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My deviantART Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 1:56 PM


DeviantART is a really important part of my life and it's been like that for several years now, so... how could I not take part to this lovely community event?

:heart: Here's my deviantART Story! :heart:

I first heard of deviantART 8 or 9 years ago, from my High-school friend Noemi (unfortunately she's not active on this site anymore). We were in the school newspaper and we were chatting about art and manga and she told me about a cool internet community where people from all over the world could share their art with others.
She showed me the site and I immediately signed up.
I was really sorry to see that my nickname was already taken (my REAL nickname is Eren, not Eeren, I just added another E at the front because I thought that since my real name starts with "E" I could have just doubled it. And, NO, my name doesn't come from Shingeki No Kyojin ;D), but that didn't stop me from creating an account.
At the time I probably had been using my first wacom tablet for a few months and I was absolutely crazy about it.
I was a looooooot into fantasy and RPGs and I found many lovely artists that shared my passions and love for fantasy art.

With time I started creating some clubs dedicated to my favorite comics and books: Skydoll-Factory, claymore-FC and WinterIsComing-fans to share my passions with even more people. 
After a short time my mom started buying me a subscription from my b-day, and soon after that came my first deviantART T-shirt!

While this community helped me making lots of new friends, it also helped me improving my art, thanks to amazing artists that I was able to discover and follow on this site. Some of them became real art-idols for me, and they've been inspiring me for years now, guiding me with their work and teaching me lots and lots of incredible things and techniques.

If I should choose some of the most important works from my past story here on dA, they would probably be:
Grim tales page 5 by bleedmanLucifer by Wen-MRaven from Teen Titans by klarGo.. Go angel... by FealasyPepper Relax II by ArtgermThe Devil's Servent by sambeesthe Lyth by Orpheelin
These have all been some of my first favourites and I printed all of these works and hung them on the walls of my room, where they stayed for years and years. All of these amazing artists have been an incredible inspiration for me all along my art-life and they still have a place in my heart as inspirational idols.
(to the artists above: sorry if I featured some really old works of yours, but... those were really important for me in the past <3)

Time passed and I collected splendid experiences and friendships here, then one of the greatest achievements of my all life arrived: 1st October 2009, I got my first
I got it thanks to a very special friend, balorkin, who supported my work and was incredibly kind and nice to me.
One of the best people I've ever met here. <3 You're lovely Hon! <3

During the years I was able to meet other amazing people and collect great experiences, I got my second DD, won awards and met friends from all over the world and improved a lot in my art.
And without deviantART this would have never happened.

Many years ago, I was a small girl trying to find her way in the world of art and this place and the people that "live" here helped me a lot. So I want to do all I can to support those who are in the same situation: people with great talent that NEED to be noticed and loved and supported, so... those are the people I want to dedicate my story journal to.
And here are some of the most deserving artists that I've discovered recently. 
Give them lots of love.
Their art might not be technically perfect yet, but it's full of emotions, aspirations, love, effort and other amazing and strong feelings. I believe in these people and I know they can get even better and become guided for other future members of this growing and incredible community.

Also give lots of love to the staff of this splendid site, who made this community possible.
Because dA is awesome! <3

Happy b-day deviantART! <3
I LOVE YOU! :love:

Lucifer - updated by Z-PicoLovuLovu by MilkyWay-MoeButterfly Eater by CKittyKSkydoll Tribute - Noa by franzmoriKyonah by noquietinhereRise with the moon and sleep with the sun. by MinemikoMaliCommission - Leyti and Cinnamon by AfterlaughsBros Hug by MahaforOni~girl by eserioart<da:thumb id="443647387"/>Afterschool by audeladepilot by BlichtrSieglinde Sullivan by NorthDream.S y r e n i i a. by AstavielzeFire ! by JustoKazu

Mature Content

Twinkle by ElyBibi
CE: A Visitor from the Past by SeojinniDivine by Raichiyo33White Fox: Kaleidoscope Eyes by WhiteFoxFarmMagic is waiting ahead by STelariAfter Thought by kuramasdeathangleBird Cage Girl by PineappleliciousWu Kong by KaelNguknightey by cheeze-terKolatch and Lacy by kuramasdeathangleComm: Zasha and Julian by BloodnSpicelet's go fishing by BlackNinaAniyla - Commission by clover-teapotBack to the future by Arkrasfractal by super-infernoA fairy tale for her friends by OfrideLaura by aufzehengehenSnowmonkey by PicturePuttonenDrama by LarissaAllen

I would love to include thousands and more works in this feature, but I can't.
But I will surely make another "OMG YOU HAVE TO CHECK THESE AMAZING PEOPLE" feature very soon! I've been collecting materials for it for months! :)
In the mean while, you can check these two favourites collections where I put all my "WOW, this is cool" fav works! :)……
And a collection of DDs I've suggested:…
My collection of the "BEST DEVIATIONS EVER":…

Thanks for reading and please spread the love!

Eren <3

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Libertad de expresion

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 2:35 PM
OK, muchos han dicho cosas de mi último journal y sólo debo dicir.


Me da igual si creen que tengo depresión o semejante porque muchos dirán que estos mensajes se han repetido. Porque no es cierto. Sólo estoy saturada.

Pero el tema es que estas semanas especialmente se han vuelto una serie de acontecimientos desafortunados uno tras otro y la impotencia que tenía de no poder hacer nada me lleva a desahogarme de alguna forma. Y si la única forma que conozco es dibujar y ni eso estoy haciendo bien simplemente estuve en un estado al borde de las lágrimas al escribir esto.

No puedo ser hipócrita y escribir de sucesos felices y fantásticos si simplemente yo no estoy bien. Por lo que han de saber qué me pasa por las personas que me mandan mensajes para saber por qué no actualizo nada. Así que estoy simplemente usando la "gran libertad de expresión en la internet" de la que todos presumen para poder manifestar mi malestar.

Algunos trollean escudándose con esa libertad y yo no puedo escribir que estoy triste?

Es eso justo?

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Hey everyone ^.^

sry for being super late with my reports! There still will be a report about the convention in Finland as fast as possible. But first a report about my latest cosplay travel to Hungary :D!

I was very happy to be invited as guest for the convention "COSPLAYER EXPO" in Budapest.
There, we were judges for the cosplay competition (categories: craftmanship solo, craftsmanship group, performance, EuroCosplay). It took us nearly the complete day to judge. Sadly my panel about ECG and WCS had to be canceled, coz there was not enough time anymore after the cosplay competitions.
I took some photos during the contest while judging XD;...sadly there was not enough time for real shooting with the country's cospalyers. I still hope you enjoy the stage photos...
some examples (bigger versions on facebook ;D)
hu03 hu04 hu28 hu31 hu33 hu35 hu47 hu62 hu19

Congratulations to all the winners <3!!

After the contests we got some yummi yummi sushi <3 nomnom~
Then there was an auction to collect money for local animal shelters and directly after that there was the cosplay gala <3. Sry for no photos from that XD;

All in all really a great convention with many many nice people! I got so many new friends and I were so happy to meet my old friends again (greetings here to Licorne, Raffi, Ruki, Andreea, Shinju and Co. ;D!)
We were treated really wonderfully like princesses :heart:! I totally enjoyed my time there.

For everybody who wants to visit more foreign conventions, I really recommend Cosplayer Expo in Budapest!

One day after the convention we could go to visit the city and OHMYGOSH most beautiful city EVER!!! I was so surprise how beautiful and clean Budapest is! Gosh it is really like a dream <3!
here some impressions from our little trip to Budapest <3

IMG_4759 IMG_4770

So it was absolutely worth traveling to Budapest <3!!!
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I had a lot of fun with the last photography feature I did and so decided to repeat it :)

<da:thumb id="213871733"/> Dramatic Lights by sevenmf It all began with a Sunrise by IyehEncarnado Paper Dreams. by PiecesOfAnsley Pearls of Wisdom III by FlabnBone Of Both Worlds by FantaC-N-1xx09 Wish by FlabnBone Gravity by ValentinaWhite Owl Key by Clerdy Wedding portrait 002 by onesummerago Joy by jatsy Harley portrait by Herrderp95 Mare and Foal by VolpeArtica08 111113 by kristianna11 portrait III by pollina Autumn Portrait by Yami-Usagi Holly and Pete Portrait II by klansi <da:thumb id="412729623"/> Wild horses by jolian Reptiles by LeanneMarie92

None of the images shown belong to me, they are the property of their respective owners.
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applique tutorial

Mon Jul 9, 2012, 12:47 PM
◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ :facebook: Naraku on Facebook ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊
 ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ :twitter: Naraku on Twitter ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊

After my dear friend :iconaigue-marine: (and a lot of other people before) asked me, how I make my appliques, I thought: hey, you work at a costume with this appliques again. I can make a tutorial!

And here you see step by step how I make on a easy way all my appliques.


What do you need:
- paper, pencil and scissors (maybe a rubber)
- fabric and thread
- Interfacing /Interfacing double-sided and a iron
- sewing mashine/ needle

How to work step by step:


Sew or compose your costume, as you need it.
If you know where the pattern to be sewn on it: take the fabric or the pattern for step 3 as a template


Take (old) paper, a sketch of the costume as an overview and pens for drawing


Copy the fabric or the pattern on the paper.
Then draw the desired pattern as a template onto the paper.


Cut and sort everything ^. ~


Reinforce your fabric with interfacing. It must not go off!


Draw with the template your pattern on the fabric and cut them roughly (!).


Set your machine to a zigzag. This can be nearly look like this.
Sew all the lines along the fabric. This can sometimes take a little longer. So be patient.


The pattern looks like this, once you've sewed it. Sometimes you have to iron it then.


Cut it out carefully. In this case you may not cut the seam, otherwise everything goes on.


Cut all the threads.


Place the pattern on the costume / the fabric. You can clue it or get pin up.
In double-sided interfacing just put it ironed, then it will not slip.
Sew a second time with the zigzag along the pattern.


TADAAAAAA your applique is done!


I hope you like it. If you have any questions, you can contakting me here or per note. ^.~

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Cosplay Friday: Frozen

Fri Dec 26, 2014, 12:00 AM
80-img-00 by techgnotic

There’s a chill in the air as we travel to the kingdom of Arendelle for a Frozen cosplay treat.

Frozen was Disney’s tremendously successful third attempt at adapting the grimm Hans Christian Anderson tale The Snow Queen. As early as 1943, Walt Disney saw the potential in this the longest and most highly acclaimed of Andersen’s stories, but it took 70 years and a couple of modifications for the film to finally become a dream come true.

First published in 1845, the villainous Snow Queen was described in the story as: “…a woman, dressed in garments of white gauze, which looked like millions of starry snow–flakes linked together. She was fair and beautiful, but made of ice—shining and glittering ice. Still she was alive and her eyes sparkled like bright stars, but there was neither peace nor rest in their glance”

In order to make the story work on screen Disney had to turn the Snow Queen from villain to flawed heroine and in doing so introduced it’s first dual Princess movie featuring sisters Elsa and Anna.

Disney always includes a few artistic treats in their animated films and this one is no different. The names of the characters—Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven—are a tribute to the original author, when place together it sounds like Hans Christian Anderson. During Anna’s song ‘For the first time in Forever’ she swings and poses in front of a painting in the palace gallery based on 18th-century oil painting ‘The Happy Accidents of the Swing’ by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. It seems to be a popular painting among the Disney animators as it has show up in the concept art of films like Tangled.

Frozen’s popularity is a tribute to the essential and timeless themes of Anderson’s story—love, family, and finding one’s inner strength. The award winning film has not only melted audiences’ hearts across the world and become the highest–grossing animated movie of all time, it has also inspired a multitude of cosplayers to “let it go” and transform into their favorite Frozen characters.

There's a chill in the air as we travel to the Kingdom of Arendelle for a Frozen cosplay treat. Frozen was Disney’s tremendously successful third attempt at adapting the grimm Hans Christian Anderson tale 'The Snow Queen.' As early as 1943, Walt Disney saw the potential in this the longest and most highly acclaimed of Andersen’s stories, but it took 70 years and a couple of modifications for the film to finally become a dream come true.

Author: spotted

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historic corset tutorial

Thu May 2, 2013, 12:55 PM
◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ :facebook: Naraku on Facebook ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊
◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ :twitter: Naraku on Twitter ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊

After serveral requests, I decided to upload a tutorial for my absinthe corset today. As you can see I used the same pattern for my steampunk corset dress Mademoiselle Émeraude Steam.

This tutorial shows an elaborate corset. Patterns can be found on the Internet at Burda / Simplicity or even online shops about historical patterns and corsets.
Many steps can be used for a simple corsage. The steps are noted with three hearts (❤ ❤ ❤).
A corsage tutorial will come this year too. You can find all information on my FB page.

And now Step by Step „How to make a historic corset":

Step 1 ❤❤❤

What materials do you need:

- Pattern of your choice
- Different fabrics (solid cotton, patterned fabric and as desired: taffeta)
- Thread, needles and scissors
- Eyelets
- Corset bone (more information in Step 9)
- various cords and ribbons

Step 2 ❤❤❤

First you copy the pattern on the fabrics and cut it out.
The corset requires 3 to 4 layers of fabric. We will be using a lot of boning. Consequently the material has to be able to carry a lot of weight. Through the many layers of fabric we prevent holes and rapid wear.

Tip: Draw all the lines and marks on the middle layers of fabric (shown here in white cotton).

Step 3 ❤❤❤

Divide the material into 2 categories:
Corset 1 – outer fabric (patterned fabric) with a center fabric (white cotton)
Corset 2 – inner fabric (taffeta) with a center fabric (white cotton)

Now you can pin each corset and sew all the pieces of fabric together. Here the painted lines on the center fabric (white cotton) will be helpful.
Just a hint: Corsets and some corsages have ALWAYS larger seam allowances.

In the end we have two corsets.

Step 4

In case that you haven't transfered all lines of the pattern onto the fabric - do it now.
Use a simple and long stitch and sew over these lines. No sealing or double step stitch required.

Tip: sew the lines ONLY on the inner fabric. (see Step 8)

Step 5

This step requires more time and attention.
Place the two corsets onto each other.
The seam allowances have to be opened. With an iron it's completely fix.

If the corset fits perfectly (seam to seam), then you can sew the right and left selvage together.
The upper side with the straps and the lower side with the curve remain open.

Step 6 ❤❤❤

To prevent the fabrics from shifting, pin the freshly stitched selvage and sew a small line.

In preparation for the eyelet and lacing, sewn 3 more lines. It is divided into:
Corset bone – eyelet – corset bone

Tip: Put a little piece of corset bone next to you for all lines. So you are sure that everything fits later.

Step 7

As in Step 6, lay all seams together. Sew directly on the seam everything together.
Now nothing can slip.

Step 8

Sew all lines along on the inner fabric. They are now seen on the outer fabric.
You can undo the older seam, if you want to.

Follow this line and sew step by step all so-called bone tunnel. The corset bones will be inserted in there.

Step 9 ❤❤❤

Bones has many variations and are very important for the corset.
Here are 3 types.

From top to bottom:
- fabric bone
- plastic bone
- metal bone

~ The fabric bone is available in any fabric store. But it's no good for a corset or a corsage.
There is a ribbon with a thin plastic / nylon threads.
The boning is weak and bends rather easily. It is also not possible to bend it into specific shapes or lines

~ The plastic bone is very stiff in the contrary to the metal bone. It can cut it with scissors and don't break or warp so easy. For a corsage or a corset it is ideal.
The more bones is taken, the more stiff will be the top. Advantage: it is cheaper and lighter than the metal bones.
Other variations can be found in wood / bamboo.

~ The metal bone is the most used boning. It is available as a strap or as a spiral spring strap (see picture). They are the plastic bone on the qualities very close.
Disadvantage: you need a tin snips, end caps and can be more expensive.
Advantage: they are flexible despite the weight, keep the most traction and remain in the bent form, if necessary.

I prefer plastic and metal. But it depends on the corset and the person who wears is.

Step 10 ❤❤❤

Cut the boning in the right length.
The important thing is: The corset is closed in the end (see the seam on the bottom selvage). To prevent needle breakage, the boning must be shorter than the length of the tunnel. At least one seam allowance above and below.

Do you cut off all bones (and possibly put the caps), then push it into the tunnel.
Close with a seam the bottom and top selvage. So the bones can't slip out.

Tip: Just take your thumb or forefinger as a measure tape.

Step 11 ❤❤❤

Time for a beautiful (useful) decoration Part 1:

Take a beautiful bias tape and sew it on to the fabric. Turn down the bias tape around the edge and sew it again.
Who can sew around the curve or is uncertain, may at any time to sew the bias tape by hand.

Note: Various bias tape tutorial will also follow this year.

Step 12 ❤❤❤

Beautiful decoration Part 2:

If you want, you can always sew beautiful laces, ribbons or other onto the bias tape.

Step 13 ❤❤❤

The final step!
Everything is sewn and the decorations are attached to the corsets. Up next we'll insert the eyelets.

Mark the places on which you'd like to insert the eyelets from the inside.
With a punch pliers, a nail scissors or an unstitcher you cut the holes.
Uses the eyelets and seals them.
You can use a tongs or a hammer.

Threaded into the cord and have fun!

Time for me: 2-3 days

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The Real Life Big Hero 6

Tue Mar 24, 2015, 4:53 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

Disney’s Academy Award Winning Big Hero 6 pushed the boundaries of realistic animated storytelling with Hyperion, the new software developed specifically for the film.

It simulates the physics of light, creating a more lifelike environment. Hyperion allowed the Big Hero 6 team to capture the air and light of San Francisco in a way never before possible and the spectacular results are visible in the movie’s breathtaking aerial sequences.

A team of DeviantArt cosplayers known as the Tux Team fell in love with Big Hero 6 and decided to one-up Hyperion by bringing the movie’s characters to life. And did they ever! The group recreated several scenes from the movie to near perfection.

The Tux Team

as Hiro Hamada

as Tadashi Hamada

as Aunt Cass



as Baymax

Each has been cosplaying for at least 10 years and they came together after having met each other through conventions. Eventually becoming good friends, none is sure where the “Tux Team” moniker came from. Members enjoy the challenge and creativity that go into every cosplay creation, which are only made possible through the diverse and complementary skill sets of the Tux Teamers.

Why “Big Hero 6”

When asked what was it about this movie that inspired them to cosplay the scenes Jin responds, “It completely stole our hearts. We were blown away by the quirky aesthetics of the world of San Fransokyo. We came to love the diverse and endearing cast of characters, and most of all — we were deeply touched by the messages of the film. It was through these that we were inspired to recreate the scenes.”

Kat adds, “Big Hero 6 just struck me so deeply because of the way that they tackled with the topic of loss and how to cope. It’s a universal concept that anyone can easily relate to.”

How Did They Do It?

The most striking part of this cosplay is how the team’s faces evoked those of the animated characters. When asked how they achieved this look Jin says, “I do illustration and painting, so I think of makeup as drawing materials for the face. So basically, I look at a character and observe their features and attempt to draw the same lines and colours on my face. I kept in mind that I wanted us to look partially like 3D-rendered characters and tried to work towards that idea. It’s a tough balance to achieve.” To fully portray the characters in all their glory the team studied their character’s gestures and facial expressions until they had them just right.

“Understanding the artistic choices and character motives the artists selected really help when you’re trying to reenact the scenes faithful to the original material.”

— Kat

Depending on a project’s complexity, costume production can range from weeks to months. For Big Hero 6, ready-made clothing for most of the characters was the choice since they were simple in design and items a regular person would wear. For Hiro’s outfit Jin chose to use an old hoodie and sneakers he already had. ”What was important for me was finding pieces with fabric in the right colour, weight, and texture. I wanted these pieces to contrast with each other visually so that it would look interesting despite the simplicity.”

Kat took a similar approach to her Aunt Cass costume. “I was literally wearing my mom’s clothes for Aunt Cass. That’s a pretty methodical approach to it because I really associate Aunt Cass with my mom — fashion, hair style, silliness, just everything, really!”

Baymax was definitely one of the more complicated costumes to craft out of the group. Kero spent a week “just figuring out what the best materials are to use and acquiring them.” To create Baymax he cut and sculpted dense mattress foam, covering the inside with a cloth lining to keep it clean. For the exterior he used a white, shiny 4-way stretch cloth and cautions not to use 2-way stretch as it makes it more difficult. For the rest of the costume Kero says, “foam-assisted rubber or EVA foam was used for the emblem as well as to help the head retain its smooth, oblong shape. Black synthetic leather was used for the eyes and grey colored stretch cloth was used for the patches. Contact cement was the primary adhesive for everything.” Here’s a clip of Baymax in action!

The Photo Shoot

An important part of the art of recreating scenes is the actual photo shoot and the post production elements. Jin shared a bit of the process the team went through for Big Hero 6. “As much as we can, we minimize the need for editing, because it’s fun to try working with available lighting and to make the most of our locations. Resh is excellent at capturing specific aesthetics through his photography! For our Big Hero 6 shoots, we scouted for places that looked like those in the film, and then we planned it so that we would be shooting in that place during the time when the quality of sunlight would match the scene that we’re trying to replicate. Even if we achieve what we want with the raw photo, we often still edit to do at least some colour grading to polish it further and unify the look of our photos as a collection.”

On creating scenes that were not in the movie Resh says, “The chemistry between the characters, their expressions, and their environment were brought together so well in the movie that we felt it would be fun to do our best at recreating them. It really helped us get a better feel for the mood and style of our other Big Hero 6 shoots that were not inspired by scenes from the movie, too!”

What’s next for this team of cosplaying masters?

Jin is looking forward to becoming Howl from “Howl’s Moving Castle.” Miguel is working on Judge Anderson from the Dredd series. Kat plans on crafting Mako Mankanshoku from “Kill la Kill” in her 2 Star Goku Uniform, and Kero has a slew of characters in store from Buzz Lightyear to the Avengers’ Ultron Prime.

The final result of all their hard work speaks for itself. Looking through the team’s gallery you’d think you were staring at production stills for the live action adaptation of Big Hero 6 - yes, it’s just that good.

Tux Team’s Top 5 Deviants To Watch

What they all have in common is the amount of care that goes into their work, whether it be photography or costume crafting, or a mixture of both. We admire their technical skills, of course. But the best cosplayers are the ones who best communicate how much they love the series that they are representing!

Our top five favourite cosplay galleries on DA, in no particular order:

Your Thoughts

  1. Who was the first character you sought to emulate from a TV show, movie, comic book or other source? How old were you?
  2. Which do you think requires more dedication to a character: a massive tattoo, or an elaborate and well-documented cosplaying?
  3. Do you use cosplay as a way to freely express yourself in a way not otherwise possible as your regular self?

Disney’s Academy Award Winning Big Hero 6 pushed the boundaries of realistic animated storytelling with Hyperion, the new software developed specifically for the film. It simulates the physics of light, creating a more lifelike environment. Hyperion allowed the Big Hero 6 team to capture the air and light of San Francisco in a way never before possible and the spectacular results are visible in the movie’s breathtaking aerial sequences.

Author: spotted
Designer: seoul-child

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Worbla's Finest Art Tutorial I

Thu Sep 13, 2012, 12:00 PM
◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ :facebook: Naraku on Facebook ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊
 ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ :twitter: Naraku on Twitter ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊

Hello and welcome to my second tutorial. I made this one especially for Thomas today.

Here are some pictures on "How to use Worbla's"


But first: What is Worbla's?

Worbla's Finest Art is a thermoplastic that's ultra cosplayer-friendly. It cuts easily with a knife or a pair of scissors. Then simply heat it up with steam, hot water or hot air (90°C), and it'll become mouldable. Once it's cooled down it goes hard again.

Worbla's works with spray paints and acrylics very well. There is glue on the shiny side, so multiple layers can be added when it's hot. And because it's only about 1mm thick, it's very good for creating details.

Don't throw away any leftovers! They can be heated up and then rolled together, then you can use it like putty.

◊◊◊ copied by coscraft ◊◊◊

you can buy it here:
my costume


Here you can see how I made the medals for my Lady Loki cosplay step by step.


What do you need:
- pencil, scissors or a knife and maybe paper
- worbla's
- head dryer
- acrylic paint/ spray
- sandpaper and spackle
- basic model

How does it work, step by step:


Keep your materials and basic models ready. Here you can see the light brown Worbla's and the basic forms.


Draw a shape or the outline of your basic model.


you're done? then cut it out - wohooo. (You can cut it easily with a knife or a pair of scissors.)
just a hint: Collect all residues. You can use it later for another project!


Time for the magic weapon: the ultimate heat pistol!
Heat your Worbla's, it gets soft and pliable.

my second hint: it is TOO hot when your worbla's is brighter/white and rough.


Put your Worbla's on your basic model or bend it freehand.
Now you have to wait for it to get cold and solid again.


You should heat all your pieces and bend them into your desired form in one go. This is easier and saves you a lot of time.


You don't need to do this step, but you can use some spackle to make your worbla's smoother.

STEP 7 a

If you use spackle, you can grind it down to smoothness with sandpaper.

STEP 7 b

This picture doesn't show it that well, but you can make out what I mean.
Your goal: make it smooth smooth smooth, like a baby bottom. ^.~


Are you done with the previous step? Now you can use all acrylic paint and spray it as you need. Let them dry very well.
For special effects you can use a second paint to draw on it after the first dried through.


Wear it on a convention and be the proudest cosplay in this world ♡

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Remember the Hetalia Wipeout video I made a while back? Yes? No? Well, I have just completed another video... It's Hetalia AFV! 
... Okay, honestly, it's not that much. Just the AFV GIFs all put together with the theme music in the background. But lots of people liked the Hetalia Wipeout video, so... yeah, I thought I would give AFV a shot. Woot woot :w00t:… There it is. A 1 minute and 22 second long video which took half an hour to finish. No, I am not exaggerating. Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything less since Prussia was involved. The little bugger will always find some way to mess something up. 

Alrighty then. I hope you all enjoy my little creation :)

:iconsexyprussiapls:        :iconimwatchingyoumemeplz:
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