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awwwww Thank youuuuuu guys ;A;!!<3333 really I didn't expect such a great success ;w;!!!*hugs you* :heart: <33333
I'm sooo happy you enjoyed the raffle ;; u ;;!!!<333

The winners on 822 numbers are:

:iconb0uquet: :iconms-cake-bandit: :iconpeachpoppy: waaaaaa congratulationssssssssssss * u *!!!<3333
Screenshots <33

  WOW 822 favs ;u;
Due the great amount of success I'll select 3 person this time instead of 2  ; u ;!! <333
Thank youuu >u<!!<333

Feel free to un-fav this journal <33

Hiiiiiiiiiii * o *!!
I'm back guys >w<!!<3333
I'll respond as soon as possible to all notes/messages/gifts ;u; thank you so much for everything!!;A;!!:heart:
But I really want to thank all for being so supportive ;u;!!<333333
So I decided to do a Tiny raffle (I almost finished the old raffles <33 I already sent most of them by note time ago, soon I'll upload them even in DA ) <333

- Icon Raffle:
:bulletred: 2 free slots for icons like >u< :

Tiny new base by Mimru

How to enter

:bulletred: Favorite this journal to enter the raffle >v< (you automatically gets a number) <3
I'll select 2 person with random generator from this site

I'll close this raffle in 24 hours <333 >w< Have fun * o *!! <333333:heart: <3333


GSFSGSFSGSGS THANKS ALSO TO  :iconbread-and-swords:
For the 1 year of premium membership OMG THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ;;AAA;;!!!<3333333333
*dies* you're really sweet ;w;!!! Thank you so much sgsfsgsgs I CAN'T STOP CRYINGGGG AWWWWWWWWWWW ;////; :iconluvluvplz::iconluvluvplz:
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Update2: The winner is 85. Aspintacular! Everyone, thank you so much for entering!

Update: I have something to do on the 10th so I'm ending it earlier instead. It's a simple raffle so less time'll do!

Since my lotto idea was against the rules (THANK YOU volantium FOR LETTING ME KNOW I RLY DO APPRECIATE IT ah i don't want to get banned again) I'll have another giveaway instead because u guys r all lovely ppl muah

Colorful chibi 1 chara
colored picture references only, no description references
cute/pretty etc characters only
Yukionna Aero by niaro

TO ENTER JUST FAVE THIS JOURNAL THAT'S IT and i will choose fairly by with my friend's help
if you don't reply within 24 hours to my note I'll have to hop to another winner plz don't make me do that i'd feel rly bad U CAN LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW THAT YOU'LL NEED 48 HOURS INSTEAD

Giveaway ends 08/05/13 (saturday PST 10:00 pm)
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The winners are:
raffle prize -- Archer of Sagitarius by onisuu
Done - requested to be not on dA

I'll draw your prizes soon! ^__^))

Thanks everyone for participating! Look forward to the next raffle sometime in august! =D

To enter this raffle, you have to meet ALL 3 requirements!
1) be a watcher
2) add this journal to your favourites 
3) comment with links/attach media to 1-3 characters you want drawn (I'll pick 1), if you win.

if you miss one, you will lose your winning spot if your number is drawn.

I want to click and see your character's appearance and draw from that -- I will not read their please enter only if you welcome artistic freedom :dummy:

1st drawn winner will get 1 shoulder up drawing (regular style)

2nd and 3rd drawn winners will get sketches of some sort hehe

winners will be determined by  rng on aug 1
Good luck! =D
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Thanks for your interest ;w;!! <333

The winners on 204 numbers are:

 remsellec Mercuryb0t GM3Li
PixelCerise x-shadowed-dawn-x musixdixie nebeskaa
Ashourii TakkuNoTori Kiwii-tan Rigune QBpixel
kingkazmathethunderc(he no longer wanted the slot so the new winner is >u< )

Thank you so much ;w;!:heart: <33333
I don't know when I'll open commissions again <333 >u< :heart:

The journal is closed

Hi guys >u< <33
Some people advised me to do a sort of "lottery" to pick person who are interested to buy a commission from me!<33
So instead of "First come, first serve", this time I'll pick the winners with <333
15 Slots, 1 slot per person >w<!!

For the first time I want to try to open my little commissions style >u<


This is not a free 'raffle' ^^ <33 enter only if you want to buy an icon from me >u<!!
Tomorrow I'll update the journal with the winners of the list :heart: <3333

Commission info

Each icon cost 150 :points: only points this time ;u; sorry!

Little icon set 3 by MimruLittle new base by Mimru


- How to enter :

Favorite this journal to enter the raffle >v< you automatically gets a number (you can see your number by clicking on 'journal favorites' ) <3
I'll select 15 person with random generator from this site
I'll close this raffle in 24 hours <333 >w<

:bulletred: DO NOT send me the points before you win a slot <3333
:bulletred: If you win the slot and you don't want it anymore, I'll pick another person >u<!!
:bulletred: I'll send a note to the winners asking for ref(s) so wait my note to send the payment (because I need to create the commission widget ^^ )
:bulletred: After you win I'll start working on your commission after receiving the payments Heart
:bulletred: You have to send the payment within 1 day <333 >u<
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 Raffle Prize -- Sketch by onisuuraffle prize -- Yuuka by onisuuraffle prize -- Ryuutaro by onisuu
The winners and their request posts are:
Congrats! :icondancinglaplz:
I will work on your sketches tonight/tmr! ^w^

Thank you everyone for participating! n O n <3333
I'll save this journal and its glorious comments for future ref... :iconheeplz:
Look forward to more raffles in the future!
Thank you for your support and I hope you are enjoying your summer! ^___^~
drink lots of water everyone, for beautiful skin :iconamgtouchplz:~!!

Please do both steps below (fave + comment your request)
I will be doing the draw in a few minutes! (4PM PST)
hey you!! 


sitting in that chair, I see you there 

Wanna win a free coloured sketch? ^0^
I will pick 3 numbers and then 3 of you will have your request drawn!
Majora and Skull Kid by onisuugift -- Qamar by onisuu

HOW TO ENTER (must do both steps!):
1. Fave this journal so you get a raffle number
2. Comment your request that you want me to draw, if you win! 8D
please choose 1-3 characters only -- post a direct link to a picture of them, or attach the file to your comment 

I will pick numbers in a day or two from when this journal is posted 83

**if your number is drawn but you did not post your request or posted too many, I will pick a new winner!!
Please, if you want to win, follow these rules ; a ; 
I shall be merciless :iconzoominplz: I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO LOOK FOR A CHARACTER FROM A PAGE :D
You can repost a valid comment and I will use that one instead if you win

2013 Summer contest! (ALL RESULTS OUT~)Writing Contest Results!
Ahh sorry for the delay for the writing contest results!
I got home later than expected last night and didn't have time to reread all the entries until this morning. :la:
There were 9 entries in the writing category and they were all really great and fun to read! <3
A great big thank you to everyone for spinning such creative stories for my OCs! ; 7 ; ))) <33
Since there were fewer than 10 entries, there will only be one prize. I made it a bit bigger hehe~
The winner is KaraWingsxX with her story, All I Needed!
(click the title to read it! <3)
This story features Ceros, Seine and Orhi!
Kara's story really really did a great job of adding a new plot line into the Unicorn world. 
The introduction of a new kind of infected dream butterfly is so interesting to me. 
I would love to delve i

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hihihihi <3
Today I've reached 1,000+ watchers * O * holy carp what the fluck kfndmslkrhfgbjnsljshfnc
Amg did you know i never thought i'd get as many as 50 watchers when i joined dA XDDD

idfhvbnmsdjufgdvbjcnlsifh anyways

To thank all my watchers.... Im going to be giving away stuff owo 

I know it's not much but I really don't have that much to give ;___; <3 Please understand

Im giving away a goodie bundle consisting of:

-Chibi from me
-Pixel Icon from me
-1 month premium
-150 :points:
You can look in my gallery if you want examples

Rules to participate:
-You MUST be one of my watchers BEFORE this journal is posted to be eligible(I will be checking!) 
-One entry per person (no using other accounts!)
-You must love apple juice (Nah, just kidding)

To enter (if you are eligible):
- :+fav: this journal 
-.... thats it 8D

Because I will be picking a number from a random generator, you must fav this journal and the number you are listed as will be your draw number

If the number generated belongs to a person who did not follow the rules, another random number will be chosen. 

You can also share the prizes with others, (e.g you want to keep the points but want the pixel icon for a friend) but you must let me know before i send you the prizes! 

Again, thank you so much ;___; <3333333333

Edit: Oops forgot to add end time

I will pick at 9:00 PM EST on 5/19/13

& AMG thank you all for the CONGRAZZLES <33333 
number was picked at 8:54 PM EST, user confirmed by 8:56PM EST 
WINNER: (drumroll pl0x)

 photo winnerproof_zpsd5a25141.png


I will note you regarding your prize.

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 Hola mis queridos amigos
 otra vez rifare un dibujo, pero en esta cuenta :3
 no necesariamente tiene que ser un chibi, puede ser el que el ganador quiera, como en cualquiera de estos estilos

 Primavera ceresita by ibuchani _ Chibi mediano
chiquita cosa rosa by ibuchani_ Estilo kindness

Winner of the chibi raffle by ivi-chani_o un chibi normal

 Bueno, para participar, solo deven ser mis watchers y favear este journal y nada mas.
 mucha suerte a todos n.n
 Fecha limite, el 1 de octubre


  <span class="">hello!
  I will make a chibi raffle

  participate is very easy, just have to be my watchers and fav this journal and you are participating n.n

the winner
can choose from these styles:

Primavera ceresita by ibuchani_ chibi medium

chiquita cosa rosa by ibuchani_ style kindness
Winner of the chibi raffle by ivi-chani_ normal chibi

good luck to all!!!
deadline<span class="">, October 1</span>
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RAFFLe WINNERS + YOU, come talk to me ! n q n

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 6, 2013, 9:47 PM

UPDATE: The 2 winners are #111 :iconshini-ko:, and #167 :iconnepheloyd:
everyone else, thank you for participating! I will hold future raffles, and good luck and try again !

Winners please note me what you'd like! n q n


so i figured it's never bad to socialize with your watchers, so


I'll try to reply with something worth reading AHHAa ^ q ^
if you want to get to know me better, come tweet me n q n
im going to be more active on twitter now but I'll still post (completed) stuff here!

OK SO I THINK I'M GOING TO DO AN ICON RAFFLE Since summer's here and schools (almost, not really) out
I'll have some time to do stuff !

just favourite this journal so I can add you into the raffle.
I'll pick 2 winners for now! and it'll be just a 50 x 50 blinking icon OK

e.g. :iconpueiia:

this raffle ends .... 2 days from now !
whispers feel free to follow me on tumblr/twitter for extra raffles

you all are qts ! <3

im a mighty titan ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu guys ;;u;;!!<3333 thanks for your words, your comments ; A ;!!*cry a lot* :iconaawplz: ;;w;;
I don't know how to thank all of you...; AA ;!!
I'm happy you enjoyed the raffle ;o;!!<333

The winners on 461 numbers are:

:iconsummer-popsicle: :iconshirikisu: :icondeichuu: Congratulationssssssssssss > w Screenshoots:

Hiiii ;u;!!
First of all thank you ValaSedai for the DD on… ; AAAA ; *dies*!!!I'm soooooo happy :hug: <333333
Thank you so much for all support ;;u;;!!!!*loves you* :iconaawplz: <33333
very soon I'll upload the other pixel raffles >u<

Icon Raffle:
:bulletpink: I like my 4th base so 3 free slots for icons like >u< :

Boucing icon set 1 by MimruBoucing icon set 2 by Mimru

How to enter

:bulletred: Favorite this journal to enter the raffle >v< (you automatically gets a number) <3
I'll select 3 person with random generator from this site

I'll close this raffle in 24 hours <333 >v< Have fuuuuun <333333 :heart: <3333


Last commissions/gift: ;;u;;!!<333

Comm - Standing Set 2 by Stabrinacom: sukibelle [2/2] by MintiniMiri commision by AisyeraaMiri commision by Aisyeraa:thumb345579406::thumb347151075:
Mimru Chibi by Weiyuaquick chibi: Mimru by BZSarahHimeCommission: Mimru by Pokey-Chan:thumb351921400:Commission for Sukibelle by RinRinDaishiMiri and Koeda by KyouKaraacom: mimru [1/2] by Mintinicom: mimru [2/2] by MintiniMiri~ by MiyeeC for mimru by Candy-hime:G: Miri by Icee-tanMiri .: Cmere Mr.Butterfly :. by Airi-Nii
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[CLOSED!] Thank you 2nd year+10k watchers raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 14, 2013, 10:31 PM

The raffle is closed! 
Thank you for entering - the lucky winner will be announced soon with the final product! :)</b>

Hi to my old watchers as well as the new ones!
So today's exactly 2 years since I made this new account. I also noticed that it reached 10,000+ watchers up till today and here i'm like, "Ho shiz.... what's going on here :iconunseenplz:" I know it must have been the pantsus that lead you all here /shot
I know i'm not a really good person because I don't reply to all the comments and only draw stuff I want to draw most of the time, but I want to thank all who have been kind and gave lots of support. 

Therefore, I thought I'd do a small raffle. The prize will be a pixel doll + food something like this:
Gift: Lomi by hitogata   Gift: Lee by hitogata

Unfortunately, since i'm still busy with lots of commissions and IRL events, there will be only 1 lucky winner. 
Yeah it's small, but I want to show some appreciation to those who watch me by at least doing something. :P

How to join the raffle:
:bulletblue: You must be a watcher (since it's "thank you watchers" event lol)
:bulletblue: You must :+fav: this journal to get a number
:bulletblue: Leave a comment with links to the refs of your OC (1 character only)
:bulletblue: Not required, but it would be great if you can tell me what works do you want to see from me in the future. 

The food will be chosen by me - i'll be sure to choose something that suits your character ;P

Raffle entry closes AUG 17 

The lucky winner will be chosen by the famous number generator. (I'll screencap the proof)
The winner will not be announced in this journal, but as the final prize that will be posted in my gallery. 

If I got time, I might do two. /dies


Buns are friends, not food.
  • Mood: Cheerful
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