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Sunday, Day 4 of Comic-Con

Mon Jul 22, 2013, 12:35 AM
No matter how tired your feet are by what is actually Day 5 of Comic-Con, counting Preview Night, no matter how exhausted your body and empty your wallet, there's always a bit of sadness in the air when the last few hours of Comic-Con wind down.

In the deviantART booth, we witnessed something a little magical when the voice came over the loudspeaker to announce that Comic-Con was closed at 5:00 pm sharp, the remaining straggling attendees and exhibitors packing up stopped what they were doing and burst into applause. It was a mixture of relief, pride, and fulfillment of a successful convention.

Someone yelled, "See you in 365 days!" and there was a true moment of community with everyone in earshot. Sure, it's a sad sentiment, but it gives us all something to look forward to, and the months ahead will be filled with the happy memories of all we accomplished over the past week. Friends met that stop by every year, new friends, new properties to become fans of, new comic books to read and prints to hang on walls. It was truly an honor to have shared the past 5 days with everyone who stopped by our booth and anyone who wasn't able to make it but who have been following us on social media to share these special moments with us in the best way they can.

Thanks to everyone for making this week such a special, magical thing to be a part of. Until next year, everyone!

Comic Con 2013 58 By Makepictures-d6egn95 by LaurenKitsune
How many fandoms can you spot?

Comic Con 2013 64 By Makepictures-d6egnc6 by LaurenKitsune
Creating spectacular art on our Wacom tablets.

Comic Con 2013 69 By Makepictures-d6egnef by LaurenKitsune
Khaleesi and her Unsullied guards.

Comic Con 2013 41 By Makepictures-d6egmyi by LaurenKitsune
Staffers damphyr and IreneAdler76 captivate and terrify passing deviants.

Comic Con 2013 50 By Makepictures-d6egn4c by LaurenKitsune
Our dear Ayame-Kenoshi stops by to lend a helping hand and a warm smile.

Comic Con 2013 65 By Makepictures-d6egnct by LaurenKitsune
Just a terrifying Spider Queen from the makeup booth several rows down. No big deal.

Comic Con 2013 54 By Makepictures-d6egn6s by LaurenKitsune
Creating some crossover fan art, perhaps?

Comic Con 2013 40 By Makepictures-d6egmxp by LaurenKitsune
Full-contact art can have you breaking into a sweat. Creativity is serious business!

Comic Con 2013 62 By Makepictures-d6egnbe by LaurenKitsune
Sexy Sonic and Amy Rose! Only at deviantART, man!

If you missed any of our recaps, you can find them here: Wednesday's Preview NightThursday's Day 1, Friday's Day 2, and Saturday's Day 3

Thanks again for sharing our time at Comic-Con with us, even if you only visited via these Journals.

Follow along with Comic-Con as if you were actually here, as we recap each day's festivities!
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Fantastic 4 Reboot Film Has No Relation to the Comics
Remember how pissed off everyone got when they found out the studios cast a black actor as the Human Torch and a white actress for his sister Sue Storm? Well there apparently was good reason for them not clarifying why this brother and sister duo are bi-racial. That’s because nothing in the movie has anything to do with the comics. Period.

Apparently the director has thrown everything about the comics out the window. There likely won’t be any fancy costumes, the characters won’t be called “The Fantastic 4” in the movie itself, and no part of the plot is going to be related to ANY prior comic storyline. The actress for Sue Storm asked if she should read any of the comics to get caught up and the director told her “don’t bother.”

So, yup.... this is gonna be shit. At least we have an explanation now for the strange casting choices though.


Thor is a Woman
Another rather shocking unveiling this week was the announcement from Marvel that Thor is going to be a woman now. Announced on The View yesterday, a new female character is going to enter the series, be deemed worthy to wear the Thor armor and wield the hammer, and take over Thor’s role after he’s unceremoniously cast out as being unworthy.

“This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR." - Ryan Penagos Executive Editorial Director of Marvel

So technically Thor ISN’T becoming a woman, but a woman is coming in to take over his role and will be called Thor in his books as the main character.

I gotta say... I’m confused about this decision. On the one hand, I am thrilled they’re giving female characters more meaty roles and allowing them to be front and center like this... but on the other hand it’s just... ODD to cast out the main character of his own book to be supplanted by a female doppelgänger. I mean, her NAME is not Thor. Thor’s name is Thor. Thor is not his job title, that’s actually his NAME. So yeah, it feels weird to have a female character who isn’t Thor coming into his own book, taking his place, and calling herself Thor instead. That would be like if a woman took over Iron Man’s armor and called herself Tony Stark.

And of course part of me knows that this isn’t a permanent thing. She isn’t going to be Thor forever. Eventually the real Thor is going to get his powers back, and return to his place as the main character of his own series again. So... why go to all this trouble? If they wanted a female Thor, why not have her own series that’s separate? The whole thing feels like a shameless gimmick, and that rubs me the wrong way.

And then there’s the possibility that this is all an awkward attempt to give Todd McFarlane the middle finger. See, way back in the 90’s Neil Gaiman created a character known as Angela for Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series. Under contract agreements, Neil got to keep the character rights to anything he created, even if it was for someone else’s book. But when Neil asked for the rights, Todd kept refusing to give them back. After many legal battles ensued, Neil finally won back the rights to use Angela from McFarlane and worked with Marvel to reintegrate her into the Marvel canon as Thor and Loki’s long-lost sister. So there is a good chance that this new female Thor is actually Angela, and this whole publicity stunt is Marvel giving a big public “FUCK YOU” to Todd McFarlane.

If you’d like to know more about the whole Neil Gaiman/Todd McFarlane debacle, you should watch MovieBob’s 3 part series on the subject:
Part 1 - Comics in the 90’s What Happened?…
Part 2 - Marvel Mess…
Part 3 - Miracle, Man…

Of course that might not be the case. The info we’ve gotten about who the woman is is kinda sporadic and unclear. Some sources saying it’s someone Thor rescued and saved, others saying it’s an entirely new person. So who knows what’s truly up. We’ll have to wait for this whole thing to play out this October.

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Some people took interest in this from my last journal ( Spider-Man and the Avengers ) so I thought I’d try to explain it better here. Please keep in mind that this is a SUPER CONDENSED version of events that took place (starting 60 years ago) that led to the convoluted mess that is currently Marvel’s various film franchises. Also keep in mind that I will be using industry shorthand like saying “comic book industry” to refer to the American comic book industry giants of Marvel and DC, because that’s how we do things here. Anyway, here we go!


“Seduction of the Innocent” comes out (a moral panic book which blames comics for kid’s wayward negative behavior), massive book burnings and censorship of comics ensues. Old comics burned or lost, thus increasing the value of the few comics that remain.

The Speculator Boom

News starts hitting people that those old comics they bought for, like, 5 cents as a kid are worth MILLIONS now. Speculators get idea: Buy comics now under the assumption that comics would continue to appreciate in value (completely ignoring the fact that the rarity of those older comics is why they were valuable in the first place).

Marvel and DC realize speculators are buying their books, and so they start producing “special editions,” introduce new characters, kill off famous ones, all in an attempt to make their books appear like they’d be worth buying now for value in the future.


The speculator bubble bursts when people realize that the comics they’ve been buying aren’t rare, and thus aren’t valuable at all. The entire comics industry collapses. DC (which is owned by Warner Bros) is able to stay afloat, but Marvel is forced to file for bankruptcy.

To keep from closing, Marvel sells off the licensing rights to many of their franchises in package deals to big Hollywood studios. For example, FOX get X-Men, but that also means they own the concept of “mutants” and thus any character who is called a mutant in the Marvel universe even if they’re not regularly part of the X-Men. Some of the franchises sold off included Blade, The Punisher, Ghost Rider, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Man.

The Rise of Marvel Studios

As superhero movies start making lots of money, Marvel creates their own film studio and starts an ambitious project of “world-building” their various franchises, starting with Iron Man. The Incredible Hulk is sold back to Marvel after the first film (by Universal) bombs.

Disney buys Marvel and throws their weight behind Marvel’s large-scale film ambitions by attempting to buy back the rights to many of those dispersed franchises. Meanwhile, rival studios who own the other various rights to Marvel’s creations start to become worried. If the studios don’t keep making movies with Marvel’s characters, the rights could revert back to Marvel/Disney. This is why Fantastic 4 got a sequel AND a reboot, despite the poor box office, and why Sony is still clinging desperately to Spider-Man.

Present Day

As of right now, Marvel/Disney owns the rights to Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Punisher, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Blade, Black Panther, Daredevil, Elektra, Ant-Man, Cloak and Dagger, Dr. Strange, and Luke Cage. Marvel/Disney share the rights to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (due to a legal technicality that they’re often part of The Avengers) with FOX, so both studios get to use the characters in their films (which is why Quicksilver was in “Days of Futures Past”).

Future Plans

Disney/Marvel have partnered up with Netflix and plan to release a new Daredevil series to be followed by a Jessica Jones series, then a Iron Fist series, then a Luke Cage series, which will all come together into a “The Defenders” series where they all team-up. Sort of a mini-Netflix version of the larger marvel movie Avengers series.

Keep it in Perspective!

Wanna know why DC doesn’t have this same problem? Because DC is owned ENTIRELY by Warner Bros.

So, yeah, when you start hearing news about a series you like, please don’t jump to conclusions about “OH! They might be in Avengers 3!” and try to keep these weird legal ramifications in mind. For example: There IS going to be a new Deadpool movie. Deadpool, sadly, is owned by FOX and thus Deadpool will be in no way “connected” to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Another example: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be in Avengers 2, they just can’t legally mention that they’re “mutants” or mention Magneto.

Aren’t legal and licensing rights FUN?
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150 Points Giveaway plus 3 adoptables

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 2, 2013, 10:11 AM

This Giveaway will finish on December 25th ! 

So yeah, I decided to do this, well we did, it's only 150 Points but that's because we don't really have that much anyway! To apologize for not posting much?
The rules are simple:
Do NOT have to watch us because I would prefer people not watching me for this but because of my work *^* dignity (an artist's pride ye know)
Ummm, I guess you have to comment!!! 
Favorite our work
Again I'd prefer that you favorite because you actually like our art or writing! 
Favorite this journal!
That is all.... this is my first time....................... to do this you know..... 

Oh wait

There are also 3 adoptables which we're giving out for free...which were 120points each so...excluding the pink one which has already been brought! 

Adopt auction (Open) Starting at 120 points by XMajutsu-shiX

Ze end

Is that all? Wait, at least 50 people need to enter! :>

yahhh That's it!

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Unscheduled Leak
Just to be clear, movie companies often “leak” stuff online themselves as a way of generating interest and views for their various projects. However, in the case of the Age of Ultron trailer leak, this was clearly NOT done by Disney/Marvel’s PR department. Marvel had been planning to unveil the trailer next week during an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. That show, while doing pretty good, isn’t performing as well as they had hoped and scheduling the release of the big trailer reveal during the show would’ve given a much needed viewership boost. Marvel had it all calculated and planned out, and this leak severely handicaps those plans. So yeah, I don’t think this was intentional at all, and might explain why the trailer doesn’t look entirely “finished” either. Though to be fair, Marvel handled the leak gracefully with a single tweet: “Damn it, Hydra!”

The Age of Ultron Trailer

Can I just say how cool it is that Disney is allowing Marvel to use their song from Pinocchio “I’ve got not strings” in such a sinister and evil way? Benefits of being owned by Disney I guess...

I have a feeling this trailer isn’t complete. Like it’s just not fine tuned 100% yet, owing largely to it suppose to be released next week. I also kinda feel like the “impact” of showing all these Superheros all together again is a little... lost now. Like the big selling point for The Avengers was that incredibly iconic shot of Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Hawkeye standing in a circle as the camera revolved around them. That was HUGE at the time. But now? Seeing them all together again isn’t as... well... SHOCKING as it was then. So I think a lot of the “impact” for this trailer is kinda lost.

Likewise is the story. I have NO IDEA what’s going on in this trailer. I mean, ok sure, I DO know what the story of Age of Ultron actually is, but that’s because I’ve been reading up on industry gossip. A casual observer watching this trailer for the first time? What is the plot they get? How does this all fit together? A good trailer should be able to communicate and craft a mini-story through juxtaposed random shots. This, too, might not be Marvel’s fault but just Disney’s fault in general. Disney’s recent string of trailers for their movies have been... bad. They don’t explain ANYTHING yet we’re suppose to “get” what the story and plot is all about? (Good example, go watch the teaser trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out and compare it to the teaser trailer for, say, Monsters Inc. Even without showing the PLOT, you get an idea of what Monsters Inc is going to be about, whereas there’s only a vague HINT of a concept for Inside Out ).

A lot of people who have seen clips of Age of Ultron have remarked about how relatable a villain Ultron actually will be, and how smart and philosophical he is. Did NOT get that from the trailer as he quotes “I got not strings.” I’m sure it’ll be really good in the movie, but again the trailer kinda fell flat on that aspect too.

Then of course there’s just the fangasm reactions to a lot of the stuff shown. HOLY SHIT! THE HULK-BUSTER? COOL! BLACK WIDOW ON A MOTORBIKE BEING DROPPED FROM A JET? COOL! QUICKSILVER! SCARLET WITCH? NICK FURY? OH MY GOD!

Do not get me wrong. This movie IS going to be BIG. And it WILL change and mess with the Marvel Cinematic Universe even more than Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy ever did. And especially with what appears to be coming down the pipeline, this movie could potentially pave the way for some even MORE crazy and amazing things. Most definitely. Not gonna deny that, and I am looking forward to it!

I just don’t really feel like the trailer is doing as good of a job hyping me UP as it should be. I should be AS excited (if not MORE) about this movie than I was about the bazaar Guardians of the Galaxy trailers.
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! we've just reached 100 members, this is awesome!
thank you everyone for joining and submitting your amazing photography, I've enjoyed looking at all the beautiful photographs from all around the world!
To celebrate I'm going to give on of you lucky members 100 DA points,
to be in with a chance of winning these DA points, all you have to do it:
make sure you're watching this group and that you're a member too
fave this blog entry
leave a comment at the bottom (saying absolutely anything)
and I will be giving these points away tonight to one lucky artist!! :D
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--[This giveaway is closed!]--

Yep, it's another one of those shameless self-promotion contests or giveaways you see floating around deviantART. Except, this time, it's mutual! All participants of this shameless self-promotion giveaway will receive a single point (up to 1000 deviants) and a :+fav: on their best work! The top prize winner will receive 500 points, with two runners-up winning 250 points each. How do you enter? Read below!

How to Enter:
Add one (or more) of my following works to your favourites folder! :+fav:
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That's it! Winners will be announced April 28th 2013!


Please :+fav: one or more of the following works:
Spring is Coming III by PoultryChamp Good Flowers III by PoultryChamp Good Flowers I by PoultryChamp Japanese Maple by PoultryChamp Good Flowers II by PoultryChamp Orange Ranunculus by PoultryChamp

Thank you and remember to :+devwatch: for more giveaways!

EDIT: Thank you for entering! Due to the number of entries and speed of entries, I am unable to get your prize to you right away. If you're one of the first 1000 entrants into the giveaway your name will be written down and checked off as I go along giving out the points. This may take a couple days. If you wish to see your points sooner, you may send me a note and I will move you up on the queue. Please be patient and thank you again!
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Collection of all Loki DDs (Daily Deviations)

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 6:25 AM
Profile l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

This is a collection of all Loki Daily Deviations and I’ll try to keep it up to date. If I missed a Loki DD (related to Marvel Loki and/or Tom Hiddleston - submitted after the release of the first Thor movie in May 2011 - maybe with some other characters e.g. Thor, the Avengers or maybe some mythological references) please send me a note or comment on this journal. I'm still surprised that I only found two other traditional DDs while there are so many digital DDs...

So here are the “traditional”, “digital” and “other” :heart: Daily Deviations (from oldest to newest DDs):

Featured deviations

Loki and Sleipnir by fleebitesPrince of Jotunheim by litzebitzLoki - King of Asgard by Quelchii

Loki. Frost breath. by jen-and-krisThor - Forgive Me, Brother by AaorinLoki by RinaCanenouveau Loki by shakusaurusThor  Loki by iammovanLoki by JungshanLoki Charms T-Shirt by BambootaLoki and Frigga by PulvisLoki: Yearbook Photo by GhostHauseloki by raspbearyartBorn to be king by KanzakiVSLoki by kou-channLoki on the throne by agathexuTom Hiddleston: Polygon Portrait by KabudragonLOKI by Zen by siguredoHouse of Loki: Sons of Mischief by Medusa-DollmakerCommission - King Loki by AmericanDorkSP: MiaGB by ScorpionPixels

Loki Nails by jeealeeMore pictures of the Loki costume by ihniLady Loki Horned Headdress by MorganCroneLady Loki by JojoskaI Come With Glad Tidings, of A World Made Free (2) by EmbryonicPithThor/Loki BFF Set Update by GrandmaThunderpantsLoki thor 2 by TheIdeaFixAvengers Assemble: Loki Plush by StitchedAlchemyCome and get me by TheIdeaFix

Loki with the Avengers and other characters
Marvel Point One Cover. by MarteGraciaAvengers Assemble by clairebearerAvengers Assemble by JangsaraThe Avengers by theDURRRRIANThe Con by patrickballesterosAvengers x Totoro Fan art by keikei11Marvel Villains by PatrickBrown

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Hey everybody! It's me :iconredyoshi77: and I've decided to host another point giveaway after the last one was so successful and also to mark the beginning of the holiday season. So have fun and remember to read the rules before entering! :D

Seizure Bullet PRIZES!:

1st Place: 109:points: + 50 Watches + 50 Llamas + 1 Half-Body Request from :iconlucyranelle:


2nd Place: 79:points: + 50 Watches + 50 Llamas


3rd Place: 59:points: + 50 Watches + 50 Llamas

*The watches and llamas will be supplied by me and :iconpinkyoshi77: and :iconblue-yoshi77: and :iconxxborealisnekoxx: and :icon4themindandsoul: and :icondiamonddog777: and :iconpythonkiller4: and :iconkatleidoscopic: and :iconzen-violetbone: and :iconrehair9999: and :iconmuffinthehamster11: and :iconnuxu: and :iconsoulwarrior18: and :iconmindl3ss-cr3ator: and :iconlucyranelle: and :iconmangaka-finny: and :iconpinelattee: and :iconrainbowsparklebitch: and :iconalwaysronnie: and :iconmiss-tomboy: and :iconkurokatsume: and :iconkunyka: and :iconlily-of-the-valley94: and :iconthescribbler12: and :iconlotionthenightshade: and :iconx-hunterswolves-x: and :iconbunri: and :iconcaptainghostly: and :iconsailorcupcake: and :icondingle765: and :iconyukieru: and :iconjuncchi: and :iconcinnamongirljet: and :iconcommanderhomo: and :iconfr0st-bitten: and :iconiconrequestsopen: and :iconheavenshipperartist: and :iconxxskyhd: and :iconterrifyingtea: and :iconxnowing: and :iconkeksi626: and :iconraxeira: and :iconrarelysofisticated: and :iconefureie: and :iconsammcpaint13: and :iconcarisabel: and :iconpixel-the-freak: and :iconthedesignslab: and :icon0oazulo0: and :iconcerys16: If you would like to help with giving watches and llamas to the winners then please tell me in your comment and I will give you 3 extra chances and feature you in the sponsors section for helping. :)

Seizure Bullet RULES!:

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1. Give me a watch = 2 extra chances

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4. Donate 5 or more Points to help this giveaway grow = 2 extra chances + being featured in the sponsors section

5. Donate less than 5 Points to help this giveaway grow = 1 extra chance + being featured in the sponsors section

6. Donate 1 watch and 1 llama to each of the 3 winners once the giveaway is over = 3 extra chances + being featured in the sponsors section. 

Comment with the things that you did to get extra chances and I will give you extra numbers. If you already did any of these things then please tell me in the comments and I will check if you actually have done it before. If you don't comment then your extra chances will not be counted.


I will use to choose the winners by their fav numbers and their extra numbers. I will then post a new journal entry announcing the winners and will message you if you have won.




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This is some genius-level info here, regardless of writing level, please read it.  It applies to you.

“Those writers you think are masters of the craft aren’t created that way. They aren’t supernaturally capable ninja writer-bots. When you read the work of a writer operating at the top of her game, you’re not seeing all the years of failed efforts, of work that wasn’t quite right, of work that was well-intentioned or built off of strong ideas but had slick and wobbly legs like a newborn fawn.

You see the author operating at a high level and you wonder: why am I not doing that?

The reality is:

You’re only seeing the island, not the heap of volcanic material that pushed it out of the sea.”

—  Chuck Wendig - "Polling Your Intestinal Flora: How A Writer Cultivates Instinct

More from this article:  "Writing advice gets a bad rap. Here’s the thing, though — it’s all in how you treat it. If you treat it as gospel? You’re dead in the water. If you treat it as a challenge to the way you think: you’re a winner who wins, and what you win is a cheeseburger slathered with the sweet relish of instinct."
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