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Rolls around.... I am so happy I had today off. I was so tired after this week and I needed a break haha. But ANYWAY. ZERO!!!! Another new shot from a new shoot. (Ironically, it wasn't taken at Katsucon this year, but it was taken at the Gaylord where Katsucon is held... nods). Once again, thanks goes to :icontsukasa325: for doing this shoot with me. (And she did Yuki too!! I can't wait to get more pics of this shoot up!) 

I think this is the first full picture of Zero in his day class uniform that I really liked in a long time, both because of the shot composition itself and because of the pose and look that :icontsukasa325: caught, which made me really happy. It made me look forward to future versions of him that I'm planning on doing. And thus, NEW dA ID!! Whoot! Anyway, I hope you like it! I'll post more soon,


Character: Zero Kiryu from “Vampire Knight”
Zero Kiryu Costume Made By: :iconskywingknights: SkywingKnights
Zero Kiryu Model::iconskywingknights: SkywingKnights
Photo by: :icontsukasa325: Tsukasa325
Zero Kiryu created by: Matsuri Hino
Related Photos: VK: Zero Kiryu by SkywingKnights VK: Ecstasy by SkywingKnights VK: Prohibited by SkywingKnights VK: Futile Wish by SkywingKnights The Thorn In My Side by SkywingKnights VK: Kuruizaki Hime by SkywingKnights 
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KOS-MOS (swimsuit version) - Xenosaga

Costume made by me
More photo and info in my fb page:…

Photographer: Diz*Zy

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Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion by me
Photo by my boyfriend Sery

This trial photoshoot made ​​to understand all the downsides. The costume and the image will be updated. and I want to make a spear of longineus.
I really hope that in the future I will find Rei.
I love Asuka, and her character is close to me. But, unfortunately, I'm bad in facial expressions. : (
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A shot of my Elina costume!
Picture and editing by: :iconmilkydayy:
Lately Im getting into cosplaying blonde characters, I don't know I guess I kinda like the way they come out! :). I made the little clothing that Elina which probably took me one whole afternoon. for the props like the gauntlet, headbanf, necklace, belt, bra details and staff I asked my dear friend :iconraquelquiros: for help (in conclusion: she made everything). she can be incredibly good at making props out of foam and I'm pretty sure she is also taking commissions right so you guys should check it out ^^. Overrall I'm really happy with the costume and can't wait to get to make more Queen's balde cosplays in the future!:P

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Cosplay in 2013
1. Emily the strange
2. Miku Hatsune. Vocaloid
3. Nibutani Shinka. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 
4. Rin Toshaka. Fate zero
5. Kagami Hiiragi. Lucky star
6. Tomoyo Sakagami. Clannad
7. Mikuru Asahina. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
8. Alice in the wonderland
9. Lenore. Little cute dead girl Lenore
10. Lisara Restoll. Dakara Boku ha H ga dekinai
11. Rin Toshaka. Fate-stay night
12. Yuno Gasai. Mira NIkki
13. Sailor Jupiter. Sailor moon
14. Neko. K
15. Makoto sawatari. Kanon
16. Asuka Langley. Neon Genesis Evangelion 
17. Asuka Langley. Neon Genesis Evangelion
18. Milia Rage. GGx
19. Original
20. Hakaze. Blast of Tempest
21. Asuka Langley. Neon Genesis Evangelion
22. Tsuruya. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
23. Shirube Asube. from Girls' Work.
24. Nana
25. Frog. Original
26. Inori Yuzuriha. Guilty Crown
27. Inori Yuzuriha. Guilty Crown
28. Miku Hatsune. Vocaloid
29. Miku Hatsune. Vocaloid
30. Holo. Wolf and Spice
31. Mami Tomoe. Madoka Magika
32. Mine Riko. Hidan no Aria
33.  Rin Toshaka. Fate zero
34. Panty. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
35. Primula. Shuffle!
36. Lisara Restoll. Dakara Boku ha H ga dekinai

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New photo taken at @Smack (Genova) 2012!

Photo by :iconadaman77:

:iconhimenovampire: as Stocking (me)
:iconbluethevampire: as Panty
:icondreamchaser90: as Brief

Ahahah, i love thiz~

//Other Photo:

Panty & Stocking || Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
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Me as Kairi [Child] from Kingdom Hearts
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Talent, honor, discipline and pretty pictures!
League of Legends, Fiora Laurent (Royal Guard Skin)

Photographer - :iconmokrushina:
Assistant - :iconlykanka:
Cosplayer - :iconkandadream:

Cosplay was prepared for Igromir-expo in Moscow. I really like this champion, she's my main at the moment) Very graceful and deadly dangerous. Hard to play at moments, though. But she's definetely worth those 6300IP XD
I used korean art as tne main base as it has more details than the original one. I tried to stick to the musketeer theme, so I changed a few details (the korean art seems to depict this costume more like a pirate's one). Full costume, blade, wig styling & makeup done by me. The epee was made by Xellos - a miraculous crafter))) I thank everyone who inspired me to make cosplay on Fiora and who introduced me to the world of League of Legends!

More photos:
Fiora, The Grand Duelist by KandaDream Get ready for a duel! - Fiora, League of Legends by KandaDream I long for a worthy opponent! by KandaDream Sharp blade, sharp mind (Fiora, League of Legends) by KandaDream Others try. I succeed. (Fiora, League of Legends) by KandaDream No mercy! by KandaDream 
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Panty cn by :icondenkakeke:
Stocking cn by :iconyasuka-wu:
photo by Vincent Li
sample 2 by Ayato baby:)
this is sample for costar's cosplay photo pictorial :)
we sell it by online, if you want you can sms me for order this:)

this is the pictorial blog : [link]
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I'm not dead!!! HELLO~ ^^

Currently in the process of easing out of my year-long hiatus from cosplay (uni workload sucks), and I will be back with a new costume soon! :D

For now here's a photo from a recent photoshoot for :iconemberfox666: art project~

Photo by :iconemberfox666:
Taken at Cameron Lodge, Macdeon
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