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Thor 2. I did it for you. / Тор 2. Я сделал это для тебя.

Video with English & Russian subtitles. / Видео с английскими и русскими субтитрами.

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12/13/14- added "Journey to Jotunheim."
Departing with the Tesseract from the Avengers via the Bifrost, Thor (with Loki in tow)
visits the Frost Giants to atone for his arrogance in Thor (2011). Is it a suicide mission?
Bonus Track 7.
11/25/14. The track player gets a new look!
12/13/14: I've re-released the soundtrack in 40 high quality files. OST: Loki: Prince of Mischief. Only $10! by vocaltaffy
Those buying the album will get a treat to bonus content and unlimited mobile downloads access!
Tell your friends about it!
You may buy my soundtrack on Bandcamp here.…

*7/11: Update: Compressed audio files and simplified graphics to fit more of the score in; until today,

the audio files were all at 44.1 kHz, stereo. Now, they're all 22 khz, mono. Before the file size was 29.1 MB (max swf size of dA is 30mb).
3/30/13: Added 'Marooned', and its acoustic guitar version, 'Missing Asgard'.
Also added 'A New Day' and 'Verdict'.
4/6: Added '1. Prologue' '2. Laufey is Gone', '3. To Asgard', and '4. Odin's Sons' 5. Loki's Defense 7. Odin's Justice
*4/17: 12. Death (Thanos' Theme), 15. Bifrost
*4/20: Into the Beyond (rough draft)
*4/22: 5. Loki's Defense redone 26. Saying Goodbye; added sfx and bg music to intro. 9. Emerald Sky
*5/2: 18. Strange Sorcery
*5/10: Updated Loki's Banishment, but still needs work...
*5/11: Updated Strange Sorcery
*5/21: Moment
*5/27: 16. Crisis (preview)
*6/24: 28. A Father's Love
*7/11: 30. Into the Beyond (preview)
*7/12: 23. Any Friend
*7/20: 11. Hubris 16. Crisis (complete) 17. Free 27. Repose
*7/22: 14. Between Friends 11. Hubris revised 25. Purpose (ext) 27. Repose, revised 30. Into the Beyond (Final)
*7/24: Added a 'play all (tracks)' in the lower right of the player.
*8/1: Revised 4.'Odin's Sons' and 6.'Verdict'.
*8/11: Revised 6.'Verdict' (extended version) and 19. 'Adjusting'.
*10/11: Revised 24.Urgency; placed old 'Urgency on Unused 31'. The update sounds more urgent.
*11/8: 9. Emerald Sky redone.
*11/12: Replaced 1.Prologue with 'Loki's Theme'; placed old '1.Prologue on Unused 32'. It sounds darker, more ambiguous.
*11/13: I'm switching tracks around: scrapping 5 and adding 16 new ones....for a total of 39 tracks; added 25. Task.
*11/14: Announced new compositions in the works below. Renamed 'Loki's Theme' to 'Trickster'.
Added '20. Lethe' and  '38. Loki: A Four Letter Word' (draft)
*11/21: 21. Brotherly (based on Doyle's Thor Kills the Destroyer) 35. TBD 
*11/24: 35. TBD renamed to 'Skid Rocked' and extended to double its original length.
*11/25: 37. Graces (draft)
*11/30: Added '25. Deal/Duty' and  '29. Collector' (draft). 
*12/2: Added '8. Loki's Ploy' 13. Thor's Plan (draft) 18. Descent and 19. Small Welcome. Revised Deal/Duty.
Adding new tracks including 1.Prelude and 5.Home raised file size to 30.3 (30mB limit on dA). So removed 'Unused selections' and Play all'.
*12/3: Added 7. To Infinity. Note: True to its title, this piece is 14 minutes long.
*12/6: Added 36. Artifacts 64&69.  Revised 13. Thor's Plan 20. Lethe 24. Deal/Duty. 29. Collector 37. Graces 38. Loki Has Four Letters (final)
*12/6: Added 2. Heroic Exit (draft).  It exits the events of the end of the Avengers movie to get to Loki's story.
*12/25: The old 9. Plea sounded too much like 11. Test, so I changed 9 altogether.  The old 1. Prelude sounded too monotone so I changed it. 
*12/30: Revised 33.'A Father's Love.'
*12/31: Added female vocal to 33.'A Father's Love.' Renamed to 33.'Mother's Love.' Added skit 'Preview: Pre-Trial': at lower right.
*1/6: Added 33b.'A Mother's Love' instrumental to the intro.
*1/17: Revised skit 'Preview: Pre-Trial'.

*1/19: For the last day I've been doing concept art for a quick flashback of Loki and Thor as children.
So I may be inspired40. to do a little piece for that moment.

*1/24: I've opened a Pro account on You can now download any or all of these tracks here as high-quality files! Just Name Your Price.…

I decided to go in a completely different direction with the final composition. I believe it still has something of a Marvel-inspired soundtrack. I must say I'm finally pleased with it. Where do they take you? Are there any tracks that move you? What are they and why? Comment below if you like.

Some selections aren't ready yet! Before clicking, look here to see what is listed above that's not yet ready.

Compositions in production:
2. Heroic Exit (aka 'Exit Avengers', final)
21. Brotherly (final)
40. Little Princes

Simple score preview for Loki animated short coming.

I've the pleasure of creating an animated short all about Loki meeting Asgardian justice (Following the events fresh from the Avengers [2012]), banishment from his land to Midgard as a near-mortal, and his road to redemption.

Come along for the ride. The theme is 'antihero' prodigal son.

Concept art here: Loki Movie Title Card v2.0 update by vocaltaffy
Constructive comments welcome.

9. Plea, 21. Brotherly and 28. A Father's Love are all inspired by Patrick Doyle's  Thor (2011) score. The intro to 2. Heroic Exit is inspired by Alan Silvestri. 'Shadow of Thor' is inspired by Brian Tyler.
All the others are original.

acting/art/score/animation: :iconvocaltaffy:
Marvel's Loki is the property of Marvel.
Score composed in ProTools SE.
Flash movie created in Swishmax.
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*4/29/15 Here it is. The latest update! Recorded and added a little dialogue- of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Thor, Loki, and the Frost Giants. Will add more in time.
*12/29/14 Among the surprises to boot, Another Marvel character makes a brief cameo. 2200+ unique frames made it to this update.

In the next update (Date TBD) I'm working Heimdall, Agent Coulson, Nick Fury in. You'll also see the Weapons Vault.
And more.

3/16/13: Music added. Pencil test to come.
4/10/13: Pencil test...v1.0
7/20/13: New music composition added: 'Crisis' clip update.
12/5/13: New music composition added: 'Descent' clip update.
1/12/14: Working on some 'Exit Avengers' concept art for the start of the film. Here's a snapshot.  
Avengers sketch I by vocaltaffy

Making art concept for a fan Loki film.
Because I'm one who believes there should one.
Check for updates and soon-to-come animatic.

2/15/14: It just dawned on me about the concept art that I've been working I'm drawing more Hogun animation frames for this animatic. the irony of this discovery is that I didn't include any Hogun in this first test and its been almost a year... and just in November last year we were robbed of Hogun time in Thor the Dark World. Almost as ironic is the fact that I'd only drawn one picture of Fandral and a handful of Volstagg. in the dark world movie, the amount of screen time they'd gotten in the dark world movie seems to correspond with the amount of time I put them in my animatic. Total coincidence I know, but when you think about it, it's rather strange, isn't it? :-)

3/3/2014. I'm still working hard on the next pencil test, with new scenes, more action, and some acting, too. Nearly a year and 2,000 frames since the first one, there's more to see, with more characters, and a few neat surprises.
3/20: Still at it.
*5/17/14. I'll start scanning new frames today. This may take all day to do (2,359 frames)*

Simple animation: Loki simple animation by vocaltaffy
Loki the Soundtrack: OST: Loki: Prince of Mischief update 12-13-14 by vocaltaffy
The script, Act I: Pre-Trial:  Loki Prince of Mischief: Act I Scn I-II
LOKI: Prince of Mischief
A screenplay
By j3px
LOKI: Prince of Mischief
EXT. Late afternoon, New York City, 3:51 p.m. EST.
as we stand with Dr. Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, and Dr. Erik Selvig, surrounding Thor and Loki.
as Thor speaks to Loki
LOKI, without moving, blinks, shifts eyes to Thor.
(low voice)
Before our return to Asgard… we would
pay a few of our friends a visit.
LOKI glances wincingly at Thor.
Hesitantly, LOKI clutches the portal control with Thor.
Dr. Selvig…
Favoring THOR
As Banner, Stark, Rogers, Barton, & Romanoff- the AVENGERS- nod in syncopation.
as we stand with Dr. Selvig and the Avengers, we watch the bright blue tractor beam of light draw Thor and Loki up.
OUTER SPACE, VOID, as the tractor beam flashes across our galaxy, warping T

Concept Art: New update! Loki concept art animatic 2.0! by vocaltaffy

Script Concept is being developed. Taking place right after the Avengers, Loki must now face Asgardian Justice at Odin's hands. Odin strips Loki of his power and banishes him to New York, where he must cope with its mortal dangers. Armed with not much more than his brilliant intellect, Loki must use his wits to survive, while crafting a way to regain his adoptive dad's good graces.

While on Earth, Loki is summoned to help secure another item from Odin's Trophy room, in exchange for his old powers back and his eternal allegiance. But Loki's price is greater than that... isn't it?

Loki is after the Orb of Agamotto at the request of another, more powerful sorcerer. This short takes place after the events in The Avengers, but separate from Thor: The Dark World.

art/animation/concept/story/score: :iconvocaltaffy:

Marvel's Loki is the property of Marvel Studios.
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This is an old project, one of the very first flash games I started making, and a few ago I decided to get back at it with a big help from my friend , who made the excellent music and sound effects for the game.
The game itself is pretty self explicit... Enjoy :D !

** Again, if the game is slow, save it on your disk (right click on the download deviation arrow and choose "save as").
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EHEHEHEHEHEHEH. I hope you like.

previous : [link]

Tumblr : [link]
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"Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?" =P
Parody of [link]
(Flash CS5 and a bit of Phtoshop CS6)
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Aha, after several months it's finally there, the second version of the battle system (renamed "robobash" for now) that and myself will use for our future flash web site.

What has been added:
Mostly, the main hero character is done... his animation was a lot of job...
and err... ah the look changed a bit to give a little effect of depth, you can now eliminate the opponent by sending him out of the ring, and there's now a slowmotion feature ^^ you can toggle in-game with the spacebar, mostly to help people with their first dodges/combo. Oh and, although it may be a bit subtile you can sometimes get critical hits that does twice the damage.
Well well, that's about that...
OH... yeah, there is now some music :D. It was made by Renaud Lessard aka DJ Sigmao, and its the official exclusive music of the game.
EDIT: You can now download the game music for free at [link]. This one is "MekThe" but you should check out all of them =D.

So now that's all what changed. Of course, game instructions are still included. Enjoy!

EDIT: As some people pointed me out 1) that herobot's second attack was too lame and 2) that you could easily know the opponent off ring, i did something to fix these points. The ring has been enlarged a bit, and the atttack does some more damage, now
EDIT 2: The ennemy's life points were boosted from 100 to 120

** Oh and, once again, i suggest saving it on your disk for best performances. OR, You can play it on the fullhotsoft website here : [link] and if you use internet explorer you should not suffer any lag = ).
EDIT: Actually the file should now run at full speed on DA! = O.
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Also in GIF form!

It's Doctor Who time again! :excited:
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I think the title says it all =)

Special thanks to for creating the text boxes, and to the UCAS website for the inspiration. :D
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