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OK finally wow I've been dying to get this up for the last few months!! :la:
I haven't posted up really any WWP related stuff (outside of the 30 day monster girl challenge) for a few years haha. The stuff at the top dates back to like, gosh.. at least mid 2011? maybe even earlier! with very recent stuff at the bottom that I've doodled here and there in my free time, like Riley, Rilu, Hilde, Doggybone... etc. The change in style is pretty drastic, at least to me ahh XD;

I think I've said pretty much everything I wanted to in the dump... In just a few I'll be posting the "next post" references I kept making. It's just a dump of my main WWP babies all revamped and cleaned up after a couple years of dormancy. I've been working/poking at it all year so I'm really happy to finally get it posted too, but I wanted to post this first since it had all this old design stuff in it.. ahhh so complicated, bee. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Anyway, hope you enjoy!
Ren and Mint belong to *Tyshea, Nikki and Val belong to ~AppleVigilante, and Barry belongs to ~Cool-Epilepsy! By the time I posted them, their designs have updated, gomen (*ノ´∀`*;; )
most everything was either done on paper and colored in sai, or drawn and colored directly in sai. :>
Thank you for all the favorites, comments, and watches! :love:
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Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone! :holly:

I'm just gonna post this up now because it's finished- my other x-mas gifts will have to wait til' tomorrow.
This is for *Tyshea, aka my favorite person in the world. You might be outta town right now, but I can still spoil you rotten, right? 
pandas by Emoji-kun

These are her SalaDays OCs; Ash the vampire, Autumn the banshee, Mint the werewolf, and Ren the death god-- and the reason we met, more or less. I've drawn Autumn and Mint before here and there, but I think it was a good excuse to draw them all together. :'P Please accept this CYMK nonsense, my love.

Done in SAI in a day because I went crazy.
Thanks for looking, and for faving/commenting/watching! :love:
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Hey guys! :wave:
Happy december! My thanksgiving was ~+*spectacular*+~, but now I return... with arts. ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

This was something I did over a period of a few months or so.. I wanted to thoroughly check how varied my skintones, hair-preferences, facial features, and naming conventions were to make sure there wasn't an imbalance of any one thing. I had a bad history of using pretty light skintones on just about everything when I started creating PoC characters, and I was worried that I still did it without thinking sometimes... but with that said, I'm pretty happy with the turnout of this! *waves tiny flag*

These are all main characters of various original stories of mine (ones developed enough to be drawn, anyway) but I can already think of three or more off the top of my head that I didn't include here because they're still concepts. *lays on side sadly* (I had to force myself to stop) This is also not counting like my pokemon gijinkas, since I haven't designed most of them yet either. Also no guys' version for now, though I plan on doing something fun with all my male identifying OCs sometime though! ;P If I can in the future (and don't outgrow this style by then, ahhh) I'll add more characters to this.

I also would very much love love to do more sets like these for my other WoC as well, but that relies on my free time. We'll see!

And now, a bulletpoints about each of them; starting at the center top with Charli and going clockwise! If they don't have links, I don't have a satisfactory drawing of them yet/this is their first updated debut. Please note not everyone is human... seems obvious enough? :XD: A lot of them are super-heroines, or magical girls. I won't be upset if you don't read it though ahahaha OTL/// /talks to self instead

:bulletred: Charli: [Asanbosam] She does slam poetry, enjoys beatnik culture, and adores caramel flavored beverages.
:bulletorange: Theodora: Dora is slightly reluctant magical girl, a history major, trans*woman, and a walking encyclopedia. Hardly ever smiles.
:bulletblue: Linette: From another time, a medieval knight-in-training that loves adventure and naturally inclined to help people. She falls in love with a grumpy witch.
:bulletpink: Natifah: Tiffy's trying to recover from her rough history. She loves nail art and cute makeup cases and her new unexpected boyfriend. She'd like to be a hairstylist if she could afford college. Abagael's younger sister.
:bulletorange: Trae: A short tempered tomboy with a lot of misplaced anger and a pretty rough life. A klepto and a pyromaniac. Is bestowed fire powers and dons the title "Salamander."
:bulletgreen: Shawntay: Shawn's a solitary, tech-savvy computer wizz who works at a computer parts shop- Discovers computer chips that give her cyber-mech abilities and armor. But what about the other chips? oooh!
:bulletpurple: Wynona: A laid-back, vain, intimidating beauty. Doesn't typically throw around her temper but is quite proud. She likes wine a little too much and it ends up giving her an ability she never expected.
:bulletblue: Irinora: [Giant from this fantasy race- her element is water.] She's a little scary and hardly ever seen, nevermind heard. Not much is known about her...
:bulletred: Teresa: [Apple Tree Hamadryad, "Monster High fancharacter.] She's very go-green and is also rather tall, at about 6'5".
:bulletyellow: Danica: [Lamia] her family is from Egypt. A fierce bellydancer and a bit of a maneater; good friends with Nadia.
:bulletred: Elise: Tormented by night-terrors, paranoid, and a little bit on the edge. Would really just like some friends. Can see "shadows."
:bulletpurple: Rorie: A quiet, to-herself person. Avid appreciator of music, oftentimes found with earbuds, plugged in. Has ice powers and knows how to use them, though.
:bulletorange: Sorrel: [eagle harpy] a steadfastly loyal friend, and a big sister personality. Very protective of those in her Nest, and proudly bears the law-enforcement position of Valkyrie.
:bulletblue: Jess: A New York ladykiller thrust back home to her dusty rural Texas hometown. Vain, proud, and smug as all get-out. She's half Spaniard.
:bulletblue: Kristyn: An extremely frail/ill girl but wise past her years. Has an endless fascination with astrology and gains superpowers from another planet.
:bulletpurple: Abagael: No-nonsense and street-smart. Intensely protective of her friends despite struggling with her own inner demons. Dyes her hair far too much, which inspired her younger sister Natifah to do the same.
:bulletpurple: Georgie: A quiet studious tomboy with a lot to say but not many friends to say it to. Can't see a thing without her glasses. Gets earth powers from a bashful but intelligent little mole.
:bulletgreen: Quinn: Japanese-American. Suffers from a little bit of bad luck, but works hard for her dad and little brother despite that. She's a stick that could use a good yank out of the mud.
:bulletyellow: Nadia: [succubus] Fashion-model in the making- sharp and intimidating as she is gorgeous, but she's honestly mild and relaxed about most things. It's just her intense face. Good friends with Danica.
:bulletblue: Belle: [TMM fancharacter] A to-be science major wholly invested in entomology. A bit of an oddball, lovely and eccentric, but probably more observant than what would make you comfortable to know.
:bulletpink: Avril: Grumpy gus cybergoth girl opinionated to her grave. However, she's levelheaded and her reasoning is sound if you can get past her bark and general meanness. Also gains superpowers from another planet.

:faint: ...Well, if you read all that, have a gold star. :star:
These were all sketched on paper, photoshopped together in bulk, and colored in SAI.

Feel free to let me know who caught your interest the most, I'd love to hear about it. :love:

Also check out this tutorial on how to draw ethnic hair! A great resource and big help to me :')

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The move went pretty well! We only had a minor overcharge for the U-haul, the rain while we moved was generally pleasant and refreshing (we were sweating like pigs anyway right) and the unexpected third trip due to having the other u-haul place fuck up our order ended up being a blessing, because only heaven knows what mom would've been like behind the wheel of a 14 footer instead of a 10. I was clenching my buttcheeks in terror through the whole first ride.





So hi this is me
My name is mashup of lemonade + rebecca. Lemonade and keylime pie are two of my favorite desserts/treats... and since minty type things are far more popular, I decided to go with those. I LOVE SOUR THINGS! :dance: I'll probably draw up a car never later on... I'll call it The Cooler. 8-)

I think that's it, then. Glad to be back. Gonna go draw even though I should be cleaning my disaster of a (new!) room.

Drawn on paper, colored in SAI, fancy effects done in Potatoshop7, it took about forever. }:'|
Thank you for the comments, faves, and watches! :love:

oops ty did one :heart:
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30 Day Magical Person Challenge List HERE

Set 1 (1-6) :star: Set 2 (7-12) :star: Set 3 (13-18) :star: Set 4 (19-24) :star: Set 5 (25-30)
:iconsparklesplz: ~+*ULTIMATE SEPTEMBER MAGICAL GIRL INTERLUDE*+~ :iconsparklesplz:

That's where I rambled on about each of them more in detail. Characters featured here are 90% ones I already own that I've either revamped for this challenge or just cameoed for the fun of it, so if you recognize someone, that's probably why! *w*;

If you guys can't tell by now, the magical girl genre is my lifeblood. From random fan characters, assorted loose characters, or actual series Ty's helped bring conceptual life to like recently, this is one of those things I'm totally nuts for. I've wanted to do this challenge like crazy- far before the 30day Monster girls one, but I had to legit mentally prepare myself for it for a while before I could. OTL// I really like it when the genre is diversified, so things like super heroes and solitary heroines definitely feel magical girlesque to me, hence why some of these probably don't fit the frilly pink staple that is mahou shoujo. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this month long explosion of designing I did to kickstart my productivity again!

If you're interested, also check out my

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge!

Each was done in Paint Tool SAI on a 500x800 canvas with a tablet and lots of patience/endurance. I dunno how I survived. Text is added in PS7.

So guys, here comes the hard hitting question... :evillaugh:
TOP 5 FAVORITES ANYONE? And why? I'd love to hear your faves! :dance:
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Picture This
By *Tyshea and *Ai-Bee
A collection of short stories about love between girls. Jay&Jess is the second of the four arcs.
Visit the PT progress Tumblr here!


A day fashionably late, but Happy Birthday, Jess! My little trouble-making Scorpio. ;P
So adhering to what seems to be a pattern this year with birthday art, we had a plot-bunny for Jess's everything. Along with her recent haircut (which seems to be getting shorter and more defined every time I draw it, yay!) Ty and I had a pretty great idea for fleshing out her parents. (Which I regret to say I haven't drawn yet...)

They still need names, but- Her Dad is a European Spaniard that came to New York for business as a lawyer, which eventually relocates him to Texas, where he meets Mom, a fiery African American basketball coach. They end up having Jess there, but have to return to NY when she's about to enter high-school, making Jess leave her Texas lifestyle- and Jay- behind.

So yes!! Jess is Afro-Spanish! :dance: I finally got around to undoing the whitewashing she's suffered quite a bit since her conception, ahaha;; So I went back around into her past to  sort of re-visualize her growing up. It was much needed, imho. I didn't make this into an Age Meme, however, because she may still indeed grow and her features/etc may stabilize even more by the time we get to doing age memes for JayJess.

Age 6: She's pretty bright and sort of a crime-stopper, and tends to be really blunt. (Childish honesty coupled with her daddy's nack for law) She stands up for Jay (who is bullied a lot) without a second thought. They also share a name, so the nicknames Jess and Jay are born here, and ultimately how they meet.

Age 10: A couple years of becoming steadfast friends with Jay started to shape her into a rough and tumble tomboy, but between the two of them, Jess is far more subtle and composed, with a bit of a leader presence. She's kind of the cool kid on campus.

Age 14: Moved away before the look you see here (at about 12-13), she's thrust into the NY lifestyle and learns really fast she needs to drop all of her southern quirks and poor temper if she wants to be cool and fit in. As she starts to streamline her look (Joins swimming instead of BBall, cuts off her hair and starts to flat iron it ahah) she becomes more popular and promptly falls into the dating scene. Drama and wacky hi-jinks ensue.

Age 18: End result of four years of being a popular trendy heart-throb. Essentially dropped all of her rough-n-tumble nature to be a cool, calm lady-killer and never intends to go back.... or so she thinks.

Done in SAI, text in potatoshop 7~

In other news, Ty is visiting on Friday for Thanksgiving week. Oh boy, thankful doesn't even begin to cut it. /lays on side

Thank you for the comments, favorites, and watches! :love:

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Oddly enough, I didn't have much to say on the dump, so I don't have much to say here either... :noes:

Adelaide as also seen here and here. Linette is from day 27 of this set.
Nor belongs to ~MissMellifluous! Autumn and Mint, and Kye (being snogged, oops) belong to *Tyshea!
Since I forgot to mention; the eel guy is an Eelektross gijinka and Cherry is a Scolipede gijinka; Gulpoink is a mashup of Gulpin and Spoink.
Shoutout to =lCHll-kouhai for the Shiftry prompt and =Kallicalico for the magical cat butterfly challenge <3

...And a lot of dedenne, goddamn that little fat hamster.

Hope everyone's having a good October! I still have a few bigggg comments laying around I gotta reply to, but I'm almost done. @__@ Pokemon X may or may not have consumed my life. *sweats bullets*

Thank you for comments, favorites, and watches! :love:
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Picture This
By *Tyshea and *Ai-Bee
A collection of short stories about love between girls. Sam&Sara is the first of the four arcs.
Visit the PT progress Tumblr here!


:cake: :party: Happy birthday, Sara! :party: :cake:

Hey guys!! I missed you! Sorry for being so totally AWOL all month! I'm doing stuff, I promise. :giggle:

Anyways, I was trying to stabilize how I draw Sara since it's fluctuated over the past two years, and ended up doodling pieces that could be something of a bio-sheet. So that's what I did! I tried to include all updated little blurbs and trivia for anyone curious, like height, color swatches, etc. Complete with a smarmy grin that I need to stop drawing on her dorky face. I apologize for the headshots, I know I do those way too often.

Conveniently, it's also her birthday today! Woo! :dance: I'd say Sara's come a very long way compared to her first sketches and >Meet Sara piece. (Don't look at it! /lays on floor) And some posture/shape studies I've been doing in the background have really helped me get a feel for her presence. I'm really quite excited!

I hope to post a buttload of stuff soon. I have tons of 85% ish things I need to post but keep loafing around about. Bad bee, bad. Shame. :shakefist:

For those new to our PT project, Hello and welcome! And thanks for watching and following along with us! :love: This is Sara and she's mildly confused but happy to meet you. Sam&Sara is our work in progress comic and we're currently working on the first chapter :) We will let everyone know when it's ready!


Other Sara type things:

Done in SAI, text and border added in Photoshop 7!
Gross cute snuggles to *Tyshea for helping with basically everything every step of the way :heart:

And as always, thank you for the faves, comments, and watches! :love: I hope everyone's having a nice sweaty stinky summer they wanted all winter! :lmao: I sure got what I wished for...
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Picture This
By Tyshea and Ai-Bee
A collection of stories about love between girls.

Picture This on Tumblr!


Next up is Blaire. She's always been pretty set as far as her growth goes. She gets a lot of her bad habits from her mom, kind of became the thing she hated. Also, I'm nudging her to be biracial; mexican/white.

She's such a buttass character, but I really loved drawing her progression. She probably doesn't seem very intimidating at 10 years old, but tell that to other insecure 10 year old wallflowers getting their lunch money threatened off them!

Alternate template by me; Original Age Meme by Thrash-Waltz and is here…

:bulletyellow::bulletblue: See the other S&S Age Memes! :bulletyellow: SAM X SARA :bulletblue:
PT - Tammy Age Meme by Ai-Bee PT - Blaire Age Meme by Ai-Bee PT - Gwen Age Meme by Ai-Bee PT - Lissy Age Meme by Tyshea PT - Mal Age Meme by Tyshea PT - Jayden Age Meme by Tyshea
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I drew my pokemon x team aaages ago.... I finally finished it up because I beat the e4 for the first time with them! Possibly the easiest e4 in all of the games! YES! GO BEE! Babysteps!!! Soon you will defeat EVERY elite four! (・`ω´・)ノノノノ

:bulletwhite: Hawthorne the Chesnaught is the big sister leader. She's not very aggressive but is arguably as strong as her girlfriend and right hand, Blackwater. She's actually a bit shy sometimes but her curiosity usually wins her over.
:bulletgreen: Hazelwood the (Blue) Florges is the sharp tongued dragon-slaying mean girl. She's a crass, confident bully but she's relatively laid back if she has no bone to pick with you. She will always fix her makeup after a battle.
:bulletyellow: Stormwell the Dedenne is an unpredictable ball of energy with little sense of danger and likes getting into trouble.. or brewing up some herself. Everyone is surprised she doesn't have Pickup ability because she's a complete hoarder.
:bulletblue: Blackwater the Blastoise is the tank (what with her blastoisinite and all) she's mischievous and playful but has a good sense of justice, so Hawthorne turns to her often for a more firm/removed opinion. She can be a little bit of a doting prince with Thorne.
:bulletorange: Willowring the High Plains Vivillon is a skiddish, chattery, workaholic potion-making bookworm but vastly intelligent and extremely dangerous in battle... and always feels bad about it later and profusely apologize.
:bulletred: Ravencroft the Talonflame is a very intimidating but uncommitted powerhouse... she'd much rather relax and discuss potions than fight. She tends to stand still like a scarecrow but if you can get her to smile it's quite enchanting!

I made them all witchy themed because I love giving my teams themes. makes for more of a challenge!
If ravencroft feels oddly familiar you win a million pokedollars :heart:

Done in sai! Who's your favorite? :love: //goes back to work

Check out Ty's gang themed X/Y Team~~
PKMN: Gen 6 Gijinkas by Tyshea
Other pokemon related junk I've done~~
PKMN - Fave Type Meme by Ai-Bee PKMN - Happy Halloween with Willowring by Ai-Bee PKMN - Chakra by Ai-Bee  Sketch Dump 31 by Ai-Bee PKMN - Tumblrmon by Ai-Bee

:pokeball: Reblog it on Tumblr! :pokeball:
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