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Hey guys! These are my entries in the BurningViolet Latex Design contest! The winner gets their design made and made TO THEIR MEASUREMENTS FOR THEMMM ahhhh *runs around in circles* I haven't entered a contest in FOREVER so please , if you have a tumblr Reblog or Heart it to help me get into the Finals!

Entry1: [link]

Entry2: [link]
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Galaxy Network VF-25 Messiah

The VF-25 Messiah is a fictional space-capable variable fighter, seen in the anime Macross Frontier (set in the year 2059 A.D.) of the Macross series. The craft was developed onboard the space colonization fleet Macross Frontier from the YF-24 prototype whose blueprint was delivered via the Galaxy Network. Within the series, it has not been officially rolled out, rather being distributed to the private military company S.M.S. (Strategic Military Services) to evaluate its performance under field conditions first.


In fighter mode the VF-25 resembles a single-seater, twin-engine jet aircraft. It has variable-sweep wings alongside canted twin tails, with the "tailplane" roughly mirroring the twin tails on the fuselage's underside. Assisting the onboard flight control surfaces is an array of vernier thrusters that allow precision maneuvering. Mounted externally underside is a gatling gun gun pod, found between the craft's two intakes. Similar in length, engine placement and nose shape to the real-life Sukhoi Su-27 it also has features common to the F-14 Tomcat, where the fuselage's topside appears flattened out and connected to variable wings. In addition to the external gun pod, built-in weapons include beam weaponry, head-mounted lasers and a large knife (for use in GERWALK or Battroid modes) that can be enforced by the fighter's own pin-point barrier system.

External equipment (FAST Packs and the like) can be added on to improve craft capabilities in some manner. Of note is that the real-life mechanical designer, Shōji Kawamori, deliberately gave the VF-25 a slim profile to allow transformations to GERWALK or Battroid modes occur with full armor packs still attached; this is in stark contrast to most of the earlier variable fighter designs, in which they had to be ejected first due to being physically obstructive. Functioning as the "ejection seat" is the pilot's worn flight-capable EX-Gear powered exoskeleton, which usually stays linked to the cockpit systems.

Copying real-world naming nomenclature, the deployed variants of the VF-25 have differing designations, outlined below.

[edit] Variations

* VF-25F: Baseline model. Can be equipped with either a Super pack or an Armored pack.
* VF-25G: Sniper variant, with different head design. Gatling gun replaced with a sniper rifle-like weapon. Harpoon system present for latching onto suitable surfaces. Can be equipped with a Super pack.
* VF-25S: Commander variant, with upgraded systems across the board. Can be equipped with an Armored pack.
* RVF-25: Electronic warfare variant, with such systems found onboard including a rotating rotodome radome. Head design also differs from standard. This fighter can be used to control Ghost drone fighters. Can be equipped with a Super pack.
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AIRWOLF AH-430 upgrade

Model 430
Announced 1991
First Flight 1994-10-25
Certified 1996-02-23
Delivered 1992-11 1996
Seats 2 (pilot & copilot) passengers 2 + 6–8
Height 12.24 ft (3.73 m)
Fuselage length 44.09 ft (13.44 m)
Rotor diameter 42.0 ft (12.80 m)
Length overall 50.26 ft (15.32 m)
Engine (2x) Rolls-Royce 250-C40B
Power (2x) 783 hp (584 kW)
Max speed 140 kts (161 mph, 260 km/h) 140 kts (161 mph, 260 km/h)
Climb rate ~1,600 ft/min (8.13 m/s) n/a
Service ceiling 15,500 ft (4,724 m) 14,600 ft (4,450 m)
Hover ceiling 12,400 ft (3,780 m) 11,350 ft (3,459 m)
Fuel Capacity 188+ US gal (710+ L) 188+ US gal (710+ L)
Range 378 nmi (434 mi, 700 km) 324 nmi (372 mi, 600 km)
Max Take-off Weight 5,304 lb (2,406 kg)
Maximum Lift 9,299 lb (4,218 kg)
Serial Numbers 49001 – 49123+\
Range 950 miles (armed crew of 3)[12]
Midair refuel capable[12]
1,450 miles long range (crew of 2)[12]
Ceiling 11,000 feet unpressurized[12]
89,000 feet pressurized[12]
Speed 300 kn (560 km/h/350 mph) (conventional)
Mach 1+ (turbo thrusters)[12]
Mach 2 (max speed)[citation needed]
Guns 30 mm Cannon (×2)[13]
.50 BMG Chain guns (×4)[12]
Firing up to 40 rounds per sec.
Firing up to 40 rounds per sec.
AGM-12 Bullpup missiles (×2)[12]
AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles (×12)[12]
AIM-95 Agile missiles (×4)[12]
AGM-45 Shrike missiles [13]
M712 Copperhead shells (×?)
FIM-43 Redeye missiles (×?)
AGM-65 Maverick missiles (×?)
AGM-114 Hellfire missiles (×?)
Red Laser
Defense Sunburst anti-missile Flares (×10)[12]
Bullet-proof armoured fuselage[13]
Learning flight/combat computer[14]
Radar/Radio Jammer[13]
90% Radar absorbent skin[13]
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FFR-41MR/FRX-00 Mave

UAV prototype designed to replace the Super Sylph and human pilots for tactical reconnaissance, during a test flight, the Yukikaze AI is transferred to the FRX-00. In order to control this AI, a cockpit and limiters were installed for human use. Its equipment consist of a 20 mm Vulcan cannon, 6 hardpoints, (2 in the rear fuselage and 4 in the wings) and one hardpoint for jettisonable fuel tank under the fuselage. The FFR-41 also has a device on board that causes its skin to begin glowing and flashing in the same manner as a JAM fighter, which makes it difficult for JAM units to recognize it as an enemy unit (essentially, IFF spoofing).

An interesting facet of the Mave's design is the complete separation of the primary lifting surface from the main body. The forward swept wings are able to rotate 360 degrees on a free-axis joint against the primary airframe (theoretically allowing the Mave to pivot its payload at low-airspeeds in any direction up or down). The wings also have the ability to rotate 40 degrees downward, parallel with the body or up to 100 degrees upward, inward against the body. By using a combination of the two, new aerodynamic profiles can be created, such as the total inversion of the primary wing surfaces from a forward swept wing to an upside down configuration of delta-wings (As seen in episode 4). During this, it shouldbe noted that the same weapon rails positioned beneath the wing are also positioned above the wing so the loadout of the Mave can potentially be increased a further two though this would result in new stress problems for the air-frame. These overwing stations can be dual-rail pylons unlike single-rail on past fighters like the English Electric Lightning or the SEPECAT Jaguar. In addition two small stations are alongside the center station which can be used for two short range Air-to-air missile. In a pure Combat air patrol mission 6 short range missiles, 4 long range missiles, and 3 fuel tanks can be equipped.

For reconnaissance missions it is equipped with several optical sensors arranged under the main fuselage, a homage to the RF-4C Phantom II.

For special missions a solid-state laser pod was developed for the unmanned FRX-99 Rafe which can be modified for the Mave if needed.

* Accommodation: Two (FFR-41); Zero (FRX-00)
* Length: 18.0 meters
* Wingspan: 14.52 meters
* Height: 6.28 meters
* Weight: standard takeoff weight 11, 860 kilograms; maximum takeoff weight 34, 220 kilograms
* Powerplant type: FNX-5011-D-20 Phoenix Mk XI turbofan x 2, later refitted with FNX-5011-D[VC] x 2
* Powerplant output: 10, 220 kilograms; afterburner 14, 930 kilograms
* Speed:
o Cruise Speed: Mach 1.75 (altitude 17, 700 meters)
o Maximum Speed: Mach 3.3 (altitude 17, 700 meters)
* Fuselage Load Limit: 9 G +
* Maximum altitude: 24, 800 meters
* Armament: 20 mm Vulcan cannon x 1; 1 x wet center station; 2 x off-center stations; 2 x wet inner-wing stations; 2 x outer-wing station; 2 overwing stations
* Fuel:
o Internal: 9,000 lb (4,100 kg)
o External: center fuel-tank 4,700 lb (2,100 kg); wing fuel-tank 3,000 lb (1,400 kg)
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"Commencing the New Age of the "Deimos Girls", Tanit-Isis offers the ideal guide to the Calendar's challenging new concept. Sexy, dangerous and dreamlike!"…

Model: Tanit-Isis :icontanit-isis: (me)
Photographer: John Tsilidis

Copyright DeimosComics. All rights reserved.

*Visit also :icondeimosgirls: for exclusive photos,mothly contests & much more cool stuff!*
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Yep yubel! Not as accurate as Jinzo but still epic! 8D I'm still not much of a GX fan but I DO have a Yubel card soo XD

I did not make this nor do I take credit. I just like to watch Yubel send creepers to the nether .w.
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My Supergirl cosplay.

I have always been a fan of Michael Turner' work, especaily how beautifully he made women. My favorite of thoose being Supergirl. So I've wanted to make this cosplay for a long time.

But what makes my Supergirl unique is the fabric. The fabric this costume is made out of is the EXACT fabric used in the movie "Superman Returns" I have a friend in the business that was able to hook me up. So this is every costumers dream is to have the exact fabric. Even my logo is cast from one of logo's used in the movie. (we just shrunk it a bit)

Unfortantly I at this time do not have any close ups of this costume, so that you can see the details. There are so many little details in this costume that really make it so much more beautiful in person.

I <3 this costume.

Supergirl is copyright DC comics

This Photo was taken at Jtown Christmas Gathering, Jtown,SF,CA

photo copyright me
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stap 4
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--Photo by Julia Wawawa--

This is a photo of my cosplay of Morrigan from the video/ pc game Dragon Age: Orgins

I really love it and plan on doing more
Morrigan and Dragon Age: Orgins copyright by BioWare

This photo was taken in JapanTown,SF, CA at AOD 2010
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Bueno Como no e tenido tiempo de hacer muchas..
Expongo algunas Ultimas.. :D ... Son algunas que realize a finales de Mayo y principios de Junio.. :D ..

Al Rato Traigo unas nuevas.. :P ...
Espero le agrade esta tagwall.. ^^

si es asi.. pongan :+fav:
no muerde ni te orina ni nada.. : P ...


Te animas ? --> [link]


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