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complete version

Mark of love is a 6-7 minutes movie i made all by myself of course, there is also a second movie who explains a bit the story of mark of love,anyway i'm not very happy with the movie(maybe too hard with myself), there is some ankwards parts and some weirds scene in the movie, also there is some too long scenes even if this version is cutted(yes , i cut some parts )
but i keep this movie like my creation , because i spent too much time on it.

The actions scenes was intense and entertaining to render, i really loved animate a wolf like that.
i think to animate somethin like that in the future.
Anyway makin and finish a short movie like that is really helpful, i recommend all people to finish their projects because when it's done and you see it, you can also see what's you are good and where you suxx hard too haha.

Now i hope the future will be better!
sorry for too long text(and borin)

A little girl is prisonner in a old mysterious and destroyed catsle.
a wolf is gonna to save her.
But they' gonna be able to escape both or...

Student movie
Soft:tvpaint (animation 2d )combustion 4.0 (compositing) anim studio pro(shake) , premiere(montage sound editing)

VERSION WITH music non official link

hoope you'll like tough...

This short movie is featured the first time by :iconnoster7:

Thanks very much!

Don't forget to check my last animation working in progress
princess project
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Part 1 here


the situation is set before it.

Another old work uploaded!!

Birth of maned wolf
This movie talks about the real main character of Mark of love: One of my previous 2d movies

How a female sorcerer "forgot" her child into a rivalry with another great powerful sorcerer.

Caution: it' could be distrurbing.

Technical comments:
the movie was a bit desatured in color tone

the animation is limited because i had few time to made it!
hope you'll like tough!
Anyway i tryed to animate some parts of the fights in the movie.

I made it long time ago just after mark of love
i wanted to explain the origins of the wolf
This movie could help people to get mark of love

the movie with music here(non official)
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I was finally paid , after like years of waiting and negociations
Ok well , thanks for the support and the comments ,even with that , i'll be carefull next time , very careful, always ask for upfront money !

Better version here

I did this for some rapper ? but never got paid for this (as usual)
Also the payment was very very very low (so it's nota loss)
For more than 6 months of hard work and more than 5000 drawings

All that for nothing
Well it's not like i got any faith in them but now i wonder HOW and mostly WHY

Never trust anyone (at least i didnt delivered them the product)
Always have the product secure !

There is no song of course ,just the animation
i'll use this in my new demoreel 2013 and probably upload better quality soon
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Old anime i made in 2007 too ^^
it was in my degree year from animation school lol.
little side project about death and reincarnation

hope you gonna like it!!

take care it's very strange, dont try to copy the heroine lol.
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Little drawing i made with some of my characters from "Malaika princess -the champions"
The funny thing is to put them in a modern context , with modern clothes(bikinis??)
the drawing is bad or not?
just judge me !
it's one of the many versions i made,it's without the background

Featured by
:iconelleprimadonna: , :iconsimplelifegirl:

Big thanx to both her! ^__^
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News :
It's a swf file , the demo of star and light 1.0
It's a flash AS 3 game created like a dekstop one with stencylworks framework
It's a one single player game , a 2d puzzle with a strong story involvment (mysteries to solve out and such)
The game have been posted on greenlight !!
Please show some support !!!!
please go there

General infos :
Star and light 1.0 : The red sacrifice is a puzzle game with a new kind of gameplay and universe. Play as Adhara and resolve the deathlight puzzles of the Old abandoned Olorun Temple. Star and light features more than 28 secret achivements , a new game+, Mini-games , a gameplay with a story and cut scenes/dialogues ,a secret dungeon to unlock etc.
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Little animation done in some few days
10 days

Azzura confusion is about a female thief (the twinkle blue arrow aka LIZA Falsarella vs police theme in sci fi modern city (new york)
trying to escape to the police is what i tried to animate and render.
there could be another one with another female thief.

soft used
tvpaint(2d animation , chara design , background drawings)
combustion 2008(compositing)
anim studio pro(shake)
sound: nothing so no sound for the moment! sorry.
version 1

hope to upload a sounded version soon.

It's my first animation inHD rendering with the biggest work dimensions (3000/1300)
Also my first animation where i slightly present JUMP project (another future 2d movie from mine)

hope you'll like!

HD 720 version here!!!
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Teaser3 !!! at least!
managed to do it!
the production is done soon .

More than 6 months of work.
I really hope people will love it even if it's a bit weird(2d view like mario lol)

Click here for better version

or here

Tvpaint pro soft used
Combustion 2008
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Another animated gif
this battle is done , the production is near the end!
can't wait to show up the real trailer of that!
hope you'll like!
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Malaika princess is a universe i started back in 2005/2006 with some first animations descripting this war between Fire empire and Water Kingdom
Example here…

This gif is from Malaika princess : the champions
A 2d animation i made by myself and finished in 2008
More than 41000 drawings for this 29 minutes film

In Water kingdom (where most of the action is seen ) , the people ride on the earth , sliding with the water spirits.
It's not very specific to the kingdom but the move have its origins there
The heroine Chinue in Malaika princess : the champions is a girl from Fire empire (her light orb on his forehead)
She will try to win a Race to met her true mother (since she give the final reward of this event)
Despite her fire origins , she entered the water kingdom and tried to live there , she learned the water sliding moves of its habitants.

As it's old , it aged badly probably but i'm still happy with it.

You can see the movie (no sound, no dialogue , french subtitle) here

or here (in one time)

After 2008 , malaika princess will probably be back in 2013 for a game. A 2d action strategy game !

Please support it if you love it !
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