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These tutorials are intended to be helpful advice to beginner cosplayers. I am by no means an expert at sewing.

Zakuro/ Otome Youkai Zakuro belongs to its creators.

Tutorial made by me. Do not reproduce.

More cosplay/ sewing tutorials can be found here [link]

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This speaks for itself~ 

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and i'll reply them. 
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I recently got into experimenting with making my own cosmetics, it's fun, and a lot easier than I expected. (And hopefully, the ability to mix the exact shade I want at any time will prevent me from randomly deciding I need yet another lipstick while shopping. I might have... a small problem with that...

(Am I too far gone?)

To see my tutorial on making your own duochrome eyeshadow, go here:

Here are the instructions on making your own lipstick. This isn't a vaseline-mixed-with-food-dye or a crayon wax
lipstick recipe, it's much better quality than that. I don't know that I could call it super long lasting, but
it stayed well about 3 hours on my lips without the need for re-application, though it did wear off after I
had dinner. Not bad in my opinion, compared to some of the drugstore brands I've tried. I chose to make a pink
color with gold shimmer (Since I'm in love with rose golds right now), but you could do neon pink, bright purple,
even blue, or make that hard-to-find weird color you need for your cosplay. Anything you want!

I bought all my supplies at TKB trading, they have awesome products at great prices, I can't get enough!
The prices really are amazing for what you get, and shipping isn't too bad either. The lip base was $5 for 4oz,
and you could make TONS with it. The liquid lip dyes are 2.50 each, and you use only a few drops to color your lipstick.
Most micas (which are great for eyeshadows too, by the way, you can mix your own formula for better adhesion or use them
straight out of the bag with a really good primer) are $1.50 for a "sample" size, which, excepting certain special colors, contains
approximately a TABLESPOON of mica. If you're shopping for personal use, you probably won't get through one baggie in an entire lifetime.

Please note that this tutorial is for personal use only, I certainly don't know enough about it to create cosmetics for commercial purposes.

You will need:

. One package lipstick base

. A container for your finished lipstick. You can use empty pans or small jars, or even pill boxes. ( I used 26mm square pans for the lipstick, the gloss pictures is in a 3 gram jar. If you use pans, you'll also want a palette to keep them in.)

. Vitamin E (helps extend the life of your lipstick by preventing rancidity)

. Desired color/s of liquid pigments (I used pigment white, and red 27, which is really a pink)

. Desired color of mica, make sure it is a lip safe color. (I used sparkle rose)

. A lip brush to apply your lipstick, since it is not in tube form.

. small microwave safe dish to melt in ( I used a silicone bowl)

. small scoops to measure with

. something  to stir with (anything, really. I used a little tool from a manicure set - never used for that  purpose of course - and sterilized it.)

Optional additives (If these are added, add in TINY amounts.)

. Lanolin (helps boost the color, but some people have a reaction to it, so be aware.)

. Silica microspheres or dimethecone 350 (both silicones, improves the slip and prevents the color from
dragging on your lips)

. titanium dioxide (improves opacity)

. broad spectrum preservative (to prevent bacteria and extend the life of your lipstick.)

. if you find the texture of the base not to your liking, you can add more oil, like jojoba or grapeseed
to soften it, or more wax,such as beeswax, carnuba or candilla to harden it. Be careful though, too much
 wax will make it too hard to use, and too much oil will turn it into a balm-like consistency.

. flavoring or scent oils (make sure they are approved for cosmetic use in lip products)


Step 1:

Make sure your hands and all your tools are clean and sanitary to prevent contaminating your lipstick as you
make it.

Scoop out a portion of lip base into your microwave safe container. I used a little over 1/2 tsp.

Step 2. Add your liquid pigment. I used about 2 drops of white and 5 drops red 27.

Step 3. Put in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, until melted. If you don't have a microwave, you can use a double boiler to do this. You do want to be careful not to get water in your mixture, though.

Step 4. Stir the melted ingredients together thoroughly.

 Step 5. Add 3 or 4 drops of Vitamin E and a scoop of mica, and stir them in. You can put your dish back in
the microwave to re-melt it if it begins to harden before you have finished mixing.

Step 6. Pour the mix into your desired container, and let harden. You can stick it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to speed this process up.

Step 7. Done! You can now use your lipstick. Use a lip brush to apply it evenly. :) Enjoy!

Please pardon my workspace, I had already made 3 or 4 by the time I took these pictures, so I had mica
EVERYWHERE. Which, by the way, is not a great thing to breathe in as a dust, so you may want to wear a mask
while working.

Here are my finished lipsticks, and swatches.

I made a full set of colors with a golden sheen to them. I used maybe 4 liquid colors and 6 or 7 different micas
to mix them all, I already had some of the supplies and colors, so I probably spent about $25.00 total to make
these. Not bad, huh? 
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You may NOT resell or redistribute any of the materials you download without my permission in writing. All documents are protected by copyright.

When you use my stock you must credit me:

- in the artist`s comments either using :dev Caenerys: or :icon Caenerys: without the spaces.
- link back to my deviantart account if you are using my stock outside deviantart you must.

If you are using my stock you will NEED to link to what you have created in the comment section below so I can add your work to my favourites.

You can use my stock for deviantart prints but you must ask permission to use them on any other commercial work.

You are not allowed to create new stock using my stock without my permission.

You cannot use my stock for anything involving pornography,religion or abuse of any kind.
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1. Make Out line

2. You can use pen tool or pencil tool to make outlines.

3. And then, I will start making face part from the eye.

4. Use specific brush* to make an eyelid.
(* check out hair tutorial [link])

5. Make some layers to make the eyeball became more apparent. Set the transparency and the opacity as you like.

6. Make shading inside the eye.

7. Make three layers eye brow or as much as you like.

8. Make a simple shape for a nose hole.

9. And then make a lip line.

10. Behind the lip line add one layer lip shape.

11. Then make more layers to become more apparent. Add dark color and light color, don't forget to use transparency.

12. Fill the face with skin color.

13. Make shading based on the real picture. Use skin color then change the transparency into "Multiply" and lower the opacity as you like.
Here I use the "Blur Effect" for shading. Click "Effect" on Menu Command, and choose "Gaussian Blur" on Blur menu. There you can set the Radius of Blur as you like. (I use 1 px for shading).

14. Add more layers with darker color depending on the lighting.

15. Add light color shading to give the 3D impression on forehead, nose and cheek.

16. Now we finish with the face. Use this shading style for other part too.

If there any question, please don't hesitate to ask me.
Good luck then!!!(^_^)v

Program: Adobe Illustrator 10

(Note: I don't use Adobe Illustrator CS 'cos I think Adobe Illustrator 10 is more convenient to use. ^^)
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A tutorial FlyingPanda4 and I made a while back. Re-uploaded! God this file is huge...

Now, this thing is great for people who crossplay often. It's always a pain to have to carry around tenser wraps and spend 10-20 minutes pining your chest down. Not only is this only one piece, it breaths with you, and is fast and easy to put on! Less pain, easier to deal with, what's not to like!?!
On a side not, I would recommend that more active crossplay/ cross dressers add straps to keep it from feeling like/ actually falling down.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me a note and I'll try to answer them to the best of my abitlity. 


I do have it up on tumblr! So if that's your thing you can reblog it here…

Happy Crossplaying :D

EDIT: Due to feedback I will assume it works on all chest sizes. Don't quote me on that though.

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1st photo is a preview of my quiver, crafted by a good friend :iconmerkymerx:. 2nd photo are the materials I used for coloring the wig. Yes its finally done!! here's the low-down:


1) Bought a heat-resistant synthetic curly/wavy/messy wig.. we all know how massive & untamed her hair is. my problem is the original color was brown-gray-white
2) placed the wig on mannequin head & secured it w/ wall pins.
3) colored the top-half with colored hairspray (orange), while manually spreading/ combing the paint w/ my fingers in gloves. Set to dry (30 minutes to an hour is fine)
4) then i clipped the top-half w/ clamps so that i could manually color the bottom-half w/ Kurecolor pens: orange #215 & #206 (can be found in your local bookstores), but i only touched the white & gray streaks only.
5) i left out the brown part at the back so as to retain a shadow effect in photos & protect my gown from staining any orange paint.
6) next i unclipped the top-half and sprayed the rest of the color hairspray at the back the wig to cover the brown left.
7) lastly, i sprayed the whole wig w/ 70% alcohol in a bottle while combing the wig w/ my fingers, for the paint to set down & smell good.
8) set an overnight drying of 24hours at the most.

I did not dye anything here, didn't have enough time to so everything is manually done. But i will probably dye it the next time i cosplay her again, depends on the outcome in photos. for now this will do, it actually looks awesome doesn't it? :giggle: When i have time, i will edit this submission to an actual Tutorial soon! :meow:

**SPECIAL thanks to: :iconkynkyn: and :iconlolitababy: for the tips!!

Will debut this on FANTASY QUEST event this sunday. We have friends from Malaysia & singapore coming to attend it, such as :iconjesuke: :iconviospace: among others so i'm so0o excited to bond w/ them again whee!! :love:
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Okay, relativ fix..
Ist sicher nicht perfekt, aber es soll relativ "rein" von den Steps sein....und da ich normal immer überall dran werkel musste ich mich logo etwas zurückhalten. ;)

Ist ansonsten eher Basic, nichts was man nicht schon x-mal gesehen hätte.
Geht auch eher nur um die Colo(wenn auch ohne Farbe). Ansonsten hätts auch ausführlicher sein müssen...aber...dann hätt ich's wohl gar ned gemacht. war wieder eher weil ichs eh am erklären war... da neige ich ja zu sowas.

Ansonsten ohne Vorlagen, wie immer.

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:bulletblue: PLEASE READ ME :bulletblue:

Hi guys, it's me again with another pack of borders! Before you download, I'd really appreciate a comment :3 I spent a long time making these and lots of hard work went into this ^w^ But of course, that hardwork was really fun!
If you're going to use these borders in a video, you don't have to credit me (although it is appreciated) I'd love to see what you've made of these in your video though, so please shoot me a link once you're done :3
One more thing: There are some errors! I will fix it though and upload the error borders separately. If you have any requests for me to make, I'd do it in a heartbeat!
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