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     "Why doesn't he like me?" Julchen paced her room, thinking of a good reason with a scowl. "I mean, I'm awesome, I'm better looking than her, I'm sexier. So, why doesn't he like me?" She went back and forth in her room, her small bird following her movements until it grew tired and perched on the windowsill. Julchen stopped and sat at the window, resting her head in her hand frowning. "This is so unawesome, mein little birdie." The bird chirped in agreement and nuzzled her owner.

     'Sophia's pretty, sure, but she's so stuck up!' Her frowned deepened as she thought. 'Daniel probably doesn't even realize it. He's too busy listening to her talk about pianos and playing with her hair. So unawesome...' A sigh was emitted and Julchen stood up, giving up on the subject for the time being. There were better things to do, like getting drunk off her ass and singing karaoke. That was exactly what she was going to do!

     Throwing on some shorts and a t-shirt, the prussian woman laced up her white boots and threw on a coat. The outside wind whipped her silvery hair around, dancing like the snow. She huffed her way through the white sheet of frozen water to the bar, where, once inside, warmed her to the bone.

     "I'll have the usual!" she yelled, throwing open the doors. The regulars cheered at her arrival and she took a dramatic bow. "Kesesese~ The awesome me has graced you with my presence!" The barkeep slid a mug of beer down to her, which she chugged down immediately. 'Not even buzzed~' she thought, laughing loudly as she ordered another.

     Beer after beer, it took about 23 for her to get drunk. She got up on the stage and grabbed the mic, stumbling slightly.

     "Who's ready to rock?!" The crowd of drunkards cheered wildly as Julchen grabbed a guitar, throwing the strap around her neck and strummed roughly. The sound pounded through the speakers lined up on the wall and the crowd went wild. As the prussian played, she didn't notice Daniel and Sophia come in. Once she finished playing and 'being awesome', Julchen smashed the guitar and screamed.



     "TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!" The crowd started stomping and chanting for the woman to strip. At first, hesitation crossed her mind. But she was the awesome prussia, and the awesome prussia never hesitates! She shrugged and threw off her jacket, the crowd cheering.


     "C'MON BABY~"

     Julchen laughed and reached for the hem of her shirt, pulling it up to her midsection before two hands stopped her. She looked up to see Daniel, frowning disappointedly.

     "Hey, Daniel~! Vat are you doing here~?" She giggled and threw her arms around him clumsily. He looked uncomfortable, but his cheeks tinted pink anyways.

     "I was here with Sophia, but then you got up here and started to embarrass yourself."

     "That's so mean!"

     "How so?" He raised a brow at the girl, who puffed her cheeks.

     "You're here with her and not to see me!"

     "That's because Sophia is my girlfriend."

     Julchen froze. The words sobered her up and she frowned. His girlfriend? Nein. Not possible. What was there to love about that stuck up bitch? She was annoying and unawesome and just so... So... perfect! That's what it was. She was too perfect for anyone. That's why she's always so rude. Right? So why did he date her? 'Whatever, they can have adorable kids together for all I care.'

     "Congrats to the lovely couple." she grumbled and shoved Daniel away from her. Grabbing her jacket, she threw it on loosely and grabbed a beer to go. With one last glare at the Austrian woman, she shoved the doors open and went out into the raging snow, ignoring the calls after her.

     The wind picked up quickly, throwing snow into the air and making Julchen seem near-invisible with her pale hair. The only thing you could see was her Prussian blue coat and  ruby red eyes. She heard her name within the howling of the wind and she turned, only to be run into by Daniel.

     "What the hell?! Daniel, what the fuck are you doing out here? There's a blizzard going on!"

     "I could ask you the same thing, stupid!" Julchen looked up at Daniel, who was hovering over her. His brown hair was loosely thrashing about in the wind, taken out of its usual tied back style by the storm. His green eyes filled with worry, taking the pale woman  by surprise. She frowned and looked away, not wanting him to see her face. They had both made the mistake of going out into a blizzard, and now they were stuck in it. He got up and pulled her up with him, then started to walk while holding her hand.

     "Where the hell are we going?"

     "Somewhere other than in the snow."

     She followed him quietly, her hand still in his. The wind whirled around them, surrounding the two of them like a spotlight on a stage. They wandered aimlessly until Daniel stopped. He turned around and looked straight into her eyes.

     "I found a small house. It doesn't seem like anyone's inside, and the door is unlocked." He shoved the door open and threw her in quickly, followed by himself. The door was closed with a bit of effort, but it closed nonetheless. Julchen stood awkwardly brushing the snow off of herself. Daniel sighed and ran a hand through his now-unruly hair. It became cold and wet due to the snow, as well as Julchen's. Daniel walked wordlessly into the hallway, where he found some towels. He walked back to the front room where Julchen awaited his return.

     "Hey, I found some towels, so we can dr-" His words were held in his throat at the sight of his friend. She had no shirt on, her boots off, and was wringing out her shirt. She looked up at him and grinned.

     "Awesome! Danke, Daniel." She walked over and grabbed a towel, to which she began to rub her hair with. Daniel just frowned.

     "What is with you and taking your damned clothes off?!"

     "Vat, a girl can't show off her body?" She winked at him and laughed at his red face.

     "You don't have to go around stripping though!"

     "But it's fun~" He just shook his head. Nothing could bueobvfiudb FUCK

I'm not gonna continue this.
I was just hit by a train of inspiration while watching something about the universe and I saw this picture, yo.

So yeah. Enjoy.

Hetalia characters belong to HIMARUUUUUYYAAAAAAA
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Author’s Note- No, this is not a Spain x Child!Reader. This is a Spain x Teen!Reader. With that said… without further ado…

You clutched your pillow tightly as fantasies danced about in your head. Your (h/c) hair fanned out messily onto the plush pillow your head rested upon. “Antonio!” You purred in your sleep. Your amazing dream was about to its climax, when the scenery suddenly changed. A Bathroom…? You were on the toilet; well, relieving yourself… “What the hell?!” Your (e/c) eyes shot open in bewilderment. “At the good part even!” Only then did you notice the smelly yellow liquid staining the sheets below you. “I didn’t…!” You gasped. You rose to change your stained panties and pajama pants, when someone entered your room. “Buenos dias, Chica!” The cheery Spaniard greeted, waving cutely. You yelped, diving back onto the bed and burying yourself under the wet covers. “____? Is something wrong?” Antonio asked innocently. “N-NO!” You answered through the covered that muffled your frantic voice. “Then you wouldn’t mind if I-“ Antonio was about to pounce onto the bed, but your hasty squeak stopped him from doing so. “N-No! I’m coming out!” You peeled the covered from your body and tried to cover your wet pants. Antonio smiled cheerily, now completely oblivious to your nervous demeanor. You noticed the morning light hit his sun kissed  skin  to where he almost looked angelic. In fact, you almost began to drool. Antonio blinked innocently. He sauntered closer to you and smile before bending down and kissing your forehead. “You’re so cute, ____!” You blushed. “A-Antonio, I am not!” “Yes you are!” The Spaniard pinned you against the bed, gently trailing butterfly kisses down your neck. You mewled in pleasure, your soft hands exploring every inch of his clothed chest. Hmm… you could do something about that! You were about to lustfully rip Antonio’s shirt off, when you noticed a perplexed look cross the Spaniard’s face. “____?” He asked. “Yes, Antonio?”

“Why is the bed wet?”
Onhonhonhonhon... you thought you were getting a lemon, didn't you, silly reader-tan?

Ah... came up with this one before bed last night. I was afraid I would lose the idea by morning, so I quickly jotted this down on paper before I hit the sack.

Er- sorry it's so short. Couldn't think of too much. Hope it satisfies, though.


Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconsexyspain2plz:
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there is an angel sitting next to me.
her hands are tucked like wings against each other,
each blue life-vein peeking out through
too-white, too-thin skin.
a dog-earred copy of The Great Gatsby
waits in the pocket of the seat in front of her.
any other day, that might be a metaphor,
but today it is just a lonely book
whose owner is even lonelier.

there is an angel in the plane seat next to me.
while i am closing my eyes to say goodbye to the ground,
she is opening hers wider to say hello to the sky.
her spine is bending against the metal side,
like maybe if she pushed enough she could be free.

as the plane starts moving faster and faster,
the ground tells me, “see you later.”
and as the wheels draw back into the plane’s belly,
the sky tells her, “welcome back old friend.”

there is an angel sitting next to me on a plane,
and it sounds like the start of a bad joke.
she is beautiful with spindly fingers, fly-away hair,
green eyes and a feather soft smile.
i am just a human with too much food in her stomach,
who is constantly battling evil that isn’t really evil and
swallowing truth that isn’t really truth.

she offers that her name is Katie, and
i have never felt more inadequate of my name—
how ironic it is, that this normal name belonged to this
beautiful creature, and my own extraordinary name
belonged only to me, someone so extra ordinary.

for each of us, the three hour plane ride
was spent battling our own demons in silence.

i wanted to ask her if she remembered
what it was like to fly,
but looking at her hands balled into fists on her knees
and her red-rimmed eyes and olive-rimmed pupils
staring doggedly at each passing cloud
through the two inch window of the cage we were sitting in,
i thought to myself,
“stupid question.”
So maybe I should start out saying sorry I haven't exactly been active in a really, really long time? Uh...I guess you could blame it on performance anxieties--it always happens after I submit a poem that's really good (or at least that a lot of people like), and I gain a whole bunch of watchers, I'm like, intensely afraid I'll screw up or offend or something or that I just won't ever be able to write as well as that one time and I'll be this disappointment or--

WELL. ALSO maybe it's because I had Spring Break and was in Austin, Texas until very recently. I finished up this poem (which I started writing on the plane, sitting next to a girl named Katie--but I think you got that part) just now, and decided to submit it because I haven't in a really long time.

ON A SIDE NOTE TO END THIS LONG AUTHOR'S NOTE AT 1:30 IN THE MORNING: I thought those People on Paper poems were awkward to write but do you realize how awkward it is to write a poem about someone when that someone is sitting right next to you?

There's a blaze of light in every word
It doesn't matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah
-Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
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Summary: What is happiness? I mean sure you will get all you want
with money but is that all, will you be happy then? I guess each
individual has a different thought about happiness and so does
Gilbert Beilschmidt …

Warning: Implied sex, Yaoi (boyxboy duhh~), umm fluffiness that might
explode your mind... ooc-ness too >>

-Gilbert Beilschmidt-

My happiness comes from such simple things...

I opened my bloody red eyes and squinted them as the bright sunlight
hit my lens. Wasn't the curtains closed last night? He must have
pulled them up. I can see the bird's nest out on the tree outside.
The temperature must be freezing out there but the tiny white egg has
made it or so it seemed, for there was a small bird cuddling next to
her momma.

I propped myself up with my arms and felt the bed creaked as I
stepped down to the freezing wooden floor. Pieces of clothing were
scattered across the room. Boy, we were really going at it last
night, huh?

A chuckle escaped my lips as I picked up his white dress shirt on the
floor. The sleeves were too long for me and it was huge on my tiny
body, the shirt reached to my thighs and covered my pale naked body.
I pulled it up and took in its scent. His smell still lingered along
the shirt, I smiled. I think I'm addict to this familiar smell.

Another sweet smell hit my nostrils as I opened the door leading out
to the narrow hallway. I made my way down to the kitchen.

Two plates were set on the dining table along with the silverware.
The dripping sound of the coffee sounded quite soothing in our quiet
little house. A bottle of maple syrup sitting on top of the counter
next to a big plate filled with pancakes stacking up on each other.

He was by the stove, I assumed to that he was still making more of my
favorite food. His broad shoulders were back to me. His light blond
hair was sticking up a little, looking a bit messy, that was quite
unusual for him, but those strands of hair look soft as always,
making me want to run my hand through them.

I grinned to myself and crept up to him. It seemed he hasn't notice
my presence yet. Silently, I wrapped my arms around his torso and
hugged him close from behind. I buried my face in his warm scarf,
Ivan's scent filled me up again. I smiled, closing my eyes.

Ivan always wear his scarf. He never took it off no matter what. I
was curious of course, but I felt bad once figuring out that he was
only try to hide his scars from me. He was afraid I would get
worry... and I did. I remembered kissing him and told him not to hide
anything from me again, I remembered telling him I wasn't mad or
anything and I remembered that that night, our love got stronger.

morning Gilbert ~” He chirped happily and turned off the stove.
He turned himself around and faced me. He smiled, that gentle smile
that always make my heart skip a beat or two when it was direct to
me. His amethyst eyes gazed down at me, filling with unsaid love and
making me feel like I am the most special person to him ever...

I yawned, still feeling sleepy. He kissed my forehead and rested his
against mine. I brushed a strand of hair away from his cheek and tip
toed up, pressing my lips against his soft one. They were away
cold... each time we kissed, he sent a shiver down to my spine. Those
arms that wrapped around my thin frame were strong and protective,
maybe a bit possessive too, making me feel more safe than ever. I
fell in love with him all over again each time we shared a kiss...

“Good morning, Ivan”

My happiness comes from such simple things...

A kiss from you

A hug from you

Simply being love by you

Simply seeing your face everyday

Simply being with you.

I love you...

EDIT: umm okay... F*CK THIS?? OAO THE SPACING WHAT THE HE'LL?? *sighs* just read will ya? ;-; i will find out what happen...or someone please tell me what happened??!!

Hetalia - Rupru

this is like the third tries i tried to upload this OAO fuu-- it was freaking hard cus the text didnt turn out as i wanted


i need feedback cus i tried to do something i fail at, which is writing using sensory language OAO so yup, tell me where i need to improve.
and point out my grammar and spelling mistakes too if you please ^^;

i do not own the characters sadly ;w;
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"Are you all right?"

Otoya jumped a bit at the voice, before turning to eye its owner. There stood the best friend of the woman who had broken his heart, Tomochika Shibuya. Her violet-coloured irises were staring him down from where he was seated a few feet away, concern swirling in them.

Sighing heavily, he blinked at her before directing his gaze back to its original place on the floor. "Honestly, Tomo, no," he breathed, pulling a hand through his shaggy red hair. "But... I guess I have no choice but to eventually buck up, now do I?" He looked up again and gave her a bitter smile, trying to convey that he just wanted to be left alone, but at the same time he was more than grateful for her presence so he could finally have someone to talk to about his feelings and vent his frustrations to.

Tomochika took a tentative step forward, silently asking if she should in fact leave him be, but he shook his head at her and waved the other redhead over. The floor of the dark room creaked noisily as she walked over to him and took a seat beside the young idol. A long while passed before anything was said between the two. Gripping the side of the soft sofa between her polished fingers, the young woman stared at the depressed man at her side. To see him like he was in that moment – so put down, so cheerless and unhappy was disconcerting. He was normally loud and expressive, jubilant and joyful. But now he was just distressed and reserved, his mouth a thin line on his face and his brows drawn together in unspoken disappointment. Raising a hand, she debated whether or not she should bring him out of his contemplative, grumpy state, but decided against it when he turned to her, eyes sad and longing, and exhaled.

"It... it was just sudden, I guess," he admitted after a few more seconds of glaring at the ground pensively. "One second we were all together and just friends and nothing more... and the next we all find out that something's going on between her and Hijirikawa..." He spat the other man's name out venomously, and was surprised by how hateful he could sound about a man he had come to see as a brother.

"Don't say Masato's name like that," Tomochika scolded, gripping his arm a bit. "He's still your friend, and he didn't mean to hurt you."

"If that's so, Tomo, then why did I have to find out by walking in on him and Haruka kissing? Why couldn't they gather the courage to tell us all as a whole, instead of being cowardly and hiding in the dark for who knows how long?" he shouted at her, face contorted in a thinly-veiled rage.

Tomochika backed off then, knowing that he had a point. She didn't know how long her best friend and Masato Hijirikawa had been in a relationship together, as it could have happened only recently or been progressing for months – no one knew but the couple. And while it didn't hurt her in the same way it did Otoya and the other four boys of Starish, it hurt that Haruka never even told her, a loyal friend from the beginning. She thought that they trusted each other, but apparently not.

"I... I'm sorry," he said after a few quiet moments passed. "I shouldn't have raised my voice at you. Hell, I shouldn't even be taking this out on you – you didn't do anything wrong."

Biting her lip, she shook her head quickly. "No, I understand. You're angry."

"Tomo," he turned to her and stared at her, unblinking. "I'm not angry. I'm furious. But there's nothing I can do about it. Haruka's made her choice – and I'm not it, unfortunately." His red eyes burrowed into hers with such intensity that she turned away abruptly, uncomfortable. Silence cast over them again, and after a short while of contemplation, she scooted closer to him and slung an arm around his shoulder consolingly, squeezing her arms around his shoulder just a bit.

He leaned into her, and she was surprised by the gesture, but did not pull away. Burying his hands in his face then, Otoya forced out, "I think what hurts the most is that she gave each of the same amounts of respect and affection. She never spent more time with one of us over another. Never gave us a reason to hate one another because of petty jealousy – the group and our friendship always came first. But then for her to just up and choose, all of a sudden it seems, Masa... it was jarring and unexpected. I mean... you're right; I don't really have any reason to hate them. But I can't just forgive them like they want me to. Not yet."

Tomochika blinked at him as his true, pent up feelings towards the situation spilled out of his mouth without restraint. She knew that she was someone he trusted and the only one he could really talk to at that moment – he wouldn't go to Haruka as much as the sunset-eyed girl wanted to talk to him and the others were in the same depressed pit he was and wouldn't provide the support that he needed in that moment.

Rubbing his arm a bit, hoping her actions were comforting, she leaned her head against his shoulder and offered him a warm smile. "And that's okay. You're allowed to be upset and take your time before sorting things out. It's only natural, Otoya."

He nodded at her and gave her a small, sad smile back before turning away again. Seemingly hours of quiet passed, filled with personal conflict and contemplation on Otoya's part, before the red-haired young man shifted suddenly and caught Tomochika in a tight hug. She gasped, surprised, but feeling his face press into her hair and the skin of her neck, she relaxed and held him back. Feeling him shake a bit in their embrace, she pressed her cheek against his head and whispered softly, once more, "It's okay."

And at that, the dam broke, and the usually jovial boy in her arms shivered and a small sob escaped his throat, a strangled, miserable noise. The normally resilient woman holding the man felt her own eyes tear up a bit at his release, but managed to hold it together, because in that moment, she needed to be strong for Otoya, for a boy stuck in love who couldn't be for himself.

He cried nearly silently, obviously holding back so that he could still claim some of his dignity at the end of the ordeal. Her manicured hands ran up and down the length of his back soothingly. "I loved her," he breathed whisperingly into her ear. "I do love her, and dammit, I don't know how to stop!" His voice was ragged and raspy – he was exhausted emotionally. Tomochika felt her heart prick in her chest at his uttering of his feelings for Haruka – she always knew how Otoya felt about her best friend, but actually hearing the admittance, for some reason, made her chest ache. Shaking her head, she forced herself to pay attention to the true matter at hand – Otoya's heartbreak – and not get distracted.

She didn't say anything in response, because after such a physical reaction, she couldn't form the words to convey how she felt because she didn't know exactly how she felt in that moment. Settling for pressing a kiss to his forehead instead, she sighed and buried her face in his neck again, the action causing a shiver to run down the young man's spine unexplainably.

It was only when the first rays of dawn poured through the window of the once-pitch black room that Tomochika realized how long she had been comforting him for, but when she pulled away and looked into his pain-filled eyes, she knew that it was worth it and that she had made the right choice coming after him, that he needed her more than Haruka did in that moment. He retreated away from her suddenly, though, and she felt an immediate loss of warmth, but for fear of confusing both of them further, did not reach out and pull him back, instead allowing him to distance himself from her again.

He wiped at his eyes and sniffled a bit from beside her, but these efforts proved that he was at least trying to compose himself. Quiet cast over them again, however it was not as charged and strained as before, and without missing a beat, Otoya's hand reached over and he intertwined his fingers with Tomochika's easily. Her entire body stiffened, but when she turned and saw him smiling genuinely at her, she relaxed and squeezed his hand in hers. "Thank you," he said after a short while passed, "for being here for me. You're great, Tomo. Always here for a friend in need."

Tomochika's eyes fell to the floor at his words and her smile dimmed minutely, but she nodded. "Always, Otoya." The more time that passed between them then, the more uncomfortable she began to feel for some reason she could not place, but not wanting to jar Otoya out of his calmed mindset, she kept still and allowed him to continue holding her hand in his. She searched her mind for explanation as to her sudden uneasiness, but when her mind offered her an answer she knew was more than just viable, but was true, she forced it out, forced herself not to acknowledge the way her heart and mind kept focussing on how he gripped and squeezed her hand, how he initiated the action... and instead concentrated on how just moments before, he had confessed to being in love with her best friend. Though this thought was meant to quell her restlessness, it simply served to make her feel worse, and this time, the feeling stuck.

The fiery female was granted release from Otoya's awkward hand-holding when her phone buzzed in her pocket, and jumping out of surprise, he released her hand and blinked at her questioningly. Reaching into her pocket and withdrawing her cellular device, she stared at it until her eyes focussed in the dim light and saw that she had received an apparently urgent text from Haruka, who more than likely had set herself off in another fit of unrelenting tears.

When Tomochika frowned at her phone, Otoya knew who is was and his face fell noticeably and he moved away from the woman until there was nearly half a metre of space between them. Standing up abruptly, she turned to him and was about to open her mouth, when he shook his head and smiled sadly, the sight twisting Tomochika's heartstrings even further. "You should probably get going," he whispered, "she'll just continue to work herself up – I doubt even Masa can calm her right now."

Her violet eyes continued to peer down at him, trying to assess if she should stay with him a bit longer or attend to her friend's vulnerable feelings. Nodding once at him, she made her way towards the door, and turning back once more, voiced her original question, "Are you all right?"

"No," he reiterated his previous answer truthfully. "But I know I will be with a bit of time and effort on my part. Having people like you around doesn't hurt, either." He winked at her playfully then, a spark of his true personality shining through and causing Tomochika to smile brightly. Otoya felt his chest swell at the sight of her pretty face directing such a grin towards him, before he motioned to the door. Sharing one last look with her, he mouthed his thanks again and with that, she left him alone in the now brightly morning lit room.

Otoya's gaze fell to the floorboards as it had been before she had come to him and he reflected with increasing confusion on what had just occurred. He didn't like to think of himself as selfish, but he expected that Tomochika might come and pay him a visit like she had – the one thing he didn't expect, though, was that her leaving him in that moment would be nearly as painful as the night when he caught Haruka and Masato kissing in a dark, lonely hallway. He didn't expect that he would want the other redhead back in his arms as much as he did and yet, despite how much he searched his broken heart for an answer, he could not find one that satisfied him. Growling in frustration, much to his dismay, he found that his mind was even more jumbled than it was before Tomochika had arrived, but his heart was incredibly lighter, and right then, that was all he needed.
Yeah. So I finally wrote something. But it wasn't a The Time to Sleep update, unfortunately. OTL
I just recently finished this anime, Uta no Prince-sama, and I loved it - and I also shipped this pairing really hard because... well, I can.
And we all know I love writing obscure-ass pairing, so this was born! :D
Hope those of you who actually read this, like it!
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Counting the Months

(Iceland x Reader)

(I suggest listening to ‘Tranquillezza for string’ from OHSHC or Ouran High School Host Club If you want the full effect.)

One-shot! Entry for Wildheart63’s “Darlian contest” and Roro0098's "Nordic Contest"
“I’m sorry but I think we should break up.”

“I’m sorry but things just aren’t working out.”

“I’m sorry but you just don’t interest me anymore.”

Even though I do this on a weekly basis you would expect me to know how to ignore it. If you think that you would be wrong. I try and ignore the pang in my heart telling me to apologize but I just cant do that. The apology behind the words ‘I’m sorry’ had empty meaning, I really just don’t care.

I’d be lying to myself; the girls I walk away from don’t mean anything to me. They’re more like Advil? Or maybe a coping mechanism? They were originally there to help me get out of my modest state but that didn’t seem to help because it progressively got worse. It would go from steadily dating for six months to a fling each week.

It even got to the point where I wouldn’t even care about how we broke up or how it got to her, I would just start ‘dating’ someone else without feeling. Some would say that I’m cold and others would say that I’m just to much to handle, but in reality I have apathy for everything.

I think it started when I first moved here from Iceland a few years prier to this.

I was a nobody, an outcast to everyone; sure I was interesting for maybe a day but we have just about ever culture at this school. We go from Africans to Russians so a simple Icelandic like me would hold zero interest.

I’m sorry I forgot to properly introduce myself; I am Emil Steilsson, an Icelandic transfer student in my last year of high school. My only remaining family member is my older half brother from Norway, his name is Lukas Bondevik; he is bothersome and pesky although his lack of emotion is something I wish I could have. I have three other ‘friends’ if I can even call them that, Mathias, Berwald, and Tino; they seem to have nothing better to do because all that they like to do is either poke at my life or try and help me with my high school ‘problem’s.’

So tiresome.

But enough about me, lets get on with the story shall we?

“EMIL! Are you even listening to me?” My latest girlfriend who’s name escapes me was yelling into my ear.

“J” I said monotonously.

“Good! Well like I was saying blah and blah blah blah…” She just wouldn’t stop talking it was like she was on steroids.

“I’m going to class, bye.” Without even looking at her I started walking to my classroom.

Girls like her were annoying to say in the least but whatever.

I ignored the glares that I could just feel on my head from the surrounding population of the school.

“God what’s his problem? Saying something like that to a girl like her? He should have kissed her or showed some affection to his girlfriend.” I heard whispers coming from a few girls on my left.

“I mean he is ‘Icy the misfit.’” Oh, look at that a new name to add to the collection.

“But he’s a hot misfit hahaha!” I just sighed and continued to the room.

“Maybe I could make him change his ways, if you catch my drift…” Ugh, I may go through multiple people a week but I refuse to sleep with anyone. Especially whores. Sex is something I want to share with someone I actually love, even if that means I might end up dying a virgin.

I walked into the classroom and sat down by the window way in the back like I always did. The class started filling in and the silent room burst into life. I pulled out some headphones and a bag of black licorice and waited for the deadbeat teacher to walk in. God I can’t wait to graduate and get on with my life.

I was barely paying attention when he started to talk about something pretty stupid.

“-, we have a new student joining us from (c/n), please be nice to her.”

“Hello, my name is (f/n) (l/n) it is very nice to meet you.” She bowed and sat in one of the empty seats in the front.

I decided to watch her instead of outside today; she was…interesting I decided to make her my next ‘girlfriend.’

Before I knew it the last bell for the day had range and I had quickly got up and began following her to her locker.

She was chatting with one of the other students in my class, I think it was Lovino or something? Whatever it was it was Italian.

I decided to listen in closer.

“Yes Lovi I will be sure to wait for you.” She knew him?

“Whatever ragazza just be sure not to be late like this time or I’ll eat all the food.” He smiled down at her.

“OK Lovi I already apologized for that, love you ciao.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away.

She was going out with that asshole? I was one too but this guy would yell profanities to anyone who looked at him the wrong way, but he was all talk.

I had decided to wait a few days before carrying out the procedure, try and find out what she likes and dislikes.

I glared at the ground in front of me, I hated dealing with girls who had boyfriends it was a pain in the ass. But who could resist someone like me? I was perfect and any girl would try and catch a date with me.

I was walking towards my house when I had heard honking coming from my side, I looked to the source and saw (f/n) she was frozen in fear. Without thinking I ran over to her and pushed her out of the way. God I’m stupid.

I heard screams and an ambulance truck before everything went black.


When I awoke it was bright outside, all that I could hear was what sounded like puffins? Puffins only live in Iceland so what the hell? My eyes had finally adjusted to the bright light and I could see snow-clad mountains as well as a large body of water in front of me.

Where am I?

I couldn’t remember what had happened, all I remembered was my name and that I’m Icelandic. I started walking towards the water and dipped my boot clad foot in. It was warm… wait boot? What the hell was I wearing? I looked at my reflection in the water; I had on a deep brown military jacket, a white dress shirt with a ribbon tie underneath, deep brown straight-legged pants, and white half-laced boots; as well as a pair of white gloves.

Just who the hell was I?

I took deep shaky breaths and looked at my hands crying. I had just appeared in the middle of nowhere in rural Iceland, I had no idea who I was or what I had done to deserve this.

After a while I stood up and looked to the sky, it was turning pink. What time was it?
The temperature was decreasing pretty fast so I guessed that it was sometime in November? Whatever, I needed to find somewhere to sleep or I would freeze.

I trudged trough the ankle-high snow and searched for a place to stay at for the night.

It felt like hours when I had finally found a place, it was a turf-roofed house. It looked comfortable enough, so I guess I’ll stay here tonight.

I was going to knock when a girl around the same age as me had opened the door thus pushing me into the snow.

“OH MY GOD! I’m sorry!” This girl spoke English? Yet I’m able to understand her?

“Uh, it’s fine.” I could speak it to??

“Oh thank God, I thought that you would be mad.” She blew her (h/c) back and pulled me up.

“Please allow me to make you some heitt skkulai.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside her home.

“akka r” I decided to test this theory by speaking my native tongue, she seems to know how to say hot chocolate so.

“a er fnt.” Yep she speaks Icelandic although her accents pretty bad.

“So, tell me where did you come from? This whole region belongs to me.” WHAT!? How? I was a good few hours away from her.

“How did you pay for all of this?” I asked trying to keep my cool.

“Some of my relatives owned this land since Iceland become an independent nation.” So that’s for a few decades.

“Oh! The heitt skkulai!” She ran over to her wood stove and grabbed a few colorful cups.

“Here you go-“ She paused “what’s your name?” I sighed.

“My name is Emil Steilsson.” I grabbed the cup and drank, that is some pretty good chocolate.

“Your Icelandic?” She asked, I nodded.

“I’m (f/n)(l/n).

“I’m not from here but an aunt of mine married into the family that owns this land. She sold it to me a few months ago.” I nodded again as we sat and sipped the hot beverage.

After a few more oddly placed slurps I had finished my cup.

“Would you like some more?” She looked up to me, she had some beautiful (e/c). They reminded me of someone that I don’t really remember.

“No thank you,” I really did want more but I didn’t want to sound greedy.

“Alright, well onto more pressing matters, it seems that the weather is finally changing because the snow has recently fallen.” She says while getting and placing the cups in the sink.

“Would you like to stay for the night, Emil?” She asked without looking to me.

“J, if it’s not of any trouble.” She smiled before hugging me. She smelled like black licorice.

“Hardfiskur is tonight’s dinner! Please make yourself at home!” She said while running out the door. She must be a fisher to be making fresh hardfiskur.

“Well, this is nice.” I walked around the large in ground home; it was fairly updated.

“I can tell that she’s foreign.” I looked at some of the things she had that looked like it was from (c/n).

“Emil!?” I walked out of the bedroom and back into the kitchen/living room.

“J?” She was carrying a whole line of dried fish and herbs.

“Here could you give me a hand?” I nodded and ran over to the netted fish.

“Here, I’ll go and grab the rest of the herbs just set that on the table.” She ran back outside only to return with two bags of sea salt and other dried vegetables. She looked cold so I went to the heater and turned up the heat throwing fire wood into the furnace watching as the fire devoured the wood.

“Takk. I’ll get started on the meal, this is my second time making this.” She looked at me shyly.

“How about this, I’ll prepare the food you can get changed and warmed up?” I smiled and her cheeks warmed up.

“Thank you Emil! I’ll be sure to pay you back.” She walked into her room and shut the door.

“No need, you already are.” I said hoping that she heard me.

“It’s been a while since I’ve made this dish so bare with me.” She just continued eating, I don’t even think that she heard me.

“Fafs fwine! Ifs delicisfs!” She said while eating.

“Sorry, I said ‘that’s fine, its delicious.” She smiled sheepishly; she’s really cute.

“Takk, (f/n).” We continued to eat the only sound that could be heard was the wintery wind banging on the only window in the house.

“So, Emil, tell me where did you come from?” She said finishing her last piece of fish.

“I don’t really remember actually.” She looked concerned.

“What do you mean? Did you get hurt?” I shook my head profusely making it hurt a little.

“I don’t think so. But I just remember waking up by the sea.” She nodded.

“This is the small town of lafsvk, so you are further north by the coast of the Atlantic ocean.” I nodded I knew where I was but nowhere near home.

“I know where that is. But I think I was born in the capital.” She smiled.

“That’s Reykjavk, I could take you there if you want.” She sounded a little sad.

“Thank you but I’d much rather stay here, I was just wondering where we were.” She smiled and nodded concluding our conversation.

~ Time skip of Puffins! FUN FACT! lafsvk is a real Icelandic town; it has the smallest population with only 1,010 people. Main source of money is fishing.~

(F/n) had given me a room to sleep in that was apparently in the same bunker as her so we were side to side. She had fallen asleep about an hour ago and was snoring softly.

(f/n) was very pretty, I loved the way her (h/l) (h/c) went with her kind personality and body shape. Of course I would never tell her that but still I couldn’t help but watch her as she slept.

“I know I’ve said this like five times already but thank you, (f/n).” I spoke allowed before drifting into a silent slumber.

I awoke the next morning to the smell of fresh pancakes and sausage, it smelled like Tinos’ cooking. I got out of bed and sprinted to the kitchen only to see (f/n).

Wait? Who’s Tino? My head started to hurt and I fell to the ground while what sounded like ringing erupted in my head. What the hell?

“EMIL! Are you ok??!” (F/n) ran over to my hunched form and held onto me.

“What’s going on, Emil? Are you ok?” She asked again, I tried to answer but my teeth were clenched shut.

“EGH AHH!” I tried to speak again only to be interrupted by my own screams of pain.

“EMIL!” The girl hung on tighter.

“I’m going to go and get my first aid kit!” she sprinted off to some room when the pain stopped instantly. What’s wrong with me?

“(f/n) I’m alright, please calm down.” I sat down at the table and grabbed some sausage.

“Emil! What happened?” She looked silly, her hair was tousled and her face looked tear stained.

“I don’t really know but this is really good sausage.” She let out a breath and sat across from me and grabbed a blueberry pancake.

“Thanks Emil.” I nodded and bit into a syrup-drenched pancake.

“So, do you think you’re up for a little bit of shopping?” She looked up from her plate for a second.

“What kind of shopping…?” She just giggled
“OH HELL NO!” I yelled while we walked around the small mall located at the heart of the Icelandic town.

“Why are you being the evil, (f/n) I hate malls let alone new people.” She frowned.

“What about me? I just met you not even a day ago.” I flushed.

“Well yeah! But you’re different!” She smiled knowingly and grabbed my hand taking me to who knows where.

“I’ve been wanting to go into this new store that opened up when I first moved here but I didn’t have the money.” We stopped in front of an American store.

“Why here!” I shouted it was ‘Forever 21.’

“Because they have cute clothes! Plus they have men’s fashion so you can get some things! I refuse to walk around with you if you are going to keep wearing the same clothes!” I tried to pry my hand out of hers; even if it was nice..

“fnn. But if I end up in something more feminine then this,” I motioned to the ruffles. “Then I’m going to kill you and toss your body into the ocean.” She smiled and dragged me inside.

“Ok hold this, this, and this! I’ll be right back honest this time!” She handed me some shirts and a pair of boots.

“Here try this on!” She pushed me into a stall and handed me some clothes.

I glared at the closed door hopping that it would reach her.

“I can feel that, try it on!” She yelled through the door. I laughed softly and slid on the outfit.

I had to say this outfit was nice she had taste. I looked into the mirror at the simple rolled-up long-sleeved lavender shirt adorned with light blue jeans; it even had a pair of black army boots. Nice and simple like her.

It was almost as if she was made for me.

“I like it.” I whispered quietly.

“I knew you would,” she said through the door. “I’m going to be at the cash register ok?” I heard her boots ‘click’ against the plaster flooring.

“Ok.” I threw my original outfit in a bag and went to where she said she would be.

“Here, (f/n) let me pay.” I took out money that I didn’t even know I had and paid for everything.

“Wow Emil, thank you.” I flushed again and turned away. “ You’re welcome, (f/n). Lets go and eat something.” She nodded cutely and we walked out the store towards a restaurant.

Lunch was very eventful, I learned a lot about (f/n). She likes a lot of the stuff I do, like black licorice and puffins, she even hopes to get one in the future.

I’m starting to think that losing my memory was a good thing as well as ending up in the middle of nowhere, because I got to meet such an amazing girl.
“Hey Emil?” She asked while we walked down the quite coast.

“J (f/n)?” I turned to her.

“I really have enjoyed spending time with you these past two days.” She turned to me. I swore that she looked like an angel with the way the evening’s sun hit her form.

“I have too (f/n).” She sat down in the cold sand and watched as the waves crashed against the shoreline, I awkwardly joined her.

“This is my favorite part of the day, watching as the tides go down and the northern lights come out.” She pointed towards where the lights would appear.

“I haven’t seen the lights in person since before I moved away to America.” My head started to hurt again but I ignored it, the pain wasn’t as bad as before.

“ Is that so? Well lets wait a little while longer and watch them together.” I nodded slowly and held her hand.

“LOOK! There coming out!” She shouted while pointing to the air above us.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” I nodded while watching in awe as the lights grew brighter and the sky went twilight.

“(f/n) I know its only been a few days but I’d like to say thank you, and that I think that I’ve fallen in love with you….” That was the single most truthful thing I’ve have ever said. I’ve fallen in love with this rural beauty, she is possibly the most amazing person that I have ever meet and I’m glad that I am able to sit here with her today.

“Emil……” I looked away; my courage was draining at an extremely fast rate. I could feel my heart rate spike up.

“I love you too, I never thought that love at first sight was possible but I guess that I was wrong.” I looked back to her and gave her an awkward smile.

I bent down to her face and lightly pecked her lips. They were soft; her breath smelt of the licorice we had shared an hour prier to this.

I was going to pull away when she grabbed my face and collided our lips again but rougher. There was so much passion flowing through us at that moment you wouldn’t have been able to write it onto paper.

We pulled away to breath when It felt like my heart rate was going to fast for comfort.

“Emil?! EMIL PLEASE COME BACK! I think he’s coming back call a-!” I could hear someone else’s voice from somewhere in my head.

I looked back to (f/n) and she was staring at me confused.

“Emil what’s going on?” She looked at my legs they were disappearing.

“WHA-WHATS WRONG WITH ME??!” I shouted as the rest of my body was fading into nothing.

“Emil….I love you.” She was down on here knees crying.

“I don’t know what’s going on but I love you too. Forever and always with love from Emil.” (If anyone can catch that I will personal hug you) I whispered as the last of my face disappeared.
“-he’s coming back! He’s coming back to us!” Who was that? Why am I so tired all of a sudden?

“EMIL! LOOK AT US!” I opened my eyes and they were immediately blinded by bright light.

“Wh-what? Where am I?” I opened them again and was face to face with my brother. Oh right I have on of those.

“Emil, we were so worried.” My brothers voice was still monotone but it was laced with sadness. My memories began to come back to me.

“Where is (f/n)!?” I wanted to see the one I had been with for the past two days.

“Who’s that?” My friends looked at me like I was crazy.

“The girl of my dreams the one I was with for the past two days!” I was getting angry.

“Emil…you’ve been in a coma for the past three months what girl are you talking about.” Tino looked sadly at me.

“Why…so you’re telling me that the girl I fell in love with is in my head?” I glared at him and he flinched.

“Ja” I looked over to the intimidating swede.

“Look, Emil we don’t know what happened in your time asleep but there is no girl named (f/n).” Mathias had spoken up, his eyes looked puffy.

“I’m sorry for yelling.” I apologized and got up. “What time is it?”

“Try and lay back down, you broke your arm in the crash, you’re lucky you got away with only that. Its 10:00 on February 17th 2014, you’ve been out for three months.” A doctor walked in.

“I don’t care, about what happened to me I have to find (f/n).” I sprinted out of the room ignoring the pain in my mal-nourished legs. I could here them behind me.

“Almost there!” I yelled as I entered the school, ignoring the stares and gasps from the students behind me.



“YOU OWE ME $30!” People made bets on me?!

“GET HIM!” I heard Lukas shout over the ruckus.

I continued to run to my homeroom. Once there I opened the door and ran up to the girl I’d been searching for.

“(f/n), I missed you.” I said earning a few gasps as well as surprised silence.

“Emil….” She looked surprised.

“I really love you, I’m so in love with you that it hurts.” I said quietly while holding her hand.

“Emil….I..” Before she could finish Lukas broke through the classroom and grabbed my arm.

“Dumbass.” He said simply and dragged me out of the room.

“WAIT! SIR!” I looked to (f/n) as she ran over to us and grabbed the arm that Lukas was pulling on.

“Who are you?” He asked coldly.

“My name is (f/n).” She said bravely.

“So you are real. I’m waiting out here, Emil, don’t do anything else stupid.” He left the room full of silent students.

“Emil. I heard some interesting things about you, please enlighten me as to why you ‘love me’.” She did air quotes, I flinched.

“I…I…I can’t really explain I just know, its one of those things you cant explain but you know.” She sighed.

“ Then I can’t say that I love you too.” She started walking back to her seat when I grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the door where Lukas was staying.

“Leave.” I pushed him further down the hall.

He shrugged and walked away.

I turned back to her and told her everything of the past ‘two days’ when in reality it was three months.

“Emil….I don’t know how to react.” She looked away.

“Please, just give me a chance.” I was about to break down.

I grabbed her face and kissed her, it was half as much passion as the one in the vivid dream but that was because it was with an unwilling partner.

“Now do you believe me?” She was wide eyed before nodding vigorously.

“One of the things people told me was that you refused to get into any close intimacy unless it was with someone you loved.” I nodded and hugged her.

“I’ll give you one chance and one chance only.” She started walking with me back to Lukas.

“I see that you got the girl, little brother.” He just had to add that stupid remark, but I was too happy to care.

“J, I did.” I smiled to the smaller girl as she walked back to the room.

“Emil,” I looked to her.

“Please, be carful next time, I wouldn’t want my boyfriend getting hurt again would I?” She smiled before whispering on more thing.

“I didn’t get to thank you for saving me so, takk.” I smiled at her once more before she re-entered the classroom. She was like the (f/n) from my dreams.

“Come on lover-boy lets get you back to the hospital.” Lukas grabbed my hand and started to drag me back.

“Ok.” I said simply, I mean who cares; it just means that I can fall in love with her all over again.


Thank you for reading I hope no one cried. Because I did ha-ha ☹

Hasta la pasta!
When ever I read stories when the character’s in a coma, which is (very) rare it usually has a sad ending where they either forget or the love interest doesn’t want anything to do with them but I decided to brighten it a bit! That’s all so please don’t be angry about the lack of whatever it is you want..?

The anime is Hetalia Axis Powers

Only the story belongs to me!

This is a contest entry for Wildheart63’s “Darlian contest” as well as Roro0098's "Nordic Contest"

Thanks again for reading!

~Bitch please I’m a tree~
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i have been meaning to tell you for years:
i think you’re beautiful. i have
seen nothing on earth that holds a candle
to the ocean you carry inside your body.
it spills over your edges sometimes, like
a rain shower around you, blurring your penciled-in
lines until there is nothing left of you but your natural
cliffs, valleys, and deserts.

i like that.

i have never met someone who is, somehow,
a sea and a storm at the same time.
maybe i never will again.
maybe you are the only one
who gathers clouds on her forehead
like a promise, or feels the push and pull of the tide
with her every step.

you are beautiful, honestly.
you are honest, beautifully.
it is in the way you talk, the way you hold ice
on your tongue but forget to use it—
you always forget to use it, i don’t think
you know how.

to be truthful, i’m afraid of your smile
and how it breaks over me, how it pulls
me like a whirlpool down, how it pushes me
like a current back to the surface. i’m afraid of your
siren’s voice and all the things i want to tell you
when you wear your grandmother’s pearls,
starting with but not limited to:

if you are rain, i am the forest.
please, stay with me. i want to grow.
i want to grow old with you.
hey guys! i'm back~

this is my favorite poem that i wrote while at camp. this one has a lot to do with water and such because i did a series of poems revolving around the elements. this just also turned out okay.

for the first time, i used the correct pronouns.
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The back alley where she sat was damp and dirty. The air was heavy and moist and there was barely any light. A typical day in Noxus, she thought. After all, the city was not renowned for its sunny gardens and fresh air. She was sitting there, on what supposedly was a bench, sharpening her blades. She did have a lot of them, they were even part of her outfit. The sharp, screeching sound of steel filled the air around her and the puny excuse for wind transferred it past her long red hair. Her hair was falling freely upon her shoulders, all the way to her waist, as usual. She seemed concentrated and devoted to what she was doing until she suddenly stopped and said, without moving her head, with voice so calm and chilling it would freeze the Purgatory itself:
- What do you wan, Warwick?
The heavy breathing of someone near her was in rhythm with the knives as she resumed sharpening them. She still hadn't lifted her head up to face her companion.
- There is a new assignment for you, Katarina. – said the intruder with an almost coughing voice. – An old…"friend" of yours.
She could feel the sarcasm in his voice. She lifted her head, exposing her face to the dim light. A scar revealed itself upon her left eye. She looked at him questioningly.
- It's Garen.
She stood up and sheathed the knives, not saying a word.
- Get Talon and go.
- No, - she objected, - He just came back from the last assignment.
He looked at her with suspicion. It was strange for her to see a rather confused wolf head, although she'd known Warwick from before he was cursed with lycanthropy. He laughed.
- Is that concern, Katarina? I thought you don't know that emotion.
- And you do? – he grinned. She smiled. – Talon will be of no use to me right now. I'll undergo the task on my own.

Garen was sitting in the royal garden in Demacia. He looked worried; thoughtful. He had his armour on, his trusty sword laying beside him. The garden was filled with flowers and fountains and statues. One of them, a gargoyle, stirred and approached him.
- What is on your mind, champion?
- Not on my mind, Galio, but on my heart. There is a hole in my heart and I cannot fathom what it is.
- Hm…I have a feeling that before this day is over, my champion, you will find what fits in that empty space.
- How do you know that?
- Just call it a gargoyle's premonition. Now go. Your mission awaits you. For Demacia! – he saluted.
- For Justice! – Garen replied.

He ventured through the Howling marsh to get to his objective. He seemed confident, but that hole, that emptiness in his heart was still torturing him. He had everything – he was the fiercest among the warriors; he was the champion of his country. He was healthy and wealthy; glory, honour, he had them all. And, suddenly, he realized what he was lacking.
In that moment of revelation, he felt a blade stinging his leg. Then the other. He unsheathed his sword, falling on his knees.
- Show yourself! – he taunted, - Show yourself and fight like a man!
Another blade pierced his wrist so hard he dropped his sword. He felt a presence behind him; the warm breath of a woman caressing his cheek, the cold steel of a dagger upon his throat
- I am no man, Garen.
- Katarina…
And thus, he knew.
Just a story that was on my mind yesterday and I thought I should put it down before I forget it :D
Enjoy! :)

Fanfic on League of Legends
League of Legends content is owned by Riot Games

I do not own any of the characters and places used.
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 Prince Spain by MysticalDreams18

Chapter 2 - Away We Go

A large gust of wind blew through the tree branches above you, breaking a twig off of a branch and making it land next to your sleeping figure, effectively waking you up to the beautiful sight of a new day’s sunrise.

You rubbed your tired eyes as a yawn slipped out of your mouth.  Another day, another trip.  A grin creeped onto your face as you thought of the wondrous possibilities that awaited you at your newest destination.

Rifling through your bag, you managed to grab one of your maps of the local area.  Today was the day you were traveling to the world-renowned Spanish Kingdom and you couldn’t be more eager.  You always held a deep desire to go to one of the ‘proclaimed’ happiest places on Earth and now was your big chance. 

Hopping off of your wagon, you walked over to your trusty donkey companion, who was currently sleeping at the moment, to wake him up.

“Rise and shine buddy!  Today’s the day we meet some Spaniards!  Are you as excited as I am?!”  Your donkey merely lifted his head to look at you for a moment before lying back down.

“Oh get up you lazy ass,” you said, chuckling to yourself.   Once you got your donkey strapped up securely to the wagon, you hopped up into the driver’s seat and held the reigns tightly before snapping them once to make your donkey move forward.  You were so excited you couldn’t tell if what was making you bounce was the unevenly leveled road, or you yourself hopping in your seat.

Fearlessly, you faced the great unknown as you steered your wagon down the dirt road.

(Time Skip – 1 hour)

“Heel donkey!  Heel!” you yelled, making the donkey come to a stop near a tall tree.  Once there, you tied the reigns to a branch and let out a big sigh of relief.  “I finally made it,” you stated as you turned around to come face to face with the great Kingdom of Spain.  Your breath almost completely left your body as you slowly took a few steps forward like a zombie seeing a brain.  You felt like you were forgetting something though.

Oh yeah!” you thought to yourself as you ran back to your wagon and grabbed all your money from it.  You’d need money to pay for the food that you needed.

“Alright donkey!  I’ll be back in a bit!  Don’t go anywhere!”  Your companion merely heehawed at you as if trying to say, “You tied me to a tree.  Do you really think I’ll get very far?”

As you made your way into town, your eyes widened in surprise.  You always knew that the Spanish were fairly happy people, but you honestly didn’t think they were the ‘dancing-in-the-streets’ kind of happy.  You did your best to avoid the crowd while trying to find the best fruits and vegetables.  Seeing an elderly woman selling some apples, you decided to go to her first.

“Hello ma’am!” you chirped.

¿Que?” she asked you in Spanish, sounding a bit confused.  You mentally face palmed after realizing that you were in the Spanish Kingdom…where they spoke Spanish.  She wouldn’t be able to understand your native language.  Good thing you learned how to say a few important phrases in Spanish…or at least enough to get this woman to understand you.

“Ah, lo siento!  Hablo (your native language in Spanish).  No hablo español,” you stated sadly. 

The woman gave you a solemn look before telling you in Spanish that she understood…at least that’s what you presumed she was saying.  She then pointed at the apples and held up five fingers, presumably asking you if you would like five apples.  You smiled and nodded happily.  Then you realized that you had to pay for what you were being given in a sack.

“Um…C-cuanto es?” you asked nervously, wondering if you’d even asked your question correctly.  The woman gave you a smile and told you the total in your currency.  You understood numbers in Spanish enough to get the gist of what she’d told you.  Giving her your money, she happily obliged in giving you the bag of apples and let you be on your merry way.

By the time you were done shopping, you’d accumulated enough sacks to weigh your arms down.  Pain shooting up your arms, you decided to set your goods down for a period of time: long enough to let your arms rest.  Heaving a large sigh of relief, you glanced around and took note of a large group of people dancing.  Within the joyful cheers of the people, you were able to make out the sound of a couple of guitars.  A part of you wanted to go over there and see what was going on, but an even bigger part of you just wanted to get your food back to your cart so you wouldn’t have to lug the heavy sacks around anymore.

About ready to do just that, your thoughts were interrupted by a group of young boys who appeared to be playing a game of ‘tag’.  You smiled at them as you went back to picking up your bags so that you could leave, but just as you were about to, the boys soon started running around you, attempting to keep themselves from being tagged ‘it’.  You didn’t realize how much of a problem this would be for you until it was too late and one of them knocked you in the side and caused you to lose your footing.  This resulted in you being spun in circles and then tripping backwards.  Before you knew it, you’d smacked into something that was warm and built like a wall…that ended up falling on top of you.

“Oof!” you grunted as the sudden impact to the ground caused the air to leave your lungs.  A few black dots blurred your vision a little bit, but you were still able to make out the handsome face of the young Spaniard who appeared to be a bit dazed himself.  He shook his head a little bit and then glanced down at you.  You took note of his wide vibrant green eyes that bore into your own.

Hmm…apparently he liked what he was seeing.

Yay, chapter 2!  I’m churning this story out faster than a college kid working on a last minute paper! :XD:  I’m not sure if I should feel happy or leery about that.

So yeah, that girl at the end of the first chapter was indeed you that he ran into. ;)  I bet you already knew that though…so…why do I even try to be impressive?

Donkey = lazy ass :XD: Sometimes stupid things make me laugh way more than they should.  Such is my life.

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The next chapter won’t be up for a bit since my weekend is pretty busy.  I have the skeleton for the plot of the next chapter, I just have to stem it out and add details.  Basically I won’t be able to get started on it until Tuesday afternoon (yes, I am literally that busy).

P.S. – I’m not going to put the translations for the Spanish used in this chapter because these are
basic phrases that contain words that most everyone knows (if they’ve taken a Spanish class).

P.S.S. – Sorry if Spanish is your native language.  For the sake of the story, just pretend that it’s not. :XD:  Oh and btw, the last time I had a Spanish class was…six years ago.  So don’t kill me if I got the translations wrong.

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~Slut ögonen~

*Viking!Denmark X Reader X Viking!Nordics*

The days were harsh upon the Northen lands,as wind blew cold,ruining the already weak plants which were supposed to feed people around.
Denmark didn't seem to have though such a burdening weather as the other three countries,though when wind came and hit the shore,it just seemed to sweep everything in its way - as the inhabitants did with the conquered lands.
Accustomed to the sunny days from down south - which rarely were either cold or rainy - (Name) couldn't help but feel both sick and gloomy.It had a great impact onto her,not to tell the fact that she was a stranger among people she couldn't trust.
What really kept her alive was the thought that (Brother's Name) has probably reached the extrem southern area,brought to shore by gentle people and taken care of greatly - instead of cold nipping at his skin,he bathed in raw warm sunrays,instead of his lips bruised by frostbit,they were dried from the hot summer air - that kept her heart at peace for a little bit.
Closing her tired eyelids,hair sticking up from the effort she previously undergo,one of her temples against the wooden part of the front door,she felt once again back to her homeland - as a beautiful illusion,the emerald green grass kissed by the sun's gentle rays developed in front of her,children from around the village begging the (h/c) to narrate a fairytale which they lived - gasping here and there,their petite eyes widening in surprise,throwing their palms over their mouths - all of that was a soothing image for her soul,tears pricking at the corner of her eyes and silently escaping the now dull (e/c) orbs.
Stubbornly wiping the tears away with the back of her palm,(Name) decided it was the best to finish the chores before Matthias was going to reach the home they shared.
If it wasn't for the tall Dane to be so agresive and for the (nationality) girl to be his slave,they were almost to pass by as a couple - staying under the same roof,the female preoccupied with the cleaning and taking care of Magne,the blonde going out hunting and bringing firewoods home.
Checking onto the small boy,(Name)'s lips curled up into a smile as he was sound asleep,his breath inaudible as he clinged with his tightened fists onto the blanket which the female drapped better over him.
Looking down at the basket full of clothes and then at the weather outside,she couldn't help but sigh - but took the coat over her shoulders and went outside.
Even if the Danish land was mostly perfect curved hills,the more one advanced towards the coast line,it became more of a frightening view,scaring people off,hard to climb then even more hard to descend as it became abrupt.
Getting to the edge of the lake,the (h/c) got onto her knees,putting the basket near the water and getting one of the clothes there - trying to dip them deep into the water,the female cringed at the coldness,though she didn't complain and did what was supposed to and went further on.
The way back was a shake of her abnormal red hands,purple bruises across them.But when (Name) finally reached the warmth of the house,she felt genuinely blessed.
Having everything prepared,she sat down in front of the burning fire,feeling once again her hands - though the bruises were still there.
Hearing the front door hit the wall,only to be shortly closed,her (e/c) eyes met the three Viking males who made their way to the main room.
Motioning for the female to make her leave,she nodded in approval,not daring to say a single words besides a greet - the Swede's navy blue eyes went straight for her hands,scrunching his nose in disapproval.
"Vad gör ar du?Hon är en kvinna, inte en slav!" Berwald's deep accented voice cut through the warm atmosphere,low and threatening.
"Vad vet du om det?" the Dane answered,his light blonde eyebrow cocking in an arrogant manner.
"Nog!" the third male requested,his voice as monotonous as ever.
(Name) placed her body against the hard wall,hearing the Northen males talk something onto a whispered tone - her hearing became suddently acute,though the only things she could make out of the dialogue was only 'krig','dödsrädd' and 'hatat'  - but that wasn't enough to comprehend.
Maybe it was nothing to find out - and maybe,just maybe,it was for the best that she didn't know.

~Time skip~

First snow fell upon the Danish land,more of a timid powder of the frozen flakes from the gray canvas.It wasn't even half way through October as that happened,but considering the cold winds which always pinched at the exposed skin even in the spring,the female brushed it off,seeing people act as always - so she came to the conclusion it wasn't such a wonder,as she thought about it.
Keeping the basket full of medicinal herbs onto her arm,she kept close,swaying it a little as she tried remembering one of those tunes she used to hum back in her homeland.
As she advanced to the medium sized home,snowflakes got caught into her (h/l) (h/c) locks,glimmering shyly.Reaching her destination,she got rid of the oversized coat at the entrance,making it to the main room,warmth embracing her petite form.
Matthias' gaze followed her,studying how her soft cheeks were a soft red from the coldness outside,the already melted snowflakes still glimmering into her hair,making it look lighter,those orbs which played into her orbits extremly deep and not so dull anymore.
The small Danish boy gasped in surprise,throwing himself into the female's direction,hugging her legs tight,as if his whole life depended on it.
The Viking loved those moments when she came back and Magne was so happy about it,because those were the only seconds when (Name) actually smiled one caring and maternal smile towards the boy.
But as soon as it came,as fast it disappeared,especially when she met the Dane's ocean blue gaze.
"Have you taken those stupid herbs of yours woman?" Matthias demanded,pointing for her to sit across from him.
"They are not stupid!Something which is useful in treating injuries and has its purpose is not stupid.You may call weeds that,because they don't help at all,but everything has its own use!" (Name) responded in the same manner,though her voice soft and more of an argument for what the male just said,arranging the down part of her dress in order to sit better.
"And to answer your question,yes,I did!" she sighed,toring her gaze away from his.
The (e/c) eyes of the female seemed lost as she watched in amazement the sparks dance,as if it was some sort of spectacle and it said a whole story.
Everytime Magne got them a little bit closer one to the other's soul,it was either Matthias refusing it,acting like he firstly promised he would,or (Name),who choose to put a veil in between them two and play her role.

~Time skip~

Magne was long tucked under the covers,but that wasn't all.The thing which was unnerving and caused (Name) to stay up that late was the fact that the Danish male hasn't arrived yet from where he was.
He usually was there by the time the boy had to go to sleep or if it was to be off at war,he would have mentioned this either to her or to the infant.But he didn't and that kept the (h/c) up,to panic and feel insecure.
Placing a hand over her stomach while pacing in the main room,the female felt stupid all of a sudden - why did she care about Matthias?Wouldn't it be for the best if he died in battle?She would be free to go and she could take Magne with her,raise him as her younger brother.
She would no longer be a slave and could go down south,take the land she inherited and build everything from scratch.Having both (Brother's Name) and Magne and being able to heal people was all she need - she needed peace.
Then why the thought of the Danish Viking made her heart ache?Was she really in love with him after the harsh treatment?That was insane - but for the moment,it seemed the only logical explanation.
The front door opened,hitting the wall,so the (h/c) assumed it was only the wind - though hearing it close back,she was sure that someone came.
Matthias was there - and her heart was at pace - but the sight of a bloodied Lukas made her cringe.
She motioned for the tall blonde to put him on the blanket she threw onto the ground,near the fire,gathering the stuff she needed - a small pot with cold water in which she placed some herbs and stirred,another one with warm water and some unused cloth.
Placing the white cloth into the cold water,she started working onto the several wounds,causing bleeding to stop as she pressed harder onto the spot.Lukas didn't seem to give any sign of waking up and that made her feel insecure - his pale body seemed quite torn up and the wounds could have infected if she wasn't to use something to clean them better.But what?
Her (e/c) eyes franatically searching for something she could use,(Name) asked Matthias for the bottle of alcohool to which he complied.
Just when the Norwegian felt the power of alcohool soaked cloth against his injuries he cringed in pain,his eyes still shut close.
After a work of hours - which seemed like years to the female - she finally managed to patch up every single wound Lukas had,combing delicately his hair out of his face.
"He is going to be fine!I am going to prepare a lotion for his wounds to dry and for him to get better sooner!" the (h/c) sighed,standing from her place near the Norwegian's sleeping form.
"You better be telling the truth!" Matthias said in between his grithed teeth,his ocean blue gaze upon the other Viking's body.
"Let me see that!" (Name) requested,at which the Danish male complied for once.
Cleaning his wounds with care,Matthias couldn't help but look down at her - she was so gentle,unlike her defensive state,applying with care the bandages she made out of clean clothes the male didn't use.
"You really seem to care about him!" the (h/c) spoke into a low,soft voice.
"But I guess that is not my care either!" she continued,fastening the last knot upon the white cloth.
"Ja!That's right! Not your care..." the Viking responded half heartedly,watching as she drapped a thin blanket over her shoulders,getting near the front door.
"Aren't you going to sleep?" he asked,his eyes travelling to the place where she looked.
"That would be reckless and so unlike me!I assume we are in danger if you and master Lukas came wounded as this!I'll just be on guard for tonight and tomorrow I'll start preparing the moisture!" (Name) responded,feeling a little bit better after the male's attention.
"Not that I actually care... But you might get harmed and you make a pretty good slave!" Matthias said,'tsk' ing as he took a wooden chair next to hers.
In the spur of the moment,one of his fierce arms encircled her waist,bringing the (h/c) into his lap.
"What the hell do you think you are doing?" (Name) protested,obviously flustered by the current situation - but her struggle to get out of his grasp was in vain.
"Just being a wonderful master,so don't complain,or I'll be sure to cut your lungs!" the blonde responded,a wolf like smile painted across his features as he said that.
It was going to be a long night...
Matthias Køhler – Denmark

Lukas Bondevik – Norway

Berwald Oxentierna – Sweden
© Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya

Magne Køhler – Greenland – OC © VanillaSuu

You – You


Story: © VanillaSuu,2013

Warnings: A little bit of




‘Slut ögonen’ (Swedish) =
‘close your eyes’

‘Vad gör ar du’ (Swedish) =
‘what are you doing’

‘Hon är en kvinna, inte en
slav!’ (Swedish) = ‘she is an woman,not a slave’

‘Vad vet du om det?’
(Swedish) = ‘What do you know about it?’

‘Nog!’ (Swedish) = ‘Enough!’

‘krig’ (Swedish) = ‘war’

‘hatat’ (Swedish) = ‘hate’

‘dödsrädd’ (Swedish) =

‘ja’ (Danish/Swedish) = ‘yes’



Why is the title in Swedish?
Why are Norway and Denmark
speaking Swedish? Well,that`s easy! The author here used her notes from the
Swedish extraclasses to write those. I don`t trust google translate because
it`s a barrel and fails me. So yeah!~

I know it`s a fail,but bear
with me please! I`m trying my best at not using river names or cities inside Denmark,because
I`m not sure how they were called back then and I don`t want to mess up that
much. And yes,we are influenced by the things we live,so I`m quite blocking my
brain from contemporany stuff. xD

I hope you enjoy it though!~
Love,Suu~San! ~


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