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-Basic Info-
Name: Aogi
Name Meaning: Blur
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Pack: Pack of the Glowing Moon
Rank/Position: Beta
Accessories (no more than 4): Two green earrings made of dyed wood

Defensive/Fierce: He's utterly defensive of both his pack and himself. He doesn't like to back down from challenges, but will if he knows he can't win. He's sometimes rather hotheaded but usually manages to stay somewhat cool. He prefers to battle others with words, but words can hurt just as much as teeth sometimes.

Haughty: He thinks he's better than most other wolves Fortunately he's a beta, or else his habit for bossing people around would likely get him in to a lot of trouble. He also believes that his back is better than the rivals. His haughtiness might sometimes go so far as to be called a god complex.

Sarcastic: He's very sarcastic, especially to those he thinks are of lower intelligence. His sharp tongue sometimes gets him in to trouble with his superiors, but he always manages to talk his way out of it. Many young ones are afraid of his reprimands, though.

Intelligent: Aogi is a master of tactics and tries his best to learn stuff about the world. He listens a lot, and from this discovers a lot of interesting information. He also makes a point of talking to elders, as they are very wise and know the most.

Silvertongued: He can talk his way out of many a sticky situation by means of false flattery and big words. Not only that, he can convince many that he is a friend or enemy just by words. This commanding aspect helped him achieve his spot as beta.

Specialty: Tactics, essentially making plans. His almost always work, and and although he may not be the best of fighters, he's very calculating and precise.
Aogi was born just as the sun was setting. As his mother gasped with the pain of bearing five pups, the sun hit the horizon in a cacophony of yellows and reds. The old female who was there with his mother had always claimed that the sunset was a bad omen during a birth, and she was uncomfortable in the circumstances. However superstitious the old one was, though, she would not leave the young female's side. Both had names, but not ones that the young pup would remember, in any case, his parents were of little concern to him in the end.

The sunset was especially dangerous in such a milieu that surrounded the two wolves at that moment. The Crags were many sharp rocks that jutted towards the skies, twisted and malformed as the scarce plants that grew there. Too many wolves died on the sharp stones, as just about anything in the harsh mountains was out to kill the canines. Gangs of rogues traversed the skinny mountain passes as well, and would kill any trespassers. Or, if that trespasser happened to be female, they'd rape her before killing her. Of course, that sometimes happened to the males as well. They didn't really care. The elder had managed to survive in the wastes by knowing where to hide. She'd lived practically all of her life in the Crags, and knew the paths as well as she knew her claws. She was known as a traveling healer, and had helped many of the wolves who roamed the spiky rocks.

She'd found the wolf in front of her a few days ago, climbing wearily up the rocks, bulging belly slowing her down. The elder had given her food and a place to rest, and the female had explained that she was running away from those who wished to hurt her. Although the female personally thought that she'd be better off with whoever that was than she would be in the crags, she'd helped her nonetheless.

The first pup was born quickly. She looked up at the fiery sky and shuddered, gasping for air. The cord that linked her to oxygen had been cut, and with a malformed throat she could not inhale. She gave a tiny whine and died. The old female quickly shoved her out of her mother's view. "One healthy pup," she lied. It would not do to hit the young mother with a tragedy like that while she was still in the process of birthing.

The second was dead, as was the third. The old, ragged female muttered something indecipherable under her breath. She had known it was a bad omen to give birth at sunset. Her own mother had done so, and look what had happened to her daughter. Barren as a mountaintop. Yes, her mother's one offspring was unable to continue the line. She knew all about the misfortunes of sunsets. Red as the blood of slain wolves.

The fourth pup slid out after a long moment. It was badly deformed, and the old one's stomach churned just to look at it. It had gotten stuck partially out, and she could see why now that it was out in the air. It whined and made some sort of movement. The elder slid it away to join the dead pups. It would die soon, and judging by the state of it's five legs, it would never learn to walk.

The old one sighed, readying herself to receive the last dead pup. It was tragic, to be sure, but honestly she wasn't surprised. She had warned the young female about the sunrises. It wasn't like she was to blame, after all. Besides, she'd helped birth so many pups in the past that she was practically dead to the tragedy that inevitably came out in the Crags. She was all too surprised, however, when the last pup slid out and gave a tremendously loud squeal.

It clearly had strong lungs, and was a right sight bigger than the other pups, probably the largest one she'd ever seen. It rolled over and she saw it was a he. He struggled free of the assorted birthing products, and she helped him with several strong licks. He filled his lungs and wriggled around blindly, and she numbly guided him to his mother's side. She was panting, eyes glazed, but she managed to let out a tiny, joyful sound as he latched on to her teat. Just as the sun vanished completely, she found the strength to lift her head and gaze at the large, pale creature at her belly.


Life in the Crags was harsh, and when the pup Aogi was barely weaned, his mother died. The harshness of her birth had weakened her, and she lived just long enough to give the pup the strength to grow. The pup was strong, and his pale fur had developed in to a shock of vivid white.

[Adult (Current)]
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Point commission for *Dragon-Wolf-Lover <3
I hope you like it! I had fun with the hair lool
She has a really simple but nice character design man.

Art © =SpectroDragon
Character © *Dragon-Wolf-Lover
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EDIT That's Fayla's Otter version, she is still my fursona, but my second fursona. ;D
★ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ★


:star: Name: Fayla
:star: Age: 17 (human years)
:star: Character: cheeky, but also shy, friendly, feels a bit lonely sometimes
:star: Gender: Female
:star: Species: Otter
:star: Likes: Her friends, swimming, drawing, playing around in rivers
:star: Hates: Eating fish (!), bullying, boredom, liars, storms, most insects
:star: Size: 20 cm
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*flops down* I finally finished it... THE MOON!! LOOK AT IT!!! ARG!!!

Art (c) me
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Oh god
You guys know that program right? Paintbrush for mac? WELL IT SUCKS
I tried pixelng with it and it's worse than Paint.
Anyway, enjoy this crap.

Art © =SpectroDragon
Character will probably also belong to me some day when I draw it
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The first scene of Phantom Hourglass ;w;
How much I love that scene.
*The part below might contain minor spoilers for PH!*

Link basically jumps in the water
and tries to save Tetra who is captured by a creepy ship.

But he fails and washes up on the beach of Mercay island, where Ciela, the pink fairy, finds him.
Then the real adventure begins. yep

Spoilers end here!

Ok actually this whole drawing is a spoiler but I don't care :U
I hope you like it, I'm really proud of this for some reason, and I think the shading+lighting turned out awesome. Please critique this!

Art © =SpectroDragon
Link, Ciela, Tetra © Nintendo
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Bad title is bad. I don't care :'D
Eee more fanart<3
May contain slight spoilers for Skyward Sword I guess?

It's just a little flat
Nothing special
But I had to draw Zelda because I felt like it and I think this is actually really good

Goodnight. <3

Art © =SpectroDragon
Zelda © Nintendo
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I got her from =aquatii :D <3 I love her to bits. I seriously need to stop buying adopts XDD
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So this is another pic of Anastasia (Because she looks good ^^)
I asked 1 person, whic surprise is in the pic, and I hope sheŽll answer it in the comments ^^
But all the othjer just

Enjoy it ^^
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