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JoshDae Contest and Raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 17, 2013, 11:08 PM

Here is it- finally! A contest dedicated to none other than Joshwa Kesch and Damien Parker.
This contest, though, will be like none other that I've had in the past. This time there will be USD and MAILED ITEMS as prizes! (as well as points, artwork, etc)

YES. Since Damien and Joshwa have become so popular in comparison to my other OCs, I figure that a contest specifically for them should be big and exciting.
So first of all, here is what you'll have to do!

Draw or Write (or anything else) about Damien and/or Joshwa.

That's seriously all I have to do for all of these prizes?"
YES. That is all you have to do LOL it's easy as fuck just join.
» You can draw Damien by himself.
» You can draw Joshwa by himself.
» You can draw them both together.
It's YOUR choice! The only rule is that at least ONE of them is present!

Now, there are still THREE references to be added, so please be patient! Haha. (Damien's clothing reference and both of their "age progression" references)
:bulletred: Main Reference:
Ultimate Joshwa and Damien Reference by strxbe
:bulletblack: Clothing References: 
Joshwa Kesch Clothing Reference/Examples by strxbe
:bulletred: Friends Reference: 
Friend Circle by strxbe
» This is going to be your goldmine for information. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. Read their pasts, look at all of the art references of them, read their information. I will GUARANTEE that you will have such a greater chance at winning if you put your mind to it. Experiment. Be creative.
:bulletred: ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM. It's not cheating, it's not anything. It's being smart LOL. I will answer literally anything you want me to answer, so long as it's logical. 

:thumb342612174: RULES
There aren't so many rules as much as just things I'd like you to know.

:bulletblack: You may submit as many entries as you like.
:bulletred: All kinds of work are accepted. Digital, Traditional, Literature, Crafts, Cosplay, Music, anything at all. (I don't know who would do cosplay or music, but you know, you can if you want LOL) All styles of drawing are accepted as well.
:bulletblack: Joshwa and/or Damien MUST be present in your work. The contest is about them, after all.
:bulletred: You CAN add your own OCs, other OCs of mine, or whatever else you want in your work so long as Joshwa/Damien are the main focus.
:bulletblack: Please do not change their gender, change them to animals or anthros, or gore them to pieces in your drawings. Death or the concept of death is plausible in writing or drawings. (best to ask me or something)
:bulletred: Mature/18+/NSFW work is accepted, but try and follow dA's rules of course.
:bulletblack: You don't have to, but it'd be nice if you commented OR favorited so that I have an idea of how many people might be entering. I'd also love if you linked back to this journal when you submit an entry so people can find it!
:bulletred: Your entry, if it is a drawing, does NOT have to be a full body.
:bulletblack: If you submit a written piece, please try not to make it ridiculously long.
:bulletred: You do not HAVE to draw them as a couple or them doing something overly lovey-dovey.
:bulletblack: Try not to use bases for your entries. I'd like the work to be completely yours.
:bulletred: You can draw them from ANY point in their life that you choose!
:bulletblack: YES you may enter even if you donate a prize.
:bulletred: NO you cannot submit art that you have drawn for me in the past as an entry. It must a NEW drawing specifically for this contest.

:thumb342612070: JUDGING
All entries will be judged by me, strxbe, on the following things. (listed in order of importance)

» How well you portray the characters' personalities OR story(s) in your piece.
---If you draw the character(s) just standing there, you will have a much lesser chance at winning!
» Physical accuracy.
---If you draw them without their piercings or tattoos or draw their hair very inaccurate, you will have a lesser chance!
» Effort.
---Half-assed sketches/doodles have a lesser chance than fully drawn, colored pieces.
» Originality.
---Try and be creative with your entries! You have a ton of information at your disposal about their pasts, relationships, and their likes/dislikes; use it! I don't want to see the same picture of them kissing/hugging over and over!
» Technical skill.
---This is very, VERY minor in the judging so it isn't something you should worry about. Just try your best! <3

+ANYONE may join this contest, regardless of whether you are my friend or not. I am very good at looking at things in an unbiased way, so NO ONE will have an advantage over anyone else just because they are my friend. I will judge everyone's entries in exactly the same way and I will do my very best to be fair.

:thumb342612174: PRIZES
Please, for the love of God, be aware that you will need to be comfortable with giving me your PayPal email and your mailing address if you win. Otherwise I CANNOT give you your prizes! (the ones that apply, at least)
-For the print, this means that you can either request that the art you won by me (meaning your prize) be mailed to you as a print, OR, any of the existing artwork in my current gallery.
-I will only draw your OCs or the fandoms stated on my commissions page.
:new: When you submit your first entry to the contest, I will send you 20 points, no strings attached! This only works for your FIRST entry, and you must have put SOME sort of effort into the piece.
:new: For everyone who donates art, writing, or points to this contest as additional prizes, you will receive a free sketch from me at the end of the contest OR 100 points. (rough equivalent of how much it costs to commission a sketch from me).

:bulletblack: FIRST PLACE
» $30 via PayPal from me, strxbe
» One free print of your choice of MY art from me, strxbe
» 2000 :points: OR a 12 month Premium Membership from me, strxbe
» Full-Body drawing with simple background from me, strxbe
» One free custom adoptable OR set of Custom Eggs from me, strxbe
» Sketch OR Chibi from me, strxbe
» Chibi from Lilith-the-5th
» Full-Body Colored Drawing from PrincessD95
» Traditional Full-Body Drawing from silverrose99
» Pencil drawing from fishydraws
» Traditional Sketch from Maylicious
» Digital Drawing from kornelyte
» Sketch from FreakShowKustomz
» Fullbody or Halfbody of Female Character from Lady-Nightstars
» Waist Up from VEEDUBBZ

:bulletred: SECOND PLACE
» $20 via PayPal from me, strxbe
» 1000 :points: OR 6 month Premium Membership from me, strxbe
» Waist-Up drawing from me, strxbe
» Sketch OR Chibi from me, strxbe
» Chibi from Lilith-the-5th
» Full-Body Uncolored Sketch from PrincessD95
» Traditional Waist-Up Drawing from silverrose99
» Waist-Up Drawing from fishydraws
» Traditional Sketch from Maylicious
» Sketch from FreakShowKustomz
» Bust Drawing from Lady-Nightstars

:bulletblack: THIRD PLACE
» $10 via PayPal from me, strxbe
» 500 :points: OR 3 month Premium Membership from me, strxbe
» Headshot drawing from me, strxbe
» Sketch OR Chibi from me, strxbe
» Chibi from Lilith-the-5th
» Waist Up Uncolored Sketch from PrincessD95
» Traditional Headshot Drawing from silverrose99
» Headshot Drawing from fishydraws

:bulletred: RUNNER UPS
» Three runner ups will be chosen and they will receive 100 :points: from me, strxbe, and a chibi from PrincessD95, and a colored digital drawing from nami-hyuga

» Current deadline is: SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2013.
That is over four months. I know you can do it.

:thumb342612174: FREE THINGS RAFFLE
:bulletblack: It's really simple to enter- just check it out here for a chance at more free art and points!… (additional rewards for those with 500+ watchers)

:thumb342612070: NOTE:
» Not all prizes will be awarded unless there are more than 10 entries.
--If exactly ten or less than ten entries are received, then all point and USD will be HALVED and the Print reward/prize will be removed.
--If much more than 10 are received, additional prizes may be added and USD prizes may go up.
» I would love love love if people donated prizes to this! Please help me make this contest more enjoyable for everyone!

:thumb342612070: ENTRIES SO FAR:…


all hte yoia

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Design Contest! CLOSED

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 3:22 PM

Hello, everyone! >w< I have another contest for you! ^o^/

The contest is design-based, and the theme is Nature's Twins
:star:What is 'Nature's Twins'?
    It is a small series that I draw. It consists of a human and animal counterpart bearing similarity in designs/physical traits.
Here are some examples:
Nature's Twins: Forest Spirit by glaciesClOvEr Nature's Twins: SeaHorse by glaciesClOvErNature's Twins: Le Roi Lion by glaciesClOvEr Nature's Twins: Paradise Birds by glaciesClOvEr
(These are merely examples, as mentioned below, you will be expected to design your own human/animal counterparts ^^ )

The goal is to design either a human or animal (or both, if you would like) as part of the Nature's Twins series.
For example, you can draw a person with a unique design and describe what kind of animal you had in mind in the artist's description, or vice versa. If you would like to do both the person and animal, that is more than welcomed!
Please take note that these designs are expected to be fullbody!
The deadline will be set at January 31st!

This part seems to need a bit of clarification. There are generally three choices/types of entries that you can create and submit.
    :bulletblue: You can design a humanized counter-part of said animal/creature, and describe the creature in the artist's description.
    :bulletgreen: You can design an animal counter-part, and describe some characteristics of the humanizied counterpart in the artist's description.
    :bulletpurple: You can draw both the humanized and animal counterparts in the same piece.
It's up to you how you would like to format and portray your entries; These are just some simple guidelines in case you are unsure of how you would like to do so. ^^

Please read all of the guidelines carefully before asking!

Guidelines for participants~
:star: It can be any drawing media (traditional, digital)
:star: You can enter a maximum of three designs/pieces
Please remember that the entry should be neat, so please consider carefully!
:star: Send me a note or comment with the url of your entry, and I'll add it to the entries folder~
:star: You can submit your entry to any group you want :>
:star: Drawing more than one character is welcomed, but it must be part of the design (such as twins, etc.) or the characters are to be considered separate entries.
:star: Please put the theme/design you made in the artist's comment/description when you submit your entry c:
:star: Notes regarding textures, colors, etc. are recommended
:star: The design must be made specifically for the contest! (You cannot use previous designs/characters/species for the entry)

:star: Please take note that drawing an already-existing animal by itself is not enough. Changes/edits/add-ons/interpretations/unique features MUST BE ADDED, otherwise I cannot consider it a proper entry. I apologize for not emphasizing this enough ;A;

:star:Commonly Asked Questions :star:
Q. Does the animal have to exist? Also, can it be from a movie, etc.?
    A. First of all, it is greatly encouraged that if you design your own animal/creature that it is not an existing animal. Also, your animal design can be inspired by other designs from a movie/series/etc., however it must ultimately be designed by you.

Contest Entries:…

1st place
:star: Six month premium membership (or 1272:points:)
:star: Your design drawn as an official piece for the Nature's Twins series
:star: Commission of your choice from me
:star: llama from me

2nd place
:star: Three month premium membership (or 636:points:)
:star: Waist-up sketch commission from me
:star: llama from me

3rd  place
:star: Headshot commission from me
:star: llama from me

:star: Also, depending on the number of people who join, a participant will be randomly picked, and given a free chibi commission!

:star: I'll feature all of the entries on my page for a week

Donations are welcome!
Everyone is allowed to participate >u<b

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DannySeir (OC) Contest- CLOSED

Tue Oct 8, 2013, 8:45 PM

:star: CLOSED! Judging in process right now. Results will be posted tomorrow!
Good luck everyone <3

Alrighty everyone as you may or may not have noticed, VEEDUBBZ and I are really obsessed with our gays so we've decided to host a contest for them and I really hope you all join. Do us a solid. Have a hEART AND HAVE SOME fu N.
Make sure to scroll to the bottom to get info about our RAFFLE as well!
:star: [ENTRIES]:… :star:


Danny and Seir

Danny reference sheet by VEEDUBBZ Seir Reference Sheet by strxbe

All the extra references you could ever need:…
Extras of Danny: 1 2 3
Please for the love of god don't draw Seir smoking weed though. Danny is fine but not Seir lmao.



"Gays in Sweater Weather"
A fall + winter theme. So cold weather, hot chocolate, snow, fall colors, etc. Just so long as there is no warm or summer feel to it, it's good! Also, keep in mind of the HOLIDAYS that occur in winter and fall! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Anything themed under those holidays are accepted as well.
Since summer is coming to an end, we think this is a fitting theme. ;u; It was also suggested by SavvyCYNZ.
Just make sure your entry includes both boys!



1st Place
-$10 from strxbe
-500 :points: from strxbe
-Waist Up drawing OR Waist up Custom Adoptable from strxbe
-Chibi from strxbe
-$5 OR 400 :points: from VEEDUBBZ
-Thigh Up drawing from VEEDUBBZ
-Full Body Chibi from Lilith-the-5th
-Colored Full Body from PrincessD95
-Handmade doll of OC or anime/manga/videogame character from LauraPex
-Waist Up Colored Drawing with Background from XXCEbloodXX
-One non-animated pixel icon from ChiliChocolate12

2nd Place
-$5 from strxbe
-300 :points: from strxbe
-Headshot and Chibi from strxbe
-$3 OR 240 :points: from VEEDUBBZ
-Waist Up drawing from VEEDUBBZ
-Full Body Chibi from Lilith-the-5th
-Uncolored Waist Up from PrincessD95
-Chibi from Yuu-Tanni
-Sketch from XXCEbloodXX
-One non-animated pixel icon from ChiliChocolate12

3rd Place
-$3 OR 150 :points: from strxbe
-Chibi from strxbe
-$2 OR 160 :points: from VEEDUBBZ
-Headshot from VEEDUBBZ
-Full Body Chibi from Lilith-the-5th
-Uncolored Headshot from PrincessD95
-Sketch from XXCEbloodXX
-One non-animated pixel icon from ChiliChocolate12

:star: EDIT: All of the point and USD prizes have been halved due to lack of entries. More than likely it will NOT increase back to the full original prizes because we honestly don't expect a ton more entries within the week lol. Sorry to those who actually made an effort to enter and hoped for the full prizes.
If there are a very small amount of entries (under 10) these prizes will be halved. If there are many entries, they will undoubtedly increase, if not double.


To be entered in our raffle to win free art, points, and/or $$$, all you have to do is one or all of the following:
-Submit an entry to our contest. (must have some effort to it)
-Feature our contest via Journal, Poll, etc
That's it! You may be entered in the raffle up to two times if you do both things. And YES you can still win the raffle even if you were to place in the contest.

TWO winners will be chosen with a random number generator and will receive the following:
`100 :points: from VEEDUBBZ
`100 :points: from strxbe
Chibi from strxbe

Also YES you can donate prizes! Please please do ahahah <3
Might get free sketches if you do. ;u;

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ok i have a another request idea while i wait for the drawings of me and Anna & Elsa i thought i'd ask for another idea ok here's this i would like some fan art pictures of Carrie White Carrie White 4 by Normanjokerwise And Jennifer Check Jennifer Check 2 by Normanjokerwise    As These 2  Thor & Loki 2 by Normanjokerwise yep Carrie as Thor & Jennifer As Loki in costumes hope you get my idea and i wold be very very very grateful for them and so on and so forth so nuff said and i can't wait to see anybody do this for me good by and have a good day ;) any questions just ask and i'll answer.   


  • Mood: Mesmerized
  • Listening to: Down On The Corner By Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Watching: Spongebob one of the old episodes
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Contest Closed!!

Sun Jun 23, 2013, 7:31 AM

:new: Contest will end TONIGHT (October 31st) at midnight my time (Central time). Results will be released tomorrow morning!! :new:
There will be NO more extensions! Please plan accordingly!
Due to a large bill that I got placed with for my vehicle, I am extending this contest till the end of October! (October 31st)
I apologize to those of you who did enter the contest in the right time frame and I hope you won't mind the extension >.< I will try to gather up some more prizes so that the wait will be worthwhile!!

Contest Beginning: Today (June 23rd, 2013)

Deadline: October 31st, 2013

Anything that has to do with summer time!
Summer love, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Swimsuits, Fireworks, Watermelon, lemonade!! ANYTHING!
Entries must have at LEAST 1 of my characters in it!

:bulletblue:You can submit up to 3 (Three) deviations if you so choose. But you may only win one place (i.e. if you win first place you can't win second or third, vice versa)
:bulletblue: You can enter the contest even if you are a donator, just please note if you donate something and you win that prize, I will not compensate something for that prize slot!
:bulletblue:Your work can be either traditional or digital, if there is something else you want to do, just let me know and I will let you know if it's accepted or not.
:bulletblue: Please no photo manipulations, and non-human entries will not count (sorry).
:bulletblue: The artwork has to be YOURS No doll makers or anything where you use someone's base (sorry I don't find that as "original").
:bulletblue: Artwork must be new and created solely for this contest! Don't recycle an old artwork for this >.<
:bulletblue: Absolutely NO tracing is allowed! If you use stock/textures, please credit accordingly!
:bulletblue: PLEASE ensure that you include a link to the contest, and please link the character to me, as they are my Original Characters!
:bulletblue: Contest must have 10 entries to be considered valid! I will not judge a contest if there are 5 entries! Thanks for your understanding!
:bulletblue: Mature content is allowed! Just make sure it complies with DA's rules!
:bulletblue: Yes! You may change their outfits/attire! Just keep their important features the same, i.e. scars and jewelry! Thanks!
:bulletblue: I will note the winners after the contest is over! If I do not hear back from  you within 7 (Seven) days you will forfeit your prizes and I will choose another winner!

Character references:
Main Cast:
Dyson Tsarnado Character Sheet by RaisloverSakuraShiva Hunter Character Sheet by RaisloverSakura
Sheu Tierose Character Sheet by RaisloverSakuraLulu Lasiere Character Sheet by RaisloverSakuraIce Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakura
Sarion Tierose Character Sheet by RaisloverSakuraAutumn Character Sheet by RaisloverSakura
Sirius Night Character Sheet by RaisloverSakuraNaomi Hayward Character Sheet by RaisloverSakura
Darcy Searay Character Sheet by RaisloverSakuraAlicia Tierson Character Sheet by RaisloverSakura

Slave Girls:
Ashira Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakuraNight N' Gale-Reference by RaisloverSakura
Diana Angel Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakuraHebula Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakura
Celeste Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakuraAura Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakura
Beatrix + Cecilia Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakura
Demon Gods:
Lord Sansmeran Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakuraJack Nightmare Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakura
Senin Reference Sheet by RaisloverSakura

You can find more references in this group :icontaleofautumn:
More visual references are here:…
Is there a character you wanted to draw but they aren't listed? Let me know who you want to draw! :heart:



1st Place!

3 Month Premium! or 636 :points:
3 Paper Craft Dolls
3 Mini Cuties! (Blinking or non blinking)
Clay Craft of their choice!
Animated Stamp!
Feature for 3 months!
:new: One Simple Custom Journal Skin!
:new: Jack Skellington OR Peppermint Necklace
1 Story from Darkness369
Feature from CristianaLeone
Monochrome Portrait from CristianaLeone
Traditional Sketch from Crida
Color Sketch Head shot from Solceress
Custom Adopt by sethrielle
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
Feature from TaleOfAutumn
Chibi bust from Forunth
:new: 2 art prints from MidnightZone


2nd Place!

1 Month Premium or 396 :points:
2 Paper Craft Dolls!
2 Mini Cuties! (Blinking or non blinking)
Clay Craft of their choice!
Animated Stamp!
Feature for 2 months!
:new: One Simple Custom Journal Skin!
:new: Jack Skellington OR Peppermint Bracelet
1 Story from Darkness369
Feature from CristianaLeone
1x character, half body, in color from kinga-saiyans
1 Drawing from Hailo95100
1 Chibi from Crida
B/W Digital Head shot from Solceress
Chibi from sethrielle
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
Feature from TaleOfAutumn
Mini chibi from Forunth


3rd Place!

200 DA :points:
1 Paper Craft Doll!
1 Mini Cutie! (Blinking or non blinking)
Clay Craft of their choice!
Animated Stamp!
Feature for 1 month!
:new: One Simple custom Journal Skin!
:new: Jack Skellington OR Peppermint Stud Earrings
1 Story from Darkness369
Feature from CristianaLeone
1x character, headshot, in color from kinga-saiyans
1 chibi from Crida
B/W Digital Head shot from Solceress
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
Feature from TaleOfAutumn
1 Chibi from Ulqy
Mini chibi from Forunth

Alicia - Summer Lights by Roots-Love<da:thumb id="388927754"/>You want some too, little guy? by Forunth<da:thumb id="392133063"/>
Shiva Hunter by lildebbieContest Entry: Summer Time by kinga-saiyansi don't like summer [contest entry] by hazumonstersummer bath [contest entry] by hazumonster
Contest Entry by Ay-uAutumn in summer by SunnyChestSummer nights by kejtTENSHA<da:thumb id="410622303"/>
Contest: Cherries by AurionPrideLulu Lasiere by Abakuu
If you have any questions feel free to note me! I would really appreciate anyone advertising my contest!
It would mean the world to me! :heart:
And thank you to everyone that has donated to my contest and for all your feedback via my forum post and my journal here on my page!!!
Wonderful contest Donators! You guys are so amazing! :tighthug:

If you have any questions don't be shy! I would be more than happy to answer them! :heart:
Let the contest begin! :la:


ShivaxDyson Fan by RaisloverSakuraNaomixSirius Fan by RaisloverSakuraAliciaxDarcy Fan by RaisloverSakura
LuluxSheu Fan by RaisloverSakuraAutumnxSarion Fan by RaisloverSakuraLuluxIce Fan by RaisloverSakura

Banner by fu-bby
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You were the average girl, average weight of ___ lbs, typical color hair, style, eyes, and the voice of a cat scratch a chalk board. That's what they said, so to put it simbly you were the unpopular girl with no friends; to shy to try anyway. No one wanted to go near you. You had very interesting likes and dislikes for a girl though... You loved marvel universe. The heroes were hilarious and the villains were so predictable. There was only one villain you thought could take over the world and kill the super heroes if he just stopped and tried to think for a minute. In the cartoon, he never had the brains to cause the hero any challenges to make it more difficult for them to win. He is even manipulated by the hero when it should be he who manipulates the hero. In simpler terms LOKI THE GOD OF MISCHIEF, is the one you are most fond of.

You read lewd fanfics of him to sometimes get this aching feeling in between your legs to calm. He is such a sex god, you believe and many other like you believe. Though that is only on this website you go on to chat with people.

Anyway, on a Monday afternoon, you were gathering your books for next class till the schools hot shot and his girl friend came over and knocked down your supplies and closed your locker. (And they almost closed the locker on your fingers: oww that would hurt!) you begun to pick up the fallen materials and almost started to tear up... This has been happening for way to long. You suddenly noticed the jocks bitch' droped something from her "one of a kind" Vera Pang purse her boyfriend bought her... The mirror was gold plated since the little beep couldn't possibly have a solid gold mirror if she is going to a public high school!!! You picked it up to look at your reflection. What you saw made you so very happy you almost licked the mirror.

What you saw was Loki running his fingers through your hair, while he sat on the throne of Asgard, you sat right in front of him, laying your head on his lap. This scene was causing you to become yet in your... Bikini/skirt?! Suddenly you felt your hair being played with by a hand of an unknown owner. You had a pretty good idea who was playing with strands of your hair. You just didn't want to spoil this lovely feeling. You felt loved. It was so unnatural when you glanced away from the mirror, you were back in your high school!? No one was there tugging on your hair let alone giving you that nice overwhelming sensation of love.

You heard the bell ring and kids were rushing the hallways, doing their best to get the heck out of school. You were almost trampled on if it weren't for a teacher noticing you first. You thanked the teacher and left. Taking the mirror with you.  

While alone in your bedroom, laying down in your bed; you took the mirror in your hand, you gazed at your reflection once more. You were once again with your beloved Loki, only this time in his bedroom. You were facing away from him, he was once again trailing his fingers in your gorgeous hair. You could feel his whole slender body pressed against your own. You moaned softly at the feeling of his incredible length pressing against your now sobbing clit. One of his hands was stroking your backside and slit. The other one snaked over you and began messaging your mounds of flesh. You just now noticed that in the mirror you are nude and in reality you are fully clothed. You place a hand on his and take his slender knuckles to your lips and kiss them. He takes his hand away, grips on to your chin and reels you in for a demanding kiss... You brought the mirror so you could see what he was doing, but the moment he kissed you. Was the moment you could see him. Your eyes wide open, you could not believe it, the Loki Laufyson, was kissing you. He looked exacting like Tom Hiddles. Your eyes darted everywhere, Loki's room was what many of the fanfiction had described his room would like. Finally realizing you needed to breath, Loki released you from the demanding and needy kiss, he gave you a look of confusion, "Why did you not kiss your king back, darling? Your king demands an explanation!" Loki complained. You gazed upon him, he was so adorable, how could anyone think of him as evil?

"I'm sorry my king, I was just taken by surprise, for I was thinking about things," you said giving the best I'm sorry look hoping Loki would buy it.

"Hmm-mm, are you sure you are not just thinking about Thor again? For you know the punishment for ever bringing up that idiotic oaf!" He growled for his star was intensified with his emerald green orbs. You shock your head no!

"Why would I ever bring up Thor, he is too stupid to know the difference from left or right!" You said confidently. You used that joke online all the time with people on team Loki so it was bound to work with the one and only Loki!

Loki glared at you, "he is an oaf but he has enough intelligence to know that much knowledge." You were crushed inside, the one and only Loki didn't agree with you on how stupid Thor is!?

Loki kissed you on the cheek, "Nice try though, what were you really thinking about?" Loki asked in a more calm tone of voice? You didn't know how to word it, so you just told him the truth...

Loki smirked, "I do have an army!"

"That is not the point, the point is some how I am trapped here and have no way back... Not that I want to go back..." You murmured to yourself.

"I still have my army, yes?" Loki asked in a amused tone. You were about to pull your hair out. This guy is annoying, not evil just annoying... But sexy as hell, there is no way your leaving, unless this guy annoyed you to the point were his sexiness doesn't make him look attractive anymore. Like stark.

"Yes you have your damn army of fan girls." He grinned at the thought. You just wanted to wipe that grin off his face. But you will tell him later.

You yawned from the exhaustion, Loki wasn't even tired, you cuddled beneath his fur pelts, and quilts his bed was strangely comfy for a Vikings bed. He got himself under the covers, and began to finish what he started, abruptly waking you in the process.

He smashed his lips on yours, forcing your mouth open; sucking on your tongue, twisting his with yours, claiming every part of your mouth as his new territory. You could feel a puddle right under you, from your sobbing heat. Loki teased you by skillfully using his finger over your slit, going back and forth. Pinching the pleasure button now and again, he plunged a slender finger inside you. Curling it and pumping it, causing many sweet sounds to protrude out of your mouth. He added a second finger and a third curling and pumping. While he used his thump to flick your clit and pleasure button. "Loki I'm close, so very close," you forgot that Loki never let's you have release until he is inside you and he is about to release. He took his fingers out, causing for you to let out a frustrated whimper. Until you felt an unbearable pain ripping you in two, you felt something very large was forced up inside your core.

Tears ran down your cheeks as choked sobs came out of your mouth, "Shhh, it is alright my queen the pain will be gone soon enough..." Taking your cheeks he wiped away your tears with his thump, kissing you where the tear was, you forehead, and many other places including your lips.

You gave him the okay to start, even though it was still painful, you just knew him all too well, so you thought, he took the okay as a go ahead and when he noticed tears running down your beautiful face, "My queen do not lie to me, especially when your lies cause me to hurt you. I hate hurting the only one who understands me and loves me no matter what creature I am." You stopped crying, it was true you loved him, didn't matter that he was a frost giant or an Asgardian, you loved him just the same... To bad you didn't know the full story yet. :iconevilsmirkplz:

You reassured Loki this time and when he began, the feeling was fenominal. You could not believe that sex could ever feel so good, his mass erection rubbing against your walls, the friction, felt so good.

"Ah Loki, so good, your so big... Harder, deeper, ah-h your so warm. Ugh, never felt so good, I love you Loki!"

"Ah... (Y-Y/n) I never thought you would be this tight, wet, and hot. Ugh-so hot, ah, Princess Lyra Goddess of Misfortune and Ruin. (She is my OC Deal with it I know there is no goddess of misfortune and ruin hell that is Loki and a few of his children) As Loki of Asgard I claim you, ah ah as my queen of mischief." He shouted as he quickened his pace.

You were so close to your end, the volcano in the pit of your stomach was ready to blow, you tried to come by yourself, to make Loki come but, you just couldn't do it. Loki pushes his staff deeper and harder into you. You scream with ecstasy as you felt him hit you g-spot right on target. You can feel you end coming close. Then Loki helped it along by flicking you please button.

"LOKI" you shouted.

After a few more thrusts, Loki screamed, "Lyra" as he emptied his sperm into your womb. You should have been concerned about that but you were more concerned with why he called "Lyra" which was not your name. But you had no energy to confront him right now. For that whole venture had caused you to be too tired to have questions right now.

You woke up to find Loki was gone, had he got up to use the restroom? You were still in his room. You noticed a note right beside you.

My beloved Queen,

Very much has happened why you slept. The uneducated oaf Thor has come back and Alfather has exiled me from Asgard for the time being. Do not worry my darling, I will come back for you. We will both sitting on the throne worshiped just like the good old days!

You king,

You were confused, what did he mean good old days? You suddenly felt a strong need aching right between your legs. Your cunt pulsing and sobbing wet, you were in need for Loki! But how were you going to stop this pulsing need, suddenly you heard the door handle unlock and in came the other Asgardian prince, "Come on Thor, you use to love raiding through Loki's stuff," you thought that might be Baldr.

"I enjoyed the thrill more when Loki knew we were here and he would get back at us!" Thor said solemnly.

"Well more for me, I claim his books, and the wench over there!" You noticed he was pointing in your direction.

Thor snapped, "Hey, any beautiful wenches Loki has I have first claims on!"

You snapped without thinking, coming out of your hiding place under the covers, "Hey, I am not some item for brutes like you to play dibs on!" You declared. You didn't realize you were still not wearing clothes. The two brothers looked at each other grinning.

Just seeing their faces you could tell what was on their barbarian-like minds. "Oh hell naw," they charged at the bed and you quickly ducked under them and took a fur pelt with you to cover up. You ran out of the room to look for a girl, any girl, just one that could stop the guys from taking you away from Loki!

Thankfully you ran into Sif first, panting heavily, "Hide me, Hide me, please. I don't know what is going on, but please hide me!" You begged.

She looked you over, judging by how frantic you were and how desperate you are, she agreed. So she hid you in her room. The two knuckle heads found Sif and asked if she say a wench run past here... Sif said no and they search on. Sif came back to her room finding you in her dresser drawers. "What are you doing?" She asked in a stern voice.

"I just need some clothes, I don't know where mine are?"

"Have you checked Loki's room?"

You froze, "how did you know about that?"

She rubbed the bridge of her nose, "you have no memory of you two ruling Asgard, or you as the future queen of Asgard?" You shook your head. Sif rubbed the bridge of her nose, contemplating on what to say, "you are Lyra Princess of Asgard. Goddess of Misfortune if you marry Loki, If you marry Thor you are Goddess of Nature. Well Loki wants you because he will be crowned king of Asgard, although your destiny is to marry Thor." All you heard was marry Loki he is crowned king of Asgard!

You tried to tell her your name was (y/n) and that you had no recollection if this. Sif couldn't help you there, but she gave you some clothes and was going to watch out for the two horny gods. Until you snuck away for some stupid reason.

Great now Sifs looking for you!

You walked down a stairwell to a door, that led to a potions room, you picked a potion up but dropped it when you saw something plink in the beaker.

A swirly vortex opened up and started to grasp at you. Taking you into the dark goo, you were swallowed up, then you woke up to find yourself in another world only more cartoon. You glanced at yourself in the mirror, then noticing you were back in school. Great! You stepped out of the girls bathroom to hear boys and girls screaming. You go to the room with boys and girls screaming...

Why are you that stupid?

You find out there are three super villains there. A cat girl, a guy on floating disks, and some guy who uses vibrations? One of them took you as a hostage.

"Let me go!" You screamed... "Not until Spider-Man gives us our partner back!"

.... Skip Spider-Man fights bad guys...

"Who are you, I've never seen you here before?" MJ asks you...

"Right now I have no idea, last time I thought my name is (y/n)." You said sadly.

"Well who ever you are that was very brave of you, taking on that cat lady. Have you ever fought villains before?" Harry asked.

"Um no, to tell you the truth!"

"You so should try out for the cheer squad!" "Harry!" "And I know someone who would be glad to be your boyfriend!" "HARRY!" MJ smacks Harry's arm for the up front confession.

You blush, "I'm not really the cheerleader type," you have this unknown feeling you feel from all around you. It is smothering you like a very warm blanket. You never thought you could have such a nice feeling inside. 'Thank you beeb for that mirror!' You thought.

(Only heaven knows where that mysterious mirror came from and why it creates this wonderful feeling of being loved, wanted, worshiped, treasured, the feeling of you belong here. The mirror is called the Refections of true Desire! The blonde beeb had it for her sexual desires, and wishes to be a pop star! To get whatever she wanted and to have the power to step on any one who gets in her way. For a little geek like you to enjoy its power and maybe become overwhelmed, or possibly become humbled from all of this? For someone who has been tormented by class mates and beebs like her, feeling love like that, could be scary, and possibly scarring.)

You were escorted to the helicarrier for some tests, you met Nick Fury and the others on spidies team. You were given a room and everything okay, till the field trip, learning about Norse mythology... This you could do with you eyes closed. Coulson asked, "what is Loki's weakness? Anyone?"

You raised you hand!

"Anyone besides (y/n), fine go ahead..."

"Alright Loki is way too over confident in his schemes so he never believes that a mortal could actually beat him in the battle of wits!"

"That's great (y/n), now would you tell us what Loki's weakness is?"

"His weakness is--_______!" (If you didn't get what I said then look it up yourself it is not that hard)

We were in the museum, looking at old Viking junk, I stayed to look at the rock which for some odd reason I could read. It was like the whole Percy Jackson dyslexic only can read Greek letters thing. The cun-lun kid read the stone out loud and a frost giant appeared I knew that was going to happen... Because hello from the dimension where this is cartoon and it is funny when someone gets hurt. But now if some gets hurt it is bad. The frost giant eyed me, I was scared, what if he wanted to eat me, that thing could do it to.

I had no powers that I knew of, the only power was somehow have very good luck. (Well duh, goddess of misfortune: good luck for you not for everyone else) Spider-Man swobbed down recusing you from harms way. Then out of now where, lightning crashed through the ceiling and here is Thor. Thor took out the monster wish just one blow.

Spidy's team began to argue if they were a solid team or not just because of a comment Thor made. Thor was about to touch a norm stone till Spider-Man told him no, "Stand down Spider-Man the matter is well in hand!" A flash of light then tada Thor was now a frog. You dropped down laughing your ass off. The team glared at you so did Thor.

"I'm sorry Thor, I'm sorry! It just your a frog and its better in person!" You couldn't help confessing.

"Ignore her Thor, she's a little weird," white tiger said annoyed.

"What do you mean? Are you in league with my brother Loki?" Thor croaked.

"Um..." You stopped laughing long enough to say, "does the name Lyra ring any bells? Not that I'm saying I am her because I'm just as confused as anyone here."

"Thor whose Lyra," Spider-Man asked.

Thor sighed, "A very long-time ago there use to be three of us, Loki, Lyra, and I. We did everything together only until Lyra was to be named the next queen and choose one of us to be the next king. Loki has done all sorts of mischief and trickery to win Lyra's affections. It is said that Lyra is to mine in the end. So Loki did the unthinkable and sent her spirt away only to return to him when she has finally given her heart soully to him and no one else. Otherwise he has been playing tricks to take the throne for himself!"

"Hey (y/n), what was the answer to that question?" Spider-Man asks...

"What question?" "You know the one about what is Loki's greatest weakness?" "What you didn't hear me say it the first time?"

"No Sam was showing me a stupid costume design!" Spidy complained.

"Hphm, next time Ill just show white tiger!"

"Thor we need to come with," white tiger suggested.

"Where I go is no place for mortals," Thor said. "Thor you do know you are a frog right and I bet Loki won't mind having frogs legs for dinner!" You suggested. Thor's eyes widened, "fine you can come with not because you talked me into it, because I need someone to watch Lyra."

Yay I'm coming, wouldn't be smarter to leave me down here? Although I don't think arguing with Thor would be a good idea.

......skip being frozen to death....

Coming in out of conscious, "shhh, my queen, you are back home safe and sound.

To be continued...
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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 7:19 PM
You guessed it 
I saw it
BEST MOVIE FROM PHASE 2 EVER!!! (still doesn't beat Avengers for me, but that's my opinion) 


Not gonna spoil anything obviously, but if you see it and want to discuss it, please tell me through a note or something!

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EDIT: prices are higher

As I said already in my last journal, I will do a points giveaway :squee:
Everyone can join, I don't want to make a points giveaway with watch me to join...

Here are the rules

:bulletred: :+fav: this journal
:bulletred: write a own journal about this giveaway and link this giveaway in it
:bulletred: comment here with your journal

thats all you have to do to join :D


:bulletgreen: first place 140 :points:
:bulletgreen: second place 90 :points:
:bulletgreen: third place 50 :points:

If someone wanst to donate me some poinst, I will make the prices higher.
I will choose the winners with a random number generator
Giveaway will end on christmas

:iconfeif-chan: <da:thumb id="410296403"/><da:thumb id="409037863"/><da:thumb id="412510549"/>

please don't beg for points at the donators profiles

some of my own art: Jack .:point commission:. by MayaWolf13Soccer is my life by MayaWolf13No way back by MayaWolf13Bantam chibi .:gift:. by MayaWolf13

Thank you for participating
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2000 Point Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Wed May 7, 2014, 5:21 PM

I've gone senile, I guess, so I've decided to do a 2000 point giveaway! :B I've never done one of these or participated in one before so I'm going to keep things nice and simple. I'll use RandomPicker to generate a winner. The raffle ends May 31, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced June 1, 2014 at whatever time I get online.

:star: You must be following me!
:star: You must favorite this journal!
:star: You must share this journal around. (Make another journal or a poll.)
:star: Leave a comment on this journal to have your name entered a second time! (Multiple comments won't get your name entered more. No +3, +4, etc.)
:star: Plz accounts will not be considered.

That's all! Good luck!
Feel free to ask any questions!




Grigorij by Smoppet Open by Smoppet
I'm a Busy Man by Smoppet Hannibal by Smoppet
Czar by Smoppet I'll Be Back by Smoppet

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250 Watchers Art and Points Raffle

Journal Entry: Thu May 9, 2013, 10:10 PM

:iconlaughinggurl: Hello Friends!

Welcome to my first Official Super Awesome Mari Copeland Raffle

How to Enter:

:bulletyellow: Watch Me & Favorite this Journal
:bulletgreen: Write a Journal about this Raffle
:bulletblue: Comment below with your Journal Link
:bulletpurple: Once verified you will be given a Number
:bulletred: I will be using to pick the Winners

:star: Bonus: You can PURCHASE more raffle tickets for 5 :points: Each.

Ends: May 31, 2013 @ 11:59 PM CST (GMT-6)

:star: Prizes:

First Place: 50 :points: + Color Drawing of YOU (or your OC) with Kitty (Me)*

Second Place: 25 :points: + Sketch of YOU (or your OC) with Kitty (Me)*

Third Place: 15 :points: + Sexy Sketch of Kitty & Bunny

*You can choose whatever You and Me are doing together! (No Porn)


1. Nilen1049
2. jessienude
3. Amber-Duncan
4. supercat5
5. rockergirl2012
6. justplaincoolguy1973
7. BlvckCvndy
8. Smithers1
9. DieInFrontofMe
10. lazyartist201
11. Encoder6
12. SoundninZeraku
13 mitcmack
14. Xx-Cake-xX
15. HeartANGELfied
16. Clovis-thecutestcat
17. azuriin
18. GoFee33
19. Deathstrik3
20. Ilmexxx
21. AnonTheDarkOne

Thank You and Good Luck!

:heart: Meow Meow

~ Marissa Lynn


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