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~Slut ögonen~

*Viking!Denmark X Reader X Viking!Nordics*

The days were harsh upon the Northen lands,as wind blew cold,ruining the already weak plants which were supposed to feed people around.
Denmark didn't seem to have though such a burdening weather as the other three countries,though when wind came and hit the shore,it just seemed to sweep everything in its way - as the inhabitants did with the conquered lands.
Accustomed to the sunny days from down south - which rarely were either cold or rainy - (Name) couldn't help but feel both sick and gloomy.It had a great impact onto her,not to tell the fact that she was a stranger among people she couldn't trust.
What really kept her alive was the thought that (Brother's Name) has probably reached the extrem southern area,brought to shore by gentle people and taken care of greatly - instead of cold nipping at his skin,he bathed in raw warm sunrays,instead of his lips bruised by frostbit,they were dried from the hot summer air - that kept her heart at peace for a little bit.
Closing her tired eyelids,hair sticking up from the effort she previously undergo,one of her temples against the wooden part of the front door,she felt once again back to her homeland - as a beautiful illusion,the emerald green grass kissed by the sun's gentle rays developed in front of her,children from around the village begging the (h/c) to narrate a fairytale which they lived - gasping here and there,their petite eyes widening in surprise,throwing their palms over their mouths - all of that was a soothing image for her soul,tears pricking at the corner of her eyes and silently escaping the now dull (e/c) orbs.
Stubbornly wiping the tears away with the back of her palm,(Name) decided it was the best to finish the chores before Matthias was going to reach the home they shared.
If it wasn't for the tall Dane to be so agresive and for the (nationality) girl to be his slave,they were almost to pass by as a couple - staying under the same roof,the female preoccupied with the cleaning and taking care of Magne,the blonde going out hunting and bringing firewoods home.
Checking onto the small boy,(Name)'s lips curled up into a smile as he was sound asleep,his breath inaudible as he clinged with his tightened fists onto the blanket which the female drapped better over him.
Looking down at the basket full of clothes and then at the weather outside,she couldn't help but sigh - but took the coat over her shoulders and went outside.
Even if the Danish land was mostly perfect curved hills,the more one advanced towards the coast line,it became more of a frightening view,scaring people off,hard to climb then even more hard to descend as it became abrupt.
Getting to the edge of the lake,the (h/c) got onto her knees,putting the basket near the water and getting one of the clothes there - trying to dip them deep into the water,the female cringed at the coldness,though she didn't complain and did what was supposed to and went further on.
The way back was a shake of her abnormal red hands,purple bruises across them.But when (Name) finally reached the warmth of the house,she felt genuinely blessed.
Having everything prepared,she sat down in front of the burning fire,feeling once again her hands - though the bruises were still there.
Hearing the front door hit the wall,only to be shortly closed,her (e/c) eyes met the three Viking males who made their way to the main room.
Motioning for the female to make her leave,she nodded in approval,not daring to say a single words besides a greet - the Swede's navy blue eyes went straight for her hands,scrunching his nose in disapproval.
"Vad gör ar du?Hon är en kvinna, inte en slav!" Berwald's deep accented voice cut through the warm atmosphere,low and threatening.
"Vad vet du om det?" the Dane answered,his light blonde eyebrow cocking in an arrogant manner.
"Nog!" the third male requested,his voice as monotonous as ever.
(Name) placed her body against the hard wall,hearing the Northen males talk something onto a whispered tone - her hearing became suddently acute,though the only things she could make out of the dialogue was only 'krig','dödsrädd' and 'hatat'  - but that wasn't enough to comprehend.
Maybe it was nothing to find out - and maybe,just maybe,it was for the best that she didn't know.

~Time skip~

First snow fell upon the Danish land,more of a timid powder of the frozen flakes from the gray canvas.It wasn't even half way through October as that happened,but considering the cold winds which always pinched at the exposed skin even in the spring,the female brushed it off,seeing people act as always - so she came to the conclusion it wasn't such a wonder,as she thought about it.
Keeping the basket full of medicinal herbs onto her arm,she kept close,swaying it a little as she tried remembering one of those tunes she used to hum back in her homeland.
As she advanced to the medium sized home,snowflakes got caught into her (h/l) (h/c) locks,glimmering shyly.Reaching her destination,she got rid of the oversized coat at the entrance,making it to the main room,warmth embracing her petite form.
Matthias' gaze followed her,studying how her soft cheeks were a soft red from the coldness outside,the already melted snowflakes still glimmering into her hair,making it look lighter,those orbs which played into her orbits extremly deep and not so dull anymore.
The small Danish boy gasped in surprise,throwing himself into the female's direction,hugging her legs tight,as if his whole life depended on it.
The Viking loved those moments when she came back and Magne was so happy about it,because those were the only seconds when (Name) actually smiled one caring and maternal smile towards the boy.
But as soon as it came,as fast it disappeared,especially when she met the Dane's ocean blue gaze.
"Have you taken those stupid herbs of yours woman?" Matthias demanded,pointing for her to sit across from him.
"They are not stupid!Something which is useful in treating injuries and has its purpose is not stupid.You may call weeds that,because they don't help at all,but everything has its own use!" (Name) responded in the same manner,though her voice soft and more of an argument for what the male just said,arranging the down part of her dress in order to sit better.
"And to answer your question,yes,I did!" she sighed,toring her gaze away from his.
The (e/c) eyes of the female seemed lost as she watched in amazement the sparks dance,as if it was some sort of spectacle and it said a whole story.
Everytime Magne got them a little bit closer one to the other's soul,it was either Matthias refusing it,acting like he firstly promised he would,or (Name),who choose to put a veil in between them two and play her role.

~Time skip~

Magne was long tucked under the covers,but that wasn't all.The thing which was unnerving and caused (Name) to stay up that late was the fact that the Danish male hasn't arrived yet from where he was.
He usually was there by the time the boy had to go to sleep or if it was to be off at war,he would have mentioned this either to her or to the infant.But he didn't and that kept the (h/c) up,to panic and feel insecure.
Placing a hand over her stomach while pacing in the main room,the female felt stupid all of a sudden - why did she care about Matthias?Wouldn't it be for the best if he died in battle?She would be free to go and she could take Magne with her,raise him as her younger brother.
She would no longer be a slave and could go down south,take the land she inherited and build everything from scratch.Having both (Brother's Name) and Magne and being able to heal people was all she need - she needed peace.
Then why the thought of the Danish Viking made her heart ache?Was she really in love with him after the harsh treatment?That was insane - but for the moment,it seemed the only logical explanation.
The front door opened,hitting the wall,so the (h/c) assumed it was only the wind - though hearing it close back,she was sure that someone came.
Matthias was there - and her heart was at pace - but the sight of a bloodied Lukas made her cringe.
She motioned for the tall blonde to put him on the blanket she threw onto the ground,near the fire,gathering the stuff she needed - a small pot with cold water in which she placed some herbs and stirred,another one with warm water and some unused cloth.
Placing the white cloth into the cold water,she started working onto the several wounds,causing bleeding to stop as she pressed harder onto the spot.Lukas didn't seem to give any sign of waking up and that made her feel insecure - his pale body seemed quite torn up and the wounds could have infected if she wasn't to use something to clean them better.But what?
Her (e/c) eyes franatically searching for something she could use,(Name) asked Matthias for the bottle of alcohool to which he complied.
Just when the Norwegian felt the power of alcohool soaked cloth against his injuries he cringed in pain,his eyes still shut close.
After a work of hours - which seemed like years to the female - she finally managed to patch up every single wound Lukas had,combing delicately his hair out of his face.
"He is going to be fine!I am going to prepare a lotion for his wounds to dry and for him to get better sooner!" the (h/c) sighed,standing from her place near the Norwegian's sleeping form.
"You better be telling the truth!" Matthias said in between his grithed teeth,his ocean blue gaze upon the other Viking's body.
"Let me see that!" (Name) requested,at which the Danish male complied for once.
Cleaning his wounds with care,Matthias couldn't help but look down at her - she was so gentle,unlike her defensive state,applying with care the bandages she made out of clean clothes the male didn't use.
"You really seem to care about him!" the (h/c) spoke into a low,soft voice.
"But I guess that is not my care either!" she continued,fastening the last knot upon the white cloth.
"Ja!That's right! Not your care..." the Viking responded half heartedly,watching as she drapped a thin blanket over her shoulders,getting near the front door.
"Aren't you going to sleep?" he asked,his eyes travelling to the place where she looked.
"That would be reckless and so unlike me!I assume we are in danger if you and master Lukas came wounded as this!I'll just be on guard for tonight and tomorrow I'll start preparing the moisture!" (Name) responded,feeling a little bit better after the male's attention.
"Not that I actually care... But you might get harmed and you make a pretty good slave!" Matthias said,'tsk' ing as he took a wooden chair next to hers.
In the spur of the moment,one of his fierce arms encircled her waist,bringing the (h/c) into his lap.
"What the hell do you think you are doing?" (Name) protested,obviously flustered by the current situation - but her struggle to get out of his grasp was in vain.
"Just being a wonderful master,so don't complain,or I'll be sure to cut your lungs!" the blonde responded,a wolf like smile painted across his features as he said that.
It was going to be a long night...
Matthias Køhler – Denmark

Lukas Bondevik – Norway

Berwald Oxentierna – Sweden
© Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya

Magne Køhler – Greenland – OC © VanillaSuu

You – You


Story: © VanillaSuu,2013

Warnings: A little bit of




‘Slut ögonen’ (Swedish) =
‘close your eyes’

‘Vad gör ar du’ (Swedish) =
‘what are you doing’

‘Hon är en kvinna, inte en
slav!’ (Swedish) = ‘she is an woman,not a slave’

‘Vad vet du om det?’
(Swedish) = ‘What do you know about it?’

‘Nog!’ (Swedish) = ‘Enough!’

‘krig’ (Swedish) = ‘war’

‘hatat’ (Swedish) = ‘hate’

‘dödsrädd’ (Swedish) =

‘ja’ (Danish/Swedish) = ‘yes’



Why is the title in Swedish?
Why are Norway and Denmark
speaking Swedish? Well,that`s easy! The author here used her notes from the
Swedish extraclasses to write those. I don`t trust google translate because
it`s a barrel and fails me. So yeah!~

I know it`s a fail,but bear
with me please! I`m trying my best at not using river names or cities inside Denmark,because
I`m not sure how they were called back then and I don`t want to mess up that
much. And yes,we are influenced by the things we live,so I`m quite blocking my
brain from contemporany stuff. xD

I hope you enjoy it though!~
Love,Suu~San! ~


Chapter 1 :…
Chapter 2 : Here
Chapter 3 :…
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Chapter 8 :…
Chapter 9 :…
Denmark :…
Norway :…




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Comments are appreciated!~

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 Prince Spain by MysticalDreams18

Chapter 2 - Away We Go

A large gust of wind blew through the tree branches above you, breaking a twig off of a branch and making it land next to your sleeping figure, effectively waking you up to the beautiful sight of a new day’s sunrise.

You rubbed your tired eyes as a yawn slipped out of your mouth.  Another day, another trip.  A grin creeped onto your face as you thought of the wondrous possibilities that awaited you at your newest destination.

Rifling through your bag, you managed to grab one of your maps of the local area.  Today was the day you were traveling to the world-renowned Spanish Kingdom and you couldn’t be more eager.  You always held a deep desire to go to one of the ‘proclaimed’ happiest places on Earth and now was your big chance. 

Hopping off of your wagon, you walked over to your trusty donkey companion, who was currently sleeping at the moment, to wake him up.

“Rise and shine buddy!  Today’s the day we meet some Spaniards!  Are you as excited as I am?!”  Your donkey merely lifted his head to look at you for a moment before lying back down.

“Oh get up you lazy ass,” you said, chuckling to yourself.   Once you got your donkey strapped up securely to the wagon, you hopped up into the driver’s seat and held the reigns tightly before snapping them once to make your donkey move forward.  You were so excited you couldn’t tell if what was making you bounce was the unevenly leveled road, or you yourself hopping in your seat.

Fearlessly, you faced the great unknown as you steered your wagon down the dirt road.

(Time Skip – 1 hour)

“Heel donkey!  Heel!” you yelled, making the donkey come to a stop near a tall tree.  Once there, you tied the reigns to a branch and let out a big sigh of relief.  “I finally made it,” you stated as you turned around to come face to face with the great Kingdom of Spain.  Your breath almost completely left your body as you slowly took a few steps forward like a zombie seeing a brain.  You felt like you were forgetting something though.

Oh yeah!” you thought to yourself as you ran back to your wagon and grabbed all your money from it.  You’d need money to pay for the food that you needed.

“Alright donkey!  I’ll be back in a bit!  Don’t go anywhere!”  Your companion merely heehawed at you as if trying to say, “You tied me to a tree.  Do you really think I’ll get very far?”

As you made your way into town, your eyes widened in surprise.  You always knew that the Spanish were fairly happy people, but you honestly didn’t think they were the ‘dancing-in-the-streets’ kind of happy.  You did your best to avoid the crowd while trying to find the best fruits and vegetables.  Seeing an elderly woman selling some apples, you decided to go to her first.

“Hello ma’am!” you chirped.

¿Que?” she asked you in Spanish, sounding a bit confused.  You mentally face palmed after realizing that you were in the Spanish Kingdom…where they spoke Spanish.  She wouldn’t be able to understand your native language.  Good thing you learned how to say a few important phrases in Spanish…or at least enough to get this woman to understand you.

“Ah, lo siento!  Hablo (your native language in Spanish).  No hablo español,” you stated sadly. 

The woman gave you a solemn look before telling you in Spanish that she understood…at least that’s what you presumed she was saying.  She then pointed at the apples and held up five fingers, presumably asking you if you would like five apples.  You smiled and nodded happily.  Then you realized that you had to pay for what you were being given in a sack.

“Um…C-cuanto es?” you asked nervously, wondering if you’d even asked your question correctly.  The woman gave you a smile and told you the total in your currency.  You understood numbers in Spanish enough to get the gist of what she’d told you.  Giving her your money, she happily obliged in giving you the bag of apples and let you be on your merry way.

By the time you were done shopping, you’d accumulated enough sacks to weigh your arms down.  Pain shooting up your arms, you decided to set your goods down for a period of time: long enough to let your arms rest.  Heaving a large sigh of relief, you glanced around and took note of a large group of people dancing.  Within the joyful cheers of the people, you were able to make out the sound of a couple of guitars.  A part of you wanted to go over there and see what was going on, but an even bigger part of you just wanted to get your food back to your cart so you wouldn’t have to lug the heavy sacks around anymore.

About ready to do just that, your thoughts were interrupted by a group of young boys who appeared to be playing a game of ‘tag’.  You smiled at them as you went back to picking up your bags so that you could leave, but just as you were about to, the boys soon started running around you, attempting to keep themselves from being tagged ‘it’.  You didn’t realize how much of a problem this would be for you until it was too late and one of them knocked you in the side and caused you to lose your footing.  This resulted in you being spun in circles and then tripping backwards.  Before you knew it, you’d smacked into something that was warm and built like a wall…that ended up falling on top of you.

“Oof!” you grunted as the sudden impact to the ground caused the air to leave your lungs.  A few black dots blurred your vision a little bit, but you were still able to make out the handsome face of the young Spaniard who appeared to be a bit dazed himself.  He shook his head a little bit and then glanced down at you.  You took note of his wide vibrant green eyes that bore into your own.

Hmm…apparently he liked what he was seeing.

Yay, chapter 2!  I’m churning this story out faster than a college kid working on a last minute paper! :XD:  I’m not sure if I should feel happy or leery about that.

So yeah, that girl at the end of the first chapter was indeed you that he ran into. ;)  I bet you already knew that though…so…why do I even try to be impressive?

Donkey = lazy ass :XD: Sometimes stupid things make me laugh way more than they should.  Such is my life.

Previous: Ch. 1 - Brothers

Next: Ch. 3 - Explore

The next chapter won’t be up for a bit since my weekend is pretty busy.  I have the skeleton for the plot of the next chapter, I just have to stem it out and add details.  Basically I won’t be able to get started on it until Tuesday afternoon (yes, I am literally that busy).

P.S. – I’m not going to put the translations for the Spanish used in this chapter because these are
basic phrases that contain words that most everyone knows (if they’ve taken a Spanish class).

P.S.S. – Sorry if Spanish is your native language.  For the sake of the story, just pretend that it’s not. :XD:  Oh and btw, the last time I had a Spanish class was…six years ago.  So don’t kill me if I got the translations wrong.

Sound Cloud - Prince of Spain <--music can be found here!

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"Are you all right?"

Otoya jumped a bit at the voice, before turning to eye its owner. There stood the best friend of the woman who had broken his heart, Tomochika Shibuya. Her violet-coloured irises were staring him down from where he was seated a few feet away, concern swirling in them.

Sighing heavily, he blinked at her before directing his gaze back to its original place on the floor. "Honestly, Tomo, no," he breathed, pulling a hand through his shaggy red hair. "But... I guess I have no choice but to eventually buck up, now do I?" He looked up again and gave her a bitter smile, trying to convey that he just wanted to be left alone, but at the same time he was more than grateful for her presence so he could finally have someone to talk to about his feelings and vent his frustrations to.

Tomochika took a tentative step forward, silently asking if she should in fact leave him be, but he shook his head at her and waved the other redhead over. The floor of the dark room creaked noisily as she walked over to him and took a seat beside the young idol. A long while passed before anything was said between the two. Gripping the side of the soft sofa between her polished fingers, the young woman stared at the depressed man at her side. To see him like he was in that moment – so put down, so cheerless and unhappy was disconcerting. He was normally loud and expressive, jubilant and joyful. But now he was just distressed and reserved, his mouth a thin line on his face and his brows drawn together in unspoken disappointment. Raising a hand, she debated whether or not she should bring him out of his contemplative, grumpy state, but decided against it when he turned to her, eyes sad and longing, and exhaled.

"It... it was just sudden, I guess," he admitted after a few more seconds of glaring at the ground pensively. "One second we were all together and just friends and nothing more... and the next we all find out that something's going on between her and Hijirikawa..." He spat the other man's name out venomously, and was surprised by how hateful he could sound about a man he had come to see as a brother.

"Don't say Masato's name like that," Tomochika scolded, gripping his arm a bit. "He's still your friend, and he didn't mean to hurt you."

"If that's so, Tomo, then why did I have to find out by walking in on him and Haruka kissing? Why couldn't they gather the courage to tell us all as a whole, instead of being cowardly and hiding in the dark for who knows how long?" he shouted at her, face contorted in a thinly-veiled rage.

Tomochika backed off then, knowing that he had a point. She didn't know how long her best friend and Masato Hijirikawa had been in a relationship together, as it could have happened only recently or been progressing for months – no one knew but the couple. And while it didn't hurt her in the same way it did Otoya and the other four boys of Starish, it hurt that Haruka never even told her, a loyal friend from the beginning. She thought that they trusted each other, but apparently not.

"I... I'm sorry," he said after a few quiet moments passed. "I shouldn't have raised my voice at you. Hell, I shouldn't even be taking this out on you – you didn't do anything wrong."

Biting her lip, she shook her head quickly. "No, I understand. You're angry."

"Tomo," he turned to her and stared at her, unblinking. "I'm not angry. I'm furious. But there's nothing I can do about it. Haruka's made her choice – and I'm not it, unfortunately." His red eyes burrowed into hers with such intensity that she turned away abruptly, uncomfortable. Silence cast over them again, and after a short while of contemplation, she scooted closer to him and slung an arm around his shoulder consolingly, squeezing her arms around his shoulder just a bit.

He leaned into her, and she was surprised by the gesture, but did not pull away. Burying his hands in his face then, Otoya forced out, "I think what hurts the most is that she gave each of the same amounts of respect and affection. She never spent more time with one of us over another. Never gave us a reason to hate one another because of petty jealousy – the group and our friendship always came first. But then for her to just up and choose, all of a sudden it seems, Masa... it was jarring and unexpected. I mean... you're right; I don't really have any reason to hate them. But I can't just forgive them like they want me to. Not yet."

Tomochika blinked at him as his true, pent up feelings towards the situation spilled out of his mouth without restraint. She knew that she was someone he trusted and the only one he could really talk to at that moment – he wouldn't go to Haruka as much as the sunset-eyed girl wanted to talk to him and the others were in the same depressed pit he was and wouldn't provide the support that he needed in that moment.

Rubbing his arm a bit, hoping her actions were comforting, she leaned her head against his shoulder and offered him a warm smile. "And that's okay. You're allowed to be upset and take your time before sorting things out. It's only natural, Otoya."

He nodded at her and gave her a small, sad smile back before turning away again. Seemingly hours of quiet passed, filled with personal conflict and contemplation on Otoya's part, before the red-haired young man shifted suddenly and caught Tomochika in a tight hug. She gasped, surprised, but feeling his face press into her hair and the skin of her neck, she relaxed and held him back. Feeling him shake a bit in their embrace, she pressed her cheek against his head and whispered softly, once more, "It's okay."

And at that, the dam broke, and the usually jovial boy in her arms shivered and a small sob escaped his throat, a strangled, miserable noise. The normally resilient woman holding the man felt her own eyes tear up a bit at his release, but managed to hold it together, because in that moment, she needed to be strong for Otoya, for a boy stuck in love who couldn't be for himself.

He cried nearly silently, obviously holding back so that he could still claim some of his dignity at the end of the ordeal. Her manicured hands ran up and down the length of his back soothingly. "I loved her," he breathed whisperingly into her ear. "I do love her, and dammit, I don't know how to stop!" His voice was ragged and raspy – he was exhausted emotionally. Tomochika felt her heart prick in her chest at his uttering of his feelings for Haruka – she always knew how Otoya felt about her best friend, but actually hearing the admittance, for some reason, made her chest ache. Shaking her head, she forced herself to pay attention to the true matter at hand – Otoya's heartbreak – and not get distracted.

She didn't say anything in response, because after such a physical reaction, she couldn't form the words to convey how she felt because she didn't know exactly how she felt in that moment. Settling for pressing a kiss to his forehead instead, she sighed and buried her face in his neck again, the action causing a shiver to run down the young man's spine unexplainably.

It was only when the first rays of dawn poured through the window of the once-pitch black room that Tomochika realized how long she had been comforting him for, but when she pulled away and looked into his pain-filled eyes, she knew that it was worth it and that she had made the right choice coming after him, that he needed her more than Haruka did in that moment. He retreated away from her suddenly, though, and she felt an immediate loss of warmth, but for fear of confusing both of them further, did not reach out and pull him back, instead allowing him to distance himself from her again.

He wiped at his eyes and sniffled a bit from beside her, but these efforts proved that he was at least trying to compose himself. Quiet cast over them again, however it was not as charged and strained as before, and without missing a beat, Otoya's hand reached over and he intertwined his fingers with Tomochika's easily. Her entire body stiffened, but when she turned and saw him smiling genuinely at her, she relaxed and squeezed his hand in hers. "Thank you," he said after a short while passed, "for being here for me. You're great, Tomo. Always here for a friend in need."

Tomochika's eyes fell to the floor at his words and her smile dimmed minutely, but she nodded. "Always, Otoya." The more time that passed between them then, the more uncomfortable she began to feel for some reason she could not place, but not wanting to jar Otoya out of his calmed mindset, she kept still and allowed him to continue holding her hand in his. She searched her mind for explanation as to her sudden uneasiness, but when her mind offered her an answer she knew was more than just viable, but was true, she forced it out, forced herself not to acknowledge the way her heart and mind kept focussing on how he gripped and squeezed her hand, how he initiated the action... and instead concentrated on how just moments before, he had confessed to being in love with her best friend. Though this thought was meant to quell her restlessness, it simply served to make her feel worse, and this time, the feeling stuck.

The fiery female was granted release from Otoya's awkward hand-holding when her phone buzzed in her pocket, and jumping out of surprise, he released her hand and blinked at her questioningly. Reaching into her pocket and withdrawing her cellular device, she stared at it until her eyes focussed in the dim light and saw that she had received an apparently urgent text from Haruka, who more than likely had set herself off in another fit of unrelenting tears.

When Tomochika frowned at her phone, Otoya knew who is was and his face fell noticeably and he moved away from the woman until there was nearly half a metre of space between them. Standing up abruptly, she turned to him and was about to open her mouth, when he shook his head and smiled sadly, the sight twisting Tomochika's heartstrings even further. "You should probably get going," he whispered, "she'll just continue to work herself up – I doubt even Masa can calm her right now."

Her violet eyes continued to peer down at him, trying to assess if she should stay with him a bit longer or attend to her friend's vulnerable feelings. Nodding once at him, she made her way towards the door, and turning back once more, voiced her original question, "Are you all right?"

"No," he reiterated his previous answer truthfully. "But I know I will be with a bit of time and effort on my part. Having people like you around doesn't hurt, either." He winked at her playfully then, a spark of his true personality shining through and causing Tomochika to smile brightly. Otoya felt his chest swell at the sight of her pretty face directing such a grin towards him, before he motioned to the door. Sharing one last look with her, he mouthed his thanks again and with that, she left him alone in the now brightly morning lit room.

Otoya's gaze fell to the floorboards as it had been before she had come to him and he reflected with increasing confusion on what had just occurred. He didn't like to think of himself as selfish, but he expected that Tomochika might come and pay him a visit like she had – the one thing he didn't expect, though, was that her leaving him in that moment would be nearly as painful as the night when he caught Haruka and Masato kissing in a dark, lonely hallway. He didn't expect that he would want the other redhead back in his arms as much as he did and yet, despite how much he searched his broken heart for an answer, he could not find one that satisfied him. Growling in frustration, much to his dismay, he found that his mind was even more jumbled than it was before Tomochika had arrived, but his heart was incredibly lighter, and right then, that was all he needed.
Yeah. So I finally wrote something. But it wasn't a The Time to Sleep update, unfortunately. OTL
I just recently finished this anime, Uta no Prince-sama, and I loved it - and I also shipped this pairing really hard because... well, I can.
And we all know I love writing obscure-ass pairing, so this was born! :D
Hope those of you who actually read this, like it!
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Let her paint a masterpiece,
Let her paint a lie
Let her paint a word inside the shining silver skies.

Let her paint a mystery,
Let her paint a sin
Let her paint the things that lie in darkness deep within.

Let her paint a masterpiece
(but this time there's a twist)
Make the brush a blade and let the canvas be her wrist...
<3 thanks to :iconbreathinbreathout: for the idea :)
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For a few nights, you didn't sleep a wink. You were so busy trying to decode the papers, while anger flowed through your brain. How could Grandpa do that to you?! He didn't even know you but as a baby at the time, yet there was his signature, so proudly written like he won a deal. You threw all of the papers on the floor, standing on your feet. You wore comfortable sweat pants and a large baggy t-shirt that belonged to Lovino. It had cartoon-drawing tomatoes all over it, with the Italian words for flower bud on it. You had a similar shirt with little tomato instead of flower bud.

You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair, turning towards the door. You needed to get out, that was a definite. Your head hurt from so many codes. You slipped on your large coat, Ivan's scarf, and winter boots. Ivan's scarf still smelled like him, despite the fact you washed it. Another smile lit your features as you left the apartment, making sure the place was locked before you headed out for the cafe near the park.

The streets weren't nearly as busy as you thought they would be on a Saturday. The chills of a promised winter kissed your body without mercy. You made sure you had your pocket knife in your coat pocket, then tugged Ivan's scarf to cover your mouth. "Wow, way too cold nowadays," you commented, letting yourself into the cafe that welcomed people with warmth and excellent food. The bell on the door chimed in happiness, glad one more person joined the establishment for something to drink or eat. You rubbed your hands together, noticing that they added a new drink to the menu. An excited gasp left your lips, and your eyes sparkled. You loved trying new things, and a caramel-choco-chunk blast coffee with expresso shots and image foam gave you a bang for your buck.

The cashier behind the register was one you saw often. Her red hair was twisted into a bun and her green eyes shone bright with her pale skin. It came to your mind that her eyes looked like contacts, but you never questioned her as she was so nice. Today, she was as bubbly as ever, her petite figure bouncing around. You giggled as you came up front, earning a large smile from her. "Hello, _________!"

"Hi, Kyristal! I want to try that new drink."

"You along with a few other dare-devils, haha~ I'll give you a deal, just because you look so tired today."

"Oh you have no idea. I've been pulling all nighters trying to do some work put on me," you sighed, getting out your wallet. You were about to hand her the amount when an arm extended around you, placing a large bill on the counter. Kyristal stood still, starring at the figure behind you.

"I'll take what she's having. It's on me," a deep voice rumbled, so close to your ear. A scent so familiar washed over you, intoxicating at first.

"Ivan?" You turned your head slightly, meeting the Russian's stare head on. His violet eyes screamed joy when he smiled. Kyristal gave a skeptical look towards him, but took the bill anyways, ringing two drinks up.

"It'll be ready in a moment. Please sit anywhere," Krystal said, turning away to fix the drinks. Ivan grasped your hand, kissing your knuckles before leading you to a table for two. Your face was coated in a ferrous blush as you followed him to the chairs. He pulled your chair out for you, causing onlookers to make soft cooing sounds. You ignored them and took your seat, smiling slightly as you watched him settle across from you.

"I knew I'd see you again, Sunflower," he breathed, giving an affectionate smile. You knitted your fingers into Ivan's scarf around your throat, peeking at him through your eyelashes. "How have you been?"

"A bit tired," you admitted, not seeing the harm in speaking so freely. Kyristal observed you two from the counter, tilting her head at the Russian man. A thoughtful look crossed her face, but she was in no position to question him. "I've been working on a project."

"Oh? A girl like you seems like you'd have no problem completing a project," he mused, flirting with you openly. Another blush painted across your cheeks. You shifted in your seat, embarrassed by his compliments. You promised yourself you were going to be nice to him, but you didn't expect him to do the same. After all, you did act kind of mean the first time you both met.

"It's a bit of a challenge, but I think I'll be able to get it done," you responded, noticing Kyristal as she stepped over. She set the drinks down, offering a smile.

"Here you go, you two. Enjoy!" She hopped away happily, while you and Ivan took up your drinks and blew on the surface, cooling it down a bit.

"Oh how cute," you cooed at your image on the foam. It was an elaborate rose with many petals. You wanted to see Ivan's, but he was already chugging down his drink. You got out your phone and snapped a picture of the drink, giggling when Ivan gave her a skeptical look. He had gotten a bit of foam on his nose. You grasped a napkin on the table and wiped the tip of his nose, earning an embarrassed smile.

"Ah, thank you."

"No problem, Ivan." You both chatted idly and sipped on your drinks, warming up at the delicious flavor. Ivan mentioned a few things about his job being a community thing, while you soothed through your daily "project" details, not telling him too much. You both were interrupted by Ivan's cell, which buzzed loudly despite being in his coat. He sighed and fished out the piece of technology, answering it in English. Though, as the conversation went on, his language started showing until it was nothing but Russian. You tried to look at your own phone like you were focused on something else--however your ears kept on those foreign words. He sounded disappointed, but didn't raise his voice once. He eventually hung up, his face showing sleepiness. "Are you alright, Ivan?"

"Da. However; I'll have to cut this nice chat short. My work just called and somebody screwed up a delivery."

"Oh, that's too bad. I really like talking to you, Ivan." You gave him a large smile, in result, his cheeks stained with a light blush. A sheepish smile followed.

"I really like talking to you too, Sunflower. . ." He hesitated a bit, then stood up, smoothing out the front of his shirt. "I was hoping that maybe we could do it again sometime, da? Maybe . . . This Thursday? It's my day off."

"Really?" You smiled, feeling butterflies in your stomach. He was asking you out! How exciting. Though you knew he was a Russian and was so cold to him earlier, you thought he was actually very attractive. I mean, common, how could ANYONE ignore that adorable face? You nodded eagerly. "Sure, Ivan. It sounds amazing!" He grinned back, pulling a slip of paper from his pocket, it was scribbled with a number.

"Call me sometime tonight and we'll figure out details."

"Sure!" You grabbed the slip of paper, seeing him chuckle and ruffle up your hair.

"Dasvidaniya~" With that, he was gone. You glanced towards his empty cup, then remembered something. His scarf!

Well . . . You could hold on to it for a little longer. Just until Thursday. Yeah. Thursday.
So I finally decided to finish the 9th chapter so people would be happy xD. I guess it's also to celebrate my doctor's visit. Everything went OK, but I do have a chest cartilage inflation. This made me feel better so whatever haha.

I do not own Hetalia!
Russia belongs to --> Hetalia
You belong to :iconsexyrussiaplz:

Image is not mine, either.
I got it from here:

NOTE: PLEASE CORRECT ME if I got something wrong. I'm SO sorry Lovino is out of character, but this is how I think he'd act around his prezioso sorella!
I also apologize also for how I've been spelling Italy's Human Name. I easily get confused with letters and didn't notice the mistake until someone had messaged me it. Thank you so much for correcting me.


Ch. 8:

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“I didn’t want him,” she says. “I wanted something, something I saw in the eyes of Libby, Sam, Sandi, and Agnes. Something that would have made our new world, our safe world, a home. Children were a part of that world and so I found myself a child. Perhaps, I thought, I would love him and everything would fall into place. Perhaps with a child I could be content with safety, and normality, and a world without knives taped on mop heads.” A cold smile. “I still catch myself thinking that. I still think that maybe tomorrow will be the day where I can fall asleep with the lights on.”

Carmen’s features are stark and cold; like the chiseled lines of Soviet propaganda etched onto an icy street corner. A straight decided nose, high sharp cheekbones, and thin pinched lips. Her eyes are black. We sit together in a small, bare walled, room on a pair of fold up chairs.

I frown. “You mean off?”
“No. I mean on. During the war we were always hiding. If we needed light; a fire to cook, a light to clean the gears of a gun; then we would make it small and turn if off quick. Never would we sleep with a light. I still sometimes walk around the house at night without a single light on. I think that was my first mistake with him. A child is like a sapling. It needs light to grow. But I was – still am – a creature of the dark. He would get back from school and do his homework and I would sit nearby not helping but looking out into the dark to make sure nothing saw our light.”

Carmen grimaces and stands. “Do you want something?” Gestures towards the fridge. “I have everything. I even made some tomato juice the other night.”
I shake my head.
“Suit yourself.”

The house is small, curtains thick, and outside an indecisive rain comes and goes. I check my recorder though I already know everything is as it should be. I make a meaningless adjustment to the microphone and set the device back on the table as Carmen returns with a strip of jerky and a cup of brown red. She doesn’t speak.

“You were a child during the invasion,” I begin again, “you and your sister lived for years behind enemy lines and you weren’t old enough yet for high school. I understand coming back to civilization after such an experience must have been tricky, for both of you.”

The phone rings. Carmen flinches at the sharp noise but doesn’t move to retrieve it. I wait. Soon the sound stops and a robotic answering phone deals curtly with the would-be caller.

“I’ve read your book,” I try. “Taming Libby.”
A hard, fast, look. “It was a stupid thing to do,” Carmen grunts around a mouthful of dried meat. “The social worker told me to do it. She said it would make people aware of what it was like to be one of those left behind. But nobody really wanted to know.”
“It’s a best seller.”
“It’s mostly lies. The editors didn’t like draft one. They said it was too pointless and needed an angle, and edge, and a resolution at the end or it’s not a story. Just a bunch of words on a page. So instead I wrote about how hard it was to teach Libby to read and how we never got her to wear shoes.” Shrugs. “Not a good story, really.”

“It’s an extraordinary story,” I object as a stray tendril of wind darts in an open window and sends the curtains into a twirling dance. “Teaching a woman who grew up wild to be part of society again. And the deep connection you two had to sever. How old was she when the war began?”
“And you were…?”
“And your parents died in the first bombings?”
“And it was almost sixteen years later, when the war was almost over, when you both crossed no mans land.”
I grin. “What did you tell the commanding officer on duty that night? That line?”
“Do you want to trade for some blue eggs we found?”

Carmen keeps eating as she speaks; bites, chews, and swallows with a deliberate practiced efficacy; consuming not enjoying. She saves the tomato juice for last and drinks it in one long gulp.

“It is a marvellous success story,” I continue, less enthusiastically, leaning back in my chair. “She now has a husband, two children, and a job. A far cry from the day by day survivor she had become. And to think she didn’t remember what life was like before, to adapt so well…”
Carmen looks up. For the first time I notice a faint pink scar snaking from her chin and down her neck. “Yeah.” A pause. “But that’s the thing isn’t it? She figured herself out. Me? I’d been taking care of her so long that once she got herself figured I didn’t know what to do. This place,” she waves a hand at the sparse room, “this peace isn’t home. It is for her now. She’s moved on. But me? It’s just another sanctuary. A place to hide until they get too close and we have to move on.”
“The war is over.”
“I keep telling myself that.”

She sits still, feet planted, and eyes hard. She wears a simple brown top the same colour as her skin. Her boots are made for hiking. The rain is getting heavier and I know it will distort the recording. I speak louder.

“Why did you adopt?”
“I told you. I wanted something the others had. A sense of peace, perhaps, or a sense of home. I’m not sure. Again, it was a mistake. I was never that boy’s mother.”
“How often do you speak?”
“When forced to; birthdays, Christmas, and at family gatherings. It’s not that we dislike each other but we don’t have anything in common. He is post war, political, smart, and studies fine arts. I write unsellable stories in my basement so the glow of the computers can’t be seen on the street and fish with a stick.”
“Are you proud of him?”
“No. He is not mine to be proud of. I am proud of Libby.”

She leans forward and cups her hands together. “I’m proud that she is so solid and safe. I know that if something happens she can deal with it and I don’t need to worry. I know she is also happy and content here in this new world.”
I mirror her movement and shuffle forward. “But you are not?”
“Why?” I don’t voice the full question. She’s a famous author, a pioneer of wartime stories, and a strong independent woman who saved her sister and survived in a battle drone, and mutant ridden warzone for an impossible period of time. How, with such a successful life behind her, could she be unhappy?

“I don’t know,” she answered. “I think it’s like I said before. Here isn’t home. It’s a sanctuary. A hole where I hide. I kind of wish,” her wartime accent invades her speech, “that Libby hadn’t left so quick, you know? I hadn’t gotten used to not being needed and… no. I kind of wish I could go home.”
She stares at me while she speaks, making no move to hide her emotion. I look away, embarrassed.

“Your parent’s home?”
“No. The warzone, but we never called it that of course. It was just where we were. Where we lived. And the bombs, and the bullets, and the monsters, and the robots were all just part of life. I know it’s a terrible wish and I don’t really want it to come true but… I still… everything made sense back then. A and B, black and white, hunger and food. No fine arts, politics, kids, or packed to the ceiling grocery stores… I know I should be grateful for the new world - the safe world - and really I am, but sometimes I wish I could just leave this sanctuary before I… eh… what’s the word? All the air has been breathed and you can’t breathe anymore?” She clutches her throat and mimics gasping.
“Suffocate,” I supply.
“Yeah,” she nods and lowers her hands. “Before I suffocate.” A frown. “I should know that one.”
This is my piece for :iconwriters--club: 's latest and greatest contest [link] . It is round two however so if anyone is thinking of joining, I'm sorry but you must have passed round one first. If you have great! and see you on the battle field. :D

This piece is VERY dialogue heavy and originally was written without anything else (WWZ style) but I found it too sparse and just had to throw in some minimal character action, and setting description. Please let me know what you think (I LOVE feedback!) . I personally quite like it but, that said, it is still very young and I am still unsure.

Also, there has been some confusion with odd spelling errors slipping in and out of this piece. I think I have ironed it flat now but if you spot anything that, well, shouldn't be please give me a heads up and I'll beat it over the head with an iron pellet. Or perhaps I'll just fix it. One or the other.

And, another feedback question, did anyone among you wonderful readers perceive Carmen's slight strangeness? If so, what did you think of her? Did her character action tell you anything about her? Did it just reinforce what she was saying? Was it at odd with what she was saying? Or did you get nothing and everything you learnt from Carmen was via her dialogue?

I am not brilliant at character action so this is some small time experimentation going on.

Thanks, I hope you all enjoyed it, and don't forget to check out other people in the contest!

P.S for tWR here is a critique I did: [link]
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The wonderful world of Harry Potter has touched countless lives upon its release. It contains many colorful elements  from magic and fantasy to fighting bald snake people with little wooden sticks. Yet at the same time, despite touching so many countless lives, the ever-popular series has not been without its fair share of criticism, a large portion of which may not have been completely unfounded. Harry Potter has been said to promote more than a few more shady practices. It wouldn't hurt to explore and prod some of them in scholarly analysis.

Let us take, for example, the most prevalent example in the HP wizarding world. Wands. Harry Potter and friends often use their wands to solve problems and, more often than not, create quite a few of them. HP, Ron, and Draco are constantly seen "whipping them out" and "waving them around," despite the fact many teachers advise most of the Hogwarts students against doing so. This could function as a sort of subliminal nod to boyhood fascination with physical self exploration, seeing as the wands fire out vast arrays of magical things from their tips.
(It should also be noted that the scene in the fourth Harry Potter film where Voldemort and Harry dueled in the graveyard had the wands firing a sort of odd white-ish foamy-looking material as the blasts collided.)

Additionally, the HP series has one of the largest fanfiction archives to every grace the World Wide Web. A massive portion of this consists of slash fiction or male/male pairings from the series. Couple this with the fact that, several years ago, major character and mentor to Harry, Professor Dumbledore, was publicly announced to being a homosexual. It is quite common that, wherever homosexuality lurks, no matter how remotely, allegation of devil-worship and mammalian blood-letting are sure to follow. The more Satanic elements of the series can be seen in the constant snake-theme sported at various points in the novels. This is especially potent in the Chamber of Secrets installment where Harry and Tom Riddle go head to head using both a sword and giant snake respectively, both widely regarded as raging phallic symbols. This is all done within the Chamber itself. The Chamber and the battle raging within its dark confines could be regarded as another subliminal allusion to male anal sex.

Two males. Two phallic symbols. One chamber.

Many questions and rebuttals may arise from this, but the most potent of these would probably be how the hell J.K. made off with it under the millions of eyes of watchful parents for so damn long.

Either that, or Tom decided to shove a live snake up Harry's ass.

Harry Potter and friends, next to utilizing the power of their wands, also spend much of their time chasing after various mystical talismans and artifacts. Not only are millions of small children being taught that being gay is okay, they have been led to believe that abundant prick-waving and resorting to devilish items of black power to solve problems instead of listening to the word of God will be the answer to many of their problems. The fact J.K. would allow a homosexual to be the headmaster of a school full of supple young males clearly illustrates her demonic agenda into converting today's youth into next-generation monsters and revelers in devilry. At least when Snape, a heterosexual male, was headmaster, even for a brief time, there were at least no motherfucking snakes in the motherfucking bathrooms.
(One need not also bring to mind the sport of Quidditch, ex. shoving a hardened, elongated "broom stick" between ones legs and flying around on a chase for balls.)

The excessive bloodletting culminated at the end of the series underlines and forewarns of a savage end to all who engage in such wickedness and unrestraint. Sirius dies. Dumbledore dies. Fred dies. Tonks dies. Even the fucking owl dies. -That- is how much homosexuality can hurt a person. Mommy dies. Daddy dies. Even one's little baby goldfish may die. So, taking a more inverse route, HP may not be -promoting- black arts, but instead may be serving as a sort of hidden cautionary tale for those who engage or may think of engaging in them, thus why the tale ends in excessive death, blood loss, and dead animals (the snake dies too).
All because Harry and Draco were screwing around with their wands during class and happened to enjoy a little goat's blood in their pumpkin juice.

The fact almost every child and their twice-removed uncle has read Harry Potter makes the pressure to resist coming into contact with such a series that much harder. Even adults have been tuned in to the series. More and more people have been converted to Potterism. Those who reject Potterism and its teachers are either spit upon or harshly and unjustly labeled as "goth haters." This is not unsimilar to the "convert or die" method used by many belief systems to convert more into their following or crush those that oppose. As one of the highest selling books in the history of mankind, Harry Potter has become more profoundly exalted than the Bible and simultaneously allowed for the doorway to a new age of
modern perversity and madness to unfold upon the earth.
How we deal with it and how our children will cope with the new madness is entirely in our hands.
Aaaand if you take this seriously, any part of it, you are a silly, silly person.

I haven't written any of these in a while and I really wanted a Potter one. I tried staying with one theme/vice the entire way through but my brain had issues not tugging it in various directions. I actually wanted to put a section about Voldemort and Xenu but that was stretching it and seemed more misplaced than the other text when typed. Sorry, AmethystKirby.
But. Yeah.
This is a joke. You know. At all those people who actually believe this sort of shit. As in, I don't actually believe this. This is not meant to be offensive.
Please read the description. In fact, if more people read descriptions instead of, "I just read two sentences, couldn't take a joke or read the artist comment's, then decided to scroll past all the other comments of people who clearly noted this was a joke and started flaming about how "wrong" this was to waste everyone's time."

Yeah. Don't be one of those.

And I wasn't sure what category to put this under so I went with what appeared to be what this closely resembled.
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Antonio sat on his porch and sipped intently on a glass of red wine, much like he would do any other hot afternoon. But, this particular afternoon was special for you were at his home.  You took chaste sips of your red wine and enjoyed the feel of the Spaniards near playful green eyes on your body.

"Your home is so beautiful.. I'm so jealous." You said in a voice just above a whisper.

The passionate male beamed at your compliment before swiftly replying flirtingly, "Gracias mi amor [1]! But you are much more beautiful~."

You shot him a playful glare before looking down at the red liquid in your wine glass. You gave it a twirl before saying, "You lying Spaniard."

He chuckled as he scooted towards you with easy movement.  Some of your (_h/c_) was tossed over your shoulder as hot lips came in soft contact with your neck. "Never," Another kiss to the neck was sent your way, "Would I lie about that~!"

You were sent into a giggle fit as he dug his face into your neck sweetly. "Romano's going to be out for a while," you felt the smirk on his lips against the skin of your neck, "Why don't we go dance?"

You laughed as he brought back the memory of the first time you and he had danced together in his home. Just to put things simple, Romano was scared for the rest of his life and his after life after what he had saw on the dance floor that fateful day.

"You know I want too." You said and stood up quickly, "Let's get going then~!"

Within a ten minute period you had managed to slip out of your normal everyday cloths and slip on an elegant, but simple black dress. You loved the way it flowed with your body, and though Antonio tried keeping it to himself, he loved the way it hugged your curves.  On your feet were simply black strap on high heels. Being an extra few inches higher from the ground gave you much more confidence, though you were still short compared to the Spaniard.

When you finally emerged into the dance room he had in the near back of his house, you were practically drooling. Antonio sat at the other side of the room, shuffling in what looked like a CD case. Hm, he's probably looking for a song… you thought as you looked at his back. You could see, almost feel, the tanned muscly skin moving under the shirt. Then you moved lower until… Hot DAMN! You stopped thinking as you let your eyes linger on his bum for a fleeting moment.  No matter where he went, his ass looked fine, you thought as you strode confidently towards him.

He must have felt you coming for he turned around right as you taking your last few steps towards him. "Ah," he looked at you through passionate green eyes, "You look so wonderful~."

You blushed and looked at your feet for a moment before looking up at him again. "You don't too bad yourself." You let your eyes linger on his shirt. The buttons on the top were undone, giving you a tease of the tanned skin that was underneath.

"Shall we get started?" He asked and pressed the play music on the CD player.

Upbeat guitar music that could melt any coldness away began playing from the speaker as Antonio brought you close to his body. You molded easily into his body as he began moving with greatly observed moves, which you followed with only slight difficulty. You were looking up at him rather than down at your feet for it seemed you shared moments where he would telepathically tell you what the next move was.

As if synced together, he pushed you down for a dip. You lingered there for a moment as you felt his hot lips trace the bridge of your breasts, before he swiftly pulled you against him again. Scorching green eyes looked at you lustfully as he hiked one of your legs up so it could sit snuggle upon his hip. One hand still tightly on your waist for balance, the other tantalizingly ran up and down your smooth leg.

Moving quickly with the music, he buck his hips into yours as he let you arch back. His lips then found your neck as he moved down the back up so he could nibble a bit on your jugular. Succeeding in scattering little marks upon your skin, the male pulled you up again as he pressed his heated lips against yours. The force behind it was such that your front teeth bumped together with his.

Your back was hitting the ground in seconds flat as the music in the back came to an exhilarating end. Antonio lingered above you as he then ran his lips down your cheek, jawline and neck so he could kiss the bridge of your breasts once again. Your back was arched off the ground as you felt his hands on your sides, gripping in places that were very sensitive.

He pulled away with a sultry chuckle as he looked down at you through thick eyelashes. "You know that I loving dancing…" He moved down so he could bit your neck, which caused you to be sent into a frenzy, "But, did you know that I'm much more experienced dancing in bed?"

Another bite to your neck sent you so far you barely had the time to register the Spaniard smirking against your neck in one of the sultriest ways possible.

1-Thank you my love!
Got le Prompt "Spanish are dancers" from a buddy on Quizazz :P

The Oneshot Series:

Romanians Are Vampires:

:iconpervyitalyplz: :iconpervyromanoplz:
Italians Are Lovers:

The French Are Cooks:

:iconpervyprussiaplz: :iconpervygermanyplz:
Germans Are Engineers:

English Are Police:

Swiss Are Bankers:
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        It was a dark, stormy, evening. You were all alone with nothing to do. Nothing was on TV and you knew no one would want to do anything with you in this weather. You let out a long sigh and started for the kitchen. A sudden knock came from the front door. You quickly ran to the door and opened it, not wanting whoever it was to get soaked. “Spain what are you doing here?”

“I thought you might be bored all alone, so I came over to see if you might want a bit of company.” Spain gave you a cheerful smile and removed his drenched coat. “You don't mind me being here, right? I can leave if you want me to.”

“No, I don't mind at all. Let me just get you a towel, you soaked and I don't want you to get sick.” Leaving him in your home's entrance, you quickly ran off to fetch him a towel. When you returned he was standing in your TV room drenched and shirtless, looking for a movie to watch with you. “H-here's your towel.” A little unprepared to see him like that, you couldn't help but to blush at his current state.

“Oh, thanks!” He happily took the towel and began drying his messy, dripping hair. “You want to watch a movie or something? We could watch something really scary, then we'd have to snuggle up close to keep the monsters away. You know monsters are afraid of snuggling couples.”

His strange statement made you laugh. “Is that so? I'll be honest with you Spain, I've never heard that one before. But if you say it's true, I believe you.” You grabbed the scariest movie you owned and got it ready to play. As you readied the movie, Spain ran to your kitchen for snacks and drinks.

“Let's just hope the power doesn't go out. That would make things really creepy.” After placing the snacks on the table, he swooped you up and sat down on the couch with you, snuggling you close. From the very beginning the movie was horrifying, making you jump and gasp every few minutes. The movie was at the height of creepiness, when suddenly, all power in your house went out. “I quess I shouldn't have said anything about the power, huh?” Spain squeezed you tight. “Only one thing to do. Monsters are strengthened by blackouts, so we'll have to make out. ”

“M-maybe I should just go turn on the generator real quick. Or if you don't feel like waiting, we could just use a candle or flashlight.” Taken back by his uncharacteristic suggestion, you blushed terribly.

“No way man, they'll be expecting us to do that.” He leaned in closer to you so that your lips were almost touching. “I don't know why you're being so shy right now, we've kissed plenty of times before.”

It was true. This wasn't the first time you and Spain had kissed and it  definitely wouldn't be your last. But something was different this time. There was an unknown tension between the two of you, like Spain was trying way too hard to set the mood. “I know, it's just." You paused, searching for the right words. "Actually, I really don't know what it is. It's like your not yourself tonight.”

Spain immediately became nervous. “Not myself?” He laughed awkwardly, then moved back to you with an evil grin. “Maybe they've already gotten me.” Spain started to roughly kiss you as he pulled you on top of him. He ran his hands through your hair and down your back, holding you close. Spain wasn't usually this pushy with you. Suddenly the lights came back on. “Hey, we scared them away.” He smiled wide and squeezed you, kissing you on the nose.

He was just acting too weird. “Spain, what's going on? You're seriously not acting normal. And don't try that monster line on me again. I want the truth.”

Knowing he'd been caught, Spain cleared his throat and looked away from you. “Well, you see.” He cleared his throat yet again and sat up. “I actually wanted to ask you something, I just don't know how.” He looked at the ground nervously.

“It can't be all that bad. Just ask  me. You'll never know my answer if you don't” Gently placing your hand on his deep, red cheek, you turned his face towards you and made him look you in the eye.

“I guess you're right." Spain took a deep breath into his lungs, then spoke. "I want you to come live with me. We've been together for a while now, But I'm really lonely without you with me.” Now that he'd said what needed saying, his face had turned the darkest shade of red you'd ever seen. “I just don't want you to do something you don't want to do just because I'm asking you to do it.” He looked into your eyes with a sort of guilty sadness. "I want you to move in with me because you want to be with me too."

“Is that all you wanted to ask?” You wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tight, elated that his question hadn't been something more serious. “That's not bad at all, you had me really, really worried there for a second." You laughed. "Of course I'll come live with you. It's about time you asked me anyway.”

“Really? Thank you!” He quickly returned your hug and started kissing all over your face. “I was worried for nothing then. We should start packing your stuff.” He jumped from the couch and started to look for anything to pack with. “Do you like kids? Because I like kids, especially cute ones. And I think we'd have cute kids.” He stopped and looked at your shocked face. “I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?”

“Maybe just a little bit.” You walked over to him,then brought him into your arms for a long, sweet hug. “We can talk about more serious things like that a little later. Let's just focus on packing up and moving first.”
Part one…
Part two…
Part four…

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It was cold, dark, and lonely. It had been a simple mistake. It was rare to see rabbits out of their winter burrows, and in your excitement, you had chased after it hoping you could catch it and show it to your parents.

Unfortunately, not only had you lost sight of the cleverly camouflaged creature in the blanket of snow, but you had gotten lost, yourself. Everything looked the same out here. There were no visible landmarks and no one out here to find you. You had gone far out of hearing range, and your throat already hurt from screaming for your mother. You would have cried, but your nose stung from the frost and your energy was completely drained.

“I’m going to die out here,” you sniffed. “I’m never going to see Mommy or Daddy again.”

“Child, what are you doing here?”

You gasped and looked up. There, kneeling in front of you, was a young man clothed with nothing more than a light tunic and a thin pair of pants—he was even barefoot. At first glance, he looked attractive with his light blonde hair and pale skin, but when you looked closely, his dark blue eyes gave off no light like you were staring at a dead man.

“Wh-Who are you?” you asked in a trembling voice.

The young man blinked. “That isn’t important,” he said, his deep voice calm and cool. “I’m going to ask you again: what are you doing here?”

“I’m lost,” you whimpered. “I don’t know where I am. I’m cold and hungry and…and…I can’t find my parents…”

“I’ll help you find your way back,” the young man said extending a slender pale hand out to you.

You hesitated. Your mother had warned you to never trust strangers, but you were low on options at this point. Who knew when—or if—you would be able to find your way back on your own?

“Okay,” you whispered and took his hand. Immediately after your small fingers closed around his palm, a cold shiver ran through your body. This man was cold to the touch; it was as if you were holding a piece of ice rather than a human hand. Then again, you couldn’t really blame him: he didn’t have any shoes or gloves on.

“Follow me,” he said in a soft voice. You wanted to ask him some questions, but something about this man scared you. He had a hard look in his eyes as though he truly didn’t belong in this world anymore. It was all very strange, to say the least.

Nevertheless, after allowing him to lead you through the snow, you could see your family’s cabin coming into view.

“That’s it!” you cried out, excited with relief at seeing something familiar. “That’s my cabin! You found it!”

In your excitement, you released your escort’s hand and began to make a run for the cabin. Suddenly, you caught yourself. You hadn’t even thanked the kind man for helping you. In an instant, you stopped and turned around.

“Thank you, mister— ”

But he was gone. Interestingly enough, when you looked at the ground, there was only one set of footprints leading through the snow: yours. It was as though the young man hadn’t even existed.

A ghost? you thought. No, he couldn’t have been a ghost. He was too nice. Ghosts aren’t nice.

Just then, you heard the sound of a door opening. Your mother had spotted you from inside the cabin and had come bursting outside to greet you.

“_________________, where have you been all of this time? I was worried sick!”

“Oof!” you squeaked as you felt your entire body getting squeezed. “Mommy, you’re squishing me…”

“Don’t ever do that again, _______________. Do you hear me?”

“Sorry, Mommy...” you muttered. “I’ll be good from now on.”


The next day, however, you had gone against your words. You didn’t know why, but you wanted to see that man again. At the very least, you wanted to thank him for helping you. This time, however, you had gone through the trouble of snatching one of your father’s sweaters from his luggage and bringing it with you.

“Mister!” you called out into the snow-filled forest. “Come out wherever you are!”

No response. Perhaps he only came to those who needed help.

“Mister, I’m lost again!” you shouted. “I can’t find my way back!”

“Foolish child, did you not learn anything from yesterday?”

You jumped. He was standing right behind you as though he had appeared out of thin air.

“I knew I’d see you again!” you beamed.

The young man was unmoved. He didn’t look surprised or confused that you were so happy to see him. As expected, he was wearing the same exact outfit he was when he had guided you back to your family’s cabin.

“Here,” you said holding out your father’s sweater. Your father had said something about not liking the way the colors looked on him anyway; he wouldn’t miss something like this.

“What’s this?” the young man asked.

“It’s a gift!” you smiled. “I never got to thank you for helping me the other day, and I thought you’d be cold out here. Come on! Take it!”

The young man hesitated. All he did for a few seconds was stare expressionlessly at your gift as though it was the strangest thing in the world, but now, you were getting impatient. You didn’t have all day to wait for him.

“Hey, I leave for home today,” you pouted. “My family only comes here in the winter. If you don’t take it right now, then I’ll have to wait all year to give it to you again!”

“So if I take this, you’ll leave me alone?”

You shook your head. “You can’t just take it. I want you to put it on. It’s to keep you warm, after all.”

The man blinked. “The cold does not bother me, child. You need not worry about me.”

“B-But…!” you whined. “I came all the way out here to give it to you! If you don’t wear it, then that means you don’t accept my grati—What did Mommy call that word again? Oh, yes! My gratitude!”

“Gratitude, huh? That’s something I haven’t felt, myself, for a long time,” the man sighed in a far-off way. “Very well. I’ll take your sweater.”

“Yes!” you squealed, delighted. “Put it on! I want to see how it looks on you!”

As requested, he put on your father’s sweater, but when the last of his hands went through the sleeves, your face fell.

“Oh…” you muttered. “It’s too big for you.”

Indeed, the collar was much too loose for this person’s thin neck, and the wide sleeves sagged towards the ground as though he was wearing a bathrobe with no bottom. That being said, the sweater was at least four sizes too large for his body.

“That’s fine, child,” the man sighed. “I suppose I should say I appreciate this gift.”

“I have a name, you know,” you huffed. “It’s ______________.”

“_________________,” he repeated. “I’ll remember that.”

“What about you?” you asked. “Don’t you have a name?”

It took a while for the man to respond as though he was having a hard time remembering his own name.

“I believe I was called Lukas,” he finally said. “I haven’t needed to use a name for a long time so it’s something that hasn’t really been important to me.”

“Okay, then. Lukas. I can remember that.”

Just then, you heard your mother’s voice. She must have been calling you back to the car. Your father had mentioned something about a snowstorm coming, and he wanted to get off the mountain before it arrived.

“That’s my mommy,” you said. “I won’t be coming back until next winter, but you’ll be here, won’t you?”

“I’ll be here every winter, ______________,” Lukas replied.

“Great!” you smiled. “I’ll see you next year, then! Maybe I can get a sweater that’s in your size—er, if you don’t grow into my daddy’s sweater by then, that is.”

Lukas looked down at the loose sweater draped over his body. “I have a feeling I won’t be growing into it any time soon.”

“O-Okay. Um…I guess this is goodbye then.”

“Goodbye,” Lukas said.

As you were running back towards the cabin, you looked over your shoulder to see if Lukas was still there. Much to your surprise, he hadn’t vanished like the day before.

Maybe he wants to see me next year, too, you thought. It would be something to look forward to.


A year had passed. Before heading to your cabin, you had asked your mother to buy a guy’s sweater for you. Your mother had found it odd that you would ask for a sweater that was not only for boys but one that was much too large for someone like you. Despite her puzzlement, she had purchased it after you had said you wanted to wear it in the snow.

The first thing you did after settling into your room was run outside. You remembered the exact same spot where Lukas had come to you when you had called him.

You had done something thinking in the time that you had been away from him. If the cold didn’t bother him and he was able to disappear and reappear at will, then maybe he really was a kind of ghost. The thought didn’t frighten you, though. You found it exciting to be able to talk with a ghost like Lukas. He didn’t look very kind at first glance, but there was something about him that drew you towards him.

“Lukas!” you called out into the forest. Like before, the snow had already blanketed the grounds, and everything was covered in a sheet of white ice crystals.

“So you really did come back,” a familiar voice said from behind.

You smiled and looked over your shoulder. Sure enough, Lukas was standing before you as though you had summoned him. He was even wearing the same sweater that you had given him an entire year ago.

“I told you I would!” you smiled and held out your present. “Here! I bought you a new sweater!”

Lukas tilted his head slightly to the side. “What’s wrong with the one I have now?”

“It’s still too big for you, silly,” you giggled. “I bought you one that was smaller than my daddy’s. You know, he actually misses that sweater. Maybe I can take that one back in exchange for this new one?”

“If you say so,” Lukas shrugged and took off your father’s sweater. After you had completed your trade, you took a step back to see how well his new sweater was fitting.

“Not bad,” you murmured, “but it’s still a little too big. The colors aren’t that good, either. I was hoping to bring out your eyes.”

“My eyes?”

“Uh-huh,” you nodded. “They’re too dull.”

Lukas blinked. “If you say so.”

“Alright, now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s play!”


“Yeah! Like having a snowball fight, making snow angels, building snowmen…You know, just having fun!”

“Fun…” Lukas echoed. “I’m afraid I haven’t had the time for those things for a while. I might not remember how to enjoy those kinds of things anymore.”

“Then I’ll remind you!” you smiled and grabbed his hand. “Eugh. Lukas, have you ever thought about wearing gloves? Your hands are freezing.”

Lukas merely stared. “The rest of my body is just as cold so it’s never made a difference.”

“At least do it for me,” you pouted. “It’s not fun holding hands with someone so cold to the touch.”

“It’s very hard for me to get new articles of clothing in my current state.”

You wagged a finger at him. “Don’t make excuses. I used to think you were a ghost, but ghosts can’t touch people. Plus, you’re way too nice to be a ghost.”

Much to your surprise, Lukas actually cracked a smile.

“Heh,” he softly chuckled. “I haven’t heard that one before. So you thought I was a ghost?”

You bashfully put your hands behind your back. “Not anymore, no. But…what are you, really?”

“If you must know, I’m a sort of spirit,” Lukas answered. “You weren't very far off. I watch over this forest in the wintertime every year.”

“How cool…” you breathed. “So can you do any magic?”

“That…depends on what you mean by ‘magic,’ _____________. If you’re talking about flying and teleporting or shooting fire out of my hands, I can’t do that, but I can sense when someone needs help.”

“Just like when I was lost,” you said.

Lukas nodded. “Precisely.”

“Is that it?” you then asked feeling somewhat disappointed with his capabilities.

“I’m not the only one who watches over this forest. My friends help me.”

“Friends? You have friends?”

Suddenly, you were having second thoughts. You had somehow thought that you were the only one who knew about Lukas and his…conditions. You didn’t feel so special now that you heard he knew about other people.

“I can call them if you’d like,” Lukas said, “but you may or may not be able to see them the way I do. It really depends.”

“I want to see them,” you responded.

“Alright, but we have to go somewhere far from here. My friends don’t like to associate themselves with humans very often.”

You pointed to yourself. “But, Lukas, I’m human.”

“Yes, but I already told them about you. They thought it was nice of you to give me something to keep me warm—even if I don’t need it.”


With that, Lukas led you far past anywhere you had walked. On your way, you saw a frozen brook and a large fallen log. While you were passing the brook, you could have sworn you heard someone whispering incomprehensible words into your ears, but the sound was gone in an instant like a fleeting wind.

“Lukas, how much farther?” you asked.

“We’re almost there, _______________,” he responded. Then, he stopped in the middle of a ring of trees. With the snow being so high, some of the trees looked rather short, but you knew that in the summer when all the snow had melted, they would appear as tall as skyscrapers.

Then, Lukas bent down towards you. “Now, ____________, I want you to be very quiet, alright?” he whispered. "My friends get startled very easily. I don’t think you want them to run away from you.”

“I’ll be quiet,” you whispered back.

You watched as Lukas put his fingers up to his mouth and whispered some strange words. Then, a faint light began to glow in the palm of his hand as though he had caught a firefly—only, this “firefly” was glowing brighter and brighter. All the while, you stared open-mouthed at the light as he continued to recite some incomprehensible words. Before long, more whispers began to fill the air mixed in with a few high-pitched giggles.

“They’re here,” Lukas whispered as the light stopped glowing brighter. Then, he pointed towards the open sky, and sure enough, you saw his friends with your own eyes.

“Fairies…” you breathed. They weren’t just any fairies. Some of them had long pointed ears and delicate wings that looked like they were made of sparkling glass. Others were fluffy little puffballs of white cotton and ears that looked like leaves. There were also strange creatures that came from beneath the rocks who looked like they were some sorts of gnomes or tiny trolls.

“This is so cool!” you whispered.

“Everyone, this is _____________,” Lukas said to the magical creatures. “She’s a human, but she promises she won’t harm you, won’t you, _____________?”

You quickly nodded. “I promise with all my heart.”

“Good. Then there should be nothing to worry about. Perhaps my friends will be able to play with you better than I can.”

“Don’t be silly, Lukas,” you laughed. “You’re going to play with us, aren’t you?”

Lukas stood up. “The forest I protect is very large, ______________. You aren’t the only one I have to watch. If something happens, I have to be there to help them, too.”

“Oh…It’s just like Mommy and Daddy…” you sighed. All of a sudden, you felt something soft and cold touch your head.

“Don’t worry, ____________,” Lukas assured you. “I’ll be back soon enough. I’ll try my best to play with you once I'm finished. Until then, stay put.”

“O-Okay,” you said. “But, Lukas, what am I supposed to— ” But like the year before, he was already gone as though he had never been there in the first place. At least his friends were still here.


Every year after that, you began to look forward to winter more and more, and every year after that, you continued to buy a new sweater for Lukas. One year, you had even given him a hairclip to keep his bangs out of his eyes. Now you could always clearly see his deep blue eyes.

It wasn’t until the forth year when you had finally gotten his perfect sweater size, and it wasn’t until two years after that when you had decided to hand-knit his sweaters.

“It makes the sweaters more meaningful,” you had told him when you had given him his first hand-knit sweater. Unfortunately, since it had been your first attempt, there were large holes and interruptions in the patterns. You had tried going for a fairy design, but the attempt had been a disaster. To cover up for your mistakes, you had lied and said it was abstract art.

“So this is what humans are into nowadays?” Lukas had asked giving his sweater a thorough inspection. You were well aware that he didn’t need to wear any more than the light garments he had on, but you knew he was only wearing your gifts out of courtesy. Even so, someone like Lukas had standards, too, and he wasn’t looking particularly enthusiastic about putting something with holes and horrendous colors on. Despite your screw-ups, however, he had put on the sweater. His friends had gotten used to it, too.

Once, when you had entered high school, you finally built up the courage to ask Lukas about his past.

“Lukas…you keep telling me that you haven’t felt certain emotions in a long time. What do you mean by that? Were you human once?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I gave up my previous life after my younger brother had passed away. I couldn’t be there to protect him, and the guilt finally consumed my heart. In time, my heart froze over, and now I am unable to feel specific emotions. On the plus side, I have the ability to live forever, as you can see. Now I spend my days trying to do for others what I couldn’t do for my brother. I thought that maybe then, I’d be able to forgive myself, but I’ve forgotten how to forgive, it seems. It’s a funny situation, isn't it?”

You reached out and squeezed Lukas’ hand. Like always, it was cold to the touch, but now you knew the reason.

“Lukas…” you murmured. “Even when I grow up and stop coming to this forest, will you promise to remember me?”

“Of course I’m going to remember you,” Lukas said. You let out a sigh in relief. “After all, how else am I going to get a sweater every single year?”

You made a face. “Is that how you remember me? Through my sweaters?”

Lukas shrugged. “You give me one every year. I can’t see how I’d forget about that.”

You groaned. “What about all those things we did together?”

“Those were nice, too. Thank you, _____________.”

“Hey, that’s a first.”

Lukas looked confused.

“In the first year, you said you didn’t know how to express gratitude, but you said ‘thank you’ just now. You’ve never said that even after I gave you all of those sweaters.”

“I haven’t? I must have forgotten.”

“Hey, maybe if you can feel gratitude, you can learn how to be happy. It would be nice to see you smiling and laughing every once in a while.”

“Perhaps…” Lukas murmured. Then, he stood up. “I’m going to make my rounds again. It might get dark before I come back.”

You smiled and waved. “Take care, then. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes. I’ll be waiting.” And like the many times before, the moment you blinked, Lukas was gone without a trace. In the meantime, you decided to chat with his friends as you had always done when he wasn’t around.

“What do you think, guys? Wouldn’t you think it would be fun to see Lukas laughing and smiling?”

Unexpectedly, the fairies and little wood sprites looked at each with dubious looks.

“__________________, if Lukas gets back his emotions, his heart will unfreeze,” a fairy said.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “How is that a problem?”

“Because his frozen heart allows him to live forever,” another fluffy fairy explained. “If his heart melts, then his entire body and soul will dissolve into the spring’s dew.”

“B-But, if that’s true, then why was Lukas being so close to me all of these years?” you asked feeling sick in your gut.

“He told us you reminded him of someone who was close to his brother,” a forest sprite told you. “She was very kind and enthusiastic much like yourself. Perhaps he was feeling lonely in this forest and wanted to be reminded of his former self.”

“That can’t be…” you whispered. “I never wanted Lukas to disappear—not forever, at least.”

A fairy placed her soft, silky hand on your cheek. “_________________, Lukas has been suffering for a long time. He is turning into a shell of a forgotten spirit. Had you not come along, he would have wandered this forest aimlessly without any insight or purpose whatsoever. It was good that you had come along when you had. Otherwise, he might have…”

“But that doesn’t change anything!” you cried out startling Lukas’ magical friends. “If Lukas disappears because I stay with him longer, then isn’t that the same thing as letting his emotions disappear altogether?”

“Lukas does not think so,” a little wood troll said. “He has been quite fond of your company.”

You shook your head. “No. I don’t want to risk it. If Lukas disappears because of me, I don’t know how’d I’d live with the guilt...I…I need to leave.”

In spite of their protests, you carried yourself farther away from Lukas’ friends. You wished you had known about this sooner. Maybe then, the damaged wouldn’t have grown so big. How long had Lukas hid this from you? Nearly ten years now? In another year, you were sure that you would have been the same age as him if not younger still. It was surprising at how fast time could fly—especially for someone who lived forever.


The next day, you had returned, determined to bid farewell to Lukas one final time. It would also be the day that your family would be heading back home. Your parents had told you that after this year, they would be selling the cabin to another owner. This was really it.

At this point, you didn’t even have to call Lukas’ name to get him to appear in front of you. He had grown used to your presence long ago.

“Ready to go, ____________?” he asked.

You couldn’t help but smile a little. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Today, you didn’t bring your gloves. In the past, you had been wary of touching his icy cold hands, but this time, you wanted to be able to feel his skin against your own. It would be the last time you would be able to do so.

“So, what should we do today?” Lukas asked.

You gave his hand a squeeze. “How about we just talk?”

For a couple of seconds, all you could hear was the silent roaring of the wintery forest. Then, Lukas spoke.

“Sure,” he said. “We can talk today.”

When you came to a secluded spot along the frozen brook, you sat down with Lukas’ hand still in yours.

“Lukas, why didn’t you tell me?” was the first thing you asked.

“Why didn’t I tell you about what?”

You squeezed his hand again. “About your heart. You didn’t tell me that if you begin to feel emotions again that your heart will melt, and you didn’t tell me that if your heart melts, you will…disappear…”

Lukas blinked his dark blue eyes. “If I told you, would it have made a difference?”

“Of course!” you burst out. “If I knew, I would have never gotten so close to you! I don’t want you to disappear, Lukas!”

“Hmm,” Lukas responded. “But after giving myself a lot of time to think, I’m convinced that this is better. I think it would have been very boring if I lived forever knowing I couldn’t enjoy anything I lived for at all. Thanks to you, _____________, I’ve been able to relive experiences from my past. I know I haven’t showed it much, but you at least deserve to know that these winters with you have been my happiest since becoming like this.”

“Well…” you sniffed. “You’d better not get used to it because this might just be the last time I see you, Lukas…”

To your astonishment, Lukas smiled. “Yeah, I know. I saw it on your face the moment I saw you this morning.”

“You don’t look very sad.”

“I am,” Lukas insisted. “I’ve just been hiding it all of this time.”

You began to bat your eyelids hoping it would drive the tears back in your eyes. Unfortunately, you weren’t as successful as Lukas when it came to hiding your emotions.

“You’re a terrible person, you know that?” you frowned. “What else have you been hiding?”

“You know those other sweaters you gave me?”

“What about them?”

“I used the yarn to make nests for the woodland animals.”

“Even the first sweater I made?”

Lukas laughed. “Actually, I kept that one. It has a special charm to it.”

You made a face. “Of all the sweaters you had to keep, it had to be the worst one?”

“It will always be the most memorable one, don’t you think?”

A thin smile cracked on your lips. “I guess.” You paused. “Anything else?”

“I’ve been hiding a lot of things from you, _______________,” Lukas said. “Perhaps it was because you weren’t…Let’s just say there was a significant age gap between us.”

“It’s closing, though,” you pointed out.

Lukas nodded. “That’s why I feel that I can tell you about them now. The truth, is, ______________, I— ”

“Don’t say it,” you interrupted.


“Don’t. Say. It.”

“______________, but— ”

“You’re going to disappear…” you sniffed. “I know you will. The moment you confess aloud, everything will be absolutely true. When that happens…you’ll…”

Lukas brushed back your hair with a cold hand. “I’m happy you know what I’m going to say, but that won’t change how I feel about you, _______________. If this really will be the last time I see you, then I may never get another chance again. You don’t want my heart to hurt forever, do you?”

You wiped a tear away. “It wouldn’t hurt if it remained frozen.”

“True,” Lukas sighed, “but I’m tired, _________________. I’ve been in this world for far too long. You wouldn’t understand what it’s been like to stay frozen in time for as long as I have, always knowing everyone will grow past my lifetime and leave me behind. It’s an exhausting way to live.”

“Lukas, to me, knowing is enough,” you said. “There’s no need to say it. I’m already happy that you feel this way about me.”

“My friends told you about me, didn’t they? They made it sound as though it was a bad thing because they don’t want me to leave them behind.”

“And neither do I!” you cried. “Lukas, I…I love you…I don’t want you to go. If you disappear, then I won’t be able to see you ever again. I-I don’t want that—!”

But you couldn’t say any more. Amidst your tears, Lukas had his lips placed against yours in an icy kiss. Before you even had the time to savor it, however, you could already feel the ice crystals melting against the warmth of your love. Lukas didn’t even need to say the words. It was already happening.

“_______________…” Lukas whispered as his lips parted from yours. “Hold me…”

You immediately seized him in your arms and clung onto his sweater as tightly as you could. Lukas’ skin was growing warmer and warmer until the temperatures of your bodies matched in perfect synchronization. His heart was melting.

“Idiot…” your voice trembled. “Lukas you stupid idiot…!”

“I love you, ______________,” Lukas whispered. “Don’t be sad when I’m gone.”

“I love you, too, Lukas…”

And then, just like that, he had vanished, but you knew this time, he wouldn’t be waiting behind you when you looked over your shoulder. Heartbroken, all you could do was curl yourself up into a tight ball and empty your tears. The lingering sensation of the kiss the two of you had shared was still dancing on your lips, the warmth leaving an imprint on your very heart.


Spring had arrived earlier that year. Your parents had sold the cabin to another family, and, as a result, you never saw Lukas’ forest friends again.

Many winters passed after that. Your heart hurt a little each time the last snow would fall and the ice crystals melted into spring.

It had been hard, but in time, as you grew older, you finally understood what Lukas had been talking about. You were able to understand why he had been so willing to let himself go as he opened his heart to you. Perhaps, you thought, when the time came when you would be ready to love again, you would be able to pass on those feelings, too…those feelings that had the power to melt a heart of winter.
This is perhaps as long as I'll ever make a one-shot. There's an important message in here if you read carefully.

Also a contest entry for HillsOfSilence's contest: [link].

Axis Powers: Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekazu.

Any similarities to characters, settings, scripts, or stories from other pieces of literature or media are purely coincidental.

This story and picture belong to me, *GydroZMaa.

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