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One of the many pictures taken of me at AWA 9 in Atlanta, Georgia! Wheeeeee!!!! God I love anime...

Zabuza is a character from Naruto, for anyone who doesn't know :]
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Tutorial- Asuna stockings
- - - - - - - - -
Difficulty: ★★✩✩✩
- - - - - - - - -


-White elastic cotton
-Red vinyl
-White theard
-Red theard
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Here's how I added fullness to a sleeve, this is how I was taught to add fullness.

When cosplaying I have to alter a lot of patterns, so I thought I would share how I do some of it.
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I've been asked a lot on how I did my ahoge for my America from Hetalia: Axis Powers cosplay, and I said I would have a tutorial up on how to do it. Well, here is it. Prepare for tl;dr.

Yes, my explanations are long, and maybe confusing at times, but this is my first time making a tutorial, I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to go about shortening what I have so, please be patient.

In any case, may this tutorial help fellow cosplayers. Later, I may make character specific tutorials if people ask (such as Greece and Turkey's curls).

Questions anyone?

Hetalia: Axis Powers (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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1st photo is a preview of my quiver, crafted by a good friend :iconmerkymerx:. 2nd photo are the materials I used for coloring the wig. Yes its finally done!! here's the low-down:


1) Bought a heat-resistant synthetic curly/wavy/messy wig.. we all know how massive & untamed her hair is. my problem is the original color was brown-gray-white
2) placed the wig on mannequin head & secured it w/ wall pins.
3) colored the top-half with colored hairspray (orange), while manually spreading/ combing the paint w/ my fingers in gloves. Set to dry (30 minutes to an hour is fine)
4) then i clipped the top-half w/ clamps so that i could manually color the bottom-half w/ Kurecolor pens: orange #215 & #206 (can be found in your local bookstores), but i only touched the white & gray streaks only.
5) i left out the brown part at the back so as to retain a shadow effect in photos & protect my gown from staining any orange paint.
6) next i unclipped the top-half and sprayed the rest of the color hairspray at the back the wig to cover the brown left.
7) lastly, i sprayed the whole wig w/ 70% alcohol in a bottle while combing the wig w/ my fingers, for the paint to set down & smell good.
8) set an overnight drying of 24hours at the most.

I did not dye anything here, didn't have enough time to so everything is manually done. But i will probably dye it the next time i cosplay her again, depends on the outcome in photos. for now this will do, it actually looks awesome doesn't it? :giggle: When i have time, i will edit this submission to an actual Tutorial soon! :meow:

**SPECIAL thanks to: :iconkynkyn: and :iconlolitababy: for the tips!!

Will debut this on FANTASY QUEST event this sunday. We have friends from Malaysia & singapore coming to attend it, such as :iconjesuke: :iconviospace: among others so i'm so0o excited to bond w/ them again whee!! :love:
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This is for INDIVIDUAL use only. DO NOT redistribute without linking back to the original. DO NOT remove watermarks and credits. You may use this for any recreational crafting purposes, such as a reference guide for embroidering on Anna cosplays or for use of reference in fan art. DO NOT adapt these images and insert them into your own art images, tutorials, etc. without prior permission.

These designs are Disney Animation's creative property, and I do not claim to have designed them. All I have done is rendered them for reference.

Items are not necessarily to scale, so if using for embroidery or whatever, be sure to check your scale! ;D

Also, pro tip: the embroidery on the skirt panels go from smaller (top) to larger (bottom) and there are about 5-6 repeats of the pattern. I will look into making a downloadable PDF of the various sizes so that you will not have to resize it yourself each time.

Information about the designs:

These are the renderings that I created for fun, after having rendered all of the winter outfit embroidery from when I made my Anna cosplay. These are intended as guides, and may not be "screen accurate", but for the coronation look, I kept it as close to the movie as possible and sourced my references from there. Additionally, I included a close-up of her necklace/pendant!

If you use this on your cosplay, or other creations, let me know, and I'd love to feature it!!

Here's my Facebook if you'd like to see more

cosplay photos, progress pics, and my cosplay plans!…

Anna Coronation Embroidery Guides:

Frozen's Princess Anna Coronation Embroidery Ref by MomoKurumi 

Winter/Peasant Anna Embroidery Guides:

Frozen's Princess Anna Embroidery References by MomoKurumi Princess Anna Tracing Stencils: Various Items by MomoKurumi Frozen's Princess Anna Tracing Stencil: Skirt by MomoKurumi Frozen's Princess Anna Tracing Stencil: Bodice by MomoKurumi  Tutorial for Anna Boot Embroidery or Other Cosplay by MomoKurumi 
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Sorry, I just find a huge mistake, I misnamed "shimeji09" and "shmeji10", taht's why Sam can't swing and sit proprietary, Thanks for ~pizza2291 pointing it out for me

I've corrected it, and again I'm so sorry for the bug


table software of Sam.W., I'm sorry about the delay

if you already have Castiel shimeji or other shimejis, you can put them in one floder, I made a introduction (`・ω・´)→


Gabriel Shimeji:…
Castiel Shimeji…


Introduction :
*Extract the package and click [Shimeji-ee.exe]

and it requir the Java 6,must be 32-bit

if there is any problems please let me konw! Thank you!‘



sorry, since you have sone many questions about the program, and I really have no clue especailly about the WIN7 and MAC. this is the group of shimejis and offers many solution to differrent problems,

and this is the offical English

hope you can find what you need.

Thank you for your download!
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Model stocks
I have the model or the parents permission to share this image stocks and that you may use it for whatever you want - except in connection with sexual, violent or otherwise unpleasant pictures.

We request that you link to your work before you share it on other places on the internet, otherwise you hands free to use the image of what you desire.

All object-stocks is free to use however you want without restrictions.

Thanks in advance, that you respect my rules and that you use my stocks.
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The links to cosplay tutorials are below in the artists comments, but here I thought it would be nice to give idea's for the photography side of cosplaying. Feel free to shout out any idea's you want added here.

Idea's For Where To Photo-shoot:
-Brick Wall
-Japanese Garden
-Train Tracks
-Field Backdrop
-Science Center
-Sky Scraper Back Drop(Even better with Neon Signs)
-Indoor Garden
-In an LRT
-Coffee House
-Snowy Park Bench
-The Sky
-Somewhere with Reflective Glass
-Put A White or Black Sheet Over a Door/Something Else/ Use it As a BG
-The Cosplay Guide(Link from TinkerTrex): [link]

How To....
-Cosplay a Guy: [link]
-Open Shirt Binding: [link]
-Make Cosplay Wings: [link]
-Make a Swimable Tail:[link]
-Swim in the Swimable Tail: [link] from Colt-Kun
-Put On a Wig: [link]
-Put On Make-Up: [link]
-Do Centered Zippers: [link]
-Make Shoulder Armor: [link]
-Demon Wings: [link]
-Elf Ears: [link]
-Wash A Wig: [link]
-Make A Boot Cover: [link]
-Spike A Wig: [link]
-Make Pigtails(Wigs): [link]
-Make Fake Metal(from TinkerTrex): [link]
-Straighten a Wig(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Sew a Bow(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Para Obi(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Spanish Fingerless Gloves(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Staw Sandals(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Male Expressions(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Top Hat(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Leg Warmers(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Circle Skirts(Linked by ShaniaWolf)[link]
-Cosplay Jewels(Linked by ShaniaWolf)[link]
-Cat Ears(Linked by ShaniaWolf)[link]
-Wounds(Linked by ShaniaWolf)[link]

By Anime/Game...
Naruto: How To...
-Make a Kunai: [link]
-Make A Ambu Mask: [link]
-Make A Ambu Vest: [link]
-Sukura's Dress: [link]
-Susuke's Rope: [link]
-Gaara's Gourd: [link]
-Forehead Protecter(Linked by Shaniawolf): [link]
-Tie Sasukes Rope(TinkerTrex): [link]
-Akatsuki Cloak(TinkerTrex): [link]
Zelda: How To...
-Make Link's Hat:[link]
Silent Hill: How To...
-Nurse Mask: [link]
Kingdom Hearts: How To...
-Kingdom Key:[link]
-Demyx Hair: [link]
-Sora Shoes: [link]
-Sora Shirt(TinkerTrex): [link]
Final Fantasy: How To...
-Vivi Hat:[link]
-Reno's EMR:[link]
-Yuna's Skirt:[link]
-Tying Yuna's Obi(link from Chiru2008)- [link]
-Yuffies Shuriken(Link from TinkerTrex): [link]
Dragon Ball: How To...
-Cosplay Videl(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Goten's Shirt(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
D.N. Angel: How To...
-Wiz Head(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
-Daisuke Hair(TinkerTrex)[link]
FMA: How To...
-Automail(Linked by TinkerTrex)[link]
Salior Moon: How To...
-Sailor Glove/Sleeve(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Eternal Sonata: How To...
-Crescendo's Belt Bling(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Bleach: How To...
-Nel Tu Mask(By TinkerTrex)[link]
-Zabimaru(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Vampire Princess Miyu: How To...
-Kyuuketsuki Miyu Hair(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Tokyo Mew Mew: How To...
-Sage Choker(By TinkerTrex)[link]
Vocoloid: How To...
-Headset(Linked By Shaniawolf)[link]
-Vocaloid magnet wings/headphones(jazfun57) [link]
-Vocaloid Leg Warmers: [link]

Photo Editing:
-Basic Photo Editing: [link]
-Eye Editing: [link]
-Photo Retouching: [link]
-Chidori Sasuke(Naruto):[link]

-Portrait Photography(Download):[link]
-Portrait Photography:[link]
-Photoshoot Do's and Don'ts(TinkerTrex):[link]
-Edit Portrait Pictures(TinkerTrex):[link]


Know More Cosplay Tutorials here on DA or off DA? Feel free to link them for us, and after we will put a link to your acount up here. Please put it in the same format as above.

Cosplay Groups:
-Old Style Groups:

New Style Groups:
:iconpaopu-destiny-pro: :iconcosplaycircle: :iconcosplayclubofcanada: :iconcosplay-love: :iconcosplayonline: :iconcos-club: :iconthecosplaygroup: :iconcosplayersrus: :iconcosplayanimes: :iconcosplaycommunity:


:icontinkertrex: :iconshaniawolf: :iconchiru2008: :iconjazfun57: :iconcolt-kun:
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The world keeps getting better and less hate there is... But what the actual fuck happens with the ones that still exist..?!

I heard my friend the other day, that accepts that I am together with my girlfriend, talk bad about GAY MEN and TRANSGENDERED people! How can you just choose on what /you/ find more okay than other? I don't get it! Then I actually more want them to hate the all of us...

Transexual are human too. Beautiful human as well. The only difference is, that their sex doesn't fit their gender.

Be nice to them guys, please?
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