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Mikayla sat on the bed as she looked around curiously, Bruce walked over to her and sat across from her.

"I'm going to teach you parts of the body..." Bruce said.

Mikayla looked at Bruce a bit confused.

"I am a man, and my name is Bruce" Bruce said pointing at himself, "And you are a women, and your name is Mikayla" Bruce said.

"B-Bruce... T-The m-man..." Mikayla said pointing at Bruce, "I-I am a women... a-and m-my name is M-Mikayla..." Mikayla muttered.

Bruce smiled nodded his head.

"Eyes..." Bruce said pointing at his eyes than Mikayla's eyes.

"E-Eyes..." Mikayla muttered softly pointing at her own eyes.

Bruce nodded his head, "Nose..." Bruce said pointing at his nose.

"N-Nose..." Mikayla pointed at her nose.

Bruce chuckled as he than pointed at his mouth, "Mouth..." Bruce said.

"M-Mouth...?" Mikayla muttered touching her lips.

Bruce nodded his head, "Your doing great" Bruce gave Mikayla a thumbs up.

Tony suddenly walked into the room, "So hows the teaching going?" Tony asked looking at Bruce and taking a sip of his scotch.

"It's going good" Bruce said.

Mikayla giggled as she bopped Bruce's nose and giggled.

Tony chuckled, "Thor's here... And uh... I think he might recognize Mikayla so you might want to hide her..." Tony said.

Bruce sighed as he helped Mikayla up, "You have to be quiet..." Bruce said gently pushing her into the closet.

Mikayla looked at Bruce curiously but sat down sighing.

Bruce closed the closet doors just as Thor walked into the room.

"May I see the body?" Thor asked looking down sadly as he took off his helmet looking at Bruce.

"I can't let you..." Bruce muttered softly.

"Why not?" Thor asked.

"I-I uh... I disposed of it..." Bruce muttered.

"Disposed of it?! Did you just throw the body in the trash?! Show me the body!" Thor cried.

"I can't..." Bruce sighed.

"Why not!?" Thor growled angrily.

Mikayla suddenly stepped out of the closet, "N-No m-more..." Mikayla covered her ears not wanting to hear anymore yelling.

"You weren't supposed to come out..." Bruce sighed.

"S-Sorry..." Mikayla muttered softly as she looked down sadly.

"Who's that? She looks like...." Thor gasped walking up to Mikayla as he cupped her cheeks, "Oh Mikayla!" Thor smiled happily hugging her tightly.

Mikayla looked up at Thor curiously as she tried to pull away.

"I thought she was dead! And she's so much older! And she looks so much like Loki!" Thor smiled kissing Mikayla's forehead.

"Have you told ________ and Loki?" Thor asked looking at Bruce.

"Leave..." Bruce said sternly.

"Have you told them that Mikayla is alive?" Thor asked.

"I said leave now..." Bruce growled.

"You haven't told them... haven't you? You want to keep her and raise her yourself! Well that's not your damn choice Dr. Banner!" Thor shouted angrily at Bruce.

Bruce turned away wincing as his eyes turned a tinge of green.

"She is ________ and Loki's daughter! Not yours!" Thor shouted.

Bruce screamed angrily at Thor as he winced falling to the floor, Bruce clenched his fists as his skin were now a bright green.

"We're leaving!" Thor growled grabbing Mikayla.

Mikayla began crying as she pushed Thor away falling backward, she backed away from Thor hiding behind the bed sobbing, Mikayla was so overwhelmed by all the yelling as she just covered her head.

"No hunny, please don't cry..." Thor begged.

Bruce roared turning into The Hulk as he grabbed Thor throwing him out the window.
Mikayla screamed hiding under the bed.

The Hulk roared angrily but sighed panting heavily looking around the room, The Hulk sighed as he gently lifted the bed seeing Mikayla sobbing, The Hulk gently took Mikayla in his hands.

Mikayla gasped as she stared at The Hulk sniffling.

The Hulk gently moved her hair out of her face as he smiled at her.

Mikayla blushed not looking scared at all as she kissed The Hulk's cheek hugging him tightly.

The Hulk smiled holding her close.

Thor suddenly grabbed Mikayla and hit The Hulk with his mighty hammer and disappearing with Mikayla.
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                    Loki's POV
    I watched as ________ tossed and turned in her sleep. She seemed restless and in pain. Something had been off with her all day. She gripped her teddy bear and moaned in her sleep. Her (h/l)(h/c) was tangled and sweat covered her forehead. She looked like she was in great pain.

    I checked up on all the Avengers every once in awhile. Sometimes caused a little trouble for them. Thor was a fool for thinking that the prison could hold me. Had he forgotten the last time I was in a cell.
    _______ moaned again pulling me out of my thoughts and back to the scene in front of me. ________ was tossing and turning, tangled in the sheets. I wished there was something I could do for her. Even though she was a mortal there was something different about her, something I couldn't quite place.

    "L-loki, what the....." a voice said groggily. Damn! I must have let my invisibility slip
                            your POV
    You couldn't sleep. You ached all over and your head was pounding.
You tossed and turned, and gripped your teddy tightly. When you were little you would have days like this but not very often. Recently they had gotten more frequent and worse. They also came with crazy hallucinations.

    You suddenly shot up in bed, your head pounding. You rubbed your eyes and looked around, you thought you had heard something. You suddenly noticed a figure standing by your bed and quickly recognized it.
    "L-loki. What the....." Great just great another hallucination, and this time of Loki himself. This was even worse then the loud rainbow floating around screaming "The British are coming! The British are coming!"
   "What are you dong here?" You snapped at the god staring at you.
   "You seemed like you were in pain," he replied sharply
   "So you were watching me? Creeper much?" You basically screamed at the God.
   "Don't question my actions, mortal. I do what i want," he said harshly.
   "It's still creepy"
   "Do you want my help or not?"
   "Help? Tell me why I need help exactly?"
   "You're in pain. Are you not?"
   "I am. But I don't think you can help"
   "You doubt me, mortal?" He said slowly sitting down down next to your bed. You laid down and rolled over to the edge of your bed and looked at Loki.
   "What are you doing down there?"
   "uhhh..... how exactly?"
   "shhh," he whispered putting his finger over your mouth.
 You looked down at his finger cross eyed "Your hand is cold," you mumbled. Weird. You could feel him, but he was just a hallucination.
    "Just try to sleep" Loki said forcefully, staring at you with his piercing eyes.
You nodded and pulled the blanket up, curled up and closed your eyes. You felt Loki's finger slip away from your lips and felt his cold fingers intertwine with yours.
  "mmm," you mumbled slowly drifting off.
  "Sleep well dear," you heard Loki whisper as you blacked out.

    You stretched and rubbed your eyes. You looked over the edge of your bed. No Loki. You were sure glad that hallucination was gone, well somewhat. A part of you wished he had stayed. You felt something for the god you weren't sure what. You liked being around him, well sometimes. You didn't really know how to explain it he just made you feel...... funny.
     You glanced over at the clock, it was already 10:30. You should probably get up. You dragged yourself out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen. mm what was for breakfast today? You asked yourself. How about tea. You brewed yourself a cup of your favorite tea and sat down at the breakfast bar. You slowly sipped at your tea letting the warm liquid run through you, waking you up ever so slowly.
  "I have a message for you Miss ______" JARVIS said.
  "Yes?" You said sleepily
  "You have been invited to the SHIELD ball this evening. Will you be attending?"
  "Sure" why not? the Avengers were bound to be there. It would be one of the only chances you would ever get to talk to them
   "It's black tie"
   "Thank you JARVIS." You replied dryly. Ugh you hated dressing up. This should be fun..

part 1: you are here
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:
part 5:
part 6:
part 7:
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Ok, in case someone doesn't know (Everybody knows, Kaiso. Shut up.)
(y/n) - your name
(l/n) - last name
(e/c) - eye colour
(h/c) - hair colour
(f/c) - favourite colour

And ugh, this is my first ever fanfiction in english (I wrote some in polish... But only a few, so I'm not very experienced), so please, be gentle? And I'd be very greatful for showing me grammar mistakes, like I said, I haven't written in english yet.


You’re standing on the street of New York, don’t really know what to do. You just wanted to have a walk to your favourite restaurant, like thousands of people do, when all that… Chaos, happened. Large, blue hole in the sky, aliens with super-mega-hyper-whatnot guns flying around and destroying everything, cars crashing around you, people screaming and running in unidentified directions… So you just begun to scream and run somewhere too, with the crowd. But suddenly, one of those aliens showed up, with clearly not friendly intentions. Unsure of what to do, you just hid behind the car, when the alien started to shooting at innocent people… So now you’re standing here, on the street, behind the car, and you HAVE TO do something! That creature is killing people! Suddenly, you have the idea.  You take a small rock lying on the ground, throw it at the alien, and quickly hide again, before it can see you. Great plan, if not the one, small detail – it didn’t even notice a rock hitting its body… ”Worth a try I guess… Ugh. What to do, what to do, oh (y/n), think!” you whisper to yourself, looking around with desperation. You don’t have any fancy, fighting skills, so even the knife in your pocket is useless, because you just don’t know how to attack the alien… Suddenly, your sight meets the interior of the car in front of you. The hell is metal pipe doing in there… But you don’t care, you just take the pipe in your right hand, the knife goes to the left hand, and as quietly as you can, you run to the creature. It is turned to you it’s back, so it doesn’t see you at all. You have no idea how is this built, so you just hit it with your pipe, in the place you think its neck is. The creature falters, so you don’t waste your time, and dig the knife in the same place, as quick and deep as you can, and do it again, and again… It falls in front of you. ”Did it… Die?” you think, looking at the creature. Well, even if not, it’s unconscious, or not able to move, so, success! You still feel adrenaline in your veins, so not thinking much, you bend down over the alien, and with fast move, whip the gun off it. Thanks goodness, that you know at least basics about guns, so you just explore it, wondering how to use it. Finally, you reach a thing that feels like a trigger or something, so you point the gun at one of aliens flying above you on that flying-platform thingy, and pull the trigger. ”Yes! It works! It works!” you think, seeing a blue beam, hitting the alien with spectacular flare. You’re starting to get excited, because you just learned how to use a space gun (woohoo!), but soon your thoughts come back to the action, because the aliens seemed to notice you. Probably the fact that some of them landed their platforms and point their guns at you, is a good clue that they did… ”Quick! Quick! Quick!” you think, running to hide behind the nearest car. You know that hiding won’t help you survive, you have to attack… Fast. You incline from behind the car, and shoot, quickly hiding again, avoiding the creatures’ shots. Impossible! You got one!  So, the next one. Incline again, this time you got two of them. And, this way, you’re alone again, can’t believe in your luck, and panting hard from the effort. You just killed an alien… Not even one alien, a few of them! And you aren’t even hurt! How did it happen? How did you do that? You don’t know, but you suddenly realize, that you’re standing in the middle of a street. Sure, there are cars here, but it isn’t very good place to hide and fight anyway, so you look around, looking for something better. Oh, there, a building. Building with columns, balconies and places to hide… Perfect! You quickly run there and hide behind one of the columns, waiting for the aliens to show up. You don’t have to wait long, so you just shoot at every alien that you can see trying to stay hidden, what goes quite well, considering the fact that the creatures didn’t seem to notice where are you. Of course you miss some of them, it’s not like you are suddenly a perfect gunman, but still, it seems that you killed quite a lot. Things go well, you are still shooting, they still didn’t find you… You even started to get bored… No, just kidding, shooting at aliens not knowing will you survive to the next day is pretty interesting way to spend time. Just to be sure, you move from one column to another sometimes, it’s a large building, you’re in the center of New York after all. Suddenly, something interesting happens! You see a small, gold and red figure, flying above the street. You know who it is, of course, everyone does. Famous, genius billionaire, Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. But it’s not the important part, the important part is, that quite a lot of aliens is flying behind him, trying to get him. You let out a small sight, before you point your gun at them, and start to shoot. You’re not even hiding much anymore, what sense does it make, when you just shoot like that at them? Well, you get their attention for sure, your plan to help Mr. Stark was great, just brilliant, considering the part that the aliens goes to you, shooting of course. They get the column, so you hide behind other one… The building won’t stand this, and you know it. You have to run before it collapses. You have nowhere to hide, they will kill you… You’re still shooting, trying to not think about the fact you’re probably a dad man already. But they get closer, one of the shots just barely misses you, hitting the car nearby. A piece of glass from the car digs in your leg, filling you with pain, and letting you feel the blood that flows from it, some other (but smaller) pieces cut your arm and back, not harming you much, but it still hurts, and probably bleeds a bit. You fall, actually surprised, that you weren’t hurt earlier… You’re lucky. But your luck won’t be really useful now, when you fall you know it’s over, they’re too close to even try to continue shooting. It’s over… ”Nice death” - you think, closing your eyes - ”Badass…”. You just keep your eyes closed, waiting for the death. But… It doesn’t come. You hear a loud noise just next to you instead, so you quickly open your eyes. And here he is, the Iron Man himself, fighting them, protecting you with his suit, standing before you. Iron Man… Protecting you… Wow! You just barely missed the death, but that doesn’t matter, you just met Iron Man and he’s fighting with you, it’s so exciting! Just… Wow! But wait, fighting WITH you… You’re not doing very good job with that, are you? You quickly pull out a glass from your leg, and reach for your gun, but before you even try to get up with it, he’s done. All of the aliens dead. You sigh with relief, as he turns to you, and shows you his face.
-You OK kid? – are his first words. You just nod, filled with too many emotions to say anything – Well then… When you do it with an alien, always use good protection!
It seems that he wants to cheer you up a bit, before asking questions like “Who the hell are you and what do you think you’re doing?!”. Even though the joke is stupid, your head is so tired and confused, that you can’t help but laugh quietly.
-So… We don’t really have much time, ya know, city under attack and stuff, have to go… I guess I’ll see ya later, kid.
-Wait! – you say quickly.
-Oh, so you can talk! What is it?
- Can I help? You know, I kinda just shot a bunch of those creatures…
- And almost died. – Iron Man reminded you, but you didn’t answer that, looking at him without much expression – Well… Do you have any… Qualifications?
- Enough to use it. And help. – you said, pointing at the gun in your hand, standing in provocative pose and smirking. Mr. Stark look at you with hesitance, but it seems your military combat trousers, (f/c) T-shirt with a skull on it and black, leather jacket made you look more experienced and competent, because he shrugged, and made a step towards you.
- Ok kid, get ready. – he said, embracing you and letting his mask down.
- Adventuuurrrr! – you let out an exited cheer raising your fist, and heard a small chuckle from Mr. Stark, before your feet left the ground.
Polish translation

Next chapter

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy
But I wrote a fanfiction
So read it maybe?

So... I wrote a fanfiction. DDDDD:
Gosh I'm scared, it's my first time with writing in english. ;___; I'm sure I made lot's of grammar mistakes that I didn't notice and ugh. ;-;
So, um, tell me... What do you think? Is my writing so bad, that it burned your eyes (I'm sure it's possible)? D:
And maybe... Do you want me to continue this (I know it's horrrrrriblee, no chances for anyone liking it)? I kinda just finished this, so chapter 2 doesn't exist yet. I don't even know how to pull the plot, or anything, but if you want me to keep writing (LOL no chance) I'll figure that out. :D

Ps. I'm not very good at titles, sorry for that, but I kinda like this one.
Ps.2. I guess I'll make a preview image for it someday, if anybody will like the story.

All The Avengers characters © Marvel
You © Your parents and you (I guess...)
I own nothing except the story. ;-;
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Before you start, if you want to keep your good mood don’t read it. It is to be sad.

Cold. So cold. Why am I so cold? You can’t stop shivering, you’re freezing… Why is so damn cold in here? This stupid house is supposed to be warm, it’s the end of august. It isn’t so cold outside after all. Sure, there is wind and it isn’t sunny at all, but not that much, you’re inside, why is here so cold? You try to warm up a bit, snuggling in your blanket, but that doesn’t work at all, you’re still shivering. You can even feel that piercing cold in you damn bones… What’s wrong with me?!

Yeah, what is wrong with you? Is it because you’re alone? Is it because nobody’s here to warm you up? Is it because you lost your hope? Hope is good thing to warm someone up in a cold afternoon like this. Warm, fluffy hope. But you don’t have yours, do you? Look at you. Alone, nobody wants you, and nobody will ever want. You’ll stay like this until your death, cold and alone, won’t you? Oh, no, don’t cry… Don’t cry… You have your friends, right? Oh yeah, right, forget it, you don’t. Not even one friend to hug you, pretty sad, huh? Alone. Cold. Sad. Cry… Nobody hears you.

-I hear.

You raise your teary, (e/c) eyes, just to see a man next to you. You don’t know how did he get here, what is he doing here, why did he come, how did he hear that creepy voice in your mind. But it doesn’t matter, ‘cuz you recognize him immediately. Long, black, swept-back hair. Pale skin. Piercing, green eyes, looking straight at your (e/c) ones. He has a shirt in emerald green, and black, formal-looking trousers.

-Lo… Lo... Loki…? – you ask, your hoarse, weak voice shakes, when you try to say anything.

-I’m here.

-Wha-at… What you…

-Shh, calm. I’ll stay with you.

And before you can say anything, he just picks you up bridal style, sits on the couch on which you were lying, and sit you at his lap. Just like that. You feel his warm body around your, his hands around your waist, it’s so warm, so good, it feels like you were suddenly in heaven… You hug him tight, not wanting to let go. He hugs you too, he really does… You rest your head on his shoulder, tears begin to fall again. You’re not sure why are you crying. Is it happiness, sadness, fear? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters now, are his arms, his warm body around yours… He doesn’t say anything, although your tears wet his shirt. Only that “shh”, it’s the only thing you hear from him. He starts to dandle you a bit, and whispers some soothing words to your ear. His voice, so smooth, like a silk… You slowly fall asleep, tired of all that sadness and crying. The last thing you hear, it’s his beautiful voice, saying the most beautiful thing…

-Goodnight, (y/n). I love you.

You want to say that you love him too, but you fall asleep before you can even open your mouth.


You slowly open your eyes, groaning quietly. The pain in your neck reminds you, that you fell asleep on your couch. Suddenly, all that comes back to you. Crying, sadness, cold… Loki. Warmth. You look around, but you’re alone. Everything looks normal, not even one sign that he was here… You get up, looking around, calling his name. His wonderful name. But he doesn’t answer, like he never was in here. And it suddenly clicks in your head, it is the truth. He was never here. It was just your imagination… Your damn mind created him. Why? Does your own brain hates you that much? Why did it happen? Why do you have to go through this? Why?! You fall at the floor, not even thinking about getting to the couch. Tears fall, you don’t even try to stop them, you can’t. You can’t do anything. You don’t have control, it was gone along with the hope… You’re lying on the floor, shivering. Nobody hears you, nobody cares about you. You’ll stay like this until your death. Alone.


Ok, it's sad and stuff, don't read it if you don't want to be sad.
I warned.

So... Basically, Loki x reader one shot, I felt like wrighting today.
Does only my days look like that? Probably.
Well, except of that voice thingie, and Loki appearance of course. I'm not that lucky.
Yeah, yeah, I know, everyone keeps telling me "It's your age, wait, you'll feel better". I know. I'm just sad, I needed to write it, it's all. Ok? Ok.

Hope you enjoy anyway.
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Thor loosened his grasp on you and you pushed yourself on the ground. You weakly crawled towards the Iron Man suit that had bunch of disconnected wires coming out of its broken surface and your eyes were filled with tears assuming Tony was dead. You saw Thor growling and shooting himself directly towards Loki without a word and they started fighting each other, not playfully like brothers but as true enemies going for the lives of one another. As you saw Loki fighting Thor with his scepter on top of his chariot, you put your hand in your ear to talk to the rest of the Avengers for help.

“Steve! Steve, Loki is here! Please, we’re very close to the Stark tower and it’s on my north. P-please, Tony is…” you couldn’t finish your sentence and held your right hand on your mouth trying to keep the pain within.

“We’re coming ____(y/n), Bruce is in our perimeter we’ll bring the whole party there!” Steve shouted vividly.

You held Tony’s helmet tightly and pulled out its face with ease and threw it to the side to see Tony’s serene image and closed eyes, a thick stream of blood was flowing down his cheek into his open mouth. You growled viciously and started feeling hatred towards Loki who’d been fighting Thor while laughing happily. You saw that Steve and the two inseperable S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were running towards your direction and killing alien soldiers at the same time. You caught agent Barton’s unswerving disgust after he spotted Loki’s figure. He calmly shot an explosive arrow toward him and it gracefully landed on Loki’s cape, the God of Mischief was totally tossed to the side with the force. Thor took this advantage and threw Mjolnir on top of him and disabled him from moving.

Steve fell on his knees by you and looked at Tony’s figure, his eyes immediately narrowed and his lips curled into sadness before he put his hand on his neck to check for his pulse. You saw Natasha running down to Loki’s direction while Clint joined the circle around him but kept fighting as well. You saw that Thor kicked the scepter form Loki’s hand almost a block away, he seemed like he was tired of Loki’s games.

“No pulse ____(y/n)… I’m so sorry…” Steve’s voice broke and his eyes turned red with tears. Your arms were pulsing and swelling with the mixture of feelings you’d been feeling, an odd idea popped in your mind and you swiftly pulled out a dagger from one of the straps going around your waist.

“Don’t worry” you told Steve and cut your arm without hesitation; it started bleeding and spread down your arm.

“____(y/)! What are you doing?” Steve freaked out and stared at you with amazement and confusion. You put your arm right before Tony’s face and your blood dripped into his mouth, mixing with his own blood flowing down his head.

“I have Valkyrie blood flowing inside me, it has healing powers” you said and tried to wrap up your wound but you only smeared it on your entire arm. Steve violently pulled out the other sleeve of your shirt and helped you cover it up. You heard a loud growl from your left side and the Hulk jumped down in the area all the Avengers and you were located, he looked around and stomped his feet—he seemed disappointed to see Loki already defeated.

You heard a cough and looked at Tony’s eyes that were now open. He blinked his eyes awkwardly and looked at Steve and then you with a questioning face. You saw his tongue going over his lips with a surprised expression. He froze for a moment before his robust voice echoed in your ears.

“Please tell me you French kissed me” he said and you laughed and hugged him at the same time. You were just so happy to hear him, no matter what he said. You wiped away your tears before Steve patted you on your shoulder.

“Good work ____(y/n). I’m proud of you” he said and turned around to hear the heated argument going over where Loki was laying down. The super soldier frowned and nodded at you before heading in that direction. You also got up on your feet and let out your hand to Tony. He took it and rose up, his Iron Man suit was reshaping and you saw the blue circle of light coming back alive and smiled at him. He blinked at you and you both headed towards Loki. The area felt oddly empty with the soldiers retreating for no reason.

You stood the farthest away from him and looked down at his battered figure, he grinned widely at all the Avengers. You saw Hawkeye coming over him and kicking him in his tummy, Loki only gave out a chuckle with the impact.

“I told you we had unfinished business, you son of a bitch” he said with resentment, after all you decided that he deserved to treat him this way adding on the fact that he almost killed Tony Stark. Thor frowned and looked at you, asking you to come over with his eyes. You shook your head in disapproval and he sighed.

“Where are your allies and why are you on Earth, Loki? You better tell me because I will not even blink before I kill you, brother!” Thor told him with his booming voice, you’d never seen him so angry he almost reminded you of Odin’s cold blooded figure when he told you about Skadi’s punishment.

“It does not matter. Asgard will soon fall and there’s nothing you can do. Midgard is only the beginning, Thor. Go tell your ‘father’ of the news” Loki said and laughed out in his insanity.

“Our plan is no secret. You cannot stop it. But I must admit I didn’t expect you to be so foolish to bring her here” he added and glanced over your figure. You kept your gaze on Steve and smiled at him. He was smiling back at you like he knew you were doing the right thing by keeping your eyes away from Loki’s poisonous green ones.

“What were you planning to do with ____(y/n)? What does Surtur have to do with all this?” Thor shouted once more. Loki’s laugh was silenced under the Hulk’s growl as he spotted another chariot coming down from the sky.

You saw the familiar wide grin on the red monster’s face, his golden armor shone under the bright sky and he slowly descended where all of you were standing with Loki under Mjolnir’s weight. You pulled out your bow and aimed between Thanos’ eyes. He tilted his head and smiled broadly at your figure that reminded him of the winter huntress.
Hello dear Loki lovers and Hiddlestoners,

THIS CHAPTER IS DEDICATED TO HAWKEYE :iconovariesplz::iconjeremyrennerplz::iconovariesplz: You bastard, I TOLD YOU I WOULD LET YOU BRING THE BUSINESS TO LOKI! Time to make up for chapter 16 :meow:

I am so freaking excited for this chapter I cant even just stay still! An epic cliffhanger as always my dears, I hope you enjoy it! And I guess this is good news for all those who were worried about our beloved Tony Stark’s fate… or is it really good news?

The Context: Thor doesn’t give Loki any breather and jumps to fight him without a word. The Avengers unite and you stare at Tony’s dead figure, but then a brilliant idea pops in your mind. You have Valkyrie blood that even regressed your condition after the Scepter’s essence had taken over you, taking this advantage you give Tony your blood and the beautiful blue lights of the arc reactor blink before it comes back on! Thanos comes into the scene now, what the hell is gonna happen? The Avengers are united and you are a fully capable Jotun huntress, we shall see in the next chapter! Oh, and does it feel like Loki was too weak in this fight? There’s actually a good reason for this you will eventually understand it all!

Please add this to your :+fav: because Tony Stark is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! You shoulda known that I wouldn’t dare to kill one of the men that I’m a hardcore fan of :icontonyreallyplz:

Previous Chapter Next chapterYou can also check the entire story at the HTK Gallery
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You quickly pushed Loki off of you and ran into the living room.

"Tony!? Bruce!? What happened!?" You shouted looking around.

Loki came up behind you rubbing his head trying to ease the pain, Loki looked around the room.

Tony ran out of the lab smiling innocently.

"Tony? Where's my little girl?" You asked as you suddenly heard the crying suddenly stop.

"I uh... uh.. Bruce and uh.... hm... Hulk he..." Tony looked down.

You pushed Tony out of the way and ran into the lab, there you saw standing feet away from you was The Hulk holding your baby girl close.

Tears were streaming down The Hulk's cheeks as he looked up quickly backing away and holding your baby girl close, though he tried to hide her in his arms.

"Brucie... what's wrong?" You asked looking at The Hulk worried.

"Hulk sorry..." The Hulk muttered.

"What are you sorry for?" You now looked extremely worried.

"Hulk hurt baby girl..." The Hulk sighed sadly.

Tears clouded in your eyes as you walked up to The Hulk, "Brucie, let me see my baby girl" You begged.

The Hulk shook his head, "______ will hate Hulk" The Hulk said.

"Please Brucie, just let me see her" You begged.

The Hulk slowly showed your little girl to you.

Your little girl just lay there not moving or breathing, she just lay there as if she was in a deep sleep that she would never end up waking from.

You took your little girl in your arms as tears streamed down your cheeks, "No... my little girl..." You began sobbing.

Loki walked into the room smiling, "What's going on?" Loki asked as he suddenly saw you on your knees sobbing heavily.

"No... please... I can't loose you..." You sobbed.

Loki looked at The Hulk than quickly kneeled down in front of you, "Darling?" Loki asked as he suddenly noticed that his poor little baby girl wasn't moving.

You looked up at Loki, "NO! She has to wake up!" You cried.

Tears clouded in Loki's eyes as he growled standing as he turned glaring at The Hulk, "You killed her!" Loki shouted angrily.

The Hulk looked down sadly as he slowly backed away from Loki sighing.

"You bring her back! Now! She is my daughter! She is my child! I cannot loose her!" Loki shouted angrily as tears streamed down his cheeks.

"Hulk didn't mean to kill baby girl" The Hulk sighed.

"Didn't mean to kill her! You stupid pathetic beast! You killed my daughter a-and now... and now..." Loki looked down sadly as tears streamed down his cheeks, "I didn't even get to spend that much time with her... I-I-I... I didn't even get to see her first steps yet..." Loki muttered.

You held your little girl close, you just couldn't let go of her, "Somebody just kill me..." You muttered softly.

"No! I can't loose you!" Loki turned looking at you sadly.

"B-But... m-my little girl is gone.. I.." You looked down sobbing even more.

"No! I can't loose my wife!" Loki cried kneeling down in front of you and gently lifting your chin, "Everything's going to be alright" Loki said kissing you passionately.

You pushed Loki away holding your girl close.

Loki took his little girl in his arms looking at her sadly, Loki kissed his little's girls forehead, "I love you my sweetie..." Loki smiled a bit before he gently lay his little girl on the bed, Loki turned around seeing you holding a gun in your hands.

More and more tears streamed down your cheeks as you pointed the gun at Loki.

Loki looked at you surprised, "Darling... please put the gun down" Loki begged.

"Why?! My little girl's dead and you seem to be acting fine!" You cried.

"I'm not fine... do you know how much I hurt right now... my heart just felt as though it shattered into millions of tiny pieces..." Loki muttered as more tears streamed down his cheeks.

You put your finger on the trigger looking at Loki scared.

"Darling... I know your hurting... but please... I promise you will get through this!" Loki said taking a step toward you.

You pulled the trigger but ended up hitting a lamp in the corner of the room, you suddenly saw Loki standing right in front of you as you put the tip of the gun to the bottom of his chin.

"So your going to kill me?" Loki looked at you hurt as his eyes were now beat red and his cheeks were now soaked with tears.

You looked at Loki not knowing what to say.

"So now your going to kill your family, your daughter is now dead and now you plan on killing me, your husband!" Loki shouted.

You flinched a bit, "Our daughters death was not my fault..." You cried as your hands began to shake.

"Do you love me?" Loki asked.

"Of course I do Loki..." You muttered softly.

"Than put the gun down..." Loki begged as he slowly leaned in kissing you passionately.

You pulled a small knife out stabbing Loki in the hip.

Loki quickly pulled back stumbling backward, Loki held his hip wincing as he looked at you sadly.

"I want the pain to stop..." You muttered softly as you slowly put the tip of the gun in your mouth.

"NO!" Loki cried.

You pulled the trigger but before you even could The Hulk tackled you grabbing the gun and throwing it out the window.

The Hulk held you close looking at you worried.

You screamed trying to push The Hulk away but he wouldn't let you go.
I am crying right now :C
But trust me it gets happier!!!!
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"Morning Lexi." I turned away from the kitchen counter to see Clint walking into the kitchen, his uniform already on. "Hey, Clint. You hungry?" Clint nodded. "Mmmkay. Jarvis? Can you make us some breakfast?" "Certainly Alexis." I sat down as the kitchen whirred to life, following Jarvis' unspoken orders. Me and Clint chatted about The Avengers training. He was teaching me how to use a bow and arrow and I was getting better. We trained together a lot and we had become good partners. I was also good partners with Natasha and Tony.

A couple of seconds later, Tony appeared in the kitchen, "Mm smells good." I looked at him, a smile indicating I wasn't being rude, "Then get Jarvis to make you some." He smiled back, the twinkle in his eyes telling me he could do this all day, "Why would I get Jarvis to do it when you could much more." I rolled my eyes, trying to hide the ever so faint blush on my cheeks. I finished my breakfast, put my plate in the sink and walked towards the door, "I'm going to train. Anyone who's ready is welcome to join me." Clint stood up, "I'll come, we can carry on with your lessons." I waited for him to join me then we walked to the gym.


"Relax your hand slightly, pull back the string and touch your mouth with your finger." I did what Clint said and waited for the next instructions. He stood behind me, "Relax your shoulders as well." He put his hands on my shoulders and lightly pushed them down. For the second time in the space of an hour, I tried to hide my blush. Clint stepped away, "Now...shoot." I breathed in and let go of the bow string. The arrow flew silently through the air and hit the center of the target. Despite my efforts, a grin lit up my face and I couldn't help but laugh a little. "Well done Lexi, you did it." Clint sounded very approving. "I think you can use a more equipped bow now." I looked at him, "Really? Great." At the moment I was using just a basic bow, nothing special. I had been itching to use a more intricate bow. I mean, Clint's collapsible double recurve bow had laser sight and several buttons, which he can use to select which type of arrowhead his custom quiver attaches to an arrow shaft. Mine did nothing like that. So, Clint promised that when I had learned the basics and proved I could handle an equipped bow, I could ask Tony to make me the bow of my dreams. Tony happily agreed and said he could even include Jarvis in it. I couldn't wait until that moment so I followed Clint into his personal weapons store.

My breath was taken away at the amount of different custom made bows and quivers. After 20 minutes of me looking at row upon row of the bows, Clint woke me from my daze, "Alexis, how about this one?" He held out a bow that had a targeting system and was capable of long range. I took it and hefted it's weight. Then I put on the quiver that Clint handed me. I loaded an arrow, swung around and shot one of the lights that hung from the ceiling. I heard Clint move and a couple of seconds later, a fake bird the size of a raven flew into the air. I shot it where it's heart would be. Clint threw five up, one after the other. I hit them as before and they landed on the ground. I looked at Clint and he was standing with his arms crossed and a grin on his face, "I'm impressed Alexis. I think you can get your own bow now. Let's go find Tony." Without thinking, I let out a squeal of happiness and threw my arms around his neck, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!" He wrapped his arms around my back and squeezed me tighter, "Your welcome Alexis. And I think we'd found your code name." I pulled away, my brows furrowed in confusion, "My codename? Huh?" Clint nodded, "Yep. It's so we can contact you without anyone knowing who you are. For example, mines Hawkeye...because I can see far away and hit anything." "Ohh. So, what's mine then?" Clint gestured to the fake ravens, "Black Raven." I smiled and felt as if I was now part of the Avengers.
This can easily be changed into a reader insert. Enjoy Avenger fans!!
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You were sitting in your bedroom, your bag in front of you when you finally heard the door bell ringing.

Finally! ,  you thought and jumped up. You ran to the door, unlocking it and swinging it open. You tightly hugged the tall man in front of you, his long and strong arms wrapping themselves around your body.

“There you finally are, Tom! I waited since an eternity!”

You pulled away from him to peck his lips, grabbing his hand and dragging him in, hearing a chuckle from him.

“You called me 10 minutes ago, love. I rushed here as fast as possible.”

You rolled your eyes in response. ALWAYS HE HAS TO BE RIGHT!
“If you say so.”  

Today was the big day. Tom invited you to a trip with him, Chris Hemsworth, Chis Evans, Scarlet Johansson, Robert D. Jr., Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner. He knew you loved to meet them. You allready know his “brother” Chris Hemsworth. They were almost inseparable. You wondered that Tom doesn’t call him every night before he went to bed.

You couldn’t wait to finally meet the others.

Today you had to go to the airport. They rented a private jet to fly around the world, and land everywhere they want. Though, some of their bodyguards are with you, but you were so excited. You’ll go to the most beautiful cities in this world with your most favourite actors.

You went to the bedroom and grabbed your bag. Tom was helping you with packing on Skype and you were honored to see his bare upper body through the webcam. Not that you didn’t see his whole body bare before, you just couldn’t get enough of this sight.

You turned to face him, giving him one of the hugest smiles you could offer.
“Thank you so much Tom. I still can’t believe this is going to happen.”

You almost couldn’t stop yourself from bouncing up and down in excitement.

Taking your hand, Tom lead you out of the apartment and after you locked the door you walked to his car together.

For a famous actor you thought he lead a really simple life. He owned a small car and a small house. He allready used the excuse it would be too big for him to live there alone.

You agreed to move in after the trip. You also don’t live in London, so you quit in your job and you’ll get another one in London when you are back.  For the last week
Tom lived in a hotel because there wasn’t enough space in your little apartment.

You met him every day. Usually he would come Friday evening and fly back to London Sunday night, but this time he was helping you with packing.

Tom quickly moved around his car, opening the door for you and then went into the driver’s seat. Soon, you were driving along the streets, making your way to the airport. Your eyes were glued on Tom.

“I am so happy you are coming with us darling. Chris was so excited when he heard you would come with us and so were the others. They can’t wait to meet you.”

You could feel your cheeks heating up. They are excited to meet you? You weren’t a movie star or an important person. So why would they be excited to meet you?


After you arrived at the airport, you followed Tom to the jet. Everyone else was allready standing there, talking eagerly. Probably they told their stories about what happened since they met the last time.

Chris was the first one who noticed you and Tom.  Or ‘Chris “Brickshithouse” Hemsworth’, as Tom called him during an interview. You kept teasing him with this name, and Tom always is pretty amused with that.

“Hey Tom! (Y/n)! There you are! We allready thought you wouldn’t come!” Chris yelled with a smile. Everyone turned to the two of you, and as soon as you appeared, Hemsworth pulled both of you into a bear hug.

“C-Chris…can’t…breathe…”  You barely could speak.

Gladly he heard you and let go again, slapping Tom’s back, who almost fell over.

You quickly were introduced to everyone and then you allready went into the jet. As you had expected, it was modern with much wood and leather inside. There even were a little bar, tables and a TV.

You heard many stories about what happened at the sets, like at “the Avengers”. The actors were all very friendly and funny. They kept talking to you, wanted to make photos with you and answered many of your questions. Stories were told about parties before, during or after work and it was awesome to listen to them. Short:

They are people everyone would love to hang out with.

Though, after a half day of fun and flying, there started everything…

You heard the pilot say there was some turbulence. The propulsion fell out.

You looked out of the window and your heart started racing as the jet was clearly out of control. Quickly the heavy machine lost height. You felt as if everything was a dream. The nervous talking around you were just muffled voices.

You could feel Tom’s arm wrapping around you, pulling you against him. He quickly stood up and walked to the seats with the seat belts. Your eyes were full of tears; are you going to die? This can’t be your end. Your life finally turned like you always wished for…

Suddenly the plane shaked as if something crashed against it and you jerked forward, hitting your head tightly at the seat before you.

You could hear Tom calling your name as you slowly faded into black silence.
So, Tom won the voting :') Have fun with the Story "Juressic Park".
The beginning sucks, but I hope next chapter will be better XD Have mercy with me, my whole Body hurts....
Have fun at reading :'D
( I am also not good at making preview pic's myself. So sorry it's crappy XD )
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The next morning

You awoke finding Loki fast asleep beside you, you smiled and kissed Loki's forehead, you got out of bed trying not to wake Loki as you slowly got dressed wrapping a fur blanket around you.

You opened the door of Loki's room walking into the hallway, you suddenly felt the floor turn ice gold as you gasped looking around curiously.

"Hello...?" You asked softly walking into the dining hall.

You suddenly saw King Laufey standing feet away from you, you gasped looking at him surprised.

You were about to scream for Loki when King Laufey walked up to you.

"I am not here to hurt you, I am just here to talk" King Laufey said sternly.

"What do you want to talk about...?" You asked softly.

"About you..." King Laufey chuckled, "You are pregnant and hold a child, A Jotun child" King Laufey smirked, look... I shall make you a deal..." King Laufey said.
"What?" You asked rolling your eyes.

"You give me your child when you have given birth... and I promise never to disturb or harm Asgard or Midgard" King Laufey smirked.

"First of all things" You smirked, "Why the hell would I trust you, second, I doubt that I'm pregnant, third, get out of here before I rip off your head with my own two hands" You smiled at King Laufey.

King Laufey gasped taking a step back.

"I suggest you take the deal my lady..." King Laufey growled.

"No!" You growled angrily.

King Laufey chuckled, "You know you are meant to me evil, destroy realms, torture humans" King Laufey smirked.

You looked at King Laufey rolling your eyes.

"Do you not believe me! Ask the All-father! You are just another weapon he has created! You are mean't to destroy my dear! Join me and I shall bring you to greatness! To power! I shall make everyone bow before you and fear you!" King Laufey smiled.

You took a few steps back.

"Come on! You know you want this!" King Laufey smirked.

"No! Leave!" You cried backing away into the door.

King Laufey walked toward you, "Think about... come and visit me when your ready my dear" King Laufey smirked gently lifting your chin.

You pushed his hand away.

"You have darkness within you, bestow this darkness upon others" King Laufey smirked before disappearing.

Suddenly Loki, Thor and Odin walked into the room.

"Where is he?!" Thor growled angrily as you quickly ran out of the dining hall.

"Darling...?" Loki asked worryingly as he followed you.

"Leave me alone Loki!" You shouted running into Loki's room looking extremely worried, there was no possible way that Odin created you for evil, to bestow darkness upon others.
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Tony has joined.


Thor: Is it you?

Clint: Tony?! :}D

Bruce: Stark?

Steve: Holy-

Natasha: Whoa.

Loki: Oh Gods no…

Tony: I’M BACK! ;D




Tony: Are you saying I was in Hell.

Steve: …

Natasha: Well, that escalated quickly.

Tony: Well it doesn’t matter what matters is I’M BACK

Loki: And none of us missed you.

Thor: Oh brother, I missed him! ^w^

Loki: …

Tony: Cute face


Tony: Wait what-

Bruce: I don’t know what happening D:

Natasha: Neither do I….





Natasha: Haven’t changed a bit…

Clint: Oh and Tony I met this girl and she was talking about you.

Tony: Orly?

Clint: Yeah she said you sucked.

Tony: Kill the bitch.

Loki: Well she speaks truth

Tony: Two bitches to kill :{D

Loki: I’m just….not going to respond anymore….

Bruce: That’s probably for the best.

Tony: Oh don’t worry Loki I’ll give you some tea later.

Loki: ….What’s that.

Tony: Oh nothing…. c:

Loki: Well it’s from you so I don’t trust it.

Tony: Awe, don’t be like dat~

Loki has left (Disconnected)

Tony: Oh I see how it is.

Thor: Do not worry, he is always like this.

Tony: Oh trust me I know

Clint: ;w;

Natasha: You guys are just…boring.


Tony: That’s not a sentence you hear every day

Clint: Guys if you’ll excuse me I am going to go to the alley to buy some unicorns.

Clint has left (Disconnected)

Tony: Wait what

Steve: Damn it Clint I wanted some unicorns

Tony: I want the pink one.

Steve: Awe I wanted the pink one :c

Natasha: What is happening to the human race.

Natasha has left (Disconnected)


Steve: HOW?


Thor: Well, it appears that I have not a clue what you are talking about. Therefore, I
shall leave. Farewell.

Thor has left (Disconnected)



Bruce: You guys know I’m the only one left, other than you two, right?

Tony: Yes and I thank you for that Hulkie.

Bruce: Seems even after a year your haven’t gotten rid of that nickname

Tony: And I never shall c:<

Bruce: Yeah well have fun being unicorn loners

Bruce has left (Disconnected)

Steve: I am NOT a unicorn loner.

Tony: Let’s get real here.


Steve has left (Disconnected)

Tony: Someone got up on the wrong side of the unicorn


Tony: Wait…

Tony: Damn it.

Tony has left (Disconnected)

Do you see this.

Just...just read it over and tell me if my eyes are deceiving me.

Is this a new Avengers in the Chatroom?


Holy SHIT I actually updated.

I had no motivation but then I started and I was like "Hey this is actually really fun." And then he said he was going to the alley to buy some unicorns I literally said that to someone the other day.

I have no life.


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