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A princess with powers over the Cold.
a power from ancestors centuries old
When she ascends to be Queen of the kingdom,
her frosty power will unleash something fearsome.

Winter eternal will change the land's form.
Frost and snow will spread in the storm.
The curse of the Cold can be broken
by love long hidden and never spoken.
Remember when Disney said there will be a prophecy surrounding Elsa's powers and Arendelle's winter? Well, this is how I think it would go, had they done it. I had many ideas about Frozen before I saw it. The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway- Stamp by maybelletea Frozen: Kingdom of Arendelle by annmelisse .

Anyway, hope you enjoy it and FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT MY FROZEN FAN VIDEO :icondragonhi: Elsa/Anna - I'm over it.

If you want more updates, follow me on my Facebook Fan Page:
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You will find out that I am not a strong person. Dragons do not make a home beneath my skin to hoard their treasured princesses.  I am not that lucky. For I have misplaced collarbones just as quickly as I’ve misplaced hearts, a pulse still rhythmic against my fingertips. I am a monster of words, devouring Cummings and Plath with no ounce of self control left in my body.  I promised myself this weight would not fall for the sharp edges of stars ground into your knuckles.  But, write air into my lungs, poetry.  Give this wild thing a reason to learn the definition of tamed.

Write me a poem, and I will promise to fall in love with you, slowly and then…all at once.
...More letters to poetry. Forgive me, I'm feeling down this evening.
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blood oranges are

we can
slice them open
without a moment’s
thought, -

their crimson juices
licked from our lips
like ichor.

& that is what
i want to be. -

scarred fruit,
still savoring
the promises
i sucked from
your mouth -

to wear
like staples
along my spine.

    - i was cut open
Anonymous Secret: “I wonder if I can use scarification as an excuse to break my promises…"

I would be lying if I said I've never thought about doing this myself.
This one got featured on tumblr, so I thought I would share.

More secrets can be found here:
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“Stormfly, still,” Astrid commanded.  The Nadder’s fidgeting barely halted but her rider still managed to get one of the three saddle straps undone.

“Hey,” Astrid called out as she worked. “Let’s check out the Ice Gorges next time.  I hear there are some edible wild berries in those parts.  We’ve pretty much exhausted all of Berk’s by now…”

She kept her focus on maneuvering around the next set of buckles, even as Hiccup’s voice rose to respond from the other side of his dragon.

“I thought you said it was too close to Villainy?”

Astrid’s shrugged.  ”Eh, I wasn’t sure you could keep up before.  I think we can give it a go next time we’re in the area.”

There was a pause and then, slow and uncertain, Hiccup repeated her words.

“You weren’t sure I could keep up?”

Astrid bit her lip to keep from smiling.  His voice always dipped in pitch when he was annoyed.

“Yeah,” she went on, her tone light by comparison. “I can’t have you getting tuckered out in enemy territory, after all.  Stoick would kill me.”

Hiccup popped his head around Toothless’s backside and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

“Uh huh.  If I recall, you just spent the entire flight behind me,” he remarked dryly.

“By choice,” she pointed out.

“Was it, though?”

“Of course.  I have to make sure you don’t fall behind.”

Toothless suddenly trotted away, free from his burden, and Hiccup tossed the saddle on a pile of leathers.  He turned to face her.

“Oh, right,” he began in mock thoughtfulness.  ”You just wanted to make sure I didn’t fall behind.  That’s why the last three times we’ve been flying—even the local flights—you decided to stay behind me.”

“Exactly,” Astrid said primly and ignoring the emphasis Hiccup put on certain words. Instead she put her attention on pulling free the final saddle strap.

Hiccup pressed on, the amusement in his voice rising.

“I noticed, you know,” he began and Astrid’s head whipped around to stare at him, “… that you were really intent on making sure I didn’t fall behind.  Every time I looked back. You were very focused on your task.”

He placed his hands on his hips and all Astrid thought was how it accented the pinch of his waist. She didn’t know why she would notice such a thing, especially since Hiccup hadn’t gotten any thinner in past years.  Perhaps it only appeared more narrow because his shoulders seemed to have managed a broader reach sometime in the last few months.

Astrid realized she must have taken pause for too long, because now Hiccup was smiling at her in that annoying, accusing way.  Her cheeks heated beneath the wind-nipped chill of her skin.

“Believe what you want,” she said as stiffly as she could.  She pulled the saddle from Stormfly’s back and dropped it over by Toothless’s.

“You know I will.”

Astrid curled her lip good-naturedly at him and shook out her still-numb fingers.

“It’s getting a little too cold to fly without gloves,” she remarked.  It wasn’t just a topic change either; taking Stormfly’s saddle off took twice as long as it should have.

Her focus elsewhere, Astrid hadn’t noticed Hiccup moved to stand in front of her until he reached out for her hands and gingerly took both into his care.  He didn’t utter a word as he drew them to his mouth.  He held her gaze, cupped her hands before his lips and exhaled on them.  The heat of his breath curled around her fingers, hammering life back into the stiff digits.

Astrid smiled as he worked, feeling thankful for the shade of the barn that kept them from watchful eyes.  There was something unexpectedly intimate about the way he stared at her, with her fingers so near his lips and his breath so moist, and Astrid knew she couldn’t look away even if she wanted to.

Puff after puff of hot air caressed her fingers, until Hiccup finally, slowly, lowered their joined hands from his mouth.  He kept his hold, though; both on her hands and her gaze.

“Better?” he asked.


Their voices seemed so loud in the wake of the powerful silence they just shared. Astrid gave her fingers an experimental wiggle.

“…Wanna get my nose too?”
A tiny Hiccstrid drabble inspired by this picture

I don't own any of the characters; Dreamworks does.

I made a picture:
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     Eggman attacked on the sixth day. But it wasn't the blue hero he attacked.

     "Perfect!" Sonic cried happily after a call from the police on Eggman's location, "Eggy's attacking again!"

     "And that's a good thing?" Cream asked, wincing as Amy bent and straightened her arm. It wasn't broken, or even sprained like they thought; just bruised real bad.

      "Don't you see?" sonic asked, "After we defeat Eggman, he'll run away to his base – "

      " – and  that's where Shelby and Lindsey's bracelet will be!" Tails exclaimed!

     "Exactly, little bro!"

     "Let's go then!" Knuckled said.

     Eggman was in the Mystic Ruins on top of a cliff. And he wasn't alone. In front of him stood what looked like a blue mix of a wolf and a hedgehog. The Sonic Team stood on top of another cliff, watching them.

     "Give me the damn Emerald, girl!" Eggman shouted, his metal claw going after her. The girl directed her hand to a pile of rocks. They began to float in the air. Her hand moved to the direction of the metal claw coming at her. The rocks flew and hit the claw, denting it in a few places.

     "I don't have your fucking Emerald!" she screamed, "Leave me alone!" she motio0ned to the rocks and then to Eggman. The rocks whizzed through the air and pelted Eggman's tiny bald head.

     "Comet?" Amy wondered aloud, "What's she doing here?"

     "You know her?" Sonic asked.

     "Yeah, she's a friend of mine. But she moved away a few years ago."

     "Guess she moved back," Knuckles suggested.

    "But what could she be doing here? And what does Eggman want with her?" Amy noted.

     "Sounds like she's got a Chaos Emerald," Tails noted.

     "Well, as much as I like seeing that fatso be hit with bricks, let's go help her," Sonic chuckled. He ran down the cliff and in seconds his foot collided with Eggman's abnormally large nose. The others ran down after him.

     "Comet!" Amy cried.

     "Amy!" Comet yelled, "What are you doing here?!"

     "Saving your ass!" she giggled, hugging her friend.

      "My ass doesn't need saving," she hugged her back, "But thanks anyway,"

      "Oh no!" Eggman moaned after recovering, "Not you brats again!"

     "Picking on innocents again, Eggy?" Sonic smirked, "Just how far are you willing to sink in your reputation?"

     "Shut up, you stupid hedgehog!" Eggman growled.

      "Shut up? Stupid? Those aren't very nice words, Eggy. I think you need a time out to think about your language. Wouldn't you agree, fellas?"

      The crowed began to laugh at the insult. Knuckles pulled out his cell phone and pressed the record button.

      "You brat! I'll make you pay!"

      The metal claw shot out at Sonic. He dodged it easily, "Pay?" he asked innocently, "Sorry, can't do that. I don't wear clothes, therefore I have no pockets, and therefore I have no money. Guess I'll just have to write you an I.O.U!" The claw lunged for Sonic again. He jumped onto it as it retracted, giving him the perfect opportunity to give Eggman another punch.

     Amy's eyes narrowed in on the back of Eggman's hover chair. On the back was a small panel that said, "CONTROL BOX," Her eyes brightened and she whispered instructions to Tails. His eyes drifted to where hers were moments ago and he smirked, nodding at her request.

      "Wow, Eggman! You're getting faster! You might be able to beat me this time!" Sonic laughed, running around Eggman several times to make him dizzy. The claw shot out again and missed the blue hedgehog by an inch.

      "Shut up!" the fat man screeched.

      "Hey, I was giving you a compliment! The least you could do is say thank you!"

      "You stupid hedgehog! I'll kill you!"

      "And you say I'm the one without manners!" Sonic smirked, dodging the weapon again, "You know, Eggman, I'm starting you think you're the one without manners,"

      Amy walked over to Comet and whispered in her ear. A wide, evil smile spread across her face.

      Sonic noticed Tails sneaking to the back of Eggman's chair. He pressed his finger to his lips. Sonic gave him his signature thumbs up and returned his attention to Eggman, "You don't like compliments, eh? Fine. You're a fat, lazy, unaccomplished asshole who has nothing better to do than to try and kill a poor, innocent, blue talking hedgehog! That better?"

       "There is absolutely no way you're innocent, Sonic!" Knuckles laughed.

       "More innocent than you, Knux!" he retorted. Knuckles stopped laughing.

      The claw lunged again. Unexpectedly, a dozen or so stones flew at it with such speed, you could only hear them pounding against the metal. Comet had resumed her rock throwing.

       Amy then walked over to Cream and whispered in her ear. Cream's eyes darted to the rocks, to Eggman, and then smiled.

      Tails took a screw driver from his work belt and began to unscrew the bolts on the box, very quietly so no one could hear him.

      A large rock suddenly hit the top of Eggman's thinning head. Cream had now joined Comet and was throwing rocks at Eggman from above.

      "You know, Egghead, I never understood your obsession for me," Sonic announced as he dove swiftly from the weapon again, "I mean, I know I'm strong," he flexed the muscles on his arms, kissing each of his biceps lovingly, "And I know I'm fast," to prove it, he circled the balding fat man as fast as he could until Eggman's eyes spun and his skin turned a sickly green.

     "I know I'm devilishly handsome," Sonic gave out his heart stopping smile and slicked his quills back, giving Amy a special wink he reserved only for her. She swooned and his smile grew.

      "And I'm romantic," Sonic ran away and came back in a millisecond with a red rose. He palmed it off to Amy and kissed her cheek. She smiled and fingered the petals of her rose.

     "And I know I'm a great kisser," he suddenly wrapped his arms around Amy's waist, dipped her, and kissed her as passionately as he could. Amy gasped and dropped her rose in surprise, but kissed him back with as much love as he had, maybe more. When they came up for air, he set her upright, "Aren't I, babe?" he asked her. She couldn't stop giggling, so she nodded.

       "And I'm definitely talented," he caught four or five of Comet's flying stones and juggled them while he stood on his head. Everyone laughed hysterically. Sonic chanced a glance at Tails. Tails motioned for him to keep going. Sonic flipped over onto his feet and threw the rocks he had at the claw coming at him again.

       "Overall, I'm awesome!" he smirked. The claw, extremely dented from Comet's rocks, made a grab for the hedgehog. He dodged it again, continuing to tease his opponent

      "But I still don't get it!" he yelled, "You're not exactly my biggest fan, are you?"

      "Stand still, you brat!" Eggman screamed, throwing his fists into the air. Another large rock fell onto his head, silencing him for the moment.

      "And I've never done anything to you either,"

      "Understatement of the century," Knuckles muttered under his breath. Amy chuckled.

       "You foil all of my plans to rule the world, that's what you do!"

       "I'm just trying to keep things normal," Sonic snickered, "No one would like it under your rule, Eggman!"

      A different claw came out of a compartment in his chair, a newer, shinier one, and both of them attacked. Comet began to pelt Eggman with bigger rocks, the size of backpacks, and also sending rocks to Cream so she didn't have to fly back and forth.

       "Aha! I think I figured it out!" Sonic cried as he backed away from the weapons, "Are you in love with me Eggman?!"

      The laughter surrounding them grew louder. Eggman's face turned cherry red with anger and you could also see steam rolling out of his ears.

       "Is that it, Eggman? You love me so much you hate me?" Sonic dodged the claws again, "I mean, I knew you weren't straight, but come on, Eggy! Fall in love with a male animal?! That's just sick!"

       Eggman was on the verge of exploding. His eyes were popping out of their small goggles. His body was growing and growing with anger, almost bursting the buttons off his jacket. His mustache quivered, a frightened rodent glued to his upper lip.

      "Sorry, bud, but I'm straight and taken!" Sonic laughed, putting his arm around his girlfriend, "And not sick, for that matter,"

       "I'LL KILL YOU!" Eggman shrieked. The claws lunged directly at the blue hero and his pink beauty.

      And then they stopped, make a series of strange noises, and fell to the ground.

      "Wha. . . what happened?!" he screamed.

      Tails returned from behind his chair, several plugs and cords in hand, "We disconnected all of your weapons,"

      "Now what were you saying, Eggman?" Amy asked, crossing her arms and leaning into Sonic's side. He tightened his arm around her.

       Eggman looked nervous, "W-what I was s-s-saying was . . . I-I mean . . . w-what I m-meant to s-say w-was . . . oh, look at the time, I must be going now!" he stuttered. Pressing a few buttons on his chair, he zoomed off in the opposite direction.

      "Dude, I just got the whole thing on camera!" Knuckles laughed as he pressed the stop button on his phone.

      "Follow him!" Cream called, pointing at his dust trail.

     And the chase was on.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :rofl: :lmao: :laughing: Oh God, I can't believe I thought of all that stuff. That's funny s*** right there! Damn! HA!

Oh, we also have a new character to the story. Everyone welcome Comet! :clap:

Comet (c) :iconsonamyforever14:

Chapter 39: [link]

Chapter 37: [link]
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King Candy: ... Well! I thought he'd never leave.

Vanellope: Dad??

King Candy: Hello, dear.

Vanellope: But, I I-I-I don't... How did you find me--

King Candy: *hugs* Oh it was eathy, really. I jutht listened to the sound of complete, utter betrayal and followed that.

Vanellope: *sigh* Dad...

King Candy: We're going home, Vanellope. Now.

Vanellope: Y-You don't understand! I've been on this awesome journey and I've learned so much...

King Candy: *raises an eyebrow*

Vanellope: ... I even met someone!

King Candy: *being sarcastic* Yeth, yeth, that halitothith riddling wrecker, I'm tho proud of you. C'mon, let'th go, Vanellope.

Vanellope: No, wait! I think... I think he likes me.

King Candy: Liketh you? Pleathe, Vanellope. That'th demented! This ith why you never should've left!

Vanellope: ...? *glitches*

King Candy: Dear, thith whole romanthe you've invented, it justh proveth you're too na´ve to be here! Come now, why in Sugar Rush would he like you? I mean, really. Look at you! You think he'th imprethed?

Vanellope... But...

King Candy: Don't trutht that baddy, come with daddy. Daddy kn--

Vanellope: NO!

King Candy: --"No?" Oh... I thee how it ith! *smirk*

Vanellope: ...?

King Candy: Vanellope knowth best, she's justh tho mature now. Thuch a clever grown up miss. Vanellope knowth besth, fine, if you're tho sure, go ahead and give him THITH! *holds out Ralph's medal*

Vanellope: *gasp* How did you--?!

King Candy: THITH ith why he'th here, don't let him dethieve you.*tosses medal to Vanellope* Give it to him, watch, you'll thee!

Vanellope: I will!

King Candy: Trutht me, my dear, *snaps fingers* that'th how fast he'll leave you. I won't say "I told you so!" No Vanellope knowth betht! If he'th such a dreamboat, go and put him to the testh!

Vanellope: Dad, wait!

King Candy: And if he'th lying, don't come crying, Daddy knowth betht!

*exit King Candy*
Ok, I was watching Tangled, and when it came to the Mother Knows best song, I thought of the Wreck It Ralph movie. X3 I just had to type this in!
And I sometimes believe that KC and Vanellope have a father/daughter relationship, so yeah. ^^; And as you can tell at the part Van Van says she met someone, I think you know who. ;) Hope ya love it!
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You froze as the two men stared each other down, Erwin with unwavering confidence, Levi with barely restrained anger.

What is he doing here?” Levi snarled again.

You pulled your hands out of Erwin’s grasp and rushed to Levi’s side, but you were too late. The shorter man had already stridden forward, fists clenched and his face set with determination and fury. Erwin stood to meet him, expression grim, blue eyes never leaving those of the advancing man. Levi stopped before the Commander, gazing up into the face of the towering blonde soldier. Despite the obvious height difference, Levi stood as if he was ten feet tall, and Erwin faced him with a look that exuded a confidence that would intimidate any man. But Levi wasn’t any man.

Levi’s fists clenched. You opened your mouth in an attempt to dissuade him, but Erwin beat you to the punch.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he said softly. “I could have you arrested at any time.”

Levi froze, face livid. “You brought back-up.”

Erwin nodded, though he knew it wasn’t a question. “The Military Police’s finest, awaiting my signal if anything should go wrong.”

Levi shot a glance toward the front window, but was met only by darkness. Still, he proceeded with caution. He relaxed his fists and reached out, pulling you to his side. You breathed a sigh of relief. The last thing you needed was a fight on your hands. His arm circled your waist protectively as he stared Erwin down.

“What do you want? Here to steal [Name] back?” He was only half joking.

Erwin laughed, short and bitter. “I wouldn’t need to steal her if you were locked up, would I?” You looked between the two men in horror. “But I won’t do that,” he continued. “Because I now if I did, she would never forgive me.” He turned his gaze to you in that moment and you saw it – the sadness, the pain. He still loved you, and he had regretted every moment since he had given you up.

“No, I’m here to ask something of you, Levi,” Erwin said, returning his blue gaze to the man beside you.

“I don’t take orders from you. Nor anyone, for that matter.”

“Not an order, a request.”

Both you and Levi were puzzled. “I’m listening,” said Levi cautiously.

“You’re strong, Levi, and smart, incredibly smart, though not in the way most people would expect.”

“Sounds like you have a competitor for my affections, [Name],” Levi smirked. You rolled your eyes, and Erwin ignored him.

“It’s that kind of strength and intelligence that we could use in the Survey Corps. You can say no, and we will leave, but I urge you to at least consider this proposal.”

Levi simply stared at the Commander, unsure that he had heard him right. When Erwin’s stony expression didn’t change, Levi blinked and burst into a fit of harsh laughter. You gaped at him. Since when did Levi laugh?

“You’re serious? You want me in the military?” he shook his head, still smiling slightly. “I guess it’s true what they say about the Survey Corps, you really are insane.”

“I’ll take that as a ‘no’,” Erwin remarked coldly.

“I didn’t say that.”

“You can’t be considering-” you began, staring at him in shock, but Levi cut you off.

“I’ll think on it,” he said, his expression serious.

You were speechless. Levi in the Survey Corps? Levi taking orders? And from none other than his lover’s ex-fiancÚ, no less.

Erwin’s eyes flashed with a hint of triumph. Levi noticed this.

“Hey, don’t get cocky. That wasn’t a ‘yes’ either.”

“I’ll give you three days to give me your final answer. Until then.” Erwin nodded to the both of you, his gaze lingering on yours just a second too long, long enough for you to see the sadness he tried so hard to hide. He left without saying another word.

You turned to Levi. “Really?”

Levi simply looked at you, his expression unreadable. “I’m not sure yet. I need to think.” He smirked suddenly and before you knew it he had you wrapped tightly in his arms, his lips skimming your jawline as he growled low in your ear. “In the meantime…”

You giggled, and almost gave in, but you remembered the promise you made to yourself earlier that night. You shoved him away from you, your anger rekindled.

“Wait just one second. Where the fuck have you been? It’s been three days, Levi, three days and not a word!”

Levi was silent. He tried to pull you back into an embrace, but you dodged his outstretched arms.


“No.” You glared at him, and he glared back with his cold, steel blue gaze. “An explanation. Now.”

He sighed. “I can’t be seen here.”

You opened your mouth to protest, but he cut you off.

“Because it would compromise the both of us.” His voice was insistent. “If I were to be seen coming and going from this place too often, if I stayed too long, it could lead my enemies straight to you. They would use you to get to me, to lure me here or to ambush me. Either way, you would end up getting hurt or worse, and I can’t stand to have that happen.”

Of course, you thought. How did I not come to that conclusion? You cast your gaze downward. “Of course. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

"Of course, they can find me now, thanks to your ex," he growled. "Maybe I should just kill him..."

"Levi!" you cried, horrified.

He smiled ruefully. "It was a joke. Mostly..."

He stepped forward and wrapped you in his strong arms, pulling your head to his chest. “In all seriousness though, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I can’t give you the life you want. But I promise you will never be in danger because of me. I’ll protect you, even if it costs me my own life.”

You looked up at him, teary-eyed. “Levi…”

He took your chin in his hand and tilted your face toward him, pressing his lips against yours. “I love you, [Name]. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

You smiled through your tears. “I love you too.”

He smiled and took your hand, leading you in the direction of your bedroom. He smirked as he looked back at you, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Now, let’s go make the most of the time we have together.”
I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON. I seriously should be studying and starting assignments right now, but this was sitting there half finished and it was really bugging me :P

As promised, some extra fluffiness for you guys (kinda sucks though). I should mention, I'm not good at fluff :( It always comes out super cliche and just UGH. I hope this is ok. Cliches can still be cute :3

I do not own Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin.

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this is a poem about how fixing people
is not romantic.
we’re not meant to be somebody’s answer,
we’re not meant to make someone feel alive again.

this is a poem about why you shouldn’t kiss him
because he’s broken
because you want to save him.

save yourself first.
kiss him because he holds a place in your heart, not
because he's the only thing making it pump.
kiss him because he’s in your life, not because
he is your life.

hold him, but don’t hold onto him because you believe
you’re drowning.
(get to dry land first.)


this is a poem about how i find poetry in everything.
breakups. my dad telling me i mattered.

nightmares. my neighbor’s insomnia.
how it drove him crazy.
how he swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills to fix it.

my neighbor’s funeral.


this is a poem about the split-apart theory.

the idea was that when humanity became arrogant
toward the gods, we were split in two
and were doomed to spend our lives searching
for our other halves.

i’m sorry, but i don’t like the idea that we are born
we are born whole.
with age, pieces of us are just taken away
and we try to fill in the spaces.

your body, your life, is a house and
if there are holes, empty rooms,
don’t give the key to strangers with pretty eyes
and velvet voices
who don’t belong.

you’ll know who’s worth keeping.
they may not give you pieces
but they will take nothing away.
they will not rent themselves to you,
they’ll let you move in
and your edges will click against one another.

they will leave you be and they will say, “let’s be imperfect


this is a poem about drinking.

don’t risk getting drunk
just so you’re brave enough to kiss him.
don’t risk waking up not remembering
the feel of his lips
and the push of his body on yours.

because you will, eventually.
you will feel that sloppy mouth

and you will feel regret.


this is a poem about what i remember.

i can point to any line i ever wrote
and tell you exactly what i felt
as the words came out of me,
if the ink blotted with tears,
if i smiled and dotted the i’s with hearts.

at one point i’m pretty sure i knew where i wanted to go;
i had a path and a goal at the end.
i dreamed of a husband
and two little boys, and a house in colorado.

then, nothing.
no husband, no goal, no path.

i want to know where it went but
i’m still not sure if i veered off the path
or if it steered away from me.

this is a poem about the day i woke up, and where everything
had once been, stood nothing.

this is also a poem about what i don’t remember.


this is a poem about irony.

irony is my neighbor eating a bottle of sleeping pills
because he just wanted to sleep.

irony is how he’ll sleep forever now.

(irony is that he didn’t fucking deserve that.)


humans are the most sensitive species.
our skin is fragile, and we have no fur. we bleed easily.

we know when to stop, when it hurts too much,
when to save our own lives.

we are weak, and exposed, and vulnerable.
we are born crying, and it's okay to cry now,
however many years it's been.

this is a poem about us, and how i love you all.


this is not a poem about the difference between any cut
and a broken heart
because, i've found, the pain is nearly the same.

this is a poem about recovery.

talk about what hurts. call your mother, call your father
and take your time.
write it down where you won't remember.

then let it go.
These literally have no theme anymore.

Many thanks to my boyfriend, for inspiring the section about human sensitivity. He claims he's not a poet. With each passing day, I've learned otherwise.
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You look nervously between your Mom, Dad, and Levi. There’s a very awkward moment where no one says anything.

Then, to your surprise, Levi makes the first move.

“Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. _______.” My name is Levi, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Levi says, holding his hand out to them. Huh? You weren’t aware that Levi could be so smooth or polite, judging by the way he talked to Erwin or the other squad leaders.

Mom and Dad smile and they each shake Levi’s hands. “It’s very nice to meet you Captain Levi. We’ve heard a lot about you.” Mom says, smiling at him. “Please, come in!” Dad steps back, giving you and Levi room to squeeze by and enter the house.

You pass through the door, and your heart twists in your chest. The house even smells the same; like wood, baked goods, and spices.

Mom and Dad follow after you, and Mom gives you a giant hug, almost cracking your ribs.

“______! It’s been so long!” She says, squeezing you even tighter. Dad also comes over and gives you a hug. “How was the trip here?” He asks, while ruffling your hair like when you were little. You duck and straighten your hair, although you can’t help but giggle.  

“Oh, pretty good. We left early, so we made good time and everything.” You answer, taking off your boots and setting them in the shoe rack. Levi copies you, and you feel flash of amusement as to how you’re the one leading now, rather than him.

“Where’s Terrence?” You ask, looking around.

“He had to go pick up a package, but he’ll be back in time for dinner. Why don’t you and Captain Levi take your bags upstairs?” Then, she turns to Levi. “We set up the guest room for you, so I hope it’s alright.” She says, sounding almost anxious. Levi nods and grabs both his bag and your bag, then walks up the stairs. You follow after him.

After dropping of your bags in your room, you lead Levi to the guest room, where he promptly drops his bags by the foot of the bed and lays on the bed, closing his eyes and sighing in relaxation.  

You sit on the edge of the bed. “Hey, I didn’t know you could be so polite. I was almost expecting you to make some sort of toilet joke at them.” You say weakly, remembering all the jokes he’d made to Hanji and Erwin.

Levi grunts. “Of course I’m polite; I just reserve my niceness for people who deserve it.”

“Right….” You laugh. Honestly, who would’ve imagined that Levi could be so nice? As if he could read your thoughts, Levi peeks at you with one eye. “If you tell anyone, I swear I’ll make you run laps for an entire month.” He threatens.

“Don’t worry Captain, your secret’s safe with me. But c’mon, let’s go back down.” You laugh, pulling him up.

Back downstairs, Mom has made some tea for you and Levi. She’s now in the kitchen, cutting up some vegetables. “What are you doing Mom?”

“Making dinner. I’m thinking of stew. Captain, is there anything you’d prefer?”

“Anything sounds good, thank you.” Levi replies. “And please, just Levi will do.” Mom nods, looking a little less tense. You deduce that she must be nervous being in the presence of the captain; after all, Levi could be rather …intimidating.

Just then, you hear the front door open. “I’m home!” A voice shouts.

“Terrence!” You run out of the kitchen and to the front door, running to give him a hug. You have to tippy-toe to hug him properly.

“Hey ______. Long-time no see.” He says, returning your hug. “How was the trip?”

You shrug. “It was pretty relaxing.”

“So, where’s this famous boyfriend of yours?” Terrence asks, walking into the kitchen.

You follow after him. “It’s Levi, and he’s in the kitchen with Mom.”

Terrence stops and looks at Levi. “Captain Levi?” He asks, but it sounds more like a statement.

Levi gives a curt nod.

Terrence grins.

“I was expecting someone taller.”
Sorry this chapter's slightly shorter than usual, but I didn't want it to be too long. Don't worry, we'll see more next chapter! ;)
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