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Catwoman, "Batman Returns"

Also watch the video from the stage! (watch in HD)
Yay for new Catwoman picture! :catwoman: 
I love this costume and love Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. I had a chance to make a shooting with this costume in Denmark, Copenhagen due to our invitation to :iconj-popcon:. We spent really amazing time there!

Costume and make-up by me
Photo by :iconkifir:

New costume tribute - Catwoman by Rei-Doll Cat is Here by Rei-Doll Nine Lives by Rei-Doll Asylum by Rei-Doll Hear Me Roar by Rei-Doll Here's The Cat by Rei-Doll Keep It Secret by Rei-Doll Gotham Syren by Rei-Doll
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~ Character: Nu Wa 

~ Serie: Warriors Orochi Serie 

~ Cosplayer: :icondragomyra:

~ Photo By :iconoyasumi4:

My Cosplay Page on Facebook…

My Cosplay page on Facebook with my twin sister.…
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Photo by :iconryszard-redfur:
Me as Gadget

:iconcookiemonsterplz: : Please, leave a comment if you like it. I love comments! =3
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My Albert Wesker Cosplay

Wanna see more ?
feel free to visit, like, share or comment me on :

Photo taken by

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I wanted to make a new DA ID since the old one was old. XD

I did something like this a very long time ago with all my cosplay work, but that was back when I only had a few costumes.

I've made over 40 costumes now, and these are just some of my current favorites.

I know people have their own preferences and favorites, but please keep any negative comments about the costumes/characters you don't care about to yourself. These are my personal favorites, and all I ask is that people be respectful of my opinions even if you don't feel the same.

Judai/Jaden is one of my more simple costumes, but he's always lots of fun to cosplay. Ironically he's a fan-favorite, though I don't completely understand why. XD

Aqua is a cosplay I'm really proud of for craftsmanship and accuracy. It's still not 100% done since I need to make a keyblade, but hopefully I can get that done in the next year. She's my favorite female character I've cosplayed.

Though I feel some parts of Guy were a bit rushed, I was very pleased with how my cosplay turned out. With Tales of the Abyss getting re-released next month I've been really anxious to cosplay him again.

Yusei is my personal #1 favorite. I feel stronger and super cool when I walk in his shoes; I really admire his character for his talents and personality. The cosplay itself has had so many stages, and it has pushed me as a cosplayer to try new things and improve.

Cloud is another cosplay that I feel really demonstrates how much I've grown as a cosplayer over the years. My gun prop is one of the best props I've ever made, and I'm also wearing the best pair of gloves I've ever made. The wig is one of my favorites I've made so far. :3

I really love how my Matt cosplay turned out, and I really want to find an excuse to bring it to another con someday. It's perhaps one of the easiest costumes I've ever made, but it's very comfy and nostalgic.

Haou Judai was my hardest costume to make so far and a huge test of patience and pain tolerance (lol). It's an obscure design, but a really cool one.

I don't wear Yami as much anymore since there are some things I want to remake, but it was the cosplay that started my chain of YGO work and marked a huge revolution in my cosplay hobby. The puzzle is my favorite part, but the wig was my first crazy styling attempt. I never thought styling wigs would be something I'd ever be good at, which is why I always encourage cosplayers to experiment and not be afraid to try new things.

Characters are (c) Kazuki Takahashi, Square Enix, Namco Bandai, and Toei Animation

Cosplays all made and worn by :iconmalindachan:

photos of Judai, Yusei, and Matt are by :iconboikem:
photo of Aqua was taken by :iconkmrsworld734:
photo of Guy was by Pongo
Photo of Cloud and Haou Judai are by :iconjohnsonsan:
Photo of Yami was by Shelly Allen
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I would like to thank you, all of you for your support, your views, your "watch" and your favs !
I hadn't idea of what kind of photo I will use (or make) for this "10,000 PV" so I took this one of my Jessie cosplay.

I love this photo because it's so funny and a really "troll" one !

:iconkipizette: as Jessie
:iconhirako-f-w: as James

The troll editing by :iconparadox-madhouse:
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Hokay. It's been a year and a half. New DA ID time. XD

I have too many favorite costumes and photos to narrow it down to just a few, though I feel this selection of photos best describes, "That girl with the crazy wigs!"

People often tell me Jaden is their favorite character that I've done, and I desperately wanted to squeeze him in here, though I'm hoping to style a new wig later this year out of materials from Arda first! Gotta wait patiently for a certain style to be available in the shade of orange I want first though, so I'm holding out until then. XD

Photography credits:

Yusei Fudo photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
Skyward Sword Link photo by Jonathan Wu
Neku Sakuraba photo by Ex-Shadow
Yami Yugi photo by Cosfu
Cloud Strife photo by Joseph Chi Lin
Aqua photo by kmrsworld734
Judal/Judar photo by Ex-Shadow
Kaito Tenjo photo by kaia-of-the-wind

Costumes all made and worn by me
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I can not wait for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. <3

Stamp base by: =JetProwerTheFox

Alice in Wonderland (c) Lewis Carroll, Disney
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Oh yea!
Bath in the cuteness!! :dance:
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Costuming and makeup is my life!! XD
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