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Coco bandicoot from the crash bandicoot series
I really loved playing the original crash series on the Psone as a kid so i just had to cosplay it :)
Costume made by me

I have also entered this cosplay into the otakuhouse cosplay comp :) I would really appreciate a vote and don't mind voting back if you've entered so let me know if you've entered! heres the link to my entry

To see more of our cosplay progress visit our facebook page

Paint used:
Kryolan greasepaint with setting powder.
Photograph by :icon:Glanffrwd
Cosplayed by Loutar
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* R&R ArtGroup - Facebook page *

Rainbow Dash - «My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic».
Length about 80-85 cm.
Made by me.
Bonus photo

*** You can buy some plushies in my STORE RyokoDemonStore *** 
Or you can leave me a message for the order.

Rainbow Dash by Ryoko-demon

My other plushie works

Beelzebub plushie by Ryoko-demon Watermelon mouse plushie by Ryoko-demon Meowth by Ryoko-demon Hibird plushie by Ryoko-demon Mamezo Plushie by Ryoko-demon
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Myself as Chii and :iconakuriko: as Freya from Chobits
Photo credit: [link]
Costumes made by their respective wearers but we helped eachother out in order to match :D
More of this costume:
Like me on facebook: [link]
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Yuna - :iconhauntedking:

Photo and edition by Ruben Amposta

Costume, wig, accesories, staff, makeup, etc handmade by myself

I love this, I never saw myself as a good Yuna but this photoshoot made me think I don't look that bad, I want to do more photos of Yuna I have in mind, this was very fun!
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Photo for print.

Astharoshe Asran - Trinity blood (venetian dress).
Costume, wig, mask and make-up by me.
Photographer Kifir :iconkifir:

Photo in my gallery

Comments disabled by owner.
Photo by Matt Smith, Locust by Pillar of Dawn Studios, Costume by me!

Follow me on Facebook, too! [link]
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Can't resist to submit on other one ^^
I made this cosplay because I was quite nostalgic of my first Vocaloid group with Anzu (:iconcoeurvert:), who miss me a lot... I was really happy to be her Rin at Japan Expo this year !

Photographer: :iconupdaterequired: ([link])
Rin Kagamine: :iconshaeunderscore: (Me)

More Rin !

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Thank you guys SO much for all the compliments on the last photo submission. I admit I'm a bit late on joining in on the TWEWY scene; I couldn't afford to get the game when it originally came out, but it was always something I wanted to try (I just didn't know if I would like the battle system or not, and I'm pretty darn picky with my RPGS). I ordered a copy of TWEWY around the time they announced the character cameos for the KH3D game. Ended up getting hooked and beat it in about a week. Such an amazing game; I loved everything about it. The music, art style, characters, story, gameplay...everything.

I usually post a big wall of info on how I made the costume, so here goes!

The wig was a Jareth in Pumpkin from I styled the bigger spikes by using forms made out of stiff felt, And I glued hair from the wig over them. For some of the spikes (especially the ones in the back), I had to use hair from extra wefts to fill in gaps and cover each spike completely. I didn't take enough progress photos to show any sort of tutorial, but how I styled this wig is very similar to how I went about styling my Yusei wig: [link]

For the headphones, I found a large headset on clearance at Walmart and built over it with Craft foam. I can hide my ipod in the collar and listen to music! :3 The foam was sealed with mod podge and painted with metallic acrylics.

For the shirt, I started with McCall's pattern 5891 as a base, though i took in the seams a LOT and added in a back seam so it would be as form-fitting as I could possibly make it. I used Black twill, so it doesn't stretch, but it has a hidden zipper down the back so I can still put it on. The collar is literally just a huge tube of fabric. It stays up pretty well just because it's a pretty thick material, though I usually have to adjust it before pictures. The tube is only sewn to the shirt on one small area of the back, just to keep it from falling off or rotating around. The violet panel on the front of the shirt was some white twill that I dyed with blue and purple dyes, since I couldn't find the right color fabric anywhere. I used yellow bias tape for the sides of the panel before top-stitching it to the shirt.

The mp3/tampon/necklace/thing was made with a white trim and Super Sculpey clay. I was super close to just using a tampon, because that's what it looks like.

The wristband is yellow fleece. pretty basic~

The shorts are made out of White Bull Denim. I used McCall's pattern 5391 for the base, and just made the extra pockets to match the design. The purple spots were from the same piece of fabric I dyed, and I used yellow buttons on the front.

For the belt, we happened to have the right kind of buckle on another belt, so we just took it off and made a new base strap out of twill.

The shoes were super rushed because I was trying to beast them out the night before I left for AWA, but they managed to work out ok in the end. :3 I basically made covers for a pair of slippers I had (they were cute puppy ones! :D ). The bottom is made out of vinyl so they won't get torn up as easily. I didn't have enough buttons to match the ones on my shorts (and didn't have time to get more), so I used craft foam for the ones on the shoes.

Cosplay made and worn by :iconmalindachan:

Photo taken by :iconex-shadow: and edited by :iconmalindachan:

Related photos:

The World Ends With You is (c) Square Enix
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I know its so early for a cosplay on any hyrule warriors characters but I fell in love with her character design! I hope you like my rendition! 

❥ I N S T A G R A M
❥ F A C E B O O K
❥ Y O U T U B E…
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There it no right place to start, so I'll start from the top and work my way down. I started this costume in April and had originally aimed for it to be done by Anime Boston. After realizing how much work was going to go into it, I quickly changed my mind. Then Binkx asked me to be her Madoka for a group at AX and I said yes.

All of our soul gems were made by Zal. The wig was an Anya wig that was cut and straightened.

The top is a normal 6 piece bodice with rigaline. I regret not making an interfacing later. The heart on the back is kept on with heat and bond. Because of the front, back heart and sleeves, the zipper is in the side back seam.

The top skirt took a LOT of patterning to find what would work without making it look wilty. It also required a lot of math and pi. The bias tape was hand sewn on by Binkx. The skirt also has a gradient that was airbrushed by our friend Han. The jewels are rinestones that I glued on. The petticoat. Oh my lord this petticoat. There are 14 tiers in it, 14 rows of ruffles. There are about 100 yards of hand ruffled ribbon in this costume. They were also all fray checked and cut down since I didn't have a serger at my disposal. Inside each organza layer, it a layer of tulle. In the third later is 4 cups made of horse hair to help keep it fluffy. A LOT of work went into the skirt and was by far the hardest part. The skirt is complete with bloomers.

The bow base is a long stem rose with a bunch of stuff cut off and added to it. The shoes were painted by someone in our group who did an amazing job.

I have to thank Binkx a lot for helping me out with some of the hand sewing. Between this and the Last Exile costume, my hands were destroyed. She was amazing for putting up with me.

If you would like to see our skit, here is a link! [link]

Link to my tutorial! [link]

Photo by Jason i360!
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