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Head is made with two cut outs of foam core board spray painted gold on one side then white glued together, the blue bits are pieces of craft foam sandwiched between the foam core board cut outs. When the glue drys, the board edges are spackled and coluored with gold metallic wax. Red rhinestones are attached with hot glue.
Staff/rod handle is PVC, After spray painting blue and red, it is notched out and the head bit inserted it in and gaps filled with hot glue. A pipe end stop is used opposite the head piece.
"Silver" and "Gold" fittings are made with modeling clay that is sculpted, sanded and coloured with the metallic wax. I first put a thin, un-even bit of hot glue on the staff under the modeling clay to give the clay something to grip and not move around.
The black cord and bell are left off to make it easier to carry around at conventions.

For my Yuna© Lord Braska's Daughter cosplay

Final Fantasy X©, Yuna Braska© character by Tetsuya Nomura, owned by Square Enix [Square Soft] ©
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Taken at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha.

You need not ask permission to use our stock, but please credit us in your description and notify us via comment or note when you have used it.
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I meant to submit this last week :C whoops. Anyways, if you will forgive me, I have included a pocket-sized nyanko (originally taken from my cinnamoroll pattern that I will post soon) with the cat burger pattern too :) Now go minions, fill the world with adorableness!~

I would Love to hear some suggestions on what to make next :3

Cat burger finished plush:

Cinnamoroll finished plush:

Buy it here: [link]
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These are tips my girlfriend *Nobodyyyyy and I picked up when working on our cosplays. We try to give back to the community, and post tips every Tuesday on our Facebook!

If this tip helped you with your work, send me a picture and I'll post it here in the description!

Other Tips
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Holy SHIT this took me like 5 hours xD My back hurttssssss :iconchocolatefishplz:
But its soooo worth it! ;V; I absolutely love the way this base came out! And I hope you guys do too!! :heart:
I put a lot of effort into it. uvu Like a lot. o-o So I hope its not too expensive for you all! Its worth it I promise!

Here are the things the sai file contains!:
-Mouths (expressional ones ovo Plus a bird mouth! >w<)
-Different Eyes (For types AND expression Cx)
-Different noses
-4 Breast Cup Sizes (A, B, C, D) 
-Sets Of Ears
-Sets Of Tails
-2 Pairs Of Wings 

:bulletgreen: Please credit me when you use it!
:bulletgreen: I'd appreciate you comment if you buy! ;7; Sorry I love comments. >3< Cx :heart:
:bulletgreen: You can only use it for references of your (or your friends') characters or adoptables! Nothing else!
:bulletgreen: Do not share the file with anyone else! If they want the base, please link them here! It'd really help me out!
:bulletgreen: You can change/add to the ears, tails, etc. ;v;

Examples Of It Being Used: 
::Cassidy Reference Sheet:: by Hornets-N-Tribes Test run lmao by FarFromSerious
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Watercolor & white gel pen on 300g paper.
PRINT SHOP - iPhone & iPod skins

General texture use rules:

Please :+fav: before use. Textures can be used freely without having to credit/link your works. Non-commercial use only. Don't resubmit as your own stock!


:facebook: | :twitter:

For painting videos see my YouTube channel :film:

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Theres is Guys ^^ Marry Chirstmas ^^ with Miku :love: 
İn Rar file theres 2 style of miku with slevee or sleveeless :D
By the way wow ı got 65 Watchers now :love:  Thank you guys

>>Download : On the right side<<


Model By::iconxxsefa:

Ultimate Clean Miku Base By ::iconmmdanimatio357:

Dress And Other things by: :iconichilewis: TDA + WYKP
heels by: ???
Pose By: :iconaisuchuu:

No R-18 Dont be dirty!!
No Edit (You can find this things easy)
Credit me (if you dont credit, download will be removed!)
Say me if you DL

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Credit me if you use she.
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I've never made one of these so I hope it makes sense! I've gotten a lot of questions about my shield so I figured I'd just make a tutorial. I didn't take as many pictures as I had planned when I made the shield so I hope the tutorial is clear enough.

Just as a note, if you're into using recycled material, you can just use cardboard for the shield. I didn't have time to collect and find what I needed so I went out and bought chipboard. Think of using a thicker cardboard to support the back of the shield like I showed. Use cereal box thickness cardboard for the other details. And wood filler. All the woodfiller. 

Also, I flipped Link since I'm left-handed. He's been left-handed in past games so I figured it'd be okay in this one.

For a time frame, it took me 3 days to make the shield. It took a week total to create the shield, Master Sword, and sheath. I was in a rush to make these so they're not perfect but I'd suggest giving yourself at least two weeks to a month in advance to make something complex if you don't have much experience. The measuring and cutting will get tedious and at times frustrating so take your time. :)

If you like the tutorial, please check out our Facebook page . We'd really appreciate it and we update as often as we can! We're way more active on Facebook so if you have a question, finding us there is probably the best option.



I made a short list of some of the supplies I used to make this plus how much they cost (the rest is listed in the tutorial). Obviously you can keep costs down by using recycled materials and also if you already have a box cutter, gesso, paint, etc. I already had Gorilla Glue, a box cutter, and a few other things. But this is good for anyone who's never done this before.

Gorilla Glue: $7…

Wood Filler: $11…

Mod Podge (Matte Finish): $8…

All-purpose Chipboard: $1.36 - $3.42 per sheet (I would suggest having 3 14-ply 28”x44” sheets and 1 30-ply 28”x44”. This is if you’re making the shield only)…

For the foam, you’d have to go to your own hardware store to pick it up. Think like this one I’ve found. I had them cut it in half for me so it was easier to carry since this one is 8ft tall. It’s 2in thick so that gives room to play with.…

Box cutter: $5 (+ a few extra dollars for extra blades. You’ll need to change them often)…

Silver Spray paint: $8…

Primer/Gesso: $8…

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