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If I could get a quarter for every time I got mistaken for Link at Colossalcon...XD

I've been wanting to cosplay Fado for a few years now, but I felt it would be a bit out of place if I just did it on my own without a group, but now that I've got some Toon Link friends to cosplay with, I had an opportunity! :D The HD release of Wind Waker is also coming out this Fall, so it's good timing!

I played the violin since I was in 5th grade up until I graduated High School, so that was the big trigger for me. XD
Violins are expensive, so I didn't paint my real one, though I used it as a reference for making Fado's.

The concept art is pretty stylized (no strings, bridge, bow hair...), so I kinda took an artistic license and designed the prop so that would look like it could function as the real thing. Most of it is made out of Pink Panther insulation foam that was sanded and carved into with two different types of heat knives. The strings are made out of jewelry wire, and the bridge is foam board. The wire is wrapped around some wooden pegs that are glued in place at the top and bottom.
The bow is a wooden dowel with pieces of insulation foam on both ends for the more shaped pieces. Bias tape is wrapped around it for the grip, and I used a ribbon to act as the bow hair. All foam pieces were sealed with mod podge first before it was all painted.

The tunic was just modified from a shirt pattern. The sleeves and lining are broadcloth, and the main fabric for the tunic and hat are made out of microsuede. The design details are an orange satin, and I think the cuffs and apron were just a thicker muslin material (I got it from the remnants bin at JoAnns XD). I appliqued the designs with heat n bond with a satin stitch around the edges. The belt on the apron is just a vinyl, and it snaps in the back. The collar at the top is just a white twill, and the whole thing zips up the back. The hat was literally just a cone of fabric with a band around it. There's a red tassle that I got in the home decor notions area at JoAnn's for his apron, and the top of it was covered by a bell (I bent it with pliers to attach it).

It's not pictured in this photo, but I'm using my leggings from my Skyward Sword Link cosplay. I feel his design could be interpreted with either skin-toned or tan leggings, or he might not have any (which is the more likely since he's a Kokiri), though I prefer the idea of having leggings to keep people from looking up my tunic like a skirt. So there. XD Also not pictured are my awesome boots, which look silly but cute. You'll see them later.

The wig is a Derek in Lemon from Arda Wigs. I struggled a lot trying to figure out what the heck his hair color was supposed to be because it's more green in the artwork, but blonde/yellow in the game render. Lemon is a nice cooler blonde tone, so I feel it suited him well. :)

Much thanks to Elfalannah for taking this photo! :D

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is (c) Nintendo
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Link costume made and worn by me! :)

Photography by Joseph Chi Lin…

For costume construction details, please look here!:

Other images from this shoot:
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is (c) Nintendo
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It's been a while since I've done a closet cosplay of sorts! XD I threw this together for one of our Iron Wig results videos. The wig was a Jett in Black and I had found the glasses and tie at Party city XDD (horrible, I know! I want to replace the tie badly, though it could be worse). Originally I borrowed my boss/friend's sweater, though I got one of my own recently at Anime Expo, which is what I'm wearing here. :) (plugging their store because they're awesome. I like their sweaters more than the official licensed ones.… ). Pants, shirt, and shoes were from my closet, though I need more manly pants before I wear it again at DragonCon haha.

I did make my own wand though, and I'm quite happy with it! Rather than spending 30+ dollars on an official one, I didn't spend a dime and made mine out of paper and hot glue! >:D
This tutorial is the gist of it:…
To make it look like Harry's, I globbed lots of hot glue in various parts around the handle and sorta sculpted it to get the shape and textures so it'd look like wood.

This pic was taken at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago. Get it? I did a funny.

Harry Potter is (c) J.K. Rowling
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Hokay. It's been a year and a half. New DA ID time. XD

I have too many favorite costumes and photos to narrow it down to just a few, though I feel this selection of photos best describes, "That girl with the crazy wigs!"

People often tell me Jaden is their favorite character that I've done, and I desperately wanted to squeeze him in here, though I'm hoping to style a new wig later this year out of materials from Arda first! Gotta wait patiently for a certain style to be available in the shade of orange I want first though, so I'm holding out until then. XD

Photography credits:

Yusei Fudo photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
Skyward Sword Link photo by Jonathan Wu
Neku Sakuraba photo by Ex-Shadow
Yami Yugi photo by Cosfu
Cloud Strife photo by Joseph Chi Lin
Aqua photo by kmrsworld734
Judal/Judar photo by Ex-Shadow
Kaito Tenjo photo by kaia-of-the-wind

Costumes all made and worn by me
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I was working at Katsucon, but I managed to get myself up early enough so that I could wear Aqua for a few hours! :) I've been wanting to wear her again for a while, but I had been holding out until I got a new wig and remade my shoes. I am super particular about the color of her hair, so previously I had been using an ebay wig that was super quirky because it was the only place I could find that had the right color. I managed to convince my boss to make this color at Arda though, so here it is! It's a Magnum XL in Denim Blue AR036.
My shoe armor used to be made out of craft foam, but they were pretty delicate and had been getting messed up from a lot of use. The new ones I'm wearing here are made out of worbla, so they're nice and sturdy!

For costume construction, please check here:…

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography…

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is (c) Squeenix
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Ok, not really. I can sometimes play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but that's about it it. XD

Haven't worn this costume in 4 years! Styled a new wig recently, so I brought it to Colossalcon. :)

Not sure if I ever really posted construction notes back when I first uploaded it, so here you go again!

Tank top is made out of a green bottom-weight fabric with just a long rectangle sewn around the collar. I think it was poplin? It has a little stretch to it. I honestly couldn't tell ya which pattern I used; it's been so long. But you can make something just like it from almost any basic shirt pattern (as long as it's got normal sleeve holes rather than being something like a baseball tee).

Just used a pair of jeans from my closet, and the cuffs around the bottom are made out of broadcloth with quilt batting on the inside.

Tsunomon plush was made by me! :) I used fleece for the body and vinyl for the horn. The main body's segments were shaped like teardrops before they were sewn together, and I hand-stitched the edges of the face piece down with an invisible stitch. There's just a light amount of stuffing under the face to add dimension. The eyes and mouth were just painted on with fabric paint.

I've had the Digivice accessory since I was a kid! They were like giga pets, but with Digimon. :3

I actually ditched my old Matt gloves for the ones I made for Cloud since they're a similar style, but the craftsmanship on my Cloud ones look much better XD. I'm not wearing them in the photo because Matt doesn't wear his gloves when he plays his harmonica, but you can see them on the table. :) The glove pattern I used was Butterick 5370 (just modified a bit to have a cuff), and I used a brown vinyl that was on clearance.

My crest necklace was made out of super sculpey and painted.

Wig was a Jaguar in Ginger Blonde from Arda Wigs! I styled this wig very similarly to my old one, though now it's the right color and overall a better shape.

Photography by WhiteDesertSun [link]
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Whoo! I like this photo because it's a good shot of my Master Sword's handle! :D It was the most intimidating part of making the props, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. XD

Photo taken by Jonathan Wu at Katsucon 2013 (not sure if he has a DA account since I got this via facebook; but if he does I'll add the link later!)

Cosplay made and worn by me

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is (c) Nintendo
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It's been ages, but Zippy and I finally got to cosplay together again! :D
He and Frecklez made Bolin and Korra for Colossalcon, and they asked if I could bring Mako so we'd have a whole trio!

Mako - :iconmalindachan:
Bolin - :iconzippyc:

Photo by Soulfire Photography [link]

The Legend of Korra is (c) Nickelodeon
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Seriously though, one of the biggest things I was looking forward to when making my Zidane cosplay was getting to cosplay with my friend's Garnet!
And just so you guys know....FFIX is the most adorable Final Fantasy love story, and one of the best games of the series. I cry at the end. every time.

Zidane- :iconmalindachan:
Garnet- :iconnaiiki:
Costumes made and worn by ourselves. :)

Photography by JwaiDesign [link]
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My hubby cosplaying Skyward Sword things with me! :3
There are still some things that we weren't able to get done on time for his costume, but we did the best we could with the time we had. It'll be 100% done for-sure at Animefest in a few months.

I styled his wig using a Magnum Long in Apple Red from Arda-wigs. The pompadour is built much like how I spiked my Yusei wig, with a stiff felt form under the hair, and then I did a fake hairline like how I styled his Zack wig, using excess hair I cut from the back. Here are tutorials for reference:

I made the necklace using green and red polymer clay threaded on jewelry wire (has a jewelry clasp in the back).

The gem was resin-casted. I made the mold using this technique [link]

Kyle cut out all the pieces of the shirt and cape (shirt is suedecloth and cape is duckcloth with interfacing), and then helped with the sewing and painting on the cape while I sewed/painted the shirt. The cape was drafted without a pattern while the shirt was slightly modified from a regular shirt pattern.
Though not shown in this photo, I painted the designs on his pants. We just used a pair of khaki pants he had in his closet to save time, as well as a pair of boots he already had.

We still need to go back and make accurate gloves and a belt buckle.

Elf ears are from Aradani

My own costume is made and worn by myself :3
Construction notes on that can be found here:

:iconex-shadow: as Groose
:iconmalindachan: as Link

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography [link]

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is (c) Nintendo
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