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(Fire-fighter! Makoto x Girlfriend! Reader)

*rrriiinng... rrriiinng...*
“Hello?” You asked groggily. Whoever called you first thing in the morning better have something important to say. You were dreaming of your precious Makoto and this caller woke you up. Great.

“Happy second Anniversary, (name).” That made you get up from your bed, as if someone shot you an espresso coffee. So it’s been two years. Your boyfriend isn’t the type to forget these kinds of important events, and that’s one reason why you love him.

“Good morning to you too.” You say.
“Aren’t you going to greet me as well?” he asked. You can’t see him but he’s probably smiling.
“Happy Anniversary. So where’s my ‘Good Morning’?”
“Good Morning. Did you sleep well?”
“Yes, actually.” You paused. “I miss you.” You say. You know that you do. He rarely meets with you because of his work.
“I miss you too. I’ll make it up to you, though. Let’s have dinner.”
“Really? You’re serious?” You can’t believe it. Does he really have time now?
“Yes. Let’s meet up at your favorite restaurant later. My boss let me take a half – day today. Let us celebrate our Anniversary. Is it okay with you?” he asked.
“Of course, it is! I’ll see you later. Even if it’s the end of the world, no one can go against your dinner date for tonight.
“Bye. I love you.” You blushed. Even after two years of being together, you’re still not used to him saying ‘I love you’.
“I... I love you too.” You replied. Then you heard the alarm from the other side of the line.
“Well, I have to go now. There’s an emergency going. See you.” Then he hung up. It has been like this even before. The lives of others always come first for your hero. And you, the ‘leading lady’, just come second. Not that you doubt Makoto’s feelings for you. Even in his tight schedule, he really goes out of his way just to see you or even have a date with you. But sometimes you wish that there will be a time that you will be the only one for him. That he doesn’t have to “save the world” or something. That it would only be the two of you, alone, watching the sunset by the beach...maybe with your future kids...

The alarm clock goes off, as if reminding you to go back to reality. It’s time for work. You sighed. You’re just going to have to finish work early so you can go on time for your date.

Night came. It’s finally here. You managed to convince your boss to let you off early, but there’s no time to lose. It’s already 6 pm. You hurried home, took a quick shower, then you got dressed. You wear your favorite dress that you have been saving up for special occasions like this. You pulled your (hair length) hair into a cute hairstyle that will definitely get noticed by Makoto. You put on some light make up and you’re done. It’s almost seven, so you went to the restaurant. You were already thinking up of an excuse to say why you were late, but when you got there, your boyfriend isn’t there yet, surprisingly. He isn’t the type to get late or to forget an appointment. So what you did is take a seat and you waited.

... And waited.

... And waited.

The restaurant is about to close, and he still didn’t show up. You can’t believe you have been stood up. Just then, you had a call.
“If this is about you not showing up, then you better have a good excuse.” You said, trying to suppress your anger.

“Actually, ma’am...” someone else’s voice started to say. You look at the number and it was unknown. Suddenly, you feel so nervous.
“Who is this?” you asked warily. Why won’t your heart stop beating so fast?

“I’m Rin Matsuoka, Makoto’s friend. I’m a policeman. I think... you should go to this address, quickly.”

You don’t know what’s going on, you have no idea what happened, but you know that you have to trust that policeman when he said to go to a certain address. You hailed a taxi and went to the place. This isn’t good. You’ve been having a bad feeling that something’s wrong.

You arrived, paid the taxi fare, and then quickly took off. There you stood, seeing a house all burned up, the smell of smoke still lingering from the house through your nose. A police officer came to you. “Hello ma’am. I’m the one who talked with you on the phone. – “
“What happened?” You didn’t actually want to ask it. In fact, you don’t want to hear it. You don’t want to know.

“Mr. Makoto Tachibana... died after saving a family that got trapped inside this house during the fire.” He said while staring at the burned house.
Tears fell down to your face. You already expected something bad has happened, but not as bad as THIS.

“Everything was burned down...including him...but the way his body was positioned, it seems that he was protecting something from the fire. We were able to find this underneath him.” The officer – Rin – handed out something that is inside a zip lock. It was Makoto’s cell phone. And the other one was –

“I guess it’s yours now. We won’t be taking it as evidence. Well then if you’ll excuse me...” Rin left.

Along with Ma – his cell phone, (even just his name alone causes you pain,) is a box. You took both of it from the zip lock. You opened the box and inside of it was a ring. It was an engagement ring, but not anymore. More tears came down to your face. You didn’t want to open the phone after all this, but it’s as if someone is urging you to. So you opened it and what you saw first thing is an unsent message. There it says:

Dear (name),
I hope you got my present for you. I have wanted to give it to you, but now that I have found the right time, well... I just wish for you to be happy. If you ever read this message, please don’t cry. I love your smiling face the most. I guess it’s late, but I just want to do this right. I love you (name). Will you marry me?
I’m sorry I can’t be by your side during the wedding. Goodbye, my one and only Mrs. (name) Tachibana. Thank you for loving me as well.
Happy Anniversary, my love
I am SO sorry (notsosorry) for this. No, I disagree! It's because I can only think up of reader insert feels when it comes to "Free!" (or Freels. lol.) I still hope you guys enjoyed it though. Sweating a little... 
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You were innocently wasting the beautiful day away on your laptop when you were interrupted by the buzzing sound of your cell phone. You turned your attention towards it and picked it up. When you saw that it was your friend Makoto that had texted you, you couldn't help but smile.

The text read, "Going to have a snowball fight. Want to come?"

Your smile widened when you read the text; Makoto was always considerate and liked to include you in the swim team's activities despite the fact that you were barely there to cheer the team on or to watch their practices—you still showed your support of course, but since you were almost always there for their out of school activities, you managed to form a close bond with the team. It was all thanks to your childhood friend, Makoto.

"Alright, sure. Where?" you texted back.

You placed the phone down on your lap and glanced back at your computer screen. It was only a few seconds until your phone buzzed again, notifying you of a new text. Your eyes scanned the words displayed on the small screen.

"Iwatobi Park. Meet you in 15 minutes."

Iwatobi Park wasn't that far from your place. It was only about a five minute walk. You changed into comfortable clothes and put on your winter attire before heading out the door. The snow crunched beneath your boots as you walked towards the park. Your pace was easy and slow since you still had a lot of time left before your designated meeting time. You hardly went outside during the winter break since it was cold and there wasn't really much to do, so you took this as your chance to admire winter's beauty. Delicate icicles formed on trees and edges of roofs; a perfect blanket of white snow lined the streets, almost begging to have somebody make footprints on it; and the sidewalks glistened with ice that hasn't been salted yet. Eventually, you found yourself at your destination, and you were greeted by the swim team, plus Rin.

"Great!" Makoto exclaimed upon your arrival, "Now that [Name] is here, the teams are now even."

"I want to be on Haru-chan's team!" Nagisa shouted, raising his hand and running to said swimmer and clutching onto his arm.

"I want to be on sempai's team too!" Rei shouted immediately after Nagisa, claiming his spot.

Makoto chuckled and turned his attention towards you and Rin. "I guess we're in a team together then."

Both you and Rin nodded in acceptance of this team. Makoto then gathered everyone's attention.

"This is how we'll set the fight up up; each team will have 5 minutes to build a fort and get a head start on ammunition. After that, the team to call truce loses," Makoto explained the rules. "And just to be safe, rules are that you can't aim for above the neck nor can you make a snowball with ice in it. Doing so will disqualify the team. Is this fair?"

"Yessir!" everyone chorused.

Rei spoke, looking at his wristwatch, I'll keep time."


"And..." Rei paused for a second," Start!"

The group quickly dashed away and wasted no time in making their forts. You helped Rin and Makoto build a tall and thick fort. You knew with the amount of time, the fort will end up having a rather small width and space, but the other two didn't mind. Your eyes glanced towards the other team; they were focusing on getting as much width and space as possible, meaning that they would have to either crouch or lie on their stomachs for cover.

"Time!" Rei called out, signalling the end of five minutes.

No sooner than when Rei called time that snowballs went flying in the air. You ducked behind the snow fort as snowballs whizzed towards you. It was a barrage of snowballs; you didn't have time to throw even one without the risk of getting hit. Eventually, the amount of snowballs died down. The other team was losing ammunition.

"Now's our chance!" you heard Rin say.

The young man grabbed hold of one of the snowballs your team made in advance and threw it across the park. You followed suite, as did Makoto. This time, it was your team's turn to be on the offensive. As you threw, you realized your snowballs weren't getting as much distance or power as Rin's or Makoto's.

"I'm not that good at throwing," you said to Makoto. "I think it's better if I make the snowballs and you and Rin throw them. This way, we won't stop on our attacks."

"Sounds like a plan," Makoto smiled at you before turning his attention back to the fight.

Your cheeks flushed slightly before snapping yourself back to reality and making work of creating ammunition. While creating the snowballs, you would occasionally glance over to see how the snowball war was faring. This one time, you looked up and you saw Nagisa get hit in the chest with a snowball. The scene after that was like a parody of all those movies you've watched.

"I've been hit!!" the young man announced to the world before dramatically falling to the ground.

Haruka and Rei immediately went to his side, and Rin and Makoto stopped shooting snowballs. It was a merciful and kind act on their part, so that they could give the two their time to say their farewells to their fallen comrade. You too stopped making ammunition as you were too engrossed in this tragic and hilarious scene.

Rei was holding onto Nagisa's hand as he begged the young man not to go. You saw a weak smile on the fallen boy's face, but his eyes looked like he was just about ready to burst into laughter. You didn't quite hear what his 'final words' were, but you clearly heard Haruka and Rei repeatedly call out Nagisa's name before turning their attention back towards you and your team.

"Revenge!" the two shouted simultaneously as they began their furious assault of snowballs.


You huffed for breath as soon as the snowball fight was over. Your team was able to overpower the other, and they had called truce, making you and your team claim victory. After catching your breath, you all shook each other's hands and congratulated one another.

"Well, that was fun," you said.

"Indeed it was,” Rei replied.

Nagisa grinned and nodded in agreement, "Yeah, you're right!"

"We should definitely do this again sometime," Makoto suggested.

The others nodded, "I agree."

"Next time, I'll beat you again," Rin looked at Haruka with challenging eyes.

"We'll see about that," Haruka smiled, his eyes just as fierce as Rin's.

"Say, do you guys want to come over to my place for some hot chocolate?" you asked, inviting the guys over.

"Sure!" Makoto grinned, "That sounds lovely."

"Great!" you chirped. You turned your attention towards the other boys, waiting for their answer.

"Oh, sorry [Name]. I'd love to, but I need to do some stuff back home," Nagisa answered.

"Same here," Rei said. "Sorry."

You shook your head in understanding, "It's okay." You now waited for Rin's and Haruka's answer. "Well?"

"My coach wanted to talk with me about some stuff, so I can’t," Rin replied.

"I see. And you?" you asked, looking at Haruka.

Haruka didn't answer right away. He glanced towards Makoto before answering, "Maybe some other time."

"Alright then," you replied, not questioning what the young man's reason was for not being able to come over; although, you were curious as to why he hesitated upon glancing towards Makoto. "In that case, I'll see you all some other time?"

"Yeah. See you."

"Bye, and happy holidays!"

You all said your farewells as everyone asides from Makoto went on their own separate ways. As soon as everyone was gone, Makoto turned to look at you.

"Shall we go?" he asked, the usual kind smile on his face.

You nodded, unable to find yourself to reply with words. You turned on your heel and started heading towards the direction towards your house while Makoto walked beside you. The young man has visited your house many times before, but never alone. He usually came with a friend, or your friend would have been there or something like that. You started to grow self-conscious.

"What if my house is too messy for him? What if I act weird in front of him? What if I say something stupid? Oh my god..." you panicked, your thoughts in a complete whirlwind.

You were so engrossed in your thoughts that you didn't notice the icy patch beneath you, and you slipped. Makoto tried to catch you, but he too slipped, and the both of you fell hard on the ground.

"Ow," you winced, rubbing your lower back.

Makoto had already stood back up and was offering you his hand. "You okay?"

You nodded as you grabbed hold of his hand, "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks."

"Sorry I wasn't able to stop you from falling," the young man apologized.

"It's okay; don't worry about it," you offered a smile, feeling guilty for being the reason to have Makoto wear such an expression.

The two of you continued walking towards your house, exchanging small pleasant talk. Within a few minutes, the both of you found yourself in front of your house. You opened the door and gestured Makoto inside. You closed the door behind you as both you and Makoto took off your winter attire, letting out a blissful sigh upon the warm welcome of the heater.

"I'll go make the hot chocolate now," you said, making your way towards the kitchen. "You go take a seat."


You glanced behind you for a second before entering the kitchen to see Makoto sit on the sofa. You hummed a quiet tune to yourself as you worked around the kitchen, making the hot chocolate; it only took a few minutes. As soon as it was done, you walked back to where Makoto was and handed him the drink.

"Thanks," Makoto smiled at you as he graciously accepted the cup.

"You're welcome," you replied, plopping yourself down beside the young man with your own cup of hot chocolate.

"Today was a lot of fun," Makoto commented.

"Yeah, it was. Thanks for inviting me," you answered.

"It wouldn't be the same without you," Makoto replied cheerfully with an honest expression.

You blushed slightly at the comment and offered him an awkward smile, uncertain on how to reply to that. You directed your attention towards your cup of hot chocolate as silence filled the space between you two.

"So, what are your plans for the holiday?" Makoto asked, breaking the silence before taking a sip from his drink.

You shrugged, "I don't know. Probably sleep or something."

"You should come over to my house," Makoto suggested.

"Is that really alright with you?" you asked. "I mean, I wouldn't want to intrude..."

"You're not intruding!" Makoto answered almost immediately. "I would love to have you come over. Besides, the others are coming over as well, so even if you were intruding, you wouldn't be the only one."

"Well, if you insist..." you replied.

"Though, knowing the others, they might try to get us under the mistletoe..."

It was only a whisper as Makoto was mumbling to himself, but you heard that comment nevertheless. Your eyes widened slightly, and you looked at him. Makoto didn't realize that you heard him, so his eyes were curious when you gave him your full attention.

"I-I'm sorry, what was that?" you asked.

"What was what?" Makoto replied to your question with another question, feigning ignorance.

"You said something just now, didn't you?" you said. "I didn't hear what it was."

Makoto became flustered, "O-Oh, it's nothing! Don't worry!"

Your lips pressed together in a firm line as you set your cup of hot chocolate down on the table in front of you. You then shifted around so that you were directly facing Makoto, and you stubbornly crossed your arms over your chest. Your cheeks puffed slightly, and your eyes narrowed, urging the young man to repeat what he said. Of course, you had a faint idea of what he said, but you wanted confirmation, but even so, you couldn't stop your heart from beating so fast.

Makoto just stared at you, a small, amused smile on his lips at how adorable you looked at the moment. He poked your cheeks, but you stood your ground. There was no way he was going to back out of this. Eventually, the young man set his cup down beside yours before lacing his fingers together.

"Fine," he admitted defeat. "I said that Haru-chan and the others might try to get us under the mistletoe."

"W-Why?" you asked, heat rising to your cheeks.

A slight blush formed on Makoto's cheeks as he turned his head to the side, avoiding your gaze, "I-I'd rather not say. Maybe some other time."

"..." you said nothing and just continued to look at Makoto.

His eyes occasionally glanced over to you, but he would quickly look away soon after. You had a guess as to what the reason was, but you wanted to see if Makoto would say it now. Apparently he wasn't ready to tell you just yet, and to be honest, you weren't ready to confess your feelings yet either. But that was alright. It will happen soon enough.

You let out a sigh of defeat and brought down your defenses and offered Makoto a kind and understanding smile. You then leaned against him, and you let your shoulders droop as you felt comfortable and safe by his side.

"Alright then. I won't force you to tell me," you said, "but... I want to know eventually, okay?"

Makoto chuckled, "That's fair."

"Good," you replied before mumbling, "Because I wouldn't mind being under the mistletoe with you..."

"Neither will I."
Gift for :iconrenakuxrawrz:

Oh goodness, it's been a while since I last wrote a reader insert. I might have gotten a bit rusty, for a lack of a better word. Also, my first time writing Makoto! I hope I didn't make anyone OOC. Dx This was a lot of fun to write though. I kind of procrastinated and wrote this around 1AM to 3AM last night (technically this morning, but meh), so...hopefully it makes sense. x'D

If you see any mistakes, please tell me so that I may fix them right away!

Free! (c) Koji Oji
You belong to yourself
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Chapter 2
Swimming Club

At the end of your first day, you sent a text to your parents, informing them you might be late home, in case they arrived home early first. Doubtful, but you needed to be sure of every possible outcome. As you grabbed your school bag, heading to Makoto and Haruka who were standing out the classroom waiting for you, you received a text back.

That’s alright Honey, have a great time. We won’t be back till late, take your time. Just be back before dark. Mum, xxx

You smiled at the text, putting your phone away.

“Ready to go?” Makoto asked, smiling kindly at you again. You nodded, walking between the two of them as they led you to the pool. You met up with Nagisa and Rei on the way there, and were introduced to a girl with long red hair and red eyes. You learnt her name was Gou, but she preferred being called Kou.

“So, [first name], I don’t suppose you have a swimsuit, do you?” Rei suddenly asked, making you come to a stop. That was one thing you didn’t have.

“U-Uh…” you started, noticing they’d all stopped to look at you. Kou suddenly jumped into the conversation, putting an arm over your shoulders.

“Don’t worry, we have a spare male and a spare female one in the back room. You can borrow that till you get one of your own” Kou stated, winking at you. You smiled in gratitude, walking alongside Kou as she led you to the female change rooms. The boys went to the male change rooms. As you stepped in and Kou began looking for the swimsuit for you, you began taking off your jacket and tie.

“Here it is!” Kou announced, pulling out a navy blue, sports swimsuit one piece. You smiled at her in gratitude, then began taking off the rest of your clothes. Kou sat down, waiting for you to finish changing when she gasped. You froze, wondering what had startled her.

“[first name], is that a birthmark?” Kou asked and you instantly turned to hide your back from her. You had always felt ashamed of the large birthmark on your back, just in the small of it near your pelvis. According to people it looked like a clam, or some sort of sea shell.

“O-Oh… sorry… I shouldn’t have said anything…” Kou said, sensing your awkwardness and fear. You had always been very self-conscious of your back, but you didn’t think Kou would say anything mean about it. That still didn’t change how you felt about it though. You put on the swimsuit, thankful the hole in the back of it that was part of its design was on the upper back.

“It fits you just right! I thought that swim suit would fit” Kou stated, jumping to her feet. You smiled back at her, thankful she hadn’t brought up the birthmark again. Kou then grabbed your wrist, pulling you out towards the pool. You managed to snatch a towel, putting it over your shoulders as you were dragged along. The boys were already out and gathered along the edge of the pool.

“Wow! [First name]! You look amazing in that!!” Nagisa suddenly shouted when he spotted you. The boys all looked at you, and they all went a little pink in the face. Nagisa jumped to his feet, running to you and suddenly hugged you tightly. You froze, blinking in shock.

“Wow, your skin’s so soft! Hey guys! Her skin is so soft! Come feel!” Nagisa suddenly shouted to the boys as Kou grabbed his ear, pulling him away. The other boys had become really awkward as you looked at the ground, blushing.

“Ow! Ow! Gou, that hurts! That’s my ear!” Nagisa shouted in painful protest as Kou pushed him into the pool.

“It’s Kou, not Gou!” she yelled to him, then dusted off her hands, walking back to you.

“Sorry about him [first name]. Is there a particular style of swimming you do?” Kou asked, giving you a smile.

“U-Um… I kinda swim all styles…” you responded, giving her a shy smile back. Kou grinned, pulling out her stop watch.

“Alright! Time to record how fast you swim in each stroke!” Kou declared, giggling. You sighed, walking to the edge of the pool. You stepped up, getting ready to dive in.

“Wait!” called out Makoto suddenly, making you turn to look at him. He approached you, holding his hand out.

“Here, you can borrow these while you swim” Makoto offered, handing you his goggles. You looked down at his hand, accepting the goggles then smiled at him. Your smile must’ve startled him because he blinked in shock, his cheeks tinged with pink, before he smiled back at you. You put on the goggles, adjusting them a little for your smaller sized head, then made sure they were on correctly. You leaned forward, getting ready to dive in. Luckily Nagisa had fished himself out the pool and was now sulking over his soaked jacket.

“Alright! 100m Breaststroke! Ready, set, GO!” Kou shouted as you dove into the pool, beginning to swim breaststroke down the lane. You couldn’t hear much of anything due to the water in your ears, so you focused on where you were going and moving your legs in the correct movements. When you reached the turn off point, you turned, kicking off the wall and began swimming back up to where Kou was. You could see all the boys were looking a little shocked, but they looked impressed mostly. When your hands hit the wall, you stopped, letting your head out the water.

“Impressive [first name]! Really great for your first try! Here, have some water!” Kou stated, leaning over the edge of the pool and offering you a bottle of water. You accepted happily, guzzling a little before inhaling deeply.

“Thanks… I forgot how tiring swimming can be. Anyway, what’s next?” you asked, pulling yourself up out of the pool.

“Alright, I think the next one should be backstroke. Then you’ll do freestyle, then butterfly, okay?” Kou explained. Sounded reasonable enough, so you nodded in response. After a few minutes break, you put down the bottle of water and returned to where you stood before.

“Alright, 100m backstroke. Are you ready?” Kou asked as you jumped into the pool, grabbing the pole and resting your legs up where they needed to be. You held onto the wall in a crouched, crab position.

“Alright, ready, set, GO!” Kou shouted as you launched from the wall, curving your back and swimming along to the wall on your back. Again, you couldn’t hear anything due to the water in your ears. You swam as fast as you could, touching the wall and launching yourself off it again, swimming back. You tried to imagine a shark or some other dangerous animal was chasing you, giving you incentive to swim at your fastest. You touched the wall, standing upright.

“Wow that was fast! You’re really good [first name]!” Kou stated, looking at the boys as they all nodded in approval.

“So, the next one’s freestyle, right? Just give me a minute to catch my breath” you said, hoisting yourself up again. You downed some more water, putting it aside. As you stood and got ready to dive again, you noticed Miss Ama sitting in a chair with a parasol, watching over everyone.

“Alrighty, 100m freestyle, ready, set, GO!” Kou shouted, making you dive in. You kicked your legs, moving your arms and began swimming towards the wall. It wasn’t long till you reached it, then turned, launching yourself off the wall. A few kicks later and you were swimming back towards the others. You hit the wall, standing up and began breathing heavily.

“You’re really good, but so far breaststroke is your fastest” Makoto said as he stood beside Kou, looking at the sheet of times she’d written. You gave them a smile, attempting to pull yourself out the pool, but your foot slipped. All of a sudden you were waist down back in the water. You sighed, pulling yourself up again. This time you succeeded.

“I’m tired… guess I can go one more though…” you said, drinking about half of the water you had in the drink bottle. You stood, returning back to where you dove in.

“100m butterfly, ready, set, GO!” Kou yelled, signaling your dive. You dove in, quickly raising both your arms up out of the water at the same time. You made it to the wall, a little slower than normal, kicking off and propelling yourself forward. Repeating the same process, you hit the wall and stood up.

“Not as fast as your other times, but you’re really good!” Kou said, leaning down and smiling at you. You panted heavily, taking off the goggles Makoto had lent you. You tried to pull yourself up, but didn’t even manage to lift your legs. You just stood there, holding the wall as you tried to regain your strength. Soon, a hand was extended to you. You looked up, seeing Makoto offering you a hand. You blinked, looking up at him as he just smiled kindly back at you. You went to go accept his offer when another hand appeared alongside it. You looked at the other owner, seeing Haruka offering you a hand as well. You giggled, accepting both as they worked together to pull you out the pool and to your feet.

“So, what do you think of the club so far?” Rei asked, approaching you. Nagisa also rushed to you, suddenly grabbing and hugging your arm happily.

“She loves us, doesn’t she!?” Nagisa exclaimed, laughing. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Nagisa, that’s for her to decide, isn’t it?” Rei asked, crossing his arms in disapproval. Nagisa let go of your arm, pouting at Rei.

“But Rei…” Nagisa whined, now clinging to Rei’s arm. You found the scene hilarious and began cracking up laughing. You clutched your stomach, doubling over a little from laughing so much, tears forming in the corners of your eyes.

The boys became silent, watching you, then began laughing quietly to themselves as they smiled at each other in accomplishment.

“I’d say with how you all get along that it’s a definite yes” Kou stated, smiling at them all as she added, “And with your times [first name], it’s a definite yes from us!”

“Okay, I’ll join. Please look after me everyone” you said, finally calming down enough to talk. As you turned from looking at Kou, a towel suddenly landed on your head and around your shoulders. You turned to look at the culprit, seeing Makoto smiling down at you. He was about a head taller than you.

“T-Thanks… and thanks for these…” you thanked, handing him back his goggles. Makoto just smiled at you more, giving you that bright, warm, motherly smile.

“Anytime. We’re here to help, and I hope by now, we’re friends” Makoto responded.

“I see [first name] as my friend! Definitely!!” Nagisa suddenly shouted, launching a fist up at the sky.

“I agree, we could learn to be good friends!” Rei added, adjusting his glasses on his face. Haru smiled, nodding.

“Well, I guess that makes us a little swimming club family” Makoto added, putting a hand forward. Nagisa laughed, adding his hand on top as Rei added his. Haru smiled, adding his hand in, then the boys looked at you. Kou giggled, dashing to you, grabbing your hand and placing it on the pile as she then proudly put her own on top. Everyone began smiling and laughing with each other. You looked around at them all, seeing the happy smiles on their faces.

“We’re a team, every member is irreplaceable” Haru stated, smiling at you. You felt a smile grow on your face and a warm, fluttery feeling growing in your chest. You’d never felt so accepted before in your life, not at your old school, or at home. You closed your eyes, still smiling, then nodded in confirmation.

“That settles it then! Miss [first name] [last name] is the newest member of the Iwatobi Swimming Club!” Miss Ama said from her chair as she twirled her parasol happily.

here's chapter two of my new story. Not much is really going on in this, so I hope you'll forgive how slow it is, but I assure you, it will get more interesting in the next few chapters. I hope you'll stick to the story and bear through with this boring chapter, heck, even I think it's boring, but unfortunately it was a crucial chapter.


Chapter 1 -…

Chapter 3 -…

Chapter 4 -…

MC's appearance -…

Enjoy and be nice please, comments are appreciated!



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"You okay now?" Makoto asked after (Name) calmed down.

(Name) felt herself get red. She didn't mean to cry in Makoto's arms. In fact she didn't even expect herself to cry at all. "I-I'm sorry," she said, rather embarrassed. She pulled herself away from Makoto.

"Oh, it's fine," Makoto said. "It's okay to let out your feelings." He smiled.

(Name)'s heart skipped a beat. "Uh... Um... I think it's getting late, right? And your friends are waiting, right? So, maybe I should go..."

"You don't have to," Makoto said. 

"N-no," (Name) said, about to explode. She had to get away from Makoto. She was too embarrassed. "I'll leave. I forgot to feed my cat." She slipped by and rushed down the dirt stairs, not looking back, even though Makoto called her name over and over again.


"You didn't have to go home!" Kou complained on Monday after school.

"Sorry..." (Name) said, feeling shameful. 

"You should have stuck around," Kou pointed out. "And maybe you two would have walked home together, in the dark, and then you two would have kissed..." 

"K-Kou!" (Name) said, her face burning. "Don't say ridiculous things!"

"You know you wanted that..." Kou said, smirking.

"M-maybe..." (Name) replied, looking away.

"OH HEY, MAKOTO!" Kou said suddenly.

(Name) made a slight yelp and hid behind Kou. Then Kou started to laugh. "Wow, you actually fell for that, senpai?"

"Y-you tricked me..." (Name) said, suddenly embarrassed.

"You see that? You're trying to avoid Makoto again, aren't you?" 

(Name) nodded.

"Look, you shouldn't be embarrassed about saying you feelings. It's your feelings for him, and if he has a problem with that, he can deal with it! Right?"

"Y-yeah..." (Name) said.

"Good. Oh, hey Makoto," Kou said.

(Name) jumped. She turned around, and this time, Kou was for real: Makoto was walking towards them, his hands in his pockets. 

"Hey," Makoto said casually. "Mind if I borrow (Name)-chan real quick?"

"Nope, take her," Kou said, smiling.

"Wait--" (Name) said.

Makoto gently took (Name)'s hand. He started to walk, and (Name) followed. His large hand was warm, but not sweaty. She felt like she was being fried like bacon. (Name) realized that Makoto was leading them both to the art room. As the both entered, the room was empty. The sun was still high up in the sky, since it was still summer. Makoto turned to (Name), his hand still holding (Name)'s. 

"You're avoiding me again, (Name)-chan," Makoto said, almost sad.

(Name) gulped. He looked like a little puppy that was thrown into the street. "I-I haven't..."

"Why do you do that?" Makoto asked, taking both of (Name)'s hands. "Why do you not want to be with me?"

"I'm just really embarrassed, okay?" (Name) fired back, looking down at the floor. "Saying that I love you... In such a situation... I was really nervous!"

"So you were avoiding me, thinking I don't feel the same way towards you?"

(Name) blinked. She looked up to see Makoto rather serious looking, only his whole face was red. He looked like a toddler upset about not getting the right Christmas present. "You don't like me... Right?" (Name) managed to say, trying to handle his adorable features.

"I don't like you, I love you," Makoto said, his eyes glassy. "Why don't you understand?"

(Name) froze. "Wh-wha... No... You don't." 

"I do, (Name)-chan!" Makoto demanded, a tear trickling down his cheek. His green eyes were filled with tears. His grip on (Name)'s hands loosened.  

"H-hey..." (Name) managed to say out of shock. "Why are you crying...?" She moved her hand up to Makoto's and wiped his tear away. 

"C-C-'Cause," Makoto sobbed, "Y-you're so nice. But y-y-you think you're n-not."

(Name) smiled hopelessly. "Thanks. I didn't know I was such a good person."

Makoto smiled, tears still flowing. "N-now you do." He was slightly blushing still, his green eyes twinkling in the sunlight.

Without thinking, (Name)'s lips were on Makoto's. It was a sweet, gentle touch, like two innocent first graders. Makoto's lips were soft and angelic. As (Name) pulled away, she saw Makoto's bright red face. His green eyes were widened. 

"Uh... I... Um... I wasn't ready..." Makoto started to mumble in shock.

(Name) blushed at his adorable actions and interrupted his mumbles with another kiss. This time, Makoto seemed to be ready. He kissed back, trying his best to be gentle. He pulled (Name) closer, and he wrapped in his arms as the kiss became more rough. Makoto moaned slightly as (Name) slipped her tongue in his mouth. He continued to whimper as the kiss became rather passionate, while (Name)'s arms dangled around Makoto's neck. 

(Name) pulled apart for air. She panted and saw how lustful Makoto's eyes seemed. 

"One more time," Makoto begged, his green eyes shining with pleasure.

(Name) blushed. "Alright. Only one more time, though."

However, the two continued about five more times.

And the swim club waited and waited... But Makoto did not come to practice that day. 
Crappy writing, hell yeah. :highfive:

I think this is the last chapter...
I have no idea.
I might make an epilogue ;w;
Thank you for reading, y'all!

Part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3…
Part 4…
Part 5…
Part 6 Here! ^^
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Chapter 1
The New Student

“I AM SO LATE!!” you shouted, running down the streets as quickly as you could. Your short, straight, chin length hair was now a complete mess as you turned the street. You began running down the stairs, hoping to see the school you’d practiced walking to for the past week since you moved here. You hadn’t met any of the students of that school during that time, so you were incredibly nervous. It was half way during the school year when your parents had decided to move here and enroll you in a different school. You’d left your best friend from your previous school due to your father’s work, and your mother had finally landed her dream job. Both were so busy now that you rarely saw them. So you had no choice but to settle yourself into your new school.

Finally you approached the school gates. The students had just begun filing into the building to get ready for the day. You quickly jogged inside, carrying your school case in your hand jerkily. When you reached the halls, you looked around in confusion. You were supposed to go to the Teacher’s lounge first to sign the final paperwork for your enrollment. But where the heck was that? You wandered the halls, looking around for a sign of some sort to find the Teacher’s lounge.

“Excuse me? Are you lost?” asked an unfamiliar voice. You turned, wondering who was behind you. The boy standing behind you had short, messy brown hair and emerald green eyes, though both his eyes and hair wasn’t nearly as dark in colour as yours. He smiled kindly at you, wearing the green necktie that signaled he was in the same year as you, second year.

“U-Um… I need to find the Teacher’s lounge…” you admitted, hiding your eyes with your long fringe. The boy chuckled, still smiling kindly, then put a hand on your shoulder, turning you around, then leaned forward so his face was just over your other shoulder, then pointed ahead down the hall.

“Just down that hall and first room on the left. I gotta go now or I’ll be late. Good luck” the boy stated, letting your shoulder go and walking away. You turned, watching him walk away. It was then that you noticed how broad his shoulders were. He was definitely well built, probably did a sport of some kind, like baseball or football. You watched him disappear into a classroom, then began following his instructions. You knocked on the door, peeking in shyly.

“Hello dear, you must be [first name] [last name]? Welcome, I’m your homeroom teacher, Miho Amakata. Just come in here and sign these papers, then I’ll take you to the classroom” a woman with short length, curly brown hair said. Her eyes were an earth brown and she had a slight ditzy aura to her. You stepped into the room, walking to the desk she was sitting at. You quickly signed the forms, most of them just being permission forms, then watched as Miss Ama stood, walking out the room. You jogged after her, looking around to try and memorize the paths. Miss Ama opened the door to a classroom, then stepped in as you followed closely behind her. A small outburst caught everyone’s attention as they looked to the back row. The boy that had given you directions was looking at you with a shocked expression.

“It’s you!” he stated as you gasped as well.

“Broad shouldered guy!” you said back, looking just as shocked as him. Everyone in the class began giggling at your remark and you blinked, realizing what you’d just said. You covered your mouth quickly with your hand, blushing as you stepped back.

“Now settle down everyone. This is our new transfer student from Hokkaido. Her name is [first name] [last name]. Please make her feel welcomed” Miss Ama stated, introducing you to the class. You bowed to the class, hoping no one would ever bring up what you’d said ever again.

“Let’s see, you can sit in front of Makoto. He’s the one you already know. Makoto? Can you help her out today? If you’re not too busy with the swimming club?” Miss Ama asked and Makoto nodded, smiling gently.

“Sure, I can do that” Makoto replied. You saw Miss Ama smile at you, then nodded her head in confirmation. You looked ahead at the class, then looked down at the ground as you began walking down the aisle, heading for your seat. You placed your bag on the hook on the side of your desk, then sat down. You just wanted to hide, what an embarrassing thing to do on your first day. Your cheeks heated up a little as you placed one of your hands on the side of your neck, as force of a nervous habit. You could feel eyes on you, so you looked around the classroom. Not a single head was turned to glance at you. So you turned to look behind you slightly, but Makoto was paying attention to the teacher. Who was it? That was when you noticed the boy sitting next to Makoto. He had black hair and the deepest, purest blue eyes you’d ever seen. His eyes reminded you of the ocean.

He was staring at you, as if trying to assess you. You raised a brow, wondering why he was watching you, then a small smile formed on his face as he turned to gaze out the window instead. What the heck was that about?

After class, you wandered the halls while carrying the bento lunch box you’d prepared for yourself the night before. As you walked up the steps, heading to the roof, you heard other students talking to each other. Most of the students were talking about the clubs they were in.

‘What club should I join?’ you thought to yourself, stepping out onto the roof. Not a single soul was in sight. You sighed in relief, feeling claustrophobic from your first day so far. You sat down on the air vents, opening your lunch to eat the simple rice balls you’d made yourself with last night’s leftovers. As you bit into the rice ball, you paused to see four boys step onto the roof as well. It was Makoto, that boy that had smiled at you, and two first years. You could tell due to the red tie they wore around their necks.

“Hm? [First name]! Fancy seeing you up here!” Makoto greeted, stepping forward.

“Someone you guys know Haru?” the blonde haired, mauve eyed boy asked. The black haired boy that had smiled at you nodded. So he was Haru.

“She transferred today from Hokkaido. Her name’s [first name] [last name]” Haru stated, turning to look at the blonde boy. He didn’t seem to want to make eye contact with you.

“Hey, mind if we eat lunch with you today?” Makoto asked and you turned your attention back to him, suddenly realizing how close he was and jumped in fright, your lunch jumping up a bit and losing its shape as it landed back in your lunchbox. Makoto had been startled by you being startled, and jumped back in shock as well.

“D-Did I startle you? Sorry…” Makoto apologized as you clutched near your chest to try and calm down your heartbeat.

“I-It’s alright… I just wasn’t expecting it. Sure, I guess you guys can make yourselves at home here” you replied, seeing Makoto smile at his friends as they approached, sitting on the floor and on the air vents with you.

“Oh, your lunch doesn’t look much like lunch now…” Makoto stated, noticing the mess of rice and chopped vegetables in your lunchbox.

“Well, with how high those rice balls flew up in the air, it’s no surprise they lost all their shape” stated the blue haired boy with purple eyes and red glasses.

“Yeah, I have to agree with Rei, those rice balls looked like they tried pole vaulting, eh Rei?” asked the blonde and Rei stammered, looking horrified.

“Pole vaulting is much more beautiful a sport than that Nagisa! Oh, sorry… I shouldn’t yell around the lady…” Rei apologized when he realized he was yelling. You giggled, finding their conversation and how they treated each other refreshing.

“Not at all, don’t apologize! I haven’t had this much fun in ages!” you stated, giggling more. You could feel the boys smiling at you, so you looked at them all. Makoto was giving you that gentle smile of his as he sat on your right. Rei was sitting on the floor, as was Nagisa, and Haru was sitting on your left. You guys had made your little circle of friends. Nagisa was grinning, while Rei was smiling almost proudly. But when you looked at Haru, he quickly averted is eyes, looking lost in thought. Again?

“Here, want some of my lunch to make up for messing yours up?” Makoto asked, using his chopsticks to pick up an octopus wiener and drop it in your lunch box. You glanced at it, then glanced up at him as Nagisa suddenly jumped up to his knees.

“I wanna join in!” he shouted, breaking off a piece of his bun and dropping it in your lunch box as well. Rei decided to join in as well, putting some veggies of his in your lunch box, then Haru dropped a piece of fish in it, quickly looking away. You giggled, thanking them for the food, then began eating. You’d eaten everything put the piece of bun and fish. You picked up the fish, nibbling it, noticing Haru glancing at you out the corner of his eye. Again, he was observing you. You finished the fish quickly, then grabbed the bun. Makoto suddenly began to panic as you placed the piece in your mouth and began chewing.

“Don’t eat that…! Oh no…” Makoto exclaimed as you suddenly froze, feeling your face getting colder. Too sweet! Way too sweet! You tried about three times to swallow before you succeeded, then coughed to clear your throat.

“A-Are you okay!?” Rei asked, looking just as concerned as Makoto. Nagisa raised a brow, looking at the remainder of the bun in his hand.

“Eh? It tastes just fine to me… Why’s that everyone’s reaction?” Nagisa pondered, scratching his head before shrugging his shoulders and eating more.

“W-Water…” you pleaded, looking for your drink bottle.

“Is this yours?” Haru suddenly spoke up, offering you your drink bottle. You smiled in gratitude, nodding and began guzzling your water. When your throat was clear, you stopped, remembering you had to breathe.

“Thank you Haru” you thanked, smiling as he turned away again. You raised a brow. Did he not like you very much?

“Are you okay [first name]?” Makoto asked, peering at you. You nodded, putting your lunch box away.

“Oh, by the way, have you decided what club you’re going to join? There’s loads!” Nagisa suddenly exclaimed to you, startling you for a second.

“Club? Is it mandatory?” you asked, and the boys looked at each other.

“Um, not sure… everyone just seems to be in one…” Rei responded.

“I don’t… really know… I don’t have any specific talents… nor am I really bad at anything… I’m about an average at everything… I guess…” you responded. Suddenly, Haru spoke up again, looking you directly in the eyes.

“Join the swim club” Haru almost practically demanded. You sat there, blinking to absorb what he said.

“Haru! You can’t just force someone to join the swim club!” Makoto objected, sounding almost horrified.

“Why… the swim club specifically?” you asked, having not taken offense to Haru’s demand.

“Because all four of us are in the swim club, I think… Was that your reasoning Haruka?” Rei asked. So Haru’s full name was Haruka.

“She… she smells like water…” Haruka stated. Everyone remained silent, processing what he’d said for a few seconds, but then everyone exclaimed their confusion and shock all at the same time.

“What do you mean she smells like water!? Does water even really have a smell!?” Makoto asked, flustered and confused. Haruka sat there, unfazed.

“I meant she has a much cleaner smell than most people… Therefore she must like water a bit, right?” Haruka answered, looking to you for an answer.

“Well… I do take a long time with showers and baths and stuff like that… if that’s what you mean…” you replied, seeing Haruka smile at you.

“Then join us, just come see what it’s like, then you can decide” Haruka reasoned.

“Is it just me, or does Haru seem intent on getting her to join?” Nagisa whispered to Rei. Rei nodded, also shocked by Haruka’s bold behavior.

“Haru…” Makoto started, but stopped himself as he turned to you and said, “You know what? Haru’s right! Just give it a try [first name]! I’m the Captain of the swimming club, so if you want to join, you’ll definitely be accepted! If you want, we’re having a meeting for the club after school, why don’t you join us?”

You blinked at him, then looked down at your knees. You remained like that for a little, debating over it.

“U-Uh… you don’t have to if you don’t want to…” Nagisa tried to add in, thinking you were feeling pressured.

“No… I’d love to! You guys have been nice to me since I got here, it’s the least I can do” you replied, smiling at all of them as they sighed in relief.

“What a relief… I was beginning to think you didn’t like us” Rei responded.

“No, not at all! I think you’re all really funny and fun guys!” you answered, seeing them all smile at each other happily. You’d found it, the place you were supposed to be in Iwatobi High School, and that was in the swimming club!

The first chapter of a reader insert I'm writing! I hope you guys enjoy it! It's gonna get pretty deep, and at some points, get really adorable! I hope you like this Makoto x Reader insert! there may be a little rivalry between Makoto and Haruka for the reader's affections, but it'll be so minor that it's not a hindrance.


Chapter 2 -…

Chapter 3 -…

Chapter 4 -…

MC's appearance -…

Enjoy and be nice! Comments are appreciated!

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"Mako-chan!" Makoto heard a familiar voice after practice. 

He turned to see Nagisa, running towards him, butt naked. 

"Nagisa, aren't you cold running around the locker room naked?" Makoto said, heaving a sigh.

"I was just so excited to hear that tomorrow is you and (Name)-chan's one month anniversary!" Nagisa said. 

"Y-yeah," Makoto said, his face burning. He had spent all day trying to think of a present of some sort. He even tried asking Kou if she knew any interests (Name) had. However, nothing new came out of that. As the four boys changed in silence (well, except for Nagisa ranting about the anniversary) Makoto contemplated if he should ask for help from them. Even if they didn't know her interests, they could at least help him, right?

"Guys," Makoto stopped and said as they left the school. "I need your help."

"Oooo with what, with what?" Nagisa asked.

"I have no idea what to get for (Name)-chan for the anniversary," Makoto said, straight up. "She's so mysterious, I don't even know her favorite color. I'm utterly lost, so please?"

"OF COURSE!" Nagisa said excitedly.

"I believe I have some spare time," Rei said, fixing his glasses.

"Sure," Haruka said bluntly.

Makoto felt a string of hope forming. "Thanks, guys."


"How about this?" Nagisa said as he posed "sexily", holding a dress on a hanger against his body.

"I don't think (Name)-chan likes dresses," Makoto said. 

"How about this?" Rei said, wearing butterfly wings.

"I don't think she likes butterflies either."

"Makoto," Haruka said, approaching him with a mackerel suit on. 

"How about NO." Makoto sighed. Trusting these guys was starting to look like a bad idea.

"Hm..." Nagisa said, thinking. "Maybe if you get her something you believe she will like, she'll like it."

"What kind of philosophy is that..." Makoto mumbled.

"Nagisa-kun might be right," Rei said. "If you tell (Name)-san that you thought she would like it, she might actually like it."

Makoto thought about it. They might actually be right. Then he smiled. "I guess you're right, huh? Sorry for bothering you guys about this, but you really helped. Thanks."

Nagisa, Rei, and Haruka gave each other the "we did something right" look. "You're welcome, Mako-chan!" Nagisa said.


"(Name)-chan!" Makoto called as he spotted (Name) in the hallway.

(Name) turned, her expression the usual: Her eyes were half open, dark circles under her eyes, and her (h/c) hair effortlessly tied in a ponytail. However, these features made her look adorable, kind of like a lazy cat. Her (e/c) eyes twinkled in the afternoon sunlight. Makoto grabbed her hand and led her to the art room. He decided to give her the present after school, because according to Nagisa, "it builds suspense". "What's going on?" (Name) said after the settled in the art room.

"Um..." Makoto said, feeling his face burn. He always felt slightly nervous around (Name). "Today's our anniversary."

(Name)'s cheeks showed a hint of pink. "Y-yeah."

"So um..." Makoto felt his palms get sweaty. He took out a small box. "Th-this is a present. You know... Happy Anniversary kind of thing." He forced a smile, hoping she would like what was in it.

(Name) slowly received the gift. She opened the box, and inside was a silver chained necklace featuring a small face of a Siamese cat, smiling adorably. (Name) stood with the opened box, her head pointed to the object.

"L-look," Makoto began to say, hoping she wouldn't hate it, "I swear it was last minute, I'm so sorry, it was better than the mackerel suit Haruka chose, please don't get mad, ple--"

Makoto was interrupted with a kiss. He managed to kiss her back, moaning a little. His heart beat increased as he realized she had liked the present. He whimpered as she inserted her tongue, which Makoto hoped wasn't going to be a habit since it got him extremely excited in the lower region. It felt so good inside her mouth, it was crazy. He couldn't hold in his moans and whimpers, so he let them all out, slightly embarrassed. He wondered how (Name) held in all her pleasure cries. 

(Name) broke the kiss, leaving a trace of her saliva on Makoto's lips. He felt light-headed, and his face felt like it was going to explode. 

"That was my present from me to you," (Name) said, her face red. "Happy anniversary."

*ahem* Anyway.

Thank you so much for the feedback on this fanfic my lovelies. ;w;
You guys are awesome for keeping up with my rushed shit and everything :iconlazycryrollplz:

This is the epilogue, btw, just in case people were wondering what "Ep." stands for (it didn't fit in the title LOL)

Part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3…
Part 4…
Part 5…
Part 6…
Epilogue HERE!

EDIT: OH HEEY. Here's some gay porn to the ears. ._.…

Just letting it out there...
I think I'm extremely perverted.
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After she caught her breath, (Name) decided to go back to the Squid Festival. The main reason she went was because she was going to "hang out" with Kou, but she ended up never finding her. She took out her cellphone and called the unknown number again. 

"Hello?" a familiar girl's voice answered.

"Hey, is this Kou?" (Name) asked, making sure.

"Oh~ (Last Name)-san! My friend and I have been looking for you!"

"Ha-ha, me too," (Name) lied. "Where are you guys?"

"We just got done buying squid ink spaghetti. So we'll be waiting in front of the booth."

"Alright. See you then," (Name) said, before hanging up. She sighed. This was completely new to her, since she never really went on a "girls' night out". The closest she's ever gotten to girl bondage was with her sister and her friends, but that wasn't much. She was always left out anyway.

(Name) finally reached the booth and saw Kou and another girl with brown hair and pale blue eyes. 

"(Last Name)-san!" Kou said, rushing up to (Name). "That yukata looks good on you!"

"D-does it?" (Name) said, feeling her face grow red again. She really needed to get used to the compliments if she was going to continue hanging out with nice people.

"It does~" the other girl agreed. 

Kou peered over (Name)'s shoulder. "HM!" she said, seeing something.

"W-what is it?" (Name) asked, about to turn around.

"DON'T!" Kou said, stopping (Name). Then she sighed in relief. "Okay, (Name)-chan, (I'm gonna call you by your first name, okay?), I need to have a little chat with you."


"You ran?!" Kou exclaimed after (Name) told her the story of her and Makoto's accidental meeting earlier that evening. Kou had dragged (Name) and the other girl on the deck that Makoto and (Name) were on previously. "You're supposed to apologize and act cute, not run away!"

"I had to," (Name) said, kind of regretting telling her the whole story. She didn't even know how she started to tell her, she just did. "I would have exploded on the spot--"

"You like him, huh?" the other girl said ((Name) still didn't know what her name was). "I don't blame you, he is pretty cute."

(Name) couldn't say no to that. Makoto was pretty adorable looking out into the ocean all dramatically. "I like him... I suppose."

"There's no 'suppose' in love, (Name)-chan!" Kou said dramatically. "Before you confront him with your feelings, you must confront yourself!"

"You've been hanging out with Hazuki-san too much," (Name) muttered. However, what she said was true. If (Name) didn't accept her own feelings, then how could she tell Makoto about them? "Wait a second," (Name) said. "I'm not even going to tell him, so why would I be so worried about it?"

"You're not going to tell him?!" Kou exclaimed again. "You have to!!"

"Why?" (Name) said, confused all of a sudden.

"He probably likes you, that's why," Kou said, smiling devilishly.

(Name) felt her face get warm. "H-how can he like me for what I did?"

"You just pretended to be someone else. So what?" Kou said, rolling her eyes.

"I only pretended to be someone because I was bullying him," (Name) said, furiously. "And I hate myself for that. I was bored with my life so that's why I decided to mess with a stupid guy's brain. But it turns out he's actually a really good person, and I just did something terrible to him. What person falls in love with a person like that?"

Kou thought about it for a while, that answered. "Stupid people. And Makoto fits that description perfectly."

(Name) gulped. Kou did have a point. "I don't think I can confront Makoto. He's way too good for me, he deserves better."

Kou smiled. "You say that, but you don't realize that you've changed."

(Name) blinked. She was confused.

Kou rolled her eyes. "What I mean is that sure, you were a really mean bully for doing what you did, but you learned your lesson because of Makoto's kindness. You learned that when you really care about someone, you only want what's good for them, not for you. Get it?"

(Name) nodded. Kou did seem a little girly and maybe a little too obsessed with male anatomy structures, but she was pretty wise for a freshman. 

"And you know," Kou added. "Maybe Makoto might like bad girls. Who knows?" She winked.

(Name) felt her heart skip a beat. She felt touched. She finally found out what it was like to be in a friendship.


"Okay," Kou said. "You need to talk to Makoto again." They were close to the entrance of the shrine that had a beautiful view of the festival and ocean.  

(Name) blinked. "W-- No! I can't, I can't do it..."

"You can!" the other girl said, looking excited. "We'll even go up there with you!" She pointed towards the shrine.

"H-he's up there?" (Name) blushed, thinking about the "romantic" view.

"C'mon!" Kou said seriously, grabbing the sleeve of (Name)'s yukata. They walked up the dirt steps and finally reached to the top. They went under the torii gate and saw the four boys excitedly talking about swimming the relay. Haruka, surprisingly, looked happy and satisfied. Nagisa realized the three girls were there. 

"Ah! Gou-chan!" Nagisa said. "And (Name)-chan as well!" He added, kind of nervously. 

"Makoto!" Kou said, almost demanding. "(Name)-chan has something to say to you!"

This was too sudden for (Name). In fact, she imagined Makoto and her being alone. Instead, with everybody else watching, this just made her even more nervous. Her hands shook, almost violently. Her heart felt like it was going to rip out of her chest. 

"U-um..." (Name) said, as everyone stared at her in silence. Her face felt like it was going to explode since it was so warm. "Um...!" She swallowed all her nervousness. She closed her eyes, imagining everything she was going to say. Then, she said, "Look. I know this is really weird, since everyone is watching. And I didn't really want everyone watching either. But I suppose this is what Kou wanted. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I only pretended I was someone else because I thought it would be fun messing with a less intelligent person, but it back fired. I didn't notice how caring and nice you are, and how much you care for others. And how sweet you are to everyone, not trying to offend them even if it's the truth. I didn't notice how beautiful your eyes were, or how kind you've been to me. I didn't notice how adorable you are, and I didn't notice how you touch everyone's heart. Including mine. You've changed my twisted brain, the mind that used to think that life is boring. Because it's not anymore. I have a reason to live, because you're in my life." 

Everyone stared surprisingly, like it was some miracle for a cold person like (Name) to say such things. 

Now for the finale.

(Name) felt a lump in her throat. Was it really okay to say this? Her vision became fuzzy. She looked directly at Makoto's eyes. "And..." she said, her voice cracking, "And because you gave me a reason to live...!" A tear trickled down her cheek. "Because you gave me a reason to live, I love you so much for that, Makoto." 

Makoto looked stunned. He blinked once. Twice. 

Mean while, Nagisa and Kou were crying their eyes out. Nagisa used Rei's yukata as a handkerchief. They said something like "That was the sweetest thing I've ever heard!" or "So cute! Oh my gosh!"

(Name) hurriedly wiped her tears, but new ones kept forming. "Um..." she said, feeling nervous again. "That's it. Thank you for listening." She turned, about to leave the shrine. She couldn't take the attention any longer. It was too overwhelming. After she stepped down about two steps, something caught her yukata sleeve. She turned to see Makoto, his face still looking stunned. His cheeks were brushed with a pink color. 

"(Last Name)-san... no, (Name)-chan," Makoto said, stepping on the same level as (Name). "You're really pretty."

(Name) wiped her continuous tears, but she also felt herself blush. "Y-y-you really think so?"

Makoto lifted (Name)'s face. "I would know so if you'd stopped crying." Then, he smiled. "You promised, remember?"

Then, it hit (Name): Of course. The boy from that day at the beach. The boy was Makoto. "It was you." Tears kept on flowing. She sobbed. Then, she started to bawl. Makoto took (Name) in his arms.

"It's good to cry once in a while," Makoto said gently. 

(Name) could not reply. She was too happy thinking about being in Makoto's arms, crying for the first time in eleven years.
Drama. :iconlazycryrollplz:

I believe there will be one more.
Hope y'all like it, I literally spent all day thinking about the outcome LOL.

Part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3…
Part 4…
Part 5 Here!
Part 6…
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"Now do you understand it, Nagisa-kun?" you asked, putting down your pencil. It was after school and your boyfriend came over to study, since his grades were slipping up lately.

"Yeah, I got it. Thanks (Y/N) -chan!" he gave you his adorable cheeky smile that just makes your heart skip a beat.

"You know, your really smart. You understand everything in like 10 minutes. Your great at studying, but all you wanna do is swim!" you chuckled.

"That's because swimming is more fun than studying!" he pouted, lying on your bed. He gave a big, over dramatic yawn. "I'm sleepy." he rubbed his eye.

"You're tired already?" you laughed, but then you noticed him staring out you, with a little spark in his eyes that made your body temp. go up a few degrees.

"W-what is it?" you stuttered.

"Come over here (Y/N)-chan!" he asked, smiling. You walked over to him, and he grabbed your hand pulling you on the bed.

"Owww, that hurt!" you winced. You opened your eyes and there was Nagisa hovering on top of you with that spark in his eyes again. You blushed realizing the situation you're in.

Nagisa leaned close to your face. "(Y/N)-chan, having dirty thoughts?" he whispered, sending chills down your whole body.

"O-Of course not! Pervert!" you glared at him. But he only leaned closer to you, your faces only centimeters apart now. You really wanted to kiss him, but you were way to embarrassed.

"Why are you being all shy? You don't have to hold back~" he whispered with a dirty grin. The boy read right through you.

"I'm no-!" you were cut off as his lips crashed onto yours, his tongue sliding in your mouth. You both fought for dominance in the kiss, which Nagisa won easily. He explored your mouth, when your mother came in the room. Awkard Silence.....

"Well, looks like you two are studying just fine (Y/N). Go ahead, feel free to continue the lesson <3" your mother winked and walked out of the room.

"Wait! It's a misunderstanding!" you sat up and glared at Nagisa.

"Thanks a lot!" you pouted.

"Whats the matter? She said we could continue! <3" he pinned you down on the bed and started kissing your neck. This caused you to blush a mad red.

"Nagisa, you pervert!!" you screamed, but he ignored you, and kissed your neck even more! <3
very bored, and school is starting soon (DARNIT!!!) so i just wrote this enjoy!
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You're not quite sure how you got yourself in this situation. But here you are, sitting in this locker room, fidgeting uncomfortably in the Iwatobi swimsuit. You look around the vacant room, staring at lockers deep in thought. There's no possible way to coward out of this, especially when you think of Nagisa, the boy you've been infatuated with since you've moved to this school. He's always been one of your closest friends, yet there's always been a huge gap between the two of you. You being an introvert while he's an extrovert. He's always been accepting of you though, and you're definitely thankful for that.

Suddenly, the sound of knocking on the door pulls you out of your reverie. You hear a cheerful male voice shortly after the sound, "_______! Practice is about to start!"

You sigh, feeling absolutely defeated. Quivering in fear, you grab your blue goggles and head out of the door. Upon entering the pool area, you're immediately greeted by the sounds of splashing, whistling, and the buzz of chatter in the air. The smell of chlorine wafts into your nose, causing you to shudder involuntarily- it's only a reminder of what you've gotten yourself into. You immediately recognize some people on the team: Haruka, Tachibana, Rei, Nagisa...

Nagisa, you think, your eyes narrowing slightly at the sight of the blond male making his way towards you.

"_______!" Nagisa calls to you, a smile upon his child-like face.

And unexpectedly, you find yourself flying onto the concrete floor. Your face darkens immensely once you take notice to the position your in; Nagisa is laying atop of you, coincidentally in between your legs. You note that he's also soaking wet, and so you shiver lightly from his cool skin.

"I'm so glad you came!" Nagisa rejoiced in a hushed shout still smiling as he remains on top of you.

But how could you not? Especially now as you look into those beautiful magenta eyes. You smile shyly at him.

"Of course. I made a promise, didn't I?" you question in a shy mumble.

"Mhm! C'mon! Let's go stretch," he insists, pulling himself off you then proceeding to help you up.

Touching his hand sent inevitable shudders through your spine, electricity shooting up your arm. Nagisa's head tilts questioningly at the new flush pouring into your cheeks, but you dismiss it with a grin. The two of you begin your journey over to Tachibana, your hands still intertwined. Tachibana flashes Nagisa a sly grin, to which the short male returns a feeble glare. Somewhere in the back of your mind you wonder what sort of silent conversation they were having, but quickly let go of the thought as you approach the taller male.

"Evening, _______," Tachibana says to you in his cool, gentle voice.

"Good evening, Tachibana."

"Hey!" Nagisa greets his friend from beside you.

"Hey, Nagisa," he pauses momentarily, taking a sip of his bottle of water. His eyes travel to your still entangled hands, then back to Nagisa's eyes. He smirks lightly before continuing, "Well... I've finished stretching. I'll see you two in the water!" And with that, he sets his drink down and dashes into the pool, his splash echoes throughout the room.  

You're not very close to Tachibana, but due to the fact you spend a lot of your time with Nagisa, you feel somewhat comfortable with the brunet. Yet you couldn't quite understand why he was in a sudden rush to leave you and Nagisa alone. Nagisa lets go of your hand suddenly, shaking his head in small, quick movements. Rejection pricks your heart, but you couldn't help but notice the faint blush upon his cheeks. He turns to you, then, smiling softly.

"Alright! Let's stretch!"

You never really realized how much work it is to stretch and warm-up for swimming. Normally when you would swim with friends back in your old town, you wouldn't warm-up or anything for that matter. You'd just simply jump in. You're a little dumbfounded by how much work is put into this sport, especially for someone like you, who isn't in as much shape as Nagisa. He's like a little firecracker. But still, the conversation he's keeping with you helps you get through it.

Throughout the practice, whenever an opportunity for him to speak to you was open, he'd take it. You'd listen in awe over the different stories he tells you; stories of his success, his failures of his short life, his goals and dreams, and passions. You find your infatuation with him grow increasingly as time ticks on. And it makes your heart swell every time he shows interest in things about you as well. You don't think you've ever spoken this much in your life, even with the breaks between to practice diving or other things. The blush remains ever so present within your cheeks.

"Say, _______, would you like to go to the beach with me tomorrow?" he asks you as practice comes to a close.

You fold your arms across your chest as you climb out of the pool, trembling unnoticably from the cool air coming in contact with your soaked body. He looks at you with excitement sparkling in his bright eyes. Nope... you still can't say no to such a face, regardless if you're already exhausted from swimming, and how it's the last thing on your mind right now. You sigh inaudibly. Curse Nagisa and his adorable persuasion.

"Sure, Nagisa. Sounds fun."


You aren't quite sure why you really needed to promise such things. Perhaps he didn't want you to back out? Of course you wouldn't do such a thing... But if it made him happy, you don't mind one bit. "I promise," you tell him.

He reaches out a pinky, and you exhale defeated... again. You wrap your pinky finger around his, watching the smile spread across his face.

"Yay! See you then, _______!" he shouts happily, practically skipping out of the room.

You sigh, again, before making your journey back to the locker room to gather your things and head home. Butterflies begin to fill your stomach as you open the door to the showers.


You frown impatiently standing in the warm, squishy sand of the beach. The smell of the ocean wraps itself around you, devouring you in its salty scent. You look up to the clear blue sky, thinking to yourself. You shake your head to yourself at the new thought that popped in your mind.

"I don't think he'd back out on this," you mutter under your breath, closing your eyes, allowing the warm sun to carress your cheeks.

It is indeed a beautiful day. A slight breeze ghosts through the air, flowing through the spill of your hair. The sound of the waves is absolutely calming, and you find yourself in utter peace momentarily, that is, until you hear a familiar loud voice coming from behind. You turn to the source of the voice.

"_______!!" he calls to you, waving his hand frantically.

"Hey, Nagisa!" you call back, smiling.

He starts running to you, and to your horror, he doesn't show signs of slowing down. You brace yourself for impact, and impact you recieve. You fall upon the sand, the golden grains flying all around you and the boy. A playful giggle escapes his lips as you watch him shake the sand out of his bright blond hair. You find yourself giggling as well once you regain the breath that has been knocked out of you.

"I missed you, _______. Did you miss me?" he inquires you after his fit of giggles.

"I-It's only been o-one day, Nagisa," you stutter, avoiding the question.


He rolls off you, pulling himself into a sitting position beside you. His eyes sparkle with excitement, just like yesterday. And have you noticed how much he's been smiling and blushing around you recently? Flush pours into your cheeks and you laugh again nervously.

"Yeah, okay. I missed you, too, shorty." Shorty is a nickname you gave him not too long ago. You just absolutely love the adorable playful glare you recieve from him.

"You're not much taller than me," he states, sticking his tongue out.

You grin at the beautiful boy sitting beside you. You've tried for the past several weeks to ignore your feelings for him. But lately, with his recent flirtatious nature, you realize you can no longer ignore them. You're in love with Nagisa Hazuki. And to be quite honest with yourself, you aren't entirely sure if he returns those feelings or not.

"Alright- you got me," you quietly say, sarcasm thick in your voice.

He smiles. "C'mon, _______! Let's go swim now!" he suddenly shouts, leaping up from the ground.

He reaches a hand out to you again, like yesterday, and you nervously take it. You weren't quite expecting the electricity to happen again, so you're thrown off by it. You gasp lightly. Nagisa seems to have ignored your breath intake, keeping his fingers intertwined with yours as he pulls you toward the turquoise ocean.

This day is absolutely perfect. You find yourself becoming closer and attached to Nagisa with every passing second. His jokes and secrets, everything about him you drink in. And as the day progresses, you begin to notice the way he gets much more comfortable with grabbing your hand, holding you in the cool blue water, then quickly splashing you playfully whenever you look uncomfortable within his grasp. Albeit, you aren't uncomfortable one bit. Every touch you recieve from him gives you unavoidable shivers, shudders, and trembles.

And every time he lets you go, you feel disappointed with the sudden space between the two of you. His compliments would quickly erase the disappointment, though. Blush is definitely the dominate feature upon your face today.

As the sun makes its way east, passing the highest point, your stomach makes a sudden rumbling noise. Nagisa chuckles at you.

"Wanna go get something to eat? I brought some lunch," he says, chuckling again when your stomach makes another noise.

"Please," you mutter, your already flushed face turning into a deeper crimson.

You guys make your way out of the water to a spot further away from everyone who made their way here. Huh, you think someone like you would notice the amount of people filling the beach throughout the afternoon...

You watch Nagisa throw a small plaid blanket onto the ground, then wrapping a towel around his neck. You grab your towel as well and dab yourself dry before sitting upon the blanket. Nagisa joins you not a moment too soon, handing you a bento box. You open it and smile at the delicious goods. Riceballs, vegetables, noodles. He also hands you a bottle of water, to which you open and gulp the refreshing liquid down greedily.

"So... I haven't really asked since the first time we met a couple months ago... How do you like it here now? Do you enjoy the swim club?" he questions you before taking a bite of his riceball.

You weren't expecting this question, so you contemplate your answer as you finish swallowing your mouthful.

"It's pretty nice. It's not so bad anymore," you respond.

You smile shyly realizing that it has been much nicer the more you spend time with Nagisa. He continues to fire questions about you, cutting in occassionally to give his opinion over certain things. You two are definitely opposite people. Nagisa is always so outgoing with you, always giving his opinions in large detail, whereas you seem to only reply with short and simple sentences, or nodding in agreement or shaking your head in disagreement.

After what only seemed like a few minutes, you look up to the sky, astonished by the sunset painting a beautiful canvas; the blue sky fading into brilliant shades of orange and pink, and softening into cooler shades of purple. The stars begin to twinkle dully as the sky begins to slowly darken more.

"Today was fun," Nagisa mutters beside you.

You jump lightly when you realize how quiet it was before he spoke up. Nagisa is also watching the sun slowly disappear in awed silence. You didn't realize you were admiring him until he turns to face you, boring his eyes into yours. His stunning magenta eyes are darkened slightly along with the evening sky, and you gasp quietly at the beauty of them. You can almost compare them to the beautiful setting sun. Almost.

He shifts his eyes back to the sky, eyebrows furrowing slightly, but noticably. And in the faint light, you can make out a rosy blush resting within his cheeks. You wonder what he's thinking, blushing and being so quiet suddenly.

"_______... There's something I need to tell you," he says in a quiet voice, keeping his eyes to the sky.

Your heart skips several beats. "Y-Yeah..?"

"I-I've always... always sort of... liked you..."

Was he... Was he confessing to you? You tilt your head questioningly, pressing him to go on. Blood rushes into your neck and cheeks.

"Like... more than a friend... You're really, really pretty... and-"

You press a finger to his lips, looking into his vivid pink orbs. "I... I've always liked you, too, Nagisa," you confess.

He flashes his pearly whites at you, and your heart sputters frantically. And for the third time this week, he pounces you, but this time he hesitantly brings his face closer to yours. You can feel your heart about to burst out of your chest the closer his lips get to yours. And once your lips connect, all of the feelings are confirmed. You are definitely unconditionally in love with your best friend.

After the long, gentle kiss, you guys pull apart for air. You and Nagisa both are blushing as you guys press your foreheads together smiling at each other.

As you look into his eyes, you know that this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

A/N: Hey... HEY. I TRIED. I'm not quite as skilled at writing bright and hyper scenes, especially since I'm sucha calm and collected introvert. I also feel like I'm a bit untalented in the romance department. ;P But I did have fun with writing this. So I guess that's all that matters, yeah? I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! c: (Btw... I think Nagisa needs to kindly STAHP being so heartbreakingly kawaii. Nuff said.) Thank you so much for reading!
(Free! Iwatobi Swim Club one-shot) After moving several towns away, your comfortable life of introversy completely flips around when you meet the bold Nagisa. What will become of your friendship? [Disclaimer: I do not own Free! Iwatobi Swim Club or the characters used in this story.]
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The snow loudly crunched under both of your steps.

Head ducked in your scarf, you solemnly watched the white crystal like substance being marked by your giddy – paced feet, while also trying to keep up with Makoto’s steps, who’s arm was still protectively draped around your shoulder. Whether to keep your body close to his or to keep you warm, you didn’t even know anymore. ...Nor did you really mind.

Only now did you notice how much you were quivering; both from shock and frigidity. He must have felt your shaking, and decided not to pull his arm back for which you were secretly more than thankful. You swore you’d  have fallen or fainted by now, if he did.

Heaving a quiet sigh, you lifted your head a bit higher. The road you two were taking was deserted, the lack of passers – by being really conspicuous. Other then Makoto and you, nobody was there. It was also poorly illuminated. Only a few street lamps were actually working and even most of them were lightly flickering. In fact, the whole area looked a bit eerie rather then mysterious.

And yet,  you didn’t feel endangered. To be honest, you thought this place to be strangely familiar...

But it didn’t take long to find out why. Step by step, you saw something appear in the distance, getting closer and bigger as you two made your way to it nearer and nearer. Something that cut the road in half. A neat little construction made out of fine wood. And under that a now frozen creak...!

Your breath momentarily got caught in your throat.

’The bridge!’

For a moment, sincere elation spread throughout your body. When was the last time you visited this cozy little place? A week or so, when it wasn’t even covered in snow! And the ornate little lights were still there, shedding a yellowish light on the powder  - soft snow. You sighed with contentment.

It looked so beautiful.

And as if on cue, the snow began to fall again in light flocks. But even they didn’t bother you. In fact, you even felt yourself getting calmer as you watched the gentle flakes piruette down from the sky. It was peaceful and quiet. Tranquil and serene.

But even though the place you two reached made you feel a lot better, there was still that uncomfortable atmosphere lingering between you two. You heaved a sigh of frustration.

Fifteen minutes passed since you and Makoto left your workplace, and none of you managed to utter even a single word. You didn’t know about Makoto, but you at least tried to say something - anything - to break the awkward silence between you two. ...Only to get hit by a huge wave of discouragement, effectively making your half opened mouth shut.

The reason for this was actually Makoto himself. Or, to be precise, his currently unanalyzable mood.

You carefully peeked at him from under your eyelashes, observing his well chiseled profile.

Was he angry? Most probably. His furrowed brows and tense jawline seemed to give it away. The corners of his mouth were sharply curved south, openly showing the irritation he felt. Sometimes you could even feel his securely placed fingers on your upper arm twitch, making you slightly wince in surprise. But he was still staring right ahead with a determined face, eyes completely clouded with fury.

Yupp. He was definitively angry.

And yet, you couldn’t stop staring at him. Makoto being worried wasn’t anything new, but him being angry was something completely different. You didn’t even know that he was capable of being angry. In fact, the whole ordeal that happened earlier was so unbelievable that you wouldn’t have been surprised if you found yourself waking up at any minute, and realize that it was all a dream.

And yet again, you realized how little you knew about him...

However, your staring came to an abrupt halt when you saw him suddenly flicker his eyes to your shorter form. You gasped soundlessly, too surprised to even feel embarrassed about getting caught in your fixated gazing. But in a blink of an eye, his features visibly softened, and any trace of anger rapidly disappeared from his face.  

Fully turning his head to your direction, he quietly observed your shy and insecure posture before he suddenly stopped in his tracks. You lightly bumped in to him, not awaiting his sudden halt, before you questioningly blinked up at him.

Worry wrinkles deepening on his forehead, he sternly asked.

”(Name). Is this what you have to endure everyday?”

You tiredly blinked at him once, letting his question sink in before you averted your gaze to the side, trying not to get intimidated by his towering height and scrutinizing eyes.

But it didn’t work. You suddenly felt like you were a little child again.

”Well, not everyday, but...”

Not finishing your quietly mumbled sentence, you shifted your eyes down to you feet, only to see one more pair to join them. Makoto stepping closer to you rested both of his hands firmly on your shoulders, and unknowingly forced you to look back up at him.  

Concern twinkled in his apple green eyes.

They seemed to hold yours in place, not allowing your gaze to wander away. And If it wasn’t for the whole situation, you’d have surely took your time to observe those green irises of his a bit longer. But the way he was gripping your shoulders clearly told you, that his sudden proximity wasn’t for you to marvel at his emerald orbs. For a moment you thought that he didn’t hear you, so that’s why he stepped (and leaned) in closer to you.

But it only took you a quick glance at his lips to realize that that wasn’t the case. And thus, only seconds passed before he sharply inhaled, and then –

”(Name). Quit your job.


There was a tense silence as you tried to understand the meaning of those words. Your mind echoed them over and over again in your head, and still; you didn’t want to believe what you just heard. And from whom you heard it.

Nothing made any sense anymore. You felt your head spin.

”W – what...?” you breathlessly whispered.

His strict stare rapidly transformed in to one of worry, and he loudly heaved a desperate sigh before he looked back at you.

”Please, (Name)! Why are you putting up with this? Why don’t you go search for another job? There are countless other opportunities for you to get work at, with coworkers that won’t be treating you like this!”

The tint of anger at the end of his sentence didn’t escape your ears, but you didn’t give it a second thought. With an irritated scoff, you replied.

”Oh, really? And you suppose I’m going to find a decent job, with decent payment and with decent coworkers, and even get payed the amount right of money just after I apply to keep my apartment, for which I - by the way – need money by due this week?!

His eyes widened a bit with realization.

Of course. Your apartment. The one that had no proper heating, windows that rattled and a boiler that didn’t even function right.

A brief but heavy silence followed with the both of you staring at each other. You were almost about to step away from him and scold him for even thinking about something like that and even have the gall to suggest this to you.

He knew about your situation. He knew that you were working very hard to keep your apartment. So where the hell did this come from all of a sudden? How did he even get this idiotic idea?!

”You know what that would mean for me, right? I’d have to go back to my parents’ house or end up on the streets, or even worse! You know I can’t do that!”

”...Would that be really so horrible?” he asked quietly, while gravely staring down at the snowy path. And you snapped.

”YES, it would! Makoto, were you even listening to me yesterday?!” you practically shouted. But he didn’t even flinch at this. He continued observing your boot – clad feet, which was heavily coated with chunks of snow.

But on a closer look, you could see him slightly hesitating. For a good minute he was shifting his eyes everywhere but you, nervously blinking all the while. You could feel his fingers, that were still clinging on your shoulder, quiver for a minute. And you narrowed your eyes at him.

You were just about to question why he was behaving so uptigh, when he all of a sudden lifted his head, looked you deep in the eyes and -  

”... Then move in with me.

Your reaction was quick. Lips soundlessly parted in astonishment and your eyes slightly widened. This again...?

He nervously watched as your eyes slowly transformed in to angry slits. ”...Excuse me?” you asked coldly.

Gripping your arms harder, he stepped closer to you, with an almost pleading expression.

”Please, (Name)! Think about it. You could quit your job, leave your apartment, and move in with me. You could stay there as long as you’d like it. I wouldn’t mind, really!”

But he wasn’t even finished with his sentence when you frantically begun to shake your head, not even willing to listen to the end of it. Annoyed, you grabbed on to his hands in order to shake them off your shoulder.

”Makoto, I thought we already talked about this! I told you that I’m going to think about it!”

”But that’s exactly the problem, (Name)! You aren’t going to think about it, because you don’t even want to think about it!” he retorted with the same amount of volume. At this, you instantly whipped your head back to him, the offense clear on your face.

The fright quickly grabbed his heart at your reaction, and he quickly took his cue to explain himself as fast as he could.

”No, I... I didn’t mean it like that - ”

”Oh, yes, you did mean it like that. And you know what?” you said to him, quickly loosing your temper.

”You are completely right! I don’t want to think about it! And you know why?” you briefly paused, and turned around to face the vast, snow coated field. ”Because that would mean that I’m a fucking failure!”

At this, he could only stand there shocked and rooted to the place as he watched you cry your frustration out to the silent and bare threes.

”I had to go through so much shit and humiliation to get that freaking job! But I always chanted to myself, that it will be worth it! That it will eventually pay off! The good salary is worth it,” you cried, pacing back and forth but keeping your back turned to Makoto.

”And when that day finally came, and I was notified that they hired me, I was overjoyed! At last, I thought! It did pay off! From now on I could take care of myself, live in an own apartment and get away from my parents’ house! Shortly after I moved into Mrs. Tanaka’s appartment and for half a year everything went relatively smoothly! But of course that couldn’t last forever! Of course she had to pass away and leave me...!”

You suddenly took in a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down. Of course you knew that you couldn’t blame your landlady for anything that happened to you, but by now all reason left your mind and it just felt so good to cry out all your pent up  frustration.

Tenderly pressing two fingers to either side of your temples, you closed your eyes shut.

Your head was painfully throbbing, and it felt as it would explode any minute. But after a short delay, you gripped yourself together, and turned around to face Makoto, who was still patiently listening to you.

”I know that I’m in knee – deep shit right now, and probably on my lowest point I’ve ever been in my life. But there is still hope. I can make it. I already talked to my boss about a pay – raise this morning. All I have to do is work a bit overtime this week, and that’s all. Do you know how much courage that took me? And now you expect me to just walk in and tell him that I quit...?!”

All the while he quietly watched you with doleful and grave eyes. Not really understanding why he suddenly looked so crestfallen, you slightly raised an eyebrow at him.

”...What is it?”

”So you’d rather bear harassment at work, then quit and move in to my place...?”

You dangerously squinted your eyes at him. Is he for real?!
Feeling your blood pressure rise, your lips were already forming an ’Y’ shape before you stopped yourself with a grunt. ”NO! That wasn’t what I meant, damn it!”

He just watched you with a poker face, as you continued. ”Katsuo has been acting like this towards me since I started working there! This isn’t anything new to me. I can handle him!”

”Is that so?” he asked with a tint of annoyance, before he raised his arm to the direction you both came from. ”You call that handling him?!”

And with that, he suddenly stepped dangerously close to you. ”(Name), do you realize what could have happened if I didn’t show up...?”

You already opened your mouth, ready to retort, not shying away from him, ...but not a word left your lips. The question left you at loss of words. His eyebrows furrowed in worry as he watched you trying to come up with an answer, but nothing came.

To be honest, you never really thought about that. Then again ...this was the farthest Katsuo has ever come in means of harassment. And even then, this was just a sick game for him.

Not that the sole notion of this didn’t leave you uneasy or uncomfortable, but you figured you’d survive him somehow. You had to if you wanted to keep your job. ...Right?

Just when you were completely lost in your thoughts, two well – trained arms suddenly enveloped you in to a just as well trained chest, leaving you gaping in surprise. Makoto firmly hugged you. You felt yourself freeze, eyes widening with surprise and confusion at his sudden display of affection.

With bathed breath you waited, as he rested his head on your shoulder, quite close to your neck. His soft, brown locks tickled the sensitive skin on your neck and ear.

For a while he just stood there holding you close to himself, while you couldn’t do anything but stand there paralyzed. He was holding on to you as if you would vanish any second. And while his scent was really pleasant, and his body comfortable and warm, you still felt your arms move up and half – heartedly press against his chest.

But he didn’t let you go. You blinked.

”...Makoto?” you quietly whispered.

He painfully sighed and his warm breath hit your skin, sending shivers down your spine.

”You have no idea what I’d do if something happened to you. I don’t want you to go back there ever again,” he murmured close to your ear.

You were surprised beyond belief. Of course you knew that he was really worried about you, but’d never thought that he was this worried... Almost desperately pleading to you to quit your job.

In that moment you realized that he was probably more scared of what happened to you before, then you were... And you felt guilt build up in your chest. He only wanted to help you, yet here you were practically scolding him for that.

Feeling ashamed, you retracted your hands from his chest, and wrapped them around his back, returning the hug. You felt him stiffen from surprise, but it didn’t take long for him to quickly melt in to your embrace.

Resting your head against his shoulder, you felt fatigue wash over your body. Makoto’s body was warm, and you honestly wouldn’t have minded to fall asleep in his arms, then and there.

”...I’m sorry.”

At this, he lifted his head from your shoulder. ”What for...?”

Feeling yourself blush, you buried your head in his chest, which he welcomed more than happily, tightening his arms around you ever so slightly. Your voice was muffled by his jacket, but he heard you clearly.

”For giving you a tongue lashing earlier. I know you mean well, but I just really want to do this on my own. I mean, a lot of our classmates from Iwatobi are already married, have families and even children, and steady, successful jobs, and here am I not even able to keep one lousy apartment...”

He quietly listened to you, and nervously placed his chin on the top of your head. ...And let out a quiet, suppressed breath of air when he saw that you didn’t push him away. In fact, it seemed that you even snuggled closer to his neck...

”(Name). You know that everything that has ever happened to you since your landlady passed away wasn’t under your control. And why are you suddenly comparing yourself to others? This isn’t some kind of competition.”

”I know...,” you sighed in his jacket. ”I just... I feel like I failed at growing up.”

Makoto quietly chuckled, and you strangely didn’t get angry at him for this. Your head resting against his chest made it possible for you to hear his laugh vibrate in his chest from directly up – close.

It was heavenly, and you found yourself quietly laughing with him.

...And thus you didn’t see the guilty expression that replaced his smile shortly after his chuckle died down.

”...You know. I am going to apologize as well,” he meekly whispered to you. Surprised, you lifted your head from his chest, and looked at him beyond confused.

”W – what? ...Why?”

He shot you an uneasy smile.

”I shouldn’t pester you with this whole ’move in with me’ stuff. ...It’s kind of creepy if I think about it like that,” he told you with cheeks burning red.

”Oh! It’s not creepy. Believe me, I appreciate it, really! Don’t think I’m creeped out by you or anything. I’m sure it would be wonderful to live with you - ”

You didn’t even realize what kind of image came to Makoto’s mind at this particular sentence, making him blush harder.

” – But I’ll firstly try to solve this all on my own. Give me one more chance. ...Okay?”

He locked his eyes with you, before he nodded and shot you his trademark smile. ”Okay.”

And with this, you two slowly proceeded to continue on your way home. Makoto wordlessly lifted his bent arm towards you, and you quickly caught on to why. You couldn’t help but give him a radiant smile, as you held on to his arm, comfortably snuggling to his side.

Just like a week ago.

Even now, his tall and broad – shouldered form didn’t leave you cold. You had to sigh contentedly as his inviting warmth protected you from the chilly air, instinctively making you lean up closer against him.

And needless to say, you blushed a faint pink as you felt him reciprocate this.

It took the two of you a few steps before you eventually reached the snow - coated wooden bridge. Makoto briefly observed the tiny snowflakes that were caught in your hair.

They perfectly decorated your luscious locks, making you look like you were a mythical figure that stepped out from a fairy tale. When the various light bulbs shed their dim light on you, he was near believing that...

But before you looked up, he subtly turned his head in to the opposite direction from where you stood. A faint shade of red colored his cheeks, but it didn’t appear as suspicious as it should have been because of the weather. That being said, you didn’t need to see a blush to feel Makoto’s nervousness slowly reappear.

Looking up, you saw him slightly biting the insides of his cheek.


Deciding not to dwell on this too much, you asked him.

”Makoto? Is something the matter? You look a bit ...fidgety.”

Hearing your voice made him stiffen a bit, and he looked forward for a while, before he cleared his throat.

”No, it’s uh ...everything’s all right,” he answered you, finishing his sentence with a short and awkward little chuckle, before he then continued.

”...I was just thinking that... well...”

You only blinked at him, waiting for him to finish what he started.

” – I’m going to be holding training for my students tomorrow at the Sport Center I work at. So they don’t get out of shape and all. The indoor swimming hall will be properly heated, of course, and it will only last an hour and a half.”

This was followed by a short little silence, before he gave you a side glance, and you watched him with bathed breath, already guessing what was about to come.  

”...Would you like to come and watch?”

At this you loudly exhaled with a quiet laugh. He watched you as you nodded at him with a sweet smile, and he felt something warm spread throughout his chest, whilst his heart painfully picked up its speed. Shooting you a little grin, he laughed along with you, before he turned his head afore, suddenly feeling really happy.

After you two passed the bridge, a comfortable silence settled between you two.
That was until you broke it.

”Oh, by the way. I had the best sleep last night since forever!”


...Cue his face getting red all over again.


The next day came much slower than you had thought it would.

Waking up in your slightly shabby room, you smiled as you felt your body to be well - rested. Snuggling your face back in your pillow with a quiet sigh, you tried to get back to sleep, seeing as you had the whole morning to yourself.  

But a slight burning feeling in your stomach prevented you from doing that. It felt like some kind of knot has been tangling itself there since yesterday.

That being said  you didn’t give it much thought as you sat up and gave out a hearty yawn, stretching your arms upwards, feeling your bones and joints crack and pop.

Doing your best to bundle up in your warm covers, you stood up and made your way to the kitchen. You followed your mourning routine, just as you would have done any other day.

But as you were about to drink from your cup of hot tea, you couldn’t help but notice how much your hand was shaking.

’...Uh. Must be the cold’, you guessed. And with that you shrugged and went back continuing your breakfast.  

After that you went showering, using your opportunity of showering with boiled water. You secretly hoped that the knot in your stomach would ease out after you washed yourself, but it seemed that it wasn’t just about to disappear because you soaked yourself in hot water.

If anything, you felt as if it got tighter and bigger...

But this peculiar feeling in your stomach wasn’t the only anomaly you noticed about yourself. Your palms seemed to get sweatier, even though there was still no heating in your apartment. Your legs and feet were also restless; shaking and tapping whenever you stood still or sat down.

And this is were - with a grim expression -  recognized and admitted to yourself, that you were indeed restless about something.

But despite how many times you told yourself that you aren’t nervous, you still caught yourself biting your under lip and nails; occasionally taking long glances at the clock on your wall and watching as the arrows slowly, ever so slowly ticked the time away.

Though it wasn’t until you caught yourself heavily contemplating on what kind of outfit you’ll be wearing, when you got to the realization that you were actually excited for this day’s afternoon. Feeling strangely giddy.

And you already had a hunch why, but you just weren’t about to admit this to yourself...

Standing in front of your mirror, you observed your antsy self, a serious shadow hanging upon your face.

’Would it be better to wear my white blouse or my black empire waist shirt? He said the place will be properly heated, so if he and his students will be okay in nothing but swimsuits, then I guess I won’t have any problem with wearing lighter clothing,’ you thought to yourself, as you pressed the black empire shirt to your form.

...Just to make a face at the mirror a few seconds after that, and throw the piece of clothing behind you, the shirt ungracefully falling on your bed with a soft whisper of clothing.

Then you nodded at your reflection with a satisfied smile. ’The white blouse is it.’

And thus, you started undressing yourself and went to your wardrobe to retrieve a grey -ish colored jeans.

Before trying it on though, you eyed the fabric in your hands, making absolutely sure that it was in a good quality. But after not finding anything out of place, you shrugged and proceeded to hoist it up your legs.

’I hope he will think it’s okay,’ you thought and a gentle smile, unknowingly to you, appeared on your face.

Buttoning it up, you turned around and grabbed your white blouse.

 ...And it was just halfway down on your arms and above your head, when you suddenly froze in your movements. You silently watched your reflection, which was currently looking back at you with wide eyes and overall confused expression.

’W- wait a minute! Since when do I care what Makoto thinks of my clothing choices?!

The thought just kinda happened, would anyone say and shrug it off, but the back of your mind told you that this was not the case. Seeing your reflection getting slightly flustered at this, you continued dressing yourself.

’I never really cared what he thinks of my clothes or looks, aside from that one time when he came rushing in the middle of the night to my apartment. But at that time I was in a state where I’d have gotten ashamed of myself regardless who saw me like that...’

With a sigh, you looked back in your mirror and took note how those skinny jeans hugged your legs and how that white blouse seemed to enhance your bust and hips. This outfit looked really good on you...  

Eyeing yourself in the mirror, you suddenly got a bit unsettled.

’I mean... it’s not like we are going on a date...’

You slowly spun around once, feeling your cheeks getting hotter at the thought.



By the time Makoto came to your place to pick you up, you’ve blushed a million times.

Honestly, you’re face slowly transformed in to a strange play of light between pale and red, and you were already on believing that this would later on have a serious impact on your overall health if you didn’t stop.

You tried, really,  - but alas, you couldn’t help it.

You could keep it relatively under control when you were outside and on your way with Makoto to the Sports Center, since the cold outside actually helped to cool your cheeks, while at the same time you could also finger point it on the weather if he were to question it.

...But you found yourself in quite a serious problem, when your eyes set themselves on Makoto, who just recently emerged from a dressing cabin, in nothing but skin – tight jammers.

Eyes wide, you couldn’t help but stare at him for a good while. Dear Lord. With his wide shoulders and brawny torso, he looked like a marble statue that just came to life.

His muscles bulged with every movement, and you felt yourself getting goosebumps the moment your eyes traced his muscular back and shoulders. Bashfully tearing your gaze away from his well trained body, you put a hand against your now blazing cheek and bit your lip.

You knew that he was in a really good shape, but you would have never thought that he was this fit. Even though you were already present on one of his training sessions back in high school with Gou, you just simply didn’t remember him looking this fine.

Well, great. Looks like you’ll be having flushed cheeks all day long.

In the meantime Makoto deftly grabbed his training jacket and put it on, absolutely unaware of your admiring gazes, before he walked closer to the bench you were currently waiting for him. With a gentle smile, he stopped before you.

”Well, I’m ready. Shall we go?”

You just managed to nod at him and smile uncertainly; the blush still not refusing to disappear from your face.  ...Which now was getting suspicious to him. As you two made your way to the swimming pools, he suddenly asked.

”...Are you sure you’re all right? Your face has been red since I picked you up from your place... ”

”Ah, no! It’s fine! Really!” you reassured him a little too enthusiastically. You felt him observing your fidgeting form from the corner of his eyes, but you were too embarrassed to actually make eye – contact with him, so you hoped that if you just stared right ahead, he would –

”Let me measure your temperature, (Name),” he suddenly told you in a gentle and quiet voice, as he stopped in his track and stepped in front of you. His brawny and muscular form blocked your way, and you couldn’t help but let out a quiet gasp, as he leaned in close to your face and rested his big palm against your forehead.

Not knowing where to look, you just decided to stare at both of your feet as you listened to him hum in worry.

His hand against your forehead, his face only inches away from you made you only more flustered. You could feel his cool breath caress your hot cheeks, which unrationally did not help them cool down.

Especially given that he was currently standing in front of you half – naked; giving you a perfect view of his ripped stomach and chest.

...And you found yourself unable to look away as your eyes set themselves on his body – for the second time today. ...But really. Who could blame you? It’s not an everyday occurrence to stand in front of a very attractive young boy, this close, who had the body of a Greek god. You felt your face getting redder.

Said Greek god suddenly spoke up.

”Hmm. You don’t seem to have a temper, (Name), but I would keep an eye out for any other symptoms that may appear later. Your appartment still does not have any heating, right? I hope you didn’t catch a cold...”

He said this so quietly, that you almost thought he would lean in even closer to you and whisper it to you. Innocently peeking up at him, you saw him gently smiling back at you.

...And you were about to imitate his smile, when his hand all of a sudden slipped down to your still blazing cheek. Breath caught in your throat, and you couldn’t help but stare back at him, quietly awaiting his next move.

   Your lips subconsciously parted...

But you felt slightly disappointed, when his hand continued its path southwards and stopped at your chin, eventually going back to the side of his owner.

”Please be careful, (Name),” he told you, shooting you one last warm smile, before he turned around and made his way to the swimming pool.

Miliseconds passed with you standing rooted to the place, staring after him with a dazed expression, before you slightly shaked your head and with quick steps went after him.

Your cheeks, however, were still as red as ever.

If not more.


Even before you entered the prestigious place, you could clearly hear joyous laughter and chatter resonating from the swimming hall. No doubt, the kids having fun in the pool while waiting for their coach.

Makoto opened the heavy metal doors of the hall, and stepped aside as to let you in first, like the gentleman he was. You nodded and smiled at him, already stepping in the chlorine smelling place. Your eyes immediately swept over the hall.

It was huge; having two swimming pools and various equipments scattered around the whole place! At both sides of the hall were long lines of plastic seats, specially built for spectators and viewers. The roof was made out of glass, but the thick layer of snow resting on it blocked your view from the sky.

Still, you found the interior of this place to be quite nice.

Taking a few more steps inside, you continued observing both swimming pools, and the clear water inside of them. The water sure looked tempting. And despite it being winter, you weren’t cold, even though you were dressed in your light blouse.

Makoto was right. This place really is well – heated.

You were so enraptured with the build of the whole swimming hall, that you didn’t even notice Makoto already walking past you and greeting his pupils. The kids immediately leapt out of the water the moment they saw their trainer approaching.

Loudly laughing and cheering, a few of them even hurled themselves against Makoto’s torso and hips, giving him a huge bear hug.

”SENSEI!” they gleefully shouted, while Makoto tried not to loose his footing from the horde of the kids that just playfully attacked him. He gave out a melodious laughter and started gently patting and ruffling several heads around him, in hopes that they will let go of him. But they continued clinging on to him, laughing all the while, for they haven’t seen their beloved trainer for a good while.

You, all the while, stood several steps away from this heart – melting scene and smiled to yourself. It was so sweet watching how he handled his students. And you could just as much understand why the kids were so over the moon with him. Who wouldn’t be? He’s a sweetheart...

After watching them for a while, you slowly and tentatively made your way beside him.

...And it didn’t take long before one of the children spotted your approaching figure.

Makoto watched as one of the boys, that was tightly clinging to his legs, suddenly raised his tiny arm and pointed somewhere behind him.

”H – hey! Who is she?”  He gasped with innocent curiosity, his big brown eyes never leaving your form.

At this, the other kids stopped with smothering their trainer and collectively turned their heads toward you. This made you quietly gulp and stop in your tracks. If that little scene back in the corridors with Makoto didn’t set your cheeks on fire, this sudden shift of attention on you sure as hell did.  

Makoto freed himself from the crowd of tiny ones, and took a few steps in your direction, until he was right beside you. Taking one hand, he rested it on your shoulder and turned back to his pupils.

”This person here is my friend, Miss (Last name). We were classmates back in high school, and I decided that I would bring her along to today’s training, so she can see how talented you all are at swimming. Please, say hello to her and treat her well.”

At his introduction, you shyly waved at them. ”Hi. Nice to meet you.”

The reaction of the children to this were all individually different. Some of them stepped closer to you, big eyes twinkling in sudden interest and even admiration, while there were ones who were observing you from a safe distance, too shy to approach you.

Sweeping your eyes over them, you inwardly concluded that they couldn’t have been older than ten. The crowd around you was just about to disperse, so Makoto could begin the training, when all of a sudden a boy with light hair hastily emerged from the crowd and confidently stepped in front of you.

Makoto and you both watched perplex, as said boy decisively held out his hand for you, while not managing to suppress the archly grin on his face.

”Good afternoon, Miss (Last name)! I am Mamoru. Nice to meet you!”

Not really knowing how to handle his forwardness, you quickly exchanged looks with Makoto, before you tentatively reached your hand in his. Mamoru’s grin only widened when he saw you giving him your hand, and didn’t hesitate on grabbing it and scrupulously shaking it.

At this you smiled. His actions clearly showed how hard he tried to act as a mature grown up. ...And  you couldn’t help but let out a quiet chuckle as he all of a sudden pulled your hand closer to his mouth and planted an innocent little kiss on the back of it, making the children around you gasp loudly.

...And thus, you didn’t notice Makoto slightly tensing up at this display of affection.

The kids came even closer when they noticed that you didn’t get angry at Mamoru. They stepped closer, weary but curious at the same time.

After Mamoru let go of your hand, he looked back up at you and with determined eyes straightened his posture, obviously very set on telling you something. His cheeks getting a bit rosy, he gulped, before –

”I – I  would also like to tell you Miss (Last Name) that I think you are really  p – pretty...!”

At  this you felt Makoto’s hand slightly squeeze your shoulder, obviously not awaiting his pupil’s sudden confession. But Mamoru’s sudden outburst of opinion did not only faze him.

It also seemed to start some kind of domino effect on the children around you.

After some silence, they opened up and started loudly whispering and chatting with each other.

”You know, he is kinda right...,” nodded a boy to another not far away from you.

”She seems like a really friendly person, too! I bet she uses some nice perfume as well.”

The girls, however, were the one who were moved by this the most. ”Aah, I hope I will grow up to be as pretty as Miss (Last Name)! Do you think she already has someone...?”

”What do you mean?! She should definitely get together with Sensei!”

The girls swooned.

”Yes! You are right! I bet Sensei likes her too!”

Cue loud, childish snickering erupting from them.

But before they could further discuss what kind of dress you would wear on your wedding or how many babies you two would have, Makoto suddenly started loudly clapping.

”O – okay, children, listen up! Now that you got to know Miss (Last Name), please go and have your usual warm – up routine. Start by stretching, holding one pose for 15 seconds. Then repeat this in the water, too.”

”Yes, Sensei!” they saluted and then scattered, diligently setting themselves for a warm – up. Before turning around, Mamoru shot you one last cheeky smile, before he went to follow his teammates.

For a while you watched the children doing various warming – up exercises. Full of energy and fired up for today’s training, they were animatedly chatting with each other, even when doing the most back – breaking exercises.

This made you giggle. You wouldn’t even be able to think, much less utter words if you were to do the same exercises as them.

A quiet sigh from beside you snapped you out of your thoughts.

Turning your head to the side, you saw Makoto with slightly furrowed brows staring ahead, observing the kids, one of his hand on the side of his neck. Getting worried, you asked:

”Is something wrong?”

He blinked back at you, and with an uncertain smile shaked his head. ”No... I just... wanted to apologize on behalf my students. ...And for Mamoru’s brash behaviour.”

You just stared back at him, not really understanding what he meant by that.

”It was a while since they had practice so they got really excited for today’s training. It is also rare for me to bring anyone along, so your presence practically highlighted today’s practice. And Mamoru is a really ...lively kid, to say the least. He loves attention and easily opens up... -  ” And you were sure that he would have continued giving you a long explanation wrapped up with a sincere apology, but you interrupted him with a quiet laugh.

With surprise evident on his face, he stared back at you. You just waved your hand.

”Oh, but what are you talking about? Mamoru did me no harm. He surprised me, is all, but I actually found him quite adorable. And your students didn’t do anything wrong, either. You know how curious children are. Of course they’d get excited, after all, they seem to really love swimming, along with their Sensei...,” you told him, whilst turning your head afore, continuing to watch the children.

...And thus you didn’t notice the blush that gradually appeared on his cheeks nor the light layer of sweat that broke out on his skin.

He inwardly wondered if you even heard what those girls quietly discussed earlier...


  The loud noise of water sloshing gradually seemed to quiet down.

The kids – now exhausted from today’s training  - slowly swam their way out of the swimming pools, looking as if they were about to fall asleep on the spot, having used up all their energy.

After an hour and an half, training came to an end.

You watched the whole training from one of the plastic seats, having a really nice side - view of the whole practice. The children were adorable, surprisingly diligent and well – behaved. They listened and watched with new - found curiosity as Makoto explained and showed them how to master the ever so famous breaststroke.

He was patient and gladly explained everything his pupils were interested in regarding swimming. Twice or even thrice if they forgot. You found it endearing how well he could handle kids.

Mamoru sometimes happily waved at you, determined to get your attention and set your eyes on nobody else but him. Chuckling, you occasionally waved back at him or gave him a thumbs up if he got an exercise right, which made him gleefully grin, being proud of his accomplishments.  

And just like that time flew by. And all this time you never even noticed the affectionate expression that gradually appeared on your face. Watching the heart – warming relationship and bond between coach and team unfold in front of you, your surroundings kinda disappeared, and all you could see was Makoto and the children.

But while you completely forgot about yourself, Makoto caught you from the corner of his eyes, and his breath got stuck in his throat when he saw the warmth your eyes radiated and that smile of yours...

...All this directed to him and his students. For a moment he forgot to speak, and only managed to stare back at you, as if hypnotized. It took a tiny hand tugging at his hand to snap him out of his trance.

”Sensei! Is something wrong?” asked one little girl, after noticing his coach’s gaze was no longer observing her and her teammates. Makoto blinked and immediately turned back to the little girl. Smiling, he reassured her, ”Uh, Everything’s fine. I just remembered something...”

This, of course, did not escape the attention of the two girls from before.

Their eyes excitedly watched every little movement of their Sensei, from his glances to his body language – like he was a little animal to be experimented on. With bathed breath, they exchanged mischievous glances and started quietly snickering and giggling, making sure that Makoto and the others did not hear them.

”See? I told ya’! Sensei likes her!” said one of them, her eyes glinting in manic glee.

Her friend vigorously nodded, absolutely agreeing with this. ”Yes, you were completely right! And just look at Miss (Last Name)’s expression! It’s so earnest and full of love; love I tell you! She loves him!”

They glanced one last time at the both of you, quietly laughing from pure giddiness. They were excited of course. It was just like a real – life reenactment from one of their favorite drama shows! With the protagonists being completely enamored with each other, but both of them being too oblivious to see this and too shy to admit it.

 ...And given that they were experts when it came to drama shows , they knew by heart that all the two main characters needed was just a little ...push.

Another joyful laughter escaped the two girls, and after calming down a bit, they grinned at each other and nodded, with mischief twinkling in their eyes.


You stood up from your place, as you saw the kids one – by – one exiting the water.

Sluggishly moving a few feet away from the pool, they plopped down on the cold, ceramic floor, and slowly started on their after training exercise.

You went to stand beside Makoto, who was the last one exiting the pool. Briefly glancing around, your eyes found his towel that was laid down on his duffle bag close to the plastic seats at the entrance. Without thinking you went and retrieved it for him. He smiled and thanked you.

As he towel - dried his hair, you turned and continued watching the kids stretch. Some of them were so tired, that they started yawning mid – stretch and there were even ones who were quietly groaning from exhaustion.

Brows furrowing in worry, you asked Makoto. ”Are they all right? They look really worn out. Why do they need to stretch after training?”

Makoto – being finished with drying his hair – wrapped the towel around his muscular neck, and with a smile explained. ”It’s better to stretch after swimming, as well. This will help clear waste products from the muscles and also help with post – exercise flexibility. Plus, it will be a lot easier for them to relax later on.”

You  aha – d in understanding, and you both went silent for a while, before Makoto broke it again.

”...Looks like your cheeks have gone back to their normal color.”


He quietly chuckled at your reaction. ”Your cheeks, (Name).”

You hastily put a hand on the right side of your face, and smiled. ”Ah... yes. You’re right.”

Makoto stepped before you and leaned in closer. ’...Just like back in the corridors’, shot this thought through your mind. His hand found its way back to your cheek, his skin still a bit wet and wrinkly from the chlorinated water, but this did not lessen the strange sensation cursing through your body.

”I’m glad you’re all right. I was getting worried that you had caught a fever. I hope that you are taking care of yourself, (Name). Drink lots of tea and wear warm clothes when you’re in your apartment. You still have enough to eat, right? ...And you know you can call me anytime, if you need something...”

It was the moment, were you would have grabbed his hand and gently squeezed it. The moment were you would have smiled back at him and reassured him, that you were fine. The moment were he would have uncertainly asked again if you were sure, just so you could squarely nod back at him and repeat that you were indeed fine, and that he shouldn’t  worry so much.

But you did nothing. Couldn’t do anything.

For the next few seconds suddenly passed by like a flash. You only remember feeling a force from behind you push you in to Makoto, and Makoto’s hands securely gripping your upper arms, hearing him grunt as he loses his balance...

... and then eventually falls with you headfirst  in to the pool. It came so sudden, that you didn’t even had the time to shriek or gasp.  And although the water wasn’t cold, it still came as shock when you felt the hard surface of it harshly hit your skin.

Heart beating erratically, you could only encircle your arms around Makoto’s neck and grip on him for dear life, as he hugged you closer to his form and then quickly swam to the surface.

As you two resurfaced, you immediately gulped in a big gulf of air, filling your lungs with sweet oxygen, and heavily panting, trying to calm your heart.

The children stopped with their stretching the moment you two tumbled in the pool, running to the pool with loud gasps and shrieks.

Makoto made sure that your feet were steadily standing on the ceramic floor of the pool, refusing to loosen his grip around you, til’ you didn’t catch your breath. He quickly brushed the wet hair out of your face.  ”(Name)! Are you all right?” he asked breathlessly, worry evident in his voice.

You mutely nodded back at him a few times, to reassure him that you were okay. Just very shocked. ...And very soaked.

He was about to ask something else, most probably regarding your well – being, when two voices from the side of the pool suddenly spoke up, voice dripping with mock apology.

”Ooops ~ ! Sorry, sensei! Sorry Miss (Last Name)! Our bad! We were so absorbed in our exercises that we just didn’t notice you two standing there.”

Makoto and you looked up. Standing at the side were two girls, wearing poorly masked smiles and trying to look as innocent as ever. It was those girls who were ever so religiously discussing and analyzing the relationship between you two.

And even thought they were making their absolute best to look like angels sent from heaven, who just accomplished a great duty, Makoto’s otherwise open features were now drawn together in pure annoyance and scepticism.

”Hana. Maiko. What is the meaning of this?” He asked them strictly, as he helped you climb out of the pool. The girls just stared back at him, feigning innocence.

”Whaaaat? Sensei! We swear to God, we didn’t do anything deliberately! Isn’t that right, Maiko?” The latter silently nodded a few times, with both of her eyebrows raised high, determined to confirm everything her friend said.

Makoto gave you a dry towel from his duffle bag, after you both got out of the pool.

”Out on the corridor, you will find a door on your left. Go in there, it’s a changing room. There you’ll find some spare clothes, that will most probably fit you. And don’t worry; nobody will barge in. I made sure that my group will be the only and last one occupying the swimming hall and it’s changing rooms and lockers for today,” he quietly whispered to your ear, his cool breath hitting the shell of your ear, making you shiver.

He, however, misunderstood this as a sign of you getting really cold, and immediately ushered you towards the corridor. You nodded and with quick steps left the hall.

Shivering, you hugged yourself with your arms and searched for the door Makoto told you about.

You could faintly hear him scolding the two girls as you distanced yourself from the hall, wandering the long corridor, soaked and quivering.  


The changing room you entered was dark and relatively big. Squinting your eyes, you tried your best to find a light switch, but then eventually gave up after aimlessly tracing the coarse coating of the wall with both of your hands and finding nothing.

A thin ray of grey light shined through a rectangular window near – by and with a heavy sigh you resigned yourself to make out your way in the dark.

Carefully ambling to the closest locker, you grabbed its door and opened it, not really sure what you’ll find there. ...But even in the dark you could clearly make out that in there was nothing. Shrugging once, you nonchalantly closed the door and went to the next locker. With a creak it opened wide, but even this one was empty. Sighing in uncertainty, you turned around and rested your eyes on the lockers across from you.

’What? Will I have to open every single one to find some spare clothing? I’ll freeze to death by the time I actually find one god damn piece of clothing.’

Inwardly grumbling, you turned back and tried your luck with the next one. ...And with the neighbor locker. ...And with the one next to that. Several minutes passed before you were finished with one row of lockers.

By now you were so cold that you didn’t even have the will to complain anymore. Deeming it pointless to continue your search, you were just about to turn around and go back to Makoto when –

”Aah - !” slipped the shriek out from your mouth, which made the person standing before you jump as well.

”(Name?)” asked Makoto, and hesitantly came closer to you. After standing frozen for a few seconds, you put a hand over your heart and gave out a quiet sigh of relief. ”D – don’t scare me like that. Whew, did you gave me a fright. ...I didn’t even hear you entering,” you told him, voice lightly quivering.

”Oh. Sorry about that,” he apologized as he stepped in front of you. ”I just came to check upon you. The kids already left, so we’re the only ones left.” His voice suddenly turned quieter. ”...And I also wanted to apologize in the name of the girls. They claim that they honestly did not saw you, and I want to believe them but I just can’t get rid of the feeling that they did it purposefully...” But of course he didn’t told you why exactly he thought that.

He started rubbing the back of his neck. ”So, I’m really sorry for causing you so much trouble, (Name). I didn’t mean all this to happen. I understand if you’re angry and annoyed...,” Despite it being dark, you could make out that he was telling you all this with his head bowed in shame. You leapt closer to him, and rested one of your hands on his shoulder and reassuringly squeezed it.

”Oh, Mako. I am not angry. Nor at you or your students.” And with a sudden urge of empathy, took one more step closer to him and gingerly lifted his head by his chin.

”Mistakes and mishaps happen, that’s just how life works. You can’t blame yourself for them. ...And if you want to hear my honest opinion, I actually enjoyed myself today. I was a while since I had a nice dip like this,” you finished with a quiet giggle, and he looked up with slight surprise. ”...Really?” he asked, still as quietly as before. You stared back in his eyes and smiled. ”...Really.”

He smiled back at you, though this time it did not reach his eyes. Your own faltered seeing his tired smile. You would have continued reassuring him, that you enjoyed today’s outing, when his eyes suddenly shifted southwards...

”...(Name)? Why are you still wearing your wet clothes?”

Blinking once, you remembered your previous dilemma and in an instant perked up.

”Oh, right! I’m really glad that you came, because I couldn’t find any spare clothing in here. Truth to be told, I haven’t checked all the lockers, but I already finished searching through the row behind me, and found nothing. The dark makes it only harder for me, but I couldn’t find the light sw -...”

You suddenly stopped with your explanation, when you felt Makoto’s stare on you; observing your damp form from head to toe, with a strange, enigmatic expression. ...And was it just you or did he get closer to you...?    

”(Name)...?” Makoto asked in a hushed whisper and as his breath hit your cheek, you were absolutely sure that you weren’t wrong. He did step closer to you. Much closer...

”...I, ah... as I was saying, I...,” you tried to spit it out, but the mere awareness of his sudden proximity made you a nervous, wobbly mess. Looking up, you saw his green eyes twinkle in the dim light, and your breath got caught in your throat when you realized that he was practically cornering you to the lockers behind you.

”Yes, as you were saying...?” he asked with the same tone as before. His voice was gentle, yet there was clearly some hidden, underlying tone that you have never ever heard coming from him. It was almost absurd.

You already forgot his question, completely absorbed in your contemplation about the situation you currently found yourself to be. You could only stare at his muscular, well – chiseled chest as it softly rose and fell, his breath caressing your skin and making the fine hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Your eyes followed a path all the way up his collarbones and neck – eventually finding yourself face to face with his handsome features. His lips were already parted, and you could feel it on your own whenever a soft puff escaped his.

Green eyes were boring in to yours and from time – to – time glanced down at your lips; his intent clearly showing.

Makoto just couldn’t help himself. As he saw you standing there with your soaked shirt, that was hugging and clinging to your form; and a few buttons being undone, exposing your collarbones and decoletté, he felt a strange, warmth – like feeling pool in his abdomen.

Along with your damp hair, that was now wildly framing your face, and a few drops of water still sliding down your lips... It was enough to make him move...

...And just like that, time seemed to slow down when suddenly both of you leaned in, quickly erasing the distance between you two.

His mouth enveloped yours with heart – quickening passion, and you could only blush as you felt him sigh in appreciation. His lips massaged and moved yours in ways that sent sparks down your spine.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, inviting him closer, to which he put his hands on your hips, drawing them closer to his.

A few minutes earlier you were shivering from the cold, but Makoto actually managed to warm you up.

With growing enthusiasm, he deepened the kiss with a quiet moan, tongue slipping past your lips, and your heart jumped in surprise at this.

You didn’t know he could be this forward. ...And you didn’t want to assume anything but somehow this did not feel like just a spur – of – the – moment kiss. No... There was something more...

Short on air, he suddenly broke the passionate lip – lock, and leaned his forehead against yours, all the while trying to get back as much air as possible in his lungs.

”(Name)...,” he panted, eyes half – lidded. He suddenly rested his head on the junction of your neck and closed his eyes.

”I’m sorry. ... I’m so sorry, (Name)...,” he whispered against your neck, his arms on your waist tightening. A short delay followed, and you were just about to ask him why he was apologizing, when –


You both flinched at the voice. Frozen to the spot and all you could do was wait with bathed breath what would happen next. The voice – by the sound of it – belonged to an older male; pleasantly gruff and friendly. He obviously didn’t saw you two, for you were behind a row of rusty lockers.

You suddenly felt Makoto move his lips to the shell of your ear. ”Don’t worry, it’s just the manager. I’ll handle this,” he whispered it tenderly to you, and you reluctantly let go of him, already missing his secure embrace and warmth.

”Yes, how may I help you?” Makoto asked the manager as he appeared from behind the lockers. The manager  - surprisingly - didn’t find anything strange about this. Instead he nodded his head from where he came from and said, ”I just came to check on every room and make sure that everyone left the building. We are closing up. Your group was the last one using the swimming pools, right?”

”Yes, that’s right,” Makoto replied ever so calmly.  Hiding behind the lockers, you were actually amazed at how composed he sounded.

”All right, then please tell your students to finish their practice for today.”

”There’s no need, since I already sent them home fifteen minutes earlier. We cleaned up and put away everything. I am the only one left. ”

”...Ah, I see,” said the manager, but not after a little pause, a thoughtful expression appearing on his face. ”...Well, then please change and and pack your things as fast as you can. I wouldn’t want to lock you in.”

”Of course. Thank you for notifying me.”

At this the manager only grunted and closed the door, already on his way to check on other changing rooms and sport halls.

Seconds later Makoto re – appeared before you, carrying a pair of jeans and various shirts on his arm. ”Here,” he gently murmured to you, avoiding your gaze. ”Try these on. They will most probably be a few sizes too big for you, but it’s better than going out in the cold with damp clothes.” You already shivered at the thought.

”Oh, and the light switch doesn’t work, so even if you found it, it would have been useless. ...Sorry for not telling you before I ushered you in here...” Makoto continued before he went back to just where he stood a while ago, leaving you to yourself to change, while he too grabbed his clothes and started dressing himself.

You wanted to follow him and tell him that it was all right, but you suddenly felt really awkward, throat painfully tightening. And thus, with a sigh, proceeded to change. The room was filled with sounds of clothes rustling; zippers, buttons and belts clinked as you two bundled up.

The jeans fitted you, albeit only with the help of a belt, and even the smallest shirt in that pile of shirts was a tad bit too big for you, its hem reaching your mid – thigh, but it was warm, and its not like it was bothering you. Hastily packing everything up, you two exited the room and made your way home.

...And while a heavy silence reigned above you both, a just as heavy blush adorned both of your faces.

And this time, nobody could blame it on the weather.
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