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Pleeaasee wait for it to load...I'm lame and don't know how to make loaders!! D:

Kinda inspired by the latest chapter of Kuroshitsuji~
Sebastian has been stabbered. yumyum

The actual phrase Ciel says is supposed to be "Shikkari shiro!" which I believe translates as something similar to "Pull yourself together". And then there's "Bocchan". And yeah.

This is crap. it starts off alright, then deteriorates in coolness haha.
sebastian's speech is WEEIIRRRDDDDD MOUTHNESS

But I hope you like it anyway.

Merry Christmas, good folk.

whoa this is taking forever to upload

I made this while listening to:

Paranoid Doll - Gackt
Lust for Blood - Gackt
Hoshi No Suna - Gackt (sho shad todaaayyy)

Also, Namae no Nai Uta by Len [serious append], and Lovelessxxx by Len, Gakupo and KAITO

Bit of a gackt spaz.

Omg only 55% I'll be here all week.

I'll be quiet now XD
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Well, what do you know? I'm alive! And I bring yet another cosplay tutorial!

To be honest, I have a whole bunch that I'm planning to upload very very soon. The only problem is the fact that I haven't taken proper photos of the final result (which I need to organize photoshoots for anyway), not to mention the fact that a lot of these tutorials were techniques I was using for my cosplay competitions. Which I honestly love sharing tips and tricks, but I wanted to keep the costume a surprise until the end. Ah well.

Please expect more from me soon!

Tutorial & Photographs Yiji 2012


None yet!
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First dress-up I've ever made!! (and probably my last cuz I'm too lazy to make another XD)

Done completely with the mouse, it took me so long to understand the whole coding on flash. ^^;

I really made this because I noticed that we didn't have enough Rock Lee dress-up games out there.

And yes, that is Gaara looking though the window.

Coolkirby4 :heart:

Here's my sis's :iconveggiemunky: dress up game on Gai:
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Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. Yes, I drew it. ^^'

Kuroshitsuji is awesome!!!
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:star:Grell had the most votes in my last poll so here he is!:star:

My second ever dressup game. :iconaloisleleleplz:

Heres the first one I made if you are curious. [link]
Im hoping to get better at these eventually. I dont really see a vast improvement between the two. XD


:bulletred: Deachable hair for younger Grell if desired
:bulletred: Removable mouth for various expressions
:bulletred: Detachable glasses
:bulletred: Accessories

Have Fun!

Sorry fangirls/boys. Grell is a kendoll. ;)

I would have added more but this was tedious and it took me hours to do. I also wanted him to blink but I was not sure how to do it. XD

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#none of the images and music belong to me

needed to do this, I love this opening of kuroshitsuji *w*
and more with sebastian sexy I could not deny it
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UPDATE: 14.09.2012 * I'VE MOVED TO :iconamena-dono: PLEASE WATCH/RE-WATCH ME THERE FOR MORE CHATBOTS (including the Undertaker one lol )*
-error fixed..I hope-
--If you get this error where it sends you back to the beginning of the game after you give him the cats,then you should use FIREFOX,IE does this error :| --
I'm sorry this took me so long and that I couldn't do any buttons to it..I have for the next 2 months too many exams and college bullshit to take care of so I had to make this really fast >_<'' I'll make in the future a much better game with more interaction,more like a visual novel-sim date thing~
So,I hope you will enjoy it even so ^^
This game is dedicated to:
Who won the 200th K Kiriban prize~ Only MysticMarie told me of her options for the game,and she asked for a blush button thing.I didn't manage to make a button,but I hope the blush scene can pay up for it ^^'
Also: People who were colse to wining the Kiriban:
Honorable mention to :iconshiro-anemone:
Why doesn't the game work?
:bulletred:You probably have an old version of flash.Download the latest one and it will work perfectly.

Why aren't there any extra options to it,like in the Ciel version?
:bulletred: NO time..I have a very hard college and exams right behind the corner.So instead of having this delayed with another couple of monthes,I just left the buttons be so you can play with it sooner,pretty fair,huh?

Why does he keep calling me other names?
:bulletred: People have asked me this questions over 1000 times in the last few months....the answer is quite simple: He is an Artificial inteligence provided by a server. When too many people talk to him in the same time(he sometimes talks to over 100 persons at once) he simply mistakes your IP to another person's one,and so he makes mistakes. Please Indulge him. That is why he sometimes gives random answers out of no where.

Why does he act OOC (out of character) ?
:bulletred:He's only a robot. I configure him as well as I can,but I can not simply guess ever single question you might ask him,that is why it is impossible to configure him perfectly from scratch. It would take me half of my life to do so,and I am simply not that devoted to the cause :aww:
So,once again,please indulge him ^^

Why isn't there an opening character like in the other games? D:
:bulletred: Same answer as for question 2 :|

Why does Sebastian greet the guest at the opening with that face on? D:
:bulletred:You don't actually think Sebastian is a nice guy,right? I think he's pretty nasty when he's not ordered around or has no interest~ Considering in this game he was expecting no guestis.It was night,Ciel was sleeping and his reaction to the uninvited gues't arrival would be "Yeah?What the fu*k do you want?" Wouldn't yours be the same if you were Sebastian? : D

How much time do you spend when making a chat-bot?
:bulletred:It depends. About a couple of hours on configurating his properties in pandorabots servers,and a couple of hours in drawing and programing it in flash. Consider it "a couple hours x2 "

What will be the next chatbot you will make?
:bulletred: Dunno right now..

When will it come out?
:bulletred: I really have no clue. Probably none before Christmas...there might be other games I'll make during the season holiday,but none before or after~you know the reason :p

~~~~~~ Special thainx to :iconxxkatyexx: who was my asistant programer during this project<3 85% of the Sebastian configuration belongs to her<3 THANK YOU!<333

Hope you will have fun with him even if he'll act strange,give stupid answers,be a di*k and give you nightmares :aww:
Well Ladies, have fun with him....:iconatnightplx:
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Edit: Due to the populatiy of these tutorials (who would have guessed?) I've changed the original format of them to a nice, shinier model~! Hope you enjoy the new interface!

Look, guys! I'm totally keeping my promise to make more tutorials! This is crazy-rad, man! I feel so inspired and proud! BOOHOO :iconcryforeverplz:

This is the second tutorial in the series! And the quality of the photography is still so dodgy... That's okay, though, at east it's getting done. In this tutorial, we'll be learning how to make a very basic hoop skirt. All in all, it took me about five hours to complete... And I may or may not have been spending most of that time mucking around with my camera, trying to take impressive photos.


Anyway. Please look forward to more tutorials in the future! ^_^ If you have any questions, just ask me in the comments section, and I will endeavor to update the FAQ in my Artist's Comments as I go.

Tutorial & Photographs Yiji 2011


Where did you buy your boning from?

I actually totally lucked out when I found it in a second-hand charity store as I was passing by to get groceries. But you should be able to find some at your sewing and craft store - though if they don't have a wide range or sewing materials, you could always try find something online.

Are you measuring the length of your hoopskirt with the idea of the hose inside will lift it? Such as I have a skirt that's about 38" long, so should the hoopskirt be 40"-45" long to make up the difference?

The length of the hoopskirt (from your waist or wherever it sits comfortably on you) to the ground, or wherever it needs to be, should ideally be measured on you while you're standing in your cosplay's designated shoes. The width of it (how wide you need to cut your fabric in total) depends on how wide your largest hoop has to be.

Keeping this in mind, I'd suggest experimenting with a plain tube around you first to see how bit you need to get the largest hoop, and measuring out the rectangle for it. In this same way, I would recommend drafting a pattern of your skirt first using calico or cheap drill, so that once you wear your hoop skirt and put the skirt over it, you can see how much the hoops will lift your dress, and you can add more fabric on the bottom to make it the proper length. (I sincerely hope I answered this question right...)

Would this method work for an odd shaped skirt such as this flower shaped skirt? [link]

Yes, absolutely! To me, it appears that it's a very slim A-Line hoop skirt, with decreasing widths in hoops towards the bottom. I'd suggest drafting a pattern of the skirt from cheap fabric to take in at the sides so that it fits more snugly around the hoops - if you don't tailor the skirt inwards, it won't do that shape on its own - the fabric will just fall into an A-Line.

What's a petticoat?

A petticoat is a light skirt layered in tulle or soft netting/fabric that is worn over the hoop skirt. The fabric of the tulle layers creates an extra bit of fluff so that it hides the sharp ridges of the boning in the skirt.

Petticoats can also be worn without a hoop skirt to give a regular skirt a fluffier shape, but to achieve the same large bell of a hoop skirt, you would have to wear lots of layers.

Could you do a hoop skirt with the bowing with an already made dress?

You mean make a hoopskirt for an already existing skirt?

Certainly. Just measure the circumference of the skirt and make sure your bottom hoop, the biggers one, is smaller to fit inside it.
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Read the comments! c:
Animated version!! I finally finished it. Of course there are many problems and annoyances, but I've been going through the same hour long routine repetitively when I go back to fix anything. So I'm doonnneeee!!!

I hope you like it!!

Quote from some song by Miku, I just thought it sounded very Sebastian-like.
Of course he would pass of tears as such a thing. <3

Feeling shit lately, I guess Sebastian had that taken out on him.
I drew him more in the Kuro style cos I wanted it to look like it was from the anime.


Made while listening to:

A Soundless Voice cover by an UTAU named Kenji. This is the best cover I've ever heard, it even beats Valshe's and she's human XD
Find it here: [link]

And the cover of Aiyaa Yonsennen I made using Serious Append Kagamine Len. Check it out here!!


5 billion hours in various programs:
Paint Tool SAI
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Toon Boom Studio
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Flash


..Maybe one day I shall add more frames to the body rain, and make it longer so you can chill out to the peaceful rain music.
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