof-beat by Inurantchan

73. :iconizelyca: :bulletred: Acera by Izelyca

74. :icondominofeatherwolf: :bulletgreen: Contest entry-cell phone pony by DominoFeatherWolf

75. :iconjuugatsuhoshi: :bulletgreen: Willow Tree Pony by juugatsuhoshi

76. :iconsouffle-etc: :bulletorange:  

77. :iconwinterfalcon31: :bulletgreen: Miscast by winterfalcon31

78. :iconkingsmannoose: :bulletred: Surefire the pillow by kingsmannoose
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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 3, 2013, 11:20 PM
Hi guys!! Thank you as always to all watchers and everyone who faves and comments - I'm so sorry I don't have much time these days to reply to everything, but I definitely do read and appreciate them all! :heart:

I've been asked so many times I've lost count to put together a makeup tutorial on how I do my cos makeup - and I finally did it!

I hope this is a little helpful, although some disclaimers - I have Caucasian features, so my makeup will be very different to someone with a different face shape. I use a lot of eyemakeup, much more than a lot of people, just because I do lol. My eyes a pretty big naturally, so I line them right up the edge, as opposed to widening the eye by drawing further out. A few things like that to bear in mind ^_^  That said, hope you enjoy! :heart: *chu*

Any questions please feel free to ask!

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  • Reading: Houzuki no Reitetsu
  • Watching: Red Data Girl
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Hi again guys!
Here is the tutorial for the skirt. I started similalarily to how I did with the top- But first! Let's talk supplies.

You are gonna need:
*White fabric (I used some satin)
*Fabric paint- I use Jacquard brand - Gold an a red. (5)
*Paint brushes of all sizes- primarily smaller and thinner ones.
*Red ribbon
*White thread of course

----I will correspond the bottom pictures with the points below----

You can start by taking your measurements- using the pattern method from the shirt create a pattern. Make sure to make the pattern about 2 inches larger than you are to allow enough space for sewing/breathe room. It is also important that you make sure to make the top layer of the skirt larger at the bottom so that it sticks out in the nice points like she does in game:)

I made my skirt in 2 different pieces. The top half and the bottom half.

1) First I will talk about the bottom half of the skirt;
I first created two pieces to sew together in the front and the back (The seems will be covered by your top half of the skirt. The outside of your thighs will have a seamless point after you attach the two pieces together. Along the bottom of the skirt- about to inches from the bottom I painted a thick line of paint (the gold and red mixed to give it a pinkish tone) after you paint the bottom, you can sew the ribbon along as well.

2) After you let that dry, start painting the swooshes in the red paint on top of the previously dried shade. You will also do a thin line of gold along the top, and on either side of the gold you should line very carefully the gold in red. I generally do about 2 coats of paint.

3) Now you can move onto the top half of the skirt. The skirt will be resting at a high point of your waist so it may seem short- and that's okay!
Make the pattern into two pieces- the front should have a pointed tip (3) in the center and the back should be straight across (4). You will now paint along the bottom of the top half with gold paint- lining the bottom edges with the red ribbon as you did with the bottom section of the skirt.

I used one of Ahri's 3d models to map out what I was going to paint. Here is that link again-

Unlike most I just free handed the designs which sorta messed me up but was also really nice to have that freedom. I definitely recommend that you do design out where you will paint before hand to eliminate any mess ups! Make sure on the top half of the skirt that you invert a point and line it with gold paint (also some red on the outside)

I can't stress how important it is that you take your time on these designs. The paint doesn't come off very easily- so mess ups won't be forgiving sadly! But I found that the small amounts of the gold will come off with soapy water.

That pretty much wraps up the tutorial on the skirt.

1) Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2)Image and video hosting by TinyPic
3)Image and video hosting by TinyPic
4)Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic (back details)
5)Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finished skirt with both halves together. ) Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Hello again!
This is the tutorial for the sleeves of her dress. It is debatable whether or not her sleeves are attached to her top or not. I personally made them separate because It would be even more constricting than it already is XD. I would have liked to made the top of my sleeves a little bigger and I may redo them- but that's for something else. :3

In my first initial post about Ahri's top I posted a picture of the patterns I made, the stencil on the left is the one I made for the sleeve. I know it looks big, but it should! You want to leave enough room at the top and the bottom of the sleeve so it will flair out.

--- As always, pics coordinating with numbers! <3 ---
What you will need:
* Red fabric (I used satin)
* Red thread
* A strip of your white fabric
* Your fabric paints
* Paint brushes and some water/ a paper towel or two
* Optional; Wire (used to shape the top of the sleeves)

First you will make your pattern, measure the top of your arm and stretch it out so that you can visualize how far you want the top of the sleeve to point out. Then measure near your elbow, making this a bit closer to the skin so it pulls in and measure around your wrist the length that you want the sleeve to be.

You will want to sew the white strips into rounded edges so that you can place it at the top and bottom of the sleeves, and once you sew the sleeves together you can flip it to the outside and begin painting! Yay!

So, I used the same two paints I listed in my previous tutorial about the skirts. I used plain gold, a dark mix of more red, a mix of more gold and just the plain red. I didn't make a stencil, I just worked free handed on her sleeves, I tried making one, but it wasn't working out so I decided to be patient and try my luck!

Once you have your colors mixed you can begin the painting process. I cannot stress how important that 3D model viewer is if you're wanting to go my the in game art (which I always do). That is how I did the sleeves, by looking back and forth and trying to keep my hand steady. It can be very tedious and time consuming- but it's really worth it if you have the time.

Near the shoulder you can see that she has some designs in a more red coloring, and down further she has the designs that start at her wrist and move around and up her arm.
The coloring you will use will be the bright gold as you work your way up the arm with the pattern you will start to shade into the other colors accordingly increasingly getting darker.

If you decide you want to use the wire option - I got some fairly thin, pliable but also very strong wire, stupidly I threw the wrapper away before taking note of what the size was and brand :(

But with that said, I used the same wire to make part of my tails so it will come in handy either way!
What you will do is cut the wire with some wire cutters that is the length as the sewn white strip that you attached to your sleeve- you will slip it into the space created by sewing it to the sleeve.

That pretty much sums it up, most of it is patience, and a steady hand. Unfortunately as I mentioned I didn't use any stencils and it worked out for the most part for me- but you are welcome to try your hand at some patterns and I would love to know how it comes out!

1)Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Shame about fennecs + my favourite wolves - PHOTOS

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 12:07 PM


I went to my beloved ZOO Olomouc to photograph animals yesterday - I needed a break from the thesis writing.
I spent hour or maybe more with my favourite wolf subspecies - Iberian wolves. They were very active and even aggresive, snapping their jaws and snarrling a lot. One of them tried to catch a crazy rodent. It was fun and I got many photos for you ;)
But the bad news - fennec fox got a new light in their enclosure. It is a red light and it TOTALLY does not allow you to photograph, because the specific light ruins the texture of the animal's fur and there is no chance to get any photo :( I am sad about it, I loved this place for fennec photography :( now it has been lost... in ZOO Dvur Kralove, they put those foxes into very dark indoor exhibit, so this place is also lost and in Prague, you never see them... Hm... I am a bit sad about it, I would miss those little guys :(

I also definitely need a new lens. My current one had troubles to focuse yesterday and I could not take a sharp picture for several minutes... I am more and more sure I should buy Canon 70-200 L 4 USM (not IS version)... it is relatively achievable and people say the quality is great. But I am still nervous about the lack of IS :/

Ok, wolves and kiriban. Then thesis again. Sigh.

KIRIBAN winner

15 and 16. The Great Leonopteryx and Jake Sully by ConkerTSquirrel Naruto caped by ConkerTSquirrel Spyro and Hachi doodle by ConkerTSquirrel
Everything the light touches... by ConkerTSquirrel Thorachu 3d by ConkerTSquirrel Blue 3d by ConkerTSquirrel
River Fox by ConkerTSquirrel Emmy - artswap by ConkerTSquirrel Alvin and the chipmunks by ConkerTSquirrel


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So what's this all about? A while back I decided that it would be best to create a place where tutorials that are vital to Manga/Anime artists to have a home, an easy place to reach if they felt that they ever needed it.  One by one articles featuring tutorials based off of specific trades and mediums will be posted, and in the end a master article that'll unite them all together. The hope is to have as much as possible in one easy to reach place. This time around its Drawing Anime's turn.

How to make a giant anime base by FionaCreates TUTORIAL: Drawing Hair by Red-Priest-Usada Anatomy tutorial for beginners by RyMantys Tutorial: Nightshade's Vanity by KiwiChameleon Clothing Folds Tutorial by solfieri
:thumb61529480: Perspective + Composition Pt.1 by fox-orian Global Lighting Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebrae Hands tutorial-beginner by erisabesu-kuro-gosai lineart tutorial-BE to IN by erisabesu-kuro-gosai
An Anime Eyes Tutorial by joulee Tutorial - drawing anime heads by Serio555 Beginners Body Shape Tutorial by ZachDoug -Eye Tutorial- by ChiyoNemuri The Perspective Tutorial by sashas
Ivy's Tutorial For Drawing Men by IvyFallsDown Hand Tutorial 2 by manic-goose Drawing Tutorial For Body by Henritsu Tutorial: Blending Charas into BGs by Dea-89 Anime Anatomy Tutorial - Pt 1 by Fullmetal-Illusion
Hand Tutorial 4 by manic-goose Chibi Drawing Tutorial by FanOfAkatsuki Hand Tutorial 5 by manic-goose Hand Tutorial 1 by moonraven373 Upper Body Tutorial by skipperofotters05
:thumb91394253: Line Art Tutorial by JohnYume Hair shading tutorial by Selene-Blackthorn Tenty's Line Art Tutorial by Lolisoup
Digital Drawing Tutorial :3 by izka197 :thumb185222604: Drawing Tut--The Basics Pg 2 by Sai-Manga-Tuts Figure Drawing Tutorial by UnholyPaladinStudios Basic Manga Anatomy Tutorial by Tiiara

Though this may be small right now, there is a continuing project, and one that'll keep going for as long as there are tutorials. 

Here is what I propose. If you find any tutorials relating to Photoshop that I do not have listed in here, then send me the link to it either in a comment here, through a note, or by any other means of reaching me, and it'll be added.

Let's turn this into a community project to help out all Manga/Anime artists, let's give everyone as many resources as possible in easy to reach places!

The Anime Drawing Tutorial portion of the Manga/Anime Tutorial Hub. This showcases a bunch of different tutorials that can be useful to anyone who is looking for some help. Please feel free to support the project by linking to more tutorials relating to this below. :) Together we can make an easy to find access for Manga/Anime artists who want to find tutorials.
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Holidays Art Challenge!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 14, 2014, 5:33 PM

Dear members,

To celebrate the Holiday season, GetWatchers is hosting a small challenge in which we would like to see you submit your Christmas or Holidays inspired art! The rules and guidelines are simple:

  • Your art must be new - submitted after the 14th of December.
  • Your art may be of any medium you choose (literature, photography, digital, etc etc)
  • In the description of your deviation, you must write: "This is my submission to GetWatcher's Holidays Art Challenge."
  • Your entry should be inspired somehow by the Holidays (Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanza, New Year's, and other related holidays)
  • Please link us to your entry by leaving a comment on this journal.

The winners will receive:

  • 1st place: 3month Premium Membership on DeviantART, or the equivalent amount of points 636 :points:.
  • 2nd place: 200 :points:
  • 3rd place: 200:points:


22nd of December, 00:01 PST.

This is a quick art challenge that we want you guys to have fun with. We will be taking into account the 1 week deadline, while judging all entries. All in all, we want you to have fun, and express your feelings about the holidays! Perhaps depict gratefulness and thanks, love, family, friendship, or do something funny! Anything goes as long as it follows the rules :heart:

Here are some songs for inspiration:

That’s Christmas To Me - Pentatonix

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

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September Update: Dragon*Con Wrap-Up + MidoriCon

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 3, 2013, 5:33 PM

Howdy y'all! I am so exhausted from Dragon*Con it ain't even funny!


I think the best word I can use to describe this convention is "overwhelming." It was an amazing weekend, but boy, it really wore me out, both physically and mentally. Between claustrophobia and social fatigue I didn't do too well with the crowds and had to retreat back to the quiet of our hotel room a few times throughout each day just to recharge.

But in spite of that it was a lot of fun! I absolutely loved the atmosphere and the congoers themselves - it's definitely an older, more mature, and honestly nicer attitude than what you see at most anime cons nowadays. So I really enjoyed how everyone was so friendly and I really felt like part of the Dragon*Con family, even though it was my first time going!

Plus, the level of craftsmanship and creativity was beyond amazing. I'm seriously motivated to step it up from here on out! (Let's just say... there's talk of mechas for next year. Muahaha.)

Throughout the weekend I kept my Instagram updated with photos from the convention! But here are a few of those as costume previews until I get actual pictures back. :D

Starfire - Instagram by MangoSireneChell - Instagram by MangoSireneM'gann - Instagram by MangoSirene

I also got to shoot some video with MLZ and Ackson, too! Most of it was at the Georgia Aquarium on Saturday night. And I have to say, that was probably the highlight of the weekend for me. I've always dreamed of seeing whale sharks in real life... and it happened!!

Mlz Chell1 by MangoSireneMlz Mgann1 by MangoSirene
Be sure to check out MLZ's first D*C video here!

Out of all the cosplays I did this weekend, cosplaying Chell was probably my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I had such a blast as Starfire and Miss Martian too! But Chell's been a project I've been working on since March, and those Long Fall Boots were definitely a trial to make. I still want to fix them up a bit more, namely making them easier to walk in (i.e. with more flexibility between the foot and the calf), but overall I'm ecstatic with how they turned out and this is a costume I'm really proud of. C:

ANYWAY! Super amazing con was super amazing. Also a shout-out to everyone who came to say hi to me!! I totally wasn't expecting to get recognized or anything considering I've never been to a con in the south, but a lot of you did just that and I really enjoyed getting to talk to you guys for a bit! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did and that you made it home safely!


And now... Midoricon. We leave in less than two days to head to the Shawnee Resort, and even though I'm really tired from this past weekend, I'm looking forward to this con a lot! Because it doesn't feel like I'm about to go to another con - I think it'll end up feeling more like a camping trip with my friends and we just happened to bring costumes and camera gear. Whoops.

Here's my line-up for next weekend!

Friday: Genderbent Haru (Free!) | Nidalee (League of Legends)
Saturday: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider 2013) | Chell (Portal 2)
Sunday: Ty Lee (Avatar The Last Airbender)

Chinasaur will be with me this time around, so I won't be a lonely IMT girl again! :squee: Please feel free to come bug us whenever we're around the convention. Although most of the time we'll probably be exploring the forest, especially when we're in our League and Tomb Raider costumes. ;D

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 12:14 PM
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This weekend was Shutocon and next weekend is ANIME ST. LOUIS!
I'm SUPER Excited to be going as one of the guests for this convention!

I'll be hosting a few panels and will be serving as the MC for the Masqerade! I"M SUPER NERVOUS BUT EXCITED!!! EEP!

IF YOU GUYS ARE GOING COME PLAY WITH ME PLEASE :D! I'm new to the area, and I'm bringing :iconmangosirene: with me!  These are the panels I'm hosting, and if you are going to ASTL, PLEASE :D

Networking For Costumers: 8 PM in the Marquette Room
This panel is all about setting up all those social media sites for costumers- and learning the ins and outs of trying to meet friends in the community!

The Essentials of a Costume: 1 PM in LaSalle Room
This panel is the one I'm really looking forward too.  If you aren't the greatest sewer I would really recommend you come to this panel!  It's all about simplifying costumes and trying to figure out the easiest way to make your costume come to life.   We will be talking a lot about Frankensteining!

Cosplay Wigs: Where To Start: 7 PM Marquette Room
Want to see the coolest cosplay wigs in existence? Want to know where to buy base wigs and how to style those gravity defying wigs we all strive to achieve sometime in our cosplaying career??  THIS PANEL IS FOR YOU!  

Sirene will be with me for most of these more than likely, and there will be Q&A sessions during all of these!



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Made a pilgrimage to my local walmart today to scope out the new pony section they have up. Snagged some napkins and drinking cups, then headed to the pony aisle. I kinda waited back, because there was a family checking out the pony toys as well. There was a mother, a son, and a daughter. The daughter looked around 12-13, the son looked about 7-8. She was holding on to a Rarity plushie while her little brother asked her to grab a Fluttershy for him on the shelf. The daughter basically said "You can't have her, it's a show for girls! You're not a little girl!" The mother basically flashed a glance at her and said "Now come on ____". The little guy looked close to tears as his sis teased him semi-playfully....

so I killed off my shyness and walked over to the section nonchalantly. "Oh wow, the new Fluttershy's came in!" and grabbed one off the shelf. *turning to the sister* "She's my favorite, you know she did save Ponyville from a dragon right? That's pretty awesome!" *daughter looks shocked* "But I have one already....I wonder if someone else would like her?" *little boys eyes beam but remains quiet* "But since she's so shy, she'd need someone tough to protect look tough! Think you can take care of her?" *little boy nods and grabs toy*

*smiles, walks off*

*sees them again and tosses a $10 at the mom to get both the Rarity and Flutter* The mom thanked me for doing that, apparently their father is in the military and he's the little man of the house now....and his sister is a bit of a bully sometimes to him.

Good deed accomplished! *squee*
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