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Group cosplay, forever alone style! Yeah, that's all me.
In this post, I'll get into how I did each one!

Intro, and some bad old pictures

For those of you who have the patience to read for some extra info!

When I started cosplaying, I didn't think makeup was such a major part of it. I was so hesitant to even put eyeliner because I'd think, "This character is a guy, I shouldn't look like I'm wearing makeup!" And I guess I was silly enough to think I looked enough like the characters I chose without doing anything to my face? :lol:

I can't find more pictures of my really old cosplays (which is just as well, hahah) from the time I didn't want to use makeup apart from these:

I cosplayed as Haku from Naruto. I don't remember wearing any makeup for this. It doesn't show too well on these pictures but I saw some others where the natural redness of my lips made it look like I was wearing lipstick even if I wasn't. I felt it made me look more feminine than I should. Haku is still a guy after all, but it wasn't too bad because he's supposed to look like a trap. Still, I made a mental note then to do something about it when cosplaying manlier characters.

When I did Light Yagami from Death Note, I learned to use concealer and foundation powder to even out my skintone. I also used a skin-colored lipstick to neutralize the reddish color of my lips. I didn't really want to use eyeliner around this time. :laughing:

Death Note: Sunday Morning by behindinfinity

I think it was cosplaying Naruto that really got me to take makeup more seriously because he looks really different from how I naturally look. I had to wear a blond wig for the first time, so I didn't feel right with my black eyebrows. He has big eyes with a very pronounced shape so I had to try simulating that with eyeliner. And of course, the characteristic whisker markings on his face.

It depends on the character too, I think. I generally use more eyeliner and try to go for a really even complexion for anime characters to emulate the look of the 2D art without taking it too literally. But for movie/book cosplay, I take a different approach.

Take my Harry Potter cosplay, for instance. I kind of mixed the book descriptions for Harry with Daniel Radcliffe's depiction of him in the movies:

I skipped using concealer because Dan has pronounced eyebags, which works for Harry's character (being constantly troubled and tormented and trying to save the world and all). I also gave special attention to the eyebrows and tried to shape mine like Dan's. I often get asked about how I do my eyebrows.

I use a brush with stiff, angled bristles. I take whatever pigment I have on hand, such as eyebrow pencils or powdered eyeshadows in different colors, then use this to draw on my over my real eyebrows. This kind of brush makes it easy to control the shape and apply the pigment in a way that the edges aren't sharp so it looks more natural.

So that's probably a long enough intro for this post! Hahah! Bottom line: Makeup is cool because it helps you change the way you look. And that's part of what's fun about cosplay Being able to transform yourself from the way you usually look.

I'm realizing now that I don't have a lot of "normal" photos but here's one of me with no makeup and no contact lenses, for the sake of comparison. (I'm nearsighted so those are my prescription glasses)

Free! Cosplay Challenge

One day I thought it'd be a fun exercise on flexibility to cosplay different characters from the same series, all by myself. It would be an amusing way to illustrate how angles, expressions and makeup can help one person depict different characters. Using only the wigs and clothes I have at home, I decided to try cosplaying the main characters of the anime, Free!

Haruka Nanase

His eyes are narrower and angle upwards more than the other characters.
His face is usually indifferent.

Here is myself as Haru

This is how I did the eye makeup, which is a little different from my usual style. Eyeliner makes such a big impact on giving your eyes a different shape.

I also chose a vibrant blue lens because Haruka has bright blue eyes that contrast with his dark hair. The lenses I used are the Ocean Blue Cosplay Lenses from Alice and Rabbit's Shop, where I get most of my lenses. :)

Here's a clearer shot of the lenses, and also a look at my eyes when they're lined differently.

I based the clothes I wore on one of Haruka's casual outfits. I'll be basing my Makoto look (coming up next) on this outfit here too.

Makoto Tachibana

Although his height is intimidating, he always has a kind look on his face. He has the classic "tareme" / droopy puppy dog eyes that indicate a gentle person.

Here's my take on Makoto. I didn't have a kitten like the one he's seen with but I do have a puppy.

I usually downplay my eye creases for cosplay, but this time I added some shading on top to emphasize them. I also drew my eyeliner downwards to mimic Makoto's eye shape.

The eyebrows were kind of an extra challenge for me since Makoto has really kind-looking eyebrows that curve upwards towards the center, while mine naturally angle downwards (which usually lead people to think I look mean). I kind of imagined Mako to have thick eyebrows so I rolled with that. I draw them extra thick on the top part near the center to fight against the downward curve of my real eyebrows. Then for the photos, I raised them up (like the way you would when you're surprised, hahah) to give a kinder facial expression. This also helped make my eye crease more visible.

The lenses I used are Emerald Green Cosplay Lenses. It's a nice leaf green shade that fits with Makoto's eyes.

Most other lenses that are opaque enough to show on my dark eyes are in a blue-green shade, like this one:

The pattern of this also looks like it would be better suited for a more intense and aggressive character. I don't know if most people would think I'm crazy for taking that into account, but I do like to consider the pattern when choosing contact lenses for a character.

I was looking for blue-green lenses for Eren Jaeger (from Attack on Titan) and this one had a good color but I don't think the flower pattern suits him all that much. Don't you agree? :lol:

Nagisa Hazuki

Resident shota, LOL. He's the smallest and youngest-looking of the bunch. Energetic sparkly personality.

This was very difficult for me. It's hard to be shota, bro. I struggled. And I kind of want to punch myself for making these faces. Doing this hurt me a little. Ahahahah! The way Nagisa acts is just really a stretch from how I actually am.

I made my cheeks look rounder with the way I smiled. I describe it as pushing my face meats up by giving a tight smile. This also made my upper lip look thinner, which I guess kind of works for Nagisa. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but the point is to observe how certain facial expressions affect the shape of your face, and use them to your advantage when you can. :D

I made the eyeliner rounder and softer at the outer edges. I used a pencil liner for the outer corners so I smudged it a bit for that softer look. I also put some highlighting pigments around the eyes for extra sparkly wide-eyed youthful uguu shota join-the-swim-club-or-I'll-cry feels. My descriptions are so technical and pro.

But okay, to elaborate properly (sort of) I think the highlights around the eyes helped a lot because it downplays the shadows on my face. If shadows make features look more sunken, then theoretically, highlights should do the opposite.

Nagisa's eyes are in a complicated sort of magenta shade. I compromised by using my Crystal Max Red Lenses. Although they are technically red, the shade is dark and the larger-than-usual size of these lenses gives the glowing crescent effect on the bottom of my irises. The halo effect comes out pink, so they worked okay for Nagisa. 

To explain the halo effect:

The coloring on the Crystal Max Red is semi-transparent, so it lets the white part show through a bit at the bottom. This is also why the lens diameter is important. I think the average diameter for irises are about 14mm. The lenses I used for Haruka and Makoto are 14.2mm, so they're only slightly enlarging. These ones are 14.8mm in diameter.

Rei Ryugazaki

He has somewhat rectangular-shaped eyes and is easily disgruntled, hahah. He normally has a serious look about him (which doesn't reflect what he's actually like).

Apart from the eyeliner style, I didn't have to change much for Rei, so this section will be relatively short.

Here's an outline of the eyeliner shape. I extended it past the normal length of my eyes. It feels a little weird at first but it looks fine from a moderate distance.

It's kind of like what I did on the upper left photo:
(And here are other examples as well of how I line my eyes for different cosplays)

The lenses I used are Crystal Max Violet. They have a nice lavender shade that fits with Rei's eye color. Again, my eyes are very dark brown (which looks black when not in direct sunlight) and they show up well on me.

Lastly, Rin Matsuoka

I usually end up cosplaying the protagonist, so I was excited and anxious to attempt Rin, who is completely different from characters I'm used to portraying.

Jin as Rin. Hahah! It looks like I have Rin's school uniform, but that's actually the top I used for my Ulquiorra cosplay!

If you're wondering about the teeth: Those are my natural teeth. They're pretty strangely shaped (but I like them) and I'm just not used to smiling with them, but I decided to show them off this time because it's character-appropriate!

See? They are pointier along the sides so I angled my face so they'd be more visible.

Look at all those scribbles! I did some crazy things to change the look of my eyes. I drew my eyeliner extra thick to cover up my natural crease, then I drew on a fake crease which to me looked more like Rin's. I also added some shading between the crease and my eyebrows to make it appear more realistic. You have to pay special attention to how they look at certain angles and expressions though, especially if you are posing for photos. Notice how in the left photo on the two pictures of me as Rin, the eye creases look a lot smaller than on the right where I raised my eyebrows a bit and shot from a lower angle.

Half my eyebrows here are drawn on, because I wanted them to angle upwards to look extra mean. I used Kryolan eyebrow wax to flatten half my eyebrows then piled concealer on top to hide them. Then I drew on the other half with a cream pigment from my Ben Nye wheel, using an angular eyebrow brush.

The lenses I used for Rin were the limited edition red prescription lenses from A&R. I chose these instead of the red ones I used for Nagisa because it's a brighter red, which is like Rin's eye color. The diameter is also smaller, so it gives my eyes more of a mean look compared to Nagisa's big sparkly eyes.

Closing notes

Now, I've never been properly trained in makeup or anything like that, so this is all just coming from someone who learned to use makeup by thinking of them as drawing materials. (Eyeliners are like ink brushes or colored pencils, eyeshadow is like chalk pastel, lip pigments are paints, etc.) It is questionable if my methods are correct, but I just wanted to share how I go about things and I thought it could serve as a guideline for you guys to think of how to manage it for yourselves. :)

These techniques will also work differently for people with different eye or face shapes so it's best for you to experiment on your own face or with your friends. It's fun!

The amount of makeup you use, and how you want to interpret features on anime characters is entirely up to you. Everyone's got different preferences. Like some people find drawing the eye crease weird, but it works for some people. But it's all really up to you! :D You just have to try things and find a look that you feel comfortable with. And don't judge yourself until you've got your wig and everything on and have finished the entire look, because I certainly felt like a fool in the middle of doing some of these. By that I mean Rin

It was a fun challenge to take on, and I hope to try it with other series!

Other places to follow my updates
I don't often get to post here lately because I use my gallery here mainly for proper shoot photos and we'll be doing that later in the year so it's pretty quiet here right now. My friends and I are still working on our new costumes! If you want to follow our progress, cosplay previews, or random shenanigans, I suggest you follow me on Facebook where my snapshots usually end up! It's a lot easier to update there from my phone too so I get to update regularly. :D

On Wednesdays I do live tweets of my reactions when a new Naruto manga chapter is released
On Thursdays I do live tweets of new episodes of Free!

:bulletblue: Art blog! :pointr:
:bulletblue: Tumblr :pointr:
:bulletblue: Instagram: @jinjoson



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Some people brought up some pretty important points, so I've added some additional information about critiques below!

Hey all!

Something that's been bugging me a bit lately is how the DA community has sorta changed over the years (and not in a good way). People are more bold and will post whatever's on their mind, and while that can be a good thing in some scenarios, I feel that people oftentimes say things that they might not realize will hurt someone's feelings.

I generally get a lot of positive feedback, and it really helps! It's always great to know that someone likes my work, and it keeps me motivated to keep going with this hobby. However, I'm still a human being, and negative criticism can hurt me just as much as anyone else. I'm not sure what it is, but the amount of really negative comments has increased these past couple years, and it really discourages me from even using this website anymore. Many times I've considered just disabling comments entirely, but I feel that would destroy part of the reason I even use Deviantart to begin with.

Surprisingly, one of the more recent incidences was actually from someone that I had met before at a con, and in person she told me that I was one of the reasons she started cosplaying. She recently made a negative post on one of my photos, and I don't want to think that she had intended to hurt my feelings, but it did regardless.

This journal isn't going to reach the entirety of the DA community, but hopefully most of my watchers will at least read this and keep some of this information in mind, and maybe even spread the word. 

There's a reason Deviantart has the "Request a Critique" button. Granted, this is for premium memberships, but if people want to hear a critique, then they can ask for one in the info box, and I'm sure people who see it would happily oblige. I personally don't like critiques. I do this hobby for myself, and I feel I know my flaws better than anyone when someone points out those flaws it's just a bit discouraging sometimes because then I feel like people have way too high expectations of me (it's really stressful).

Edit: The whole critique thing for me is a personal preference, but I understand not everyone feels the same, so I'll elaborate a bit more. Unfortunately most of the "critiques" I've gotten have been comments that bluntly point out the problems in a negative way, which is why I don't like them overall. However, if the only criticism I got was in the form of well-written critiques, then I would probably be fine with it. A well written critique should be something that benefits an artist more than hurts them. If you're going to point out something that you feel could use improvement, then tell the person what they can do to improve it, but not in a way that's going to come across like you're out to get them for it or put them down. Also, don't pick on things that a person can't easily fix (like physical characteristics). Don't tell someone that they can look better as a character by getting plastic surgery. 
I'm going to self-critique myself here as an example. Let's nitpick on my Skyward Sword Link Cosplay. 
The first flaw I notice is my shield; You can see the seam in the plastic where it's bent to have a curve rather than a nice smoother shape.
Don't just say, "I don't like the shield," or even, "The cosplay looks fantastic, but the shield could be better." While adding a positive thing about the costume does make it sound a little nicer, it still sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it? That's because it doesn't really provide any benefit to help me improve beside the fact that I need to get better at props.
So, what would have been a better critique? Maybe something like, "Costume looks great! I feel like you've got something good going here, though it looks like you had a hard time with shaping the shield. I recommend using [insert new material I might have never heard of here] for getting those rounder shapes. :)" bonus points if it also has a link to a tutorial or further information as to where I can find this magical material.
This critique is TONS better because first of all - it isn't telling me to throw away what I have and remake it. Sure, I might consider it and use the advice they gave me, but the important part is that they gave me information that I can use in any of my future projects. I might run into that same problem down the road with a different costume, but I'll then have this new knowledge to keep me from making the same mistakes. 

*end edit*

If you don't have something nice to say, you have the option to keep it to yourself. You're just going to make yourself look like a jerk. It takes more time to type out the comment, so you're doing both parties a favor by just avoiding the situation entirely.

Let's keep this community positive and classy, ok? :)

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It's pretty much around the corner!  Ahhhh pre-con jitters. 8D;;

Anyway, here's my lineup!

CosplayLineup by OztheNekoMaster

Saturday I'm going to be Oz Vessalius as he appears in Pandora Hearts: Retrace 49!  I will be SuperWeaselPrincess's manservant.

Sunday I will be joining the rest of Banzai! Pro's Madoka Magica group as Homura!  We will be entering the masquerade!  Homu Homu!

Monday I will be Shinji Ikari with ValdaValsha as my Kaworu-kun! (Just fyi, these cosplays are a total joke to us and we mainly just act like total derps in these.  It's awesome.)

And here is a list of panels that we're hosting!

Forming and Keeping Cosplay Groups: 12:00-1:00 PM in Solana G
Building Your Cosplay Self-Esteem: 6:00-7:00 PM in Solana G

Bishounen/Bishoujo Cosplay Makeup: 3:00-4:00PM in Cira A

Cosplay And Youtube: 1:30-2:30 in Solana G

And in case you don't follow me on my tumblr and haven't seen what the new Oz costume looks like, here it is:

tumblr ms9m2k48FN1r5rrlxo1 1280 by OztheNekoMaster

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Anime Expo 2013 Lineup!

Mon Jul 1, 2013, 5:34 PM

We're pretty much ready. @__@  Well, with the costume part that is.  I still need to pack. D:

But here's my lineup!  Sorry, they're all WIP pictures...I don't really have any pictures of them from photoshoots (mainly because they're all fairly new costumes.)

Day 0:  Joke cosplay with ValdaValsha
I won't reveal it until that day of AX.  Not even Cheshire nor SWP know what it is!
This is the only hint you're getting.
(If you can figure it out from that--ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
Also, this may appear on another day in addition to one of the other costumes if we don't get much time to cosplay it.

Day 1: Touya/Hilbert

970737 10200135396613364 1778402799 N by OztheNekoMaster

Day 2: Koakuma

tumblr mp2hj8YEti1r5rrlxo1 1280 by OztheNekoMaster

Day 3:  Homura Akemi (the secret cosplay with the rest of Banzai!)

908251 4827889100816 790201067 N by OztheNekoMaster

(Note: This was taken when the costume wasn't fully looks much better now with the completed headband, better leggings, shield, and soul gem.)
ChEsHiRe-K as Mami Tomoe
SuperWeaselPrincess as Kyouko Sakura
ValdaValsha as Madoka Kaname

If you see me and the rest of BanzaiProductions, don't be afraid to say hi!  We also have a meetup on Saturday at 3:00 in the West Hall Lobby

See you in a bit, LA!  We definitely won't miss the Arizona weather!

Skin CSS © Nesmaty
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Why couldn't he have been fucking 18+ in the original story.
I'm not gonna be scared of a pussy ass 13 year old kid. -_-
Yeah that's right, a kid. A fucking minor whose hairless balls probably haven't even dropped yet I mean Jesus.
I mean no offense to any of you guys that are 13 it's just at that age you're not fully developed therefore you probably aren't strong enough to take down someone who's older. Like Jeff's parents definitely could've stopped him and beat his ass for being so fucking stupid lol

And what the fuck why are the 12 year olds in the story act like they're big shit just cause they got knives and guns and shit wow wHERE THE FUCK WERE THOSE KIDS' PARENTS ANYWAY??????? .___.'
omfg no
little ass kids fighting in a vague shitty story im gonna
I forgot how fucking terrible this story was lmao

Like ok just saying Jeff's face would gross me out but I could totally fucking kick his ass lmao I mean the average height for a 13 year old boy is between 4'11" and 5'1" and I'm 5'10" sooooooooooooooo

why am I talking about this lol
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can I just shit on her

//bangs head on desk several thousand million times :iconheaddeskplz:
  • Mood: Furious
I've... had it.

I'm leaving all the groups (save for :iconhetahetadance:).

Today I was in the hospital visiting family. I got an email from my friend on my phone. Someone was harassing her for having done something wrong. She was in tears. She felt/feels horrible. Why? MMD.

Advice to my friends who want to use MMD: DON'T. And if you really want to use MMD, don't join the "community".

You get ADDICTED. You can't stop looking for models. You lose sleep for getting passwords. It's ridiculous. It's an obsession for bloody PIXELS.

This community... WHAT COMMUNITY?! This is a bloody CORRUPT "community" is what you mean! The god damn rules controlling EVERYTHING and don't think I'm taking sides--the users are just as bad.

The rules, they control EVERYTHING. You can't make ANYTHING romantic with Hetalia models. That's just stupid. If you don't want your precious little model being used for a certain picture, DON'T DISTRIBUTE IT. If you don't want people using a part you gave out to edit models that AREN'T ALLOWED TO BE EDITED (I'm talking about Q_ku's kits here for Austria and Prussia, which were given out but APPARENTLY NOT ALLOWED TO EVEN BE USED. I'm sorry; I just find that a tad bit ridiculous.) then DONT DISTRIBUTE IT.

Don't make such a big deal when someone edits your precious little model.

God, who the fuck cares when they aren't making any PROFIT?! It's a GOD DAMN MODEL. IT'S PIXELS ON A SCREEN. GET OVER IT.

I'm not defending the dumbasses who give out passwords and downloads--they're next, just let me get this out of the way.

The modelers moan and groan when something's done wrong, can't you just MESSAGE THEM PRIVATELY?! Do you really have to announce to the world you're DONE modeling? (I know, I'm being a hypocrite since here I am announcing I'm done, but I don't really care right now).

Anyways, NO, you don't. You don't have to embarrass the people, god this stupid program makes you forget there's PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCREEN.

So what, they edited your model. It was BOUND to happen ANYWAYS. Password given out? Change it.
Distribution? Whatever, they'll get it from one link or another.

Okay, now that I'm done with that; the users.


There's god damn CLIQUES in this "community". The "big-shot" picture makers only hang with the other big shots. They privately distribute their "wonderful" edits and basically edit whatever the fuck they want because THEY'RE "famous". Nobody will stand up to them and dare say "You can't edit so-and-so's model." because they're... FAMOUS.

They're the unofficial police, they "stand for what's RIGHT" but in the end they're just coming off as snobby. There's nothing wrong with sticking up for the modelers who may not understand English. (Hell, why should they learn a new language just so that whiny users can use their models?) But guess what?

THEY'RE NOT YOUR GOD DAMN MODELS!!! STOP GETTING SO FUCKING UPSET AND PISSED OFF WHEN A RULE IS BROKEN! It's not like they're trying to OFFEND you! You're acting like an IDIOT if you get so fucking BUTTHURT over it! It makes sense to get mad; but YOU. CANNOT. GET. EVEN. MORE. BUTTHURT. THAN. THE. MODELER. Get piss. Fine. Harass the person? Act as a cop?

...Fine, if you want to be a bitch.

And then there's the dumbasses who distribute/edit/give out a password to what's not theirs. HELLO? YOU'RE FUCKING EVERYBODY OVER. The modelers will FLIP OUT and maybe stop distributing. If you're gonna give out a password at LEAST DO IT FUCKING PRIVATELY.

Both sides of this are terrible. The users, (who between them have the "bad" and "good"; good being those who are the fucking cops and bad being those who don't give a fuck and break every rule publicly) and the modelers who complain over everything.

So? I'm done. I'm leaving. Screw this; I'm not making anymore pictures to show to the groups. I may make more MMD pictures, but they're not going to be submitted to groups, maybe HHD because that's the only one that I haven't heard drama from. My edits? What edits!? I'm DONE making PUBLIC edits! And if I do, they're gonna be for ME; I won't make pictures with them to show them off or anything anymore! And you know what? I'm going to edit whatever I want, because hell, they're PRIVATE, so why do YOU care?

Hell, I'll still give them to my FRIENDS, the awesome people who DON'T complain over everything. (Ask if you're one of these people, the people who are featured on my page def. ARE some)

The sim date? I'm not sure if I'll post it. Why? Does this community fucking deserve a game? Even if it's a crappy game, why should I? Why should I GIVE to this "community" that has taken so much from me and my friends? What, post it to have someone flip out at me over it being "romantic content"? To have some modeler moan and groan over it?

Hell no.

So you know what, I'm done with this piece of shit of a "community". Bitch at me or whatever, I don't care. I'm not targeting anybody specifically so don't fucking take it as if this is directed to you--it's not.

This "community" is directed towards big shots who have over 100 different programs, and if you're not spectacular or break ONE rule you get bullied relentlessly. That's what this 'community' is; bullies (the "police"), posers (and not as in posing the models), dumbasses (the ones who don't listen to anything or anyone), and jerks (the ones who flip out at you because of a mistake).

Think it's NOT full of bullies?! Hello, Stardream1?! Alyallie?! Maybe those people would've stopped if you sent them a note asking NICELY. If you reported QUIETLY.

If you didn't send DEATH THREATS or tell them they should go die.

My leaving won't be a big deal for a lot of people. I'm not famous; and to be honest I never really did intend to be. But I hope SOMEONE sees this, so that they can at least have SECOND THOUGHTS about BULLYING for this program.

Poor Yu Higuchi, seeing his work be ruined and destroyed by the dumbasses in this community. (Don't you dare separate this as the "Western" and "Japanese" community; face it for fuck's sake you're all ONE COMMUNITY--The MMD Community--and you ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will be.)

But seriously. I'm done.
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Everywhere I go, someone (USUALLY CREEPYPASTA FANS) hates on anyone who 

A) Likes yaoi 

B) Likes anime 

Fuck off seriously. Not every single person who likes those two things is a rabid retarded fangirl/boy/other whos going to tear your house down and piss on your pineapples. 

I love both, they are very important to me, but I don't shove them down peoples throats. I don't go crazy whenever someone says they don't like them. 

You know what bothers me though? When someone bashes me for liking them. I just had someone go off on me for drawing mainly yaoi. I told them I liked hetero and yuri pairings too, and you know what they said?

''Why don't you ever draw them? ''

You want to know why I draw mainly yaoi? Why I never draw females anymore? 

It mainly has to do with my dysphoria and past experiences, not to mention the endless slutty pictures online of females. I'm tired of seeing the female body. It feels dirty, wrong, and disgusting. I hate it. I'm stuck in it afterall. I don't want to see it anymore. If any female is presented in a certain way she is automatically labelled a sue or a slut. If any female simply exists she's treated as the lesser person and looked down upon. Not to mention this fandom is so sexist, ignoring all the female CP OCs for the other male ones. I'm just tired and done with females okay? That's why I don't draw them. 

Not to mention I draw WHAT I WANT because IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

I don't draw to please you, or anyone else. I AM A MISERABLE PERSON, and doing this makes me happy. It makes me feel alive, like I have purpose. And I won't fucking stand for anyone tearing that down. So if I don't want to draw hetero or yuri, I damned well won't. It doesn't mean I hate them, it just means I don't want to do it. 

I also draw yaoi because I LOVE GUYS! They're all just so sexy and cute and I wish I could have one of my own but yeah ain't going to happen, so it helps. 

Now don't fucking misunderstand me, this doesn't mean I hate females or am anti-female, nor does it mean I am a feminist. I'm neither of those. Look at it from my point of view. I'm a boy, stuck in a female body. I have to get up every day and look in the mirror to see a body I absolutely hate. I have to live like this, trapped and forced to be labelled the gender I'm not, called the name that I hate, and forced to wear the clothes that do fuck all to hide my birth sex. Now you know why I don't like the female body, or get a basic concept of it. There's more reasons though, so you can't judge off this alone. 

I really shouldn't have to explain myself but, enough is enough. I'm tired of all the yaoi and anime bashing. It's not just on deviantart or the internet either. In real life even the people closest to me turn their noses down at me for liking this stuff and I'm really sick of it. I don't want to hide what I like from people as if it's some forbidden taboo or some shit. If you hate it so much, then avoid it. Just stop whining about it every single time it comes up and bashing anyone who likes it, assuming they're some rabid tard. 

Again before you judge me and throw a hateful comment, get to know me. 

- End Rant 
  • Mood: Rant

Worbla's Deco Art Tutorial I

Thu May 9, 2013, 9:04 AM
◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ :facebook: Naraku on Facebook ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊
◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ :twitter: Naraku on Twitter ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊

Based on 2 tutorials, I have given you a view about Worbla's Finest Art.
Today I want to bring you his little brother closer:

Worbla's DECO Art

For all american friends: it is similar to Friendly Plastic. Nevertheless I want to show you the handling of this material closer.
The Worbla materials work similar. A second tutorial on Worbla's Deco Art will come soon, too.


For everyone who don't know where to buy Worbla's Deco Art. You can buy it here:
my costume


Let's start:

Step 1

What do you need:
Worbla's Deco Art
A bowl / pot
a sieve water boiler plus water
(Kitchen) towels (if it drips)
Optional: a silicone mold etc.

Step 2

Fill in the quantity required of Worbla (white beads) in your sieve. Immerse it into the boiled water, which you have previously poured into the bowl.

Step 3

You can see how the white Worbla will turn transparent. After it has completely turned transparent, take it out the sieve and knead it. It should have a smooth surface. Again it is whitish, immerse it again into hot water.

Step 4

Press the Worbla into the mold or bend it freehand. Wait until it gets white to remove it.

For sculpture you can knead it for so long and reheat again until you have your desired shape.

Step 5

Now you can cut or even clean all edges for a final finish.

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Hakuouki -Calendar'10- vid and review!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 29, 2011, 8:32 AM
  • Mood: Thanks
  • Listening to: Megurine Luka & Gumi - speed
I can't believe I managed to procrastinate a good half year before writing this review. What made me get down to writing this was a refreshing memory from the day of the event itself.. Video taken and edited by elpheal, our dear local 'paparazzi'! Thank you for your hard work!…

The video is a put together of how Jesuke and I made our costumes, like a mini tutorial and interview. Do visit thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.… for her many helpful tutorials and reviews!

In support, I uploaded a second shot taken by :iconrescend:'s awesome 'cinematic' shot.
Killing is... by LennethXVII

Do stay tuned for the rest of my teammates! We will finally be having our shoot, guys!

Chizuru Yukimura 雪村千鶴 : melo-01
Hijikata Toshizo 土方歳三 : Kanasaiii
Okita Soji 沖田総司 : LennethXVII
Saito Hajime 斎藤一 : Jesuke
Harada Sanosuke 原田佐之助 ashteyz
Todo Heisuke 藤堂平助 Cvy
Nagakura Shinpachi 永倉 新八 : keixtique69
Chikage Kazama 風間千景 : ohonigiri

Moving on to the review on that day..

Starting with a rough summary. Since forming the team for our traditional Hakuouki costumes, I had always wanted Kanasaiii to join us once again for the Calendar version of Hijikata but countless times, she would reject me. Due to the difficulty of dyeing the gradient on his hakama, lack of funds, interest and would rather do other series. We are best friends, so naturally, I was upset, although respecting her decision. Later, I was told by ashteyz that we have a coser named.. N-..NN..omg I forgot. Nelly? whatever. joinging us as Hijikata. Despite that, I continued to relentlessly grill Kanasaiii to still cosplay Hijikata. But she never agreed to in the end, so I disappointingly gave up.

I was annoyed at this girl who was gonna be our Hijikata. Because she never did come for our team discussion meetings, and was even late turning up for the event. But when she finally came...

The video is for friends only on fb so I screencapped..

keixtique69 turned almost immediately to see how I reacted!

...and followed by a roar of laughter TwT

Really, I was just STUNNED.

Kanasaiii as Hijikata Toshizo.


...everyone was laughing!

I was speechless and finally, senses hit me and I knew I was pranked.


Embarrassed. Amused. Speechless. And....

....amusingly annoyed!!


They were like... SUCCESS!! WOOOO!!!!!

It was not very manly, but I cried. Happy tears of course. Thank you all for bringing me such a dear memory to my heart, especially to Kanasaiii who suffered a lot of verbal abuse, tantrums and tried so hard to keep it a secret from me.

Apparently! She gave her thumbs up to cosplay Calendar Hiji even before me. OTL And decided to 'get back' at me for the same prank I did to her 4 years ago. XD

.....Thank you..

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