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.Wolf and Cub.
  . By Sonxfanchara .

Special thank you too uno-loco-amor, for helping me with my story and checking it. And for just being awesome !

Three months ago tragedy struck leaving a father with his hands tied behind his back with the full responsibility of child rising. Since then the days had become somewhat normal with the exception of those once tiring days become exhausting hours upon hours of work, whiter it was taking care of his child or working. Being a very important shinobi to not only the Land of fire but most importantly his own village Konoha left no room for him to complain or let his guard down.

Oh, how this legendary man known as the White Fang missed his wife and how he wished his son in whom had been named Kakashi, could at least have known first hand of his mother's love before her passing. But then again it was easier on the boy not knowing it at all. To know such a pure love and have it snatched away was painful. But being in this world even as a regular citizen you were lucky to live your life till the end. But the chances of death as a shinobi of any village were extremely high. Even a simply mission of escorting somebody at a D rank could end up a life and death situation. Yes, life was precious and the times you have a chance to spend with love ones even more so.   

Soon the mornings became night and days turned to weeks. Yet Sakumo was still finding it hard to look after his spawn by himself. He hardly knew anything about these noise, messy, gogily eyed defenseless creatures. But he always tried his best and even when he was in questions of what was to be done he didn't settle for failure. Stead if he didn't get something he'd look it up in one of the books his wife had gotten him. They had come in handy to many times to count and had becomes his life lines in a way.

Finally the weeks turned to months and it was soon November 7th a little bit after Kakashi's first birthday. The little one was currently preoccupied with the blown up kunais his father had gotten him as well as the baby blue dummie he had a habit of sucking on. From the rocking chair across the room Sakumo sat watching him like a mother wolf. But even a mother wolf with her cautious nurture and quick reflexes to any unknown sound was known to let their guard down and he gave a yawn. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to rest his head in the palm of his hand but the thought wore away as did his eyes. But just as his eyes closed he was suddenly jerked out of his sleep as well as out of his chair he was resting in. And his eyes burst open to the sound of giggles pouring out of the baby's mouth. Too he's relief the person he saw was no threat to him or his cub but that still didn't make it ok to scare him half to death.

"I thought you were on a mission!" He shouted as he tugged his top out of the man's grasp. He could feel his heart flutter to catch its breath now that the danger had been discovered and the threat before not such a threat now.

"I was, just got back and just in time as well!" The man standing before him spoke before letting out a jolly laugh when Sakumo looked away blushing from his near heart attack.

He couldn't believe he had fallen asleep watching his son and then on top of that give this jerk the opportunity to not only pick up his son but take him by surprise.

"This is why I hate you sometimes, Jiraiya." He stated as he folded his arms in defiance. His eyes never leaving there target of the young man in front of him.  

"Oh, come on Sakumo!" Jiraiya raised his voice with a mocking grin.

Soon Sakumo's attention was drawn away and his angered, pouty face became frantic as the sounds of laughter from his son became quite and turned into little sounds of the child tearing up before opening his mouth to let out a whale. He didn't understand the change in the boy's moods and he looked back at other sadness evident in his eyes before turning his full attention to his son. He wasn't sure what to do because he didn't understand why he had suddenly started crying. But usually just by picking up the cub up the roaring and streams of tears would subside. Not this time though, he scrunched up his lips in thought, he then decided to blow up his cheeks and make a funny face and Kakashi only cried louder. He then spent five minutes doing everything in the book to get the kid to quite down but still nothing and now the boy was a wet, puffy mess of snot and tears.

He was out of ideas and was becoming more frantic with every passing second. How could getting a small child to laugh be so hard? He'd seen S rank mission that had been easier than this one at hand. Suddenly he was struck in the back of the head by the other who he'd forgotten was in the room with him and with that a new idea struck him too. He grinned cheekily as he picked up one of the fake kunais Kakashi had thrown in his fit and blow softly at his sons face to get him to temporally stop crying. As he planned the small cub batted away at the annoying breeze and Sakumo achieved his attention. So without further adieu he lifted the toy and pointed it at Jiraiya.

"Can you see the bad man, Kakashi?" He said in a soft spoke voice as he watch his son and the other from the corner of his eye. The cub blinked before giving a nod to his question.

"Do you want him to go away!?" He asked and this time the boy looked over at the other man than back before nodding with a giggle. Jiraiya looked on at the scene before him with a raised eyebrow to what his sensei was planning to do.

"Well let's make him . . . disappear!" Sakuma laughed as he chucked the inflatable kunai at the other successfully hitting Jiraiya on the nose before it fell to the floor.

The little cub paused as if he was trying to comprehend what was going on and the two older man stood in their spots in an awkward silence before the white haired boy decided to play along and he threw himself to the floor in an dramatic way of dying. The minute he hit the floor the boy busted out in bubbly laughter at the action of his father and the 'Bad Man'. Sakumo chuckled and smiled at the boy. "All happy now my little shinobi?"

But the only reply was more bubbly giggles of happiness so he decided to toss his son into the air earning him more squeals before catching him. The feeling that his cubs happiness gave him was just something you couldn't explain. So he would milk this moment that his son wasn't moping around his toys or crying his poor little heart out to the world. He picked the boy up into the air and began to make bird noises. But he stopped and pulled him into his chest when Kakashi's face scrunched up and he let out a yell.

"Oh, did I scare you Kaka? Hm" He spoke softly to the runny nose, leaky eyed cub before his attention was drawn to the floor where the 'bad man' had been forgotten. He glared kunai's at the other who was laughing so hard it look like it hurt as his shaky hand pointed up at the two. "M-maybe he didn't enjoy his flight!"

"Excuse me, but you're supposed to be dead, aren't you, legendary Sannin!?" Sakumo snapped as a devilish grin spread across his face and his eye brow twitch in anger.

Out of clueliness of what was going on only sensing the evil and angry vibes from his father he tugged on his daddy's top. "Dada?"

The minute the word had been spoke the man snapped from his thoughts and his attention was again on his son. Jiraiya sighed softly with a smile and turned away from the two. In a loving affection to show his son everything was alright he placed his finger under the boys chin and rubbed softly. The boy giggled and Sakumo smiled as he continued the action to repeat his action. When he saw the cub take his small hands with all his strength grab his wrist in attempt to stop him from this action. His father thought this was funny and he gave a hearty laugh as he continued to fluster the boy.

Though Sakumo has happy Kakashi was not enjoying this one bit and glanced at the 'bad man' on the floor who had now turned his attention to the two again. He saw the man speak but to him the words meant nothing. Than the 'bad man' made a funny nose with his nose and he turned to his father who had stopped doing what he was doing that created that uncomfortable feeling. He was now using the hand to wave around as he return his reply of things he didn't understand. But at this moment his mind and eyes were preoccupied on the finger being wiggled and flown around like food on his spoon. He opened his mouth and he allowed his head to fallow the finger as he tried to catch the thing before him.

To Jiraiya it looked like a cub teaching itself its first hunt using its sibling's tail as prey. In this case the poor target was his older mans. As he watched he said nothing about other than continue to argue with the silver haired man acting as a distraction. After a few annoying seconds of head bobbling and shouting between the 'bad man' and his father kakashi managed to get the finger. In one swift move he bit down with no mercy for the prey. Sakumo let out a howl so loud it shook even the moon and sun above. His eye's jerked down to where the pain was coming from to see his son gnawing on his finger like an animals carouse at meal time.   

"Ow,ow! K-kakashi let go of daddies finger pplease." He mumbled as he carefully tried to get him off. The only response from the other was a shake of his head which caused more pain to his finger.

Jiraiya on the other hand who was still lying on the floor made no attempt to help his sensei out. He was currently too busy rolling around dying of laughter or at least Sakumo wished so after the white haired boy stated. "Oh, Ho, he's defiantly the Cub of the great silver wolf."

After five minutes of torture and indescribable pain to his abused finger Sakumo finally was able to unlatch the two little teeth embedded in him. When he examined his finger he not only found out that he had teeth marks in it but it was red and swollen. He would have to remember to keep all small limbs from the mouth of his cub unless he wished to lose a finger or two. This thought made him shutter and for some odd reason his son burst into bubbly laughter. Given his son a look of clueless and worry to why he had decided that daddies face was so funny with such an expression. He couldn't help but be charmed and he too was laughing along with his son, so now the whole room was engulfed with the joyful laughter of people who were precious to one another.

A couple hours later Sakumo let out a sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck and shut the door to his cubs den. It had taken more than half an hour to get the kid to sleep. Who would have ever thought sleep could be so hard for a baby. He'd always been told that's all they did. Well whoever had come up with such a preposterous notation should be bludgeoned for lying. He was trying his hardest not to allow Kakashi to sleep in his room all the time because it always seemed harder to get the boy to sleep the nights after allowing him to rest by his side.

As he made his way down stairs each step he took seemed to creak like the rusty hinges to an old door. He caught himself turning back and stopping ever other foot to listen for those muffed cries but he was only met with the still silence of the old house. He hadn't even noticed he was holding his breath till he reached the ground floor and his breathe wushed out in one fluid movement. Had he really been so nervous to waking up his son that he had been so careful he had not dared to breathe in fear of being caught sneaking away. It wasn't as if he was sneaking away from his duties. He was simply seeking a vocation to relax with another pack member. Then why did he somehow he feel in the deeps of his heart that he was leaving the person my precious to him behind?

He shook the feeling off and headed for the kitchen on his way he passed the living room where Jiraiya was now sitting on the couch lost in thought with one of those pervert expressions spilled upon his face. He gave a chuckle and continued walking till he found himself filling up the tea pot and placing it on the old stove top to boil the green herbs. As he waited he decided it was feeble to waste time alone in the kitchen when he could go and bother the thinking man on his couch. It had been sometime since they had been able to speak like this.

When he entered the living room from the sliding door of the kitchen, the boy gave a smile as he spoke. "So, how did it go with your cub?"

"Today was worse than others, yet better than most. It seems every time I try and leave his side he cries like if he lost sight of me for just a moment I won't be there anymore. So I did as I always do. I crawled into the crib with him which you would think would be enough room but with all the toys his mother got him it's a tight squeeze." He chuckled and sat down on the chair across him his friend.

The other man gave a hearty laugh before speaking. "Well that is part' of parenthood, Wolf."

"I know that, my question is and I hope won't always be, when exactly will be your turn to be one?" As he spoke he moved his elbow in a nudging fashion at Jiraiya who had turned red in the face before giving his sensei an annoyed look. But that mood didn't stay long because before any of them to it they were laughing.

Soon there talk become of the olden days and how everything began. They share their thoughts and memories taking the time to laugh and bring up embarrassing moments they or the other had experienced. The talk seemed to last forever to them as if time had stood still. Their thoughts were one in the same. If only it was like the fun old days, but fun days like that don't last long not in this world at least.

"Yo! I know what you're thinking now because I was thinking the same thing." Jiraiya stated all of a sudden out of the blue and Sakumo gave him a, 'what is that look?'

"Well my friend, what matters is that even if we can't have those good old fun days we still have this moment and the next that we live to make new ones."

The older man was about to say something when the pot on the stove whistled and he glanced at the kitchen door than back to the other before giving a bow to excuse himself. He quickly made his way to the kitchen to pull the pot away from the heat before the loud nose awake is cub and as he did so he reached for two tea cups to use. After he was done he put the pot back and turned the stove off before making his way back. When he returned he handed Jiraiya the steaming cup of tea before sitting back in the chair he had been sitting in earlier.

"This is good tea Sakumo." The white haired boy stated as he took a careful sip of the hot beverage. If he hadn't of bothered to look up to smile he would have never caught the slight smile passed his way why the older man thoughts drifted from the moment at hand. This look wasn't uncommon since the death of his sensei's late wife and it worried him every time he saw it.

"You thinking of her Sakumo." It wasn't a question but a statement and the man looked over than back at the tea cup resting between his palms. The green tea always reminded him of his wife and at times just the word turned his mood. He felt like it had been ages since she once had been standing where he was handing the tea to him where Jiraiya now sat. It was her thing to do when work would get tough and he would feel the tremendous pressure upon his back to complete a mission and save every man on his team. She would smile and place her hands over his which held the tea and say, "You know what I think about that and you know I always tell you to go with your heart on your call. Nobody but yourself can judge a call you make unless you let them." then she would kiss his forehead. He couldn't help but smile with her words and wonder if he could ever be as strong in the heart as her words sounded to my ears.

His thoughts of the wonderful memory were rudely stopped when an annoying slurping of an idiot's tea cut straight through them. He turned his attention to the other in the room and raised an eye brow as he narrowed his eyes. "Must you always do that when I'm trying to think?"

Even though he was trying to sound and look as if he was mad Jiraiya know the older made was holding back a laugh. And he was right because soon they were both  laughing all over again and so there memory talk continued well into the late night. They were so lost in their convocation of the old days and even how they would think of how the future would turn out. That they had gone though four cups of tea without notice as if high off the green herbs they laughed without a care in the world. It wasn't till the clock struck midnight and the sound of the smallest measure, a hiccup from the door to the living room was Sakumo's moment broken. He turned to the sound and it was funny it wasn't his great hearing or the fact he was a legendary ninja but his parental feelings that he know the boy was standing there.

He smiled at the scene before him and pocked the other who was laughing so much you would think he had gone mad. When he felt the pock he toned down his laugh as he turned to his sensei than to where the other was looking. There standing at the door with blue demmie in his mouth and dog stuffy in hand stood one year old Kakashi Hatake in all his cuteness. Sleep heavy in his eyes, tear stained face and buggers hanging from his dripping nose.

"Ho-yo and what do we owe this pleasure?" Jiraiya chuckled as he watched his sensei get up to walk over and kneel before his son.

"Little cub why are you up this late at night?" He asked as he took his shirt and wiped the buggers and tears from the boys face.

"D-dada the moncers come" As he spoke as woddled as fast as his little feet could go. And he opened his arms to prepare himself from the upcoming hug. He didn't make it far when he suddenly tripped on his nighty-suit. But he was in no danger because as soon as he had taken flight his father had open arms to catch him and he gentle swooped him up into his warm loving arms.

"Kakashi there is no monsters here . . . well apart from one." He grinned when the younger man stood up in protest to his being labeled a monster. But he was silenced by the giggling laughter that bubbled from the boy before quieting down with a yawn.

Jiraiya could see it was about time that he should be leaving so he cleared his throat to catch the attention of his sensei who was soothing the cub in his arms. "It's pretty late and I have to meet Tsunade in the morning, if I'm late she'll kill me. So I should be going."

With the wave of his hand and a smile on his lips to show he appreciate the hospitality and time spent with his good friend he disappeared in a thick cloud of smoke as the little one watched with blinking eyes. As soon as Jiraiya had left he walked over to the lamp and turned it off leaving the room with only the light of the moon to cast an eery sliver of blood red light upon him. Sakumo turning his attention from the moon looked back at his son who was staring at him through tired eyes. He couldn't shake why his cub would be having dreams of monsters at only fifteen months. He'd never witness anything that could cause such dreams and even if he had why would they still be lingering for such a long time period. His thoughts soon left him as he yawned realizing just how tired he was from the day he had.

"Want to sleep with daddy tonight?" So much for trying to get him used to his own bed. The little head bobbed up and down quickly in nod and his father gave a soft hearty laugh to how lively the boy got at the mention of his father's bed. "Alright, my bed tonight it is."

With that he made his way up stairs to the bedroom sliding the door short with his free hand and before gently laying his son down in the layers of cloth. It took only a few seconds to strip down to his boxers before climbing into bed and pulled his son to his cheek, neck and chest as he placed an arm around him like a shield. Right before closing his eyes he gave a kiss to the boy's tender forehead and whispered.

"I promise the monster aren't going to get you why your daddies around. I'll protect you Kakashi, I won't leave you alone."

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story so far , until Chapter two peeps ♥

Edit: Like I mentioned in the text, Thank u =Uno-Loco-Amor for being a great beta and helping me out for the first chapter, it means alot to me !

Please comment on what u think so for, it would mean alot to me. Thank you

Okay so heres a new story from me

Anyway this is a father and son story, it is kakashi hatake and sakumo hatake. Their are alot other charaters as well ^^; ur'll guess who they are ^^

Anyway hope u like the story so far guys....

I have decided to upload the story in chapters as it will be very long, as it will follow kakashi and his father up to when sakumo commits suicide, so that it a lot to write XDD

O- Credits -O

story@ meee ~sonxfanchara

Kakashi,sakumo, all other charaters @ masashi kishimoto

Picture @ ~Omnii I had permission to use it <333
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You were pissed.
Scratch that. What a dangerous understatement.
You were absoFUCKINGlutely pissed.

Amazingly, it wasn't because he was a whopping forty-five minutes late.

Nor was it because he had kept you waiting under the sweltering heat of the sun on a summer afternoon, smack in the middle of a busy shopping district.

Not even because several girls were openly fawning—rather loudly, much to your annoyance—over the young man you were too stubborn to admit to having a crush on considered a reliable acquaintance.

While the brunette that easily towered nearly a ruler's width over your small frame gave you so many reasons to tear your hair out (and even to want to pack up your things and move out and change your name and live off raw fish in the South Pole amongst Emperor penguins) on a daily basis, this- oh no, this was just legendary.

"Skinny jeans!?" You screeched, your face reddening in fury.

Oikawa Tooru feigned innocence, however. "Is there a problem, [First]-chan~?"

"You-" You thrusted a finger at him. "-UGH. You're impossible."

"So I've been told," he chuckled. Deciding that his antics were not worth losing your shit over in public, you grabbed a fistful of his shirt and dragged him along.

You had been itching to go shopping, but your two closest friends were both busy. Your mom would've embarrassed you to no end and made you try out mortifying outfits, and your dad...just- no.
So you called him up, albeit grudgingly, having shared the most conversations with him among everyone in your class, if not the whole school, besides your little group.

"Can boys, like, stop having skinnier legs than me?" You whined, slumping over your desk.
From his spot beside yours, Oikawa merely "hmm"-ed in reply, leading you to believe that he had barely registered what you said.

Little did you know that he would be using that little piece of information against you today.

After a good five minutes of you stomping your way down the street lined with shops, you halted abruptly and buried your face in your palms. "Christ, I can't stand it anymore."

"Yeah, I know. Sorry I look so good in these~" He nudged you playfully.
You and I both know you do, and any sensible girl would be drooling over your long legs and toned ass made very obvious by those form-fitting pants, but goddammit, you're making me look fat!

After a few seconds of complete silence, you looked up at the boy.
He blinked owlishly, mouth slightly agape. "Wow."
Oh my God. OhmyGod- OH. MY. GOD. I SAID ALL THAT OUT LOUD!? You blushed furiously, covering your mouth.

"Fuck you, Assikawa," you hissed.

"Sure, tonight- wait, it's not my fault you're so into me."

You groaned, still flushed with embarrassment. "You know what? Never mind."

You started to walk away, but he stubbornly tailed you like a lost puppy. "You just look so cute when you're mad~" he cooed.


He thinks you're cute?


"So that's what this is all about?" Admittedly, your rage somewhat dissipated at his words.

He nodded, ruffling your hair. To his surprise, you didn't bother slapping his hand away, like you normally did.

You rolled your eyes, fighting a small smile. "You piece of shit."

Tugging his sleeve lightly, you continued on your way. "You owe me some ice cream," you puffed your cheeks out.

He laughed at this. "So I'm forgiven for looking utterly hot in these?"

"... I didn't say that."

"You know, some people even say I look better than that blondie in Zunon Boy-"

"Shut up and buy a new pair of jeans." You kicked him through the open door of a clothing store. "That aren't skinny. Capisce?"


my first fanfic on dA. ; u ;
with the little trash
whoever gets my "blondie from Zunon boy" reference gets a llama- /shot
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        “Hey, there you are, I've been looking all over the village for you.” A very happy, excited Naruto walked up to you. He took a seat beneath the large tree you sought shade under and smiled warmly. “So, you wouldn't happen to be bored would you? Because I have a great idea for something we can do together.”

Really you weren't bored at all, but you'd found it more and more difficult to refuse Naruto's invitations lately.  You quietly shut the book you'd just started, and gently placed it down on your lap. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, uh, I think it would be better if I just showed you.” The blush that had suddenly appeared on his face made you wonder what exactly he had planned. “Unless you're actually busy already, then just don't worry about it.”

“No, it's fine, I'm not busy at all.” After tucking the book away into a small knapsack, you stood to your feet and offered Naruto your hand. “You're going to have to get up and show me the way you know. I don't know where we're going after all.”

“O-oh, right.” Naruto grasped your hand, still blushing awkwardly. Once on his feet, he shot you a quick smile, took your hand in his and began leading the way. “I hope you aren't expecting anything too amazing, I just thought of this, this morning. So, it really may not be the best planned out idea. But I think it'll be fun.”

“Things are usually better when they aren't planned out anyway. Not to mention, I've always enjoyed doing stuff with you. Except of course for that one time I almost died.” You gave his hand a little squeeze, letting him know silently that you were only joking.

“Y-yeah, I still feel pretty bad about that actually. So this time, I made sure I brought all kinds of stuff for you to eat and drink. Where we're going, it would be really bad if you passed out.” He walked you behind one of the shoppes and started climbing up a flimsy old ladder. “We're almost there, only about five more minutes. You can climb this right?”

“Of course I can you dodo.” Ever since you'd fainted during training, Naruto had been overprotective of you,not letting you do anything he deemed too dangerous.

“I'm just being careful, I don't want you hurting yourself because of me.” He helped you onto the roof, then signaled you to follow him. You had to walk across several rooftops to get to your final destination. Once there, you saw two bright orange and yellow kites tied to a small pipe. There was also a large wicker basket, probably filled with more food than either of you could ever eat at one sitting. “Well, what do you think? It's a little childish I guess.” Naruto chuckled, a little embarrassed by his idea now that you were here. “I still think it could be fun though.”

“Sure it will be, now come on.” You ran off towards the kites, grabbing the biggest one for yourself. “I claim this one.”

Naruto chased after you, quickly pulling you away from the edge of the roof and holding you tightly in his arms. “Be careful. The last thing I need is for you to go toppling off of the roof, plummeting to your death and then splatting like a pancake on the ground.” He squeezed you close and sighed. “J-just, be careful, okay?”

“I am being careful. Now stop being all worried, it's not like you.” You managed to escape his tight grasp and readied your kite for flight. “It's like you've turned into an old woman.” As your kite took wing, Naruto once again wrapped his arms around you. “What now?”

“That kite is pretty big you know, I don't want you to go blowing away.” He rubbed his face into your shoulder and held you even tighter. “I already know I'm acting ridiculous, I just really don't want you hurt, especially because of me, ever again. You really scared me a lot, falling out on the floor like you did. I thought I was going to loose you. That's why I don't let a single day go by without me at least seeing you.”

Your face heated up at his words. “Naruto, you really are a big dodo. I'm not going to hurt myself. I'm not as accident prone as you seem to think I am.” With a bit of effort, you managed to turn around so that you were facing him. “You have to stop worrying about me so much. It can't be healthy.” You returned his hug and rubbed his back, trying to comfort him a bit.

“I know.” Naruto paused for a second. “It's just, I've never had a friend like you before. No one else wants to spend time with me doing nothing No one wants to spend time talking about everything and nothing at all, all at once. I just, I don't think I could make it without you anymore.” The emotions expressed both silently and out loud were enough to make you melt. “I'm sorry if I made everything weird between us, but I had to say it.”

“I'm not even kidding Naruto, you are turning into a sentimental old woman.” You chuckled and took his face into your hands. “You didn't make anything awkward. I'm actually glad you told me.” You gently rubbed his cheeks with your thumbs, smiling up at him with the most honest smile you'd ever had. “Because, I feel the same way.”

“S-seriously, you do?” Naruto's eyes widened, making him look like a deer caught in headlights. It took him a few seconds to calm down enough to speak again. “Then, do you think it would  be okay if I kissed you now?”

“Yeah, I think that would be alright.” You laced your fingers behind his neck and stood on your tip toes, kissing him directly on the lips. The string of the kite slipped between your fingers as you stood there in Naruto's embrace, floating into the sky, never to be seen again. Time seemed to stand still while you were with him like that. When the kiss finally broke, both of you were red and blushing, not to mention slightly out of breath.

Still euphoric from what had just happened, Naruto had a hard time speaking. “So, um, I guess this means we're together now, right?”

“I certainly hope it does.” You rested your head on his shoulder, nuzzling his neck as you continued to hug him. “I wouldn't want to get a reputation of kissing random guys just for the heck of it.”

“Alright, then we're together.” Naruto lifted you up, hugging you again as he spun you around. “I just have one little thing I'd really like if you did for me. “He set you back down on your feet and blushed. “D-don't tell anyone about how old lady like I was acting. It's pretty embarrassing.”

“Sure, but I won't have to tell anyone. Shikamaru and Choji have been up here the whole time. They're always hanging out on the roof.” You pointed to where the two friends were sitting.

“What?” Naruto jerked around to see them both staring. “Oh man. I really should have thought of that.” He sighed.

“Don't worry grandma, we won't tell anyone.” Choji laughed as he munched down on a handful of potato chips. “Besides, I'm sure Shikamaru would think telling everyone would just be a drag.” He laughed again.

Naruto dropped his head to your shoulder and sighed, “I really don't know if I should feel relieved by that or not.”
If you would like to commission a story, check out the rules on my page and send me a note. Please do not leave any requests/commissions here.
Part one…
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"Kei, don't be a butt."

She pressed her lips into a straight line, crossing her arms in front of her chest. The blond snickered and purposely raised his arm higher.

"[Name], you'll have to try better then that."

She pouted playfully and got onto her tip toes, reaching up to grab her phone from his hands. Since the male was taller the female was completely unsuccessful. Kageyama looked over to the pair from the corner of his eye, observing what was going on. All his attention was directed towards a young [h/c] haired girl, doing her best to grab her phone.

From any outsiders view it looked like a bullying. However, that was not the case because Tsukishima and [Name] were pretty close to the point that she hung around with him during breaks.

That made Kageyama feel uneasy.

So, maybe he might have feelings for her and he just might be jealous but he was never going to tell anyone about it. Especially, his orange-haired companion.

After a couple of remarks, Tsukishima dropped his arm and handed the phone back to [Name]. A happy expression appeared on her face when she received it. The blond smirked slightly before roughly laying a hand on top of her head.

"You wanted to see that movie before, yeah? I'll go with you." Tsukishima said, feeling pleased from his sadistic teasing.

[Name] felt her cheeks go warm and Kageyama could have sworn her eyes just sparkled.

"E-Eh? Really, Kei?" She questioned nervously.

"I don't have anything else to do after school." He shrugged.

Kageyama clicked his tongue quietly. [Name] was actually happy with going out to see a movie with that guy?  It was extremely obvious to him that [Name] had feelings for the blond. That made him even more irritated.

Tsukishima was bastard who only knew how to pick on people. He was rude and always made sure to annoy someone at least once a day.

Kageyama snapped his head back towards the court, bouncing the volleyball before setting it to Hinata.

She never looked his way.

In stead, [Name] always admired someone who would never understand how she felt.

"How stupid."
[ Kageyama Tobio X Reader X Slight!Tsukishima Kei ]

ooh i made this fic and its covered with OOCness. :O
this was originally going to be a requested fic but the plot strayed from the actual request so its just an ordinary oneshot now ;3

image credit. ]
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That was the most prominent emotion that filled your body when the thought of Tobio Kageyama crossed your mind. You had been dating the Karasuno setter for several months now, and had expected to see a change in his attitude at some point. But, no. Along with being moody, temperamental, and just an all-around grouch, Kageyama also seemed to have a stubborn streak in him, refusing to change for anyone.

Your [e/c] irises shifted to the right to look at the aforementioned setter who had positioned himself on your couch beside you, in one of the rare moments that you could force him to sit and watch a movie with you. He had his arms crossed tightly across his chest, his blue-eyed scowl locked on the television screen, and his eyebrows tightly knit together, which only added to such a grumpy, introverted stance.

Kageyama's body shifted when a loud grumble sounded from his belly. “Hngh, [Name]. Can you make me something to eat?,” he questioned, eyes still trained on the movie before him.

Normally, you would be happy to fulfill such a request from your boyfriend, but this time was different. You puffed your cheeks out in childish anger before steeling your gaze, mimicking Kageyama's scowl as best as you could. “Not a chance,” you replied bluntly, crossing your arms over your chest, much like the dark-haired setter.

“Hm? Why not?,” he questioned, his attention finally turning towards you.

“I'm tired of your attitude,” you stated truthfully while attempting to choose your words carefully. “So I figure I should act like you. I'm pretty sure the world would come to a sad end if there were two people like you who existed, so you have no choice but to act like me now!,” you declared triumphantly, proud of your deductions.

“Haaah?! What kind of logic is that?!,” Kageyama's blue eyes opened wide as he looked at you incredulously. You kept your scowl on your face, fully intent on matching Kageyama's stubbornness. Raising your hand into the air, you waved it dismissively while averting your gaze from the confused boy. Kageyama was forced to contemplate your statement, images of himself as you floating into his mind. Your cheerful personality. Your good sense of humor. Your absolutely contagious smile. There was no way he could pull all of that off.

Shaking his head vigorously, Kageyama shuffled closer to you, placing a hand on your knee, his dark blue orbs fixed downwards, refusing to look you in the eye as he spoke. “My 'attitude' is the reason I l-like you. You balance it out, [Name],” he stated, a slight, nervous stutter in his voice.

The moment his eyes lifted to meet yours, you felt your heart flutter. You couldn't deny him and you knew it. There was no point in trying.

“Alright, Tobio,” you sighed somewhat, defeated. “I suppose your moody attitude is pretty cute, now that I think about it.” A giggle slipped through your lips as you pecked his lips quickly, causing a bright hue of red to erupt on the poor male's face.

Despite everything, this definitely still felt like a victory for you.

This is a request for someone on Quotev~!

Hrmm, I'm playing around a bit with point of view. I normally write in third person. But, I can't decide if I like second or third person better. ^^”

Wuah, I swear I'll get to writing the next installment of my other Kageyama series. I've been so lazy, it's shameful. :x

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Their daughter was sick. No not with some rare, dangerous disease or anything. Just the common cold really. But that was enough to throw the married couple into a frenzy.

You see, [Y/n] had to go to work that day, whereas Kageyama had a day off. And that is where the problem lies.

"It's not that I don't trust you Tobio-kun..."


"But I don't trust you, Tobio-kun."

Feeling offended, the husband/father crossed his arms as he raised an eyebrow, not amused whatsoever with what she was implying.

"Ok Tobio-kun we need to face facts here. Before [Y/D/N]-chan was born, we had three pets. Two cats, and a dog."


He fidgeted with his shirt, acting like a little kid who just got busted.

"And do you remember what happened to them?"

[Y/n] questioned as if she didn't know the answer. Oh wait.

She did.

"You know what, I don't find this relevant."

Kageyama shot back, turning his gaze elsewhere.

"Oh really? Don't worry, I'll make it relevant then. Both our cats ran away because you forgot to feed them. And you lost our dog in the park. Which goes to show that if you can't even take care of pets, I don't even know how you'll be able to take on [Y/D/N]-chan. Trust me when I say her attitude is so opposite of my calm and understanding one."

Kageyama folded his arms, an irritated sigh coming from his mouth.

"Ok fine, so I can't take care of animals. Quite frankly, I'm a bit offended when you say I can't take care of our own daughter."

Laughing a little, [Y/n] stood up in front of him, head tilting upwards to lock eyes with her husband.

"Then prove me wrong. I gotta go to work, take good care of [Y/D/N]-chan."

Stealing a quick kiss from him, [Y/n] finished up her preparations for the morning and stopped by to give their little girl a small kiss on the forehead before leaving.

'Like hell I can't take of her. I will do more than just prove you wrong, [Y/n]-chan.'

And with that, his mission began.


| Mission One: Breakfast & Medicine |

After Kageyama had successfully cooked a not-completely-burned-but-getting-there breakfast for the little girl and measured out the proper amount of cough syrup, he proceeded to bring it to her room in a tray.

She had cartoons on; the low murmur of the television filling up his ears as he entered.

"Ohayo, [Y/D/N]-chan. Are you feeling ok?"

"I feel awful Daddy..."

The girl croaked out, getting a small sympathetic smile from her father.

Ruffling her head,  he presented her with the semi edible food he had made.

Taking a bite, [Y/D/N] proceeded with spitting it right back out.

"Ewwie, this tastes awful Daddy!!"

Whining, she pushed it aside as he felt her kick her legs from underneath the blankets, seeming on the verge of a tantrum already.

"Can Mommy make breakfast?"

Fake smiling, Kageyama shook his head.

"Mommy is at work right now."

He replied through gritted teeth, continuing to smile.

'What, just because she doesn't almost burn the food, that makes her superior? Oh yeah well it doesn't. I love eating my food.'

As if to prove himself right, he took a bite out of his almost completely charred toast.

Face turning a pale green, he was quick to spit it back out.

'You know what, she's always been better at cooking anyways...'

Wiping his hands on his pants, he turned and faced the still whining girl.

"Just take the cough syrup then. I promise, lunch will be better."

Reluctantly agreeing, [Y/D/N] allowed her father to spoon the dark liquid into her mouth, making a grimace as she tasted it.

"Yuck! That was worse than breakfast..."

Trying his hardest not to be offended, he only forced another smile and laugh as he retreated back to the kitchen.

"Call from: [Y/n]."

Hearing his cell-phone ring, he picked it up as soon as he knew who it was.


"Have you accepted defeat yet~?"

Growling, the male hung up and tossed the device onto the couch.

'Why that little... [Y/n]-chan I will not fail anymore!'


| Mission Two: Lunch & Bonding |

Getting off the phone from the local restaurant, he felt satisfied. Sure he wasn't making lunch, not after what happened during breakfast, but it still counted as "home-cooked". At least that's what the ad for the restaurant claimed.

Hearing a car door slam from outside, Kageyama paid the delivery man before sending him off and bringing the food into [Y/D/N]'s room.

"Here you go. Eat up; you need some energy."

Placing the bag onto her bed, he eyed her carefully as she took the contents out and looked through them.

He had ordered some tomato soup, something he assumed a sick child would like to consume.

He was wrong.

"Daddy~!! I hate tomato soup. Why didn't you make chicken noodle soup like Mommy always does?!"

An anger knot appeared in the back of his head.

"Oh. I wasn't aware that you didn't like tomato soup, [Y/D/N]-chan. I'm sorry I can't be like Mommy all the time."

Chuckling forcibly, the male exited the room once more, taking the food with him.

Face-palming, he groaned as he set the uneaten items onto the counter; eyes lingering on the couch where his cell phone was thrown.

'I have no choice but to ask...'

Ringing up her number, Kageyama didn't have to wait long for [Y/n] to pick up.

"Tobio-kun? What's wrong? Is [Y/D/N]-chan ok??"

"Yeah she's peachy. Listen..."


"Where do you keep the chicken noodle soup?"

He could hear her laughing on the other end.

"Keep? Tobio-kun I don't get it from a can. I make it."

'Make... it....?'

"You mean like home-made?"



"Hello? You there?"

"I'm hanging up now."

"Wait, Tobio-ku-"

Not letting her finish, he cut her off by slamming his finger onto the end button, eyes lit up with frustration once more.

'I can't make anything to save my life. So... here goes nothing.'

Settling on just making a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead, Kageyama once again entered the sick little girl's room, presenting the plate with a proud smile.

After all, as incompetent of a cook as he was, even he could master the basics.

[Y/D/N] slowly ate it, as if she didn't really want to eat it but was more forced to.

Climbing in beside her, Kageyama waited until she finished to engage in some father-daughter time.

"So, [Y/D/N]-chan, whatcha watching?"

"A show."

Receiving a vague answer, the confidence that he just had shattered.

"Oh... What show?"


Her voice trailed off as her attention shifted from answering him back to the television.


Staying quiet, the silence between them was awkward.

Well to him at least it was.

A sneeze attack from [Y/D/N] broke it.


Handing her a tissue, he tried not to be disgusted as the little girl blew her nose into it and handed it back to him.

Tossing it onto the floor and deciding to pick it up later, Kageyama had armed himself with a new round of questions in the 15 minutes that they hadn't spoken to each other.

"So, I know I never really asked before but... What's your favorite color, [Y/D/N]-chan?"


"Ok... What's your favorite food?"


"That's not really a food..."


Clearing his throat, he continued.

"Favorite drink?"

"Apple juice."

"Favorite show?"


"Favorite... animal?"



"Daddy can we please stop now?"

Tearing her gaze from the screen just long enough to glower at her father, it was obvious that Kageyama was annoying the little girl right now.

Excusing himself, he strolled out of the room without so much as a second glance, not that the little girl would've cared anyways.

Ignoring a call from his wife, he only scowled as he sat on the couch and turned on his own television show.

'You... You haven't won yet [Y/n]-chan. Next time for sure!'


| Mission Three: Nap time~! |

Bursting through the door with new born confidence, Kageyama clamored into the room, a book locked in his arms.

"[Y/D/N]-chan. It's time for your nap."

Trying the cheerful approach vs his normally boring and emotionless one, Kageyama had plastered a huge smile on his face, something no one was used to seeing.

"Daddy... You're being creepy right now."

Sighing, the little girl closed the television with the remote as she switched from lying on her back to lying on her side, red, puffy eyes meeting his.

"What story is that, Daddy?"

"Oh this? Just a story about a lonely, lost raven. Your favorite animal remember?"


Sensing that he was losing her interest fast, he quickly opened the book and proceeded to read.

Halfway through the story, Kageyama heard the faint sound of snoring coming from the bed.

Noticing that the little girl had fallen soundly asleep, he silently cheered in his mind, a smug smile growing on his lips.

Slipping out of the room for what seemed to be the millionth time that day, he realized something.

'I... was... successful!'

[Y/n] had just gotten home from work, so of course he took that opportunity to gloat.

Stopping her from entering [Y/D/N]'s room, Kageyama smirked down at her.

"What? What are you looking so prideful for?"

She teasingly poked his chest as she draped her jacket onto the edge of the couch and sat down.

"You can't go in there because I just put [Y/D/N]-chan to sleep."

Following her into the living room, he placed himself next to his wife, still smirking.

"Oooooh ok Tobio-kun. That's such an achievement."

Voice dripping with sarcasm, it seemed that Kageyama either chose to ignore it, or didn't realize that it wasn't genuine.

"It was, wasn't it?"

Stopping only to cough and sneeze, [Y/n] giggled at him.

"What... are you giggling... about?"

He spoke between his small coughs; his throat turning scratchy.

"Looks like you're sick now too. Don't worry, I'll take a day or two off to take care of you both. Though I can assure you I will be  much better caretaker~~!"

"Hey! I was... fantastic today..."

"Don't push yourself. And ok fine, I suppose you did alright~."

A genuine smile graced Kageyama's face this time around as he tried to lean in and kiss [Y/n].

"No way Jose, I'm not getting sick too! Tobio-kun, no don't kiss me!"

Ignoring her pleas, he grabbed her by the waist and brought her in for a soft kiss; his fingers running through her hair.

Breaking free, [Y/n] pouted as she took his arm and dragged him back to their shared room.

"Now it's time for you to take a nap. If I get sick too, I'm totally blaming you."

"It was worth it then."

Turning a light shade of pink, [Y/n] only attempted to look mad as she huffed and exited their bedroom, informing him that she would be back later to check his temperature and give him some medicine.

'I guess it doesn't matter if I fail at some things. Because I know meeting you, [Y/n]-chan, was not one of those failures.'

And with that thought, he drifted to sleep.
Requested by :iconhotstud6969:

WHOOP. One of my favorites~! (says that about everything)

No but really, Kageyama is fantastical and wonderful.~Hiyori Asahina (You're so wonderful) [V8] 


I do not own any Haikyuu! characters~Bunny Emoji-83 (Suspicion) [V5] 
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|| PART 2 ||

2 weeks have passed and Kageyama, although hesitant to admit at first, missed the voice that used to call his name from the hallway. He missed the clingy girl that he used to walk with from the hallway to the gym and all those things that he and ____ used to do before the fight.

To sum it all up, he missed ______ in particular.

He felt really bad for what he had said and has been wanting to talk to her for almost a week now. He was distracted in his studies even more, and he was distracted while playing volleyball. He never usually missed any toss or any serve that he made, but now, he did.

All because he missed you.

The volleyball club saw his dilemma and wanted to help him somehow, but they didn't know what to do. They formulated plans to bring Kageyama and _______ together somewhere and just make up there. Well, it didn't seem like a good plan, but they just did it.

A few days after they formulated a plan, they brought ______ to the gymnasium and left her there. Unbeknownst to her, Kageyama was about to enter the gym when he saw Tsukishima going in as well. He was surprised when he heard the blonde say 'hey' to someone else other than Yamaguchi.

He peeked through the door and saw _______ inside. With Tsukishima.

 And boy, how it made his blood boil.

As soon as he entered the gym, he ran towards _____, took her wrist and then dragged her out of the gym....again.

Wow, talk about deja vu.

_____ was struggling to get the setter's hand off her wrist, but his strong grip had prevented that.

"L-let go, Kageyama-kun!"

yelled ______, and pulled her wrist from Kageyama, surprising the male. She was holding back tears once again.

Kageyama faced her, this time with a soft look on his features. _______'s eyes widened once she saw his face. He had never shown her that kind of look before, and her heart had skipped a beat.

"Look, _______. All I wanted to say was sorry, and I've been wanting to say sorry for a long time now. I'm sorry if I got too mad at you just for a trivial thing, and I'm sorry for even saying the words I've said."

Kageyama looked away, and a pink hue had been painted on his cheeks.

"The truth is, I've missed you. I really missed the way you called me from the hallway, and then when you out your arm around my arm. And those times when we walk from the hallway to the gym...."

he said, flustered.

_______ took this as a time to speak, but Kageyama had something else to say.

"I don't really like clingy people. The reason why is because when I get too close to someone, I grow to love them, and when they leave, it hurts really bad."

_______ hugged him after he said all those words. Her heart swelled and she was crying. What he said had touched her, and it was enough for her to forgive him. _____ faced him and smiled.

"Kageyama-kun, I'm really happy that you said that. I promise I won't be as clingy as I used to be, but I'll still be clingy."

she said with a giggle. Kageyama sighed, and pat her head.

Hey, at least he had done something good today, right?

/Extended Ending/

"Hey, Kageyama-kun, remember when I said that I would still be clingy to you?"

The male turned to her as they walked.

"Yeah, why?"

________ smiled.

"Because you like me too!"

The setter blushed a blazing red.

"H-hey I didn't say anything!"
lol yes part 2.
yes, I uploaded 2 times tonight ;w;
Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5]
I think Kageyama's a bit too OOC
--not a bit, HE'S OOC KILL ME NOW PLS.
Kageyama Tobio, characters mentioned, Karasuno High (c) Haruichi Furudate
You (c) oh yes Kageyama Tobio
Story, plot (c) :icondeliciouslittlemirai:
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Kuroo and I walked in a silence which was unexpectedly comfortable as we headed down the beach. I tried not to seem as nervous as I really was, being alone with him in such a romantic setting. Every time I would try to sneak a glance up at him I would always find him staring right down at me, cocky look and all. The ‘best’ part is that he never even looked away when that would happen. He’d just keep grinning.

Feeling my face burn, I intertwine my fingers in front of myself as I open my mouth to speak, but he beats me to it.

“I’m making you nervous, aren’t I?” Someone like him could easily tell just how he makes others feel – he seems to get enjoyment out of annoying certain people, it seems.

“Nervous? N-no, just… um…” She tried to find the right word again, and strangely enough he was able to find it before her.


“..Yes… no! No, not shy..!” Blushing, she’s quick to try and regain herself, though it should be obvious by now that she slipped up too much to go back. Great, now what is he going to think? That she likes him? Well, he wouldn’t be wrong… She’s liked him ever since she stood behind the Karasuno volleyball team, players and affiliates standing before the Nekoma high team. She and Kuroo made eye contact like she’s never made with anyone before, and to top it off their eyes met when the game ended as well. She never forgot that sly wink that he gave her, even though he didn’t even really speak to her until the barbeque.

It’s deniable to her because she just can’t seem to fathom the idea of him liking her, but it’s obvious to anyone else that the two have romantic chemistry.

It was a hot, sunny day, perfect for a barbeque and right after the big game – finally time to have some fun and eat good food. {Name} had a slice of watermelon in one hand, mouth full as she chewed it and listened to a few of the Fukudorani boys who hoped to make a move on her. “Oh, that’s cool!” She exclaims, listening carefully since she didn’t want to be rude to him. He’s just trying to be friendly, after all.

But it was then that she felt a hand on her shoulder and a sudden intimidating presence. She turns around, tilting her head up only to spot the tall Nekoma captain, Kuroo Tetsurou. Her heart beat picked up its pace as he spoke.

“I’ll be stealing her.” Then he, well, stole her from the boys, guiding her away to an unoccupied wall where he leaned coolly against it, hands in his pockets, smirk adorning his features.

She followed him, looking much less cool but no less stunning in his eyes.

“Your name?” He motions his head towards her, watching as she leaned against the wall in front of him. He really could help but lean forward a bit to let his tall stature loom over her as if to fluster her on purpose. It worked, he knows, judging by the blush that overcame her cheeks.

She has never been much of a flirt, but something inside of her really wanted to not be her usual romantically-awkward self. “And why do you want to know that?”

His smirk only grows, taking a step towards her as he continues, “Maybe because I wanna get to know you.”

{Name} pursed her lips at the memory, feeling her heart skip a beat. It was hard getting to sleep at night after that day, or nights after that, for that matter. She couldn’t get him out of her head. “S-Stop doing that thing, Kuroo.”

He feigns innocence, tilting forward as they walked so that his face was right in front of her own, causing her to stop and causing him to step in front of her, his plan being that all along.

{Name} could barely hear the shouts, laughter, and music of the people that she’d like to consider her friends now. She stares up at him, unable to see the stars in the sky now as she could only see his /handsome/ face. “D-doing… that… the smirking.” She tried not to seem shy, but it never worked out for her in the end.

“I thought you liked my smirking,” he subtly lets his large, capable hands touch her own, his fingers lingering against her own before, when she didn’t move them away, he intertwined his fingers with her own. “You like it when I do this.”

His height was not intimidating, but flustering. His warm hands on her own was not unwanted, but a fulfilled desire. This pounding in her chest was not unfamiliar. “I-I never said that,” {Name} pipes up, absentmindedly giving his hands a squeeze that almost told him ‘keep going’.

“You’re saying it right now. You always get that look on your face when you’re embarrassed.” He leans his head down a bit more, but out of kissing distance.

“W-what kind of look is it?”

“A cute one.”

Badum. There goes the beating of her heart again, loud and fast. She swears it’s almost like he can read her mind. He bites her lower lip without really thinking about it, bashfully looking down towards the sand, gazing at their feet. His are much larger than her own. The thought made her smile, the feeling of being here with him like this making her feel elated.

Soon she felt her cheek being cupped by a rough and warm hand, tilting her head up so she could once again make that habitual eye contact with him. His other hand was still holding her own, sending waves of glee from the tips of her fingers and up her arm, then throughout her whole body.

Since the moment she’s seen him she was infatuated by him, and in return he was infatuated with her.

Without utterance of any more words, he leaned down just as she leaned up, their lips meeting each other half way as the contact made her shiver and quiver. Her kiss was submissive and gentle, his was dominant and demanding. Both put together made a perfect, even, and passionate but smooth kiss. As their lips moved against each other, she leaned up on her toes and he bent down a bit further, hands holding each other tighter as Kuroo’s thumb began to absentmindedly massage small circles onto the back of {Name’s} soft hands.

In what seemed like forever, they both finally pulled away, {Name} looking like a new light had been lit within her. As shy and embarrassed as she had been, she couldn’t stop smiling.
Here's part two for you all! Hope you like it - the third will undoubtedly be the longest one. I suppose they just get longer and longer with each part? I think that sounds about right.

Well, as usual, I appreciate any comments, suggestions, and questions that you may have! Hope you continue reading on for part 3!
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"(f/n), you gotta tell him how you feel today."
"What!? Why today?"
"Because its been four months since you've been crushing on him."
"I-I know but...I'm scared. What if he says no?"
"Who dares say no to you!? Look at you! Your so adorable!"
"...! S-stop it...D-don't touch them like that, U-Usagi-chan~!"

Your best friend Usagi was massaging your breasts and teasing you with a big grin on her face.

"I'll stop...Only, if you agree to tell him today."
"B-but how I can I tell him, he has volleyball practice today~"
"Then just tell him at practice."
"N-no way!"
"You will!" Usagi kept going.
"F-fine...Just stop!"

After School

"Good luck (f/n)!"
"Y-yeah, thanks." You replied as your friend waved you a goodbye.

'I have to tell him. It's now or never!' You said as you made a determined attempt to open the door.

~Knock Knock~

"Excuse me?" You opened the door slowly.
"Whoa..." Your eyes were amazed by players and their abilities.

You stepped inside with wide eyes, filled with amazement. 'Oh, I have to find Sugawara-kun.' Your eyes roamed the gym, looking for your crush.

"Oh, (f/n)-chan, what a surprise to see you." Daichi smiled.
"O-Oh, Daichi-kun, hello. I...I um...I'm looking for....someone..." You started of stuttering then trailed off on your words.
"(f/n)-chan, your face is all red, are you okay?"
"Alright then. Well who are you l-

"...!" You jumped when you heard your name being called by two distinctive voices. "N-Nishinoya-kun...Tanaka..."

"What brings you here today (f/n)-chan!?" Nishinoya was blushing and grinning at you.
"Are you here to be our other manager!?" Tanaka asked getting in your face.
"N-no...I...I I'm just..." You tried stepping away from them.

"Will both stop it. Can't you see you're scaring her?" Daichi scolded them.

"(f/n) is soo cute~!" Nishinoya and Tanaka were sent into their own fantasy. "I hope I can marry (f/n)-chan one day." Tanaka said blushing.
"No fair, (f/n)-chan is my soul mate."
"M-Marry? Soul mate?"

"Will you both get back to practice! Now!" The coach yelled.

"Y-Yes!" They both scurried off back to the net.

"Now then, who are you looking for?"
"I-I'm looking for Su-

"Oh, hey (f/n)-chan." Sugawara waved to you and came over.
"S-Sugawara-kun!" You blushed furiously.
"What a surprise. Have you come to watch us practice?"
"? So why are you here? Are you going to signing up to be a manager?"
"N-no. Sugawara-kun...I have something I want to tell you."
"Huh? What is it?"
"Um..alone please..."
"Sure. I'll be right back Daichi." Sugawara said, then followed you outside.

"Wow, who would have thought that Sugawara-senpai would get a confession." Tsukishima said.

"....! No way~!" All the boys were shocked.

"Sugawara-san is getting a confession!?" Hinata looked excited about the topic.

"How did you know he was getting confessed to?" Kageyama asked.
"Its simple, she was blushing when she saw his face."
"Oooh~" The boys seemed intrigued.

"Why does Suga-san get to have a confession!? And from (f/n)! Why not me!?" Tanaka seemed to aggravated and grieving at the same time.
"The reason you don't get confessions, is because you make the girls scared and cry." Tsukishima snickered.
"What'd you say, Tsukishima!" Tanaka got pissed and tried to attack Tsukishima.

"*Sigh* Can we just get back to practice?" Daichi sighed.

"We have to go watch!" the boys ran up the door and went to go stare through the crack in the door.


"So what did you want to tell me, (f/n)-chan?"
"I...Its just that I..." Your face was so heated you couldn't even utter our the rest of your words.
"Your really red! Are you okay?" Sugawara peered in your face.
"...! S-Sugawara-kun..."
"Oh, yeah?"
"I...What I wanted to tell you was that I...I love you." You confessed, fiddling with your hands.

"....Eh? M-me!? But why me!?"
"I like you because your so nice and sweet to me. You're a very caring person, and I like that about you."
Sugaawara blushed. "I..."
"Y-you don't have to answer me right now." You said as starting to walk away.
"W-wait!" Sugawara stopped you when he touched your shoulder.
"Yes?" You turned around and blushed with innocence.
"Would you like to be girlfriend? I-I mean if thats what you want. But, that's probably came over here for. I'm sorry, I'm not good with this."

You turned around fully and peered in hi face. "So, does that mean, you're returning my feelings?"
"Y-yeah, I'll be your boyfriend."
"Really!?" You were smiling happily with a tint of blush.

"No way! Suga-san has a girlfriend now! And its (f/n)-chan!"
"Shh~!" The guys tried to shush Tanaka.
"Its not fair..."

"So, can I kiss you?"
Sugawara nodded. "S-sure."
"Alright then..."

You stood on your toes and kissed Sugawara on his cheek.
"! I-I thought you were going to..."
"Oh, d-do you want one?"
"N-no. I mean if you want too."
"How about I give you one tomorrow?" You smiled.
"Sure." Sugawara gave a smile in return.
"Well, I'll see you tomorrow, sugawara-kun."
"Yeah, sure." Sugawara waved to you as you left.

'I have a girlfriend now...'
 Sugawara blushed a bit a smiled a wry smile.

When Sugawara turned around he saw a bunch of eyes behind the door, staring at him.

"Were you guys watching us the whole time?"
"~!!" The boys slammed the door shut when they got caught.

Sugawara sighed into a smile and went inside to finish practice.
Ok so I'm not really sure if i got the characters personalities correct or not. I hope they didn't seem OOC or anything.
But anyway, I hope you guys like this Suga fanfic.Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

I Love You Sugawara x Reader Chapter.2 
I Love You Sugawara x Reader Chapter.3 [End] 
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His eyes narrowed at her direction, watching her from his comfortable seat. She was smiling brightly at Tsukishima with a mini blush on her face. Kageyama tapped on his wooden desk quietly, small scowl present on his face.

Why did she never smile at him like that?

Kageyama snapped back into reality and quickly turned back to Hinata who was talking in front of him. The setter only half-listened to him and his mind wandered back to [Name]. It wasn't like Kageyama and [Name] weren't friends but even he could tell things were different when it came to her and Tsukishima.

After a couple of more glances, Kageyama froze completely. He saw [Name] slip a white letter to the blond shyly. The taller male only raised a brow and accepted the sheet of paper, sliding into the pocket of his pants.

Okay, Kageyama knew he wasn't that experienced in love but even he knew what that piece of paper was.

"Love letter…" He whispered quietly.

"Eh? Are you gonna give one?!" Hinata asked eagerly.

Kageyama shook his head with a tired sigh, "Of course not!"

 The setter looked back at [Name] who was waving Tsukishima off with a red face. She spun around hand covering the left side of her chest. [Name] let out a long breath while her friends all jogged up to her with excited faces.

"Hey, hey! How did it go?"

"What did he say?!"

Kageyama leaned back on his chair slightly to eavesdrop on the conversation. He was interested to know what properly happened.

[Name] waved her hands in front of her, an embarrassed expression dancing on her face.

"Y-You guys! Quiet down!" She demanded, completely red.

A couple of snickers and squeals were heard afterwards. Kageyama sunk into his seat, scowl growing even more. [Name] was the first girl that had ever struck his heart and she liked that bastard?

He clenched his hands into fists as he stared at the desk in front of him, not even listening to Hinata. Now  that Tsukishima had her letter Kageyama was sure that the blond wouldn't reject it.

It was completely over.

"I still can't believe that he made you redo all those practice exam questions! You really do suck when it comes to math!"

Okay, maybe he still had a chance.
[ Kageyama Tobio X Reader ]

lol this is like the trolliest fic i've ever made 

anyone i hope this was fine. :D

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