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What is Child Sexual Abuse?
Child Sexual Abuse is the use of a child for sexual gratification by an older or more powerful person. The offender is usually an adult, but could also be a more powerful child. Both girls and boys are vulnerable. Besides being a public health concern, it is a crime punishable by law.

Types of Child Sexual Abuse
Child Sexual Abuse includes the following Touching and Non-Touching Behaviors (but need not be limited only to these acts)

Touching behaviors include
-Fondling a child's body for sexual pleasure
-Kissing a child with sexual undertones/inclinations.
-Rubbing genitals against a child's body.
-Sexually touching a child's body, and specifically private parts (breasts and genitals). Includes encouraging or forcing a child to do likewise.
-Making a child touch someone else's genitals, or playing sexual ("pants-down") games.
-Encouraging or forcing a child to masturbate, with the child as either a participant or observer.
-Encouraging or forcing a child to perform oral sex (mouth-to-genital contact on or by the child)
-Inserting objects or body parts (like fingers, tongue or penis) inside the vagina, mouth, or anus of a child; includes attempts of these acts.

Non-touching behaviors include
-Encouraging a child to watch or hear sexual acts either in person or lowering the bars of privacy
-Looking at a child sexually
-Exposing one's private body parts to a child (exhibitionism)
-Watching a child in a state of nudity, such as while undressing, using the bathroom, with or without the child's knowledge (voyeurism)
-An adult making suggestive comments to the child that are sexual in nature. Commenting on the sexual development of a child
-Encouraging or forcing a child to read/watch pornography, giving pornographic material or using the child in pornography

Myth: Children are rarely abused in India, as the Indian socio-cultural system inherently does not allow for its children to be sexually abused.
Fact: Statistical data from available research and reported incidents (from children and adult survivors) clearly indicates that child sexual abuse is a widespread problem affecting an extremely large number of children in the country.

Myth: Child sexual abuse occurs mostly in poor, illiterate families.
Fact: Child sexual abuse occurs in all social and economic classes of society.

Myth: Sexual abuse generally occurs in surroundings unfamiliar to the child.
Fact: Most children are sexually abused inside their own homes. In a predominant number of cases, abusers have the trust of children and their families and access to their homes.

Myth: Only girls are the victims of child sexual abuse.
Fact: Both girls and boys are victims.

Myth: Children with disability (differently able children) cannot be sexually abused as the abusers either find them sexually unattractive, or feel sorry for them.
Fact: All children are vulnerable to sexual abuse. Research has proven that differently able children are in fact more likely to be abused because of their increased vulnerabilities.

Myth: Children lie and make up stories about sexual abuse.
Fact: Children do not lie or weave stories about being sexually abused. The pressure to remain silent to uphold distorted concepts of honor and respect is immense. Also, children in our society are kept ignorant of sex and the possibility of abuse. Given these two facts the child is not lying when he/she relates an incident of sexual abuse.

Myth: Often precocious children provoke sexual abuse by their "seductive" behavior.
Fact: Children can never initiate sexual abuse. Terming a child's behavior "seductive" is an adult justification, projection and misinterpretation.

Myth: Children are usually abused by strangers.
Fact: The majority of abusers are known to the child and are often in positions of trust and power vis--vis the child. Example: Family, relatives, neighbours, teachers etc.

Myth: People who sexually abuse are mentally ill or "sick".
Fact: Abusers are seldom mentally ill; on the contrary they are "regular" people who lead "routine" lives

Myth: Women do not sexually abuse children.
Fact: Though most of abusers are men, a small number of women abuse children sexually.

Myth: Child sexual abuse is usually accompanied by physical violence.
Fact: In most reported cases the abuser is not physically violent but uses emotional manipulation to coerce the victim.

Myth: Somebody in the family usually knows the child is being sexually abused.
Fact: Usually nobody is aware that the child is being sexually abused.

Myth: A child should be encouraged to forget about the abuse, as there are no harmful effects of child sexual abuse.
Fact: Child sexual abuse usually has harmful effects and can lead to behavioral, emotional, physical and interpersonal problems.

Myth: Reporting of child sexual abuse can cause more harm than good.
Fact: If child sexual abuse is not reported then the same abuser may harm other children or may target the same child again.

Myth: Abuse is usually a single isolated incident.
Fact: There is very often a pattern to abuser's behaviour. They usually repeat their behaviour and with many children as well.

Myth: Only adolescent children get abused.
Fact: Children of any age can be abused. Reported incidents show that even infants have been sexually abused.
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:iconachildoftheking: requested that I do a valentine with Harley Quinn. So, this is my Valentine for the Great Valentine Exchange.

Done entirely in color pencil and took two days because of my carpal tunnel. :)

And yes, I do know that Mr. J. would never give Harley something like this, but hey, I'm rooting for the gal! And the bomb is a bean bag. :D
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For [link]
I just imagined Finn and PB playing wii <3

Sorry for the sketchyness and lazyness, know,still has love in it <33

Lazy lineart and CG are lazy e.e

Here's the second [link]
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do you guys regret it
do you

damn look how biased i made that poll

also idk if i should make this mature or not haha

Other V-Day Cards:
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edit: removed the symbols :P

I had to resubmit it because the thumbnail wasn't working <_<

and another one for the "be my valentine" event :giggle: Just in case the staff member want to spread some love ;D
dA loves you/us - pixel by Krissi001
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Finished these too!

On AsktheScienceBros:…
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Valentine: Jolteon
"You made my heart give a 'jolteon!'"
Requested by arcticwonders! I felt like eeveelution-ing today. :/
Haha, a little project I'm working on where I draw cute Pokemon saying cheesy pick-up lines. X]

Still guy-PMS'ing. :/ Gah. I didn't spend nearly as much time on this as the timer says I did. :I I started a sketch, and decided that I didn't feel like drawing at the moment, so I go play some piano for the lulz. Then, I come back, look at the sketch, erase the whole thing, and sketch a new one. :/ After I finish the lineart, I go play some flute for the lulz. Then, I come back and color in some of the Jolteon. Then, I decide to start my homework and take a shower. Finally, I finish the colors, background, and writing.

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Valentine: Bayleef
"Do you 'bayleef' in love?"
For a project I'm working on, where I draw cute Pokemon saying cheesy pick-up lines. X]
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this is an account of all the rage and depression/ lonely ness ive experianced in my life... im going to add to it later...

I am all alone ... its not good to be alone for so long... your brain runs out of things to think of and it starts questioning you.. It makes you think of stuff you really shouldn't be thinking of.... Bringing up memories that really serve no purpose other than to haunt and torment you.....and its kind of hard to snap out of those self hating thoughts by that point. Or maybe that’s just me and I am crazier than I think... so instead I sit there pondering my fucking mistakes and pathetic failure's... So what’s the point? ... I don’t know... I don't care. I'm tired of being all alone.... I'm tired of questioning myself, wondering if I am doing the right things, or if I am just a total fucking loser that every one hates... tired of life its self... I mean what’s the point of living if we are going to die anyway... I would rather die now instead of later...Tired of wondering why I am so alone, so worthless... this feeling of being inferior... so god damned inferior to them all. .... Argh... this routine is starting to take a toll on my state of mind... someone said not to lose sight of reality... bah. Fuck it all, enough of this. I mean come on, it’s not fair that I get beat up almost every morning at school, for no reasons other than:
1). they can...
2). I am a loser...
3). and that no one ever sticks up for me...
maybe THAT is why I am so secluded... always in the dark... I had to toughen up or be killed... FOR EVERYTHING THAT SHOULD HAVE BROKEN ME ONLY MADE ME STRONGER... and more secluded and alone... I give up... I don’t even care anymore... all I do is beat the shit out of everyone that TRIES to bully me... and suffer ever more... and I know it might be that my hormones are out of wack, but I have never had a girlfriend... and this fact depresses me even more... I feel as though I am on a see-saw... trying to balance between life and death... I feel as though I am going to fall... fall into everlasting darkness... with no one beside me... if this is my life, I am not even sure weather it is worth living... for I feel all I bring is pain, suffering and hate to those around me... and all you people just sit there and think," oh poor kid... we should try to cheer him up..." what NONE of you realize is that I don’t want your pity... or your kindness... all I want is... a friend... I have been all alone... with no friends... since kindergarten... and no one has realized this... even when I sit up and look them in the eyes... they do not see my suffering... and I just turn away... medications do not work for me anymore... its as though the darkness within me is swallowing them... and my happiness and soul along with it... so why? Why bother trying to live, if all I can do is sit in bed all day and wallow in my depression... I just wished it would end... all of it... life... happiness... joy... friends... I have none of these things... for any and all positive thing is blocked... what I have done to deserve this... was I a murder in my past life?... I have to sit here and ACT happy so you people won’t sit there and console me... cheer me up... or pity me... I don’t even hear you when you are there, failing to console me... you don’t notice when I sit there looking at you with an emptiness in my eyes... thinking "why me?"... I am done with this... with life... with trying to find friends... with the boys at school throwing pens, pencils and other things at me as I walk by to my next class... with the teachers, and their pitying word and looks...with all those girl's at school... trying to console me... trying to stand up for me... if I cant take the punishment, I am a worthless loser... all I want is a friend... but everyone I thought was a friend... ended up betraying me in the end, in some way... and don’t try to patronize me, because you don’t know all the things I have seen... the things I have had to do... I can’t remember how many people I have had to beat the shit out of... and every time the reason was the same... "Why does it have to be me that you pick on?"... and no one will even come near me now because of all the rumors... the kids with lockers next to me requested to be moved... because they thought I was some sort of psycho... all because I try to stand up for myself... some of the kids I beat up had to go to intensive care... just because I go into a rage... because its kill... or be killed... the teachers even are afraid of me... so they sit me in the corner where they can stay away from me... and when I walk down the hall... every one just stops talking... and I just go on past... turn the corner... and the start back up again... and then I have to go and whip the ass another kid who thinks he's all that and a bag a chips... and does any one care? NO!!! I am done with this shit... with the lies... with everyone’s empty promise's that they don’t fulfill... with everything... everyone thinks they know me like the back of their hand... well, they are wrong... if they could see what I am thinking... they would be so confused... for they are all stupid idiots, who cant understand HALF the stuff I do... I could almost guarantee I have the highest IQ in school... they think I love to fight... but I don’t... I just want a friend... but they all have to better themselves at other people’s expense... I don’t believe in god... for if I did, he would have helped me out by now... because no kid should have to suffer like me... but I have had to survive... with nothing but MY strength, and MY wit's... all alone... at school I protect the weak... and do every thing I can to stop bullies... but do they care?... no they still fear me and hate me as though I am a freak... and I still see the girls in a corner... always looking... but too nervous to come over and talk to me... so I am all alone...

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You have received a Valentine from Slater!

:iconredroseplz::iconloveredplz::iconredroseplz::iconloveredplz: :iconredroseplz::iconloveredplz::iconredroseplz::iconloveredplz:

:iconslaterslyplz::iconsaysplz: It's pretty self explanatory.
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