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Following the smooth and angular design theme that current Lexus concepts express today, my concept interprets this theme with custom body panels to create more dynamic, aggressive and artistic forms.

-Custom wide fenders with vents.
-Custom side skirts with intake.
-Custom front bumper with LED wrapped intakes and carbon fiber splitters.
-Custom rear bumper and carbon fiber diffuser.
-Custom trunk with integrated spoiler.
-Smoked front head lamps.
-Lightweight split 5 spoke wheels.
-Big brake kit.
-Lexus F Sport performance suspension for low stance and performance.
-Carbon fiber covered side mirrors.

-Free hand sketching
-Digital Drawing by Adobe Photoshop CS5
-Logos from provided asset pack
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My entry for the Lexus IS Design contest.
As an artist I am heavily influenced by Japanese animation (Anime). and like wise my concept the "ZERO" is heavily influence by anime specifically the machines and robots that are often featured in anime. I wanted this design to evoke images of a heavily armed anime robot, the exhaust nozzles are designed to resemble cannons and the IS's headlamps are trimmed to resemble eyes. At the same time I wanted to stay true to the design philosophy of Lexus. Some may notice the rear center perforations are a not so subtle "wink" at the Lexus LFA and the black roof as well. The Lexus logo is illuminated with blue LED reminiscent of the LExUS hybrid vehicles showing LEXUS commitment to sustainability while being sporty and exciting cars. This was a very challenging exercise but tons of fun, very grateful to Deviantart art and Lexus for the opportunity! ^_^
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My entry for the Lexus Comp.
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This is my concept that I feel evokes confidence in a thought of never blending in. The theme and title is "ISTANDOUT" that was designed to highlight the 2014 Lexus IS 250 F Sport exterior features while carefully choosing modifications that is executable within the 10-week build period.

Design Notes:
- A Teal Blue with Gloss Black 2-tone paint scheme following the lines and accentuating the contours of the body. No Body Kit needed.
- Custom Fender vents achieved with an IS-F -inspired cut in the Factory OEM fenders.
- Lowered stance via an Air Suspension System that can adjust the ride height accordingly.
- Blacked-out all the chrome parts and trims.
- Big Brake kit with Calipers painted to match the Teal Blue body.
- Split 5-spoke wheel designed finished in Gloss Black with Teal Blue pinstripe.

Additional Notes:
- Created in Photoshop CS5
- Base Lexus IS 250 F Sport images from the provided asset were used and modified.
- My own photograph of the wheels were used and modified.
- Background elements were created 100% from scratch.

As someone who had attended SEMA since 1996, as well as designed cars for it, this was a challenge I couldn't pass up.
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This is my entry for 2014 Lexus IS F Sport Design Contest.

- Created in Photoshop CS5
- Modifications are based on images from the provided asset
- My own design of wheel is used

As a student studying transportation design, I feel excited to have this chance to broaden the scope of my design and try something different to me.
Hope you enjoy the contest!
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My submission for the Lexus IS Design Contest.

As a second year transportation design student, I utilized my understanding of
vehicle construction to provide a cohesive, thematic design which will draw attention
from design aficionados and the counter-culture demographic. An executable design within the build
period was emphasized during the design process.

Lexus brand DNA was strongly incorporated into the design, along with visual cues from the
Lexus inspirational film.

-Renderings complete in Photoshop CS5
-100% original values/lighting
-Referenced asset pack + personal photos
-Material and modification indications
-Cohesive + Thematic design
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My entry for the Lexus IS Design Contest. I went with a design that's exaggerates the existing body work, while adding elements that push its bold and provocative styling further.

Changes include:
- Aggressive new front and rear fascias
- Fender intake with bold side skirts
- Black chrome accents
- Smoked taillights and darkened headlights
- Larger 10-spoke black rims on low-profile performance tires
- Ice Silver metallic paint

This was a ton of fun, and while my process was a little roundabout, I'm happy with the result. I sketched over the photos, created vector outlines, then painted it. I modeled the rims in 3D, which was the most difficult part of the process, trying to get the lighting of the models to match. But yeah, I really enjoyed this project, since I'm a huge car buff. Plus it was enjoyable to work on something different.
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Here is my design for the Lexus IS Contest. It's a dark gray/black paint with metallic pearlescent highlights with a ghost hex pattern on the hood and LED details throughout.
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My submission to the Lexus IS competition.
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As a Lexus enthusiast, I wanted to stay true to the sporty new look. The Lexus IS 250 F Sport "Track Star" is designed for the weekend warriors--the drivers who are passionate about performance, control, and comfort. This IS 250 F Sport has been designed to perform exceedingly well on the track as well as on the street thanks to lightweight aggressive wheels and performance tires. Vibrant Raspberry Pearl and Satin Black paint makes this IS 250 F Sport one-of-a-kind. Sport splitters on the front, sides, and rear contribute to downforce while lowering the vehicle's visual look. Lowering suspension components complete the aggressive appeal.

Design Details:
*Raspberry Pearl paint with Metallic Black & Satin Black accents
*Custom designed carbon lip kit that highlights new IS 250 F Sport design
*Aggressive split-spoke wheel with performance tires
*Custom race-inspired interior with Raspberry stitching
*Big brake kit with matching calipers
*Racing suspension components
*Tinted lights

**Modifications were carefully chosen to be completed in the 10-week timeline**
**All event materials are fictional and used to promote design concept**
**No third party stock was used to make this artwork**
**Created using Asset Images in provided Asset Pack**
**All designs including background, wheels, and other vehicle modifications are my own**
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